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Little Miss Muffet 3/6 
17th-Dec-2014 08:07 pm
Chlean---Cute Smiles
Little Miss Muffet
Title: Little Miss Muffet
Sequel to: Through The Looking Glass
Series: Asset Series
Characters: Chloe/Dean, Sam/Jessica, Brady, Wade, and others...
Fandoms: Smallville/Supernatural
Rating: M (for Chlean progression sake)
Disclaimer: Own nothing but the plot
Summary: Things between Chloe and Dean are steadily progressing towards hot and heavy. But when they, along with Sam, are kidnapped on their way to see John, and are reunited with unexpected friends and allies, they realize that an enemy from the past is back. They just don't know it's much more than just revenge, and that their enemy has some surprising backers.

"Well, according to this map there's a town not that far away from here." Chloe put her hair up in a ponytail as she gazed down at the map. "We should try for there."

"Everyone keeps forgetting about those things out there." Jess hugged herself. "Spencer isn't going to let us walk out of this town. Not without some sort of confrontation."

"Well, if Spencer wants a fight he's going to get one." Dean's voice was low, gravel. "I'm itching to stab something." His gaze slid to Wade before it returned to the map and his grip on the edge of the table tightened.

"He's not alone. He's got friends," Sam reminded. "And Spencer on his own was a lot to handle - much less with backup."

"I'm not as versed in this supernatural crap as the lot of you." Wade let out a growl. "So can someone explain how this is all happening? I mean, I get that he's some sort of weird pedo ghost who electricity affected - and who affected electricity. And he could jump bodies through touch. And he had a thing for Chloe…" Wade smirked as he gazed at her. "Not that I didn't get that bit."

Chloe rolled her eyes at him.

Dean's grip on the edge of the table tightened further.

Sam cleared his throat. "We've been researching this ever since we escaped, especially after we realized that there might be a chance that Spencer escaped. He wasn't a normal sort of spirit, we don't know what they did differently during that seance, but they did something, summoned him wrong. That could account for the reason why certain rules worked with him and others didn't."

"Which ones didn't?" Dean turned to his brother.

"EMF doesn't pick him up." That was Brady. "He doesn't appear in photos or video."

"Rocksalt only phases him, and its very short. Like maybe two minutes at most." Jess shivered. "Electricity seems to stun him worse."

Right. Dean remembered seeing Jess tazer the ghost when he'd attacked Chloe. "Anyone have a tazer on them?"

"I have one back in our motel room, but not on me." Chloe made a face.

Wade's eyes narrowed as they landed on Chloe. "You're sharing a motel room with Calvin Klein?"

Chloe turned to him with wide green eyes and red cheeks. "Uhm, yeah."

Wade narrowed his eyes. "Have you slept with him?"

"That's really none of your business, is it?" Dean snarled at him, although he had to admit that a part of him was evilly pleased that Wade had found out without him having to look like a possessive asshole and spelling it out.

A muscle jumped in Wade's cheek as he turned to Chloe. "I need to talk to you in private."

Chloe's eyebrow rose. "I think this meeting in more important than—."

Wade grabbed her upper arm and yanked her off to the side.

Dean made to follow when Sam stopped him. "So help me, Sammy. If you don't get out of my way—."

"Dean, listen." Sam wasn't even looking at him. Instead he was tense, his eyes above.

Dean narrowed his eyes and looked up. He didn't see anything, but he could hear the softest of sounds that took him a moment to place. Someone was whistling, and the song sounded like the itsy bitsy spider. He'd heard that whistle before, not himself but in Chloe's dreams. The hunter turned blanche and his light hazels went to Chloe to let her know but both she and Wade had gone still and were looking around them as well, obviously having heard the sound.

Chloe's greens swung to Dean's hazels, and her eyes widened before suddenly everything went black and the room erupted in explosions and screams.

Brady wasn't sure where he was or how he'd gotten there, but he was alone and he could see the forest in the distance. If he got there, if he got to higher ground, he'd be able to communicate with Azazel.

A scream erupted somewhere behind him. It sounded like Jess.

Taking in a deep breath, Brady reminded himself that if he didn't get them help they'd all die, and that was why he turned and ran in the opposite direction of Jess' screams.

"Where's Dean?" Chloe looked around herself, not even paying attention as Wade gripped her hand tightly and forced her to continue running. "I can't see Dean!"

"Be quiet or those things will find us!" Wade hissed as he looked around and then kicked the door to one of the buildings open. Throwing her in he hurried in after her and slammed the door closed behind them. Seconds after he'd thrown himself against the door something else slammed into it from behind, howls loud in the air.

Chloe hurried to the door and pushed against it as well. "What are those things? And how did we suddenly end up outside?"

"Hell if I know," Wade grunted as he continued to keep his back pressed against the door, which shook behind them. "So, you and Clavin Klein? Really?"

"Is this really the time for this?" Chloe glared at him.

He raised an eyebrow, obviously waiting for an answer.

"Yes! Me and 'Calvin Klein'!" She let out a growl as she continued to press back against the door.

Wade glared and looked away. "I thought we had a deal."

"Oh you've got to be—it's not like you've been celibate waiting all this time!" She was almost relieved for the creatures trying to get into the building.

"That's not the same."

"How is that not the same?"

"It just isn't."

Chloe rolled her eyes. "Man logic. It's so stupid."

He glared at her. "Calvin Klein is stupid!"

"His name's Dean!"

"Deanie Weanie."

She snickered and shook her head. "You're being so immature right now it's not even funny."

He groaned and looked up at the ceiling. "I know."

She sent him a sideways glance. They might be arguing right now. They might've have seen each other in forever. They might not get out of this one in one piece, but despite that it felt good to see Wade again. She trusted Wade, and for some inexplicable reason liked him. She just wished that things didn't usually end up this way whenever she was with him. "We need to stop hanging out only when someone is trying to kill us."

He snickered and then reached out a hand to her. "It's a deal."

Shaking it, Chloe cried out when the pressure behind the door stopped. Sharing a wary look with Wade, she kept pressed against the door nonetheless and looked up at the ceiling. "I hope Dean's okay."

"Yeah. His safety's my number one concern too."

Sending a glare in Wade's direction, Chloe shook her head and hoped that, wherever he was, Dean was safe.

"She's been hurt really badly." Sam looked back where Jess sat against the wall, her shoulder bleeding. It hurt him to see her in so much pain and so vulnerable, but he knew that he wouldn't let anything else happen to the woman he loved. "We need to get her to a hospital."

Dean stared out of the windows at the creatures prowling outside. "When they said that he had 'friends' I imagined other phantoms. Not—whatever the hell those things are!"

Sam gazed out as well, eyes narrowed as he realized that those things weren't attacking, they were just making sure that the trio couldn't escape. "They separated us from the others."

"You think?" Dean snapped.

He tried to fight his own temper by reminding himself that should their positions be switched, he would be just the same way Dean was at being separated from Jess during a time like this. "Brady and Wade will take care of her."

"Oh, I know Wade will," Dean growled.

Sam lost his temper. "What is your issue, Dean? I know that Wade's a lot to handle sometimes, but I know him from before, and he's a good enough guy! He's also protected Chloe and—."

"He was her husband on the other side, Sammy." Dean could barely get the words out. "Wade was the guy that she was married to."

Sam's eyes widened as suddenly it all made sense. "Chloe told you this?"

"She didn't have to. Things she said about him made me realize who it was that she'd been married to on the other side." Dean ran his hand down his face. "The rings she still wears around her neck? They are their wedding rings."

Oh wow. Sam hadn't seen this coming. He could see now why Dean was in such a state. He'd not only gotten separated from the girl he loved, but she was now with the guy who (as Dean saw it) had stolen her from him in the alternate reality. He totally got where his brother's attitude was coming from. "Dean, whatever happened in the other universe doesn't matter. She's in love with you."

Dean looked away, clearly uneasy and unwilling to be comforted.

"He's right, you know." Jess' words were grunted out in pain. "I don't know exactly what you're talking about when you say alternate universes and crap, but I can tell you one thing: Chloe can barely handle Wade's touch."

Dean turned around to look at the bleeding blonde in the corner.

"She's pushed herself harder with him than with any other guy, but believe me, the images of the other psychos who hurt her still appear in her mind." Jess straightened despite the pain she was obviously in as she pressed Sammy's bunched up jacket against her wound. "I don't know about any other universe, but in this one you are the only one she seeks out, the only one she touches willing, the only one she feels safe with." Jessica's eyes narrowed on Dean. "That girl might be young, but she's gone through enough to make her know what she wants, and you're blind if you can't see that it's you and not Wade."

Sam turned to Dean to warn him off of snapping at Jess, but the expression on his brother's face was far from annoyed. In fact, he was pensive. It was an interesting look on his brother's face and as Sam went to sit next to Jess, he applied pressure to her wound and gazed up at Dean.

Taking in a deep breath, Dean nodded. "You're right."

Oh my god. Had Dean just said those two words?

"Of course I am," Jessica scoffed.

Dean's lips twitched before his lights hazels went to Sam. "Marry that girl, Sammy."

Sam outright grinned at his brother.

Jessica did as well before she moaned at the pain. "I feel like such a sissy for moaning and groaning like this."

"You're hurt," Sam defended her. "You moan and groan as much as you need to."

Jessica turned to look at him, tenderness in her eyes. "I missed you so much."

His heart clenched. "And I you."

Dean groaned and looked up at the heavens. "Oh god, the chick flick moments are gonna kill me!"

Sam flipped his brother the finger.

Jessica leaned her head against the wall and laughed as she eyed Dean. "Please. You act as if you're not going to have a chick flick moment when you get Chloe back."

Dean opened his mouth, closed it, opened it and then pursed his lips in a pout. "Sammy, don't marry that girl."

Jessica laughed loudly.

Sam wasn't sure whether to be terrified or not that his girlfriend and brother seemed to get on like a house on fire.

"So…" Chloe made a face. "How's Star City?"

Wade thought for a couple of minutes. "Nice, actually."

They both sat on the ground with their backs to the door they kept shut. The things outside had stopped banging against it a while back, but that didn't mean that the humans inside wanted to chance it just yet.

"Oh, right…" Wade turned to her. "You remember that psycho place in Star City that you were telling me about?"

She nodded, surprised at the topic. "Yeah."

"I know someone who went there. She said that place was fucked up."

"What do you mean?" Her eyes narrowed.

He leaned closer to her. "Apparently there were a string of 'suicides' that she said were not suicides, but the place totally covered it up. And get this…" he lowered his voice. "Apparently, she said she saw some weird monster thing, but they told her it was the meds she was on."

"I thought they were supposed to treat people naturally and not focus on medication." That had been one of the reasons why she'd considered it.

"I don't know. All I do know is that she was scared as hell. Has been ever since she got out. Thinks the monsters or ghost or whatever was going to come after her." Wade made a face. "I told her about that salt shit. You know? How its supposed to keep evil presences out? She's simmered down some since then."

Chloe grinned and bumped shoulders with him. "Lookey here. Wade Mahaney, occult adviser."

"Take that back!" He laughed as he pointed his finger at her.

The itsy bitsy spider went up the water spout…

Both froze as the low male voice sang in the air around them.

Down came the rain and washed the spider out…

The whole building began to rattle.

Up came the sun and dried up all the rain…

Suddenly the walls caught of fire, causing the two to hurry to their feet, trapped inside of the burning building as the fire spread to the door.

And the itsy bitsy spider climbed up…

The voice echoed loudly and all around them as Wade grabbed his head and yelled.

"Wade?" Chloe's eyes widened.

the spout…

Wade stropped screaming and turned to face her, a smile she recognized all too well on his face. "Again."

"Have you finally found her?" Meg raised an eyebrow as she stood at the look on her father's face when he entered the room. "Is she okay?"

"I've heard from Brady." Azazel turned to his daughter, eyes demon-gold. "They've been taken by the same spirit they battled in Stanford. I've sent my best fighters to the boundaries, I've gone there myself, but there's something around the place that makes it impossible for Brady to leave, or for my minions to enter."

"How could a mere spirit trap a demon?" Meg's eyes narrowed as she moved closer, anxious. She'd known something was wrong when Chloe failed to either Skype her session, or text to give a reason why she couldn't make their regularly scheduled sessions.

"He's not working alone." A muscle jumped in Azazel's cheek. "Brady says that the place is crawling with chimera."

"Chimera?" Meg's eyes went black in shock. "No spirit can control those beasts!"

"Exactly." Her father paced the floor of her meatsuit's office. "Someone else is behind this."

"Are we thinking it's the same person who's trying to kill her?" Meg wanted to know.

"No. This is different." Azazel shook his head. "This reeks of Dalakis."

"I thought your intel said that they wanted her alive." Meg's eyes narrowed as she clenched her hands into fists. "Why would they do something like this? Why help the spirit that's traumatized her? The things he did—she still has nightmares! Why would they help him get to her?"

Azazel continued to pace the floor before he froze and his eyes widened. "It's a test."

"Why would they test her?" Meg couldn't quite get the logic. "They already know that she's their blood."

"They're not testing her." Azazel licked his lips. "They're testing Dean."

"Spencer." Chloe was sick to her stomach as she stared up at Wade, and yet behind his eyes was a darkness, a lustful evilness that she recognized all too well.

"Hello Chloe." His smile wasn't Wade's, and it made her sick to her stomach. "Did you really think that Tommy's valiant little self-sacrifice was going to be enough to get rid of me? Did you really? If so, I'm truly disappointed in you."

"How will I ever managed to survive with the knowledge that I disappointed you?" Despite her snark she was fighting with every fibre in her body not to allow herself to show just how affected, how scared she was right now. She'd faced worse evil than this, Michael/Adam was a testament of this, and yet Spencer made up some of the worse parts of her nightmares and being in front of him once more made her want to puke as she remembered the terror she'd lived during that time in Stanford.

"You look… different." Wade's body drew closer before he let out a smirk. "Have you been working out?"

She had her Archangel blade in her boot. If she—. No. Chloe gulped as she realized that she couldn't use her best weapon against Spencer. The Archangel blade would definitely kill him once and for all, but it would also kill Wade. Humans couldn't take the angelic energy that raced through their bodies once stabbed with those things, it burnt them from the inside.

The realization that she was going to have to find some other form of rescuing Wade and killing Spencer made her scared and had her backing up against the wall. She hadn't ever known about a spirit who was as unique as Spencer, and considering she'd thought he was dead she hadn't looked into studying more about what sort of spirit he might be. She was so going to punch Sammy once this was over.

"I find this so… rich." He grinned down at her as he stood with an inch between them, her body plastered against the wall. "It only seems appropriate that I finally get to defile that body of yours, and that I use the body of your soulmate to do so."

"Soulmate?" Chloe narrowed her eyes. "What are you talking about?"

He paused and then laughed. "You don't know."

"Don't know what?" Chloe glared at him.

"I did some investigating while I was out, jumping from body to body, and word on the street was that the Asset was being difficult, even when it came to the man whose marks match the ones on her heart." He patted his hand on Wade's heart. "This body is your soulmate."

Chloe's eyes widened in shock. "You're lying."

"Nope." Wade's face leaned close to hers and raised the hand that now had Spencer's spiderweb tattoo on it, trailing it down the side of her neck. "That's why this is going to be so much fun."

Body reacting on instinct, Chloe used the lessons alt!Lois had given her and kneed Wade. When he crouched over in pain she punched him hard enough to drop him to the ground. Taking advantage of the seconds this gave her, she unlocked the door and, not caring about the monsters that'd chased them in there in the first place, raced out into the darkness.

The creatures were gone but she didn't have time to wonder about that as Wade's voice yelled her name viciously from behind her.

He was up. He was pissed. And he was gaining on her.

18th-Dec-2014 04:20 am (UTC)
Holy crap
This cliffie is killing me lol
Please come back soon
Wade's her soulmate? What?
18th-Dec-2014 06:02 am (UTC)
Yep, remember heaven wanted her to "birth" the new Michael's Sword after Dean made himself unfit, so they aligned her with Wade like they did Mary with John, because with Wade Chloe would be able to conceive the next hosts for Lucifer and Michael.

But Chloe maande to crack the sigils on her heart by choosing Dean continuously and unknowingly defying the "fated"ness.
18th-Dec-2014 05:24 am (UTC) - spencer suspenseful
I had to look up chimera, and the various options of what it could look like is even worse than I imagined. Lion bodies, snake headed tails, and goat or human heads. Other sources said other mashups of beasts. Shiver.

Bright side, I don't think their scratches carry poison or curse so Jess should be ok once they stop the bleeding.

The Dalakis grand ma doesn't seem like the type to put Chloe in a scary rape situation. Spring Heeled Jack showed us she was trying to be kind to Chloe. Daddy yuckest seemed like he wanted Chloe for himself. I smell red herring.

So Spencer's last host is now running around too? I wonder if he's a good guy.

I thought Chloe broke the soulmate seals when she kissed Dean during Midas touch. I guess they are still strong on Wade though. This Spencer guy better not try to hop into Dean!

Can't wait to see how you bring the groups together. Maybe Chloe can use her Dalakis magic for the win and not the blade? Just use the blade on this hidden big bad. Maybe, just this once, everybody lives? I hope Bobby can figure something out, because team Yeah Apocalypse doesn't seem capable.

Edited at 2014-12-18 05:25 am (UTC)
18th-Dec-2014 06:04 am (UTC) - Re: spencer suspenseful
Chimeras fascinate me. I'd love to go into more depth with them, but I won't be able to in this fic, sadly. :(

There is definitely more than meets the eye in this thing - but when isn't that the case with stuff that happens to Chloe?????

She cracked them. They're still there, but they don't have control over her or her emotions or choices. :)

Team Yeah Apocalypse... I kinda love that! lmfao

Edited at 2014-12-18 06:04 am (UTC)
18th-Dec-2014 06:35 am (UTC)
gosh.. great update..

dean should be more worried about wade beeing chloe's soulemate than an alternative future ... he's going to hurt wade bad, if he finds out ;)
and ahhh familiy.. you love and hate them... of course papaDalakis wants to know if the boy is worthy...

thank you *hands out fresh made cookies*
19th-Dec-2014 12:45 pm (UTC)
Thanks hon!
Yes! Believe me, that's made him even more worried now!
18th-Dec-2014 10:42 am (UTC)
Spencer is using Wade's body to try and rape her!!! OMG!!! This spirit is fucked up, he scares me lol.
I think I'd have done the same as Chloe...run and face the Chimeras (scary and ugly things by the way) instead of Spancer.
Ohh and the soulmate thing-I didn't see that coming.
So curious and nervous about whats next *bites all fingernails*

Guess what!!! I'm leaving the hospital tomorrow. Yay!!
19th-Dec-2014 12:45 pm (UTC)
Spencer is definitely one of the ickiest ghosts EVER.

YAY! Glad you're getting out of the hospital!!!!
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