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The Secrets We Don't Keep 8a/? 
28th-Jul-2014 11:49 am

Title: The Secrets We Don't Keep
Pairing: Clarke Griffin/Bellamy Blake
Fandom: The 100
Rating: K+/T
Disclaimer: Don't own the 100
Summary: The one in which Clarke thinks that she's kept the fact that she's pregnant (and that Bellamy is the father) a secret, but she really h

Thankfully, anarchy hadn't broken loose in the village during their time in quaratine. In fact, the whole village had been far too worried about what was going on to their co-leaders to even think about anarchy at all. There'd been no lawlessness, no crimes, no fights. Nothing. Everyone had been too worried about whether whatever their leaders had was fatal.

Sentries had been put on watch around the clock to make sure that there was always smoke coming from the quarantine cabin's chimney (there'd been a consensus that the night they didn't see smoke they'd storm the place), and to also make sure that no Grounder or Reaper or anything else took advantage of its vulnerable state outside of the wall.

To say that Bellamy and Clarke were welcomed back enthusiastically by everyone was an understatement. By the way everyone greeted them it was as if the twosome had been gone for months.

The "soldiers" (as everyone called the boys Bellamy had taught all he'd learnt as a cadet) as well as the sentries and other groups under Bellamy's command were in need of desperate guidance and needed him right away. Clarke's patients also needed her to check up on them. The mother and father, the leaders of the village, promised everyone they'd get right to it... after they saw their kids.

The twins had been taken care of by Lincoln and Octavia, Raven and Miller, and Jasper and Monty. They'd taken turns with the children. Jasper and Monty had proclaimed themselves co-godfathers to Aurora (and also declared that since she had the two of them she didn't need a godmother) and they'd taken their responsibility when it came to the girl very seriously.

It was amazing for Clarke and Bellamy to have their children in their arms again. They showered the twins with kisses, shared smiles, and then go back to work.

They'd worked long and hard and it'd been a great first day back, which had ended with the four of them in the warmth of Clarke's room. The children slept in their crib and the parents were just as tired. Bellamy fell asleep quickly, apparently soothed by a good day's work and by being with his family.

Clarke had missed this so much. She stared at him, at her children, and then back at Bellamy. While she loved her children to death, Bellamy was so important in this family. The time he'd kept away had been hell, and Clarke never wanted to go through that again. She'd realized during that time just how important he was to her. She'd known she was in love with him before, but having him pull away from her had hurt so horribly.

She'd thought she'd felt hurt and alone when she'd discovered the Finn had had a girlfriend and that she had to step back and let them be together... But losing Bellamy had been a hundred times worse than losing Finn had been. With what had happened with Finn she'd felt hurt, especially her ego. But with Bellamy it'd felt like a vital organ had been ripped out of her body.

Bellamy mumbled in his sleep and reached for Clarke, pulling her close.

She smiled softly into his chest and snuggled into his heat.

This was her life.

This was her family.

This was home.

There was no way she would ever jeopardize this. Not again. Not ever.

The blonde tilted her head up and cupped Bellamy's sleeping face. Her thumb caressed his cheek as she stared up at him.

This was her partner. Her friend. The father of her children.

The man she loved.

"Oh mom," she whispered softly to herself and wished that she could hallucinate her mother once more and just talk to her. "What am I going to do?"

"Clarke." Bellamy's voice was low and rumbled as he opened his dark eyes to stare at her.

Her blues widened and she yanked her hand down and away. She would've pulled away further but his grip tightened around her, keeping her anchored to him.

Bellamy reached down and brought her hand back to his face.

Clarke's heart raced as she stared into his intense brown eyes.

Bellamy gulped before his gaze lowered to her lips.

Clarke could hardly breathe as her heart raced in her chest.

A pained expression crossed his face. "Damn it, Clarke." And then Bellamy was kissing her, his fingers deep in her hair.

Heat and emotion jolted through Clarkes body as she gripped at him and pulled him closer. She arched into him and opened her mouth to his kiss.

When he groaned in reaction and eased her onto her back, his body pinning hers to the bed, Clarke merely kissed him deeper and worked on his shirt.

The first day of spring made Clarke cry.

They'd made it through their second winter, and while people had gotten hurt, no one had died. The emotion that that brought to her stuck in her throat and she'd had a hard time explaining to Bellamy why she was crying, but she had a feeling he knew. He had a proud and relieved expression on his face as well.

They'd done it.

They'd gotten their people through winter alive.

The village celebrated the first day of spring, they had last time and they did now. It was the beginning of their own little traditions. There were hunts for the first flowers, things like that, as well as dancing and merriment in the night. Monty and Jasper tried to light their first set of fireworks that night but something must've been wrong with their mixture because nothing happened. It was a bit of a let down, but the two boys became even more determined to get it right "in time for the wedding".

The wedding.

Clarke licked her lips as she sent a look towards Bellamy.

He hadn't mentioned that in a while now, and while she was relieved, a part of her was worried as well.

Things had changed between them since that night, and while neither of them ever put things into words, she felt that the routine they had was more important than verbal acknowledgment.

They worked together, led together, had a home together, a family together. They spent their nights together... truly together now. As soon as the children went to sleep Bellamy would grip her hand and kiss her hungrily as he led her to his room for privacy.

They'd wake up together, and Bellamy or her would reach for the other hungrily to start again before the days events.

A blush tinted her cheeks.

She really loved her life right now.

Clarke smiled as she examined Jessa's leg. She wasn't smiling just because it was basically healed. No, while that did make Clarke happy, what truly had her smiling was the young boy holding Jessa's hand and lending her his strength. It was Ross, and things seemed to be going adorably well in their childhood romance.

"Have you been putting the oil I gave you on it nightly?" Clarke wanted to know despite the fact that she could clearly see that the child had done so.

Jessa grinned. "Ross helps."

Ross nodded silently.

Clarke turned her blues on the boy. "You're taking good care of her."

He beamed with pride but didn't say a word.

Clarke chuckled as she gazed between the two of them.

"Of course he has. A man always takes care of his woman."

Clarke turned her head to see Bellamy leaning against the door. "Hey you."

Bellamy smiled as he pushed away from the door and came towards her, ruffling Ross' hair. "You're a good example to the other kids, Ross. I'm proud of you."

Ross gazed up wide-eyed at Bellamy, his praise obviously meaning a lot to him.

Jessa, who clearly knew this, sent Clarke a little grin.

Clarke smiled back at the girl as she stood. "You're good to go, Jessa."

She made to slip off of the examination table, but Ross stopped her and helped her slowly off. The two of them walked out of the medical bay together, hand in hand.

Clarke and Bellamy turned to stare at the children, and the blonde rested her head against his arm. "They're so undeniably cute."

He snickered as he rested his arm around her shoulders and pulled her close. "See what I mean? They live by example. We just show them how."

She turned to look at him, eyebrow raised. "You want to take credit for this?"

"Yep." His grin was large.

It was her turn to snicker as she shook her head. "Your arrogance is unbelievable."

"Please. It's one of the things you love about me," Bellamy teased.

She rolled her eyes at him. "You wish."

His only answer to that was to twirl her around and kiss her.

She gripped his shirt tightly and kissed back.

Reapers attacked.

They were vicious and crazed and apparently had half-starved during the winter.

While they had animalistic viciousnes on their side, as well as numbers, what they didn't have was a fortified village, guns, explosives, and Bellamy Blake. They were pushed back, their dead littered the ground all outside the walls, and when there were only a couple of stragglers left alive, the village finished off the group who'd come to attack and eat them.

It was another cause for victory. Another notch in their belt. They'd proven themselevs yet again. To the Grounders. To the Reapers. To earth. To themselves.

Bellamy anticipated that this wouldn't be the last attack and went into meeting with Raven about creating more landmines, instructing her where to plant them. There were some sections where the village was more vulnerable, and the village got together to fortify and tighten their defenses.

Lincoln taught a group now under his command how to make bows and arrows (as well as other Grounder weapons), and how to use them. He also taught this group (everyone called them the Berserkers) how to blend in with their environment and other Grounder battle techniques. The fact that Bellamy was trusting Lincoln more and more, as well as using his talents, made Octavia a very happy woman and she preened quite a lot.

Bellamy spent long nights making sure that everyone, even the youngest child, had a weapon and knew how to use it. The continued survival of their people was what was most important.

Clarke was home whenever he'd manage to drag himself back. She'd have food ready for him, would massage his shoulders, and then kiss him and help him forget how tiring (both mentally and physically) the day had been for him.

She knew that it wasn't just her pride that assured her Bellamy not only appreciated, but needed her. It wasn't only at nights that he'd seek her comfort. Sometimes, during a really trying day, he'd merely arrive unnanounced at the medical bay, yank her into his arms and kiss her silly. He'd then rest his forehead against hers while he hugged her and breathed in her scent, would kiss her again, and give her a small smirk before he returned to whatever had had him in such a state.

"He really looks like me." Bellamy was visibly tired, and yet his eyes were filled with emotion as he sat with Clarke and their children on the mat in front of the fire. He played with Jake, fascinated with the little boy who squealed and always held out his chubby arms whenever he saw his papa.

"Of course he does." Clarke stared down into Aurora's eyes as the child tugged playfully at her mother's hair. "He's a miniature you."

Bellamy grinned brightly at that. "No use denying he's mine then, huh?"

She mock-glared at him. "Try it if you dare."

"No ma'am," he shook his head, laughter in his voice.

Clarke smiled and then leaned down to rub her nose against Aurora's. "We're so lucky, Bell."

He stared up at her and smiled. "Yeah. I know."

She gazed at her children. "I'm so glad they have your skin tone and not mine." She made a face as she lifted a pale arm. "I sunburn too easily. You-you never get a sunburn."

He snickered. "Don't sound so envious, Princess."

"Well, I am." She gave a pretend pout.

He laughed and reached out to curl his fingers in her hair, much like their daughter had done previously. "Don't be. I'm somewhat partial to your coloring." He tugged her gently towards him. "I want the next kid to look like you."

Clarke's eyes widened and a blush covered her face. "The next-?"

Bellamy kissed her, fast and hard and intense, and left her breathless.

She forgot what they'd been talking about.

Until the next morning.

"Really?" Raven grinned and looked evil. "The 'next kid'? Our leader works fast. You only just popped those two out."

Clarke covered her face with her hands. "Don't say it like that."

"More children." Octavia looked in heaven. "Oh Clarke. You really must do it. For the village."

Clarke looked up at the girl in horrified confusion. "How do you figure that?"

Raven looked fascinated to hear the answer as well.

"Well, ever since you got pregnant nothing but good things have happened." Octavia looked around, as if expecting someone to be listening in, before she leaned in and lowered her voice. Her lips were curled in a teasing smile as she admitted: "People are saying that when your eggs and Bellamy's sperm meet, magic happens."

Clarke and Raven (who had leaned in closer when Octavia had done so) paused, looked at each other, and then burst out laughing.

Octavia rolled her eyes at them and yet looked highly amused as well. "Sure, it might sound silly, but you can't ignore the fact that ever since you became pregnant and gave birth, great things have happened in this village." She twisted her hands together. "I'm hoping its the same with me."

Suddenly Clarke and Raven stopped laughing as they turned to Octavia.

She licked her lips. "Well don't just go all silent on me! For god's sake. It's not that horrible. I mean." She cleared her throat. "I mean, he and I haven't talked about it, but there was always the possiblity, and it's not like I did it on purpose..." She hung her head. "I haven't told him yet."

"Lincoln's going to die." Raven's eyes widened. "Bellamy's gonna kill him."

"No he's not." Octavia glared at the latina before she frowned, worried, and turned to Clarke. "You wouldn't let Bellamy kill Lincoln, right?"

"Of course not." Clarke blinked. "But, wow. O." She cleared her throat before she got up and hugged the other girl.

Octavia went still before she hugged Clarke back. "He's really gonna kill him!"

"I won't let Bellamy kill Lincoln," Clarke promised as she held the crying girl. "Even if I have to tie him to the bed until he gets over his initial big brother fury."

Raven gave Clarke a thumbs-up from where she sat.

"Thanks, Clarke." Octavia whispered. "Can you-can you tell him? I'm going to tell Lincoln tonight and I just can't handle telling the both of them."

"Sure. I'll do it. You just concentrate on Lincoln." Clarke held Octavia closer and hoped to god Bellamy didn't explode and do something they'd regret.

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