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A Thing of Radiance 17/? 
27th-Jun-2014 07:36 pm
chlean--oral fixation
A Thing of Radiance
Title: A Thing of Radiance
Characters: Chloe, Bobby, Sam, Dean
Fandoms: Smallville/Supernatural
Rating: M
Disclaimer: Dont own
Summary: When Chloe found out about the ugly truth of her past, she went to find her father, Bobby Singer. Now hunting and living with him, Chloe must keep her meteor abilities hidden from other hunters or they might try to hunt her. According to Bobby she should especially keep it secret from a hunter named John Winchester, who only saw black or white...good and evil...and then Sam and Dean arrive.
Written for my LiveJournal Paranormal25 150 Prompt Table. Prompt of the day # 11: Radiant Boy
A/N: Due to this chapter I have changed this story's rating to "M". Just warning you in advance.

Adam Milligan was a welcomed distraction for Chloe but seemed to be the last nail in John Winchester's coffin in Sam and Dean's eyes. Dean hadn't wanted to believe Adam was John's child at first, but his disbelief had transformed into enraged shock when Adam pulled out the pictures that showcased John's many visits to visit and spend time with him while he grew up. There were pictures of them playing ball in a park, of them at Adam's sixteenth birthday, of them at Adam's high school graduation, of John taking Adam to a baseball game… These pictures showed Dean and Sam the father they hadn't ever thought John would or could be, and Chloe could tell just how hurt they were by the fact that John had raised this son so differently than he had them.

Chloe was most worried about Dean though. He'd finally accepted (after the tests had been performed on Adam to make sure he wasn't some shapeshifter or demon or anything else – it seemed every new person got treated to these tests) that Adam was, in fact, his brother, and while he was not hostile or even unfriendly to Adam there was something muted in Dean, especially if he heard Adam say something about his childhood and John's role in it. Something seemed to have broken inside the oldest Winchester boy, some light in his eyes had been extinguished, and something dark taken its place.

Sam, while obviously shocked by Adam's existence, and annoyed at John's having kept the boy a secret from them, had welcomed his younger brother into the fold. He'd also seemed to take to the role of older brother and had not only told Adam about his and Dean's childhoods, but had also told him about the supernatural world (after Adam nearly fainted when he came across Ben) and he was also teaching Adams the basics of hunting since the boy showed an interest in the area.

"Where is it?" Bobby looked around the living room (for the third time) for the trucker hat he had yet to realize Lois had hidden in plain sight be placing it on the proud antlers of the buck whose head was mounted on the wall.

Adam bit down on his bottom lips, clearly fighting his amusement as he returned his attention to Ben, with whom he was playing. The youngest Winchester had taken to the craziness easily, and while he couldn't see the fairies or muscaliets (or Dante for that matter) he'd taken to Ben, Dax and Zilvinas quickly. In fact, Adam spent a lot of his time sitting on the ground playing catch with Ben, throwing the tennis ball back and forth and never failing to grin once whenever Ben (who was also seated Indian Style on the ground in front of him) would catch the ball and bounce it back to him.

Lois sat lengthwise on the sofa, her head and feet propped up against the armrests, her face trained to complete innocence, which in itself should've told Bobby that she had something to do with his missing trucker hat. The brunette was pretending to read a celebrity magazine and yet would sneak little glances over the pages at Bobby every time he moved to a new location in the living room while in search of his favorite trucker hat.

Dean glanced up from where he was sharpening a machete, a small smile curving his lips, and Chloe had to be thankful for Lois for doing her little mischievous actions because it had been a while since the blonde had seen him smile genuinely, even if it was a small smile. It was better than nothing.

Sam, like Lois, was peeking up over his reading material of choice, although his was a bestiary and not a celebrity magazine.

Chloe sat curled up on the window-seat, her legs tucked under her as she let her gaze slide from her father to the back garden and then passed it to the large enclosed area that the boys (with Adam's help) had finished just yesterday. They were, thankfully enough, still around two days ahead of schedule and the boys were enjoying some much-deserved rest. Now all they had to do was wait for the unicorns to arrive.

The blonde shifted on her seat and pressed her forehead against the glass, one hand resting softly on her stomach and the other softly petting the sleeping firelizard on her lap as she bit down on her bottom lip. Maybe it was the nerves from the unicorns' soon arrival. Maybe it was the miscarriage. Maybe it was John's role in the miscarriage. Maybe it was the fact that her charges had nearly been taken over and corrupted by darkness due to their instinctual responses to John's actions. Chloe couldn't be too sure what it was – but these last couple of days a sense of apprehension had gripped her tightly and she hadn't been able to truly relax.

Sam's phone rang and it was probably the friend from Stanford that called in to check up on him every couple of days. Chloe thought the friend's name might be Brady but she wasn't too sure. It didn't really matter though, did it?

The brunet stood and answered the phone as he slipped from the house, an easy smile on his face as he greeted his friend.

"Just where the devil did I put that hat?" Bobby stood in the middle of the living room with his hands on his hips, glaring at the living room in general.

Right behind him, the trucker hat stood proudly on the buck's antlers.

Lois lowered her head and coughed to try and hide the sound of her snicker.

Bobby sent her a look as if he was slightly suspicious but he seemed to believe that she'd been choking because he sighed, ran a hand over his head, and returned to his search with a hissed curse.

Zilvinas must've been cold that day because he'd forfeited his new (and improved) home by the stove and had spent most of the day curled around her arms. He'd only moved to slither up her body and wrap around her throat like a choker. At first the action had sped up her heart rate in a moment's fear, but the snake hadn't constricted around her throat (which, now that she thought about it, had been a silly fear) and instead had settled itself around her and had (she believed) gone to sleep. Dax was definitely not happy about the fact that her favorite resting place had been taken by another reptile, but other than letting out some unhappy chirps at Zilvinas she'd settled on Chloe's lap and gone to sleep as well, soft snores coming from her now and again.

She could feel Dean's gaze return to her. Both he and Sam had been doing this when they thought she wasn't looking. Sam usually just watched her with worry, and while Dean seemed worried as well, he was also intent on Zilvinas. For some reason the fact that the snake clutched to her always seemed to fascinate and slightly disturb Dean, always seemed to put him in the most pensive of states. She wasn't exactly sure what it was, but the intensity of his gaze always made her aware of when he was doing it.

"Maybe I left it upstairs." Bobby shook his head, clearly confused as he turned and went up the stairs.

As soon as the sound of his bedroom door closing echoed throughout the house, Lois covered her face with the magazine and let out a cackle.

"You're evil," Adam informed her, his lips twitching in amusement as he chuckled.

Lois sent him a look over the magazine, her smile large and completely unrepentant.

Suddenly Chloe felt a jolt go through her body, and she stood, holding the sleeping Dax to her body as she moved to the front door. The blonde hurried out and closed the door behind her, the movement waking up Dax, who took flight and hovered above her head, chirping in confusion as to what was going on.

Chloe stepped down off of the porch and narrowed her eyes as she took a couple of wary steps forwards.

Movement caught her attention and she shifted to see Dante appearing around the corner of the house, the hellhound in his true, fiery form.

This was enough to prove to her that something was happening and it wasn't all in her imagination.

"Is it the unicorns?" She asked as the door opened up behind her, Dean, Lois and Adam spilling out onto the porch.

Dante shook his head, glowing eyes narrowed as he motioned with his head for her to follow right before he took off.

Chloe hurried after him, worried about what it was that he wanted her to see. That feeling of worry grew as she found that he was taking her to the boundary close to the junkyard, similarly to the night John Winchester had appeared. The boundary was only back to full-strength after these last couple of days; apparently she was connected directly to the boundary and it was only after her body had fully healed thanks to her ability that the boundary had returned to its full strength.

Green eyes widened as she realized that there was something sitting on the other side of the barrier eyeing them with intrigue.

It wasn't large and intimidating and terrifying.

It didn't even look all that mythical, but like with Zilvinas she could sense the power beneath its normal appearance.

"A cat?" Adam asked in confusion behind her, proving that the group had followed.

"In our line of work, a cat is never just a cat," Lois cautioned.

Dean stepped forwards to stand a little in front of Chloe, his grip on his machete tight, the man ready to fight if need be.

Dante growled at the cat, his flames burning brighter.

The cat eyed him with little to no interest before its eyes returned to Chloe in contemplation. It seemed to be considering something intently before it sneezed, stood slowly, and then stretched languidly. The cat twitched its whiskers before it leapt gracefully through the barrier and landed on its four paws, looking quite pleased with itself before it turned to Dante, sniffed as if saying "what you going to do about that?" and then trotted over to Chloe (ignoring Dean) and rubbed against her legs with a purr.

Chloe blinked before she knelt to her knees and reached out, running her fingers over the cat's head and listening to the purring grow louder.

Dante's flames disappeared and he sat in a huff, sending Chloe a very unhappy look.

The blonde bit her bottom lip as she realized he hadn't reacted the way he had because the cat had been a threat-but just because it'd been a cat.

Dante seemed to read her amusement and glared at her, turning his head away in clear affront.

A chuckle escaped her lips and to make up for it she reached over and rubbed him behind his ears just the way she knew he secretly loved it (no matter how hard he tried to pretend that he didn't). Dante still didn't look happy with her, but at least he didn't pull away.

The cat leaned its front paws on Chloe's lap and sniffed at Zilvinas, who was just as curious about the cat, forked tongue slipping out. The cat then lost interest in Chloe and dashed in the direction of the house, apparently done with being outside.

Dante huffed once more and gave Chloe a "look what you've done" look.

Dax flew after the cat, obviously fascinated with the creature.

"So… what are we thinking that is?" Dean wanted to know, curious.

"Not too sure," Chloe admitted as she stood.

Lois grabbed Adam by his jacket. "We need to go and warn Bobby. I hope he's not allergic!"

"Why do the both of us need to go and tell him?" Adam could be heard inquiring as he allowed himself to be dragged away by the brunette.

Chloe watched them go, highly amused.

Dean joined her at her side, gaze on the others. "Dear god-if you exist, please don't make those two hook up."

Slapping her hand back against his arm, Chloe snickered. "I think they'd be cute." She made a face. "Plus, it would assure me that she wouldn't be bored enough to try and seduceBobby."

Dean looked a little nauseas at the thought of Lois and Bobby. "Was there actual fear about that happening?"

Chloe raised an eyebrow. "Have you met Lois?"

Dean seemed to think that over before he shook his head and shivered.

"So…" Chloe sent him a sideways look. "How are you?"

He frowned as he turned to face her. "Shouldn't I be asking you that?"

She didn't want to think about that right now. "I mean about Adam. He's only been here a couple of days. The shock must still be raw."

He took in a deep breath, his amusement from before gone. "He's merely another reason to never speak to my father ever again."

Chloe licked her lips. "Please don't take it out on Adam. He isn't to blame for any of this."

"I'm more mature than that." He levelled her with a look. "But that doesn't mean that I'm going to become his best friend and we'll braid each other's hair while talking about girls."

She could get that and merely nodded in understanding.

"You're completely healed up now, right?" Dean asked insistently as he changed the topic back to her healing process, as he'd been doing for the last couple of days. "You're not in pain or anything?"

She shook her head. "I'm not in any sort of physical pain, my ability healed me up completely-made me good as new." She tried for a smile but felt it probably looked as forced as it felt.

Zilvinas slithered down her body before he descended to the grass and slithered towards the house. Dax then teleported above him, grabbed the snake in her talons carefully, and in a blink was gone-apparently having come back just to bring the snake into the house.

Dante stood and left after them, his expression wary as he moved towards the direction of the house, obviously not trusting the cat unless he was supervising it.

Chloe watched him go with faint amusement. She doubted he'd forgive her any time soon for welcoming the cat into the fold.

"I'm sorry."

Chloe's greens turned on Dean in surprise at those two, emotion-filled words. "For what?"

He looked annoyed and pained. "For failing as a Guardian."

Chloe gulped, surprised that Dean kept pushing this issue considering that he wasn't the touchy-feely 'let's talk about it' sort of person. "Dean, you didn't fail. Both you and Sam protected us from the creatures that got through the barrier when it grew weak. You did what you were supposed to."

"You lost what could've been my child." Dean's voice was harsh and filled with self-loathing. "My father murdered it!"

Emotion lodged in Chloe's throat at the rawness in Dean's voice, and at the terribly blunt way that that had been presented to her. "Dean-."

"I knew what he was capable of, but I didn't want to accept it." Dean's whole body was tense. "I knew that for him this battle was all that mattered, that it had always and would always come before family, but I didn't want to think that he would do something like this to his own grandchild! I just can't forgive myself for-!"

Chloe reached out and grabbed Dean's shirt, yanking the unsuspecting male down towards her and pressing up on her toes as her mouth found his and silenced his tirade of self-hatred. This wasn't an act of passion, seduction was far from her mind. No. This was comfort, for the both of them, and as she deepened the kiss and pushed up as high on her tiptoes as possible, Chloe whimpered when Dean dropped his machete and wrapped his arms around her, pulling her tightly into him. Her arms snaked their way up his chest and around his arms as she kissed him desperately and maneuverer him back into one of the cars in the junkyard.

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