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Little Miss Muffet 5/6 
19th-Dec-2014 08:14 am
Little Miss Muffet
Title: Little Miss Muffet
Sequel to: Through The Looking Glass
Series: Asset Series
Characters: Chloe/Dean, Sam/Jessica, Brady, Wade, and others...
Fandoms: Smallville/Supernatural
Rating: M (for Chlean progression sake)
Disclaimer: Own nothing but the plot
Summary: Things between Chloe and Dean are steadily progressing towards hot and heavy. But when they, along with Sam, are kidnapped on their way to see John, and are reunited with unexpected friends and allies, they realize that an enemy from the past is back. They just don't know it's much more than just revenge, and that their enemy has some surprising backers.

"Don't you feel like they're herding us?" Dean tapped on the door in the combination of knocks he and Sam always used whenever they were separated under intense situations. Already he could hear his brother getting up and coming to the door.

Chloe looked around them, obviously trying to place the growls in the night yet unable to see the source. "I've felt that way for a while now."

Finally the door opened and Sam appeared, letting them in.

Dean shuffled Chloe inside and closed the door behind him.

Chloe looked up at Sam and hurried into his arms in a hug, her voice wavering as she whispered: "He's got Wade."

Sam's gaze turned to Dean immediately and the older Winchester could read the questions there. "We'll get him back, Chlo."

She nodded and then pulled away to go to where Jess sat on the ground, her wound still bleeding. "Dean said you were bitten."

"Yeah, one of those things got in here when you guys disappeared, I don't know how or why it left." Jess grit her teeth against the pain. "It bit me up pretty good, and no matter how much Sam tries to stop the bleeding, he can't."

Chloe frowned and helped put pressure on the wound. "They must have some sort of anticoagulant in their saliva."

Sam reached out and grabbed Dean's arm, yanking him to the side while Chloe was distracted, his voice low. "He got Wade?"

"When we heard him calling for her? That was Spencer." Dean found it hard to look away from Chloe, but he did. "He told us that Wade's her soulmate. That they have identical symbols on their hearts - whatever the hell that means."

Sam paled and looked pained. "I'm so sorry, Dean."

"It doesn't matter." Dean pushed away his own feelings of hurt and inadequacy, his worry and insecurities. He couldn't allow Sam to see them. "She's mine. Not his."

"But she's his soulmate," Sam sighed. "Now I get why, in that reality, she was married to him and not you."

Dean couldn't stop himself as he reached out and grabbed his brother's shirt, dragging him close, eyes narrowed. "She. Is. Not. His. Soulmate."

"Dean." Sam's eyes told him to chill. "Get a grip on yourself."

"A church?" Chloe's voice caused Dean to let go of Sam and turn to look at her as she did him. "Did you hear that, Dean?"

"No." He cleared his throat. "Sammy and I were talking." He brushed passed his brother. "What was this about a church?"

"We've been looking through the plans in this room," Sam was the one who answered, "and we think this town was built over a leyline, and that it's core center of power is a church, built right in the middle of it."

"This is all fascinating, but it doesn't help us escape here," Dean declared.

Chloe frowned at him.

It was Jess who spoke though. "Leave? What about Brady? Or Wade? We can't leave them!"

"You're bleeding out, Jessica." Dean pointed to her. "We have no choice."

"No." Jess shook her head. "I won't be the reason we leave them here in this madness!"

"Jess, we have to do this." Sam moved to stand by his brother's side. "I won't let you die, and that is exactly what will happen if we don't leave right away!"

"Chloe and I saw a car on our way here. It still had fuel and the engine looked in working condition." Dean cleared his throat. "We can hotwire it and get the hell out of here."

"Those things gave you time to check out a car?" Sam blinked.

"They're herding us, staying in the shadows and not attacking, not yet." Chloe took in a deep breath. "It's like they're waiting for something, I don't know what."

"This is the best time to leave, while they're still in staying position." Dean turned to Sam. "We need to go. Now."

Jess looked up at Sam, pleading. "We can't leave them. They're our friends."

His face contorted in guilt. "I'm not going to let you die. Not even for them." As he turned to face Dean, Sam's eyes held that same coldness that Dean knew his did. "Help me with her. We're going to that car and we're getting the hell out of here."

Lois Lane glared at John Winchester. She'd never liked the man, but now that she had her memories back, yet no lead as to where exactly Dean had her cousin, she'd had to resort to drastic measures, and those drastic measures meant she'd had to hunt him down. She'd gotten his number and when he'd told her to come to where he was she'd gotten on the first Greyhound she could find without a question. "What do you mean you don't know where they are?"

"Sam should be in Stanford," John repeated.

"Yeah? Well, he isn't," she repeated, annoyed. "I already told you, I was in Stanford and I asked about him and they said he took a leave of absence due to "family issues". You're his family! How do you not know about these issues?"

John glared at her and took in a ragged breath. "Look, the last time I saw either of my kids it was Dean, and he basically told me he was choosing taking care of that cousin of yours over our family business, over avenging his mother's death. How I see it, he chose your cousin over his own family, and I don't deal with traitors."

A muscle jumped in her cheek. "Do you know someone they might've gone to if they can't count on you anymore? Unlike you, I actually give a damn about my family and am not going to let a roadblock keep me from being with them."

John's glare intensified, and it looked like for a second he wouldn't answer her, and then he sighed. "I got a call some days back, it was from a friend; he mentioned that there was something I needed to know about the boys but that what he had to say had to be done in person. I told him where I was and have been waiting on him to arrive ever since." He whipped out his phone and dialed some numbers before bringing it to his ear and waiting. Finally, finally, it was answered. "Bobby. This is John. Tell me something straight, are my boys and Chloe with you? Are you all coming here together?" There was a moment before his eyes narrowed. "What do you mean they've disappeared?"

Jess' wound really wouldn't stop bleeding. Chloe was worried. The girl was getting paler and paler, and it was obvious that it was harder and harder for Jess to stay conscious. If they didn't get her to a hospital soon - if they didn't stop the bleeding - she'd die. Chloe couldn't lose Jess. Sure, she'd been pissed off at her for not telling her about Spencer, but she didn't want anything to happen to her. Throughout the Stanford fiasco Jessica and her had come to each other's aid time and time again, and the blondes had formed a bond which had grown after Lois left. Jess had tried to step in and be there for her as much as she could while being physically absent. She'd Skyped or called or emailed or chatted through Facebook every single day with little stories of what she and Sam were doing or catching up on Chloe's side of the world, and generally letting the younger girl know that she was loved and missed and that she wasn't alone. Chloe had known without a doubt that even if Dean one day left, she'd still have them.

Chloe doubted that the girl realized just how much her efforts meant to her, how much better she'd made things.

"Sammy, I'm sleepy," Jess whimpered as they arrived in the car and Sam and Dean eased her into the back seat.

"Keep awake, Jess," Sam pleaded as he cupped her face.

"Sammy," Dean's voice brought his gaze up and all around them they could see dark shapes in the shadows. It was those things. They were readying to make their move.

"Don't let her go to sleep!" Sam hissed to Chloe as he pulled out a knife from his pocket and moved to stand guard while Dean hurried to the driver's seat to hotwire the car.

Chloe nodded and hurried into the backseat with Jess, pressing down on the wound. "Stay awake, Jess."

Jess' gaze rose to Chloe. "I'm so sorry we didn't tell you, Chloe."

Tears filled her greens as she smiled down at the girl. "It's all forgiven."

"We should've—."

"Yeah, you should've, but I get why you didn't. You wanted me to live without being worried all the time. You could see that I was getting better and you didn't want to send me back-tracking. It was misguided, but it was sweet." She smiled down at the girl and kept her hands against the wounds which seeped blood.

"If I die—."

"Don't you dare finish that sentence." Chloe glared down at her as she pressed harder. "You are not going to die. I won't let you. We're getting you to a hospital and then we're pumping more blood in you and everything will be fine."


"SAM LOOK OUT!" Dean yelled just as the car roared to life.

Chloe stared up and out of the window in time to see a creature jump out of the darkness, fling the blade out of Sam's hand with its tail, and then pounce on him, pinning him to the ground. "No."

"What's happening?" Jess cried, unable to see anything from where she lay. "Sammy!?"

Dean moved to get out, and made it out of the door, but then five creatures emerged from the darkness and blocked his way.

Chloe's eyes widened in horror. "Dean!"

He looked at the creatures but spoke to her. "Crawl into the front seat and drive her out of here."

"I'm not leaving you!" Chloe snapped the same time Jess cried out: "I won't leave Sam!"

Dean's voice was harsh. "Chloe, do it!"

"Do! It!" Sam grunted from beneath the creature.

Jess shook her head and broke out sobbing. "I won't leave him! Don't make me leave him!"

Chloe gazed around quickly before her eyes widened when she noticed something behind them through the broken back window. "Jess, you need to live. That's all that's important right now. Okay? You need to live."

"Chloe?" Jess looked scared.

Leaning down, Chloe pressed a kiss to Jess' forehead before she dashed out of the back window. The broken glass cut her skin but she ignored the pain as she stumbled out the car and tumbled to the ground. The air filled with the scent of her blood, and the creatures all turned to look at her as she backed away deliberately slow to allow the scent to grow stronger. "Leave them alone and come after me."

"Chloe—!" Dean began.

"Get her out of here!" Chloe interrupted as she continued to back away, and the creatures took steps towards her. "I'll be fine! Hallowed ground!" And with that she turned, reached into her boot, pulled out her Archangel Blade, and raced in the direction of the church. She pushed passed the pain, the fear, and ignored the sounds all around her. The only one she was intent on was the sound of an engine as a car drove away.

Relief filled her soul as she dodged the creatures racing after her. One bit at her shirt and tore the bottom of it off, showing her belly bottom, and another brushed passed her, its fur surprisingly soft. When another knocked into her from the side, sent her rolling on the ground, and yet she still had time to get onto her feet and continue running she knew that they were once more herding. They weren't attacking, not really. Sure, her Metallica shirt would never be wearable again, but that creature could've easily bitten her with that attack and it hadn't.

She pushed away her worries about where this pack was herding her. Instead she concentrated on the sound of the engine as it got farther and farther agway. Her friends were going to make it. They were going to get out and get help. Until then she could hole up in the church. She could.

Up ahead the church loomed, and Chloe's heart soared as she pushed on forwards, barely dodging as one of the creatures swiped at her. With an extra hard push she passed through the gates of the church building and raced up to the doors, opening the heavy things and turning to close it only to find that the creatures, as she'd expected, had stopped at the edges of the church ground.

Hallowed ground. Nothing evil should be able to cross over, unless…

"In theory, great idea," Wade's voice declared behind her. "But you've got to remember to investigate what the church and its grounds were dedicated to."

Chloe turned on her heels, eyes wide in horror, as the doors behind her slammed shut.

Seated upon an altar up on the podium, Wade's body smirked at her. "It's not like this is your first time dealing with a church dedicated to some other power. Really, I'm disappointed."

Lightning her grip on her Archangel blade, she raised it. "Don't come any closer."

His eyes widened at it and he tilted his head. "How did you get a hold of something like that?"

"If you don't leave Wade's body, I'll kill you," she promised.

"You won't kill this body," he grinned, self-assured as he patted his meatsuit. "He knows you won't."

Was Wade awake in there?

Her eyes narrowed. "He also knows that I won't let you touch me."

He tilted his head in the opposite direction, eyes widened in surprise. "You would kill this host."

She wasn't proud of it, and it would be her last option, she'd do everything she could to save him, but if it came between killing Wade/Spencer, and letting that monster put its hands all over her—she wouldn't ever let another monster do that. Ever.

Spencer looked surprised and amused. "You want me to leave this meatsuit?"

"Yes." She nodded.

"Fine," he shocked her by grinning and standing high on the altar. "I'll do so." With that he visibly left Wade's body, which fell, hit the altar hard, and collapsed on the floor.

Behind Chloe the doors flew open, and she twirled around to see that horrible smile on Dean's face. "No." She stumbled backwards in horror as she realized that Dean hadn't left. Of course he hadn't left! He wouldn't have left! He wouldn't leave her! And now—because of her—Spencer! "Get out of him!"

"Now now, you're being so unreasonable." Dean's face smiled down at her as the doors slammed shut behind him, locking them together. He used the hand that bore Spencer's tattoo to pull down the front of Dean's shirt and stare at the anti-possession tattoo over his heart. "Much good this did. These backers are seriously better than my last ones." He let the shirt fall back into place and checked out his new body. "You know what? I don't think I blame you. I prefer this guy too."

Her stomach rolled in fear and disgust. "If you don't leave him I'll make you pay."

"By what? Crying?" He snickered. "You're so close to sobs…" He moved closer and laughed when she backed away. "Threaten your soulmate and what do you do? You ready for the possibility of killing him. But threaten this vessel and you look on the brink of breaking apart." He brought a hand to his lips. "How exactly does that work out? What's so special about this vessel that you'd choose him over your soulmate?"

"Dean is my soulmate."

"Uh, no, he isn't." Spencer looked a little confused and a lot amused. "Believe me, I've been in both of them. This one? He is nothing."

"He's everything." She glared at him in utter hatred. "He's my everything, and you're wrong if you think I'm going to let a piece of shit like you take him from me."

"This is so fascinating." Spencer snickered as he moved closer, backing her towards the altar. "Look at how you tremble. The fact that you value his life so much more than you do your soulmate's is just—it's delicious."

She hated him, hated him unlike she'd hated anyone. She wouldn't lose Dean. Not because of him. Not because of anyone. Not Dean. Never Dean. "I'll always choose Dean. He knows that."

Spencer chuckled. "Does he?"

Her eyes narrowed as her back hit the altar. "What are you talking about?"

Spencer moved towards her and pinned her against the altar, his grip covering hers on the Archangel blade and gripping it hard, hurting her. His smile grew ugly as he pointed the point to his heart. "Do it."

Her body shook.

He leaned in close, his voice in her ear. "Do it." He chuckled as she closed her eyes in terror. "You could choose between your soulmate and this body without even having to stop to ponder, but how about if you have to choose between yourself and him?"

Tears filled her eyes as she released her hold on the Archangel blade and let him have it. She couldn't hurt Dean. Not ever. Not even to save herself.

"How… fun," he laughed.

Opening her eyes, Chloe stared up into his face. "Dean, I love you."

Spencer blinked and then snickered. "You can't get a hold of him. He's locked away and will watch while I use him to hurt you."

She ignored Spencer's jabs, instead stared into those eyes and tried to find her Dean. "I love you."

Spencer cleared his throat and then sneered. "Proclaiming your love for me?"

Tears continued to fill her eyes as she refused to look away from his hazels. "I've only ever loved you."

Spencer's face contorted for a second before he backhanded her. "Enough of this sappy crap!" With that he pick her up and threw her onto the altar.

Crying out in pain, tears falling down her face, she continued to stare up into his eyes. "I'll never hurt you. I won't fight. I won't do anything. I can't. I love you. I love you so much."

Spencer snarled as he slammed his hands into the altar beneath her and leaned over her, his face contorted and twisted with anger as he leaned in close to her. "I know."

She almost didn't see it in time, but she did. The flash of silver as Dean somehow stabbed the Archangel blade towards himself caused her eyes to widen in horror. "STOP!" In seconds she'd jumped onto his arm, stopping its trajectory towards his heart. "NO!"

Spencer stared down at her and his arm in utter horror as he realized just how close he'd been to dying at his own tattooed hand.

Tears falling down her eyes, Chloe shook her head at Dean. "You will not leave me! You promised me you'd never leave me!" She slapped his face. Her tears clouded her view for a second before she pushed up on her knees and cupped his face. "I can't do this without you, Dean. Don't you dare cop out and—!" She couldn't finish it and instead brought his mouth to hers as she kissed him, hard. Tears fell down her face as she pulled him closer and pushed back the thought that she was kissing Spencer as well as Dean.

Underneath her grip Dean's body shook, and then he was kissing her back, and somehow she knew, she knew, it was Dean and not Spencer. She recognized the soft yet deep way his lips caressed her—the way his arms gripped around her, holding her to him and yet never hurting her.

Her tears continued to fall and she tasted salt in their kiss seconds before the sound of Spencer screaming could be heard, and yet the sound wasn't coming out from Dean's lips. Her greens opened for a split second to see Dean lit up as if explosions were happening deep within him, and that was where Spencer's cries came from. She didn't know how it was happening, but the lights in the church flickered on and off as he continued to scream.

Dean pulled her closer, his own tears mixing with hers as they took the kiss deeper.

Suddenly energy exploded out of Dean like a bomb had gone off.

Chloe gasped and pulled away, eyes wide.

When Dean opened his eyes she knew it was him. She didn't even have to look at his hand to see that Spencer's tattoo was gone. She knew. Just like she knew that Dean wouldn't hurt her. That she wouldn't hurt Dean. That she'd always choose him above all else.

His hazels narrowed on her. "You should've let me—that asshole could've hurt—!"

Chloe threw herself into his arms and held on tightly as she broke down into sobs.

Dean still visibly had tons of things he wanted to tell her off for, but he didn't. Instead he held her close and let her cry and cry and cry.

There'd be time for arguing later.

19th-Dec-2014 04:39 pm (UTC)
Absolutely perfect
Did their love for each other somehow killed Spencer... I'm so curious lol
Thanks for sharing
19th-Dec-2014 09:46 pm (UTC)
Well, something important happened while they were kissing, that's all I'm saying! lol But yes, Spencer is GONE now! :)
19th-Dec-2014 05:54 pm (UTC)
Ohh that's why the Chimeras weren't really attacking her, they wanted her in the church.

I hope Jess doesn't die, she's good in Chloe's life.
Can the car get through the barrier?

I thought she was gonna kill Spencer/Wade. Will Wade be okay?

Their love for each other is so strong!!! I just hope Spencer is gone forever.

I'm curious about something. Why Sam asked for Dean's help to carry Jess? Couldnt he have carried her by himself??

Great chapter. Just one more... Nooo *pouts*
19th-Dec-2014 09:48 pm (UTC)
It's definitely part of the reason!

The next chapter is going to be intense.

She thought she'd have to kill him too! Thankfully, she didn't have to run him through with the Archangel blade.

Spencer is definitely gone forever.

Well, he meant more like helping carrying/protecting her from the creatures.
19th-Dec-2014 06:04 pm (UTC) - Only one more Chapter!?
I am really trying to enjoy the true love's kiss saving the day, but either you've got a cliff hanger awaiting us or, as Ricky Ricardo would say, "start 'splainin!" I mean for both the readers and characters. Not that he might care so much after Chloe's near self-sacrifice, but Deanie Weanie should know that Chloe was married to him in the alternative universe.

Poor Bobby, he didn't really have any clues at all to track them when they disappeared did he? One crazy light show isn't enough to go on. I just hope he didn't try to make a deal. Although, I'm pretty sure it would have come up in Azazel's dialogue.

I'm glad to see that it looks like that Chloe and Lois are close to being reunited. Can I please slap John? Clearly, John, you big lout, there are some big bad forces involved to make Lois believe that she had a completely different life and that Dean was utterly correct to protect Chloe.

Incredible plot as always. Spencer's backers clearly have a lot of information on Chloe. They brought all the Spencer's survivors plus dean together to hide their true intention. I'm wondering about the reason to keep Brady within the dome, but still separate from the group.

I wonder if the Dalakis don't have their own prophecy or monumental plan for Chloe. She's pretty powerful without being a full Dalakis and she has her meteor powers.

I'm glad to report that despite the thrilling monsters, your storytelling style appropriately scared me without creating nightmares. Cheers!
19th-Dec-2014 09:51 pm (UTC) - Re: Only one more Chapter!?
Welllllllllllll........ All I'm going to say is that A LOT of things happen in the next chapter!

He doesn't! Which was hard for him considering he's the one who always has the answers!

Yes, it's definitely heading in that direction, finally! And yes, slap John, I've always thought he needed a lot of slaps!

Oh, do they have info on her!!!!!

Well, you start to figure out the Dalakis motives VERY soon....

Thanks! Glad you didn't have nightmares!
19th-Dec-2014 06:54 pm (UTC)

Ohhh Dean how I love your jealousy. And what's with Sam automatically thinking that because Wade is Chloe's soulmate she was married to him. Hmmm they are clearly forgetting about free will and Chloe's feelings towards Dean. Can't wait for them to find out she was married to Dean and for everyone to know that Chloe broke through freaking angel sigils in her body because of her love for Dean.

You're killing me!! First the chimeras lead Chloe to the church where Wade/Spencer is waiting for her and then Dean shows up to be possessed by Spencer!!!! And BAM Dean goes and kills a freaking spirit inhabiting his body because of his love for Chloe and because he knows Chloe won't lift a finger to hurt him!!!!! And did Chloe really think that Dean was going to leave her there all alone and unprotected???

I almost forgot: Lois!!!!!! Lois is on her way to finding her baby cousin!!!! And now I'm laughing hysterically because it's the angels own damn fault for messing with their own  plans!!! By sending Lois away it lead Dean to stay which lead for Chloe and Dean to become closer and for their feelings to grow for one another which of course lead to Chloe breaking through her soulmate sigils!!

And now I don't know what I want more a scene where the angels realize that they gone and messed with their own plans, or Lois and Chloe reuniting or Chlean sexy times!!! Ohhh who am I kidding I want me some Chlean sexy times!!!!

19th-Dec-2014 09:53 pm (UTC)
I love jealous Dean too. I love angry Dean. And insecure Dean. And cocky Dean. And... well... Dean. lol

Yes, those two definitely have a very strong, very cosmic connection.

How can Lois be forgotten??? *horror* lol

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