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The Secrets We Don't Keep 2/? 
18th-Jul-2014 10:45 am
Title: The Secrets We Don't Keep
Pairing: Clarke Griffin/Bellamy Blake
Fandom: The 100
Rating: K+/T
Disclaimer: Don't own the 100
Summary: The one in which Clarke thinks that she's kept the fact that she's pregnant (and that Bellamy is the father) a secret, but she really hasn't.

"So, is it safe to assume that we can finally battle publically over who the godfather ends up being?" Those were Jasper's first words to her the morning Bellamy had ordered her things be moved from the cabin she was sharing with Finn, Monroe and Miller to his.

Clarke raised an eyebrow as she eyed the two boys who stared at her in anticipation.

"Because I have very good reasons as for why I would make a better godfather to the kid than Monty would," Jasper continued on.

Monty snorted. "No way would you make a better godfather. I am the obvious choice here."

Clarke stared between the two of them and wondered if there was anyone in the village who hadn't realized she was pregnant.

"No way, man." Jasper shook his head. "I can list all the qualities that make me godfather material."

"So can I!" Monty declared.

"Guys." Clarke hurriedly stepped in before they could begin one of their legendary arguments. "You'll have to take this argument to Bellamy. He's picking the godfather." That was a dirty lie but she wasn't feeling well enough to handle Jasper and Monty when they got in a tiff. She was somewhat nauseas even with the herbs Lincoln had given her, and figured that it wasn't fair to expect her to have a headache on top of that. Let Bellamy have the headache for crying out loud!

Both boys looked somewhat intimidated by the thought of going to Bellamy, but they squared their shoulders and marched off, mission clear.

A little bit of guilt entered the girl for what she had just unleashed on Bellamy, but only a little.

Shrugging, Clarke turned and entered the medical bay, enjoying the silence within there. It wasn't going to last for long though. The couple of teenagers she'd taken under her wing and trained were going to be back soon, and she had a feeling the reason they weren't here right now was because they were a part of the whispered frenzy going on outside due to the fact that Finn and Miller were moving Clarke's things into Bellamy's cabin.

This was going to be interesting.

"So, you and my brother are finally shacking up." Octavia stormed into the medical bay, completely obliterating any bit of silence that Clarke could enjoy.

"Not in the usual sense of the word." Clarke took in a deep breath as she slowly sat down, tired.

"You look like crap, by the way," Octavia informed her bluntly as she came to stand next to her. "Is the thought of moving in with my super controlling brother making you lose sleep?" She made a face. "And why exactly are you moving in all of a sudden? I didn't think you'd move that quickly. I mean, it was obvious that there was attraction between you two, but I didn't take you for someone who'd just let him move you in like that."

That was true. And if it wasn't for the fact that Clarke knew she'd soon need help to do a lot of things she probably would've given Bellamy a harder time about that. "Well, I'm feeling worse every day, so how I see it, if he offers to help I'll accept and not look the gift horse in the mouth."

Octavia's eyes widened and she paled. "You're feeling ill?" She leaned closer, uncharactersitically tender as she reached out and placed her hand to Clarke's forehead. "Are you sick? Is that what's going on here?" She didn't let Clarke answer, merely plowed on. "Is it terminal? Is that why you're letting Bellamy-? Clarke! Answer me!"

Clarke was struck by two things right there and then.

One was the realization that despite how brusque and defensive Octavia could act, she actually cared whether Clarke was well or not.

The second was that it appeared that Octavia was the only person in the village who had no clue that Clarke was pregnant.

"I'm not dying, Octavia." Clarke blinked as she realized that it somewhat made sense that Octavia had no idea. The girl had been locked away in the floor most of her life, she hadn't lived a normal life, hadn't learnt the signs like all the other women had. A pregnancy was a terribly important thing on the Ark (and if you'd already had a child, a pregnany was terrible, period). They'd made sure that both girls and boys were drilled on pregnancy, how to avoid it, detect it, and that they knew they had to report an 'unsanctioned conception' to the council the second it was discovered.

"Okay, good." Octavia nodded and looked somewhat relieved before she narrowed her eyes suspiciously at Clarke. "So if you're not dying, but you're still moving in with my brother because you're ill... it can't be something contagious but it is something that makes you weak, I assume." She frowned darkly. "That's what the herbs Lincoln has been bringing you are for, aren't they?" She took in a deep breath. "You've got some weird sort of Grounder disease."

Clarke didn't know whether to laugh or cry. "I'm pregnant, Octavia."

The girl froze, her blue eyes wide in shock. "You're pregant?"

A sigh escaped Clarke's lips as she nodded and placed a hand on her stomach. "Yeah."

"I thought you were just getting fat!" Octavia brought her hand to her lips. "I can't believe it. Clarke! You're pregnant!"

By now her desire to laugh won out at the childish glee presented before her.

Suddenly Octavia froze once more, her eyes impossibly wide. "Wait. You're pregnant. And you're moving in with my brother." Her lips parted as it clicked. "That means... oh my god." She gasped. "Clarke! I'm an aunt! Or I'm going to be an aunt." She paused. "Can I still consider myself an aunt if the kid isn't born yet?" She then shook her head. "That doesn't matter. I'm going to be an aunt." She grinned brightly as she reached out and pressed her hand to Clarke's stomach. "Do you understand how important this child is?"

Clarke nodded with a small smile. "It'll be the first Sky Child born on earth."

"Forget that." Ocatvia waved that answer away like smoke. "It'll be the first niece or nephew born to our people in hundreds of years!"

Clarke was shocked. "I hadn't thought about that." She then raised an eyebrow. "Makes you the first aunt or uncle in hundreds of years, too."

Octavia gulped, loudly, almost looking somewhat scared as her blue eyes rose to Clarke. "Oh."

There was movement at the door and they both turned to see Bellamy strut into the room. He paused when he saw them, his gaze going from Clarke to Octavia as she knelt down in front of the blonde with a hand on her stomach, and then he cleared his throat as his gaze returned to Clarke. "The guys wanted to know where to put your trunk."

"I hadn't thought about that. I should-." Clarke sighed and made to stand up.

Bellamy's eyes widened and he took a step forwards.

"Sit down, woman!" Octavia manhandled her back onto the seat. "You're pregnant!"

Clarke frowned at Octavia. "Yes. Not dying. I can easily-."

"-tell me what you need while you're seated." Bellamy reachied his sister's side. "I've told you already that you need to relax."

"No heavy lifting." Octavia agreed.

"Or going outside the wall." Bellamy was on a roll.

"Or being around anyone with anything that might be contagious." Octavia was every bit her brother's sister.

Bellamy turned to her. "I hadn't thought about that one."

"Shame on you." And Octavia looked as if she meant every bit of that. "That is your child in that woman."

Bellamy gulped. "I know that."

Clarke looked between the two of them, suddenly terrified. Octavia might gripe and complain all the time about Bellamy being an over protective and controlling troll, but she was showing her Blake colors by turning into a female version of her brother. They even had the same expressions on their faces as they ordered Clarke around "for her safety and that of the child" and Clarke was seriously beginning to fear exactly how the rest of her pregnancy would be like.

Both Blakes appeared to believe that the best thing for her was to remain in bed until she gave birth, and there was no way she was going to do something like that!

"I'm going to oversee the moving of her things." Octavia turned to her brother and poked her finger meancingly into his chest. "Don't make her do anything she usually does."

Bellamy smirked down at his sister. "Wasn't planning on."

Octavia gave a curt nod before she stormed out on her self-proclaimed mission.

Clarke watched her go before she turned her light blue eyes on Bellamy. "You two will not gang up on me like that."

"We're just looking out for you, Princess." Bellamy came closer. "You're used to being the one who takes care of everyone else. But now you're going to have to get used to others taking care of you, and to letting go of some of the duties you do around this place."

Her eyes narrowed. "I will not let you tie me to the bed."

Bellamy hesitated before he snickered. "I wouldn't dream of it. Anyway, you're the type to tie up, not be tied up.."

It took her five full seconds to realize what he was insinuating, and she glowered at him through her blush. "Shut up."

"My wrists had chaff marks for days."

"Shut. Up." She knew she wasn't being mature right now, but at least she could blame it on the hormones. "We said we wouldn't talk about that night."

"When did we say this?" He raised an eyebrow.

"It was implied by the fact that we never talked about that night." She let out a huff, way too tired for this. She wanted to nap but had way too much to do.

Bellamy suddenly frowned. "You okay, Princess?"

"Yeah." She yawned despite her bravest attempts not to.

His frown darkened. "You're tired."

She levelled with him a look. "I'm pregnant. That means I live tired." Just because she hadn't been able to complain before, and found she liked being able to, Clarke lifted a foot as much as she could towards him. "Do you see this? My feet are bloated. And they hurt."

"Then you should be off of them," he declared as if this was obvious.

Once again she sent him a look. "I have work to do. I can't just be off my feet. I have to help those who are hurt or sick, or help train the interns, or-."

"No, you don't."

"Yes, I do."

Bellamy was deeply displeased, that much was obvious. "Clarke, I wasn't joking before you know, you need to cut back on some of the things you do."

"I know you weren't joking, you don't joke. Not really." She could count on her fingers the amount of times she'd heard Bellamy tell a joke, and most of those times it'd just been the two of them, outside the wall, doing some crazy stunt or the other in the name of helping their people. "But this is my body and I get to say what I do with it. I also know how much I can handle and would never do anything to endanger this child. So please-."

"You could argue that that's my body, now."

Clarke froze, eyes wide and blush darker as she tried to glare at him. "I beg your pardon?"

"Well," Bellamy cleared his throat. "That's my child within you, and he or she is a part of you, basically you. That means my blood's inside you too, and considering that my DNA and blood are inside of you that means your body is an extension of my body." He took in a deep breath. "So, that's my body."

Clarke was stunned speechless by his reasoning.

Bellamy licked his lips as his gaze lowered to her stomach. "Mine."

Her heart fluttered before she looked away and cleared her throat. "No one's contesting whether this kid is yours or not, Bellamy."

His gaze rose to her face for a split second before it darted back down. He took in a deep breath and visibly hesitated a second before he bent to his knees and reached out to press his hands against her stomach.

Silence fell between them.

Clarke shifted her gaze onto his face and could see the amazement plainly written there as he stared at her stomach. She couldn't keep the small smile from her face as she tilted her head to the side. "When I'm further along, you'll be able to feel him or her kicking."

Bellamy looked up at that immediately, a smile large on his face. "I remember that with O." He cleared his throat as he began to softly caress her stomach. "She was a real hellion, even while inside our mother."

A chuckle escaped her lips, a little honored to be given that little glimpse into Bellamy's past. "Well, lets hope this kid is a little better behaved."

"Yes. Let's." Bellamy lifted his dark gaze to her once again in slight bemusement. "One stubborn, rebellious brat is enough for this family."

It was really only then that Clarke realized that yes, her child would be a part of Bellamy's family. She'd always known the baby was his, but she hadn't thought of it in terms of family. It humbled her and made her really think about the future more than she already had.

Bellamy's gaze lowered to her stomach once more before he took in a deep breath and stood. "Stay off your feet as much as possible today." And with that he turned and left.

Clarke watched him until he disappeared out the door, her hand on her stomach as she realized that the place where he'd touched tingled.

"Go away," Clarke groaned as she knelt on the ground and vomitted into the bucket. Even with Lincoln's herbs the girl had nausea, just not as badly as she'd had before. And most nights she could sleep through with a problem, but some times she awoke merely to stumble out of bed and reach for her bucket, like tonight.

His footsteps were inaudible but she could sense him behind her. There was clear hesitation before his hand was at the small of her back, rubbing her in a soothing, circular fashion.

She was embarrassed to be seen at such a weak state, but she couldn't do anything but hold on tightly to the bucket until it was all done. She then reached for some water, swished it in her mouth, and spat out into the bucket.

Bellamy took it from her wordlessly and then helped her to her feet, back to bed before he wrapped her up and took the bucket out.

Clarke curled up in the bed, animal skins to her chin, and felt horribly weak as her body trembled slightly. Bellamy must really be regreting forcing her to become his roommate.

When she realized that he'd been gone for a while now, she figured that he must've gone back to bed, and she hesitated as she contemplated leaving the warmth of her blankets to find her bucket because she couldn't be sure that this would be the last time she was sick tonight.

The door opened, once more without a knock, and then Bellamy was there. He had the empty, washed out bucket in one hand, and a cup of steaming liquid in the other. The guy wordlessly put the bucket down next to her side of the bed before he handed her the cup.

She stared up at him silently before she slowly sat up, still nauseas, and her eyes widened when she recognized the smell that came out of the cup. "Is this-?"

"I had the Grounder show me exactly which herbs he was getting for you." Bellamy looked around before he hesitantly sat on the edge of her bed. "I figured he shouldn't be out of the wall getting things for my child. I provide for my family. No one else."

"Thank you." Clarke lowered her gaze to the cup and blew on the liquid a couple of times before she took a little sip.

Bellamy frowned as he watched her. "Are you like this most nights?"

"Sometimes." She kept her gaze on the cup. "I'll try not to disturb you too much. I know you're busy all day and tired and need your rest and-."

"Since when are you stupid?" Bellamy snapped. "It's not a bother. You're ill because my kid is growing inside of you. If you're ill I'm going to be here to help as much as I can."

She raised her gaze to stare at him, knowing she was probably blushing, and telling herself not to read too much into this considering it was Bellamy. He was overprotective to a fault (just look at how many issues he had with Octavia over the same thing) and this was his child Clarke was carrying. She thought about the days when Charlotte had been alive, and remembered once thinking that he'd make a good father.

"I don't like the thought of you going through this the first couple of months alone." Bellamy sounded highly agitated, and it showed on his face. "You should've told me sooner that the baby was mine. I would've helped, I-."

"I know." She stopped him with a tired yet sincere smile. "I should've relied on you sooner. I'm sorry."

His eyes widened and his annoyance melted into something else as he cleared his throat and looked away. "I'm going to put more wood in the chimney. It's getting a bit chilly in here."

It really wasn't.

But she didn't say anything, merely let Bellamy have the quick escape he obviously needed.

"Get out."

Clarke froze as she looked at Raven. "Why-?"

Raven glared at her as she hurriedly moved the woman towards the door. "Do you know what Bellamy would do to me if he found out you were in here while I am trying to create new explosive substances? He'd kill me." Raven ushered her outside and then let out a breath of relief. "Good thing Monty and Jasper hadn't brought their things yet to add to mine or, wow, let's not even think about it."

"You weren't eating." Clarke still held the bowl of food in her hands. "You wouldn't come out to join the others to eat and I wanted to make sure you weren't starving yourself. You get forgetful when you're in the middle of a project."

Raven snatched the plate from her and began to eat immediately. "Thanks, mom."

A blush covered her face. "Better than Princess, I suppose."

The pretty latina girl snorted. "I always thought that that name sounded weird unless Bellamy said it."

"Finn was the one who first called me that," Clarke reminded.

Raven shrugged. "Doesn't come off the same as when Bellamy does."

Clarke wondered about that, her hands on her stomach.

"So. How are things going in Mommy and Daddy Land?" Raven wanted to know as she swallowed a large bite of food. "What's the dirt? Tell me some of the Great Leader's faults."

The blonde shifted on her feet. "None that I can see, so far."

Raven smirked as she raised an eyebrow. "So he's getting brownie points from the Doc? Nice."

Clarke knew that Raven was teasing her, though she wasn't sure about what.

"So, I jumped Miller."

Clarke's eyes widened. "Really?"

Raven grinned mischievously. "We're no longer twinsies."

Clarke cleared her throat. "So, uh, how was it?"

Raven's grin turned from mischievous to evil. "How long do you got?"

"Really?" Clarke raised an eyebrow at Bellamy when she found him at sentry duty on one of the towers they'd built in the surrounding trees. "Really?"

Bellamy turned to look down at her, a frown on his face. "You shouldn't be outside of the wall."

Clarke ignored him and grabbed the rope ladder as she started to climb.

"Hey hey hey!" Bellamy snapped down at her. "You shouldn't be-!"

She made it to the top and yanked the ladder up after her. "Oooof! I felt that!"

Bellamy glared at her, completely ignoring his duty as sentry. "When are you going to-?"

"Hush," she silenced him. "I'm here to talk about something serious."

A muscle jumped in Bellamy's cheek. "What could be more important than you endangering our child?"

"Endangering-?" She rolled her eyes at him. "Bellamy. I sent Monty and Jasper to you so you could deal with the issue. Not so you could instigate our village's first election."

Sheepishness began to color his annoyance as he cleared his throat. "Miller wants to be godfather too. I thought it would be the most diplomatic thing for the village to choose who it would be in an election." He licked his lips. "I thought it was a very civilized way of doing it."

"Only, other potential godfathers have been nominated as well as Monty, Jasper and Miller." She raised an eyebrow. "And now the debate as to the godmother has been raised."

He paled. "No."

"Oh, yes." Clarke gave him a vicious little smile. "I hope you're happy with yourself, Bellamy Blake."

He rubbed the back of his head and gave her a sheepish smile. "Well, it's not so bad, right?"

"Not so bad?" She shook her head, unable to believe him. "The nominated are couriering favor amongst the populace, Bellamy. They're buying votes!" She came closer. "And the whole sitaution has started a village-wide bet! Bet! Bellamy! Bet!"

He blinked. "Who are the betting odds favoring?"

She glared at him. "Kevin Chen."

Bellamy made a face. "Who the hell is Kevin Chen?"

"Exactly!" She threw her hands in the air.

He ran his fingers through his hair. "So maybe I didn't think that one through." He flinched at the look she gave him. "What do you want me to do, Clarke?"

She was a little shocked that he asked her that out straight. Usually he'd tell her what he wanted to do, would wait for her counter, and then they'd come to an agreement, a compromise. She wasn't used to him just asking her what she wanted him to do. That killed some of her annoyance and made her more wary than anything else because she was worried that the reason he was being this way was because he'd done something else he knew she'd disaprove of and that this was his way of softening her for the next blow.

"What's with the suspicious look, Princess?"

"What else have you done?" She narrowed her eyes at him. "Because you've obviously done something. Otherwise you wouldn't be saying that."

He blinked, and then blinked again, and then snickered. "You are so distrustful!"

"You've given me reason to be," she grumbled, arms crossed over her breasts.

He smirked. "This time, believe it or not, I haven't." He let out a breath and moved to her, placing his hands on her shoulders. "What do you want me to do about the bet?"

She stared up into his face and worried her bottom lip before she sighed. "Not much you can do."

"Please," he scoffed at the very thought.

Clarke hung her head. "Everyone seems to behaving fun. We haven't had fun in a long time." She let out a sigh and rested her forehead against his chest. "Let them have fun."

He cleared his throat. "You sure about that?"

"Yeah." She shivered, cold now that her annoyance was gone and thus not heating her.

He noticed it immediately. "Damn it, Clarke." He yanked off his jacket and pulled it around her shoulders. "For the village doctor you're a terrible patient!"

"I'm fine." She tried to wrestle out of its warmth but Bellamy bullied her into keeping it on with his superior strength. The girl, too tired, gave up much of her fight and pressed her cheek against his chest. She closed her eyes and enjoyed the way he rubbed her arms and back, obviously trying to warm her up. It was a very soothing motion, and she hadn't slept very well last night.

"Whoa!" Bellamy's slightly nervous voice woke her when she felt herself drifting. "That's it, I'm taking you to bed."

"I'm fine." She was tired though. It was obvious even in her voice.

"Miller!" Bellamy yelled to the tower closest to his. "I'm taking Clarke to bed. Keep a watch until I get back."

"You better vote for me as godfather!" Miller yelled back.

Clarke groaned as she hid her face in Bellamy's chest.

He chuckled and yelled back. "You gotta earn my vote!" He then turned to Clarke. "Come on, let's get you home."

"I can get there on my own," she informed him, yet let herself be guided.

"Of course you can." Bellamy's face was a soft smirk. "I'm just letting Miller work for my vote."

She snorted, shook her head, and merely let him get his way, this time.

21st-Jul-2014 01:40 am (UTC)
Lord these two are adorable. I love Bellamy/Clarke so much.

I enjoyed Octavia's reaction (it took me a while to warm up to her on the show but I really like her now) and she raised a good point about the baby being the first niece or nephew in a long time. I love that there is an election to pick the godfather, I can't wait to see who wins.
21st-Jul-2014 01:49 am (UTC)
The actors have such chemistry that it just translates on the screen and makes it easy to write them :) And a lot of fun too!

Oh, I hated Octavia for most of the season, but after she proved so was willing to put her people before herself she won me over. She's still a brat though.
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