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Little Miss Muffet 6/6 
19th-Dec-2014 04:45 pm
chlean---Oh-Boy Looks
Little Miss Muffet
Title: Little Miss Muffet
Sequel to: Through The Looking Glass
Series: Asset Series
Characters: Chloe/Dean, Sam/Jessica, Brady, Wade, and others...
Fandoms: Smallville/Supernatural
Rating: M (for Chlean progression sake)
Disclaimer: Own nothing but the plot
Summary: Things between Chloe and Dean are steadily progressing towards hot and heavy. But when they, along with Sam, are kidnapped on their way to see John, and are reunited with unexpected friends and allies, they realize that an enemy from the past is back. They just don't know it's much more than just revenge, and that their enemy has some surprising backers.

The barrier went down.

A little while before it'd shifted to allow Sam and Jess' car out, and then it'd pushed a visibly weak Brady out, but hadn't allowed anyone to enter.

Now though? It was completely down.

Whatever the reason for the barrier had happened and now there was no more reason for it. The demons had worked immediately, infiltrating the town and finding no sign of the chimera. They were gone as well.

"They're in the church," Brady announced as he walked in front of Azazel, apparently far too tired to teleport. "Dean and Chloe both sound like they're okay. Tom and the others didn't want to make their presence known though, so they hung back. The troops are pulling out as we speak. There isn't a threat any longer."

Azazel nodded. "Go back to them, they can't know—."

"Chloe knows. About me. She chose not to tell the others because she doesn't want them to hurt me."

Azazel blinked, intrigued.

Brady grinned. "She also has an Archangel blade."

Uriel's eyes widened in utter horror. "HOW?"

Brady shrugged and then, with obvious effort, disappeared so as to "stumble" across Chloe, Dean and Wade.

"How did she find out about Brady?" Azazel wanted to know.

"Who cares?" Uriel looked like he was about to faint. "How did she get her hands on an Archangel blade?"

"Our little Asset keeps getting more interesting," Azazel chuckled. "She's truly my favorite one."

"Yeah? Well she's giving me indigestion," Uriel grumbled. "Now I need to figure out which Archangel she stole a blade from and how." With that he disappeared.

Azazel shook his head. "He's going to get heartburn if he doesn't cool down." Sending a smile in the direction of the town, he chuckled and then teleported away.

"He's dead."

Chloe stared down in horror as Dean leaned over Wade. "No." But she knew it was true by just looking at him. Not only was Wade deathly still and horribly pale, but his head lay at an awkward angle. When Spencer left his body and it'd hit the altar Wade Mahaney had broken his neck. "No!" Tears filled her eyes as she collapsed to her knees next to him.

Dean took in a deep breath and reached out to close Wade's eyes as he gazed down at the man's body. "I didn't like you, but I didn't want you to meet your end like this."

"This is my fault, he—he shouldn't have been here!" Chloe turned to Dean and clung to him as he embraced her tightly. "He's dead because of me!"

"No, he's dead because of Spencer," Dean whispered harshly. "I know it has to be hard for you to see him die, again, but—."

"Again?" Chloe pulled away in confusion. "What do you mean again?"

Dean cleared his throat, obviously uncomfortable. "The first time you saw him die—it nearly broke you—and I don't want this to—."

"What are you talking about?" Chloe's confusion grew. "I've never seen him die before."

Dean's gaze lowered to the space between them. "I know, okay? I figured it out."

"Figured what out?" She pressed. "Dean, you've lost me."

"I know he was your husband in the other reality!" Dean let out a harsh breath as his hazels rose to her. "I know. Wade was your husband. I know. I've always known. You described your husband the same way you once described Wade to me. It wasn't hard to make the connection."

Chloe stared up into his conflicted face and couldn't believe what she was hearing. That hostility she hadn't been able to understand now made perfect sense! Dean had thought she'd been married to Wade in the other reality! And then when he'd heard that she was supposedly Wade's soulmate… Oh my gods. She reached out and grabbed Dean's face, turning him to look at her. "I wasn't married to Wade in the other reality, Dean."

His eyes widened. "Then who—?"

"You." She searched his hazels as they widened in shock. "I was married to you. YOU were my husband."

Dean's lips parted. "Me?" His hand reached out and curled around her necklace, pulling it and the wedding bands free from where they'd been hidden beneath her torn Metallica shirt. "These were our rings?"

She nodded wordlessly.

Dean stared at the rings as if seeing them for the first time. "We were married."

"Apparently I ordered you to marry me," she tried for levity but her voice choked and tears returned to her greens. "I was told it was a hell of a story, and that apparently I wasn't even old enough to vote when it happened, but they never got around to telling me more details."

"Why didn't you tell me?" Dean's voice was soft.

"My last memory of you was you pulling away, unable to even look at me because I'd kissed you. I figured that if you found out we were married in some other universe things would be even worse between us, and I didn't want that. Plus it was so hard to even look at you because everytime I did I saw you dying and I just couldn't take it." Chloe lowered her gaze. "And then after you kissed me I kept trying over and over to bring the subject up, but you shot me down every time and wouldn't let me tell you, no matter how hard I tried."

"I didn't want to hear you telling me about life married to Wade," he admitted in that same soft voice. "I was so insanely jealous…" Dean palmed his face. "Oh god. If I'd just let you talk—."

"I should've tried harder."

"No. I wouldn't have let you. I was doing my best to erase the memory of—I detested those rings—I—I'm so stupid." He pressed his hands harder into his face.

"No, you're not." She pressed soft kisses against those hands until they finally, slowly, slipped from his face and she was pressing kisses to his forehead and cheeks instead.

Resting their foreheads together, they breathed in and out as they held each other's hands. Now that that understanding had been cleared, the situation they found themselves in returned to the forefront, and Chloe couldn't stop the soft sob as her gaze slid to Wade's body.

"He'll have a proper burial," Dean promised Chloe softly.

She closed her eyes tightly as silent tears made their way down her face. "Thank you."

"GUYS?" Brady's voice echoed outside. "GUYS? WHERE IS EVERYONE?"

Dean chuckled darkly. "Well I'll be damned. I figured he was a goner for sure." He pressed a kiss to Chloe's forehead and then stood and headed towards the doors to let Brady know where they were.

Chloe cast her glance towards Wade and placed her hand in his cold one, squeezing tightly as tears clouded her vision. "I'm so sorry."

"What happened?" Lois looked up, eyes wide. "What did Bobby say?"

"Sam and his girlfriend popped up in a hospital in Wyoming." John moved towards the front door when his phone rang. He looked at the caller ID; his gaze went to Lois, and then he moved off to the side and answered. "Hello?" He listened to the voice on the other end and went pale. "What? Your mother—?" He covered his face. "I'm so sorry." He took in a deep breath. "I'm coming. I'll be there as soon as possible. I'm leaving now." He ended the call and turned to Lois. "Head to Hanna, Wyoming. They're there. Or at least Sam and his girlfriend are. I'll give you Bobby's number so that you can get into contact with him and he'll keep you updated."

"Wait, where are you going?" Lois watched him as he quickly packed his bags.

"I have to fly out to Minnesota." He grabbed his bags and turned to her. "Keep me in the loop."

"How can whatever is in Minnesota be more important than your sons?" Lois couldn't understand it.

A strange expression covered his face before he held out a card with Bobby's number on it, turned and left, no more words uttered.

Lois stared at the door as it slammed shut, and then shook her head as she whipped out her phone and began dialing the numbers there.

The doctors were still unable to stop Jess' bleeding. They couldn't understand how the wounds were still pouring blood when they'd repaired the damage and stitched up everything. And yet nothing they did was working. They were constantly having to transfuse more blood into Jess to stop her blood less, but Chloe had overheard comments about them getting low on Jess' blood type.

Dean had taken Sam out to force him to get something eat. They'd been in the hospital all night and had had to turn their phones off at the looks they received from the nurses so they'd stopped communicating with everyone, Bobby included. Chloe sat on the chair next to Jess, who was unconscious on the bed. The large bandage of her shoulder was crimson, and it'd only been changed twenty minutes ago. If things didn't change…

Gaze going to Jess' pale face, Chloe looked around before she got up and moved to where Jess' clothes were folded and her bag rested upon. She shuffled through the bag before she found the phone and turned it on. They'd already called Jess' parents to let them know what was going on, but—.

Checking the numbers, she dialed it and went to the bathroom in the private room so that the nurses wouldn't see her on the phone. The phone rang once, twice, and then a flustered voice answered. "Jess? Honey?"

"No, Mrs Moore, I'm Chloe Sullivan, I'm a friend of Jess'."

"Oh…" Jess' mother whispered. "We're trying to book a flight but everything's delayed or booked and—."

"Mrs Moore, I know you're a Gwargedd Annwn." There was no time to sugarcoat this. "I know that that means Jessica is half, and that means she's special. I also know that you wont make it here in time, so if you know any way to help her healing kickstart please tell me." There was silence on the phone. "I understand that its frightening for you that some stranger knows, but please believe me, I love Jessica and I can't—." Her voice choked and tears filled her eyes but she wiped them away. "One of my friends died tonight, Mrs Moore. I can't let another friend die. Please. I know you don't know me and that you have no reason to trust me but—."

"Water." Mrs Moore's voice cracked. "She needs to be submerged in water."

"Like a baptism?" Chloe wiped at her eyes and then looked down at the tub, turning on the water immediately. "Does her head have to be under or just her wounds?"

"Her wounds should be enough," Mrs Moore assured her. "There's also a chant—you need to—we need another of our kind, Chloe. And there isn't enough time. Even if you submerged her in water the nurses would make you take her out because normal humans' wounds bleed out quicker under water."

"What's the chant?" Chloe hurried out, leaving the tub to fill as she grabbed a lipstick from Jessica's bag and went back to the mirror in the bathroom.

"No mortal can—."

"I'm not mortal. Not full mortal at least."

The woman paused, and when she spoke hope began to make itself known. "What are you?"

"Witch." Or, uh, she thought she was a witch. Who really knew what the Dalakis were?

"This could work." Mrs Moore's voice broke in excitement. "This is the chant. Do you have something to write it on?"

"Yes, start. I'll write it, at least phonetically." She wrote it on the mirror as Mrs Moore said it, and then repeated it back for clarity. "I have to go. I—thank you."

"Thank you."

Hanging up, Chloe turned off the water and hurried to Jessica. She was about to just yank the things out of her but then looked towards the doors. If the orderlies stopped her—she only had one chance to do this! Hurrying to the door, Chloe closed and locked it before grabbing the seat she'd been sitting on and using it to further block the door. With that she took in a deep breath and carefully yanked out the tubes attached to Jessica, hearing the flatline of the machines and knowing that she didn't have much time.

Grunting under the weight, the blonde somehow maneuvered her friend out of the bed and into the bathroom tub seconds before the pounding on the door could be heard.

Lowering Jessica into the water, Chloe locked the bathroom door before she looked up at the mirror and repeated the words to herself. She knelt by Jessica's side and placed her hands on the bleeding wound. Making sure every part of Jessica's body was submerged (except for her head) she began to chant the words. Nothing happened but Chloe didn't give up. She continued to repeat the words over and over as the pounding and yelling grew louder and louder.

"It isn't enough for you to just say the words," a voice declared behind her.

A scream escaped her lips as she turned to see Hannah Dalakis.

The woman, her grandmother, came closer, dressed in posh finery and looking like a queen as she gazed down at Jess. "There has to be intent behind every spell." Her fierce eyes shifted onto Chloe. "What's the intent of this spell?"

So focused on her grandmother, Chloe didn't notice that everything around them had gone deadly silent. "Healing. This spell heals."

"Exactly." Hannah Dalakis nodded. "Channel that intent through the words."


"You're a Dalakis, you'll figure it out." She flicked a speck off of her suit. "Just take a moment to breathe in and out, ground yourself in your intent, and then you say the words."

"Why are you helping me?" Chloe asked in confusion.

"This is my granddaughter's first conscious spell," Hannah declared. "Maybe I'm curious what someone with your heritage is capable of." She motioned to Jess. "Hurry. You don't have much time." She stepped backwards. "Remember, the words are the least important part of any spell."

Nodding, Chloe turned to Jess and took in a deep breath. Then, pressing up on her knees, she pressed her hands against the wound harder and grounded herself in the intent, to heal. Jess was all that mattered. Jess had to get better. She couldn't die. Chloe couldn't lose her. She wouldn't lose her. A sudden calm overcame her and Chloe knew as she began to say the words that everything would be fine. As she chanted the words, she didn't look for signs, she merely concentrated on the intent, on the image of Jessica opening her eyes, cheeks pink, and smiling at her.

It took a couple of minutes of chanting for her to even realize that the water was boiling. But she hadn't even felt it. Hadn't felt a shift in the temperature. Her hands glowed and were nearly see through as a light emerged from them. Through the bright light shining through her skin she could somehow see some sort of liquid squirting out of Jessica's wounds. It was transparent but heavy, like gel, and seemed to be sucked out as if by some sort of vacuum. And then, once the last of it was gone, the wounds and tears in Jessica's shoulder closed up. And then the light was gone, the boiling stopped, and Chloe was tired as she slowly pulled her hands from her friend's shoulder and cried out in relief.

"You did it."

Chloe sent Hannah a look over her shoulder. "Why do you look so surprised?"

Hannah merely smiled in an odd way and stepped backwards. "Not bad for an untrained halfblood. It took Viktor ages to understand the importance of intent. Madelyn on the other hand? You're very much like she was." And with that, she took another step and smirked. "And for your information, no matter what you might've heard, we're not witches." And then, with a puff of purple, she was gone.

The sound of pounding returned, loud and urgent.

Chloe stared at the place where her grandmother had been seconds ago.


Green eyes widening, Chloe turned to see Jessica's eyes open, her cheeks rosy, and a smile on her face. "Jess!" Her cry was tortured as she reached out and hugged her friend tightly, and the girl held her just as tightly. They were crying into each other's hair when the door was kicked in, and Chloe was yanked away from her. But before she could get into too much trouble, the doctors and orderlies and security were stunned into silence as Jessica pushed them all away and stood on her own, the stitches completely disappeared.

Chloe used their distraction to clean the words off of the mirror, and when everyone turned their shocked gazes on her, she merely smiled at them in total innocence.

Krista looked up as Hannah entered the room. "What was the outcome?"

The older woman didn't answer for a moment as she sat down and seemed to ponder something.

When Hannah had come to her with this plan Krista hadn't been too sure, but she'd followed the Matriarch's wishes, even if Viktor would rise against her if he knew of her part in it. They'd used Chloe's demon friend to subconsiously feed the barrier and strengthen it with his demonic energy, mixed with, well, the other things they'd done so that neither hell or heaven could pass through.

Finally Hannah looked up, and she looked proud, small lines crinkled at the edges of her eyes. "The spirit was disposed of entirely. No spiritual reside is left of him."

"Good. He was disgusting." Krista made a face at the memory of that soul. Her gaze rose to Hannah. "How did it happen?"

"They did it." Hannah tilted her head to the side. "Together."

Krista sat up, shocked. "He's a witch?"

"Of course not, but just because he's made himself unfit to be the Michael's Sword doesn't mean that what made him so special to begin with is gone." Hannah raised an eyebrow. "I think, with the right... prodding... he would be acceptable despite his unfortunate lack of blood."

Krista cleared her throat. "Viktor won't agree. Blood cleaves to blood and she's already only half. There is no way that Viktor will allow her to be with the unblood." She licked her lips. "And I don't think he will be the only one against the idea."

"Viktor's not the head of this family. I am. No one else is." Hannah's eyes flashed before she took in a deep breath and smiled. "She performed a weaving today."

Krista's eyes widened as she stood. "She can weave?"

"I gave her some tips, of course, but it was all her. She coaxed the chimera essence out of the fish girl with ease, it listened to her, just as the creatures will." Hannah took in a deep breath. "That girl isn't Madelyn."

Krista nodded her agremeent, still a bit in shock that the girl could weave. But pushing that issue aside, Chloe really did look like Madelyn. Other than the fact that the young girl had green eyes, they could almost be-.

"But she's got the same fire and potential. I look into her eyes and I see my daughter." Hannah narrowed her eyes. "Halfblood or not, that girl is my direct descendant, and as such she's the next in line as Matriarch of our clan." Hannah's gaze slid to Krista. "We just need to make sure she outlives this silly game between heaven and hell, and then we take her back."

Dean knew there was more to the story of Jess' recovery than was being told. Not only had they overheard the doctors saying that Jess only had a couple of hours left to live, but Jess' wounds had disappeared, and when Mrs Moore had arrived with her husband they'd both hugged Chloe extremely tightly and whispered words to her before even going to see how their daughter was. They'd known. Chloe was somehow behind this, and when they were alone Dean would get it out of her. He knew he wouldn't have to pry it, her greens had found his when he'd returned with Sam, and those eyes promised to tell him everything later.

"There were no deals, right?" He whispered as he held her tightly in his arms.

"Of course not." She rubbed her cheek against his heartbeat. "I want more than just ten years with you, Dean."

He smiled and pressed a kiss to her head. "We're due a vacation after tonight."

"When would we have time for a vacation?" She wanted to know.

He sighed because that was true. Resting his chin on the crown of her head, Dean let all of his tension just roll out of his body now that she was there, in his arms, and safe. It was amazing how not so long ago he was a lone wolf who refused to have any sort of attachment because it was a "weakness", and yet now look at him. This girl fit perfectly in his arms, as if she'd been made to be there, and he wouldn't have her any other place. He didn't understand how he of all people could've evolved to this point where he needed someone who wasn't his father or Sammy. He'd always put his family first, and yet tonight proved just how much he'd changed. He'd bailed on Sammy, twice, for this girl.

At first she'd been nothing but a pitiful kid who'd tugged at his brotherly instincts and heartstrings when he'd first met her - and yet now she was his heart. It sounded so cheesy but it was true. The horror he'd felt when Spencer had revealed that she was Wade's soulmate had stilled him. It'd meant that he'd lost without even truly beginning to fight. Soulmates trumped everything, soulmates belonged to each other and only to each other. At that moment he'd never so tempted to pull the trigger. He had, actually, pulled the trigger, but at the last moment he'd hit Wade's shoulder instead. And Chloe had been right, he hadn't wanted to free Wade, not really. He hadn't wanted to help the guy who'd one day take her away from him.

Now that he knew the truth the guilt ate at him, but he would be able to live with it. He didn't know what that said about him.

"You know what, maybe we should take a couple of days off," Chloe whispered against his chest. "Sam won't want to leave Jess' side for a couple of days at least, and I remember you saying something about renting a cabin."

He grinned and tightened his hold on her, growing hard at the thought of a few days with nothing but Chloe and a cabin. "Yeah, lets do that."

She pressed a kiss to his heart.

He closed his eyes and enjoyed the way those little things she did made him feel alive, made him feel complete—made him feel like a human being capable of emotions and happiness.

For the first time he admitted that he was so happy that Lois had jumped ship. If she hadn't he'd never have had what he did right now. He wouldn't be in this position, holding the woman he loved, and knowing that there was nothing and no one who could tear them apart.


Dean tensed the same time Chloe did, and then they drew apart and turned to see Lois Lane standing a couple of feet away from them. She was just as pretty as always but looked pale, as if she hadn't slept well for a while. There were tears in her eyes.

"Lois?" Chloe's voice had him looking down at her to see her teary, wide-eyed expression of disbelief. "What are you—?"

In seconds Lois raced into her cousin's arms and hugged her tightly, crying. "I didn't abandon you, baby cuz, I swear I didn't!" Her voice was sobbed as she held on. "Someone came that night and erased my memory and made me think I was someone else—but I started to remember and—and I came back for you the second I did but you were gone and—I was so worried! I tracked down John who gave me Bobby's number then I call Bobby and he said you're all in this hospital and—you don't even want to know how many laws I broke to get here as fast as I did!"

Chloe's eyes continued to be wide. "You didn't leave?"

"No. I would've never left you, you're my baby cousin and I love you!" Lois sobbed. "I'm so sorry for whatever you've gone through while I was gone!"

Chloe's tears began to fall like a river. "You didn't leave." And then she burst out crying and hugged Lois tightly, as if afraid to let go.

Lois gazed up at Dean through her tears and mouthed the words: thank you so much. She then closed her eyes and hugged Chloe as close to her as physically possible.

Dean took a step back and told himself this was a good thing. It was.

Lois and Chloe finally pulled away but Lois held her cousin's hand as she turned to Dean and hugged him tightly with her free one. "Thank you for taking care of her when I wasn't here. I can't—I can't believe you'd do—I can never repay you."

"You don't have to—," he began.

"Don't be so modest, Dean." Lois pulled away and smiled as she wiped the tears from her eyes and squeezed Chloe's hand tightly. "You've taken care of Chloe, you're practically her big brother now, that makes you family."

Big brother? Something dark and terrified began to settle in his stomach.

"You'll always be welcome in our home." Lois didn't seem able to sense his growing horror as she turned to Chloe. "Clark and Pete told me all about what your father did, I can't believe he would do something like that. But don't worry hon, I'm not going anywhere ever again." She took in a deep breath. "Would you like us to spend the night so you can say goodbye to your friends before we leave to go back to Smallville?"

Chloe's eyes widened and her lips parted.

"She's not going anywhere." Dean hadn't meant to sound so harsh, he really hadn't, and the slight threat in his tone surprised no one more than it did him. When both girls turned to look at him he cleared his throat. "Lois, there's things you don't know." His gaze turned to Chloe. "We should tell her."

Chloe's eyes widened and her lips tilted upwards.

Lois narrowed her eyes. "What's going on?"

Dean opened his mouth to tell her about him and Chloe when he suddenly realized that Lois was basically Chloe's guardian now and that the blonde was still very young. If Lois thought he was some horrible pervert who'd taken advantage of Chloe while she'd been emotionally vulnerable—she could take Chloe away and he'd never be able to see her again. The thought alone filled him with horror, and was the only reason why, at the last second, he changed his mind. "She's in danger. We're protecting her."

Chloe's face fell and she lowered her head.

"In danger?" Lois' face darkened. "From who?"

Promising himself he'd make Chloe understand, Dean took in a deep breath, turned to Lois, and began to fill her in on everything she'd missed out on while she'd been away.

19th-Dec-2014 10:17 pm (UTC)
Really intense! I'm glad Chloe saved Jessica but I'm really sad about Wade. I liked him a lot.
I'm happy Dean now knows the truth about the other dimension.
And damn Chloe. Did she have lessons with Clark about how to have an awful timing? lol
Can't wait for the sequel
Tks for sharing and for these amazing quick updates
20th-Dec-2014 02:43 pm (UTC)
Yes, I knew going in that someone was going to die in this segment, and it fit better for the storyline for Jess to be the one saved (it was always between Wade and Jess). Things are getting more dramatic and some people just aren't going to make it.

It was time he found out (about the husband thing and the soulmate thing) and this was the best way I could think of him doing so, considering he wouldn't let her tell him before.

Thanks for enjoying hon!
19th-Dec-2014 10:55 pm (UTC) - Hannah?!
No Way! I am shocked. I know the Dalakis are a crazy bunch, but even a Tasmanian devil would have more protective instincts. She purposefully got Spencer, locked her granddaughter in with him, used said granddaughter's friend's magic to fuel their prison, and --wait there's More-- just to test the unblood. If they had already been watching Chloe and thus seen her accompanied by Dean, they would know he's worthy. I know you outlined it via Azazel, minus Brady's role which we just found out about.

But, but, b-ut, ugh, I actually kinda wanted to like Hannah. If this is how they treat their kiddos, I wouldn't be surprised to find out that Madelyn had offed herself to escape them. Serves me right though for getting emotionally invested in a morally murky grey person.

With the knowledge of Chloe possessing an archangel blade out to most parties, will this pending Apocalypse come sooner? Better question, how do we get the next installment sooner? Shall I hunt for Chimera and tame one to be your pet?
20th-Dec-2014 02:46 pm (UTC) - Re: Hannah?!
Well, we don't actually know every detail (yet) about the experiment, but I know what you mean. I like Hannah (it's Viktor I get creeped by - and that's that I'm writing him). Hannah is very morally neutral, she does what she thinks is best for her clan. No matter what unblood that hurts. And, in her own way, she loves Chloe, mostly (like Viktor) because she reminds her so much of Madelyn.

Will the apocalypse come sooner? Lets just say Azazel is good at making plans and seeing them through.
19th-Dec-2014 10:58 pm (UTC)
Ohh no Wade!! :(
Well, at least Jess is alive. Okay, Chloe's grandmother is creepy.

That was Adan on the phone with John. I just know it, his mother died and now he will be a part of all this.

Dean's reation to Chloe telling him about being married to him was just too adorable. *-*

I'm glad Lois is back and now Chloe knows she didnt leave her willingly. On the other han it really complicates things. Their relationship will get more difficult.
Ohh Lois talking to Chloe like she was a little kid... I coulsn't help but laugh.
I cant wait for what's next!!! Ohh I'm home by the way :)
20th-Dec-2014 03:25 am (UTC) - hospital
Glad you made it out the hospital. Hope your recovery continues to go well. Yet another reason for an update, I believe in the healing power of good stories.
20th-Dec-2014 02:53 pm (UTC)
Than you :)
I believe in it too ;)
20th-Dec-2014 02:48 pm (UTC)

I know. I hated killing him off, but Jess' saving really brought a change in Chloe, she's realizing she can do more than she thought possible, and it gave her and her grandmother bonding time (especially since she had no idea her grandmother was behind the whole situation).

Yes. Lois arriving completely complicates everything. She loves her cousin, but she hasn't been around for so long (which she feels guilty about) and hasn't lived through Chloe's change and maturity. She still sees Chloe as her tiny, traumatized cousin that she has to protect, especially after she learns about the Asset business.

And YAY! You're finally home!!!!

Edited at 2014-12-20 02:49 pm (UTC)
20th-Dec-2014 02:55 pm (UTC)
I can't wait for more.
I wish you a nice weekend :)
20th-Dec-2014 06:34 am (UTC)
man, i never was really fond of wade but him dying was harsh ;)
and john is running of to is other son... right?
dean must have blue balls right now... every turn something or someone else stands between him and is girl... and im really curious what chloes familiy really is, if not witches what else could it be?

thank you soooooo much for updating again, it was a wellcome boost against the shopping horrors i had and still have to face .. ;)
20th-Dec-2014 02:50 pm (UTC)
Yeah, but sadly it had to happen. Chloe had to lose someone important to her at this stage.

Oh my god Dean DOES have bluebells by now! The cock-blocking that happens to him is just EPIC. lol

You're very welcome. Christmas shopping can be soon stressful!
20th-Dec-2014 06:56 am (UTC)

Ha!! Uriel will get heartburn once he figures out it's his own damn fault!!! *cackles* And I'm pretty sure Azazel will be cackling with me. Can't wait!!

Nooooo!!! Wade!!! But why????

At least Chloe was able to save Jess!!! So if the Dalakis aren't witches just what the fuck are they??? And that family is all sorts of fucked up!! Poor Chloe and everything she has gone through by their hands or beacuse they wanted to test her or those around her.

Ohhhhh yasssssss!! Chloe told Dean that he was her husband!!!

I love Lois, I do but *cries* couldn't she have returned after the Chlean sexy times!!!! And then Dean didn't tell Lois how he feels, for good reason, but I'm thinking that Chloe will be insecure which will lead to Chlean sexy times being delayed even more!!!

And when will be getting the next installment of this awesome series?????

20th-Dec-2014 02:53 pm (UTC)
I would feel bad for Uriel if he wasn't such an asshole. Even Azazel is nicer than him! And everything Uriel does usually ends up backfiring on him somehow. Tis why his heartburn is getting worse and worse! I don't know why he thought he had the nerves to pull off double agent! lol

Twas his time. It hurt to kill him off, so I didn't concentrate on it too much. I loved that cheeky bugger.

The family is definitely fucked up. Despite how bad Chloe's childhood was, it was best that she did not grow up with them methinks.

It was a long time coming! It took such an extreme situation for Dean to finally open himself up to the conversation they needed to have.

Nah. Lois is always the Queen of Bad-Timing! T'would be out of character for her to wait! lmfao

Hmmmm. We shall see. :p
28th-Dec-2014 08:33 am (UTC)
Okay so I just re read all of this series and I gotta say the newest installment was freaking awesome. So sad wade is dead,so happy chloe and dean are speciall possible not?witches. And I gotta say that as a long time fan of your writings as a whole, my favorite is was and always will be when you pair chloe and dean, not that I don't enjoy all your other crossover endevors but, really your grasp of those two characters is awesome. Chloe and dean forever! Great job.
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