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Chloe Sullivan and the Slytherin Princes 6/9 
29th-Oct-2014 09:26 am
Chloe Sullivan and the Slytherin Princes

Title: Chloe Sullivan & The Slytherin Princes
Sequel to: Draco Malfoy and the Legimens Glimpses
Universe: 4th in the Fidelius Series
Fandoms: Smallville/Harry Potter
Rating: T
Disclaimer: Don't own
Summary: When Chloe is sent to Hogwarts so that she can learn under Severus' tutelage, she puts Bellatrix's lessons to use as she pretends to be Pansy Parkinson, and brokers a deal with Draco Malfoy. If she has to pretend to be his girlfriend and make out with him a lot to keep up appearances for all those watching, well, she's ready to make sacrifices in the name of first class education.

Chloe had waited until everyone was asleep to climb out of bed. She'd tiptoed out of the room towards the Commons, and then snuck into the Boys' dorms. It'd taken a couple of sneaks through the different rooms to find which bed was Draco's, but she finally did and crept in through the closed curtains. She'd pressed her hand against his mouth, the sensation had awoken him, and he'd nearly hexed her out of instinct. Thankfully he'd stopped himself in time and had instead muttered a silencing spell before he drew the curtains closed and left them covered in shadows in his bed.

Draco smirked as he raised an eyebrow. "Come to ravage me, have you?"

She glared at him and sat on the bed next to him. "We need to find out more about this map."

His smirk disappeared as he nodded. "If Potter has something that can tell him where certain people are in Hogwarts… that is an unfair advantage which cannot be tolerated."

"What if the magic can read that I'm not Pansy?" Chloe bit her bottom lip. "What if they know about me?"

"Then they would've known about Rosier and Nott when they were switched out, and they didn't do anything." Draco made a face. "You've got to remember that this information came from Crabbe and Goyle, and they aren't exactly the most reliable of sources."

"But they saw something," she pressed. "We'd be fools not to at least investigate it further."

He lay down and nodded as he cushioned his hands behind his head. "And we will, just not tonight."

She let out a sigh because he was right. For now their hands were tied.

"Was it Clark?"


Draco looked fairly bored. "The muggle you got your 'vast oral knowledge' from."

She snickered at the memory of that conversation. "Why? Are you impressed?"

"Hardly," he scoffed. "I'm thinking whoever 'educated' you really shortchanged you if that is what you consider 'vast knowledge'."

"Did you just diss my kissing abilities?" Her lips parted in shock.

"Well, I wasn't praising them."

"You were hard!" And the moment she said that she blushed darkly.

Draco looked at her in shock, as if unable to believe that she'd said that. "Who said that had anything to do with you?"

Ouch. Damn it. That one stung.

"Oh, I see." She raised an eyebrow. "So which one does it for you? Crabbe or Goyle?"

For a moment he obviously didn't understand what she was getting at, and then he sputtered as he went red. "Why does everyone assume I am into blokes?"

She sniggered at that reaction. "He doth protest too much methinks."

"Bite your tongue, Greengrass," his voice was a hiss.

"Sullivan." Her mirth was gone immediately.

"Greengrass." His smirk proved that he'd said that on purpose to annoy her.

"Sullivan." She glared.

He grinned brightly. "Greenie greenie grass."

"You're such a child." And yet she was the one who folded her arms over her chest in a huff.

Someone stretched as they sat up in the bed next to Draco's.

Chloe's eyes widened and she dove under Draco's quilts.

He snickered and was obviously about to remind her that the curtains were drawn and a silencing charm in place, when suddenly footsteps could be heard padding towards the bed. Draco's smile melted, his eyes narrowed, and grabbed his wand once more before he grabbed a pillow and threw it over Chloe's head and arranged himself to be half on top of her and thus hiding her from sight.

Chloe's eyes widened as she found herself laying half underneath him.

The curtain pulled across and a body slipped through before the curtain was closed once more.

"The hell are you doing?" Draco wanted to know.

There was a hesitation, and then Blaise Zabini spoke. "Have you heard anything from Chloe? I know she's the one you're using the Sweetheart Scroll with so don't even try to deny it. Has she said anything about Lana?"

Chloe smiled softly at the realization that Blaise cared for Lana like Lana did for him.

"Why would I know anything?" Draco wanted to know with a growl. "After that failed mission I haven't heard a thing. It's been radio silence."

Blaise groaned and then sat on the side of the bed. "Nott and Bulstrode seem to be back in their original bodies, and no one else seems to have been taken and replaced so… what does that mean?" He sounded like he was palming his face. "Are they not going to send more here for training?"

"It's bloody early morning, Zabini, why do you think I'm encouraging you to creep into my bed space like this?" He gave a little yawn that was highly convincing. "I have revenge against that damned Parkinson to plan, okay? By the time I'm done toying with her heart, that chit will regret ever having been born."

"You're so cruel, Malfoy." Blaise sounded tired. "News is already circulating about you two-timing Parkinson with some other Slytherin, though no one is sure exactly who."

"How is who I shag any of your business?"

Chloe was finding it hard to breathe, and tried to shift subtly without calling too much attention to herself.

"You know what? It isn't. I just thought, for one second, that you'd learnt to actually care about someone other than yourself." Blaise sounded pissed. "Obviously that was my mistake."

"Well, now you know better."

"Piss off, Malfoy." And with that Blaise stormed away.

The second she heard the curtain flap closed Chloe emerged with a large gulp. "Were you trying to suffocate me?"

"Ungrateful chit, I just helped keep your identity secret." Draco raised an eyebrow down at her. "I'm doing what we've partnered up to do."

He had a point there, and she was only able to glare at him since she had no comeback.

"You're going to have to stay here for a while," Draco warned as he got comfortable next to her. "Blaise is a light sleeper, Until you hear snoring from that bed it's best that you don't leave. If he sees Parkinson leaving after what I just told him he'll know who you are."

She raised an eyebrow as she lay on her stomach. "So I'm stuck here with you?"

"Ungrateful chit," he repeated to himself as he got completely comfortable and stretched.

"You've got a nicer bed than I do." Chloe followed his lead and got comfortable as she laid down and faced him. "Your pillows are even better than mine."

"Of course they are," he huffed as he turned to face her. "I'm a Malfoy. You're, at this moment, a Parkinson."

"Still, the Parkinson's are pureblooded and high enough up the ranks right?"

"Not Malfoy high." Draco made a face. "Not even Greengrass high, which makes Daphne being her minion ironic."

"You see, that's what I don't get. Slytherins don't have friends." She made a face. "I don't think Purebloods have friends either." She moved closer. "It's all about connections and who has the power and who can help you get more power." She sighed. "It's so sad."

"How is that sad?" Draco genuinely didn't seem to get it at all.

That was even sadder. "You don't understand if you've never had it. But to have a friend, a true friend, means having someone that you know you can trust everything to, that that person wouldn't tell your secrets or—."

"We have hexes that accomplish that," he reminded her.

"Of their own free will." She glared at him. "Friends shouldn't have to use a hex to make sure that the person with them all the time wont betray them. They should be able to trust them implicitly just because."

"That is so incredibly naive."

She slapped his chest. "You're so horribly jaded, Draco Malfoy." She let out a sigh. "I can tell Lois and Lana anything and know that other than our Lord, no one else will ever know."

"See? They tell him—."

"No. He conducts regular mental checks on us and knows everything about us." She wasn't exactly sure why she was telling him all this. "Every single time we see him, even if we've seen him the day before, he conducts those checks."

His eyes narrowed. "So frequently?" When she nodded, his expression grew grave. "That's not healthy for you, Chloe."

"We're fine. He never hurts us." She took in a deep breath. "He knows about you, about my own willful disobediences since he told me not to get close to you due to the fact that you are on the verge of being considered a Blood Traitor."


"But despite it all he has forgiven my disobedience and allowed me to have you as an ally in school." She paused. "Even though he admitted to assuming I would choose Nott instead of you."

Draco's features darkened. "Did he, now?"

"It's understandable, since Nott and I have worked together in the past and have proved compatible."

"Compatible." His voice was bland.

"Yes. Very." She remembered that word being used to describe them over and over again by her mentors.

Draco let out a huff and ran a hand down his face. "Blood Traitor."

"Your father has argued that somehow a part of you recognized a witch in me, he's doing his best to undo the damage being my friend has brought to your reputation." She felt partially to blame for all of this. "I'm sorry."

"You should be," and yet there was no heat in his words.

She reached out and gripped his hand under the sheets. "Maybe now, with you helping me, it will prove to all that you aren't a Blood Traitor." She gave him a reassuring smile. "Maybe you're just weak when it comes to me."

He scoffed. "You would wish so."

She grinned teasingly. "Aw, are you blushing?"

He glared daggers at her. "Go die."

She burst out laughing. "You are blushing!"

He huffed and looked away, but didn't move his hand away from hers.

She smiled up at him and moved close. "How about I make another deal with you?"

Draco's gray eyes slid to hers as he raised a palest blonde eyebrow. "What would you have to offer that I won't already get with our previous deal?"

She smirked and moved even closer as she sat up and gazed down at him. "I will do my best to help you regain your status in the inner Circle. I'll sing your wonders and speak about nothing but your loyalty. I'll make sure that all doubt about your allegiance is erased."

Intrigue colored those grays silver as he tilted his head slightly. "What would you want in return for this?"

"Nothing, for now." Her smirk widened. "If I think about something I'll tell you."

"No deal," Draco scoffed. "You do not make a deal without knowing what the price is." He grinned up at her. "You're a terrible Slytherin. What will I ever do with you?"

"Teach me, I suppose." She smiled down at him.

Draco stared up at her and then cleared his throat as he looked away. "Come back to me with your price for your help, and I'll tell you whether I accept it or not."

"Will do," she promised as she held her pinky out towards him.

Blinking, Draco turned to eye her pinky before he gripped it between his fingers and lifted it in question. "What's wrong with it?"

A giggle escaped her lips before she slipped her hand free and then curled their pinkies around each other. "Muggles do this. It's called a pinky promise. This is sacred. It means that I have to keep my word."

The Slytherin Prince stared at her in silence before he snorted and lowered his grays to their entwined pinkies. "Muggles are such weird creatures."

She grinned toothily at him, highly amused.

Clearing his throat, Draco slipped his pinky free. "We should probably use this time wisely and go over our game plan."

"We have a game plan?" She shuffled closer.

"No. We need one." He cushioned his hands behind his head and looked up at her. "For one thing, you have to stop looking like you're going to jump every single time I touch you. It is not a very Parkinson thing to do. She'd be jumping me. Not the other way around. People will become suspicious if you're so laid back and I am forced to be the one to always approach you."

"So in other words you want me to jump you."

He glared at her fiercely. "I'm saying you need to be like Parkinson if you want this ruse not to arouse suspicion!"

He was right, and that annoyed her. The girl cleared her throat before she nodded. "Consider yourself jumped from tomorrow onwards."

He rolled his eyes. "Also, we need to figure out how to not only confirm whether Potter has this magical map, but how to nick it without him realizing it was us."

Chloe licked her lips. "I have an idea about that first part, actually."

Draco raised an eyebrow. "Do tell."

"Well, the modified Amortentia." Chloe grinned. "When Theodore drank it he was in love with me as Pansy. So all I have to do is transform into someone in the school, who we will... cloistered... until the experiment is over, and I get one of the Trio to drink the potion. They'll spill anything for the person they're in love with. Then, once I have all we need, you use a memory charm to erase the whole occurrence from their mind."

Draco stared at her and then grinned. "That's so incredibly underhanded. I'm impressed." He cleared his throat. "Maybe there is some Slytherin in you after all."

She beamed in pleasure at his rare praise. "I have my moments."

"Who do you think you should impersonate?" Draco wanted to know.

"Lavender Brown."

"Why her?" Draco made a face.

"Have you seen that girl? She's all bubbles and sunshine. Who would suspect her?"

He grinned brightly. "I see. Good. I'll arrange to have her hair collected for you."

"Do I want to know how you'll do that?" Chloe raised an eyebrow.

"Probably not!" He laughed.

Chloe stared down at him and the smiled. She wanted to ask him why he didn't smile and laugh, genuinely laugh, more often. The way his face softened when he did really suited him, but she knew that to point it out would only make him more self-conscious and put up a greater effort not to do it, so she kept it all to herself and merely enjoyed this side to Draco Malfoy she was sure no one else knew existed.

And then she suddenly thought of something and grinned brightly. "I know my price."

Eyebrow raising, Draco snorted. "That was quick."

Getting more comfortable, Chloe licked her lips. "In exchange for my helping your standing in the Pureblood's eyes... when it's just you and me... I want you to actually smile and laugh. Not smirk. Not sneer. Not snigger. No. Smile and laugh."

The smirk slipped from Draco's face as he stared up at her in utter confusion. "What sort of idiotic price is that?"

"It's my idiotic price." She raised her chin, grin in place. "So... do you accept the terms?" The girl held out her pinky towards him.

Draco stared at her in silence, a strange expression on his face. "Is that truly your price? Your only price?" When she nodded he blinked. "You will only ask for me to... smile. And laugh. Only that?" When she nodded again he took in a stuttered breath. "Why?"

"Because..." Chloe felt a little embarrassed admitting this. "I like it when you smile, and when you laugh. It makes me happy."

The Slytherin Prince froze and merely stared up at her, that strange expression growing as he gulped loudly. "What sort of Slytherin are you?"

She merely grinned brighter. "A very bad one. I thought we'd already established this." She then shook her pinky at him. "Do we have a promise?"

Breath escaping his lips, Draco stared up into her face before his silvery blues lowered to her pinky. "I will not do that ridiculous-." He groaned when she merely shook her pinky harder. With a growl of impatience he reached up and curled his pinky around hers. "I cannot believe you have coerced me into this."

Giggling in amusement at his visible embarrassment, Chloe squeezed pinkies. "It's our sacred promise that can't be broken, no matter what."

He huffed and looked away. "Yeah, yeah, whatever."

"Do you know what this means?" Chloe stared deep into his face.

"That you're still far too Muggle," he muttered.

"Nope." She leaned down over him with a wide grin. "We just made a promise without having a hex back it up."

Draco's eyes narrowed as he only now seemed to realize that.

"That means we're friends." Her grin was ridiculously wide.

Draco stared up at her before he scoffed and looked away. "I wouldn't rush to any such conclusions, Sullivan."

She snickered at him and threw herself down on the bed next to him as her gaze rose to the ceiling. "You liiiike me."

"No I don't."

Her teasing thickened in her voice. "You really really liiiiike me."

"I'd really like you to shut up."

A snore echoed throughout the room.

Draco let out a heavy sigh. "By Merlin's Beard, I thought he'd never go back to sleep!"

"Wow. Zabini really snores." Chloe sat up in bed and turned her head to gaze towards the other bed. "I'll have to warn Lana about that."

"Go on before he wakes up someone and they cast another silencing spell on his bed."

Chloe look back at Draco, winked, and then was gone, sprinting out from the curtains surrounding his bed and out of the Boy's Dorms. She made it to the Commons, grinned as she turned to look back at the Boys' Dorm, and would've turned and headed towards the Girls' Dorms but skidded to a stop when she realized she wasn't alone in the Common Room.

Daphne sat with her knees pressed to her chest in the darkness. "Did you two shag?"

Getting over her surprise, Chloe remembered she was supposed to be Pansy and smirked as she drew nearer. "Were you following me, Daphne?"

"You snuck out of the dorm, I wanted to know where you were going." Her expression was hard and yet somewhat hurt. "I should have known that you would jump into his bed the second you had the chance." She gulped back her pain. "You probably told him you were using contraceptive charms but aren't just so he'll be forced to marry you once you're pregnant."

Chloe tilted her head to the side, able to see why Daphne would assume that. It sounded like something Pansy would've done had she truly been here in this situation.

"Well, he doesn't love you. He's already cheating with some other Slytherin, I think its someone from the year below us." Daphne raised her chin, angry tears in her eyes. "You're not special to him, Pansy. You never will be."

"Does that really matter?" Chloe raised an eyebrow. "In the whole scheme of things, don't you think it's worth it if I look the other way?" She smirked as she drew nearer. "You don't seem to get what it entails to be the wife of a Pureblooded aristocrat, Daphne. You're being guillable if you think they're faithful to their spouses." She knelt down and looked up at the girl. "But while he might have a tart on the side, I'll be the one with the ring on my finger and the title to my name. I'll be the one who has the children he will acknowledge. I'll have the power and wealth. Me." She reached out and brushed the hair out of Daphne's face in a mockery of tenderness. "Only Muggles marry for love. You're incredibly naive if you think otherwise."

Daphne looked as if slapped.

"Come now, it is late and we should go to sleep." She stood and held her hand out to Daphne.

The girl looked like she wanted to hit it away, or cry, but she instead sighed and placed her hand in Chloe's. "You're right."

"I know." And with that she led the sad, silent girl away.

The blonde within the brunette wanted to hug the other girl, who looked like she wanted to cry, but Pansy wouldn't do that, which meant Chloe couldn't. But she really wanted to comfort the girl who was visibly in need of comforting and yet didn't have anyone who would do that for her. The Slytherins were alone. They were all alone. And damn it, that saddened Chloe. It made her think of Draco and his shock that anyone would just want him to smile and laugh. It seemed unfathomable to him.

Chloe hadn't realized she'd what she'd done until Daphne went still in her arms in shock. A moment of panic filled Chloe as she realized that she was hugging Daphne and that there was no way that Pansy would do this. She cleared her throat, scared it would crack and reveal just how unnerved she was at how out of character she'd slipped. "Tell anyone I did this and I'll hex you so hard your grandchildren will feel it."

The threat seemed to calm Daphne down and she let out a soft, tear-filled chuckle before her arms slowly encircled Chloe and she held on tightly. "Right back at you."

Small smile tilting her lips, Chloe hugged the other girl (who, now that she thought about it, was her cousin) before she finally pulled away and cleared her throat. "Don't be so emotional about this situation with Draco, okay? It's not worth it. Plus the others will see it as a weakness and pounce on you without a second thought." She narrowed her eyes. "Don't ever let anyone think you are weak. You're a Greengrass. So get those emotions in check before someone else notices."

Daphne eyed her curiously before she tilted her head haughtily. "Please. As if I get emotional."

Chloe snickered. "Exactly."

Daphne's haughty expression morphed into a grin for a split second before it returned to normal. "I lost beauty sleep over you, you trollop."

"I'm sorry, you really do need it."

"Hey!" Daphne shrieked a laugh as she slapped Chloe's arm.

The two girls shared smirks before they continued the rest of the way towards the dorms in comfortable silence. Chloe realized that the "air" between them had changed somewhat, and she smiled to herself and wondered if she could somehow cunningly coordinate things so that, when Pansy Parkinson returned, she could find that she truly did have friends.

29th-Oct-2014 06:37 pm (UTC)
I had to re-read the series coz I had forgotten some of the details. Even though I've read the previous stories before, it still heald the same magic as if I was reading it for the first time.

I'm so glad you decided to continue this universe. I didn't know how much I miss Chloe and Draco until I saw the first chapter of this story. :-)

I was wondering how long it would take Draco to recognize Chloe. I'm so glad he's as cunning as ever. I'm loving the growing relationship between Chloe and Draco. I love how she can make him to open up and smile and laugh. It's also refreshing to see Chloe getting through Draco's walls and vice versa.

I wonder what Harry Potter's role gonna be in their lives. Can't wait for the next chapter! :-)
29th-Oct-2014 08:44 pm (UTC) - Ch-ch-changes
I also love this pair. She's actually written a plot where I'm sympathizing with Slytherins. I'm aghast at my own fickle loyalties! Of course, we don't see Draco plotting to murder Dumbledore here.

It's also weird seeing Draco pull Chloe out of the darkness and more into the grey zone he lives in. Draco is a good soldier but not blindly devoted to the cause. Here Chloe is the misguided soul. Chloe is always the one pulling people to the good side, this is such a good change up.

I kinda wonder how long Voldie will allow their partnership to continue. Next mind scan, V will see her muggle tendencies. I'm betting he'll blame Draco for her backsliding. Voldemort doesn't seem the type to be convinced out of his opinions, especially if he declares someone a blood traitor.

Chloe infiltrating the Gryffindors should be interesting. I'm leaning towards the potion wearing off or, if she gets physically too close for too long, she might pass out from the images that seem to appear when close to Potter. I really don't see her cozying up to the Potter group even if she learns the truth. How crazy would it be if Chloe banded the Slytherins together to defeat V and the Gryffindors have nothing to do with saving the day? That ending would only make me sad since I love Neville, the awkward boy that stepped up Big time.

I'm not sure where the story is going with Potter Canon. All the spells are canon, and she's cleverly integrated them. I think the ultimate plan for Potter's demise is still in the works, but the Boy Who Lived doesn't seem to occupy Voldie much here. Not that Chloe or Draco knows, and everything is from their limited perspective.

Edited at 2014-10-29 08:48 pm (UTC)
30th-Oct-2014 01:12 am (UTC) - Re: Ch-ch-changes

True! He hasn't been given the order as yet.

And true. Chloe usually is the one helping others, and she's still doing that here, but she's very much the brainwashed one that needs help opening her eyes to some truths about Lord Voldemort and the Death Eaters!

Well, all I'm going to say about Chloe-As-Lavender is that it won't go as she planned! :p

Oh, yeah. Voldemort definitely wants Potter dead still, but it's not the most important thing going on for him right now!
30th-Oct-2014 01:11 am (UTC)

I'm glad that it wasn't terribly boring to reread! :)

Yeah, I'm trying to go through all of my hiatus series and get them finished!

That's something Chloe definitely wants - to make him laugh. She wants him to be a little less Slytherin while he wants her to be a little more Slytherin - or so he says.

Harry's role won't be too huge in this installment, but it'll lay down the groundwork for future segments :)
30th-Oct-2014 01:29 am (UTC)
Aww, Chloe caring and conforting her other cousing was adorable. I wonder if they'll be friends in the future?? What does Daphne looks like? Is she like Chloe or Lois?

I really wouldn't like to be a Slytherin...not to be able to trust anyone? It's soo sad.

Chloe-As-Lavender , soo curious about it!!!

Thanx for posting!!!
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