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The Secrets We Don't Keep 9/10 
29th-Jul-2014 11:32 am
Title: The Secrets We Don't Keep
Pairing: Clarke Griffin/Bellamy Blake
Fandom: The 100
Rating: K+/T
Disclaimer: Don't own the 100
Summary: The one in which Clarke thinks that she's kept the fact that she's pregnant (and that Bellamy is the father) a secret, but she really hasn't.

Abigail Griffin tensed, along with the other survivors from the Ark that they'd managed to locate while slowly making their way towards the direction they'd figured that their children were. They had a general direction thanks to their previous conversations with the 100 camp before communications were destroyed thanks to Diana's revolt, but still, they'd landed a good distance from it and earth's terrain was beautiful yet evolved to kill. They'd come up against what the kids had called "Grounders", and they had lost many of their own to those battles.

The survivors of the Ark had learnt quickly to adapt, to use the weapons they had that still worked, and to look out for each other. They'd realized that this world was beuatiful, yes, but deadly, and that they would die soon if things didn't change.

Abby had been so sure that they were nearing the 100 camp, had allowed herself to hope, but then those Grounders had dropped from the trees, led by a large and intimidating Grounder. They wore facepaint and animal skins and had blended in with everything around them terrifyingly well.

The Ark survivors had run out of firepower and had their own crudely fashioned weapons, and they knew that they wouldn't be able to hold up against these ones if they truly attacked. It was why they were at a stalemate. The Grounders didn't seem about to attack unless they drew nearer, and yet the Ark survivors had to cross there. They just had to.

Kane moved in front of Abby protectively, his eyes narrowed on the largest Grounder as he spoke softly. "The kids' camp must be inside of their territory. No wonder they attacked them so much."

"Are they even still alive?" Someone whispered in fear.


Abby's eyes widened. "Clarke?"

"MOM!" Suddenly there was noise and Clarke emerged from the trees with a cry, her eyes wide, her skin darkened from days under the sun. She moved passed the Grounders as if they weren't even there and the Ark survivors parted so that the blonde could reach her mother. She threw herself into Abby's arms, and Abby held her tightly, she cried, unable to believe she had her baby in her arms once again.

The Grounders lowered their weapons and relaxed their stance.

"Are you okay?" Abby whispered to her daughter. "Are you these Grounders' prisoner?"

Clarke pulled away, stared behind her where the Grounders stood snickering, and then she laughed and turned to look at her mother. "Those aren't Grounders. Those are our people."

Abby's eyes widened as did those of all around her.

Suddenly a woman cried out and raced towards one of the heavier-painted boys and he dropped his weapon to embrace her.

That started something. More of the kids appeared from where they'd apparently been hiding, and families cried out as they reunited.

Others looked around for their children, hopeful, and Abby's heart went to them when they couldn't find them.

She held Clarke close to her heart and noticed that three of the children weren't trying to mingle with them.

One was the leader of the ones they'd thought were Grounders. He stood next to a girl with dark hair and blue eyes. She held a baby with the same coloring as hers in her arms.

Next to them stood Bellamy Blake, the 'rebel leader' as the Ark had taken to calling him. Abby hugged Clarke tighter to her as she stared at the man who'd shot and tried to kill Jaha. He too had a baby in his arms. "Oh Clarke." She shook her head. "Someone gave birth down here?" Her heart went out to the poor child who'd had to go through labor in these sorts of conditions. "Please tell me she made it."

Clarke froze before she nodded and pulled away. She licked her lips. "Wanna meet them?"

Abby stared down at her daughter before she looked up at Bellamy Blake and the girl with the other child in her arms. She remembered that Clarke had defended Bellamy to Jaha, had been instrumental in his being pardoned, and she figured she understood why the girl would be close to the rebel leader and his girlfriend.

He made Abby uncomfortable, she didn't like the fact that he was capable of murder to get his own ends, but he was the leader of this group and she knew that they would have to work alongside him if they wanted to integrate with the group. Even if she didn't trust him, Clarke seemed to, and she would have to trust her daughter's judgment.

Still, Bellamy's face was emotionless as he watched Clarke drag her towards them. His eyes weren't welcoming, in fact, a storm seemed to be brooding there, and Abby wondered if maybe she should tell Clarke that she'd meet Bellamy, his girlfriend, and their children later.

"Mom, this is Lincoln and Octavia." She motioned to the large male and the small woman with the baby.

"It's very nice to meet you." Abby smiled at them.

Lincoln merely nodded.

Octavia eyed her up and down as she passed the baby to Clarke and placed her hands on her hips. "So you are what Clarke's going to look like when she gets older." She turned to Clarke and smirked. "I think you have no need to worry."

Clarke snorted.

Abby blinked at the indirect compliment.

Clarke took in a deep breath as she held the baby in her arms and turned to face her mother. She motioned to the rebel leader. "Mom. This is Bellamy Blake. He's the leader of our village."

"Co-leader," he was quick to correct. "Clarke and I work together."

Ah. There was mutual respect between these two. Abby could see that from the small glance they'd shared. It made her open up a little more to the possibility that Bellamy couldn't be that terrifying.

Clarke licked her lips. "Bellamy, this is my mother."

Bellamy took in a deep breath before he adjusted his hold on the child and held his hand out. "It's a pleasure to meet you, Miss Griffin."

Abby instinctively reached out and shook that hand. He had a strong grip but it didn't put too much pressure as to hurt her, even if unintentionally. "It's a pleasure to meet you too, Mr Blake. My daughter told us that you are the reason most of them are alive. You have our thanks."

"I wouldn't have been able to do it without Clarke."

Abby blinked once more and her smile was intrigued and curious before she cleared her throat and eyed the children. "So, what are the names of these two darlings?"

Clarke bounced the one in her arms almost nervously. "Aurora and Jake."

"Jake." Abby smiled softly, sadly. "Just like your father."

Clarke and Bellamy shared a look before Clarke took in a nervous little breath and nodded. "Yes. Just like my father."

Suddenly Abby went still as she looked from Bellamy Blake, rebel leader and near-murderer of Chancellor Jaha... to her daughter... to those babies. "Oh my god."

Clarke gave her a nervous smile. "She's got my eyes."

"Oh my god!" Abby brought her hands to her mouth in utter shock. "Clarke! You had children!"

Bellamy Blake placed an arm around Clarke's shoulder. "We had children."

Abby stared between the two of them, speechless.

Kane was impressed. It hurt for him to be impressed considering this was all the work of the man who'd shot Jaha, but he had to give credit where credit was due.

The children had been sent to earth to die, and yet they'd made it a home. They'd adapted, they'd used the little amount of skills taught to them before they'd been locked up, and they'd managed to thrive in the world that'd killed so many of the adults.

To be honest, Kane and his people had been expecting some sort of chaotic disorder, mayhem and crime. They'd been expecting a place they'd have to take over and clean up.

That wasn't what they'd found. He knew that some of the others still wanted to do just that, to assume leadership of the village as they had in the Ark, but Kane truly didn't think that would be a good idea. He'd seen how well this village ran, saw the respect the children had for both Bellamy and Clarke, and he had a feeling that they wouldn't take too well to their beloved leaders being removed from position.

This wasn't the Ark. They didn't have a caste system. There weren't houses and there weren't ranks... There was nothing to divide the masses. But if the few governing class members who'd survived this far had anything to do with it, they'd want to run this place as they had the Ark. That would ruin the simple beauty and the community spirit that the kids had managed to create without them.

He didn't want that.

Kane entered the open door of the cabin he and Abby would be staying in. It was Bellamy and Clarke's. The survivors of the Ark were being repositioned throughout the cabins, with Bellamy organizing the building of more and the expansion of the wall that protected them. The young man was used to leadership and to making the decisions. He brought the youths together and organized what would happen and who would do what. When some of the adults, the working class, offered their services he'd nodded, found out what their talents had been on the Ark, and assigned them to groups who were dedicated to that sort of skill.

The kids were in charge, and while Kane knew they still needed some guidance, he felt they were doing fine.

"Look, Kane. She really has Clarke's eyes!" Abby rose from the blanket on the floor and held up little Aurora as she came towards him. "Isn't she beautiful?"

Kane nodded as he eyed the little girl who truly took after her father. So did the little boy. But at least the little girl had her mama's blue eyes.

"And Jake is so handsome." Abby gushed as she rocked the baby in her arms. "Have you seen their medical bay? Did you know that they have a quarantine cabin?"

He nodded to both. "It's very impressive, Abby."

"I know." She looked as shocked as he felt. "I always knew my daughter was capable, it was why I pushed so hard to send the kids down here. But to see all that they've accomplished on their own..." She took in a deep breath. "I'm so proud."

He nodded.

Jake began to fuss on the blanket.

Abby's eyes widened and she turned to Kane. "Here, hold her." She then deposited her granddaughter into his shocked hands before hurrying towards her grandson.

Kane held Aurora in his hands away from his body and stared into her eyes, uncomfortable with children. "Hello."

Aurora grinned brightly. "Agoo."

"Right. Agoo to you too." He cleared his throat.

She shrieked in laughter and held her arms out towards him.

He was a bit terrified and turned towards Abby for help, but the woman was too enthralled with Jake.

He took in a deep breath, squared his shoulders, and turned his gaze back on Aurora. "What do I do now?"

She kept holding her arms out to him.

Kane gulped and then slowly brought her in close, holding her against his chest as he shifted his hold on her.

"Aga!" Aurora gurgled happily as she rested her cheek against his chest.

Kane cleared his throat and began to shake her softly like he noticed Abby was doing with Jake.

Abby took that moment to stare at him over her shoulder, and grinned. "You're a natural."

"Of course I am," he huffed.

"I feel uncomfortable with these Sky People." Lincoln made a face as he helped Octavia prepare their spare bedroom for a mother and child who'd made it down and would be joining them until their own cabin could be constructed.

"Me neither." Octavia made a face. "I lived my whole life locked up because of them." She gave a sigh. "But at least Jaha isn't here. And a lot of the others in high position didn't make it either." She gave a twisted little smile as she looked up at him. "I'm not too worried though. Bellamy will easily quell any rebellion they can plan."

Lincoln nodded in agreement. "He is capable, and the people will rally against him." He paused. "Those from what you called the 'worker force' seem to have already accepted him as leader, most probably because their children survived and are loyal to him."

"And because everyone can already tell that with Bellamy and Clarke in charge, no one is inferior to another." Octavia grinned, so proud of her brother, even if she would never actually tell him that. "The worker force were the ones most looked down on in the Ark, were the grunts. Here they realize that they can become the most important members of society."

Lincoln nodded his understanding. "That is how it is here. It is those with useful skills who are important."

Octavia nodded and rested her forehead against his arm. "I have to admit, though, I'm glad we'll have two doctors here for when the baby is born."

Lincoln wrapped an arm around her. "I trust Clarke more than I trust this Sky People doctor." He frowned. "Clarke understands the earth and what it gives us. And she has openly integrated Grounder and Sky People medicines and methods of treatment. It is what has made her the most important member in this tribe. Even Anya's tribe understand how vital she is, otherwise they would not have brought her to their camp to tend to their dying. Remember, this is not the first time they have taken her to tend to their ill."

"But this time it was all circumstantial." Octavia blinked. "It was also all Finn's fault."

Lincoln shook his head. "I had noticed Grounder activity close by, but they were only scouts. It seems they had been waiting for Clarke to venture out of the walls far enough unprotected. Finn merely gave them the chance they'd been searching for."

Octavia's eyes widened. "If they were after Clarke all along why didn't they try to force her to stay with them like last time?"

Lincoln raised an eyebrow. "They know that they cannot force her to stay there and have her help them." He smirked. "It didn't work out so well for them last time, did it?"

She nodded. "True." She blinked. "So you're implying that the reason they let her go is because they plan on continuously kidnapping her when they need her."

Lincoln considering her question. "We are not as complicated as that. We believe in simple answers to our problems." He raised an eyebrow. "If the problem is grave enough I do believe Anya will come to us with a truce, and a condition for this truce will be free use of Clarke's skills at healing when Anya's tribe needs it. Our relationship alone proves to my people that we can get along with those from the sky." He placed his hand on Octavia's flat stomach. "Our child will be the first born to a Sky Person and a 'Grounder', as your people call mine."

Octavia grinned. "You're right! Our kid will rock!"

He took in a deep breath. "I would prefer it if Clarke was in charge of tending to you during your pregnancy. I trust her to keep both you and our child safe."

Octavia smiled up into his face. "I love you."

He merely smiled down at her, his eyes telling her all she needed to know.

"Now we have to get these fireworks working!" Jasper turned to Monty as they toiled over their workshop. Their parents had been moved in to their cabin, and the boys were still getting over their excitement to have them back. "We have to celebrate with these beauties!"

"If only we can figure out what's wrong with our design." Monty pouted.

"Hey kids," Monty's father smiled as he came near. "What are you doing?"

Jasper's mother entered as well and stretched. "Can we help?"

Monty and Jasper shared a look before they turned to their parents. "I don't know. Can you?"

Bellamy was this close to telling one of his superiors from the Ark to go float himself.

He'd never been happy at the thought of the rest of the Ark joining them, and already he could feel the tension in the village. What gave him some ease was that the worker force had all joined their children and accepted his leadership. That meant that there were only a few from the higher classes who still wanted to give Bellamy a condescending pat on his back, thank him for 'taking care of the place', and then take over themselves. If he had the majority on his side he knew that things would be fine, but that didn't mean that it wasn't annoying.

It was attitudes like this that had made the Ark hell, and there was no way that he was going to allow these people to corrupt the beauty and simplicity of life in the village.

"What you need is support from the governing class."

Bellamy turned from where he'd been watching the other man storm away, and faced none other than Kane. "I don't need anything."

Kane smirked at him, as if amused. "You've made this village what it is, Bellamy, both you and Clarke. These kids idolize you, and their parents respect you." He eyed the younger boy. "You have the makings of a true leader, but you don't want to spend the next twenty years battling certain people with their power trips."

Bellamy raised an eyebrow, not exactly sure what this man wanted.

"I will lend you my support, publically." He took in a deep breath. "I was second to Chancellor Jaha, believe me, my support will go a long ways to helping the governing class accept you."

"There is no governing class." Bellamy needed this to be crystal clear. "There are no classes here. Everyone is equal."

Kane nodded. "This is why I am supporting you as leader."

Bellamy blinked in surprise at that.

"You did better under duress than we did." Kane's eyes looked haunted. "We did things on the Ark that we will never be able to forgive ourselves for. Sure, it bought us more time, but it took some of our humanity away everytime we did."

Bellamy didn't know what to say about this.

"Abby's daughter and you have made a new beginning for us all here, and I believe we need to honor that." He patted Bellamy's shoulder before he walked away.

Bellamy wattched him go, perplexed.

29th-Jul-2014 04:49 pm (UTC)
Awesome chapter. Abby definitely handled the situation better than I thought she might. So did Kane, I'm happy he realized that the kids were doing an amazing job and not to mess it up by trying to take over leadership.
30th-Jul-2014 04:51 pm (UTC)
Yeah. He's about one of the only from the governing class who feels that way though...
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