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Claiming the Wolf 9/10 
1st-Jan-2009 09:38 pm

Title: Claiming the Wolf
Pairing: Jacob/Edward
Rating: M
Fandom: Twilight
Warning: SLASH! M/M, AU, SMUT
Disclaimer: I don't own Twilight
Summary:Jacob would never understand leeches, especially if they were Edward Cullen. One minute Edward's glaring at him with hatred, the next---the next he's doing things to Jacob that the young wolf wants to hate. He really does. But Edward won't let him hate it---not when the vampire is determined to claim him as his own.

The next day, Forks High School was abuzz with the sound of gasps and whispers as news flew rapidly throughout the establishment. At first the professors had tried to quiet down the gossip, but once they actually found out what was being whispered amongst their students they’d instead sat down and listened to the story being whispered from one student to the other, and even called in their fellow colleagues to share the juicy piece of gossip.

Of course, the fact that the moment Jacob Black rode up to school with Bella on his motorcycle Edward appeared by his side and both exchanged smirks caused the rumors to spread even faster, even getting more scandalous with each retelling of certain events.

A couple of girls and guys, who belonged to either the We Love Edward or the We Love Jacob fanclub cried, one or two fainted, and Jessica Stanley looked livid. Not only had her pursuing of Edward years previous left her looking like an idiot, but now that she’d been pursuing Jacob she’d lost him too---and to Edward of all people!

Alice couldn’t help but enjoy the irony in that, as she watched the short, busty brunette with large curls glaring at the boys as they sat together in Math. Just looking at them one wouldn’t be able to see anything weird between them. They were deep into their assignment, Edward leaning over Jacob’s side of the desk and explaining a particular problem that the handsome native just wasn’t getting, neither sitting too close together, nor were there any discreet touches.

No longing gazes were exchanged, nothing that would prove true the rumor that Jenna Jenson had spread when she’d said she’d seen Edward Cullen kiss Jacob Black the night before at the party before both left together in his Volvo.

And yet there was the comfortableness between both boys that was suspicious, as was the way that Edward Cullen had been giving everyone who’d approached Jacob Black the evil eye. Sure, it’d happened the day before as well, but today there was a new possessiveness in those dark eyes that just told you not to mess around with the younger, tanned boy.

Finally. I get it.” Jacob grinned, relieved as he wrote down the answer.

Edward didn’t wait for a thank you, obviously didn’t expect it, and sat back down, smiling slightly to himself.

And there you go.

The suspiciousness of the whole thing.

Edward Cullen didn’t smile.

Well, Alice conceded, Edward Cullen didn’t smile in public, not around humans, especially not at school. She doubted that in the years they’d been posing as students that anyone here had ever seen him smiling, and here he was, grinning openly at Jacob Black.

“Thanks.” Black announced, finally looking up from his workbook at Edward.

Surprise darkened Edward’s eyes and he blinked at Jacob before grinning brighter. “Sure, no problem.”

The pencil in Jessica Stanley’s hand snapped in two. “What’s he think he’s doing?”

Alice heard Bella, Jessica’s Math partner, sighing. “Jess, he’s helping Jacob with his work, that’s what he’s doing.”

Alice smiled slightly when she heard Bella’s voice. The girl had been avoiding her and Jasper all day from pureembarrassment after having run out on them the night before in the middle of their dance. And yet that didn’t both Alice. She’d told Jasper the day before what all of her visions strongly hinted, she knew what was going to happen in the future, and last night had just been a way to give Bella a gentle nudge in the right direction.

She knew that things wouldn’t happen right away, Bella was really young and not exactly ready for a relationship like the one that she’d one day find herself in, one that was so condemned in the eyes of the public, but one day shewould.

And Jacob and Edward’s relationship would probably be one of the things to prepare her to let go of the rules of society and just live.

Alice was really surprised that no one was talking about them, but then again, everyone had always been somehow obsessed with Edward in particular, and those who hadn’t had found themselves captivated with Jacob, so the possibility of them being an item made everything else inconsequential.

Which was great for Bella, because Alice didn’t really want the young human to have to deal with the small, closed minds that most of these students possessed.

The bell rung, signaling that lunch was starting.

The students jumped to their feet, Edward and Jacob slower than the rest, gathering their things passively, neither looking at the other until Bella trotted over to them with a large grin that Jacob returned.

“So, Edward.” Bella turned her attention on the vampire. “Are you joining our table for lunch?” Looking around her, realizing that a lot of people were watching this, she leaned forwards and whispered. “That way you don’t have to glare holes into Jessica’s back as she tries to flirt with Jacob.”

Jacob gave a little cry of mock-outrage.

Edward looked at Bella in obvious surprise and intrigue before he finally smiled at the girl for the very first time. “I might just do that.”

“Good.” Bella smiled before looping her arm around Jacob’s.

Alice noticed that jealousy flashed through her brother’s eyes but he pushed it back in seconds, and managed to still smile at Bella.

Alice smiled. Edward was realizing that Bella and Jacob, while really close, weren’t more than friends, and that he was going to have to get used to her being touchy-feely with his wolf.

He was slowly toning down his jealousy and possessiveness…well…at least his jealousy.

Good boy.


Are they really together?

Look at how close they’re sitting.


I’ve never seen Edward sitting anywhere other than the Cullen’s Table.

You know, those two are so incredibly hot. It’s unfair that they’re together. What about the rest of us?

Hmmmmmm. God those two look so good together!

The thoughts of the students of Forks High proved incredibly entertaining for Edward Cullen as he sat at Jacob’s friends table. He tried to keep back a smirk at the glare and the thoughts Jessica sent his way as he casually put his arm around the back of Jacob’s chair, talking to the younger boy about what they were going to do that evening.

Honestly, now that he was in the middle of this little group of humans, the vampire realized how little he had to be jealous about. Jacob had barely paid attention to anyone during the whole lunch hour, listening to what Edward said and giving his opinion here and there.

“When do you need to, uh, when do you have planned to go on another camping trip?” Jacob quickly corrected what he was saying as he obviously remembered that they were at a table with oblivious humans.

Edward paused for a second, observing the other boy, wondering why he was asking this. Jacob knew that whenever Edward went on those ‘camping’ trips it was really a front for him to go out and hunt, mostly grizzlies or mountain lions. “Soon. In a couple of days.” He raised an eyebrow. “Why?”

“I’ll come along.” Jacob informed him, leaning back heavily against his seat and resting his hands on his taut, muscular stomach—full from having eaten a huge plate full of food, despite how bad the cafeteria cuisine was.

Camping? Jessica’s thoughts were furious. They’re going to go CAMPING together?

Edward grinned despite the fact that he was shocked at Jacob’s announcement. “You sure? It’s--.”

“I know what it’s like.” Jacob scoffed, interrupting him with a raised eyebrow. “I have done my own share of campingtoo, you know.”

The vampire thought it over and blinked. He didn’t know why he hadn’t considered that before. Jacob was a wolf, he would have obviously hunted while in his animal form.

A slow smile curled his lips at the thought of hunting with the wolf.

My god, it’s so WEIRD to see Edward Cullen smiling---and SO MUCH!

They have GOT to be the hottest couple in the whole high school.

I can’t believe they’re together! They must just be friends. PLEASE be just friends!

Fuck, Jacob Black is so gorgeous when he smirks like that.

Edward raised an eyebrow at that unfamiliar male voice, and looked around the cafeteria, trying to pin the voice/thought to a face, but all the males were either concentrating on their foods, on the females next to them, or on each other. The vampire caught a good number of girls watching Jacob and him, but no boys, so he had no face to put with that thought.

“Dad will freak out when he finds out you two are going camping together.” Bella’s giggle brought Edward’s attention back to the table. “Really Jake, you should have seen his face when I came home without you last night. He was so worried we’d fought or something. And then when Edward brought you home? He about had an aneurism when he saw you get out of the Volvo.”

“Charlie has some weird ideas.” Jacob’s smile was amusing, since he looked half annoyed. “And I don’t know whowas evil enough to tell him that he should belt out What a Girl Wants so loud in the shower every morning.”

Bella promptly broke out in giggles, Angela following her.

Jessica paused, looking from Edward to Bella and then back at Jacob. Is he---? Is he living with Bella? Are theytogether? But I thought---? Edward---? Maybe they’re just friends?

Edward kept his gaze on the food on his plate, discreetly moved his hand from the back of Jacob’s chair to play with the black tendrils of his silky hair in an admittedly possessive way. He kept his eyes on his plate, shifting the food on it around listlessly. He didn’t know why he and his siblings ate human food considering that it had the same amount of appeal as dirt did to normal people and they were forced to throw it up later---but somehow they always somehow managed to convince themselves to eat the food.

So deep in his inner ponderings, Edward didn’t noticed the way the table went silent for a moment and all just gazedat him, or the raised eyebrow and amused smirk on Jacob’s face as the vampire continued to curl his fingers in the wolf’s long locks.


He’s----he’s caressing Jacob’s HAIR!

The rumors are SO true!

Eeew! Gross!

How HOT is THAT?!?!?

I wish I was Edward right now.

Once again looking up at that unfamiliar voice, Edward frowned. There was only so much Jacob-admiration he could take before his possessive streak appeared and he wanted to know who this boy was. But once again there were no boys looking at them.

Of course, Edward didn’t stop and wonder if this open display of apparent ownership would bother Jacob, it wasn’t as if they’d discussed ‘coming out’, but he didn’t think it would. They were soulmates, they were going to be together for eternity, so he didn’t see why they had to pretend or hide anything.

Plus, he was getting really tired of Jacob’s fan club. He wanted to show all those pesky girls and boys (and Jessica) that Jacob Black was taken, he was claiming the wolf as his own in the eyes of everyone, and he didn’t care what they thought about it just as long as they were aware of the fact that Jacob Black was off of the market.

I wonder what they’re parents are going to say about this when they find out.

Those two should be ashamed of their behavior! This is a SCHOOL!

Hmmm…I wonder who’s top and who’s bottom.

Feeling a hand on his thigh, Edward nearly jumped in surprise but somehow managed to keep still as he felt Jacob’s heat burning through the material of his pants. Honestly, sometimes he felt as if the younger boy was on fire for how hot he was all the time, but he enjoyed it, because it was only with Jacob that Edward felt a warm—somewhat alive still.

A thumb caressed his thigh slowly, in a reassuring way that somehow only managed to torture Edward slowly as he felt himself beginning to grow hard despite the fact that that hand had been quite well behaved and hadn’t ventured to any naughty places.

What could he say? He’d always had a strong reaction to the wolf, and now that he had the vivid memories of the night before Edward was going to have a hard time controlling his baser needs and reactions.

“I heard the tracks were human, and were leading away from Forks.” Mike Newton announced in a low, conspirator’s whisper, the topic catching Edward’s wayward attention.

Humans! Can you believe it?” Eric exclaimed, throwing his hands up in the air.

“I know.” Angela shook her head. “The poor man from the electrical plant and Mr. Weyland—what was done to them---it’s so hard to believe that humans could have had any part of it.”

Edward and Jacob exchanged looks at that, knowing full well that humans weren’t the ones behind the killings. Alice had said that her latest vision had been of the rogue coven of vampires leaving Forks, and thankfully apparently they’d already done so, and apparently without any fights with the wolves.

It didn’t mean that the vampires or others mightn’t return this way, but at least for now Forks was safe.

“At least now our parents won’t bug out every time we wanna go out anymore.” Tyler decided, in a great mood since his party had been a success.

The bell rung, and everyone got up with a groan as they headed towards their next class.


That night Jacob laid down in the bed, side by side with Edward, trying to get over the discomfort and oddness of being in a bed with another male, and they just talked. He was surprised more and more as he talked to the vampire, finding out that while they were complete opposites, they still agreed on key points.

This relationship was going to be a challenge, especially since Jacob still didn’t know how he felt about being gay and being open about it. He knew that he was going to get a lot of criticism and prejudice because of it from people who would have normally been nice to him, and while his wolf knew that it was worth it if he was with his imprinted, theboy was nervous.

Edward must have sensed his nerves, because he’d been talking nonstop since he’d sneaked into Jacob’s room after the wolf went to bed and had been keeping him company.

“Alice says that they’re gone.” The vampire shifted his position on the narrow bed, running fingers through his hair. “There wasn’t any confrontation with the pack, we’d have heard about it if it’d happened, so this guy who you warned off must have taken your words to heart and left.” He paused and grinned, his voice going huskier. “You must have been really intimidating.”

Jacob smirked at the thin veil of lust that covered Edward’s eyes. The vampire had been looking at him like that all day, and it pleased him that he had this effect on him. “I just find it odd that he took the word of a lone wolf to heart and actually left without a fight. It’s virtually unheard of.”

And that was what bothered Jacob. If there’d been a fight and the vampires left it’d be understandable, but there’d been something about that leech that left him odd and angsty, and he had a feeling that he hadn’t seen the last of him.

“We’re going to have to tell Mr. Swan soon.” Edward’s voice was huskier as he was suddenly pressed against Jacob. “I want to be able to come and visit you during the day as well---not that I’m complaining about having you all to myself in the dead of the night.”

“We’ll tell Charlie after we go hunting.” Jacob agreed, bringing his arm to the small of Edward’s back and pulling him closer, grinning at the way the older boy arched slightly in his hold. “I don’t want any reason for him to try and keep me from going.”

Edward had been leaning in for a kiss, when he pulled back, face somber. “If he tries to keep you away from me, if he doesn’t understand, you’re coming to live with me at my house.”

Jacob’s eyes widened at this announcement. “Excuse me?”

“I’ve already talked it over with my family, and they agree that if your father or Charlie or the others try to force their will on you that you’re coming to live with us.” Edward replied seriously before suddenly grinning sheepishly. “In one sense I kinda hope they do so I can have an excuse to keep you all to myself.”

Jacob snorted, amused. “You do realize that I’m supposed to be the possessive one, right? Honestly Edward, it’s almost as if you imprinted on me.”

Edward chuckled. “Technicalities.” With that he leaned forwards and captured Jacob’s lips.

The wolf surged forwards and Jacob groaned into the kiss as he buried his hands in the vampire’s hair, rolling them so that Edward was lying on his back and Jacob was over him.

Their mouths never left each other’s, swallowing each other’s groans and whimpers as clothes were removed and skin explored all throughout the night until early morning.


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