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Little Miss Muffet 4/6 
18th-Dec-2014 02:14 am
chlean--oral fixation
Little Miss Muffet
Title: Little Miss Muffet
Sequel to: Through The Looking Glass
Series: Asset Series
Characters: Chloe/Dean, Sam/Jessica, Brady, Wade, and others...
Fandoms: Smallville/Supernatural
Rating: M (for Chlean progression sake)
Disclaimer: Own nothing but the plot
Summary: Things between Chloe and Dean are steadily progressing towards hot and heavy. But when they, along with Sam, are kidnapped on their way to see John, and are reunited with unexpected friends and allies, they realize that an enemy from the past is back. They just don't know it's much more than just revenge, and that their enemy has some surprising backers.

Dean looked up as the sound of Wade yelling Chloe's name echoed through the air. There was something off about the sound of his voice, something twisted, but it could very well be the echo.

Jess and Sam looked up as well. Jess was growing paler and paler from blood loss. They needed to get out there, and soon. But to do so, his brother would need his help. They all knew that Sam wouldn't be able to get her out of there alone.

Dean turned to his brother. "I'll be back for you guys." And with that he unlocked the door and raced out of it, ignoring the sound of Sam as he yelled his name.

Chloe's heart raced as she ran through the darkness of the ghost town. All around her everything was silent and lifeless. It seemed like the perfect place to die in, to fade in and join the utter quiet that filled this town, but she had no intention of dying. Not today. Not here. Not when there was so much she had to live for. She still hadn't been with Dean. She couldn't die a virgin. No way! And she wasn't going to die and leave Wade with that fucker as a passenger. She couldn't do that to the guy. Never. He'd been too good of a friend to her. He'd kept secrets for her, secrets no one else did.

He's your soulmate.

She didn't get that. How could Wade be her soulmate? She cared for him, and she supposed that in her own way she loved him as well. And once upon a time there'd been enough of an attraction for her to deliberate losing her virginity to him. But she wasn't in love with him. She was in love with Dean. Dean—Dean was her everything. He was her sunlight and her darkness. Her safety and her adventure. He was her high and her low. Everything. He was everything. If there was anyone who should be her soulmate it should be him. But if Spencer was to believe it wasn't so.

And really, what would Spencer get out of lying about this? She could see the ghost getting his kicks out of hurting her while in the body of her soulmate. Given everything she knew about him that fit exactly in his sort of 'fun'.

"CHLOOOOOOOOOOOOEEEEE!" He yelled from somewhere around the corner.

The blonde ducked behind a truck and closed her eyes tightly, feeling like a mouse being chased by a cat.

"CHLLOOOOOEEEEE!" He was closer. "Come out come out wherever you are!"

"HEY! WADE!" A voice yelled as another set of footsteps could be heard. "Where's Chloe?"

Eyes flying wide in horror, Chloe moved without thinking. Shooting up from her hiding place, her greens rested on Dean as he approached Wade. "Don't let him touch you! That's not Wade!"

Both men turned to look at her for a split second, distracted by her sudden appearance, but thankfully Dean recovered quicker. He didn't stop to question or even doubt whether she might be the one possessed. Instead he yanked his gun out and pointed it at Wade, aiming for his heart.

"Don't shoot!" Chloe screamed in horror. "You'll only kill Wade and free Spencer to take another body!"

Dean's gaze flittered to her for a split second before it returned to Wade.

"Or, she could be lying." Spencer's smile was an abomination on Wade's lips. "She would do anything to save him, after all."

Chloe hurried towards Dean, her gaze around them in the darkness to keep an eye for those other things as she reached him. "Unless that's rocksalt, you can't shoot him."

"Aww, you're so adorable. So protective of this body." Spencer's smile continued to cause ripples of disgust to trail down her spine. His gaze turned to Dean. "Then again, that's what soulmates do, isn't it? Protect each other at any cost?"

Suddenly Dean froze and his grip on the gun shook slightly. Although his gaze never left Wade/Spencer, his question was clearly directed at Chloe when he asked: "What is he talking about?"

"Don't feel too bad, from what I hear, she didn't know about it either until I told her." The amusement was evil in Wade's eyes. "Why do you think I chose to inhabit this body and not any of the other males here, yourself included?" He eyed Dean up and down in an appreciating way before their eyes met. "Little Miss Muffet has some punishment coming to her, and it'll hurt her even worse when the one inflicting it is none other than the body of the man whose heart contains the same symbols as hers." He patted the skin over his heart. "Soulmates are such rare and fascinating creatures."

Something happened to Dean at that moment, and Chloe didn't know exactly what it was. All she knew was that a shadow seemed to visibly cross over him, and his eyes darkened as his grip tightened on the gun. "Soulmate?" He cocked the gun. "Soulmate?"

"He's lying." Chloe wouldn't allow herself to believe otherwise.

"This body, this soul, was marked for you and you for him - just like Mary and John Winchester." Spencer laughed at Dean's expression as he spoke to him. "There is so much you don't know, but you don't need to know. You're useless, worthless. You're not even worthy of being the Michael's Sword anymore. You're irrelevant in this story." His turned his orbs on Chloe. "You and this body though? You're destined to be together. To marry. To have children. To be only his—."

The sound of the shot and Wade/Spencer's cry as the bullet hit him on his shoulder and knocked him backwards shocked Chloe to the core. She turned to stare at Dean with horrified eyes only to hear the sound of creatures howling around them, drawing near. She shook herself out of her horror and grabbed Dean's wrist, tugging him away from Wade/Spencer. "We have to go! Now! Dean! Come on!"

Dean turned to look at her, and for a second she didn't recognize the man with such cold eyes, but then he was her Dean again and he was running with her. All around them the sounds of growling could be heard, and a part of Chloe wondered why they hadn't been attacked, if maybe they weren't being herded. But she didn't have time to wonder about that as Dean found a warehouse door that was unlocked and pulled it open. Flinging her inside, he raced in and pulled the sliding doors down, locking them closed in time for creatures to bang against them and claw.

Both moved away from the doors and looked around the pitch blackness. They could've locked themselves in with some other sort of monster for all they knew.

A light flickered on to reveal Dean with a cigarette lighter in his hand. "Stay here." His voice was gruff, harsh, and made her do as told as he set off to explore the warehouse, which was actually quite small and was thus quick to clear. Dean was silent as he checked the place out. Chloe sat on the floor and stared at him, unable to believe that he'd shot Wade. Sure, it hadn't been a fatal wound, but he'd shot him nonetheless. Had he thought Spencer was about to attack? Had he seen some sort of cue that she hadn't? That must be it. That was the only reason she could come up with for him hurting the innocent body being controlled by the evil spirit.

When Dean returned to her side, he sat on the ground next to her and turned off the flame, bathing them in darkness.

She supposed she should feel scared, or even nervous considering they were trapped in the dark with monsters out there. But she was with Dean. That was all that mattered. As long as he was with her she'd be fine.

"Was he telling the truth?" Dean's voice was gruff and barely audible in the darkness.

Chloe stared in his general direction in the darkness. "I don't trust anything Spencer says. He's evil, Dean, and all he wants to do is get back at us for what we did to him."

There was silence and then a soft and almost threatening whisper. "I won't give you to him. Ever. Even if he's your goddamn soulmate I will never let him have you."

"I don't want you to." She reached out in the darkness and her hand hit his shoulder by accident. The girl moved towards him on her knees as she trailed her hand up his shoulder and then neck to find and cup his face. She couldn't see it, not in this pitch black, but she could feel the tension in his body and could only imagine what sort of expression he might have. "Dean… I never want you to 'give me away'. I never—I don't—Dean—." She closed her eyes despite the darkness of the room. "Dean— I need you to understand and to believe that I don't want anyone but you. I—!" A gasp escaped her lips as Dean's arms reached out into the darkness and pulled her onto his lap so he could wrap his arms around her tightly and kiss all thought from her mind.

Desperation leaked into her from his kiss and she kissed him back just as urgently as she curled her fingers through his hair. They were in danger and they mightn't make it out of this one, but she didn't care. Not when Dean's hands were on her, his lips against hers. The natural, musky scent of his skin, the taste of his lips, the feel of his calloused hands - they were familiar and exciting - as well as soothing. Dean inspired so many warring feelings inside of her, but all of them were positive and uplifting and amazing. She didn't believe in soulmates, but if they existed, Dean would be hers. He was her soul. He was her heart. He was her courage. Her everything. She loved him so much it hurt. It was a wonderful sort of hurt. A hurt she couldn't get enough of and never would.

It took her a couple of minutes to realize he was whispering something fiercely against her lips, and another couple of minutes to force herself to concentrate enough to make out what those words were.

"I need you…"

Chloe whispered the words back to him as she reached for her shirt, yanked it off of her body, and threw it on the ground.

Dean went still beneath her. "Chloe…" his voice was strained. "Chloe—I don't think—."

"I'm okay with you not thinking," she whispered before bringing his hand to cup a breast over her bra.

Dean let out a choked sound that was half cry/half laugh as he shifted his palm to cover her mound. His mouth found hers as his other hand did as well, both kneading her breasts softly in a way that had chills of pleasure racing up and down her spine. "I—I hate saying this—but this probably isn't the best time to do this."

"It definitely isn't," she agreed softly before she bucked against his lap and reveled in the sound of his groan. "Probably the worse time ever."

"Chloe…" Dean groaned as his hands went to her hips to try and stop their movements. "I'm just barely keeping from taking you against the floor. Work with me. Help me out here."

"I don't want to," she whispered in his ear before she nibbled on it.

The sound he let out was painful as he dug his fingers into her thighs. "Chlo—."

"I want you," she continued to nibble on his ear. "I want you inside of me. You. Only you."

Dean's grip tightened on her hips and he leaned his forehead against her shoulder. "I can't believe I'm doing this." In two seconds he'd pulled her off and sat her on the ground in front of him. "When we're safe and far from here you and I are going to rent us a cabin somewhere and we're going to do this right."


"Once I'm inside of you, I don't want to have to stop—for days." Dean's voice was hard, strained, pained. "And if we do anything here, that ain't going to happen." He took in a deep breath. "So we need to find the others and get the hell out of here."

"And save Wade." When he didn't answer, Chloe's eyes narrowed in his general direction. "We're saving Wade."

There was a pause, and then Dean cleared his throat. "We don't know what Spencer is, okay? You guys already tried dealing with him and obviously it didn't work. Its best for everyone if we retreat for now."

Horror filled her. "We are not leaving Wade under the control of that psychotic pedophile!"

"He'll be fine—."

"I'm not leaving Wade!" She couldn't believe they were having this discussion. "Dean! You help people! You save them! That's your family business!"

"Yeah, well, I'm all booked up helping you, keeping you safe." His voice grew gruff once more. "That's all that I consider my business anymore."

Her eyes widened, confusion and disbelief swirling inside of her. "But—!"

"He's not your soulmate, Chloe!" He snapped.

"I know he isn't!" She snapped right back. "I never thought he was!"

"Yeah? Well it doesn't seem that way."

What exactly was going on here? Why was he so adamant against Wade? Sure he hadn't liked him before much, but it wasn't just this whole soulmate thing that had him on edge. He'd been hostile from before Spencer had said that. So what was going on? "You act like you don't give a damn about whether we save him or not." Her eyes narrowed in the darkness. "You sound like you would prefer if we didn't."

"I never—."

"What is going on with you, Dean?" Something was wrong, something was horribly wrong.

"I'm just saying that we don't know how to deal with this Spencer guy, we don't even know what makes him so special. The only smart thing to do - the only thing we can do - is retreat for now and then figure out how to deal with this Spencer guy later. And believe me, I want to nail Spencer. He tried to hurt you, he almost hurt you. I saw what happened—how Jess saved—believe me when I say I'm going to kill him. But to do so we have to leave Wade behind." Dean's voice was calm now, and that worried her. "I am not saying this because it is Wade. I would say it no matter who Spencer possessed."

"That's a lie."

"That's not a—."

"If Spencer possessed me you wouldn't leave." She knew it for a fact, knew it with the same certainty as she did that she needed to breathe. "You would never leave me here under his control." The silence was her confirmation. "You'd find a way to sedate me, to control my body without touching me—a way to bind me so that I couldn't move or he couldn't jump ship—and then you'd figure out a way to kill him without hurting me." Her voice lowered. "I know you would."

The silence drew long before he sighed, his voice defeated. "Of course I would." He cleared his throat. "But Spencer didn't possess you. And you know why? Because he wants to hurtyou. And I'm sorry, I don't like Wade, that's true. But that's not why I'm saying this. I'm saying it because I'm going to protect you, and this is the only way I know how."

"But Dean—!"

"No buts." His voice was resolute. "We're going to get Sam and help him with Jess, and then we're getting out of here."

"Is Jess okay?" Chloe's eyes widened.

"No, she was hurt and bleeding a lot when I left them. When you disappeared one of those things bit her up pretty badly." Dean reached out in the darkness and found her hand. "We have to leave Wade, Chloe, and possibly Brady. Jess needs to get to a hospital. No matter how much pressure we put the bleeding won't stop."

This changed things, and while she didn't like it, she could do nothing but lower her head. "I understand." She then paused. "Why possibly Brady? Wasn't he with you guys?"

"No. When you and Wade disappeared, so did he."

A smile touched her lips, which was hidden in the darkness.

Brady could be getting into contact with Azazel, who could be already on his way to help. Azazel would know what to do. He'd know how to get Spencer out without hurting Wade. He'd help her. She knew he would.

That was why she grinned brighter and stood. "Okay. Let's go slip passed Spencer and those things and find Sam and Jess."

This was definitely Dalakis magic. There was nothing else human that could be this strong.

Azazel had walked the entire length of the boundary and hadn't been able to find a weak spot. Not one. There was no way that only one Dalakis was behind this. Hannah was definitely chipping in with someone else to do this spell. Maybe it was Viktor, but Azazel doubted it. If this really was a test for Dean, as he suspected, he didn't believe Viktor would want a part of it. From what he knew, Viktor was a firm believer in purity and preserving the bloodline, which was why the fact that he'd had a child with an unblood quite ironic.

Unlike Viktor, Hannah must've realized by now that separating Chloe from Dean was going to be near impossible. The next step, Azazel figured, would be to test the unblood.

Dalakis blood was strongest at its most pure, which was why the family had gone to great lengths to intermarry to keep it that way. It was also why there were so many insane people in that clan. Cousins could only marry cousins so often until things started to get murky. Chloe was probably the only child in a very long time who'd been born to someone who didn't have Dalakis blood, and that was because she hadn't been planned for. She'd already diluted the Dalakis bloodline by having been conceived by an unblood mother. Azazel hadn't thought the clan would risk further contamination of their bloodline by ever accepting her to cleave with an unblood as well, but this whole situation had him wondering otherwise.

"Sir, Brady reports that the chimera know he is there, but aren't attacking." Tom, still dressed in Gabe Sullivan's skin, moved towards him from the darkness. "He says they've assembled as a living barrier of sorts around the town itself and other than refusing to allow him back into the town with the others, won't even acknowledge his presence."

"They're keeping him separated." This was intriguing.

"This is ridiculous," another voice declared behind him.

"Uriel." Azazel turned towards his partner in crime. "What took you so long?"

"Humans have kept you out? Humans?" Disdain was visible on the angel's face as he released his Angel blade and moved towards the glowing barrier. "That is pathetic, Azazel." With that he raised his glowing weapon and brought it down on the barrier—only to be blown backwards by the backlash of the defense around it.

Azazel's lips twitched as he watched Uriel smack backwards into a tree and slide to the ground with an ooof. "What was that you were saying?"

Glaring at the demon, Uriel picked up his blade and stormed towards the demon. "Dalakis."


"They're growing more powerful." And he obviously despised that. "A holy blade should be able to pierce anything."

"Dalakis," Azazel reminded with a shrug. "Considering their bloodline I'm not that shocked."

"What now?" It visibly pained the angel to ask that as he put his blade away and straightened his usually immaculate suit.

Azazel raised an eyebrow and then sighed. "We wait."

18th-Dec-2014 01:26 pm (UTC)

Two updates yay!!!!
Poor Chloe having to deal with Spencer in Wade's body, all thanks to her psychotic family. Hmmm Spencer knows that Wade is her soulmate but I guess he doesn't know that Chloe broke to her seals because her love for Dean is much more powerful. Will they be finding out about that???

Ohh ohh that just gives Dean another reason to be even more jealous of Wade. I'm so evil that I'm enjoying this way too much.

19th-Dec-2014 12:47 pm (UTC)
Yep! On a roll. Lol
Sadly, it's about to get worse. Know. He hasn't been inside of Chloe, and the symbols are cracked in her. In Wade they're intact, so that's what he's going by.

Yes! Exactly!
18th-Dec-2014 02:19 pm (UTC)
Two chapters??? I'm feeling spoiled :)
Your updates always make me feel like you made my day!!

Ohhh for a second I really believed they were gonna have sex right there. Dean was able to think with his upper head!! LOL
Can Chloe take the barrier down? She's a Dalakis so...I thought she might be able to do something about it.
Thanks for both updates :D
19th-Dec-2014 12:48 pm (UTC)
Feel spoiled :)
Glad to hear that!

For a second they might've, but Dean has a lot of his plate to let himself let down his guard to that degree!!

Technically she probably could, if she knew more about herself and what her family does.
18th-Dec-2014 02:47 pm (UTC)
Yay, other chapter :)
Wow this is getting more and more interesting each word
I wonder who'll be able to take care of Spencer... Chloe, Dean, Azazel or Uriel lol
19th-Dec-2014 12:49 pm (UTC)
All I'm going to say is by the end of this story, Chloe won't have to worry about Spencer again....
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