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A Thing of Radiance 18/? 
2nd-Sep-2014 08:37 pm
winchullivan---sexy looks
A Thing of Radiance
Title: A Thing of Radiance
Characters: Chloe, Bobby, Sam, Dean
Fandoms: Smallville/Supernatural
Rating: M
Disclaimer: Dont own
Summary: When Chloe found out about the ugly truth of her past, she went to find her father, Bobby Singer. Now hunting and living with him, Chloe must keep her meteor abilities hidden from other hunters or they might try to hunt her. According to Bobby she should especially keep it secret from a hunter named John Winchester, who only saw black or white...good and evil...and then Sam and Dean arrive.
Written for my LiveJournal Paranormal25 150 Prompt Table. Prompt of the day # 11: Radiant Boy

She had a feeling Sam might suspect what exactly had been going on behind that car, and that it hadn't been excercising.

Chloe sighed as she washed the dishes in the sink after dinner. She liked the solitude of this time by herself. Lois had basically been banned from the kitchen, only allowed to help prepare the table, and none of the guys seemed to know what a sink was used for so Chloe usually ended up doing the work by herself. Out of all the guys Sam was the one who'd offer to help, but she liked the silence, liked the moment she could dedicate merely to her thoughts, and she'd always refuse the offer with a smile.

Lois and Adam were in the living room, playing against each other on Lois' X-box, trading insults, both obviously taking the game very seriously.

Sam paced his room upstairs. Chloe could hear his footsteps going back and forth, back and forth, restlessly, endlessly. He hadn't spoken much since that evening and had gone straight up to his room after eating.

Bobby's voice could be heard talking to someone named "Rufus" on the phone from his study, arguing.

The door opened and swung closed.

Chloe gazed up at the window and her gaze met Dean's reflection. Her eyes widened and a flush crawled down her body as she lowered her gaze down to the dishes. Desire rippled through her body like a whirlwind as she gripped at the edge of the sink to try and fight her body's reactions to him. Memories of earlier that day, of what it felt like to have him deep inside of her, had her in flames. She wanted to touch him, wanted him to touch her.

Instead she cleared her throat and spoke, her gaze on the dishes as she rinsed the last plate and put it in the dish drain. "So, I think everyone's getting used to Neko. Dante won't even look in his direction but otherwise I think he's integrating himself quite well."

"You're naming the Bakeneko 'Neko'?" Dean asked oddly.

"Well, unless he proves that the legends of them being able to talk are true, I figure 'Neko' is better than 'scary magic cat', as was Lois' suggestion." She suddenly paused and looked up and out of the window at the moonlit garden. Something cold passed through her body, almost like a warning chill, and she wondered if it was just her being paranoid or if the shadows outside were darker than usual.

"What's wrong?" Dean appeared behind her, his gaze on the garden as well.

"I don't know," she admitted softly.

He moved casually and placed his hands on her hips as he pressed her against the sink.

Chloe's eyes widened in shock and her eyes fluttered closed when she felt his hard length pressed against her from behind. "Dean, someone might-."

"I can't get the memory of this evening out of my mind." His voice was low and gravel as he bent to press a kiss against the curve of her neck. "I want to be buried inside of you again, to feel your warmth, your tightness, as it clenches around me."

Her throat went dry and she dropped the sponge in her hand before she met his gaze once more in the reflection in the window, the reflection in which they looked like lovers. "I-I liked-I-." A blush began to creep up her neck and her embarrassment stole her words as he began to massage her hips in an incredibly erotic way, like he wanted nothing more than to pull her skirt off right then and there and was fighting with himself not to do so. Her embarrassment was why, instead of trying to verbally express herself, the girl slowly turned into his embrace and reached for his face, bringing it to hers in a kiss.

Dean's grip on her hips tightened as he lifted her onto the edge of the counter and moved between her thighs, pulling her tight against his hardness as the kiss deepened on instinct.

Chloe cried into his lips at his first buck against her covered womanhood and started a throbbing within her that wouldn't stop. She clutched at his shirt and yanked him closer before her grip hurried down to the buckle of his pants. She might've been embarrassed, but she was also a woman who knew the pleasure this man could give her, and she was quickly growing drunk on her need to feel him buried hilt-deep inside of her once more.

Dean groaned at her hand's first contact with the tented front of his pants, and he kissed her hungrily as his hands joined her and he unbuckled his pants and let it slide to the ground along with his boxers. He took her hand and brought it to his exposed, rock-hard cock, and kissed her hard to mask the sound of his cry when her fingers closed around its girth before it began to move over him.

Feeling on fire, so desperate, Chloe moved her hand. He trembled in her grip, she shivered in response, and by the time he reached out and slid her underwear off and pocketed it, she nearly cried in eagerness.

A part of her brain was still conscious of the fact that there were people right outside of the door, her father being one of them. All that it took for Dean and her to be caught was someone thirsty for a glass of water. But she didn't care. Not now. All that mattered at this moment, was Dean's girth as it slid into her wet heat- the pleasure and need that had engulfed her body.

A cry escaped her lips as she clutched at his shoulders, a cry which Dean half smothered with his lips as he thrust completely within and stole her breath. He kissed her as if she were air and he were starving, and when he began to move inside of her both of their grips on each other proved painful. It was as if they were scared someone would try and tear them away again, would stop this before it could engulf them.

Dean moved without restrain, hitting something inside of her that made her dizzy, but she would cry if he stopped. She met his thrusts with bucks of her own as her hands lowered from his shirt to grab his naked ass and pull him tightly inside of her.

A groan escaped Dean's lips and he tore his mouth from hers to press hungry kisses to her neck. It was amazing that they had enough clarity of mind to keep quiet as their urgent, desperate coupling continued.

If either of them had managed to tear their attention away from each other they would've noticed that the barrier around the land was flashing a piercing silver. But they were too engulfed in each other, and when Chloe, whose body had already been on edge and ready since their encounter behind the car, came hard, the feeling of her clenching around Dean sent him over the edge too, sooner than he'd have liked. Dean's body tensed as he pulled her as tightly to him as he could and filled her completely with his cock before he let loose inside of her. His body twisted and his hips bucked instinctively as he rode his pleasure inside of her, sweat dripping down his neck.

Finally, when it was done, and they rested against each other, their forehead against the other's, Dean tilted her head up and kissed her deeply as he remained lodged deep within her. He kissed her softly, tenderly, and it made her feel all warm and goose-bumpy as she kissed back, feeling treasured and precious and beautiful, things she'd never felt before.

At a sound outside (Lois jeering at Adam, who had apparently lost) Dean let out an unhappy sound as he finally slipped out from within her.

Chloe looked up at him, face slowly beginning to burn. "I, uh, I should-I should bathe."

His gaze lowered to where her skirt rested indecently high on her thighs. "You probably should, before my cum leaks out of you onto the counter."

For some reason, that graveled sentence made her aroused once more and it took all of her strength to push off of the counter onto her wobbly legs and race out of there. It was especially hard to move away from him when all she wanted was for him to turned her around, bend her over, and screw her into the counter.

Sam stared up at the sky and watched as the barrier slowly became translucent once more. Just like before when Chloe and Dean had been alone in the junkyard, he'd felt something, and had had a good idea of what was really going on behind that car. After catching Chloe and Dean earlier he'd contemplated letting go and letting his brother have her, but then the vision had come and had shown him that despite it all the future was him and Chloe. He'd felt the happiness and contentment he'd felt with her, and he wasn't about to let go of that possibility. Not even for his brother.

Outside the darkness grew thicker, more pronounced, and the creature walked in hidden form as it eyed the last remnants of the visible barrier before it vanished from view. The creature walked the edges, able to feel the barrier strengthening. It wasn't at full-peak once more, but it was definitely on its way. On the other side of the barrier, it could see dead bodies of lesser beings which had foolishly tried to cross over into the protected zone.

Its gaze turned towards the house as the sound of an engine ripped through the night.

One of the guardians, as well as the human male, headed down the long path that led out of the barrier.

Its gaze returned to the house and it eyed it thoughtfully.

Tonight wasn't the night, and while it knew it had to time everything perfectly, its impatience grew.

"I'm not going to answer that question, Pam."

The medium frowned into the phone. "Try sounding surprised to hear me at least once in your life, Missouri!"

"I'm a psychic, I don't get surprised, and if I do it's usually by something bad."

Pam pursed her lips before her gaze went to the cards in front of her. "At least answer me this: does he realize he's fucked up tremendously? Because I'm pulling mostly swords and a lot of fives here."

Missouri sighed. "I told you he should not have been told. I didn't know what would happen, exactly, but I knew that it wouldn't be good."

"He's surpassed himself in assholery, Missouri." Pam shook her head as she eyed the Five of Swords. "He's won, sure, but it's a cheap victory. He's lost those boys, M." Her gaze went to the Five of Cups. "I mean, from what I'm reading here the weight of what he's done is definitely weighing on him, but will it be enough for him to change? Or will he just put it in that cupboard that used to be a heart and lock it away like he does everything else?"

"You tell me." Missouri sighed. "You're the one reading the cards."

Pam let out a tired sound as she eyed the Five of Pentacles. "He's definitely on the outside of the group. I mean, who is shocked at that? But there seems to be a small light burning still. There could be hope." Her gaze went to the Three of Swords. "But he's hurt those three so badly, M, I don't think he will get any forgiveness, and I don't know if he should to be honest. He's not only killed the unborn child, but he's caused a rift." She gazed at the Seven, Eight, Nine & Ten of Swords and shivered. "I'm worried, M. I really am."

"So am I." Missouri sounded much older at that moment. "So am I."

Chloe had decided to get out of her bedroom (Ben and Dax were quite entertained watching Dante growl at Neko and try threaten the uncaring cat off of the foot of Chloe's bed, which the cat had decided was now his sleeping place) and so she'd grabbed Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire (which she was halfway through rereading for the hundredth time) and went down to rest on the sofa.

She didn't know why, but ever since the episode with Dean in the kitchen she'd been feeling a lot better, much better than she had since the miscarriage. She felt stronger, more alert, she couldn't explain it. She wasn't a hundred per cent yet, but she truly felt like she was going to get there.

"We are only as strong as we are united, as weak as we are divided," she quoted from the book. "Wise words, Ms Rowling, wise words."

"You know, I've heard that the first sign of madness is talking to oneself."

"I thought it was answering oneself." Chloe looked up to see Sam leaning in the doorway, watching her with an odd expression on his face. "And anyway, one cannot read Harry Potter too many times. It changes you in different ways every time you read it."

Sam's eyes darkened on the cover of the book, and then to the sofa, before he cleared his throat and moved to sit next to her. "We need to talk."

She snapped the book shut and cleared her throat as she put it on the side table. "Do we?"

"Yes." He licked his lips and stared ahead of him. "I know what you and Dean did."

"I figured." She blushed scarlet. "We weren't very subtle."

"Not very," he agreed ruefully.

She took in a deep breath and stared ahead of her as well.

"Thing is, Chloe, I like you."

Chloe's green eyes widened and she turned to face him in shock. "What?"

"To be all kindergarten: I like like you."

Shock filtered through her, unable to believe it. "Since when?"

"I honestly can't pinpoint a point in which my feelings changed," he admitted as he ran fingers through his hair. "But I've felt like this for a while now, even though I'm only now admitting to it."

Something within her fluttered and warmed.

"I know you and Dean have something starting out between you two, a relationship maybe, but I like you, and I'm not going to let him have you."

Her blush darkened. "We don't have a-we've never said anything-it was comfort-I don't know-."

He reached out and cupped the side of her face, his green/blues staring into her greens before he leaned forwards and brought his lips to hers.

A shock of electricity raced down Chloe's spine, and she whimpered into the kiss as instinctively she kissed back. Like with Dean it felt right, and like with Dean it was like all thought shut down and only instinct prevailed whenever they touched. Had she been able to think, she might've pulled away, but all rationalization was gone and in its place there was need and desire. It was as if with just one touch Sam and Dean could ignite a fire inside of her that made her lose all sense.

There was an urge, an electric buzzing that blocked out all else, an itch that begged to be scratched, hard.

She didn't know if she'd straddled Sam's lap on her own or if he'd pulled her there, all she knew was that she was on him, his hands in her hair and hers at his shirt as they kissed.

Heat raced through her body like a fire as she pressed closer to Sam, her body melded to his as he leaned harder against the sofa and allowed her to take charge of the kiss. She shifted her hips against him as she kissed him harder, and swallowed his groan as he grew hard against her. His grip loosened from her hair to fall at her sides and slide their way up the inside of her shirt.

Need erupted like a burning inferno inside of her, that buzz loud and trance-like as she reached down between their bodies to palm him through the material of his pants.

Sam tensed at the touch and groaned as he ran his nails hard down her back before he reached the skirt and slid under the material to cup her through her underwear.

Chloe jerked at the sensation and she stilled her hand momentarily as a cry escaped her lips at the feeling of his finger sliding up at down her ever-moistening slit. "Sam."

He yanked aside the material of her underwear and slid his finger against her opening. "You're so wet, Chlo."

With a desperate move, Chloe unzipped his pants and freed him, her fingers enclosing around his incredible length.

Sam's free hand cupped the back of her head and brought her in for a mind-numbing kiss as her hand began to move, and his finger slid up into her. He added another finger and began to scissor inside her, his fingers searching for something as he fucked them up into her, and then they pressed against something and Chloe was glad they were kissing because she let out a loud, agonized sound that would've alerted the whole house to what they were doing if it hadn't been smothered by his mouth.

The sound Sam let out was half laugh, half cry, as his body shivered under her ministrations. "I want to be inside of you."

The words, whispered harshly into her ear, had her body twitching and a whimper escaping her lips as she kissed his and changed her hold on his cock. As his fingers slid out of her, she angled herself and slid down onto his long cock. A cry escaped her lips as she tilted her head back and her lips parted at the feeling of being filled by him. The girl rested her arms back on his knees and, staring into his eyes, began to roll her hips.

Sam brought his fist to his mouth to stifled the sound he made as he leaned back as well.

Sam's cock was so deep inside of her that it was almost uncomfortable, but the pleasure was so much, so overwhelming, Chloe hardly noticed. All she could see was the expression on Sam's face, the pleasure and desire and so many more things wrapped up into one. It was intoxicating, and it made her move her hips harder, faster, just to see Sam's expression twist the way it did and to hear him try to bit down and quiet the sounds he made.

He suddenly reached out and grabbed her, pulled her so that she was sitting straight up on him, and then anchored his hands on her hips. Sam's eyes leveled with hers as he lifted her with ease and brought her down hard on his cock. Her hands went to her mouth as a cry escaped, and while they should really stop, should really check to see if anyone had heard that sound, Sam didn't stop. In fact, it was as if the sound had started a frenzy inside him. He lifted her up and pulled her down onto his cock harder and harder, the sound of their bodies slapping against each other mixing with her muffled cries as the head of his cock hit something so deep inside of her that she felt breathless each time it did so.

"Sam... So good... So good!" She whimpered into her hands as she closed her eyes tightly.

Sam let out an agonized sound and he moved her harder and faster before he pulled her down onto him as hard as he could and thrust up as his heat exploded deep inside of her.

Chloe's body shivered at the warmth that coated her from the inside as Sam throbbed inside of her, pouring himself so deep inside of her she couldn't tell where she ended and he began. She felt her body tingling, her nerves on edge, hyperaware, and then Sam was thrusting up inside of her again and curling her toes with pleasure.

Sam reached up and sank his fingers into her hair as he cupped the back of her head and brought her in for a slow, seductive kiss that melted her against him. Chloe gripped at his shirt as her hips rolled, meeting his slow and languid thrusts. Each time he pushed deeper inside of her she felt herself growing agonizingly closer to the edge, and yet not close enough, and she had a feeling Sam was drawing it out. It was evil of him, pure and utter evil, and yet it made her anticipate the pleasure, the explosion of white heat, even more. She grew desperate and tried to hurry their lovemaking, but Sam's free hand tightened on her hip and forced her to meet his speed.

It was torture, pure torture, and she groaned into his mouth in need, in desperation.

He eased her into his rhythm, each thrust up into her planned, calculated, and when his finger, drenched by her wetness, reached down to tease her puckered star she cried out into his mouth in surprise. The girl's eyes flew open and she stared into Sam's darkened gaze as his finger traced a circle around her opening. Her lips parted as his middle finger, still coated with her witness, slipped knuckle deep inside of her.

Shock raced through her body as it tensed up, but then Sam was kissing her again, and his finger was moving, and while at first it was oddly uncomfortable it slowly grew... Chloe cried out into his mouth and pressed harder into him as that terribly slow growing pleasure was near unbearable now. "Let me cum," she begged into his mouth.

A harsh sound escaped his lips.

"Please, Sammy," she nibbled her way down his jaw and let out a moan that was too loud for comfort when he did something amazing with his finger, timing it with the thrusts of his cock. "I want to cum." She sucked on his pulse. "I'm going crazy."

"You want to cum?" His voice was soft yet harsh, almost forced, as he began to speed up.

"Yes..." she whimpered and arched into the pleasure.

"Say my name."

"Sammy." She could hardly breathe.

"Say my name."

"Sammy!" Her voice caught in her throat as his thrusts sped up incredibly, his long cock plowing her womb relentless.

"Say my name!"

"Sammy Sammy Sammy Sammy Sammy!" Chloe's cries were silenced by his mouth as her body began to twitch seconds before it exploded. She nearly blacked out, her only anchor to consciousness was his lips and his fierce whispering of her name as he fucked up into her while her body rode spasmed in overwhelming pleasure.

He grunted her name and his whole body went tense as once more he pushed in as deep as he possibly could and filled her with his sperm.

Dizzy, disoriented, Chloe slowly lowered from her high, kissing Sam desperately, her hips bucking instinctively as her body twitched in aftershocks of pleasure.

"I love the sound of my name on your lips." Sam's voice was low and gravel, hoarse and breathless.

She rested her forehead against his rapidly beating heart and stared down at where their bodies were joined. She licked her lips, her breaths loud and erratic, as she tried to get control of herself, but couldn't. When she felt Sam's hardness throb inside of her, her eyes widened and she jerked her gaze up to meet his dark one. "You still-?"

Without slipping out of her, Sam shifted them so that her back was against the sofa, and his body pinned hers down. He stared into her face, silent and somber, before he kissed her and began to move inside of her.

"Sammy," she whimpered as her body, still sensitive from her climax, twitched.

He groaned at the sound of his name and began to move harder, faster, deeper inside of her.

"Don't stop..." she begged as she wrapped her legs around his waist and drew him in even deeper, causing them both to grin as he slid further within her. "More! Please!"

"I won't stop," he almost threatened as he kissed his way down her neck.

As she unbuttoned his shirt, her body a mindless mess of pleasure and desire, Chloe bit down hard on his shoulder and smothered her cry into his shoulder when his hips jackrabbited into her in response.

They lost themselves into the mindless, instinctive pleasure, and forgot all else.

"What the hell?" Adam looked up at his eldest brother, who had stepped on the break pedal hard.

Dean looked up at the dome in the distance. "You're telling me you can't see that?"

Adam stared in the direction of the barrier that covered the Singer property, and couldn't say that he did see anything out of the ordinary. "What am I supposed to be seeing?"

"It's all lit up." Dean narrowed his eyes before he gripped his chest. "And I have a feeling..."

"Have a feeling about what?" Adam wanted to know.

Dean's face shifted in understanding. "Sonofabitch."

3rd-Sep-2014 02:58 am (UTC)
What do I have to do and who do I sell my soul to to be in Chloe's place right now? I mean, I LOVE Chloe but I just really hate her right now coz I so wanna be her! Come on Chloe, at least leave us one of them, either Dean or Sam. I don't care which but please share one of them!

11th-Sep-2014 12:40 am (UTC)
I'm sure Crowley would be the one you'd have to go to for that sort of a deal ;)
3rd-Sep-2014 03:11 am (UTC)
wow that was really hot
great chapter, tks for sharing
can't wait to see Dean's reaction (and some more chlean hotness lol)
11th-Sep-2014 12:41 am (UTC)
There will definitely be some more chlean hotness soon :)
11th-Sep-2014 01:00 am (UTC)
3rd-Sep-2014 04:01 am (UTC)
What a way to pick up on this story!!
I know there is plot here… but you can't expect me to focus on that!!
Like seriously it's hot in here!!!
11th-Sep-2014 12:42 am (UTC)
HAHA! Yes! There *is* plot... somewhere...
3rd-Sep-2014 05:29 am (UTC)
First of all What a hot chapter!!! 

Second of all: my eyes went wide when I read A THING OF RADIANCE 18. Sooo happy here. I love this fic. Well... I love all your fics XD 

Ohh I thought Chloe and Dean would get caught. Will Chloe and Sammy get caught? 

The cat and the dog acting like a cat and a dog. I can't believe I laughed so hard about this. Silly me. LOL 

I'm sooo dying to know what's that creature... I have to know. I'm going crazy here. Just how bad is it??? 

Jealous Dean!!! Adorable!!! 

Thanks for posting. Made my day..err night LOL 

11th-Sep-2014 12:43 am (UTC)
I definitely am doing my best to make sure this story doesn't die!

Supernatural or not, the cat and dog are just that, cat and dog, and since Dante can't actually kill it in the sanctuary he's going to have to just be content growling and trying to intimidate it with his unhappy expression.

3rd-Sep-2014 05:30 am (UTC)
my... sam is one sneaky son of a bitch... (but he can't be really sure the kid will be his, right?!)
why can't the just play nice and share...
chloe you lucky girl

Edited at 2014-09-03 05:44 am (UTC)
11th-Sep-2014 12:43 am (UTC)
True! And Dean will show that he has a bit of sneaky, underhandedness in him too...
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