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A Thing of Radiance 17b/? 
27th-Jun-2014 07:38 pm
chlean--oral fixation
A Thing of Radiance
Title: A Thing of Radiance
Characters: Chloe, Bobby, Sam, Dean
Fandoms: Smallville/Supernatural
Rating: M
Disclaimer: Dont own
Summary: When Chloe found out about the ugly truth of her past, she went to find her father, Bobby Singer. Now hunting and living with him, Chloe must keep her meteor abilities hidden from other hunters or they might try to hunt her. According to Bobby she should especially keep it secret from a hunter named John Winchester, who only saw black or white...good and evil...and then Sam and Dean arrive.
Written for my LiveJournal Paranormal25 150 Prompt Table. Prompt of the day # 11: Radiant Boy
A/N: Due to this chapter I have changed this story's rating to "M". Just warning you in advance.

Dean groaned and grabbed at her hips, pulling her so that she was pressed up against him as he leaned hard against the truck of some random vehicle.

Chloe reached down to grab the hands at her hips, and without breaking off from the kiss, she removed them from her and pinned them down on the trunk of the car with her own hands.

A groan escaped his lips as Dean devoured her lips before he began to nibble his way down the side of her neck. He teased her pulse with his tongue before he pulled his hands free and grabbed her waist, hoisting her up and over his shoulder as he turned and began rapidly walking.

Eyes wide in shock, Chloe looked around her, confused. "What are you-?"

Reaching a grassy area on the ground hidden between some conveniently parked and stacked cars, Dean lowered her to the ground and followed her down, his mouth quickly finding hers as he kissed her hungrily, his lean body pinning her on the grass. He kept most of his weight on his forearm as he took the kiss deeper, positioned between her legs and groaning his pleasure at being there into her mouth as he gave an instinctive buck against her, his hardness sliding over her through the material of their clothes.

"Dean…" she pushed him over onto his back and followed him, straddling the surprised guy and kissing him just as hungrily as he'd kissed her before as she tortured him with a slow and deliberate rocking movement against him. Even despite the fact that their clothes were on, just this contact brought shivers up her body and she kissed him harder, desperately.

His long, calloused fingers slid through her hair and clenched handfuls as he hissed and moved against her.

This wasn't actual sex, but Chloe was on fire and needy and something in her demanded more, demanded to truly feel him, to reach that peak, that hazy white heat she'd reached over and over again the night they'd been together. She could feel herself close, something tightening in her stomach and promising all sorts of pleasure soon to come.

Dean made sexy noises into her mouth, and then he tore his lips from hers to wrap them around her breast through the material of her shirt.

The action was so unexpected… Chloe cried out loudly as the electric shock flushed through her system and she felt her body explode in spine-arching tingles. Her body convulsed as she rocked harder against him and Dean groaned around her nipple and sucked hard as his hips bucked up urgently before he suddenly stilled beneath her.

They remained as they were for a couple of minutes, their faces flushed and their eyes darkened as they stared at each other through lust-veiled eyes. Their breaths were loud and ragged, their chests raised and fell, and the wind that hit that wet spot on her shirt made her shiver in a ridiculously delicious way.

Dean licked his lips before he reached out and curled his hand behind her head, pulling her down to him but she was already moving on her own, her lips covering his as she practically laid on him, her hands in his hair. He fastened her to him before he rolled them over and trapped her beneath his body, one hand sustaining his weight and the other pushing her skirt up her hips desperately.

Chloe's hands found his pants' button and began to undo it desperately before she yanked down the zipper, using her legs to slip down his pants and then his boxers while he fought with her underwear and finally lost his patience with the material, tearing it away. Now that that flimsy obstacle was out of the way, primal instinct seemed to take over as Dean clenched his hands in her hair and rolled his hips, sliding deep inside of her with one thrust, his mouth consuming her cry as she arched off of the ground and gripped at his shirt.

A buzzing sound enveloped her, distracting Chloe from anything that wasn't Dean as she wrapped her legs around him and pulled him in deeper, making a pitiful sound as he slid in further than he had before and caused waves of pleasure to ripple out from her core.

The sensation seemed to trigger something in Dean. He stilled for a moment before a shiver shocked through his body and then a split second later he was moving deeply and rapidly inside of her with an urgency and need that consumed them both. It was all Chloe could do to kiss him harder as she met his thrusts with her own, the pleasure growing inside of her was amazing and terrifying all at the same time.

His mouth lowered to her breast once more, sucking on the nipple, the wetspot growing and growing as he trailed his tongue over her hardened nipple, which pressed hard against the soft cotton bra and t-shirt she wore.

"Oh god!" Chloe's voice was low and rumbled as her hands fisted in his hair and she arched up towards that mouth.

He chuckled darkly, visibly pleased as he rolled his hips deliberately hard into her, pronouncing each thrust with a sharp nibble to her nipple, his teeth teasing her ruthlessly.

She retaliated by digging her nails deep into his back.

Dean growled and latched on more to her breast as his hand went to the collar of her shirt and grabbed hold of it, seconds away from ripping it off of her like he had her underwear.

"Chloe!" Sam's voice calling from a distance was almost inaudible through the buzzing in her ears. "Dean! Where are you guys?"

A snarl escaped Dean's lips as he stilled above her. "You have got to be kidding me!"

"Guys?" Sam was getting closer.

Chloe's eyes widened and she pushed Dean off of her (the guy falling to his side with a grunt) as she fixed her shirt (despaired at the wet spot over her breast) and messed with her skirt in desperation. She tried to straighten her hair and positioned it in such a way that the strands somewhat covered the wetspot on her shirt before she suddenly stood up right before Sam could approach enough to see on the other side of the car. "Hey!"

Sam blinked and stopped in his tracks when he saw her. A dark emotion crossed over his eyes and displeasure was visible on his face. "What were you doing back there?"

"I was exercising." She couldn't find any other sort of explanation for her red face and gasping breaths.

Sam raised an eyebrow, his voice monotone. "Exercising."

"Yes!" Chloe moved around the car and came towards him. "I've got to keep strong and healthy you know." She wrapped her arms around his and began to tug the guy back towards the house. "How was your friend?"

Sam frowned down at her. "Where's Dean?"

"Somewhere." She tried desperately to brush off the question. "So? What's up? How are things in Stanford? Fill me in."

Sam kept frowning at her, but he answered her questions and let her drag him away from the area.

"What's a bakeneko?" Lois straddled the armrest of the sofa as she stared at Bobby, who frowned at the cat that was purring smackdab in the middle of his seat. The creature had raced into the house, surveyed every single piece of furniture, and then had decided that this was now his and had apparently claimed it for his own.

"In Japanese folklore it is a cat that has turned into a yokai—or supernatural creature." Bobby continued to frown at the creature who would not budge from his seat.

"How does a normal cat turn into a supernatural creature?" Adam wanted to know, wide-eyed and so eager to learn more when it came to the supernatural world his father had been hiding from him all these years.

Bobby frowned. "There are folk beliefs across Japan about how aged cats would turn into bakeneko, and in Yamagata District, Hiroshima Prefecture, it is said that a cat raised for seven years or longer would kill the one that raised it. Due to this, there are also many regions where when people began raising a cat, they would decide in advance how many years they would raise it because of this superstition."

"What do you mean they'd decide in advance?" Lois made a face, as if she didn't really want to know the answer.

"I mean that they'd kill the cat." Bobby turned his gaze on her. "There are stories in which cats that were killed by humans in a brutal manner would become bakeneko and curse that human. The stories of bakeneko are not only about aged cats, but are also sometimes stories of revenge against cruel humans."

"They damned well deserved it!" Lois was horrified. "They adopted a cat with full intentions to murder it! That's wrong! All life is precious!" Angry tears flooded into her hazels. "What is it with stupid men thinking they can just waltz in to a perfectly wonderful situation and stomp out the life that isn't theirs to take!?"

Bobby had a feeling she wasn't merely speaking on the cat's behalf.

"What's special about bakeneko?" Adam was proving to know which were the important questions to ask.

"Yeah," Lois chimed in as she took in a deep breath, her eyes still shining with unshed tears and yet her voice was strong. "What's the dirt?"

Bobby raised an eyebrow at her before he turned his gaze on John's youngest son. "There are a lot of different powers that are attributed to the bakeneko that include shapeshifting into humans, wearing a towel or napkin on the head and dancing, speaking human words, cursing humans, manipulating dead people, possessing humans, lurking in the mountains and taking wolves along with them to attack travelers, and many other things."

Adam and Lois shared wide-eyed gazes before Lois turned her hazels onto the purring, sleeping cat. "No wonder you haven't shoved it off your seat!"

Bobby chose to ignore that slight against his bravery. "There's even a legend where a cat shapeshifted into a human and wanted to engage in sumo wrestling."

"Oh, that's adorable!" Lois cooed.

Adam sent a look towards Bobby that said the contrary. "I'm surprised the barrier let something with the ability to possess humans, manipulate the dead, and which has a history of attacking humans with the help of wolves come through."

Bobby nodded his agreement to that. Really. This boy mightn't have known the ways of the hunter but he was smart and it seemed he'd inherited hunter instincts. "I have thought the same thing. The only way it makes sense to me is to assume that the barrier keeps out things that want to harm the Lighthouse and those in her sanctuary-and that the reason this feline is here snoring on my seat is because it doesn't intend to do either of those things."

Lois thought about it for a second. "I think I agree with that."

Bobby opened his mouth to mutter something sarcastically when he noticed something out of the corner of his eyes and he turned to face it fully, eyes wide. "What is my trucker hat doing up there?"

The door opened and Sam and Chloe entered.

Bobby frowned as he eyed the fully clean and annoyed Sam and the dirty and fidgety Chloe. "What were you doing? Rolling around in the grass?"

She flushed. "I was exercising!" And with that she stormed up the stairs and into her room, her door slamming.

Bobby raised an eyebrow and turned to Sam. "What's gotten into her?"

Sam, who he only now noticed looked more murderous than annoyed, merely shook his head and stalked to his own room as well.

Bobby turned his gaze on Adam and Lois, forgetting about his trucker hat and the mystery as to how it'd ended up perched on his prized buck's antlers. "Was it something I said?"

Dean groaned as he lay on his back and looked up at the sky.

His erection was going to kill him.

Damn Sammy!

He closed his eyes tightly and a memory of how it felt to be within Chloe crossed his mind.

The hunter groaned and let his hand finish the job.

Chloe leaned against her bedroom door, face burning in embarrassment, and slid down to the ground.

Just what had she done?

And Sam had nearly caught them! Not that they were doing anything wrong-but still!

She brought her hands to her burning face and whimpered.

Sam only barely managed to keep himself from slamming the door shut.

It had been painfully obvious what had been happening behind that car, and it hadn't been exercise.

The younger brother couldn't believe it, couldn't believe them. She'd just miscarried a couple of days ago! He was trying to be understanding and give her the time and space she needed to recover—not only physically but mentally and emotionally as well!

And what did Dean do? He freaking seduced her! What an asshole move!

Sam collapsed on his bed with a sigh.

But if she'd chosen Dean…

He cleared his throat.

If she'd done that then he needed to back down and step away. It was the only right thing to do.

Suddenly pain blinded him and Sam grabbed at his head and cried out.

"Just give up already." Despite those words, Chloe was grinning brightly up at him, her hands caressing her round stomach.

Sam grinned as he massaged her poor, swollen feet. "That's my kid you've got in there. I get to name her."

The blonde shook her head. "Not if you're planning on naming her Alana. That is too close to Lana and I will not name my kid that!"

"Fine." He conceded. "How about Genevieve?"

"Why haven't you suggested Mary?" Chloe asked curiously. "I've been expecting you to suggest that name since you found out you were going to have a daughter."

Sam smiled sadly up at her. "I love my mother, but I don't remember her, and all I associate with her name is my father's damned mission." He shook his head. "I don't want my child to have any association with that man."

Chloe sighed and nodded. "I understand." She then took in a deep breath. "But no Genevieve."

"Cora?" Sam offered.

She shook her head. "Nope. Not acceptable."

He suddenly grinned teasingly as he noticed the book on the side table. "How about 'Hermione'? She was conceived while you were rereading the series for the hundredth time."

Chloe burst out laughing before she grinned back. "Perfect idea! We'll name her Hermione Winchester."

His eyes widened. "I was joking!"

"Too bad for you." And yet the mirth was visible on her face.

Sam let go of his hold on her foot and leaned up to kiss her.

Chloe whimpered and pulled him in close so that he was leaning over her, nearly pinning her to the sofa. "Careful, this is how I got knocked up again."

"Stop me, then," he challenged as he kissed her deeper.

Chloe bit his bottom lip in retaliation before she smoothed away the pain with her tongue, and a shriek of laughter escaped her lips when he sat down next to her and pulled her so that she was straddling his lap, facing him.

The laughter turned into groans…

Sam's eyes widened and he found himself on the ground, reeling from what he'd just discovered.

In the near future Chloe still ended up pregnant...

And the kid was his.

28th-Jun-2014 04:55 am (UTC)
Damn Sammy, don't interrupt delicious chlean time lol
Great chapter
I already like Adam and lmao with Lois bugging Bobby

Edited at 2014-06-28 06:10 pm (UTC)
28th-Jun-2014 06:02 am (UTC)
so are there no twins?... i know she lost the baby, but they sill could have their twins...
loved the update... thanks ;)

Edited at 2014-06-28 04:46 pm (UTC)
30th-Jun-2014 09:49 pm (UTC)
Sam's the father?
What about Dean and the twins???
Curious here lol!!!!
16th-Jul-2014 02:18 am (UTC)
OMG OMG OMG I Just had to play catch up with this series and re read it cause you left it alone for so long but I love love love it! so much!
CHLOE/DEAN/Sam forever!

also what about the secret circle fic? You wrote so much I hope you don't forget about it. Or leave it unfinished, over a 100 chapters leaves all us soooooo invested.

Mucho Love!

Can't wait for the next thing u do!
21st-Jul-2014 12:16 am (UTC)
Chlean!! Wow, I didn't realize how much I missed Chlean until right now. Great chapter. The smutty goodness of this chapter has helped lower my bitchslapping rage towards John...slightly.
21st-Jul-2014 12:32 am (UTC)
I, too, hadn't realized how much I missed it until that moment!
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