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Chloe, Interrupted 3/5 
19th-Jan-2015 12:12 am
chlean---Oh-Boy Looks
Chloe, Interrupted2
Title: Chloe, Interrupted
Series: Asset Series
Sequel to: Little Miss Muffet
Pairing: Chloe/Dean
Rating: T
Disclaimer: Don't own
Summary: Lois is back, Dean and Chloe are keeping their relationship a secret, and now the person Chloe fears the most is loose and after her. When the blonde is sent somewhere to be safe, she meets someone who is supposed to play a big part in the future. Are these coincidences, or is someone pulling the strings?

"This is my first full day here and already I'm already dying of boredom," Chloe complained as she rested her head back against the sofa's armrest, her body stretched out on the sofa itself. Adam sat on the chair next to her, and another patient sat on a loveseat talking to himself. Jimmy was off in the corner whispering to a group of patients, and Harriet stared out of the window. Stew, from group therapy, kept making obscene gestures to one of the others girls, (who'd hit on Harriet in the bathroom) so Stew was really barking up the wrong tree. "If I had known that I had to bring my own reading material…"

Adam murmured as he sketched in a pad.

She sent him a look. "What are you drawing?"

"Anything I feel like. Dr Volchek says that this will help him examine my psyche or something like that," he admitted. "Right now, I'm drawing you."

She raised an eyebrow, and when she spoke it was with a horrible British accent. "Paint me like one of your French girls."

Getting the reference, Adam snorted in laughter, his blue eyes twinkling. He then paused and shook his head. "I haven't laughed since mom-since it happened." He cleared his throat and took in a deep breath. "Thanks."

"You're welcome." She sat up with her feet folded under her Indian Style. "Let me see what you've gotten so far."

He handed over the drawing pad.

Chloe snickered as she eyed herself. The drawing wouldn't win any awards, but anyone could tell the girl laying haphazardly on the sofa and taking up all of its space was tremendously bored. She reached for her necklace with the rings on it and frowned when her hand came up empty. A sigh escaped as she passed the drawing pad back to Adam.

He picked up on her mood change immediately. "I don't draw that badly."

"That's not it," she sighed and laid back down. "I miss my boyfriend." She wondered exactly what Dean was doing right now in the hospital. Was he sleeping? Or giving the nurses hell? Or in a lot of pain?

"Oh." Adam cleared his throat. "Well, we have visitation once a month."

She didn't plan to be here this long. Even if her mother was still out there she was only giving this place two weeks tops. Then she was busting out. And to think I thought about interning myself in this joint for real some time back.

"Time for your meds," the orderlies announced as they arrived with little plastic cups of brightly colored pills. Each small cup had a name written on it in sharpie, and the group within this wing of the psychiatric facility were small enough that three orderlies were enough to hand out the meds (and make sure that they were being taken).

"Come on, Milligan, bottoms up," an orderly declared as he passed Adam his medicine.

A muscle jumped in Adam's cheek before he downed the pills and chased it away with a small cup of water.

The orderly (whose nametag read: PAUL) pulled out a small flashlight and turned it on. None of the other orderlies had done this with their patients. Had Adam been giving trouble when it came to taking the meds?

Adam opened his mouth wide, only closing it once the orderly was done and turned to Chloe.

"These are great, I slept like a baby last night," Chloe informed Paul while Adam shook his head discreetly to her from behind him. She smiled at the orderly and picked up her own concoction before she threw her head back and pretended to swallow the two pills, 'chasing' them down with water. She hoped that Paul didn't check her, because one pill she could probably hide, but not two. Not with ease at least. "Thanks."

Paul nodded and turned to head towards Harriet.

Pretending to sneeze, Chloe covered her nose and mouth with her hand and discreetly removed the meds and pocketed them. She turned to Adam, voice low. "You want to tell me why I just did that?"

He shook his head. "Not here. I'll explain tonight."

Intrigued, Chloe merely nodded.

"I'm telling you, Dean, she just reappeared in her cell, as if she'd never left!" Lois paced the hall as she waited for the guard to take her to visit with Aunt Moira.

"The witch must've taken her back after they visited my hospital room," Dean muttered. "You need to get information out of her, Lois. She was too nutty to make much sense, but from the little I was able to get from her, Madelyn Dalakis was the one who helped her escape and told her to kill Chloe."

"That makes no sense!" Lois threw her hand in the air in frustration. "Why save Moira if so? It would've been better to just let her die by Viktor's hands. Chloe wouldn't have been born!" Lois was furious, hell, she'd never been this livid before. In her books, Madelyn Dalakis was worse than the others in her crazy family. Because of her words to Moira, who'd already gone insane due to being tortured by Viktor, Chloe had suffered so much abuse.

"That's why you need to get through the Moira, get her to talk. She wouldn't stop screaming and pulling her hair out at the hospital." Dean's voice was gruff. "You need to get her to calm down enough to explain things to you once and for all." There was the sound of shuffling. "We need to know exactly what role Madelyn Dalakis plays in all of this."

"But she's dead, right?" Lois frowned. "I thought she was dead."

"It's been insinuated, but you never know with that damn family." Something dropped and he cursed.

Lois' eyes narrowed. "What are you doing?" A familiar sound revved in her ear. "Why do I hear the Impala's engine? You should be nowhere near the Impala's engine!"

"I'm driving to that quack house and I'm busting Chloe out," he declared as the impala could be heard screeching out of the parking lot. "Now that her mother's locked back up, and this "grace period" the witch was talking about is over, there's no need for Chloe to be there anymore."

Lois blinked. "She texted and said she was fine, that she was a little bored but that's it. That place is safe, Dean, and given everything that's going on, and how unsure we are about Madelyn's participation in this mess, it might be better if we let Chloe stay-."

Dean hung up on her.

Lois looked at her phone in shock.

Someone cleared his throat. "You can see your aunt, now, Miss Lane. She's been sedated and restrained, but she's conscious and able to speak to you."

"Good." A muscle jumped in Lois' cheek as she stabbed her phone into her pocket. "Because we're overdue a very important conversation."

"So, on top of group sessions in the morning we have to do one on one in the evening." Chloe sat in the chair opposite Dr Volchek's and eyed him curiously. She wondered how many group sessions there were in the morning because there'd been people missing from hers, like Jimmy. There had to be other doctors to tend to the other groups. "People must respond better in the individual sessions."

"It really depends on the person," he declared as he stationed the voice recorder between them and got comfortable in his seat. "Some people feel safer in a group ambience, while others prefer the confidentiality of the one-on-one sessions."

"But it's not confidential," she pointed out as she leaned forwards in her seat. "You record everything, and on top of that you make notes. Anyone could just go through your records and find out things I don't want them to."

"Your notes say that you've been going to a psychiatrist regularly up until now." He looked down at a file in his folder. "Did you feel this paranoia with her record keeping as well?"

It was different with Dr Masters. The woman acted like a teenaged girl, not like someone with a Ph.D. Plus, she never took notes.

Chloe leaned back in her seat. "No."

He tilted his head to the side. "Is there something about me that you do not trust, Chloe?"

She blinked at the question. "Not particularly, but I'm not exactly someone who trusts people on principle."

"People have to earn your trust," he agreed as he made a note. "It's understandable, especially given your history."

She grew uncomfortable. Even though he only knew part of her history she still wasn't happy with it.

"You've suffered more abuse than what you've confided." He flipped through a chart. "Other than the scars over your heart, you have scars on other parts of your body, newer ones." He was referring to the faint scars she'd received while escaping from the barbed wire cage Goodnight had kept her in. "It is understandable that you find it hard to trust anyone, but I can't help you if you aren't completely honest with me."

She frowned and hugged herself. "I don't know what you're talking about."

"The Viktor Dalakis case had international coverage, Miss Sullivan, your mother's face, and your own, were splashed all over the news." His voice was soft. "I know who you are, though I do not believe anyone else has realized it." He eyed her. "I will not tell anyone who you really are, you will remain in our system as Chloe Campbell. I just want you to understand that I am not the enemy. I am truly here to help you, and I only have what's best for you in mind."

Chloe gulped. She was scared, but there wasn't anything she could do about this situation. "So? What do you want?"

"I want you to talk to me. You said your mother tried to kill you because of what happened to her at the hands of Viktor Dalakis, who now walks free on a technicality." He leaned back against his seat and eyed her curiously. "How does that make you feel?"

How was she supposed to answer this? "I don't care."

"That's a lie," he whispered, "and you know it."

She frowned at him. "He's a serial rapist/murderer tortured her for weeks and sent her insane. He's the reason she thought—thinks—why she tried-!" Chloe looked away and took in a deep breath. "He's my father and I'm far from happy he's free."

He nodded, apparently pleased with her right now as he made some notes. "Has he tried to get into contact with you?"

A muscle ticked in her cheek. "Yes."

Dr Volchek looked up at her in surprise, genuine emotion on his face as he asked: "Did he try to hurt you?"

She shook her head. "He wants me to become a part of the family."

Dr Volchek made a note. "But you refused."

"Of course I did."

"Has anyone else from the Dalakis family approached you or has it only been Viktor?"

She wanted to tell him to mind his own business, but that wasn't what came out. "His mother did. She wanted me to know she considers me a part of her family. I wanted her to know that I don't consider a part of mine."

He looked up from his notepad. "Why?"

Chloe was floored by the question. How in the world could he sit there and ask her that? She'd just finished telling him how she blamed Viktor for everything! "We're talking about the family of a psychopath who got off of a life sentence due to a technicality."

"So you're holding his crimes against the rest of his family. Why? They let him serve his sentence despite apparently having money and connections. That sounds like people who did not condone what he'd done to his victims and felt he deserved to pay for his actions." At Chloe's surprised expression he smiled sheepishly. "Once I realized who you were I researched so that I could be prepared to help you to the best of my abilities."

Chloe took in a deep breath and eyed the man in front of her. "How much do you know about the Dalakis family?"

"How much do you know?" He countered. "It must be a lot for you not to want anything to do with your own grandmother."

She lowered her gaze. Now that she thought about it, she really didn't know that much. Most of what she knew came from Viktor, and he was psychotic. Then again, Hannah wasn't exactly innocent either. She'd made Chloe think she was Mary so she'd sleep with John for crying out loud! And yet… and yet she'd been there for Chloe when she'd needed to save Jess. Chloe knew that if it hadn't been for Hannah's guidance, she wouldn't have been able to do the spell and save her friend's life. But then again, knowing the Dalakis, they were probably behind the whole thing to begin with!

A groaned escaped her lips as she placed her hands over her face. "It's very complicated."

"I'm here to help you work through this, Chloe," Dr Volchek assured her. "We can take as much time as you need, but we will get through this and you'll feel much better after untangling the mess of fears within you."

She sighed deeply and removed her hands from her face. "What do you know about the Dalakis family?"

He eyed her curiously before getting more comfortable in his seat. "From what I can tell the family is old money. I haven't done any in-depth research, but from the little I've managed to find, they help people. They not only donate to different charities, but they founded one as well. It's called Madelyn's Legacy, and its goal is, if I remember correctly, to help children who have been orphaned by suicide."

Chloe looked up at that name, eyes wide. "Did you say Madelyn's Legacy?"

"Yes, she was your aunt," he replied. "According to the charity's website, she killed herself."

"Lois," that voice was so familiar despite its drugged slur. "You have grown into a woman. You look so much like Ellen."

Lois' skin crawled in disgust as she stared at her aunt, who wore a straight jacket with ease. "What does Madelyn Dalakis have to do with what you did to Chloe?"

At those names, Moira burst into tears. "I failed her!"

"Enough with the bawling!" Lois snapped. "You have all eternity to scream and cry. Right now I need you in control! I don't have the patience to deal with your snivelling right now, so shut up!"

Moira sniffled and turned to look at her. "You sound like Ellen, too."

Telling herself to calm down or the guards would take her away, Lois took in a deep breath and tried once more. "I need you to tell me, in Sane People talk, what happened the day that Madelyn Dalakis helped you escape."

Moira sat up, tears in her eyes but voice firm. "He was going to kill me, and a part of me was so relieved, so happy, because it meant I wouldn't go through all the torture any longer. I just wanted to die." A lone tear travelled down her cheek. "And then she arrived. An angel of mercy in the darkness of hell. Like Gabriel to Mary she told me that I would have a child, a daughter, and that I had to save her from her destiny. She said I had to keep her safe, keep her hidden and untainted. She said that fate had been weaved, and that when my child became a woman she would be a very important asset. I knew right then that it was my duty to make sure that my child stayed uncorrupted, that the devil's blood in her veins didn't turn her towards hell – that I had to do all that was necessary to ensure this. If I didn't do what must be done, what sort of asset would she be and to whom?"

Lois felt sick in her stomach and yet didn't speak, didn't dare breathe. Madelyn had known that Chloe would be born the Asset. That was why she'd freed Moira. Somehow she'd known that "fate have been weaved" and that the child in the crazed-woman's stomach was going to be important to the future. She just hadn't realized how crazed Moira was – or how she'd take her warning, which had obviously been about Chloe dying at the Michaelsword's hand and starting the apocalypse. But Moira had misconstrued everything.

"I tried my best – but I could see the evil in her coming out!" Moira wailed. "I knew I had to stop it, had to save my child's soul! She couldn't be an asset to that monster! To her father! I had to stop it from ever happening! And the witches – they promised me they could help – that there was a grace period where I could stop it all from happening – but no matter what we did, the hell in that girl's veins kept her alive. The voices told me, they told me I needed to kill her! I tried to do as they said! I did my very best!" Moira stared ahead of her numbly. "I've failed."

Lois backed away. "She didn't mean Chloe would be an asset to the devil, you crazy bitch. She meant that Chloe's the Asset." When Moira turned to look at her she couldn't keep her mouth shut, was horrified and furious. "It means that heaven and hell are playing a game in which Chloe has to die so that the apocalypse can begin. That is what Madelyn meant. That. She was telling you to keep Chloe safe, to keep her hidden so that neither could find and kill her!"

Moira's face fell. "You're lying."

Lois shook her head. "I can't even look at you anymore." She turned and ran away, ignoring the sound of Moira's voice yelling for her to return.

Considering that her phone (the only way she could call for help) and her Arcangel blade (the only way she'd be able to defend them if something happened) were both hidden in her bathroom, Chloe decided that instead of spending a night in Adam's room, he'd spend the night in hers. She was a little worried because she was tired from her session with Dr Volchek, but she'd be able to stay awake as promised. Adam needed the rest more than she did anyway.

"Are you sure this is okay?" Adam looked around the bedroom, clearly uncomfortable as he rubbed his hands together.

"Of course it is," she replied. "Now are you going to explain about what happened today?"

For a moment he looked confused, and then his eyes widened as he gazed around the room. Right. Cameras could be everywhere.

Grabbing Adam's shirt, Chloe dragged the surprised boy into the bathroom and closed the door before she turned on the shower to help disguise their words. "Well?"

He cleared his throat as he looked around the small bathroom and he turned back to her, leaning in, voice low. "The meds make you sleepy. Karen told me, told us all, never to take them because he gets us when we're sleeping." He paused. "Plus, that orderly? Paul? He gave medication to both Grant and Karen the nights they committed suicide. It's why you can't take the meds if he's the one giving them to you."

Chloe's eyes widened. Maybe they needed to look into this Paul guy. He could be the Boogeyman for all they knew, or at least helping him. She wished Dean was here. He'd know what to do and how to do it.

Turning off the shower, Chloe opened the door and emerged the second there was a knock and Paul, of all people, peeked his head in in time to see Adam emerging from the steamy bathroom with her. His eyes widened in shock and then he snickered. "I was wondering where Milligan was considering it's close to light's out." He eyed the two of them. "Remember, just as long as you stay in after curfew, it doesn't matter whose room you're in." And then with a blatant wink, he closed the door behind him.

Adam's face was scarlet, which made the faint dusting of freckles on his face (which reminded her so much of Dean) seem brighter. "I am so sorry about that."

"It's okay. We're going to be spending a night in the same room, obviously people are going to think that." She noticed the collection of flashlights he'd brought with him from his room.

He followed her gaze to them and flinched, clearly embarrassed. "They're here just in case the electricity gives out."

He really was afraid of the dark.

Chloe eyed the flashlights and smiled. "Good idea."

Relief was visible on Adam's face as she sat down on the bed. "So, uh, how are we going to do this?"

"No Archangel is missing their weapon," Uriel threw himself on the sofa and ran his hand down his face. "Which begs the question - how does she have an Archangel blade?"

"This gets more and more intriguing," Azazel murmured to himself, lips curled in a curious smile.

Uriel eyed the demon and huffed. Why couldn't he, for once, be nervous as hell (like Uriel) instead of devilishly amused? This was serious! She didn't have the blade of any known Archangel, and yet if that demon informant was correct, she had an Archangel blade! If that was so - she would've had to have one made just for her! And that would mean that someone extremely high up was playing Benedict Arnold - and doing it better than Uriel himself!

"Would you like some Tums? You look like you're experiencing heartburn again."

"I'm fine." Uriel glared at him because, damn it, he was experiencing heartburn again! "We have more bad news."

"What a fine day this has turned out to be," Azazel chuckled.

Uriel growled. "The alternate Michaelsword is still missing. We can't find him anywhere."

Azazel tilted his head to the side. "Is he dead?"

"He can't be!" A muscle ticked in Uriel's cheek. "On a similar note, your annoying little Asset is missing too, completely off the radar."

"Is that so?"

The total uncaring tone in the demon's voice made the angel automatically suspicious. "What. Have. You. Done?"

"Nothing." The demon crossed his heart and everything, the asshole.

"But you know something," Uriel pressed.

Azazel's lips curled in a smile as he rose from the chair. "I'm getting you those Tums."

Uriel glared at the demon's back yet didn't say anything, because he needed those Tums somewhat urgently. Being with Azazel just didn't do his body good.

19th-Jan-2015 12:05 pm (UTC) - Tu-ums ta-tums tums
I'm just gonna keep my guesses about what team the new characters are on to myself this time around. Although, I did try to look up Paul and Dr. Volchek on the Supernatural wikia. Results: a whole lot of Pauls and no Volchek. Anytime I see the name Jimmy in a story with Chloe, I think it's Olsen, but I'm guessing the other inmates aren't from Smallville.

I snorted at the Titanic reference. Once I was done being silly, because any Titanic reference makes me mentally reenact the frozen Jack scene, I just wanted to shake Chloe. Chloe, quit making guys fall in love with you! This is Adam, you know the alternative universe's guy that killed you because he couldn't have you. There's flirty and there's friendly. Rose was nekid; don't make the boy's mind go there. tsk tsk

I know it's a cliche, but, when Dean got into the Impala tires screeching, I heard the finale to Giachino Rossini's William Tell Overture.

As crazy as Moira is, I can't really blame her for her role in this mess. Before, I thought she was just some religious nut. In reality, she was driven mad with torture and wasn't given a clear understanding of the situation.

Since you mentioned we're getting closer to the end, I just want to throw out some musings. I don't think that Chloe finding out that demons took over her father and Dr. Masters is essential to the plot, but I am wondering if Chloe will get Gabe back after the war is over. I'm also wondering if Lex's earlier life decisions will play a part in the conclusion.

19th-Jan-2015 05:35 pm (UTC) - Re: Tu-ums ta-tums tums
I can confirm that both Paul and Dr Volchek are my own inventions, although Harriet is a character I borrowed from Smallville, and I definitely imagine "Jimmy" as, well, Jimmy! lol

Well, actually, *we* know about Adam's feelings in the other universe, no one actually came out and told Chloe the whole situation as they were uncomfrotable to do so. Just like how no one told her exactly how Jess died in the other timeline.

That's the thing. In her own way, Moira did what she truly thought was right. Her mind was shattered from what had happened to her, and she worked with what she had - which was far from a full deck. I find her tragic in this story.

PS - Now I can't get the Tums commercial song out of my mind! I keep humming it to myself!

Edited at 2015-01-19 06:34 pm (UTC)
20th-Jan-2015 03:34 am (UTC) - Re: Tu-ums ta-tums tums
Sorry about the jingle getting stuck. If I were musical, I would try to remix it for you, but I'm not. It would just be a lot of spitting in attempts to make needle scratching sound. *wicka wicka*

So in Smallville, Harriet is Granny Goodness's appointed leader of the Female Furies. Hmm, are the Dalakis Furies of Greek Mythology? Makes sense that they are matriarchal.

19th-Jan-2015 05:41 pm (UTC)
Madelyn knew about Chloe...I wonder why
Paul thinks Chloe and Adan are 'together' hahaha

Is Boogeyman coming soon??
19th-Jan-2015 06:35 pm (UTC)
There was definitely more than met the eye when it came to Madelyn Dalakis.
Yep, he thinks things are getting freaky in that room! lol
Hope you're giving the nurses grief ;)
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