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Connor 5/? 
13th-Jan-2009 03:35 pm

Title: Connor - Part One
Series: 3rd in Chlonnor series
Pairing: chlonnor, mentioned chlangelus, some fred/gunn, implied chlark
Fandoms: Smallville/Angel
Rating: T-M
Disclaimer: Don't own Smallville nor Angel.
Summary:When Connor returns, now grown up, things become even more chaotic in Chloe's life. As if Wolfram and Hart weren't bad enough. NOW she has to deal with an attraction for her sire's son?


By noon the next day Chloe was getting nervous. Angel had yet to show up or get into contact with them, and Chloe knew that while the vampire was very out of touch with technology and barely knew enough to answer his cellular she was sure that he would have gotten word to her long before now to let her know he was fine.

Gunn and Fred went out to check up on Anne, a friend of theirs who owned a home for street kids. The pretty young blonde had called them saying that some of the kids had noticed something odd with the vampires in the area the night before, so Gunn and Fred had gone to check up on that.

Maybe this had something to do with the mysterious phone call Angel had gotten late last night and might explain where the vampire was and why he was too busy to get into contact with them.

“Phew! It’s been so long since I’ve had time to do my favorite pastime!” Cordelia grinned as she returned to the Hyperion with Connor, Chloe, and a couple of bags of clothes. “Isn’t shopping the most calming therapy?”

Connor collapsed on the sofa and pulled one of the bags onto his lap, browsing through the shirts and socks they’d bought during their long visit to the mall. “I never knew that there was so much apparel available with just a swipe of that little piece of plastic. In Quor’toth we made our own with the skin of our kill.”

Cordelia made a face. “Will try to repress that ‘ick’ factor.”

Chloe dropped the bags she was carrying and looked at her friend. Ever since she’d arrived that morning Cordelia had been a little off, but then the former Sunnydale high school queen usually did revert to her former self when there was shopping in the equation.

Grinning and shaking her head, Chloe decided to stop worrying about everything and instead enjoy the experience. She turned to Connor. “Do you want to change into some of the new stuff we got you?”

He looked up and grinned at her in childish excitement. “Yes.”

“Here, take. My bags are the ones with the pants and sweats.” Offering him the bags she’d been carrying, Chloe grinned when Connor found the strength to take every bag from her and Cordelia, add them to the ones he’d already being carrying, and hurried up the stairs to his room.

“And I thought I was the only one who became excited with the prospect of new clothes.” Cordelia watched him going with a tender, amused smile on her face. She suddenly sighed. “We’ve got a lot of work to do, Chlo. He’s missed out on so much thanks to that idiot Holtz.”

Chloe tore her gaze from where Connor had disappeared and turned to Cordelia, face serious as she nodded. “I know, I was thinking that last night. Connor didn’t have a childhood, didn’t have the warmth of a family. I don’t care if Holtz raised him like his son, anyone can look at Holtz and know he’s not exactly a loving person.”

“Exactly. It’s up to us to try to make up for all the emotional damage that man did to our boy.” Cordelia collapsed on the sofa and beckoned Chloe to sit next to her. “Connor still doesn’t trust Angel completely, it’s obvious and don’t try deny it.”

“I’m not.”

“Good.” The brunette shook her head, smile in place. “But the people he seems calmest around are yours truly and yourself---especially yourself. Then again, that shouldn’t be surprising since he always had a special love for you as a baby.”

Chloe kicked off her shoes and wiggled her toes experimentally.

“So it’s up to the both of us to make him feel at home, normal, and an integral part of our family.” Stretching and yawning, Cordelia looked tired but satisfied. “We’re all going to be a family again, just like we should have been before Holtz came and ruined everything.”

“At least,” Chloe paused. “He was decent enough to leave Connor with us after her realized that Connor belongs beside his real father.”

“After robbing us of eighteen years of his life nothing that bastard could do would make me feel anything but hatred and bitterness towards him.”

Hearing something at the top of the stairs, Chloe looked up and blinked when she saw Connor. He was wearing jeans and a loose long-sleeve shirt that was designed to look like one shirt over the other, and it had a black dragon on the front.


Cordelia raised an eyebrow at that and followed Chloe’s gaze to Connor, her face breaking out into a smile as he descended the stairs. “Don’t you look handsome.”

His expression was a little embarrassed as he came to stand in front of them. “It is different than what I am used to.”

“You look great,” Cordelia assured before turning to Chloe. “Doesn’t he look great?”

“Very handsome.” Chloe somehow managed to squeak out before looking away, scolding herself for her reactions to him. Honestly, you’d think that she’d never been around a hot guy before, when, in fact, she was constantly surrounded by male eye-candy.

Cordelia began talking about something and Chloe took the opportunity to sneak a peak in Connor’s direction, eyes widening and blushing when he caught her. Well, truth be told he’d already been watching her with a surprised and yet pleased/smug expression on his face.

“And so when I was talking with Willow on the phone she goes----I’m having a vision.”

Chloe turned to Cordelia and frowned. “Willow has visions?”

“No.” Cordelia looked ahead of her with a frown. “I’m having a vision.” Getting up she seemed to be following something the others couldn’t see, crisscrossing over the floor before suddenly craning her neck a if trying to take a peek at something before her eyes went wide and she screamed.

In seconds Chloe and Connor were by Cordelia’s side and the brunette was making a face.

“Okay, that has got to be the ugliest thing ever!” Cordelia sneered in disgust, shaking her head before looking at the two younger people watching her expectantly. “Okay, it’s nothing like I’ve ever seen before. Demon—obviously. Large, green with purple streaks on its face and stomach. It’s going towards a day care center on Fifth and Ninth.”

“I know the place.” Chloe was already putting her shoes on. “I’m going to go and try stop it—or at least detain it enough for when backup comes. Keep calling Angel. And call Gunn.”

“Already on it.” Cordelia was halfway towards the phone.

“Good.” Chloe, sneakers back one, hurried towards the weapon’s closet.

“I am coming with you.” Connor was by her side in seconds, reaching past her for the sword Angel liked to use.

“No, it’s too dan---.” Chloe stopped in mid-speech and turned to Connor, grinning slightly. “What am I saying? You grew up in a Hell Dimension. Not only that, monsters fear you and call you the Destroyer.” Grabbing the sais Angel had had commissioned for her, she grabbed Connor’s arm. “You’re coming with me.”

They hurried out of the Hyperion, Cordelia smiling at their backs as she tried calling Angel again.


“Are you guys okay?” Cordelia asked as they finally arrived back at the Hyprion hours later, covered in purple blood and clothes slightly shredded.

“Yeah.” Chloe nodded, collapsing on the ground in a tired heap. “I take it you couldn’t get through to the others?”

Connor grinned, feeling the rush he always got when he slayed a demon. It was an addictive feeling, one he’d always cherished, and yet this fight had been different, more fulfilling. It’d been his first hunt with Chloe, and while her technique could use with improving she’d been fascinating to watch.

The girl was a lot of mouth and annoyed the demon as much as she’d confused it with her tasteful puns and sarcasm, allowing Connor to have the advantage over the distracted creature more than once. They were a little shaky on the synchronization and such, but with practice they’d become an unstoppable team.

With each passing moment Connor grew more fascinated with her.

“I got through to Gunn a little after you left.” Cordelia made a face at the goo covering the two young adults. Honestly, females were always so easily disgusted. “But he and Fred were a little busy at the time. Apparently they’d gone to check out the nest of these vampires with the kids from the Hood and were in the middle of battle themselves.”

“Oh my god, are they alright?” Chloe asked, looking up from where she’d been combing her fingers through her hair trying to get the larger chunks of the creature’s clotted blood out of it.

“Yeah, they called about five minutes before you two walked in.” Cordelia sighed. “They’re helping the others go through some things the vampires had in their nest.”

“Was Angel with them? Was that why he didn’t come to help us?” Connor asked, feeling a little guilty for such blatant lying and deceptive innocence, but if he was going to pull off this without giving away that he knew what’d happened to the vampire and that he had done it, well, the deception would have to continue.

“No.” Cordelia pouted slightly, looking a little worried. “I haven’t been able to get through to him at all on his cellular, but you know, that would mean something if he actually knew how to use it!”

Chloe smiled slightly at herself and Connor smiled at how pretty she looked, even when she was bruised and covered in sticky demon blood.

“Look, why don’t you two get bathed? No offense or anything, but you stink.” Cordelia made up her nose, heading towards the receptionist’s desk. “I’m going to call and order pizza or something for all of us. Gunn and Fred said they should be here in around half an hour and you know how ravenous Fred is even without a fight.”

Connor didn’t know about this, but Chloe just giggled, so he remained silent and helped the blonde off of the floor, enjoying the feel of her hand in his and feeling a little hurt when she quickly pulled hers from his the moment she was standing.

“Well, let’s go bathe…” Her eyes went wide. “I mean, uhm, not together or anything.” Chloe looked away, face reddening. “In our own separate bathrooms. You in yours and me in mine. Apart.”

With a groan the blonde dashed up the stairs and Connor turned, watching her as she fled up the steps and hurried down the hall to her room, where the sound of a door slamming could be heard.

The young man grinned slightly as he watched her hurry away. Like this morning when she’d seen him in his new apparel, Chloe’s scent had spiked instantly, deliciously. And apparently something about him and bathrooms appealed to her.

“You know, if you’re going to try something, I feel that it’s unfair to let you do so without a little piece of advice.” Cordelia announced as she twirled the phone in her hand, looking slightly amused. “First of all, you might want to rethink your obvious attraction for her.”

Connor turned to look at the older woman, face blank. While this human female was the only one other than Chloe with whom he felt relatively at ease with, he wasn’t going to allow her to interfere with him or his plans.

“Not that I don’t applaud your taste in women because Chloe’s the best out there.” Cordelia put down the receiver and leaned against the desk. “It’s just that I don’t know if that’s the best way to be getting back with your dad. I mean,” she paused. “There is romantic history between those two, and even if there’s nothing anymore it’d probably make things uncomfortable between everyone.”

“Romantic…history?” Connor felt every muscle inside of him freeze up at those two words.

Cordelia’s eyes went wide. “Well, uh, not between Chloe and Angel, per se, but between her and Angelus.” She was suddenly looking uncomfortable, as if only now had she realized what an uncomfortable conversation she’d just gotten herself into. “I don’t know how much Chloe’s told you, but when Angelus sired her and made her his Favored, things were pretty intense between them.”

There was something cold and hard clawing inside his chest, and yet not one muscle shifted in his face to betray his feelings as Connor stood still, listening. He needed this information.

“Yeah, you’d think that they’re pretty close now, and they are, but it isn’t like the way they were when he was Angelus.” Cordelia finally found the floor interesting. “Just a example? He nearly ended the world because he wasn’t the center of her universe.”

Connor was silent as he continued to listen. He’d heard stories of Sires taking their favorite Childer as lovers, and yet he naively hadn’t believed that things had gone that far between Angel and Chloe.

“So, you know, I’d talk to Angel about it before you do anything.” Cordelia announced, sounding very uncomfortable. “I know that even if Chloe likes you, she probably wouldn’t act on it if she thought Angel would disapprove or it’d make him uncomfortable. So, talk to your father, okay?”

“Sure.” Connor nodded his head, a small smile playing on his lips. “I’ll talk to him as soon he gets back.”


“I don’t see why you’re so worried.”

“You don’t?” Chloe made a face as she laid in bed, hair in a towel, body wrapped in a housecoat, frowned as she talked into her cellular. “Wesley, Angel didn’t make it in last night and he hasn’t shown up all day. Cordelia had a vision, and Connor and I had to go and fight the bad guy.”

“Are you two alright?” He asked, voice tinted with worry. “And where was Gunn?”

“He was out battling a nest of vampires with some others.” Chloe dismissed that quickly. “And, yes, we’re fine. Connor did amazingly.” She paused before continuing. “All I’m saying is that we had two major crisis and Angel wasn’t even around. That’s not like him. He’s at least try to get a word to us so we’re know that he’s okay.”

“Yes, at least to you or Fred.” Wesley agreed with a sigh. “Give it another day, Chloe. Something might have come up and he had to leave immediately to help---like maybe in Sunnydale.”

The blonde frowned because that was probably the case. When it came to little miss Buffy Summers Angel forgot to use his head and never acted sanely. “You’re right.”

“Still, if you haven’t heard from him by tomorrow call Sunnydale yourself and see if they’ve heard anything about him, okay?”

“God, you know I hate doing that.” Chloe muttered. The only real friend she’d had still in Sunnydale had been Faith, who’d been in a coma. As soon as the Slayer had come out of the coma months before she’d left Sunnydale, saying two slayers were too much, and had spent a few days in L.A. catching up with Chloe and Wes before leaving to tour the states and find her own place in the world.

“I’m sure you still have Willow’s number.”

“Cordy does.” Chloe suddenly perked. “I’ll get her to call.”

“See?” Wesley sounded like he was smiling. “Now, go eat, spend time with everyone, and stop worrying, okay?”

“Okay.” She wanted to mention Connor to tell Wesley more about what he was like, but when she’d mentioned that the babe had come back a man Wesley hadn’t wanted to hear more…and she’d respected that. “Talk to you later.”


Hanging up the phone, Chloe hurried to put on some clothes and join the others below.

Everything was going to be alright.

If Angel didn’t show up by tomorrow she’d get Cordy to call Sunnydale.

There was no where else he could be.



2nd-Jan-2010 12:38 am (UTC)
Yay chapter. Interesting that Wes and Chloe maintain a good friendship. Wonder how long until they capture Justine. I don't think Chloe will be very happy. XD Thank you for not sending Cordelia to the heavens to have Jasmine implanted in her when she gets back down.
2nd-Jan-2010 01:31 am (UTC)
Haha! Nope! No Cordy-dies in this series! Honestly though, I hated Jasmine so badly for that. Cordy was my favorite character since season one!
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