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She's His Man 12/? 
9th-Sep-2014 04:57 pm
She's His Man
Title: She's His Man
Pairing: Chloe/Duke Orsino
Fandom: Smallville/She's the Man
Rating: T+-M
Disclaimer: Don't own
Summary: When Chloe is sent to Illyria as a boy for her own safety while Lex tries to find the traitor in his camp, she quickly makes friends with her roommate, Duke Orsino. Bored, she decides to become Illyria's official matchmaker, and has no idea that she's making Duke doubt his sexuality considering he thinks she's a boy and he's growing more and more attracted to her.
LIME. Ye have been warned!

Cody Simmons was definitely a girl.

Even Benji and Hank had said so when she'd gone back to her friends to invite them over to the table the Hummingboard members were sitting at.

It intrigued Sebastian as he eyed the girl pretending to be a boy. Just what exactly was going on? Was she in trouble? Was that why she was pretending to be a boy at school?

"I can't believe people think that girl is a guy." Benji made a face.

"She's definitely a girl," Hank agreed.

"Kinda cute, too." Mark eyed her. "Even though she's got that whole butch lesbian vibe going on."

Sebastian sent the drummer a look. "She's got a jealous boyfriend. I wouldn't go there." Or, well, he thought she had a jealous boyfriend. If she didn't, she had a jealous roommate, and either way he didn't want his bandmates getting into that. Not with Duke's girl, or, err, roommate.

"Which is the boyfriend?" Jason wanted to know as he eyed Andrew and Malcolm. "The Dancing Dude or the Awkwardly Dancing Dude?"

"Neither." Sebastian shook his head. "You remember my old roommate?"

"How could we not?" Hank wanted to know. "He was so hot."

Sebastian snickered at Hank's crush on Duke Orsino. "That's who it is."

Hank and Benji looked at him in shock.

Mark eyed 'Hottie Tess' and grinned. "Now she is much more my type!"

Sebastian raised an eyebrow and decided to just let his friend find out for himself how one didn't mess with Tess Mercer.

Malcolm Festes had a feeling he might be becoming popular now, and he wasn't exactly sure how he was supposed to act now that that was so. He tried to follow Cody's lead, since his bro was definitely more popular than him and seemed to always say or do the right thing. If Malcolm was anything, he was a good student, and he made sure to observe his bro religiously. Sure, his relationship with Olivia had suffered since he and Cody had entered in their broship, but Malcolm was beginning to wonder if he really had wanted to be with Olivia or if he'd actually just wanted to be noticed and be someone. Even if that someone was only Olivia Lennox' creepy boyfriend. He also could tell that his "competition" weren't really competition anymore. Duke had wanted her once and now he seemed extremely uninterested in her. And then there was Cody. Malcolm was no fool. He knew that Olivia had a crush on his bro, but his bro was totally uninterested in her in that way. (He was just too cool!)

"So, Mal..." Sebastian Hastings leaned over the table and gave Malcolm his first nickname, ever. "What's the 411 on Cody and Duke?"

Malcolm was just trying to get over the fact that he definitely was popular. Popular people got nicknames. "W-what do you mean?"

"They're very close." Sebastian's gaze went to where Cody and Tess were making their way towards someone Tess apparently knew and wanted to introduce Cody to. Andrew had gone to the bathroom. That meant that Malcolm was hanging with Hummingboard (whom he didn't know, but his bro seemed to love them, so he was going to have to start listening to their music too).

"Yeah, they are. They're roommates." Malcolm made a face as he tried to think about how "hip" and culturally-intuned people would define Cody and Duke's relationship. "They've definitely got a bromance." He grinned, sure he'd heard that term before and that he was using it correctly.

Sebastian turned his eyes on Malcolm. "A bromance."

"Totally." Malcolm pulled off the suave playa with ease. "We've got one too. Cody and I-not Duke and I." He grinned. "Cody's really close to all the guys. There's definite skinship." He was almost sure that last word meant that Cody touched people without worry, and that was true. Cody was always comfortable like that. It was awesome. Malcolm needed to get more comfortable. "I think most guys don't mind it because he's really girly-looking, but I don't mean that in a bad way! I mean, they're more comfortable with his skinship because it's almost like he's a girl. Again-I don't mean that in a bad way!" Malcolm was worried they'd think he was dissing his bro, because he so totally wasn't! "It's really in, that adronygrous look, and it sets the girls crazy in Illyria. He's got the pick of the litter. But that's just my bro. He's a total lady-killer."

Hummingboard sent each other confused looks. They seemed to be doubting something now, as if whatever he'd just said had rocked the foundamentals of their beliefs or something.

Look at that. Malcolm Festes was rocking multiple people's convictions and beliefs.

"Tess is great with it, she knows she could kick the buttocks of any girl after him, and that his guy friends, and me, his bro, totally have her back." Malcolm quite enjoyed that for the first time people weren't ignoring him (or making fun or him) and were instead hanging on his every word. Popularity seriously rocked. "I don't think Dinah did. She was his old girlfriend, and while I didn't really know her well myself, she seemed terribly clingy. Whereas Tess? She's extremely relaxed and okay with Cody spending time with his bros, or with inviting us out along with them."

Sebastian frowned darkly. Obviously he was jealous of Cody having such an awesome girlfriend, and Malcolm didn't blame him. Tess was a great girlfriend. She wasn't Malcolm's type, but now that they were going to hang out more together he'd decided that his bro had made the right choice in girlfriend when he'd kicked Dinah to the curve in favor of the pretty redhead.

Cody's laughter caused everyone at the table to turn their gazes on him to see the boy with his arms around Tess' waist, his cheek resting against her shoulder as they talked to the guy. Andrew must've joined them on his way back from the bathroom because he was there as well and laughing, along with everyone else, at something Tess was saying.

"What if we're wrong?" Hank asked softly.

"Could we be?" Benji looked shaken.

Yes. Malcolm Festes was changing minds and convictions and becoming someone that others listened to. This was a monumental time in his life right now and he just sat there and reveled in it.

"Oh he didn't." Paul Antonio, Tess' friend, gaped in horror as she recounted their meeting with Oliver. "I hope you told him where he could stick his "I've changed"!"

"Damn straight I did." Tess nodded. "He left."

Chloe didn't know the particulars of what had gone down with Tess and Oliver, but from everyones reactions (including Oliver) it really seemed like it had been very bad.

"But, changing back to what we'd been saying, come in on Tuesday and I'll feather your hair... Give your ends a trim." It seemed that Paul was Tess' hairstylist and the reason why she knew this night club existed. "I've got my girls waiting on me so I have to run, but it was so great meeting all of you." With that he took off to go back to a group of three girls waiting on him.

"He seems cool." Andrew announced before his gaze went to the table and he raised an eyebrow. "Why does Malcolm look like the Hummingboard guys have told him he's god? Because I know that didn't happen." With that he took off towards the table to satiate his curiosity as to what had Malcolm looking so pleased with himself.

Tess and Chloe smiled and turned to go back as well, and were met halfway by Sebastian, who spoke to Chloe. "Help me with drinks."

She nodded and turned to Tess. "I'll be there in a moment, babe. You want anything?"

"I'm okay, thanks." Tess grinned. "I'll keep the chair for you, hotstuff."

Sebastian looked a little puzzled, like he was trying to desperately figure something out. "Let's go."

Chloe nodded and joined him at the bar. She wasn't going to drink anyting but didn't mind waiting with Sebastian and helping him take the group's drinks to them.

"So Malcolm tells us you and Duke have a bromance."

She would've spat out her drink had she been drinking anything. As it was, she burst out laughing. "Did he?"

Sebastian looked a little disturbed. "Yeah."

She wiped at the tears in the corners of her eyes. "Well, I can see what he means. We definitely would have-do have-a bromance." She waggled her eyebrows at the musician. "Why? Are you jealous you two didn't get bromantic?"

He snorted, face twisting in amusement. "Not really."

"Sebastian!" A vaguely familiar voice yelled and they turned in time for a pretty brunette to throw herself into the boy's arms.

Chloe blinked.

"Viola, you're heavy!" Sebastian groaned before he hugged her and pulled away. "Cody Simmons, this is my twin, Viola Hastings. Viola, this is Cody. He goes to Illyria."

Viola pulled away and stared at Cody before she dove closer. "I saw you at the game with Cornwall! You're friends with that Orsino guy."

That was when Chloe realized where she'd heard her voice. "You were the one who was cheering for the Drayton guy."

"Justin's my boyfriend." Viola stood tall and proud. "I'm the captain of the girls' team while he's the captain of the guys."

"That's cool." Chloe grinned. "So you two are like Cornwall's power couple, huh?"

Viola thought that over and nodded with a grin. "I suppose you could say that."

Chloe looked between the tall, willowy twins. "So one dominates in the music industry and the other on the playing field."

Viola rested her elbow on her brother's shoulder casually. "One step closer to total world domination."

Chloe laughed and Viola joined in. Sebastian merely rolled his eyes at them.

"Oh, right!" Viola turned to Sebastian and slapped his chest. "Mom told me to remind you that you're taking part in the whole debutant thing this year." He groaned and she made a face at him. "Hey! You are not in the kissing booth! You have no right to complain." She rolled her eyes at him and then turned to Chloe. "Please make sure my stupid brother doesn't forget."

"I'll do my best," Chloe nodded. "And, my condolences about the kissing booth. That must suck."

"You have no idea," Viola whined before she shivered at the thought. "Anyway... Hope you see you there! That way we can share the hell around freely!" And with that she was gone.

Sebastian eyed her and shook his head. "I was hoping mom would forget she wanted me to do that stuff."

"Are you in the kissing booth?" Chloe asked teasingly.

"No! I'm in charge of some sort of stall." Sebastian made a face before his expression lightened. "I actually need an assistant. Want to help a new guy in town?"

"Technically you lived here before, so I'm more of the new guy in town."

"Good. Think of this as a way to get to know the town better. Weirdness and all."

"You went to a gay night club." Duke couldn't keep the amusement from his voice. "How did Malcolm and Andrew handle that?"

"Once they got over the shock they seemed to forget about it. Thankfully. Because Malcolm spent the first half of the night scared he was going to get raped." Chloe rolled her eyes and threw herself on the bed, dressed in an extremely large shirt that reached her close to her knees and completely swallowed up her shape.

Duke snorted in laughter. "Who would want to rape Malcolm?"

She tried to fight her amusement at his playfulness. "You're so mean."

"I'm the nicest guy ever," Duke countered.

"I'm sure there is someone out there who would want to rape him." This was the oddest defence she'd ever given someone in her life.

"I doubt it," Duke snorted.

She turned on her stomach to eye him. "So how was your time with your parents?"

"We had takeout and chatted, it was nice." Duke grinned. "By the way, I thought you should know that my fortune cookie told me I'd get a kiss tonight from a cute crossdresser."

Chloe laughed as she stared at him. "Is that so?"

"That is definitely so."

"Word for word?"

"Word for word."

"Where's the fortune?" Chloe slipped off of the bed and moved over to his.

"I have it in a vault for safe keeping." Duke smiled up at her.

"So, the crossdresser is only cute?" She raised an eyebrow as she stared at him.

"I think fortune cookies have to keep things rated PG."

She laughed against and straddled his hips as she sat on his lap, facing him, her arms around his neck. "That was smooth, Orsino."

"I thought so myself," he admitted, far too pleased with himself right now.

"Let's get you stuttering again," she smiled teasingly before she kissed him. It was soft and coaxing. Her hands curled behind his neck as she pressed closer against him and opened her mouth to the kiss, swallowing his groan as his arms wrapped around her body and held her close. She loved feeling his muscular body against her soft one, loved feeling so small compared to him, loved know that despite how incredibly strong he was, that he still let her have the reins, the control.

And yet, as his hands lowered down her back and hesitated at the hem of her shirt, she wished he was a bit more assertive, only because it made her feel a bit sluttish to always be the one who pushed their limits. Duke always hesitated, always waited for permission, always let her her decide, and yes, she loved it most of the times, but right now she wanted...

Duke's hands slipped under her shirt and his long, lean fingers trailed up her back.

It was Chloe's cry that was swallowed this time as she arched with the pleasure his skin against hers provided. She clutched her hands in his hair and gripped tightly as her body bucked at the sensation, and she swallowed his groan, her own rolling in the back of her throat as she felt him harden against him. His fingers dug into her back, clutched her tightly and moved her slightly so that she shifted against him.

The sensation jolted up their bodies and they cried out as their kiss grew more urgent, messier.

Duke's hands rose up, higher, higher, and then he whimpered when he found no trace whatsoever of a bra.

Chloe pulled away, and before his eyes could widen in shock and he could sputter an apology she'd grabbed the hem of his shirt and tugged up.

Duke's eyes did go wide, and he did sputter, and yet instead of offering apologies he instead slipped his hands out from under her shirt to yank his own off, leaving his chest naked to her inspection.

Chloe leaned back on his lap, her hands trailing down in a fascinated and exploratory way. She loved the way his muscles were taunt and sometimes jumped under her touch. She trailed her hand down, further down, and then her gaze rose to his face when he let out a half-cry.

Duke was obviously trying to control his breathing, his body flushed, and then when her hand cupped him throat the material of his pants he jerked and then his gaze rose to hers and a hand shot out to cup the back of her head and bring her in for a long, hard kiss.

Shifting on his lap, Chloe removed her hand from his and moved her hips as she settled against him, the material of his sweat pants and her underwear the only barrier between them as she cupped his face with both hands and bucked.

Trembling slightly, Duke's hands clenched in her hair as his hips moved as well and he slid against her.

Pleasure rippled through her as she moved harder, faster.

Duke let out a pained sound as as his movements grew in urgency.

This was too quick, too soon, but she couldn't stop herself. She wanted him. She wanted him badly. She'd only ever been with one person before him, but she knew that she'd never wanted that person as much as she wanted Duke. Her desire scared her, yet it was too intoxicating to even try to ignore.

With a quick, harsh movement, she'd pushed him flat down on the bed and stared down at him with passion-heavy eyes. She rose on her knees and, without looking away from his darkening gaze, eased down his sweats, leaving the tented boxers visible.

Duke gulped.

Suddenly a knock sounded on the door.

Both Duke and Chloe froze before she pulled away from him and hurried to her bed.

Duke looked a mixture of emotions as he sat up and hurriedly pulled back on his pants, which were still terribly tented. "Y-yeah?" His voice cracked and he cleared his hard, once more, before he tried once more. "Yeah?"

"Open the door, Orsino!" It was Coach Dinklage.

Chloe's eyes widened and she looked around quickly for a pair of boy shorts to pull on.

Only once she had it on did she hurry to the door (Duke was still trying to get his hard on to go down) unlocked and then opened it. "H-hey coach. Fancy seeing you here. In this room. Tonight."

Coach Dinklage raised an eyebrow before he barged into the room. "I'm here to convey an important message. After that you two can get back to the buggery that was obviously going on when I arrived." At the horrified and pale looks on their faces he sneered and clasped his hands behind his back. "Don't look all shocked, I'm not that bumbling, oblivious Gold. I can see what's right in front of me eyes." He narrowed his eyes at both of them. "I don't give a rat's ass whether you like lifting skirts or pulling down trousers. In my opinion, at least he won't get pregnant and ruin your career."

Duke opened and closed his mouth wordlessly.

Chloe just wanted to run and hide.

"Now, Simmons, the reason as to why I have come here into your little love nest." He raised an eyebrow and turned to face her. "Connelly and MacMillan are going to be placed under your complete control for the next two weeks. I want to see improvements in them similar to that which has been seen in misters Orsino, Aguecheek and Belch." His eyes narrowed on her. "Don't disappoint me, Simmons." He turned to Duke. "And don't let your possessiveness of this boy get in the middle of his training and care of Connelly and MacMillan, Orsino. Neither of them have any such tendency, and unless Mr Simmons truly does have magical gay pheromones your boyfriend's virtue should remain intact." With that he turned and headed towards the door before he stopped and turned to Chloe. "Connelly and Macmillan already know I have placed you in charge of them. I expect you to start tomorrow." With that he opened the door, closed it, and was gone.

Duke collapsed on his bed. "Coach thinks I'm gay."

Chloe collapsed on her bed. "Magical gay pheromones?" She turned to face Duke as realization hit. "He thinks I turned you."

Duke groaned and brought his pillow to his face.

She couldn't keep the horrified laughter from emerging. "At least from that pregnany comment we can deduce that he assumes you top."

Duke threw his pillow at her.

Chloe merely continued to laugh as she hugged his pillow to her body.

10th-Sep-2014 12:57 am (UTC) - books are better than movies
Do you know why books are Always better than movies? Because of scenes like Malcolm's line of thought as he realized he was popular.
10th-Sep-2014 05:33 am (UTC)
gosh.... just fell from the couch laughing
10th-Sep-2014 07:06 am (UTC)
I should be sleeping but there's two new chapters!!!!!!! YISSSSSSSSSS!!!!!

Malcolm is just too precious!!!


She couldn't keep the horrified laughter from emerging. "At least from that pregnany comment we can deduce that he assumes you top."

WHy yes I am cackling!!!!!!!
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