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Chloe, Interrupted 2/5 
18th-Jan-2015 02:40 pm
chlean---Oh-Boy Looks
Chloe, Interrupted2
Title: Chloe, Interrupted
Series: Asset Series
Sequel to: Little Miss Muffet
Pairing: Chloe/Dean
Rating: T
Disclaimer: Don't own
Summary: Lois is back, Dean and Chloe are keeping their relationship a secret, and now the person Chloe fears the most is loose and after her. When the blonde is sent somewhere to be safe, she meets someone who is supposed to play a big part in the future. Are these coincidences, or is someone pulling the strings?

"I know, right?" Adam brought his tray and sat it next to Chloe's as he sat next to her. "It's like a four star hotel chef works here."

Despite the disgust she felt at the lumpy porridge dripping from her spoon into the bowl, Chloe laughed as she tilted her head towards him. "You took the words right out of my mouth."

While he flashed her a smile, the bags under his eyes were darker than yesterday.

She frowned as she eyed him. "You didn't sleep last night, did you?"

A muscle jumped in his cheek as Adam shook his head and stirred the hot porridge with his spoon. "I don't sleep."

"What about the meds?" She asked. "I don't usually sleep but last night I was out like a light bulb." She frowned. "I don't even remember dreaming, which is weird, because I have some intense nightmares."

He opened his mouth to say something and then shook his head and looked back down at his porridge.

Eyes narrowed, Chloe stared at Adam. "Did you see something? Is that why you're not sleeping?"

"I'm not crazy." His words were soft and urgent, and quite a bit defensive.

"That's not what I asked, was it?" She raised an eyebrow.

Adam took in a deep breath and then turned to face her. "Look. I know how crazy this sounds, but I saw what I saw. I see what I see. They aren't hallucinations. None of it. My mother wasn't killed by a human. Some monster tore her apart and started to eat before she died. There wasn't-I am not-." He stopped when she placed her hand on his shoulder. "You're going to tell me I need to see Dr Volchek about changing my meds, aren't you?"

She shook her head. "I was going to ask if whatever killed your mother was humanoid or animalistic."

His eyes widened, like he couldn't believe what he was hearing. "Humanoid. It stood like a man, but its eyes-its teeth-its claws-it wasn't a man."


His eyes widened further. "Okay? That's all you're going to say?"

"What do you get out of lying to me about it? We're both already here." She turned away from him and tried the porridge with a grimace. "Oh, this is horrible. How can you eat this thing? Tell me it isn't what we're going to have every morning!"

He watched her with wide-eyed awe. "You believe me."

John might not want Adam to know about the supernatural, he might even have him stashed here while he hunted down those after him, but Dean was right. Adam deserved to know. "You'd be surprised at the things I've seen. Your story, well, let's just say that while horrifying, it's much more believable than the things I've been through."

Adam turned towards her and straddled the seat. "I thought you were interned here because of what your mother did."

"I am interned here for very specific reasons that have nothing to do with that. Not really." She tried the porridge once more, cringed, and then pushed it away. "I've learnt to deal with everything on my own, in my own way. But I have to admit that I haven't had as full or deep of a sleep as I did last night since my mother tried to kill me. Whatever is in those meds, they're potent."

Adam opened his mouth, questions in his eyes-.

A strawberry blonde guy slid into the seat next to him. "Did you hear about Karen?"

Adam and Chloe shared looks before they turned to face him. Adam frowned. "What have you heard, Jimmy?"

"She killed herself while in isolation." Jimmy's freckles were more visibly as he paled. "Apparently she ruptured her own eyeballs with her thumbs."

Chloe felt like she was going to be sick.

"What is that? The second suicide in two weeks?" Adam's eyes narrowed.

"If you believe the rumors about the massacre that happened here some time back, dude, it's much more than that." Jimmy flinched when someone slapped him up the back of his head. "Hey! That hurt!"

"Don't be an idiot." A plain looking dark haired girl declared. "If the massacres had actually happened this place would've been shut down and there is no way that they'd be allowed to stay open and tend to patients. Especially not those who can check themselves out whenever they want." She placed her hands on her hips. "This is a place for people who are mentally unstable. Obviously some people aren't going to be strong enough to stick it out and bet on the treatments working. Every nuthouse will have suicides. It's a part of life."

"You know, Harriet, you're a bitch," Jimmy informed her.

Harriet rolled her eyes and walked away.

Jimmy got up and left to go to another table to spread the news.

Adam turned Chloe. "I need to tell you something." He opened his mouth to continue when a bell rung. He sighed. "We need to get to group therapy. Can we, uh, talk later? Just the two of us?"

Nodding, Chloe followed him up and they dumped their full paper bowls of food into the trash can before Adam led her to her very first group therapy session.

"How could you not tell us that she'd escaped? She tried to kill her daughter!" Lois snarled as she slammed her hands down on the table, causing the fat, old warden of the high-level security mental institution Moira had been imprisoned in to jump in obvious fear.

"W-w-w-e were h-handling it and d-d-didn't see the need to w-w-worry the girl when we would capture-."

"Don't think I'm a fool," Lois growled. "You didn't want news about how lax your security system is getting out! This had nothing about you not wanting Chloe to worry!"

"I a-a-a-assure you that we only had the most p-p-p-pure intentions at h-heart!"

Lois turned her back on him, disgusted, and let John continue with the interrogations as she whipped out her phone and called Dean. He answered on the fifth ring. "She really is out. We've confronting the warden right now. Apparently she's been out for two weeks and they didn't think it necessary to warn anyone about it."

"What now? Now that we know Moira is looking for Chloe and has a witch – but hopefully won't be able to locate her via spell – what do you think your aunt will do next? Where will she go? Is there anyone who would give her sanctuary?" Dean's voice was pure business. "Bobby and Sam have hit a dead end on both their corners. We need a win."

Lois moved towards the window and looked out. "My father wouldn't help her, if that's what you're implying."

"I wasn't." His voice was harsh. "I meant Gabriel Sullivan."

She froze. "There's no way that Uncle Gabe-!"

"It's his fault she was in a minimum security quack house and could escape to attack Chloe the first time." Dean's voice was cold steel. "He then abandoned his daughter when she needed him the most. To me that man is capable of anything."

Lois opened her mouth to tell him about the Uncle Gabe she remembered, the one who adored his daughter, who cried every night non-stop during Chloe's time catatonic, and who had been terrified to let his daughter out of his sight long enough for her and Lois to go on their road trip. She thought about the father who'd been so terrified and dedicated to his daughter. What exactly had happened to him? How had he become the man he was now? He couldn't even say that he'd been made to think he was someone else! "I'll get in contact with my father and ask him to put surveillance on Uncle Gabe, just in case."

"Thank you, Lois."

"Come on, you don't need to thank me, she's my Baby Cousin, I'd do anything to make sure she's safe." She smiled. "You're the one I need to thank. You're really dedicated to her safety… I really admire that."

"Lois, I have to go. Let me know when you find out something." With that he hung up.

Sighing, Lois put away the phone and turned towards the trembling warden. It was time to make him cry.

"What about you, Chloe?" Dr Volchek was a handsome enough man, around forty years old, who had a kindly expression on his face. If he had a fault it was that he pushed people too far too soon, or at least that was what Chloe felt after watching him interacting with a couple of the others during group therapy. "Now that you've seen how we do this, why don't you join in and tell the group a little about yourself and why you are here?"

Uncomfortable, Chloe hugged herself as she eyed the group that watched her intently. She'd spent the whole morning listening to stories and had hoped that, since it was almost lunchtime, the meeting would end before they came to her. So much for wishful thinking. "My name's Chloe and I'm here because I have problems sleeping." At Dr Volchek's nod for her to continue, she took in a deep breath. "This is the reason I have problems sleeping." She pulled down the neck of her shirt and heard gasps as people saw the upside down cross scar over her heart. "My mother did that to me." Her gaze slide to Dr Volchek. "Is that enough or do you want me to go on and say that my mother escaped from a psychiatric holding facility and tried to kill me because she thought my real father was the devil, and that by killing me she was saving me from him? Or how about the fact that she attacked me once more while I was in the hospital? Or that I was catatonic for months afterwards? Or that I dream of the event all the time, and the dreams are so real my body believes it's really happening, that I'm being stabbed in the heart once more, and I can feel it all over?"

There was hushed silence.

Harriet smirked in the corner. "What a freak."

"We do not talk about people that way here, Harriet," Dr Volchek snapped. "This is a safe place."

"Yeah, tell that to Karen." A boy who'd spoken earlier, calling himself Stew, snorted.

Murmurs arose from the group.

"What happened to Karen was a horrible thing, she gave up the fight and desire to live." Dr Volchek shook his head. "Session is dismissed. Go and do something constructive. I want to hear all about it during our next meeting." As the group rose and dispersed, he cleared his throat. "Can I talk to you for a minute alone, Chloe?"

It wasn't like she had much of an option. "Sure."

Adam motioned with his head towards the door. "I'll wait for you outside."

She opened her mouth to tell him he didn't need to, but he was already gone. She turned to Dr Volchek and cleared her throat. "What did I do?"

"Nothing," he assured her. "I just want you to know that participation in group sessions is about opening up and realizing that you are not alone in your problems. I do not want you to feel that you are being attacked. Everything we do here, Chloe, is for your benefit. We only want to help you, and we have a long list of victories - so many lives we've managed to help change for the better." He placed his hand on her shoulder. "Let us help you like we have them."

She cleared her throat and nodded. "I'll try not to be so defensive next time. I-It's just a really touchy subject."

"And with good reason," he replied with a squeeze. "I just want you to know that we are here for you, and ask you to please not see us as the enemy."

She nodded once more. "Of course, Dr Volchek."

His gaze went to the doorway. "I see you are making friends with young Mister Milligan. He's a good boy. Hopefully you two can help each other."

"I hope so too." When he finally let go, she gave him a weak smile and left the room. Adam was waiting there for her and he motioned for her to follow him, which she did. "Where are we going?"

"There's something I need to tell you – tell someone." He sent the cameras around them wary looks before he lowered his voice and leaned in closer. "Someone who isn't insane at least, who will believe me."

"Does this have to do with what happened to your mother?" She asked softly as she leaned in closer as well.

His only answer was to grab her hand and hurry them through the winding hallways towards his room. He barged in and closed the door behind him before he went to the small radio he owned and turned it on. Obviously he didn't trust that the rooms weren't bugged. "I know this is going to sound insane, but the Boogeyman? He exists."

Chloe eyed him carefully as she sat down on his bed. "Have you seen him?"

He paced the room. "I'm not the only one."

Her eyes narrowed. "Karen?"

Adam nodded. "And Grant."

"Who is Grant?" Chloe moved closer.

"The guy who committed suicide before Karen." Adam flung himself on the bed. "He's coming for me. I'm next. I know it. When you're sleeping – when you're alone - when it's dark – he's there."

"That's why you haven't been sleeping," she realized.

He nodded. "I don't know how much longer I can do this. I'm about to have a nervous breakdown. I'll really go insane if something doesn't happen."

"Did you see him before you came here?"

"Only after." Adam turned towards her on the bed. "I know that what I'm saying is crazy and you have no reason to believe me, but-."

"Your room's not that far from mine." Chloe eyed him. "I'll stay the night. That way you won't be alone, and you can sleep."

"No." He shook his head. "If you're here you'll put yourself on his radar."

"If we have to alternate sleeping one night and being on guard the other... That's better than this thing making you its next victim." She smiled at him.

Adam looked up at her and then smiled back. "Thank you."

She pulled away. "I need to check on something. I'll be right back."

"What do you mean there's a Boogeyman there? You were taken to that place because it's supposed to be safe!" Jessica Moore shot up in shock, her eyes wide as she listened to the voice on the other side of the phone. She was in Stanford, fully recovered, and had been in telephone contact with Chloe daily. She knew where the younger blonde was, why she was there, and the incredulity in her tone was justified. "And anyway, I thought Sam said that most urban legends, like say Bloody Mary, were just that – urban legends?"

"Two gruesome suicides – possibly more – say that there's at least something here," Chloe sighed.

"This is ridiculous! This makes it official. John Winchester is useless in my books!" Jessica cried out before she forced herself to calm down. "I'll do what you ask and talk to Sam cunningly, get information out of him if I can, but I'm also going to ask my mother about this. She might know something."

"Thanks Jess," Chloe whispered. "Whatever this thing is, it's already got another target lined up. I don't think anyone here is safe."

"I'm on it Chlo, count on me. Just, be safe." Hanging up, Jessica dialed her mother, and before the woman could finish her greeting, she asked: "Here's a quiz for you, mom. Boogeymen: real or not real?"

Her mother paused, before she responded, surprise audible in her tone. "Honey, there's no such thing as the Boogeyman."

Dean Winchester hated this. The girl he loved was in danger, his father was up to something, and Dean was stuck in the hospital unable to move without crying out in pain. It was horrible and embarrassing. He should be with Chloe right now. Sure, Adam wasn't the same Adam who killed everyone – who would one day kill Chloe and start the apocalypse – but that didn't mean that Dean trusted him.

He slipped his finger into the neck of his shirt and pulled out the chain she'd left with him, the one in which dangled the wedding bands of their alternate selves. She hadn't wanted to take it with her in case she lost it, and a part of him was glad she hadn't. More and more he found himself clutching the rings, and while they didn't make things better, they helped calm him down somewhat. It was as if a bit of her essence was in those rings and a part of him knew it.

A sigh escaped his lips as he gazed at the ceiling. He didn't know if he could keep up this act until Chloe turned eighteen. Not only wasn't Lois that oblivious, but he wasn't that subtle. On top of that he missed the closeness Chloe and he had shared before, and it was taking all he could to pull away and be a gentleman. That spelled disaster. He could just imagine Lois walking in on him and Chloe, and the shitstorm that that would create. He needed to figure out a way to break the news to Lois without her freaking out and taking Chloe away. He needed Lois to see that this wasn't a sex thing (although he really wouldn't be against that right now). He needed Chloe. She needed him. They were good for each other.

But how to get the overprotective brunette to see this and accept it? She approved of Dean and trusted him, which was nice and all, but Dean couldn't hold up this big brother farce for her for much longer. He also had a feeling Lois wanted him to play "daddy" to her "mommy" when it came to "parenting" Chloe, and there was no way he was going to touch that – not even with an eleven-foot stick! This whole situation was going to totally screw him over if he didn't do something, and fast. He had an (unofficial) girlfriend and he wouldn't be able to keep pretending that that wasn't so until the girl was eighteen.

"You should've killed her."

Dean turned towards the accusing tone to find Moira Sullivan and a woman closing the door as they entered his room. "You."

"You were supposed to kill her!" Moira's faced twisted in fury. "If I failed you were to succeed!"

Dean tried to get out of bed but the witch held out her hand towards him and he was forced hard against the bed. Struggling hurt like hell, but he did so anyway. "I will never let you hurt her."

"Tell us where she is." Moira came closer. "I need to kill her before it is too late."

"Burn in hell you psycho," he hissed. "You'll never have her."

Moira let out a despaired sound as she grabbed and tore out handfuls of her hair. "I promised to save her!"

Dean narrowed his eyes. "You're insane."

"I can't let the devil have her, I can't let the darkness take over completely and steal her soul. If she dies before it happens her soul will rest in peace." She grabbed the front of his hospital gown. "She said that the devil would reclaim her if I don't do this! Don't you understand? She made me promise to save her!" She shook him violently. "She told me what they would do – halfblood or not!"

Dean froze at that one word, his eyes wide in horror.

She took that as encouragement. "Before she caused the distraction and freed me from my cage she placed her hand against my stomach and told me never to let them have her. Never. And I promised. I will never let the devil and those demons have her – or her soul!"

Dean stared up at Moira's crazed face, a dark feeling churning in his stomach. "Who told you this? Who freed you?"

"Chloe." Moira let out a cry before she sobered. "Not Chloe." She shook her head vehemently. "Those eyes weren't Chloe."

Dean's hazels widened in sudden understanding. Madelyn. Madelyn had been the one to free Moira when she'd been captured and tortured by Viktor! Madelyn had apparently made a distraction so the woman could escape. She was the reason Moira had made it out of her hell alive, and why Viktor had gone to prison for so many years!

"Please tell me where she is!" Moira begged. "She needs to die! There isn't much time left!"

Dean shook his head, voice soft but determined. "No matter what you do to me, I'll never tell you where she is."

Moira screamed and turned away, grabbing at her hair. "TEAR THE TRUTH OUT OF HIM!"

The witch finally spoke. "It doesn't matter anymore. Your time is up. There is nothing you can do to change what will happen. Not anymore."

Moira turned to her. "Don't say that!"

"It's true." The witch let out a sigh. "Your grace period has ended. No interference on your part will change anything." And then, with the blinking of an eye, Moira and the witch were gone.

18th-Jan-2015 10:32 pm (UTC) - Baited and switched
So, I read the first chapter of the installment and was thinking that we only had to worry about Moira, Adam falling in love with Chloe, and the boogeyman.

John is a cold self-deluded seemingly-altruistic hunter, so it's hard for me to guess which side he's playing for. He could have been lied to by an angel, manipulated by witches, or on a completely different page than everyone else. Did they ever do a possession check? I know they're supposed to have tattoos to prevent that, but serious magic mojo is involved.

Now, we find out that the Dalakis are super involved. I figured the witch was just part of the group trying to stop the apocalypse. Really, the witch is anti-Dalakis.

You are brewing a storm that has all the promise to be incredible and terrifying. Yippee!

18th-Jan-2015 11:06 pm (UTC) - Re: Baited and switched
What a perfect way to describe John Winchester! *brownie points*

In a way you're right when you say that the witch is "anti-Dalakis".

There are only a few segments left to this universe, so the storm is definitely coming!
19th-Jan-2015 02:21 am (UTC)
I don't think John is trustworthy. He's a bastard and I don't like him.

Ohh The Boogeyman is real!! When you believe he exists he makes you convince someone else that he's real then he kills you, right? I've seen this movie twice but I do not remember its name.
I know it's silly but I'm a little afraid of the movie lol.

Madelyn helped Moira. That makes sense. She didn't like her 'life' and didn't want that kind of life for Chloe. Was the distraction her death? I think it has something to do with it.
Am I weird if I say I don't think Moira is really really that crazy? She kinda makes sense. She doesn't want that kind of life for her daughter, in her mind she is protecting her. I don't say I agree with her, or with what she did to her daughter I just think it makes sense.

'He also had a feeling Lois wanted him to play "daddy" to her "mommy" when it came to "parenting" Chloe'
Hahahahaha! I had to laugh

Moira's time to 'save' Chloe is over. Does it have something to do with Boogeyman?

Great chapter!
19th-Jan-2015 03:41 am (UTC)
It is very hard to like John, even in canon. He might've been a great hunter, but he was a shitty father and friend. And from Dean's memories as a very young kid, considering Mary made John move out of the house a couple of times, he was somewhat of a shitty husband too.

I love those movies! I have the trilogy :)

I agree. In her own way Moira isn't that insane... while being completely bonkers. She truly thinks that death is the best option for her daughter.
19th-Jan-2015 02:40 am (UTC)
I don't trust John
I think he's up to something and it's not good for Chloe
I'm glad Chloe found Adam and I hope she can save him from the monster on the hospital and from Michael. Maybe he can have a good life with his brothers one day
And I hope Dean can find a way to be with Chloe soon and have Lois blessing. I miss their scenes together :) (okay, I want the hot scenes back but not only them, I miss everything Chlean lol)
19th-Jan-2015 03:42 am (UTC)
Chloe is definitely going to do her best to make Adam feel like a part of the family.

And Dean is not going to handle being in the hospital for much longer!
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