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The Secreats We Don't Keep 5a/? 
23rd-Jul-2014 12:56 pm
Title: The Secrets We Don't Keep
Pairing: Clarke Griffin/Bellamy Blake
Fandom: The 100
Rating: K+/T
Disclaimer: Don't own the 100
Summary: The one in which Clarke thinks that she's kept the fact that she's pregnant (and that Bellamy is the father) a secret, but she really hasn't.

Clarke wondered where the insane bout of energy she'd had yesterday had gone to. She'd been unable to stay still and had nearly given Bellamy an aneurism with her inability to actually rest. But now that she needed that energy it was no where to be found.

One of the cabins had caught on fire last night and had caused two more cabins to catch on fire as well. There were a couple of badly burnt people, but thankfully everyone had survived the horrible ordeal. They were going to have to be relocated somehow amongst the other cabins once they were healed enough to be let out, but some of them would be spending a lot of the time at the medical bay.

Clarke oversaw the compresses against the skin, using the snow to cool down the burning skin, numb it. Her heart went out to those who'd been burnt and she'd been helping the interns non-stop for about eight hours now, and six of those hours she'd done so with an ever-increasing pain in her back. It was probably her body telling her that she'd been on her feet too long. Bellamy sure as hell kept telling her that.

Despite that he'd been an amazing help and had been there with her most of the time in the medical bay, organizing people to keep bringing them fresh, clean snow from outside and anything else that was needed. He held down patients who were in so much agony they couldn't stay still for her to tend to the burns. He put Lincoln in charge of a small group who were charged with going out to get a certain cave moss that the Grounder said his people used to treat burns. Bellamy had even taken to checking the compresses of snow and changing them when needed.

A hiss escaped Clarke's lips as she straightened slowly and rubbed her back. The pain was growing worse and she knew she'd have to sit down soon, but there was just too much for her to do to actually acknowledge the pain, much less give into it.

"That's great, Octavia," Clarke gave the girl who'd come to help a brave smile as the girl reapplied more ice to a burn victim.

Octavia gave her a nod and went back to work. Now and again she sent a look towards the door, obviously worried about Lincoln and the group who'd left the security of the village's walls, but she had her hands full and kept busy as she flittered from one patient to the other.

"Jessa." Clarke moved towards the little girl, whose leg was badly burnt. "How are you feeling?"

She stared up at Clarke with huge tears in her eyes. "It hurts."

Clarke reached out and caressed the child's head. "I know you must be scared right now, but you'll be fine. It hurts, and it will take a while to heal, but you'll be back with the other girls soon."

Those tears pooled down her face as the child let out a heartbroken sob. "I won't be able to be a flower girl at your wedding like this!"

Clarke's heart went out to the child and she hugged her tightly, letting the kid cry as she held onto her tightly. "We'll get married in the Spring, how about that? You'll be better by then and we can have actual flowers."

The girl sniffled. "Really?"

"Yeah." Clarke smiled as she pulled away and wiped the tears from the girl's face. "We couldn't get married without you as a flower girl."

Jessa stared up at Clarke and began to cry harder as she yanked Clarke back in another hug.

The blonde ignored the pain searing up her spine as she rubbed the girl's back and soothed her. The other patients were being dealt with so she could spend this time with the girl. Once Jessa let her go Clarke sat on the edge of the bed with a flinch and talked to the girl, who was so horribly terrified.

Finally Jessa managed a small smile for Clarke. "You're going to be a great mom."

That got Clarke in her heart, and she wiped at a few tears of her own. "Thanks."

A familiar voice spoke behind her. "How's the prettiest girl in the village doing?" Bellamy appeared and knelt down besides Jessa and Clarke, a small smile on his face as he stared up at the kid. "You okay, kiddo?"

Jessa nodded, obviously trying to be brave for Bellamy. "Clarke says that it's just the skin that got burnt, that it'll hurt and be a process, but that I should be fine."

"Course you will." Bellamy nodded. "Clarke knows her stuff, so if she says you'll be fine, you'll be fine."

Jessa nodded her agreement before she bit her bottom lip. "I'm sorry."

"What for?" He frowned at her in confusion. "You didn't start the fire. Some embers fell onto the floor and did that. It was no one's fault."

"No, I mean I'm sorry for delaying the wedding." Jessa gave a pout, obviously worried Bellamy would be angry. "Clarke said that you two would put it off until the Spring so that I could still be a flower girl."

Bellamy froze.

Clarke didn't want him to-.

Bellamy suddenly grinned. "Did she now?" He cleared his throat and wouldn't look at Clarke as he reached out and rubbed the kid's head affectionately. "Well, you heard her. We're getting married in Spring and you'll be the in the ceremony." His smile grew mischievous. "I've already got an important part for you in it so you can't miss it."

"It's important?" Jessa's eyes widened.

Bellamy nodded. "Lincoln told me about the way Grounders get married here, and we'll need very pretty girls to help us out while he performs the ceremony."

Lincoln was going to perform the ceremony?

Then why had Bellamy asked Finn?

Jessa's face fell. "I'm not pretty anymore. My leg is going to be scarred for the rest of my life. I'm ugly now." Her bottom lips trembled. "I won't be able to participate if I have to be pretty."

Bellamy frowned as he shook his head. "Your scar isn't ugly, Jessa. It will only proves that you're a survivor and that you're strong." He stared deep into the kid's eyes. "It will never make you ugly."

Jessa's eyes filled with tears as she cried out and hugged Bellamy, once more breaking out into sobs.

Bellamy merely held the child near and let her cry, much like Clarke had.

The blonde watched him soothe the child, obviously used to doing this for Octavia when she'd been a kid, and she felt her heart strings pull even harder for him. Why did he do things like this that made her fall more and more in love with him?

The baby shifted and Clarke bit back the whimper as she placed her hand on her stomach. She breathed in and out, in and out, and did her best not to interrupt this moment. The pain didn't go away, but it lessened enough for her to be able fake it by the time Bellamy and Jessa pulled away and Bellamy teased Jessa about a couple of little boys waiting outside worriedly, asking Bellamy about the girl every time he went out to do something.

Clarke smiled at the two of them, Bellamy was going to be a great father.

"Hold him down tighter! I have to clean his wound or the infection will set in!"

"Please!" The boy cried out as he struggled hard against the hands holding him down. "Stop! It hurts!"

"I know, and I'm sorry, but your burns are already showing signs of infection." Clarke wanted to cry at the knowledge of the pain that she was giving this poor boy, but if she didn't do this then he could very well die. Still, she knew the agony must be tremendous, and even with Bellamy helping the two interns they were barely managing to keep the boy pinned to the bed enough for her to do what she needed to do.

"Please!" He cried. "Please!"

Her hand shook slightly.

"Clarke." Bellamy's voice brought her wide-eyed gaze from the boy to him. In the face of this horror Bellamy was strong. "You can do this."

Clarke nodded and licked her lips before she took in a deep breath and went back to work, strengethened by his trust in her.

Finally, when the pain was too much, the boy fainted and this allowed Clarke to finish what she was doing without hindrance. She managed to clean the wound and bind it. By the time she was finished she felt as if she'd gone through a war.

Bellamy smiled up at her from the other side of the cot, having remained behind just in case the boy awoke once more and started struggling. "You did good."

Clarke let out a stuttered breath. "I nearly faltered there."

"Clarke!" Monroe hurried towards her. "While hurrying to get more snow, one of the boys slid on ice and broke his leg! It's sticking out of the skin and there's blood everywhere! And Tawny fainted when she saw all the blood and hit her head! And there was a fight, I don't know about what, and I think two of the boys have broken their noses-!"

Clarke felt overwhelmed and she turned her blues on Bellamy.

Bellamy's dark gaze was already on her, his expression calm. "Looking to you, Princess."

She nodded and took in a deep breath before she turned to Monroe. "Triage the injured. Have them put in the other section of the medical bay, where Finn is. I'll come there in a minute."

Monroe nodded and hurried to relay the orders.

"Don't run!" Bellamy yelled after her. "We don't need someone else falling and breaking something!"

Monroe obediently slowed down.

Clarke let out another stuttered breath as she brought her hands to her face and did her best to ignore the growing pain taking over her body. "This isn't a good day at all."

Bellamy moved around the cot and brushed her hair out of her face. "You're doing great."

She looked up at him through her fingers. "Liar. I'm barely coping."

"You're coping just fine." He looked proud, and that humbled her. "But I want you off your feet soon."

"Clarke!" Someone yelled from the door.

Clarke groaned an sent Bellamy a look. "Good luck with that." She turned and waddled away.

The pain that hit her fast was and took her breath away. She dropped the bowl she'd been carrying and was glad that it was carved from wood and not fragile like the ones on the Ark or it would've broken, and they had precious few supplies for her to be breaking them.

She knew that she'd been on her feet too long-they were hurting her so much it was almost burning-but there was still a lot to do. Lincoln had come back with the cave moss and explained how it was used to treat wounds. She was now in the process of applying it to the clean burns. It seemed to have some sort of numbing effect, as well as a sleeping agent that let the patients slumber while their bodies tried to heal. Clarke could've kissed Lincoln, but she didn't think Octavia or Bellamy would be too pleased with her, so she'd merely given him a tight hug and gone to work.

"Are you okay?" That was Octavia, who'd entered the smaller supply room for something.

"Yeah," Clarke nodded. "I, uh, stubbed my toe."

"Ouch." Octavia gave a little snort before she eyed Clarke. "You sure that's all you did? Because you look like you're in serious pain."

"It was a hard blow." Clarke then whimpered and doubled as another contraction hit her.

"Clarke?" Octavia hurried towards her. "What's wrong?"

"Braxton Hicks," Clarke whispered. "It's false labor. I've been having it this last week. The pain will go away soon."

Octavia didn't look too sure. "I should get Bell-."

"No." Clarke looked up and grimaced through the pain. "I'll be fine. The patients and interns need me there and if Bellamy finds out he'll want me off of my feet."

"I agree!" Octavia's voice went a little high. "What if this isn't Braxton Hicks? Bellamy's been talking to Lincoln about the false labor thing, and he says that it goes away after a bit. But you've looked worse and worse as the day has gone on." She gulped. "What if this isn't false labor?"

Clarke had already begun suspecting that, but she hadn't wanted to accept that she might go into labor the day the village needed her the most. "If it is I'm fine until my water breaks. Otherwise, they say it's best for a pregnant woman to be standing... you know... gravity helps."

Octavia nodded slowly but looked terrified. "That baby could be coming."

"Labor takes hours, sometimes, in extreme situations, days." Clarke took in a deep breath and did her best to ignore how her back was on fire. "I still have more than enough time to help the others."

Octavia gulped. "Bellamy will want-."

"We're not telling Bellamy." Clarke reached out and grabbed Octavia's shoulders. "Promise me you won't tell Bellamy."


"Promise me, Octavia."

The girl bit her bottom lip before she finally nodded. "Fine. I promise." She took in a deep breath. "But if you get worse and this proves to be actual labor, I'm telling him!" She then picked up the fallen bowl, passed it to Clarke, grabbed another container (probably for snow) and stormed out of the room.

Clarke let out a breath of relief.

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