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Connor 6/? 
13th-Jan-2009 03:39 pm

Title: Connor - Part One
Series: 3rd in Chlonnor series
Pairing: chlonnor, mentioned chlangelus, some fred/gunn, implied chlark
Fandoms: Smallville/Angel
Rating: T-M
Disclaimer: Don't own Smallville nor Angel.
Summary:When Connor returns, now grown up, things become even more chaotic in Chloe's life. As if Wolfram and Hart weren't bad enough. NOW she has to deal with an attraction for her sire's son?

Twirling the sais in her hands, Chloe sensed movement behind her and turned, shifting her hold on the weapons to throw one at the demon attacking Cordelia, and with the other she stabbed the demon who’d been sneaking up on her in its throat.

The big-eyed, bug-looking creature opened its mouth in an inaudible cry as she twisted the blade, its cold red blood flowing down the steel to her hand and down her arm. She did it slowly, cruelly, angrily. She needed someway to vent her anger, frustration and fear, and what better way than with these huge creatures that’d attacked the local hospital intent on eating all the newborn?

Pulling the sais out of the creature’s throat with a violent jerk, Chloe watched as the dead thing collapsed to the ground. Green eyes surveyed the room and she noticed with slight anger that they’d managed to kill the creatures, whose bodies were disintegrating before their eyes into nothing.

“Eeew.” Cordelia made a face as she looked up from the creature Chloe had killed, reluctantly pulling the sais from its corpse. “So gross.”

Green eyes closed as Chloe placed a hand to her forehead, feeling faint but fighting it with all she had. Almost two months had passed since Angel’s disappearance. Two months since anyone had heard a word from him. Two months since they hadn’t been able to track down Spike or Drusilla.

Two months since she’d fed.

She’d never gone this long without blood, and Chloe was feeling the drain horribly. She was violent and angry, her body in pain, so hungry she wanted to rip everything and everyone apart. She was also dizzy, weak, and scared.

She knew everyone was worried sick about her. Cordelia and Gunn had even moved into the Hyperion, one to help Connor protect the females while Angel was gone, and the other to help Fred take care of Chloe the nights she burnt up with fever and hallucinations due to the withdrawals her body was suffering.

It was only when she was fighting that she wasn’t weak and in pain, and that was because the demon that fused with her soul during her siring lashed out in anger and in bloodlust. With each kill she grew angrier, seeing all that blood and knowing that it wasn’t any good for her.

And now, like always when the fighting ended, the demon, weakened, returned to being submissive and left Chloe feeling weaker than she’d already been.

Please, God, if You exist, help Wesley find Angel soon. I don’t know how much more of this I can take.

She felt the sais in her hand clatter on the ground before her knees gave out, and yet she didn’t hit the ground. Warm arms encircled her as her world tilted dangerously, and suddenly she was held up against a strong chest like a child, in his arms, breathing in that now oh-so-familiar and comforting scent.


Clutching at his shirt weakly, Chloe closed her eyes and leaned her cheek against his shirt, confident that she was okay now.

She could hear the other’s voices around her, rapid, worried, but they were all being drowned out by the sound of Connor’s heartbeat.

The blonde didn’t question where he was taking her as the young man hurried out with her at an unnatural speed, she trusted him. Ever since Angel had disappeared Connor had slowly become her rock, her anchor, and like in moments like this, he became her only link to consciousness.

Maybe it was the fact that he was Angel’s son, that he treated her similarly to how Angel treated her, she didn’t know the reason, but she felt safe with Connor. She trusted him so much.

“You’re going to drink. Now.” Connor’s voice was hard, harsh. “Even if I have to force you to!”

Chloe tried to open her eyes but she was so tired. Drink what? She wasn’t thirsty. She just wanted to lay down and sleep forever---or until Wesley’s search turned up Angel---or Spike. At this moment she wasn’t going to be picky.

In moments she was being lowered to a bed, and Chloe recognized the scent ingrained in the sheets.


Forcing her eyes open, the blonde looked around the room, realizing that they were back in the Hyperion, and Connor had taken her to his room.

“Connor?” She whispered, confused.

Why hadn’t he taken her to her room?

Those green eyes widened when she returned her gaze to Connor and found him pulling off his shirt, leaving his chest bare to her inspection. Somehow she found enough blood to blush scarlet as she watched him stalking towards the bed and sitting down. A gasp escaped her lips when he reached forwards and pulled her onto him so that she was shamelessly straddling his lap intimately, chest slightly pressed to his.

All of a sudden she was so dizzy and aware.

“Connor?” She whispered, breath coming out rapidly, shocked, confused.

Drink.” Unlike the other many times in which he’d tried to get her to drink from him in the past this time Connor wasn’t asking, wasn’t begging, wasn’t trying to convince her that it was the only option she had. This time his voice was dark and commanding, he wasn’t going to back out of this argument.

“I can’t.” She whimpered, closing her eyes and leaning her forehead against his shoulder, breathing in his scent, sotempted.

“I’m not asking you.” Connor snapped, his hands going to her hips, fingers digging painfully into her skin. “You are going to drink of your own will or I’ll force you to. I won’t let you die!”

A shiver raced down her spine. Connor had never acted like this before, especially never this forward. With her he was so shy, so childlike in his naivety, and she doubted that he’d realized what an intimate position they were right now.


His fingers dug in deeper. “Drink!”

Chloe closed her eyes tightly against the pain. She knew that this was why Connor had put them in this exact position, she was too weak to fight and she wouldn’t be able to get off, to get away until he let her.

Bully, she thought affectionately.

“I can’t drink your blood.” She whispered, so tired. “You’re human. It’d kill me.”

“No it won’t. I have Angel’s blood in my veins. And I have yours too.” Connor spat out. “You fed my mother when I was in her. I know that my blood will be good for you, even better than Angel’s!”

She contributed the anger in his voice to his worry. And she also thought about what he’d said. It---was true. Connor had both Angel and Darla’s blood in his veins, and even had a little of hers mixed in.

It---it could be plausible.

It---it might work.

“My father was your sire.” Connor continued, his voice harsh as if he were still battling. “His blood runs through my veins." Those fingers dug in harder. “Drink!”

As if of their own accord Chloe felt her fangs growing, and in seconds she’d dug them deep into the vein in Connor’s neck. The first taste of his blood against her tongue caused something to explode inside of her. This---this was unlike anything she’d ever tasted. It was heaven.

A whimper escaped her as she fed slowly, warming, tingling. She wanted to pull out, wanted to stop, didn’t want to hurt Connor, didn’t want to drain him from her immense hunger---but she couldn’t stop.

That was one of the reasons why she’d avoided drinking from him until now. She’d been so terrified that in her hunger she’d drain him dry and kill him, and if she killed him---she felt she’d die.

Connor whimpered slightly, the fingers he’d dug painfully into her hips pulled out slightly and began to knead her flesh as if on instinct, soothing the pain he’d caused her, tilting his neck slightly and giving her better access.

A purr escaped Chloe’s lips and her hands somehow found their way to Connor’s eternally messy hair, fingers burying themselves into the dark silk as she ran her fingertips over his skull, enjoying the softness of his hair.

Connor groaned something out in one of the many demon languages he’d learnt while in Quor’toth and his hands trailed up harshly from her hips up her back, under her shirt, short nails scraping slightly against skin before he embraced her, pulling her tighter against him.

Chloe was too far gone to notice what she was doing, too drunk on the ambrosia that was Connor’s blood to notice that she was bucking wantonly against him. As always when she fed she felt desire burning inside of her, but unlike other times she couldn’t control herself, didn’t think of controlling her actions, wasn’t sure that she would’ve been able to if she tried.

She felt something inside of her changing slightly, Connor’s blood doing things inside of her that not even Angel’s had ever been able to do.

“Chloe?” Connor’s voice as hoarse, husky, and confused with childlike innocence---and that was what brought her back to her senses.

Eyes flying open, Chloe froze, shame and embarrassment causing her cheeks to flood red.

She’d just accosted Angel’s son---again!

What had she done?

She’d realized that despite how handsome and amazing he was, Connor had had virtually no contact with females in general while in Quor’toth. He was unbelievably childlike in his innocence when it came to seduction, or attraction, or anything that had to do with the female gender.

She’d found that sweet and had decided to help him preserve that innocence she so wished she could have, and yet here she was corrupting it! Why was it that while she wanted to try and help him maintain his childlike naivety, help him have a childhood he hadn’t had, she was the one who’d kissed him and thrown herself on him?!?

“What does my blood taste like?”

All her worries, all her fears of having traumatized him vanished in an instance as she pressed her forehead against his shoulder and smiled into his skin.

“Would you get freaked if I said it’s the best thing I’ve ever tasted?” She whispered, and anyone else would never have heard her words, but she knew that Connor, with his vampiric abilities, would.

There was a moment of tense silence before the arms she only now realized he had around her tightened slightly and he rested his cheek down against the crown of her head.

A sigh of pure contentment escaped her lips as she closed her eyes and breathed in his scent, lowering her hands from his hair, down his chest, to loop loosely around his waist.

Despite having been fed she was so tired, and felt so contented, so safe, that she felt herself drifting off into sleep in Connor’s arms, still somehow straddling him, but this time despite the position it wasn’t sensual. It was comforting. It was right.

She was halfway in the land of the sleeping when she felt him carefully lower her back to the bed and pull the sheets over her. For some reason she wanted to reach out and hold his hand, to ask him to stay with her until she went completely to sleep, but then the sheet lifted again and the section of the bed behind her dipped.

And then there was heat behind her as Connor laid down, making sure the sheet was securely around them both to their chins.

With any other man Chloe would have been worried, wary, but not with Connor. She knew he wasn’t going to try anything with her---it wouldn’t even cross his mind. She was safer with him than with anyone else.

There was slight hesitation before she felt his arm go around her from behind, pulling her carefully back against him. She felt his breath against the back of her neck, and smiled as he curled around her as innocent as a child with its mother.

He didn’t take advantage of her weak state, didn’t place his hands anywhere inappropriate, he just rested alongside her.

And she was falling in love with him more and more with each passing second.

Oh Chloe. Why is it that you always fall for the ones that can never be yours?

Sighing, the blonde let go of her thoughts and just enjoyed the feeling, falling to sleep with a smile on her face.


Wesley Wyndam-Pryce was on a mission.

So far it was a failing mission, but he was still on it nonetheless.

Putting down the phone, Wesley looked towards the closet that held the secret room in which he had the lovely yet traitorous Justine locked in. Sometimes it bothered him how uncaring he was at the fact that he’d kidnapped and was holding hostage a woman, but then he’d remembered who it was and he wouldn’t give a damn.

Justine had done a lot of bad things, and when Chloe had called him two months ago worried about Angel’s disappearance he’d suspected immediately that the redhead had something to do with the whole thing. And he’d been right.

A week after her capture Justine had caved in and told the whole truth, leaving Wesley surprised shocked. Connor had been a part of this ruse. Of course, he knew that both Justine and Holtz had tricked the young man, but still, he’d sent Angel in a coffin down to the bottom of the sea.

At first Wesley had wanted to tell Chloe everything immediately, but when he’d gone to see her to tell her things to her face he’d come upon her and Connor and had been shocked. He’d been hidden from their view, watching how she tried to look brave despite the fact that her eyes betrayed that she’d been crying. But that wasn’t the thing that’d shocked him.

No, what’d shocked Wesley was the way Connor was looking at the blonde. The young man had had his arm comfortingly around her shoulder, his blue eyes pained as he looked at her suffering. He looked like he’d do anythingto see the tears gone from Chloe’s face---and Wesley had turned around and left.

It was Wesley’s fault that Connor had been kidnapped and taken from his family, had been raised like a warrior, hadn’t had a childhood---hadn’t had the opportunity to know what love was---much less experience it.

And he wasn’t going to take everything away from the boy again.

He wouldn’t.

So that was why he’d kept silent and kept searching for Angel on his own. He didn’t know what’d happen once he found the vampire, it wasn’t as if they were on the best terms anyway, but he knew that he had to do this for the friendship they’d once had, and for Chloe. When everyone else had turned their backs on him Chloe had been by his side and he’d do anything for her.

‘I drank his blood, Wes. He forced me to and I drank it and it was better than Angel’s.’ Chloe’s confused voice echoed in his head. ‘I just woke up, and I---I feel better, stronger than I ever did after drinking from Angel. Why---why is that, Wes?’

Wesley had no idea.

Things had always been hard to understand or predict with Chloe because of what she was. She was a human with a soul who’d successfully fused with a demon and become something unheard of, unknown, of neither race, of a race of her own.

And now there was Connor, yet another anomaly, a different human-vampire hybrid---a nearly fully developed malehybrid of Chloe’s family. Due to his bloodline he had superiority even though Chloe had been created before him, and apparently he’d realized this and was already using his rank over her and she’d responded submissively.

Wesley frowned, running his hand over his face.

Chloe wasn’t someone submissive in the least bit, not even with Angel (though she’d been known to be somewhat submissive with Angelus, though she’d admitted that she’d only done so out of fear), so the fact that she’d obeyed Connor immediately without hesitation both surprised and worried Wesley.

And his blood made her feel better than Angel’s, her sire’s? That was unheard of and supposedly impossible.

He was going to have to look this up.

Something was happening here and they needed to be prepared for whatever it was when it happened.


Connor smiled as he watched Chloe laughing with Fred and Cordelia. He hadn’t seen her this alive, this vibrant for months, and he wished he’d just forced her to drink from him before. It’d killed him to see her withering and dying so slowly before his very eyes, and yesterday he’d had enough of it.

His hand went to his neck, which was a little sore, and his fingers touched the slightly puffed and swollen puncture marks and shivered at the electric shock that raced down his body. He’d thought that being bitten by a vampire was a horrible sensation, his father had told him of the agony, and yet when Chloe’s fangs had pierced his skin there’d been a second of pain and then it’d been pleasure and bliss and torture as he’d wanted to touch her.

He—he wasn’t used to these feelings. Connor had never felt anything similar for anyone before Chloe, and to be truthful his reactions to her frightened him. He never knew if he was doing the right thing or if he was making a fool of himself showing her how inexperienced he was.

Show him something threatening Chloe and he’d annihilate it right away without any hesitation, but in these matters he was as stupid as a baby.

A growl of pure frustration escaped his lips.

What must she think of him?

She’d been Angelus’ lover. She’d been with a vampire who’d had centuries of seductive knowledge at his fingertips. Compared to that Connor must seem like such a child to her, so unknowledgeable, so naïve, so undeserving of her attention, of her interest.

During these last two months he’d done his best to take Angel’s place in the group, in her life. He was the best fighter, the lead fighter, he took care of Chloe, made sure she ate, slept well, that she was taken care of, that she was okay, and now that he’d finally gotten her to drink his blood he had a feeling that things would finally be okay.

Since Angel was his father the Hyperion was his, so he provided food, a house, blood, companionship, everything for Chloe. He took the jobs with the others and they were slowly beginning to concentrate more on the jobs than searching for Angel---although everyone was adamant on searching for the vampire.

Connor didn’t understand it.

Why did they want the vampire back?

Did he have them all fooled?

Or were these humans privy to the darkness and enjoyed it?

“You look troubled.”

Connor jerked in surprise and noticed that Chloe was standing in front of him. “I—I am well.”

“Are you sure?” She asked, worried.

“Yes.” He smiled slightly. “Are you well?”

“Better than ever.” Chloe smiled brightly. “Thanks to you.”

That part of his chest that stirred whenever she smiled warmed up, and Connor wanted to reach out and push that shock of hair out of her face and behind her ear but he didn’t dare. He’d go up against the ugliest and evilest of creatures, but the thought of touching Chloe terrified him.

What if he did something wrong?

Or did something she didn’t want him to?

What was he supposed to do?

He wanted her, he needed her, but he didn’t know what to do for that to happen and he didn’t have anyone he could ask. There was no one he trusted here other than Chloe, and he wasn’t about to ask her.

I will find a way. He continued to smile at her as Chloe started talking excitedly. I just have to prove to her that I am the best candidate for her mate, that I am strong and will protect her, provide for her. I will prove myself to her, and maybe, maybe, she will learn to accept my deficiency and be mine.



13th-Jan-2009 09:01 pm (UTC)
welcome back to this story i missed it so much. loved the part where connor made chloe feed off of him that was hot. i hope they find angel soon.
13th-Jan-2009 09:21 pm (UTC)
Hey! I feel so bad for forgetting to update it here! Glad that you liked!
(Deleted comment)
14th-Jan-2009 01:26 pm (UTC)
Thanks for the review! Yeah, that is one of my favorite Connor/Chloe interactions up till this point...and there will be a reason for why his blood is better.
14th-Jan-2009 07:10 pm (UTC)
really like the story and thought the best bit was where he made her feed cant w8 2 c what'll happen when angel is found
14th-Jan-2009 07:25 pm (UTC)
Well, since I just posted the next chapter you didn't have to wait long! lol
2nd-Jan-2010 12:46 am (UTC)
Connor showing just how much like Angelus he could be. Though he does have a soul, I enjoyed this story. Great job.
2nd-Jan-2010 01:46 am (UTC)
I really think as well that Connor is much more like Angelus than Angel.
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