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Synergy of the Soul 4/4 
14th-Jan-2015 04:18 pm
Chleremy---Chloe/Jeremy Gilbert

Title: Synergy of the Soul
Series: Starcrossed
Pairing: Chloe/Jeremy
Rating: T
Disclaimer: Don't own
Summary: When an unexpected tragedy, and very real danger threatens them, Chloe's group slowly forms and bands together. Descendants, reincarnations, witches, potential werewolves (other sorts of 'potentials') and even vampires must work together in order to save themselves.

They all slept at the cabin that night since it wasn't safe for Chloe and Caroline to be alone, and anyway, those in the group needed to stick together and come up with some sort of game plan. Bonnie had taken some books from her Grams that had references to the Five (which was where she'd found out about the Hunter's Curse) and everyone had spent the night reading and trying to not only understand their enemy's weakness, but his strengths as well.

Caroline and Chloe went to school the next day because, although Caroline was still struggling with her vampirism, they needed the girl to appear in the daylight, with many witnesses in case Robertson figured things out and told anyone. To keep Caroline from vamping (or vein-ing) out during class, the two blondes kept sneaking off to the bathroom after every three classes so Caroline could feed. They really needed Robertson dealt with, not only because he was a threat, but because Chloe was seriously becoming fatigued by being Caroline's sole source of blood. It seemed to do wonders for the vampire though, who was peppy and completely like herself.

"Miss Alexander, are you still feeling ill?" Mister Cole asked in uncharacteristic worry when she fell asleep in his class.

She supposed that her behavior during her first day back made her "too sick to go to school" story seem more believable. She just gave her teacher a small smile, apologized, and did her best to stay awake.

Bonnie looked worried, and Caroline guilty.

Chloe fell asleep in class once more and didn't notice either girls' expression.

Jeremy Gilbert was planning very dark things as he ran his fingers through Chloe's hair. She'd fallen asleep during lunch and was leaning her head against his shoulder, snoring softly. Bonnie and Caroline had told him that she'd spent the morning dozing off in class, and both were worried that despite the efforts to keep her blood level high, the constant feeding was draining the girl. And it couldn't come at a worse time given the fact that they had Robertson to deal with.

"Maybe Matt, Tyler and I can alternate getting blood," Elena whispered the last word. "At least Matt and I are completely human and Robertson should feel that. He mightn't pay attention to us."

"If he's keeping an eye on Chloe he knows we're a part of her group," Tyler countered. "Plus, he'll be keeping an eye on people buying blood anyway."

"Ty's right," Matt sighed.

"She can't keep feeding Caroline on her own." Bonnie frowned darkly. "I mean, look at her, she doesn't say anything but it's obviously taking a lot out of her."

"With Robertson's eyes on Mystic Falls we can't do anything," Tyler growled.

"What about outside of Mystic Falls?" Jeremy suddenly looked up. "We could go to a butcher outside of town and get the blood."

Matt straightened up. "Ty and I could leave now and be back with blood in a couple of hours."

Tyler grinned. "I'm all up for ditching class."

Elena looked between them. "Be careful."

Matt kissed his girlfriend's lips and then, with Tyler, stood and hurried towards the parking lot.

Bonnie watched them go before she sighed. "I've been sneaking some studying during classes and there is no way around the Hunter's Curse. If you kill one of the Five you are cursed to be tormented nonstop and driven insane by their spirit for as long as you live – or until another Hunter is chosen to take the place they vacated with their death."

"Can we trap him?" Caroline wanted to know. "Isn't there that place under the Lockwood land?"

"And what? We feed him for the rest of his life until he dies of old age?" Bonnie made a face. "Plus, he could always escape – and if he died like that we still run the risk of activating the curse – both the Hunter's Curse and Tyler's werewolf curse."

Caroline grumbled. "This is impossible."

Chloe whimpered in her sleep and pulled closer to Jeremy.

He stared down at her face and something within him clenched. There was no way, Hunter or not, that he could ever allow anything to happen to her – much less be the one to inflict the pain on her. "Whatever we do, we're going to have to do it, fast."

They had PE. It was probably the worse class for her to return to given her state, and thankfully her PE teacher was uncharacteristically nice to her. Mrs Fraiser had sent her to the infirmary after the second time she'd tripped and nearly fallen on her face. Apparently news of Chloe's illness and spread throughout the school and the teachers believed her, which was probably because she'd had a relatively perfect attendance score.

It was why she lay in the bed in the infirmary. Mrs Harrow had said she was running a bit of a fever and had given her something to "sleep it off". She'd been blissfully sleeping when she'd realized she couldn't breathe and had opened her mouth in desperation only to find weird tasting water shoved down her throat. Her eyes flew open as she was forced to drink the concoction, and then gulped in air viciously, as she stared at Robertson, who had a grip on her nose.

"What…" she coughed and batted it away. "What did you give me?"

"I know what you are," he hissed at her.

Well, that was one of them.

"And I'm going to show the Council tonight just how deep the corruption has gotten in this town! Even those related to the Founding Families have this filth in them!" And before she could counter, the girl still greedily sucking in air, he slammed her head into the wall and all went black.

She'd been taken.

Sheriff Forbes was at the scene taking in witness statements but other than Chloe being missing, and the bloody dent in the wall, there was no one who could tell what had happened. Jeremy stood there with his friends, his fists clenched. He knew what had happened. He knew who had taken Chloe, and it burned him not to be able to tell the sheriff, not to be able to trust the people who were supposed to take care of them – protect them. If he told Sheriff Forbes that Robertson had taken her, she'd automatically believe Chloe to be supernatural and probably sanction the whole thing – sweep it under the rug. He wasn't about to let that happen.

"We've got to find her before he hurts her," Elena whispered, her hand in Jeremy's squeezing tightly.

"That blood is definitely hers." Caroline looked in pain, as if she was desperately trying to keep her face from vamping out. "I'd recognize the smell of it anywhere. The scent leads out into the parking lot and then vanishes. He must've put her in a vehicle."

"Do you still have that dagger you took off of Robertson during your confrontation?" Bonnie asked Jeremy softly.

He nodded. "I wasn't about to give it back to him."

"Good." Bonnie took in a deep breath. "We're going to use it in a locator spell." When everyone turned to look at her in surprise, her expression turned grim. "We're going to find where he is, and we're going to stop him – whatever it takes."

"You shouldn't be awake."

Chloe tugged at the shackles pinning her arms to the dungeon walls. "What did you give me?"

"You. Shouldn't. Be. Awake." He knelt in front of her.

"What. Did. You. Give. Me?" She turned to glare at him despite the pain in her head. She doubted what he'd given her had affected her – no – it'd been the blow to her head.

He narrowed his eyes. "The iron should've knocked you out and kept you painfully sedated until the Council meeting tonight."

"Iron?" Chloe scoffed. "Why would you give me-?" Her eyes then widened. "You think I'm a fairy?" She then burst out laughing. "Why would you think I'm a fairy?" Her laughter definitely had Robertson frowning and doubting himself. "Wait. Are fairies even real?"

He let out a sound of utter agitation as he reached out and grabbed her chin painfully. "What are you? It'll be less painful for you to tell me, believe me. Otherwise I'm going to have to figure out myself – and my tests are pretty invasive to say the least."

"You know, you give off a mad scientist vibe," she informed him, bluffing her courage. "Or, well, just a mad vibe, at least." She expected the backhand across her cheek but it still stung like hell. "That all you got?"

"You want me to beat you more?" He snickered.

"Yeah." She nodded. "I want to be all black and blue when the sheriff finds me so there'll be no question about what sort of psycho you are."

"The sheriff will understand, she and the Council will applaud me for what I'm doing." He smirked. "They'll value me for the knowledge I'll bring to them."

"Knowledge? You really so sure about that?" She raised an eyebrow. "I mean, you can't even figure out what I am. You don't sound too knowledgeable to me." She expected the backhand once more, and once more it hurt like hell.

He gripped her chin and raised it painfully so that he stared straight into her eyes. "Don't tempt me to kill you before tonight."

Staring into his fevered eyes, like with Damon Chloe felt the shift without even having thought about using the power. That thing within her cried out in pain warningly. "You're not going to wait until tonight. You're going to call the sheriff and tell her she has to call the Council meeting now. You have a very dangerous creature with you and you can't contain it for much longer – you need the whole council to see this."

His pupils shifted – they shifted! – she hadn't even known she could do this to people who weren't vampires! "I'll call Sheriff Forbes."

"Yes, you will." Chloe's voice echoed as she did her best to ignore the pain of the cracking inside of her. "And then, while we're there, this is exactly what will happen."

"They're under the Town Council Building." Bonnie stared at the map, eyes narrowed. They were all at the Gilbert's house, congregated in Elena's room. "Why would they be there?"

"Maybe they're having the meeting." Elena frowned as she leaned forwards.

"But Tyler said that the meeting is tonight," Caroline whispered.

"He has Chloe – he might be taking her to the meeting – that might be why they've hurried up the schedule." Jeremy clenched his fists. "It means he knows what she is and how to prove it."

"We have to do something." Matt pushed away from the wall he'd been leaning on. He and Tyler had been returning with the blood when he'd gotten Elena's text about what had happened. The boys had raced back and met everyone at the Gilberts'. "We can't let them kill her. She protected us as best as she could when we didn't even know we needed protection."

Tyler licked his lips. "I agree that we can't let anything happen to her – but Caroline, Bonnie and I can't go to that meeting."

"Talk for yourself!" Bonnie snapped.

"He's right." Jeremy narrowed his eyes and hated agreeing. "We're going to infiltrate a vampire hunting council, and we don't know what else they hunt. Only the humans can go. Only the humans will be safe."

"That leaves you, me and Elena." Matt frowned.

"That's all we'll need." Jeremy looked up at them. "This is what we're going to do."

When the burlap sack was yanked from her head, Chloe was thrown to her knees in front of a council of gasps of horror. She kept on her knees despite the pain in her body, and made sure to get a good look at everyone who consisted of the Vampire Hunting Council. Not only were the Mayor and his wife, as well as Sheriff Forbes there, but so was Zach… and at least one member of each Founding Family.

Zach stood rapidly. "What are you doing? She's my n-niece!"

"She's a creature of evil!" Robertson snapped as he grabbed her by her hair. "Your town is infested by monsters, and you've all grown so complacent that you are blind to what is going on before your very eyes!"

"That is a child!" Mrs Lockwood stood, horrified. "I know her and she is no monster!"

"She goes to school, in the sunlight," Mayor Lockwood growled as he too stood.

"Ignorant fools," Robertson snarled.

"We have tea every week." Zach looked around them, addressing the people, his voice quite desperate. "She has vervain tea every week! She is not a vampire!"

There was a loud murmur amongst the group.

"Uncle Zach?" Chloe was in pain, a lot of it, and it made the sorrowful sound of her voice echo through the room. "Mayor and Mrs Lockwood? What's going on?"

"SILENCE!" Robertson snarled and shook her by her hair.

"That's enough!" Sheriff Forbes snapped.

"WATCH!" Robertson let go of Chloe to open a container from his bag, which he dipped his glove into. "Vervain!" And with that he pressed his hand up against her throat… Nothing happened.

People began to stand.

Roberston froze for a moment, before he grabbed another container. "I—I used the wrong gel!" He hurriedly pulled out another container and dipped his glove into it. "Wolfsbane!"

Mayor Lockwood shifted uncomfortably away.

Robertson grabbed Chloe with the glove… and nothing happened.

Already she could see the tide turning against the member of the Five as yells echoed throughout the air.

Sheriff Forbes pulled out her gun and aimed it at Robertson. "Step away from the girl."

When he dropped Chloe she made sure to begin crying, which wasn't too hard to do considering the pain she was in. The Council were all highly worried, concerned, and obviously had never had something like this happened before. They looked, to say the least, terrified.

"I meant to give her iron! She's a fairy!" Roberston reached in for his other container.

"That is enough, Robertson." Mayor Lockwood snarled as he moved forwards. "We will not let you do anything further to this poor child!"

"You're insane!" Mrs Lockwood whimpered in horror.

"Imagine – fairies," one of the councilmen huffed. "The man's freaking nuts!"

Robertson rose to his full-height, enraged. "I AM ONE OF THE FIVE! I WAS ORDAINED TO FIGHT EVIL! TO SLAY VAMPIRES AND-."

"Torture innocent girls!" Zach snarled.

Lifting Chloe up by her hair, Robertson held her in front of him. "She's deceiving you. The Five can sense the supernatural, and this girl is part of that world. Let me force water with iron specks down her throat, or cut her with my obsidian blade, or mix her blood with cobra venom, or-." When Chloe whimpered he chuckled. "AHA! That's what you are, isn't it? You're a Lamia!" He turned to Mr Fell. "Pass me the cobra venom! Quick! I'll bleed her and-."

The sound of two heavy thuds behind them was Chloe's only warning before suddenly Robertson was falling and her with him. Something heavy thudded as arms gripped her, kept her from hitting the ground.

"I'm going to kill him," Jeremy's voice was a dark promise as he pulled her into his arms and surveyed the damage. "I'm going to kill him!"

Matt, who held a baseball bat in his hand, turned the council. "Were you just going to stand there and let him hurt her?"

Mayor Lockwood looked shaky, confused. "How do you children know about this place?"

Sheriff Forbes hurried to cuff the unconscious Roberston and had the deputies in attendance escort him out.

"We followed him." Elena stepped forwards, condemnation in her eyes. "We've been looking for Chloe since she was taken, and we saw him throwing her into his truck. We followed him here and were waiting for you people to actually help her while this raving lunatic was yelling about vampires and werewolves and such stupidity like that-."

"But since you all were just content on doing nothing we had to do something ourselves." That was Matt, his eyes narrowed and disgusted.

The adults in the room shrunk back.

Jeremy turned to leave. "We're taking you to the hospital."

"Son, I think it's better if we call the ambulance and-." Mayor Lockwood began.

"I'm not your son!" Jeremy snapped. "And I'm not about to listen to anyone who just sat back and let him hurt her!" People flinched, shame visible on their faces.

Zach pushed pass people and came towards them. "Come on, I'll call the hospital so they'll know we're on our way."

Jeremy merely nodded and let Zach lead the way out. He held Chloe firmly yet in a way that proved that he was doing his best not to disturb the cuts and bruises all over her body. His was tense, and there was something dark in him at that moment that Chloe didn't recognize.

She wanted to thank him for coming, as she'd known he would, wanted to assure him that she was fine and that she'd suffered through what she had willing to throw the council off of their trail (and cause them to distrust Robertson or anyone else who might breeze into town wanting to 'help'), but before she could, Chloe fainted from pain.

According to Sheriff Forbes Robertson was locked away for assault on a minor and other convictions. She'd promised the youths he'd pay for what he'd done. Jeremy didn't trust her, and he was sure she could tell. It really terrified him to realize that, had they been able to prove Chloe wasn't human, they might've not only allowed Robertson to continue – but might've participated themselves. In his eyes, the Vampire Hunting Council of Mystic Falls was his number one enemy right now. Lionel and this mysterious Klaus guy tied for second place. Katherine Pierce had been bumped all the way down to third position.

"We'll go visit her the second the hospital allows us to tomorrow." Aunt Jenna, was horrified. She wasn't from a Founding Family and not only wasn't a part of the Council, but didn't seem to even know of its existence. She, like the others, thought that a 'lunatic' had interrupted a normal Council meeting. The teenagers had been sworn to secrecy over certain situations, and while they'd agreed to the terms, Jeremy knew that a divide had been born between the Council (or the adults in authority) and the teenagers. They all knew now that should Tyler accidentally trigger his werewolf gene – or should Elena turn into a vampire – or should Matt become a leprechaun – they'd be on the hit list.

"You should've seen her." Matt frowned, seated on the loveseat with his arms around Elena, who was red-eyed from crying. "She was black and blue all over."

"What sort of animal could do something like that?" Jenna whispered in horror. "Poor girl."

Jeremy looked down at his phone when it vibrated with a text from Bonnie. Tyler and I are staying with Caroline at the cabin. She's not doing so great but we're keeping things under control.

He texted back: If you need anything, just text.

Will do. She responded before sending one last message. Chloe will be fine, Jere. We saved her. And at least for now, we're all safe.

'At least for now'. Jeremy sighed as he looked up at the ceiling. That's the problem.

"How long have you known?" Damon asked, gaze still on Chloe Sullivan from Smallville, Kansas, as she slept, deeply sedated in the Mystic Falls hospital. When he'd seen the girl he'd nearly killed while under the control of Lionel freaking Luthor, the realization that Miss Intrepid Reporter had known about his vampirism and true identity had definitely left him in a killing mood. And yet just as Adam Knight hadn't been whom he appeared to be, neither had Chloe Sullivan… or Chloe "Alexander", as she seemed to go by here.

From the shadows, Stefan emerged. Neither brother had seen each other in far too long, and their many partings were never amicable. "A while now."

"And you didn't think I should know that our 'bestie' was reincarnated?" Damon paused. "As a girl?" He smirked at the thought. Thaddeus was a girl. He was never going to allow him to live that down.

"It's not as if we've been in contact," Stefan murmured as he leaned against the doorframe and eyed the sleeping girl. "Katherine is alive. I've seen her myself, here in Mystic Falls."

A muscle jumped in Damon's cheek as anger and hurt warred inside of him. He'd spent so many years mourning Katherine's loss – and then planning her rescue. That was why he were here in Mystic Falls! Katherine's rescue had been his only reason to live since he'd turned – and now he found out that she'd never been trapped. She'd been free all this time and just hadn't cared about him or Stefan enough to come to them. She'd purposely made them think she was dead and gone – or at least desiccated. All his love for her turned into hatred unlike anything he'd ever felt before – alive or undead.

"There's a girl who looks like her, identical, actually, but she's nothing like Katherine." Stefan gave a shrug. "From what I can tell, she's a part of the humans in Thaddeus' group. He has a Bennett witch and a newly turned vampire with him too."

"You mean she." This was so trippy.

Stefan flinched. "I'm still getting used to that part."

"Since when was Thaddeus a witch?" Damon wanted to know. "I don't remember him being a witch."

"Me neither," Stefan admitted.

"Whatever," he shrugged. "So what's your plan?" Damon sent him a look over his shoulder. "Are you going to confront Thaddeus or are you going to just lurk around like a stalker?"

Stefan sent him a glare. "I'm not stalking. I'm doing reconnaissance."

"Riiiight. Like the judge will believe that when you're brought up on charges of stalkery and creepery."

"If anyone would be brought up on those charges, Damon, it'd be you."

"Well, you're probably right." Damon grinned, unrepentant. "So. We're just going to watch for now? See what Thaddus is up to?"

"We are not going to do anything." Stefan glared at him. "You are going to leave Mystic Falls before you do something I can't clean up after."

"Tsk tsk tsk, little brother," Damon shook his head. "If you think I'm about to leave now, you definitely don't know me."

Stefan let out a deep-rooted, disturbed sigh.

Proud of the way he exasperated his younger brother, Damon grinned as his gaze returned to Chloe.

His unlife was about to become highly intriguing.

14th-Jan-2015 10:07 pm (UTC)
yes... i was waiting for the salvator-brothers to show themself... awesome
thank you sooo much ...

Edited at 2015-01-14 10:07 pm (UTC)
5th-Mar-2015 09:46 pm (UTC)
Yes, it was about time and definitely coming!

You're very welcome :)
14th-Jan-2015 10:59 pm (UTC)
'They all slept at the cabin that night' ohh a slumber party!!!-I know... Silly joke but I couldn't help it lol.

I liked Chloe's plan to let Robertson look like a lunatic. I wanted to beat him for hurting her tho.

I can totally picture Damon ans Stefan teasing Chloe for being a girl lmao.
5th-Mar-2015 09:48 pm (UTC)
Tyler would definitely not appreciate the slumber party comment, but Caroline (and Elena) would agree to it!

Chloe's biggest weapon is her smarts - and in having people underestimate her all the time. She's definitely too cunning for these people.

Damon definitely won't let her live it down!
14th-Jan-2015 11:21 pm (UTC) - Miscommunication
Well, I'm glad that the Salvatore brothers are staying back, because Chloe is not a witch, right?

I wonder if you're gonna have the brothers go all gaga over Elena. *Shrugs* As long as they see Chloe as their bestie and don't tread over Jeremy, I'm not worked up.

I had to giggle when Robertson thought Chloe was a fairy. I just read a story where some lunatic put Chloe in a Tinkerbell costume.

If being in a home without permission is so hard for Caroline without Chloe's presence or blood, why doesn't she try glamping outside and only go inside for the restroom. I'm not sure what season it is, but it seems like fall. Robertson is in prison, so they don't need the protection four walls can provide do they? Chloe is definitely the brains of this operation.

I wonder if someone will inform Lex.

As far as cliff hangers go, this is one of your more benevolent ones. No imminent danger that I can see. Whew!
5th-Mar-2015 09:49 pm (UTC) - Re: Miscommunication
I don't blame on writing either brother head over heels for Elena. Damon is extremely pissed off with Katherine, and basically sees Elena as "Katherine Next Gen".

Chloe IS DEFINITELY the brains of this operation. Preach it!

Poor Lex - he's a terrible guardian.
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