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Chloe Sullivan & The Slytherin Princes 3/9 
23rd-Oct-2014 06:25 pm
Chloe Sullivan and the Slytherin Princes

Title: Chloe Sullivan & The Slytherin Princes
Sequel to: Draco Malfoy and the Legimens Glimpses
Universe: 4th in the Fidelius Series
Fandoms: Smallville/Harry Potter
Rating: T
Disclaimer: Don't own
Summary: When Chloe is sent to Hogwarts so that she can learn under Severus' tutelage, she puts Bellatrix's lessons to use as she pretends to be Pansy Parkinson, and brokers a deal with Draco Malfoy. If she has to pretend to be his girlfriend and make out with him a lot to keep up appearances for all those watching, well, she's ready to make sacrifices in the name of first class education.

The disused bathroom on the sixth floor had obviously not been abandoned so long ago. There were Chocolate Frog Cards and some long forgotten robes just lying around. One of the toilets was broken and the bookshelf (which was there for some unimaginable reason) still had books in it. The bathroom was clean though, and private. Severus had assured her that she was the only one who knew the new password to this specific prefect bathroom and thus it gave her the privacy she needed. It was only within these walls that she could be herself once more, and not wear Pansy's form. She spent a ridiculous amount of time in this room, just happy to be able to walk around in her own skin without worry.

The room was constantly warm, and dry, and clean. The water in the large pool-like tub was always the perfect temperature, it always smelt of a different sweet aroma each time she bathed, and a towel was always fluffy and warm and waiting for her.

She lazed in the tub most of the time, soaking in the warmth of the sweat-smelling water, which was sometimes (like tonight) filled with bubbles.

Chloe closed her eyes and groaned, leaning her head back as she relaxed, unable to understand how she could have ever lived life without this... without magic and all it gave.

It was in moments like these that she tried to imagine what life would have been like if she hadn't signed up for that pen pal program and started exchanging emails with Draco. What if he'd never shown those pictures to his father? What if Lucius Malfoy hadn't recognized her uncle and her father in those pictures? What if her family had remained hidden in the muggle world for the rest of their lives? It wasn't to say that Chloe hadn't enjoyed it while she'd thought herself a muggle, because she had, but now that she knew that there was a wizarding world, that she was a part of it, and all that this new world had to offer - well - she'd be miserable if she had to go back to Smallville and her old way of life. It really made her appreciate the sacrifices their parents had made to keep them safe - and made her understand, even if only a little - why her mother hadn't been able to do it any longer and had left them.

Chloe loved magic. She loved this world. And if she weren't defective and could properly use magic she'd love it even more. The thought of having to stop, of having to pretend none of this existed-it would've driven her insane. If she had to choose between the two worlds -muggle and wizard - the latter would win, no competition.

Sure, she missed her old friends, Clark especially, but Chloe liked to think that once the war was over and Lord Voldemort had taken power away from that demented Dumbledore, that she'd be allowed to go and see Clark. She doubted she'd be able to explain things to him to the degree he'd want, but at least she would be able to let him know she was fine, and catch up with him.

"Despite her many declarations of love, Parkinson would never step in front of a Crucio for me," Draco's voice declared, shocking her out of her thoughts.

Chloe's green eyes flew open as she jerked with a squeak, lowering further under the protective cover of the blanket of bubbles. "Get out of here! What the hell are you doing?"

Draco stood in the shadows, hands in his pockets, watching her. "You were good, you were really good. I never suspected a thing."

"Obviously I wasn't that good. And obviously you did." She blushed and lowered even further so the water reached her chin. "How did you get in here? I'm the only one who knows the password!"

"I hid and heard you say it." Draco shrugged. "You really should be more careful you know."

"I'm seeing that." She glared at him, embarrassed.

"How long have you been here?" He questioned. "How long have you been Parkinson? I knew Rosier was gone because Bulstrode was back to herself and so was Nott... but I never once suspected that you were Parkinson. Or that she wasn't herself." He shook his head. "If you hadn't gotten between me and Nott I still wouldn't suspect anything." He snorted. "There's only one person I can think of who would be stupid enough to do step in between two Cruicios."

"See if I ever do that again." She made a face. "And for your information I haven't been here long. Three days."

"Three days," Draco mumbled before making a face. "You broke my nose."

"You threw a curse at me that exploded the cushion!" Chloe accused.

"Why the bloody hell would you be stupid enough to antagonize a wizard who has superior knowledge of wandwork than you?" Draco wanted to know. "Thats completely idiotic!"

She narrowed her eyes at him. "You know what? This is a bathroom. It's for bathing. Not for interrogating." She hugged her chest tighter. "So if you don't mind..."

"Fine," Draco declared, turning and heading towards the door.

Taking in a deep breath, Chloe closed her eyes and leaned her head against the ledge again, wondering how she was going to break the news to Severus that she'd failed, just like Lana. He was not going to be happy at all!

The sound of water swishing caused Chloe's eyes to fly open in time to catch sight of Draco submerged to his hips in the water.

Her eyes widened and she hoped he took the blush climbing up her neck as a side effect of the warm water.

"What?" He raised an eyebrow as he settled across from her, the bubbles playing against his naked flesh as he leaned back, smirking at her horrified expression. "You told me to take a bath."

"I did not!" She gasped in horror, gathering more bubbles around her.

He smirked, obviously quite amused with her. "This is novel."

"Oh really?" She tried for more annoyed and less embarrassed. "You're so at ease with this it would seem you make it a habit to intrude upon girls during their bath time."

"Oh, on the contrary, I prefer to bathe alone," he replied as if they were talking about the weather while enjoying tea and biscuits.

"You don't say." She tried for that same ease. "So do I."

"It's a good thing we have this private bathroom then, isn't it?" He was taunting her and enjoying it.

"No, I have this bathroom, not you. This is your last dip in my tub," she replied.

"Oh, is it?" He asked curiously.

"It is," she assured him.

"I wonder what Headmaster Dumbledore thinks about people using Polyjuice to invade his school," Draco mumbled to himself.

"You wouldn't," Chloe gasped.

"Wouldn't I?" Draco wondered.

"No, you wouldn't." She glared at him.

Draco murmured as he looked around the bathroom. "The place could use with some fixing up."

"It serves its purpose." She made a face.

Draco turned and pulled up on the ledge enough for the water to cling to his lower back seductively, bubbles slowly sliding down to the dimples in the small of his back.

Chloe cleared her throat and lowered further into the water until the water's line was right beneath her nose.

Seemingly oblivious to her gaze, Draco reached for his wand and pointed it to different parts of the bathroom, whispering spells she'd never heard of before, fixing the toilet and some of the lights, adding doors to the toilet stalls and generally making the bathroom a lot nicer.

Chloe relaxed a little in her confusion as she watched him work. "What are you doing?"

"I thought it was obvious." With a flick of his wand a toilet stall became a full-length mirror. "I excel in transformative charms."

She smirked at his trademark arrogance. "You do."

"Mother says that Pureblood women are delicate and need certain...commodities." Draco shrugged, putting down his wand and turning to sit down once more, facing her. "Father would be miffed at me should he find out I knew you were here and didn't... make the place nicer."

Chloe eyed him before smirking. "Daddy's boy."

He scoffed. "Is that the thanks I get?"

"Thank you." She pulled a wet strand of hair behind her ear.

"That's better." He smirked as he leaned hard against the backrest. "So. How was your mission?"

"I told you, successful," she replied as she looked away, unable to keep from thinking back to it, to Metropolis. "I am alive, aren't I?"

Draco's eyes narrowed on her intently. "What was the mission?"

"Why are you asking me when you know I can't tell you?" She frowned, memories flashing before her of Morgan Edge, the Metropolis crime boss. She remembered the feel of his hand on her knee. It made her stomach queasy, and whenever she felt queasy her mind went to the "Aurors" as Nott had called them... the ones who'd nearly...

Chloe took in a deep breath and hugged herself tightly.

She didn't notice Draco's eyes narrow further before suddenly widening.

"Were you hurt?"

She looked up, surprised at the question, before shaking her head.

He continued to eye her intently for a moment before apparently accepting her answer and relaxing once more, his lips curling in a self-satisfied smile. "So, you want me to propose to you, huh?"

"Say what?" Chloe blinked, utterly confused as to what he was referring to.

"When you broke my nose in a fit of passion." The Slytherin was obviously having a fun time mocking her. "You told me you were waiting for a proposal."

"I was trying to be Pansy," Chloe grumbled, annoyed and embarrassed, knowing he would never let her live that down. "For some reason she's obsessed with becoming the next Mrs. Malfoy."

"Of course she is." His blue gaze rested upon her intently. "You know, you could use this to your advantage."

Tilting her head to the side, Chloe eyed him curiously, forgetting for a second the awkward position she found herself in. "How so?"

"As you said, Parkinson wants to be the next Mrs. Malfoy, everyone knows that, and no one will think twice about it if I decide to humor her desires... as payback for the stunt you pulled. I'll tell everyone that I'm making you believe I have feelings for you so I can break your heart and spirit," Draco smirked devilishly, leaning back languidly, gaze never leaving her face. "You'll benefit the most from this situation."

"Will I?" Her lips twitched slightly at his roundabout way of offering help while doing his best not to come off as nice.

"Don't be daft." Draco raised an eyebrow. "Not only will I be able to lend credibility to your performance as Parkinson, but you'll have the excuse you've been searching for to kiss me again."

Chloe's eyes widened slightly and her embarrassment from before returned tenfold. "I kissed you both times to heal you. There was no other reason behind it."

Draco just continued smirking at her.

She fidgeted. "What do you get out of this?"

Draco's grey eyes surveyed her intently as he leaned harder against the side of the pool. "I'll have you eternally ingratiated towards me and you'll owe me something which I'll come collecting later on."

Her eyes narrowed at just how utterly sinister he seemed right now. "What sort of thing would I owe you?"

"Don't worry Chloe, I'm not bartering for your virtue or your firstborn," Draco chuckled, tilting his head slightly, palest blonde hair falling into his face and amplifying his utterly mischievous expression. "Don't you trust me?"

"Not in the least bit," she mumbled.

He laughed, shaking his head.

Her eyes widened, shocked to see him genuinely laughing at something and not sneering.

Immediately his laughter stopped and he wiped away his smile, obviously uncomfortable as he glared at her. "What?"

"Nothing." Chloe hugged her knees to her chest, eyeing him curiously. "I just-you know-the whole smiling thing? It suits you."

Shock raced across his features as Draco eyed her curiously. "You're an odd bird, Greengrass."

"Sullivan." She glared at him. "I told you already, Greengrass is a description, I can't possibly accept that as my last name."

"Greengrass is a respectable pureblood name. You need to stop shunning it," Draco scolded without any heat. "Within our… circles… your way of seeing things won't be appreciated. I can't believe you'd be daft enough not to have realized this by now. Not everyone is as tolerant to your inane peculiarities as I am you know."

And once again, she realized he was trying to help her in his own way. "He doesn't want me growing close to you."

Draco's eyes narrowed. "Because I actually could tolerate you before."

She nodded silently. "I think he's going to pick someone for the three of us by the time our training is over."

"So, he's matchmaking Rosier and Gaunt as well," Draco murmured, gaze dark and thoughtful. "Considering that he himself has never shown any preference for a lover it is quite… intriguing that he puts so much interest in your future matches."

"He's our guardian," Chloe responded, before her eyes widened when she realized that the bubbles were beginning to pop. "Close your eyes!"

"Excuse me?"

"Close them!"

Despite giving her a glare, Draco complied.

Taking this golden opportunity, Chloe slipped out of the water and into a bathrobe, tying it closed around her tightly. "You can look now."

Draco's grey orbs opened and he eyed her with a smirk. "Green silk. How Slytherin of you."

"I accept your proposal," Chloe responded, feet nicely warmed on the floor thanks to the heating charms placed on it. "During the duration of my stay here in Hogwarts I'll pretend to be your girlfriend, and accept the help you'll bestow to me in return for some sinister sounding future favor."

"Which you won't be able to turn down." Draco smirked, leaning with his arms crossed on the ledge above him and his chin resting on them. "With all I'll have to do to help you pass this test, you will not have the right to deny me when I come to you later on with my… favor."

"Fine." And the only reason she was agreeing was because, despite her better judgment, she trusted this arrogant prick. "I agree."

Draco smirked. "You're a terrible Pureblood. My parents will tell you whenever your turn with them has arrived, that when a Pureblood makes an oath, he makes it unbreakable. Trust no one to keep their word without a spell to force them to."

His need for this extra assurance raised concern and curiosity within her. "You have something utterly dreadful planned for me, don't you?"

Draco shook his head, amused as he stood, the water clinging low down on his hips, the few bubbles remaining the only things keeping him halfway decent. "Trust me, Sullivan, you're going to benefit from having me on your side."

He'd called her Sullivan.

That alone won her over, and put her on even more alert.

"You need a bonder to cast the Unbreakable Vow," she pointed out.

"Who said anything about the Unbreakable Vow?" The devilment in his eyes was her only warning before suddenly he'd turned and climbed out of the pool, summoning a towel with the Slytherin crest to wrap around his hips. "It'll just be a little spell between us that I can easily cast. It will do the same job as the Unbreakable except death wouldn't be your punishment if you broke your promise."

"What would be my punishment?" Chloe had swung around when Draco had climbed out, a blush rising up her neck as she kept her eyes closed despite being turned away from him, a hand over her eyes.

"Maybe I should make it your firstborn." His voice was in her ear, low and surprisingly seductive.

Heat jolted through her and Chloe gasped in shock, turning around, opening her eyes quickly to see his little sneer. He'd obviously been taunting her. No way had he been flirting. Draco didn't know how to flirt. He couldn't. It just couldn't be in his nature.

"So… jumpy," he sneered.

"One more thing." Gaze momentarily going to where his towel hung way too low around his waist, Chloe's greens quickly rose back up to his face. "I need another favor."

"And what would that be?" A palest blonde eyebrow rose as he folded his hands over his chest.

This was it.

She could get into so much trouble for this!

"I'll need you to help me in classes. With magic. I can pull off everything else, but when I need to do something with wand magic I'll need you to do it for me. Our classwork is mostly done with pairs from what I've seen, one doing the research or written work, and the other doing the magic application, so it should be a feasible arrangement."

Draco frowned, eyeing her intently. "Why? You have Parkinson's wand. It mightn't be a comfortable fit but you can still use that."

No. She couldn't!

Chloe stared into his eyes, trying to put on a false show of disinterest as she frantically struggled to find a way of getting around having to explain that she didn't possess the ability to use a wand.

Draco's eyes widened. "What?"

"I didn't say anything." The young woman frowned at him before running fingers through her hair.

"You know what?" Draco was doing exactly the same thing. "It doesn't matter. Whatever the reason, I'll do it. But you'd owe me three favors instead of one. This is going to be muchmore work than just pretending to be your boyfriend."

Chloe wanted to argue, wanted to haggle, but she'd gotten off easy and was surprised that he hadn't pushed for her to explain her demand. He was the type of person who would do something like that. "Okay, but you can't ask me to do or tell you anything which could endanger Him."

"Don't be daft." Draco rolled his eyes. "That never crossed my mind."

Of course it wouldn't-but she'd needed to feel like she wasn't betraying Voldemort somehow, could use this as proof to keep herself from feeling guilty in the future.

"So we've agreed on the terms of our agreement." He grabbed his wand and whispered something under his breath as he twirled it. Magic sparkled at its tip. "I will be your boyfriend and help you pass this test while using magic to do so when need be, and you will owe me three favors which you cannot deny on penalty of losing your three most treasured memories forever."

Chloe's eyes widened at the stakes… and yet this was much better than the death punishment, wasn't it?

Gulping, Chloe nodded. "I agree."

Draco smirked as the magic from his wand shot out, encircling them as his hand reached out to her. "Now, we seal the deal."

Wondering why the glint in his eyes made her feel like she was making a pact with the devil, Chloe gulped before she placed her hand in his.

24th-Oct-2014 01:53 am (UTC) - he's got her
You need to issue ice packs with this chapter. I just about melted from the steam on the mirror Draco magicked. and we still have that kiss to look forward to. I wonder if I take the shelves out of my fridge will i fit inside to reread this? Those bubbles, I like yours better than Rowlings.
PLEASE don't let her forget Draco! It's how she survives torture. Trying to focus on sexiness and not creepy Edge and not encroaching Voldie danger

Edited at 2014-10-24 02:02 am (UTC)
27th-Oct-2014 02:12 am (UTC) - Re: he's got her
Haha! And that's that they haven't had their first kiss yet! ;)

Ahh... the memories... I shan't touch on that yet... I shall just leave you anxiously worrying ;P
24th-Oct-2014 03:35 am (UTC)
Naughty Draco!!!! LOL

I like Chloe being in Hogwarts in her own body.

Thank you so much for posting so fast!!
27th-Oct-2014 02:12 am (UTC)
And he is about to get naughtier.

I think Chloe would like it too - as would Draco!
24th-Oct-2014 04:31 am (UTC)
Ok. Now that I'm caught up... Yes!!!!!! Great job. I love it when you come back to a fic after an absence. It makes me want to re-read everything! (Which I totally do as soon as possible...)

Love it and can't wait for more!

27th-Oct-2014 02:13 am (UTC)
I hate putting series on hiatus, but that tends to happen to me *faceplam* glad you're still enjoying!
24th-Oct-2014 05:33 am (UTC)
is he just so emotional under-equipped or doesn't draco what to admit he really has the hots for her..... and i thought he knew chloe couldn't do magic... wasn't it public knowledge?

thank you again... i sooo enjoy your story...
27th-Oct-2014 02:14 am (UTC)
I think it's a lot of both, actually.

The inner circle know about it, but not many else. And most in the "know" aren't really in the know! (confusing, i know!)
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