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Synergy of the Soul 3/4 
13th-Jan-2015 11:42 pm
Chleremy---Chloe/Jeremy Gilbert

Title: Synergy of the Soul
Series: Starcrossed
Pairing: Chloe/Jeremy
Rating: T
Disclaimer: Don't own
Summary: When an unexpected tragedy, and very real danger threatens them, Chloe's group slowly forms and bands together. Descendants, reincarnations, witches, potential werewolves (other sorts of 'potentials') and even vampires must work together in order to save themselves.

Robertson was sticking around in Mystic Falls. For Caroline's safety she'd "gone to stay a couple of days with her father and Stephen", which, of course, meant that she was camped outside of the borders of Mystic Falls in the Lockwood's cabin. Considering that Mr Lockwood hadn't invited Caroline, Bonnie had a working theory as to how exactly she could enter the cabin - as well as the Salvatore Boarding House. Since she was feeding solely from Chloe's blood (they couldn't draw Robertson's attention to them even more than it already was by buying more blood) Bonnie believed that Caroline was somehow benefiting somehow from Chloe's 'magic' (or whatever the hell made Chloe 'special'). After Caroline was forced out of the cabin due to the intense pain the first day, only for it to be alleviated when Chloe arrived after the urgent text she'd sent, Bonnie theorized that not only did Caroline need a regular intake of Chloe's blood to bypass the "invitation", but needed a regular amount of Chloe's presence in the same place for it to work as well.

Considering that, Chloe told Zach that she was staying a couple of nights with Bonnie (who backed up the story) which was how she managed to spend most of her time in the cabin with Caroline. Jeremy wasn't happy at the thought of her being alone under the same roof with a newborn vampire, but he'd been put on Hunter patrol, and along with Bonnie and Tyler (who figured, as a potential supernatural creature he needed to know all about what and who might potentially hunt him) were trailing Robertson and keeping tabs on him, reporting back to Chloe as they did so.

Matt and Elena contributed by bringing food to those in the cabin. Caroline still nibbled on human food (though she drank mostly blood) and Chloe was always famished due to being the vampire's sole blood source. She appreciated the fact that Matt and Elena were thoughtful enough to bring her things that naturally boosted her blood (like beets). That was very thoughtful of them.

Katherine, to no one's surprise, skipped town. She'd told them they were fools for staying, and then had left. If they survived this Hunter and he left, Chloe had no doubt Katherine would be back, even though she'd offered no help whatsoever. But she knew that with Caroline they needed Katherine. She was the only one who could teach Caroline to control herself, to hunt and yet not kill. Katherine had survived undetected (not only by humans but by Klaus) by being discreet, and that was something Caroline desperately needed to learn.

As Chloe stared out of the window into the woods while Caroline slept on the bed, she wasn't surprised to be taken into a memory. She was weaker and definitely sleepy in this state. It would be easy to slip into a vision. So that was why she merely sighed when Damon Salvatore appeared in the window, walking around aimlessly.

Shaking her head, Chloe slipped out of the cabin and moved towards him. "Hey Damon." She still couldn't get over how much he looked like Adam Knight. Did he and Stefan had human doppelgängers (like Katherine) or had Damon and Stefan been in Smallville?

He stopped and turned to look at her, eyes wide. "You." His eyes then narrowed. "What are you doing here?" In seconds he'd superspeeded towards her in an obvious effort to intimidate. In this memory he was apparently a vampire.

"You know, I liked you better as a human than a vampire," she informed him. "You were much nicer then."

He opened his mouth and then closed it, lips a grim line. "Who else knows?"

She raised an eyebrow. "That you and Stefan are brothers, or that Katherine turned you?"

In seconds she was pushed against a tree, his hand at her neck and squeezing as his eyes shifted in what Katherine had called Compulsion. "How much do you know, how did you find out, and who else knows?"

That something inside of her acted instinctively, not even giving her time to even consider using her ability as an option. Then again, she was living through a memory, so whatever happened was going to happen, and she had no control over it. She felt her eyes shift as that something within her cracked even further, and when her voice spoke it wasn't only hoarse from the chokehold, but it was low and echoing. "Don't. Touch. Me."

Damon's eyes widened as he flung himself violently away from her.

She then punched him as hard as she could, causing his face to swing and redden from the force of the blow. "Don't you ever do that again!"

Damon moved to grab her but stopped within inches of her, his eyes wide as he tried to grab her over and over again only to stop inches short of actually touching her. The vampire paused and stepped away, his eyebrows nearly touching in a frown. "What sort of witch are you?"

"If we weren't friends, Dray, I would've-." She didn't know what she would've done – what she could've done – so she left it at that.

Damon froze. "Dray?"

She ignored him. Whenever she had visions or memories they were usually somehow connected, even if only very vaguely, to something she was experiencing. So maybe, just maybe, this memory could give her some insight into what they were facing.

The girl turned to him, eyes narrowed. "This is going to sound weird-."

"This is weird already," he informed her.

She, once more, ignored him. "Have you ever met or dealt with one of the Five?" At his expression her eyes widened. "You have!"

"They're myth." He looked like that older kid who was disgusted at their younger sibling for still believing in Santa Claus. "They're stories told to newborn vampires to make sure they behave."

"They're not a myth." Chloe informed the memory, wondering if maybe Thaddeus had faced someone from the Five before – or if she might just have the ability to converse with her memories for information's sake. "We have one here in Mystic Falls, right now."

He raised an eyebrow. "You're lying."

"Well, if it's a lie, Katherine's lying, not me." She then paused. "And she could very well be lying."

Damon superspeeded towards her only to stop within inches with a growl. "Don't lie!"

"I'm not. She really said that." Chloe eyed the way he seemed unable to touch her.

Damon's face was furious. "Katherine is-."

Chloe's phone rang and she pulled it from her pocket. "Calling me." This was new. Reality and vision were mixing in even more impossible ways. "Hold a second, okay?" She answered the phone and brought it to her ear. "I thought you were hiding until the Big Bad Hunter blew out of town."

"I am." Katherine's voice was unrepentant. "You should do the same."

"I don't run away and abandon my friends, Katerina." It was so easy to slip into the same annoyed way that Thaddeus would address the vampire.

"Really, Thaddeus, that judging little tone in your voice is going to get you nowhere," she responded with a chuckle. "You know, just as well as I do, that we have to disappear if we're to survive. Both you and I have made a… living… of disappearing."

"I get killed every lifetime." Chloe glared. "You disappear and leave everyone who cares for you in the dust."


She looked up at Damon to ask him how he could be in love with this woman, but the words died in her mouth when she saw the pale, horrified and extremely hurt expression on his face. At this brief moment in time, he looked like the human Damon she remembered.

"Anyway, I came back once I knew you'd reincarnated, didn't I?"

"Only because I'm useful to you." Chloe rolled her eyes. "If you're not going to help us with the Five problem, don't be a distraction."

"You're so touchy," she snickered. "But fine, whatever you say." With that, and a mocking kissing sound, she hung up.

"CHLOE?" Caroline's voice called from the cabin.

"I'm out here!" She turned to find Damon gone. He'd been an utterly useless memory. She hurried into the house to find that Caroline was awake and seated by the chimney. "You okay?"

"I heard voices. I was worried," Caroline admitted.

"Katherine called." Chloe rolled her eyes and sat next to the other blonde as she stared at the dark veins. "Come on, you need to feed." She rolled up her sleeve and offered her arm to the vampire, who still visibly controlled herself as she sunk her fangs into her. Chloe's phone vibrated with a text from Jeremy, which she read while Caroline feed.

How are things going? Bonnie is, as always, bringing you the work you've missed. We're going to bring some meat to make steaks. You're getting paler each time I see you. Elena is the cook in the house, and Matt knows enough from working at the Grill, so they said they'd come over and cook the steaks for us. Tyler says he has news about Robertson and will meet us there. Missed you in school. Even though we're in different grades we always hang out at lunch and break and it sucks not having you here.

She smiled as she eyed the long message. With one hand she typed back a message to him.

Things are fine. Had a memory about Damon Salvatore after he turned into a vampire. It was useless. Steaks sounds great. I wonder what Tyler has managed to find out?

She hesitated and looked down at the text before she added:

I miss you too.

She sent it off quickly before she could rethink and delete the last section.

"Why don't you two just get together already? Officially I mean." Caroline had eased her fangs from Chloe's arm and was eyeing her with that very Caroline Forbes look. "You're obviously in love with him, and everyone knows he's crazy about you." She wiped the blood from her mouth. "And this isn't the first lifetime you've felt this way about each other." Having been caught up to speed about the reincarnations and such, Caroline was taking it all in with ease. Then again, she was a vampire now, so why should reincarnation seem like such a stretch? "You're meant to be together. Stop being so proud and give in already. You know you want to."

"It's not just pride, Caroline," Chloe sighed. "My feelings for Jeremy put him in danger. Not just from Klaus, but from Lionel. Thaddeus felt the same way about Evelyn – just the fact that he cared about her put a target on her back. And she died."

"She killed herself," Caroline corrected. "Girl Jeremy didn't die because loving you - or boy you - put her in danger. Girl Jeremy died because she loved boy you and boy you died." She folded her arms over her chest. "You don't know how long you have alive, Chloe. Look at me. I never planned on becoming one of the fashionably undead. I had—I had plans. I wanted to become Miss Mystic, and graduate and marry my high school sweetheart and then have his beautiful babies. I wanted the whole white picket fence." She lowered her gaze and visibly forced herself to cheer up. "But I'm a vampire now and that changes things. That means I can't have what I wanted, and had I known that I would've done things differently. But, well…" she pouted. "I think I've forgotten where I was going with this."

Chloe smiled. "Why didn't we hang out more before you died?"

Caroline smiled back. "Because you were too busy trying to make sure that no one wanted to be your friend." She leaned closer. "FYI – that backfired."

Chloe snorted in laughter. "That had occurred to me!"

"So, you know, give Jeremy a chance." Caroline nudged her shoulder into hers. "Even when she didn't know about the whole reincarnated lovers thing Elena never stopped saying how she felt that you'd been sent to Mystic Falls to help her brother. You're good for him, and let's be honest, he's been good for you too."

Chloe smiled softly to herself. "He has."

"Now, tell me, what did the flirty murderer want?" Caroline leaned closer.

Chloe rolled her green eyes. "What she always wants."

"To take over the world?" Caroline quipped.

Chloe's lips twitched in amusement. "Now how did you guess?"

A knock on the door had both blondes' smiles disappearing as Chloe motioned Caroline towards the cellar as she stood with a whispered: "No matter what you hear, do not come out." She waited for Caroline to swiftly and silently close the door behind her, and rolled down her sleeve before she made her way towards the door. She opened it and then froze for a second, sure she couldn't keep the shock from her expression when Robertson stood in the doorway.

"Hello," he spoke, his voice level. He didn't seem at all shocked to see her.

And that meant that he'd known she was there.

Reaching into her pocket, which was half-hidden behind the door, Chloe speed-dialed Jeremy's number before she slipped outside and closed the door behind her. "What are you doing here?"

"I should ask you that considering you should be in school right now," he declared.

"What are you, the attendance police?" She snapped before she calmed herself. "What do you want? You obviously knew I was here when you knocked so I'm assuming you came to see me."

"You don't seem to trust me," he deduced.

"You seem to be stalking me," she declared.

He merely held his hand out. There was a faint and different scent on his glove than the day that they'd met.

She stared at it, arms folded over her chest. "What?"

"I'm being polite," he assured her.

"You're being creepy," she assured him, but when he kept his hand out she shook it before bringing hers to her nose. One whiff told her what he'd covered her hand with, and she couldn't stop her growl. "Wolfsbane." She took a step towards him. "Are. You. Serious?"

His eyes widened. "You know about-?"

"Listen here Mister Five." She couldn't stop herself as she poked him, hard, on the chest. "I don't know what the hell you think I am, but I'd appreciate it if you stopped stalking me and get a freaking life! I have better things to do than to shake your hand just so you can see whether Vervain or Wolfsbane or whatever else you have available to soak your glove in works against me!" She didn't even notice that he'd backed down the porch steps until her feet hit the ground, her finger still poking him furiously.

He finally reacted and grabbed her wrist painfully, keeping her from poking him further. "What. Are. You? You're not human. I can feel it. So if you're not a vampire or a werewolf, what the hell are you?"

"I'm annoyed! I'm freaking annoyed!" She glared up at him. "If you don't stay the hell away from me, I'm going to get a restraining order against you. And I can do that. One of my friends is the daughter of the sheriff. So if I were you I'd get the hell out of Mystic Falls before things get uncomfortable for you."

"I'm not leaving Mystic Falls until I've done my duty and have gotten rid of the supernatural plague infesting this place. It's so deep-rooted it makes me nauseas." He tightened his grip on her arm painfully. "I will destroy every single ounce of it from this place, purify it, and only once I've saved this town and its people, will I go."

"Are. You. Done?" She narrowed her eyes at him.

He appeared quite annoyed that she wasn't more impressed or intimidated by his self-righteous monologue. "I will find out what you are, and I will deal with you."

The sound of a vehicle speeding in their direction caused both to look up to see Bonnie's car racing towards them, Bonnie and Jeremy within. It screeched to a stop, raining dust and pebbles all around them, and then in the suffocating and blinding dust, Chloe felt Robertson fall away from her and hit the ground with a violent thud.

"Stay the hell away from her!" Jeremy's voice was a snarl, and as the dust settled it revealed that he now stood in front of her, his gaze dark and murderous on Robertson.

"You." Robertson eyed Jeremy as he stood. "You don't understand anything." He brushed himself off. "You're one of us."

Jeremy narrowed his eyes. "What are you talking about?"

"You could see the tattoos." Robertson raised his chin. "Only potential successors can see them."

Chloe's eyes widened behind Jeremy.

"One day you will be the one hunting, destroying, these creatures of evil." Roberston's gaze shifted towards Chloe. "If I don't kill her, one day you will."

No one saw it coming. Jeremy moved so quickly it was almost inhuman as he pushed Roberston against the car and pressed a blade (where had he gotten it?) to the man's throat. "I should kill you right now."

"Jeremy, you can't." Bonnie raised her hand up. "The Hunter's Curse, remember?"

Hunter's Curse? What was that?

"I don't care," Jeremy hissed into Robertson's face. "If it keeps her safe I'll face whatever punishment I get."

"No you won't!" Chloe grabbed Jeremy's shirt and tried to jerk him away, surprised to find that she couldn't – physically couldn't – and she could manhandle a human werewolf! "Jeremy, listen to me, I don't know what this Hunter's Curse is, but whatever it is, it isn't worth it. He isn't worth it."

"You're worth it," Jeremy whispered softly.

"Jere, no. Please." She wrapped her arms around him with behind, her cheek against his back. "Don't do anything that takes you away from me."

He froze, his whole body tense in shock, and then she felt him pull away from Robertson, letting him go. Jeremy turned, shifted, so that Chloe (who still held onto him) was rested in the crook of his arm. "Never," he promised.

She smiled up at him.

Bonnie smiled at the both of them, before she narrowed her eyes on Robertson. "If I were you I'd escape while she has him in a lovey-dovey haze. And don't ever come back here and bother us or our friends again. You have no business here and next time we won't just let you go."

"You're consorting with monsters, little girl," Robertson hissed to her. "They'll turn on you."

Chloe could see that Bonnie was highly tempted to use magic and hurt this guy, but the blonde hurried forwards, catching both of their attention. She didn't want Bonnie giving away what she was, not when Robertson had nothing concrete on anyone except for a gut feeling. Plus, she didn't know what the Five's stance were on witches. "Just go, Robertson." She raised an eyebrow. "And just so you know, I'm getting that restraining order. I have enough witnesses who can back me up on your stalking and harassing."

He sneered and walked away.

She had a sickening feeling in the pit of her stomach that that wouldn't be the last time that they would see him.

"He had Wolfsbane?" Tyler looked between everyone in the living room, eyes wide. "Would that work on me if I haven't actually turned?"

"I don't know, but I'm working on finding out," Bonnie promised him.

Tyler nodded. "If you need any help on the werewolf research front, I'm in." At everyone's surprised looks he scoffed. "It's important I know this information, of course I'm going to help. I'm not just beauty and brawn, you know."

From the kitchen, Matt and Elena (who were in the midst of cooking) snorted.

"Oh hush, you two," Tyler glared at them, which was easy considering the open-concept of the cabin and the fact that the kitchen flowed into the living room.

"So what was it that you wanted to tell us about the Hunter?" Jeremy wanted to know from where he sat on the ground and leaned back against Chloe's seat, his arms up and elbows rested on her knees.

"Right." Tyler nodded and turned towards Jeremy and Chloe. "It's not so much about Robertson as it is about the Supernatural Hunting Council we already knew were here." He cleared his throat. "I think it's the Town Council." When everyone's eyes widened he cleared his throat. "I saw Robertson talking to the sheriff and I got curious, you know?" He sighed. "Thing is I was able to hear parts of the conversation and it seemed like there were some murders that he was asking about and then the word Vampire got thrown in there. The sheriff looked shocked and then denied something and then Robertson said something that made her invite him to the next Town Council Meeting."

"The Town Council." Caroline was horribly pale. "Our parents are on that council."

"At least those with Founding Fathers lineage." Matt turned to his girlfriend. "Didn't your father have a position on the Town Council?"

Elena turned to look at Jeremy and nodded. "Yeah."

"Our father was a vampire hunter." Jeremy couldn't look more shocked if he tried.

"Maybe that was why Robertson said you had a potential to be one of the Five," Bonnie pointed out to him. "Maybe it runs in your blood."

"We can't let him go to that meeting." It was, surprisingly enough, Elena who declared that as she moved towards the living room. "He knows something is off about Chloe, and if he can really sense the supernatural he'll find out about Caroline. He'll report the two of them to the Town Council and they might-they might-."

"My mother might kill me." Caroline's voice was soft and horrified, terribly pained.

"Elena's right." Bonnie nibbled on her bottom lip. "We can't let him go to that meeting."

"Who says that he'll wait for the meeting to tell?" Matt wanted to know. "He could be telling the sheriff everything as we speak."

"He'll want the whole Council to hear it," Jeremy disagreed. "He'll want them to have his back, to see that they need him, and for the most potent response he'll have to tell them all at once."

"I agree," Tyler sighed. "But that doesn't give us much time. The meeting is tomorrow night."

The group stared at each other in silence, not sure what they could do to stop Robertson without triggering the horrible curse inflicted on those who killed one of the Five.

Tyler groaned and leaned back hard against the chair. "This is going to be a long night."

14th-Jan-2015 04:56 am (UTC) - so close
You put us so tantalizing close to Chloe realizing that Damon and Stefan weren't waking dreams, but they were currently present.

Lady, what are you setting us up for?

14th-Jan-2015 09:18 pm (UTC) - Re: so close
To be fair, she's basically in a walking trance from all her blood loss!
14th-Jan-2015 10:17 pm (UTC) - Re: so close
Well, I meant more of Caroline seeing Damon than Chloe figuring it out on her own. Chloe's usual deductive/inductive skills are definitely hampered with lots on her mind and lack of sleep. Not sure if her special powers are draining her or helping her to stay alive.
14th-Jan-2015 02:30 pm (UTC)
mooooorrrrreeee.... more please!!;)
14th-Jan-2015 09:18 pm (UTC)
Ask and it shall be given to you :)
14th-Jan-2015 06:21 pm (UTC)
I thought Chloe was going to find out about Damon.

"She killed herself," Caroline corrected. "Girl Jeremy didn't die because loving you - or boy you - put her in danger. Girl Jeremy died because she loved boy you and boy you died." Ohh I had to laugh

I want this Robertson guy dead right now. LOK
14th-Jan-2015 09:19 pm (UTC)
Well, killing Robertson would hurt them considering the Hunter's Curse will drive them insane....
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