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Chloe Sullivan & The Slytherin Princes 9/9 
31st-Oct-2014 12:18 am
Chloe Sullivan and the Slytherin Princes

Title: Chloe Sullivan & The Slytherin Princes
Sequel to: Draco Malfoy and the Legimens Glimpses
Universe: 4th in the Fidelius Series
Fandoms: Smallville/Harry Potter
Rating: T
Disclaimer: Don't own
Summary: When Chloe is sent to Hogwarts so that she can learn under Severus' tutelage, she puts Bellatrix's lessons to use as she pretends to be Pansy Parkinson, and brokers a deal with Draco Malfoy. If she has to pretend to be his girlfriend and make out with him a lot to keep up appearances for all those watching, well, she's ready to make sacrifices in the name of first class education.

"And then Severus spirited me out of Hogwarts." Chloe stood before the Dark Lord and recounted the events which had led to her escaping the castle.

"This was an oversight on Severus' part which will not be overlooked." Lord Voldemort's scarlet eyes narrowed.

Chloe's greens widened. "He didn't know-."

"He did." A dark look passed over the face of the leader of the Death Eaters. "Even if he did not believe this map truly existed, it was his duty to inform me of its possible existence nonetheless."

Chloe gulped, worried that she had gotten Severus in trouble. "As soon as he realized that it was real he got me out of there."

"His actions were too late. He could've compromised everything, and as such he will be dealt with punishment." There was no leeway in the Dark Lord's tone.

"He has always been a faithful servant," she reminded softly.

Lord Voldemort nodded. "This is why he will keep his life."

Dread filled her but she tried to push it back. She really hadn't meant to get Severus in trouble, and guilt ate at her. She hadn't thought that the Dark Lord would turn this around to focus on Severus' failing to tell him about this map of Potter's. That wasn't the issue. The issue was that Potter had a map with that sort of power. Why couldn't the Dark Lord see that?

Wordlessly, as if able to see the questions on her face, Lord Voldemort reached out and grabbed her chin. He lifted it so that his scarlet gaze met her green one and she felt him invade her mind a split second before agony raced through her. She screamed and fell to her knees while she clutched at her head, which felt as if it were about to rip apart. Blood gushed from her nostrils and landed on the stone ground beneath her, staining it red.

Images too fast for her to make out raced before her eyes. One image suddenly, inexplicably, stood out from amongst the rest. It was that of a face, dead and deformed, twisted and visibly hungry as it lashed out before it was lost once more in the flood of sounds and sights. She held on tighter to her head, yanking out clutches of hair in her agony and confused desperation.

She must've passed out from the pain sometime around then because one minute she was clutching at her head and screaming a plea for the pain to stop - and the next she sat up in bed with a large gulp of air.

Sitting up, Chloe brought her hand to her head and took in a deep breath. The memory of the throbbing agony and confused terror made her breathless, and the vision of that twisted, terrifying face made her queasy. What had happened to her? Why had it happened? Lord Voldemort had merely tried to read her mind, something he did constantly with no sort of side effect, so what had caused whatever had happened? Was she cursed? Had she been hexed? Had Potter done something to her? But what? And to what end? Also, she'd never given him the opportunity to hex her. It couldn't be Potter. This couldn't be his doing. But if it wasn't - then what was going on?

"It would appear that you are in a fragile mental state."

She jumped and cried out in fright before she realized that the voice belonged to Lord Voldemort. The leader of the Death Eaters sat in the darkest corner of the room, which was why she hadn't noticed him when she'd awoken.

"It was not my intention to frighten you." He eyed her as he arose from the chair and made his way towards her bed. "I merely watched over you until you awoke to make sure that you were well. The mediwtich assured me that you would be, that all you needed was rest, but I wanted to make sure of her words with my own eyes."

"What happened?" She brought her hand to her head.

He hesitated. "I will be refraining from delving into your mind for a time. I cannot understand why, but you are reacting negatively to it."

"A fragile mental state," she echoed his words from before. "Does that mean that I'm somewhat insane?"

He gave a mirthless chuckle. "The insane never worry about such things."

She could see his point and relaxed slightly. "Then why am I "mentally fragile"? I don't understand."

He watched her in contemplative silence before he reached out and placed his hand on her forehead. "I believe the stress of your training with Bellatrix, coupled with your mission, and then your time in Hogwarts was too much for you."

"I'm not a mentally weak person." Her eyes narrowed at him. "Even when I thought I was a muggle I was nearly killed every other Thursday because of the trouble I got into. I could handle what I went through then and I could handle what I went through with Bellatrix, the mission, and Hogwarts." She heard the defiance in her voice and flinched, head lowering in deference and repentance. "I'm sorry. I didn't mean-." She closed her eyes tightly and took in a deep breath. "I can't accept that answer. My mind is all I have left that isn't defective."

He was silent.

She flinched at that silence. "I apologize for my disrespect, My Lord. I spoke out of line."

"I will forgive you this once." The warning was there in his tone.

"Thank you." She felt horrible. After all he'd done for her and she'd run her mouth like that! What was wrong with her? "My Lord - how am I supposed to pass Severus' test if I cannot attend Hogwarts anymore?"

"You've already passed as far as I am concerned."

Her eyes flew open and she looked up at him in surprise. "But I was discovered by the enemy! And I never got to use the modified Amortentia!"

"The only reason you were discovered was due to their use of a magical map, one which we should've known about and protected you from." Lord Voldemort's face was stony. "You were put in danger. That is unacceptable and unforgivable." His hand shifted to her chin as he raised her gaze to meet his scarlet. "Despite this, you kept your disguise intact, successfully brewed the potions Severus tasked you to brew, discovered the existence of the enemy's map, and swayed young allies from Gryffindor to fool their own for you. Had you stayed longer you may have been able to recruit them for our side - it would not be the first time Gryffindors saw the truth to our mission and joined our nobel cause." He sneered. "True, one was a mudblood, but still he served his purpose."

Chloe fought the urge to frown at the 'mudblood' comment.

"You have shown more and more potential with each test we put you through." He rested his free hand on her shoulder. "You will rest here, with me, at my side. I will see to it that you grow strong once more."

Chloe stared up into his face before she smiled and nodded. "I would like that."

She missed talking to Draco.

A week had gone by since she'd been spirited out of Hogwarts, and without the Sweetheart Scroll she had no way of communicating with him. She missed him like hell, and it shocked her. He'd just been an annoying ally, and yet she'd grown so used to having him, to being with him. Now that he was gone (or she was gone) she felt like there was something missing.

A part of her wondered how Draco was handling things with Pansy. She knew that the plan had been to break up with the girl once Chloe was gone, but maybe Draco had found that being with Parkinson wasn't that bad. Maybe he was still with her.

Why did that bother Chloe so much?

She tried to be subtle about it when she saw Severus next (she'd been relieved to see that he was well - whatever Lord Voldemort had done to him mustn't have too been terrible), but from the look he'd given her she felt she was completely transparent to him.

"I never did get the chance to tell young Mr Malfoy about the switch." Severus pursed his lips. "I had meant to tell him first thing in the morning, but when I awoke I heard all the staff talking about the 'disastrous' happening and realized that I didn't need to bother."

"Disastrous happening?" Chloe leaned further towards him in intrigue. "What happened?"

"It would appear that Mr Malfoy was out when Miss Parkinson returned. Of course her memories were altered so that she 'remembered' the relationship they shared." Severus looked highly annoyed at having to gossip with her about these sorts of things. "From what I overheard, she flung herself at him when he returned to the Commons. I do not know whether you have a particular way of kissing, Miss Greengrass, and I do not care to know if you do, but my godson seemed to know that she was not you." He gave a tired sigh. "He broke up with her in a terrible fashion. Apparently she's been inconsolable in her room for days ever since."

Chloe felt a little bad for the other girl. None of this had been her fault.

"Young Mr Malfoy then found me in my chambers and demanded to know what had happened, why you had switched, and why he hadn't been informed." Severus looked more and more annoyed. "I informed him of what was necessary - your safety had been compromised - and refused to answer his subsequent questions as to where you were and with whom."

So, Draco worried about her, even if just a bit, and the realization made her grin. But it didn't make her grin as much as the realization that he'd been able to tell her apart from the real Pansy Parkinson. She didn't understand why, but that made her very, very happy.

"His wandwork is exemplary." Chloe tried to insert little praises about Draco whenever she was alone with Lord Voldemort (which was actually quite a lot). She knew she wasn't being subtle about it but she didn't care. The next time she saw the Slytherin she wanted him to smile, and wanted to have earned it. "He's also one of the best graded in Defence Against the Dark Arts."

"Is he now?" Lord Voldemort was going over some books.

"Yes." She sat by his side with a book of her own opened on her lap. These last couple of weeks she'd spent by his side (most of the time at least - there were still meetings with the inner core that he attended by himself) and she could feel that she was growing stronger once more. Maybe he'd been right. Maybe the stress had gotten to her, but she didn't like thinking about that. It was probably why she tried to distract herself by implementing plan: Help Draco. "And he excels in charms."

There was a knock on the door, and when Lord Voldemort gave permission for entry, Lucius Malfoy did just that. He looked a hundred years older than he had the last time Chloe had seen him, but he also looked jubilant. "I did it, My Lord! She is a Pureblood lady!" He then paused and backtracked. "She can pretend convincingly that she is a Pureblood lady."

Chloe grinned in excitement. Lois had finally passed the Malfoys' tests! That was amazing!

Lord Voldemort leaned back in his seat and looked at Lucius. "Considering that you are merely teaching social graces one wouldn't have thought that it would've taken you this long to finally graduate your first pupil."

Lord Malfoy flinched.

"But we are talking about Lois, My Lord." Chloe felt bad for Draco's father as she turned and placed her hand on Lord Voldemort's arm. "I love her dearly, but I know that she isn't a lady and would resist becoming one." She turned a brilliant smile on Lord Malfoy. "I believe that Lord Malfoy has done an exceptional job if he's managed to at least teach her how to feign being a lady."

Lord Malfoy sent the Dark Lord a quick look before he lowered his head. "Thank you."

Chloe smiled and turned to look at the Dark Lord once more.

Lord Voldemort let out a sigh and nodded. "Congratulations are in order, Malfoy." He raised his chin. "As Miss Rosier has yet to pass her exam, and Severus will have to tend to his next student over the school break, Miss Gaunt will come here while you will take Miss Greengrass."

Chloe had to admit that while she'd enjoyed the time by Lord Voldemort's side, she was extremely excited to get to know not only the place that Draco had grown up in, but his mother as well. She'd heard nothing but vague details about Narcissa Malfoy from Lucius and Draco, and only seen her from far at the Death Eater banquet. Chloe wanted to meet the woman and see what she was truly like. Of course, she was slightly intimidated by the thought of meeting the woman behind both Lucius and Draco, but she didn't back down from challenges, ever.

Lord Voldemort's scarlet eyes were narrowed on Lucius. "I do not have to remind you that she's been in a delicate condition since her stay in Hogwarts."

"Of course not, My Lord." Lucius bowed his head.

"And, of course, I have no need to remind you of her importance." Lord Voldemort reached out to run his long fingers through her hair, his eyes never leaving Lucius' face, his expression hard. "Or that her safety is to be your most pressing concern." His long, pale fingers lifted a strand of her blonde hair, his gaze still on Lucius. "If one strand of hair is touched, Lucius, you will not like the consequences."

Lucius bowed even further. "We will guard her with our lives, My Lord."

"See that you do."

Chloe looked between them, unhappy with this dark, threatening air. She forced a smile on her face and cleared her throat as she addressed Lucius. "Will I have to walk around with piles of books on my head?"

Voldemort turned his gaze on her in question. "Books?"

"Lois asked me the exact same thing." Lucius' expression was a mixture of confusion and despair as he rose from his bow. "Why is it that when faced with our prospective tutelage, the imagery of walking with books on one's head comes to mind?"

"It's a muggle thing," she admitted sheepishly. "In all of our movies and such whenever someone goes through a transformation to become a lady, she is usually forced to walk around with books on her head." She blinked. "They also show people tied to chairs by scarves while being forced to eat with their shoulders straight."

Lucius covered his face with his hand quite an undignified manner.

Lord Voldemort gave Chloe a look which was half amused, and half scolding.

Chloe merely smiled up at Lucius and wondered if she would still be in Malfoy Manor when school let out in a month for holidays.

In the Gryffindor Common Room, very late into the night, three students sat by the fireplace, their voices lowered as they congregated over the Marauders' Map.

"It's definitely Parkinson now." Harry Potter fought the wave of disappointment as they gazed at the distinct "Pansy Parkinson" on the map. Before, whenever they'd physically see Pansy Parkinson, the map would either say a random mix of alphabets, or merely register an extremely faint dot. It'd taken them, or, well, Harry, forever to see it. They wondered if it'd been this way when 'Mildred' had been here. They hadn't even noticed it at first, it'd been right in front of them and yet they hadn't noticed it at all, almost as if magic was keeping them from seeing something which should be so obviously wrong. If they hadn't seen 'Mildred' rushing towards Snape's chambers and then changing into someone else before she could reach the door and the safety behind it… well… they wouldn't have started trying to search the map for clues as to what was going on and who was using Polyjuice to replace Mildred. They couldn't find a dot which said Mildred Bulstrode or otherwise. Sometimes, while searching for the dot, they'd forget what it was they were searching for. And that only confirmed that there was magic at work. And considering the imposter had been running to Professor's Snape's chambers, obviously he was involved in this situation somehow.

They'd gone to Professor Dumbledore about the situation, about Snape's obvious treachery, but other than ordering them not to tell anyone else about this, Dumbledore had ushered them out of his office and done nothing. It was why, when they'd noticed Pansy Parkinson suddenly frequenting Snape's chambers (and then Harry discovered that her dot on the map was a mix of alphabets) they hadn't even gone to Dumbledore. Instead they'd taken it upon themselves to follow and observe this obvious imposter with the use of Harry's invisibility cloak. They found more and more evidence that this was someone other than their pug-nosed classmate. There was no way that Pansy would've helped Riley, and there was no way that she would've been nice to those First Years. When Harry had seen the way the girl had stood in front of the others the night of the attack, as if to defend the kids from whatever came through the front door, and he'd known, he'd known, that this girl couldn't be Pansy. But who was she? And then there was the fact that sometimes, when they were close, he saw things that went too quickly for him to actually see them. And then there were other times in which they'd stalk this Pansy-imposter and he and her would get nose bleeds at the same time.

They were connected, and while Harry didn't want to admit it, that both terrified and fascinated him.

They'd continued stalking her with use of his invisibility cloak. They'd wanted to catch this imposter doing something heinous, something terrible, something at least a slight bit questionable, but they hadn't. It'd confused them at first, and then intrigued them later. They knew that she had to be some sort of Death Eater, but if so then what exactly was she doing in Hogwarts going to school and cozying up to Malfoy (who apparently was with "Parkinson" in a revenge plot due to some past scuffle they'd had)? She wasn't reporting back to anyone (unless she was reporting to Snape during her detention). She wasn't snooping around trying to find Hogwarts' weaknesses (and they'd followed her around every free moment that they weren't in class so they knew this was a fact). They didn't think they'd actually seen her lift a wand her entire time there.

Not only that, but they'd seen the way the girl acted when she thought others weren't looking. She smiled. She was friendly. She'd become friends of sorts with the First Year Gryffindors, and her favorite was visibly muggleborn Riley. And those three boys liked her. They'd trusted her enough to let her put a hex on them without doubting that it wouldn't be painless as she'd promised. The kids had gone along with the plan, and the Trio had watched as later she brought chocolates to reward them with. She'd then tried to warn the boys against getting into trouble with the Slytherins, who wouldn't hesitate to actually hurt them and not just pretend to like she had.

"What does this mean?" Hermione nibbled on her bottom lip.

"It means you two gave away the fact that you knew she wasn't Lavender." Ron rolled his eyes at them. "Just what the hell were you two thinking off charging in like that?"

"We were thinking about protecting you." Hermione glared at him. "We thought she'd isolated you to hurt you!"

"Well, she hadn't!" Ron glared back at her. "And if you hadn't messed things up I might've been able to get some information out of her! But now she's gone and we might never know why she, or the other one, were here in the first place!"

"See if I ever try to save you again," Hermione uttered a completely useless threat.

When Hermione and Harry had consulted the Marauder's Map and he'd seen a very faint and barely noticeable mark alone with Ron (he'd actually gotten a nosebleed and piercing headache in his effort to track her) they'd thought that this was it, that she was finally making her move and attacking their friend, but they'd come upon a different scene all-together.

Ron, who'd known it was her from something she'd said, had admitted to being very weary at first (and keeping his wand at the ready) but that she'd merely talked to him. He'd been waiting for a hex, for her to offer him something with a potion in it, or in the least for her to try and get information about Harry from him. But the conversation had had a 'distinct lack of Harry Potter', and those had been Ron's words.

The whole situation had left the Golden Trio confused and Harry growing more and more suspicious.

"She obviously was terrified of you, Harry." Ron turned his browns on him. "I mean, sure, Hermione cut an intimidating picture with her wand out and all that, but the one she couldn't keep her wide-eyes off of was you."

"Definitely has to be a Death Eater then, right?" And yet Hermione didn't sound so sure.

"I bet you Dumbledore knows." Ron made a face. "But he's keeping it all secret. I mean, he knows about that slimy Snape and yet he didn't do anything about that! Why not? What isn't he telling us?"

Harry nodded his agreement as he sighed. "And, of course, there's the question of why isn't he telling us."

Snape was obviously helping these imposters, and Dumbledore obviously knew. But despite it all, the Headmaster was keeping things from Harry, and he couldn't understand why. Hadn't he always done all that was needed from him? Hadn't he proven himself? Then why didn't the Headmaster trust him with the truth about what was going on? About who had infiltrated Hogwarts?

And what connection did she have to Harry? He knew there had to be one. That was the only explanation he had for his headaches, for his nosebleeds, for the images he couldn't make out in his mind… for the fact that he was the only one able to make out her mark on the Marauders Map. He hadn't been able to make out Bulstrode's mark, but (no matter how vague and painful it was to find) he'd been able to locate the mark of Pansy's (and then Lavender's) imposter. Why? Why?

Who the hell had that girl been, and just what the hell had she been doing in Hogwarts?

Staring at the map, a muscle ticking in his cheek, Harry Potter vowed to himself that he'd do all in his power to find out the answers - whether Dumbledore wanted him to or not.

31st-Oct-2014 06:19 am (UTC)
i just love you.... it's great and i really hope you will continue this one .... will narcissa like chloe?... and of course when will dubledore strike, he has to know what happens thanks to snape, right?

thanks again for an awesome update
3rd-Nov-2014 04:26 am (UTC)
It shall be continued :)

Well, I just think that Narcissa will be relieved that Chloe isn't purposely going against her teaching and fighting the thought of being a Pureblood lady like Lois did!

Dumbledore definitely knows more than the Dark Side would like!

Edited at 2014-11-03 04:37 am (UTC)
31st-Oct-2014 02:44 pm (UTC) - Really Loved This Fic
Can't wait for more. Great job.
3rd-Nov-2014 04:26 am (UTC) - Re: Really Loved This Fic
Thanks hon. Glad you liked!
3rd-Nov-2014 12:11 am (UTC)
Chloe and Harry have a connection... Either they're brother and sister or there's some kind of prophecy about them...

Dumbledore knows!!!!!
I want to know too!!!
3rd-Nov-2014 01:53 am (UTC) - harry smarry
I guess I'll just have to live with harry being important to the plot, but I don't have to like it.

chloe being a blond potter would fit the clues, but I will be doing my best to come to another conclusion.

Dumbledore does work with Snape, but what if Moira is helping him too. Chloe still has her kryptonite power. Her mom could too. What if his fail safe plan is to have Moira make Chloe kill Voldie and having Chloe in Hogwarts was a chance to acquire an Item of Chloe's?
3rd-Nov-2014 04:28 am (UTC) - Re: harry smarry

*la dee da dee da* innocent expression. I cannot comment on ANY of the theories. Ye shall have to wait for the next segment ;)
3rd-Nov-2014 08:45 pm (UTC) - Re: harry smarry
Please don't comment. I was just theorizing to distract myself from potter. Spoilers for immediate chapters are awesome, but big picture spoilers not so much.

I am looking forward to Chloe's reaction to Draco's home.

Edited at 2014-11-04 12:31 am (UTC)
3rd-Nov-2014 04:27 am (UTC)

Yes, there is definitely a connection between those two - but I can't say what - for now!

Yes, well, Dumbledore has an inside man. You need to find an inside man ;P
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