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Jace Morgenstern's Unlucky Streak 6b/? 
13th-Feb-2015 04:25 pm
Chlace---Chloe/Jace Wayland -SV/TMI
Title: Jace Morgenstern's Unlucky Streak
Sequel to: Jace Wayland's Unstealthy Stalking
Characters: Chloe/Jace, Lois, Clark, Magnus/Alec, Jocelyn, Luke, Isabelle, others...
Rating: T+
Disclaimer: Don't own
Summary: Chloe is settling into life as the last Wayland. Lois is training. Jace is highly annoyed with Lois and Jocelyn, who tend to interrupt him and Chloe when he least wants them to. But with Valentine still loose, the Inquisitor breathing down their necks, and an unexpected arrival, they all have more important things to worry about.
A/N: The Inquisitor's description is taken from the book.

When Jace had called and told her what was going on, Chloe had had to then argue with Jocelyn over the situation. Jocelyn felt that she herself should go in and talk to the Inquisitor one on one, but Chloe didn't want to do anything that could be termed 'rebellious', not when she knew that everyone already had their eyes on them. Anyway, from what Jace had told her, as they were not considered adults in Idris they'd be allowed someone to go in as a silent guardian. Maryse would be Jace's, and Jocelyn could be Chloe's. That had soothed the girl somewhat, but she did wonder exactly why Lois hadn't been expected to make an appearance at this meeting and why it was only her and Jace being called.

Still, she didn't have time for thoughts as they arrived at the Metropolis Institute to be ushered to where Jace stood by the door to Hodge's office. A moment's panic entered her. The last time she'd been there Hodge had kidnapped them and restrained Lois. Yet the panic disappeared as Jace's hand found hers and squeezed tightly.

She turned to him and smiled softly, thanking him silently for being there for her and somehow knowing she needed reassurance at that time.

They entered the office once they were called for (Jace had wanted to just barge in, the boy obviously annoyed at having been 'summoned') and the moment they stepped through the door Chloe turned her greens on the woman within. She wore a long, old-fashioned dark gray cloak that fell to the tops of her boots, and beneath it was a fitted slate suit with a mandarin collar, the stiff points of which pressed into her neck. Her hair as a sort of colorless pale blonde, pulled tightly back with combs, and her eyes were flinty gray chips. They were cold and emotionless, with a hint of menacing.

"So you are the children."

"Yes Inquisitor," Maryse answered as she entered with Jocelyn and closed the door. "This is Jonathan Morgenstern and Chloe Wayland."

The woman rose with the tension of a snake about to uncoil and attack. "You will call me Inquisitor, nothing else. Do you understand?"

There was open hostility in those eyes, and Chloe bit back her defensive response to this, knowing that this wasn't the woman you messed with.

"It's not like your demand was highly taxing of the mind." Jace, of course, knew this woman wasn't to be trifled with (moreso than Chloe she supposed) and yet he of course would be defiant. "I'm sure we'll be able to remember so arduous a task."

Jocelyn visibly looked like she wanted to bring her palm to her face.

"I see." The Inquisitor smiled a terrible smile and then her hand yanked out to grab his chin. "You are intolerant of authority, just as your father was. Like the angel whose name you both bear." Her fingers gripped him so tightly that her nails dug viciously into his skin. "Lucifer was rewarded for his rebellion when God cast him into the pits of hell. If you defy my authority, I can promise that you will envy his fate."

"So you're God now, are you?" Chloe wouldn't have stopped those words even if she'd realized she'd spit that out angrily at the woman as she took a step towards her. When those cold eyes swished to her the girl felt the need to back down, but few drops of blood that dripped down Jace's face from where those nails were still digging in made Chloe feel vicious. "No matter how beneath Shadowhunters Mundanes are supposed to be, there's something we have that we like to refer to as: innocent until proven guilty." She stepped closer to the woman despite Jocelyn hissing for her to step away. "If the Clave allows you to physically hurt an underaged person just because there's a suspicion of him being against you, even when he's already agreed to a trial by which he'd not only be unable to tell the truth, but it would also hurt him… You're no better than bloodthirsty barbarians." She raised her chin and said something she knew wasn't smart. "At least Valentine was smart enough to be civil with his captives."

The woman yanked her hands from Jace's face, a drop of blood dripping from her fingernail as she turned to Chloe. "Your attitude betrays that you have been swayed by Morgenstern charm."

"Lady, I've been this mouthy my whole life. This is all me." Chloe glared at her. "This has nothing to do with Valentine Morgenstern. If I see a snotty old woman trying to abuse her power I'll call her out."

Fury flashed through the Inquisitor's eyes.

"Chloe please." Jocelyn hissed.

Chloe shot her a glare. "We've agreed to be tried by the Sword! We came here the second she asked us! But she's allowing her obvious bias against us to give her the right she thinks she has to treat us like this!" She turned to the woman. "Lady, you're being seriously unprofessional."

Jocelyn looked more and more like she wanted to do a face palm.

Maryse did bring her palm to her face.

Jace, on the other hand, smiled a crooked and proud smile at Chloe.

The Inquisitor glared between them before her gaze went to Jocelyn. "The Clave wonders how much of this is your fault."

"My fault?" Jocelyn scoffed.

"One is your son and the other has been taken under your wing." The Inquisitor moved between Chloe and Jace and placed a heavy and threatening hand on the girl's shoulder. "You refuse to allow the girl who housed the Mortal Cup for your husband to be trained by the Metropolis Institute or anyone affiliated with the Clave. One could think that you're back to your old ways and helping your husband in a second Uprising."

Chloe's mouth parted.

Jocelyn beat her to it. "It would do you good to remember, Imogen, that had it not been for Lucian Graymark, Moira Lanaera, and I, the Clave would no longer exist." She raised her head in an elegance the Inquisitor would never be able to pull off. "Maybe the Clave should spend less time wondering silly ponderings and stop being so forgetful about things that actually matter."

"I will be sure to let them know you feel that way." A muscle ticked in the older woman's cheek as she turned her cold gaze onto Maryse. "The Clave is also displeased with you and Robert over this matter. You are both the guardians of the Institute and are lucky that your records over the years has been relatively clean." Her lips pulled in a sneer. "Few demonic disturbances until recently, and everything's been quiet the past few days. No reports, even from Idris, so the Clave is feeling lenient." That sneer grew. "We have sometimes wondered if you'd actually rescinded your allegiance to Valentine. As it is, he set a trap for you and you fell right into it." She raised an eyebrow. "One might think you'd know better."

"There was no trap," Jace cut in. "My father knew the Lightwoods would raise me if they thought I was Michael Wayland's son. That's all."

The Inquisitor's eyes turned on Jace with so much hatred it startled and terrified Chloe. "Do you know about the cuckoo bird, Jonathan Morgenstern?"

Jace raised an eyebrow. "The what?"

"You see, cuckoos are parasites." She spoke as if he never had. "They lay their eggs in other birds' nests and when the egg hatches the baby cuckoo pushes the other baby birds out of the nest. The poor parent birds work themselves to death trying to find enough foo to feed the enormous cuckoo child who had murdered their babies and taken their place."

Chloe's lips parted in indignant fury at what had just been insinuated. Just who the hell did this woman—?

"Enormous?" That seemed to be the part that Jace was taking offense to. "Did you just call me fat?"

The Inquisitor was visibly taken aback for a split second before she raised her chin. "It was an analogy."

"I am not fat," Jace pressed.

"And I," Maryse finally spoke, "don't want your pity, Imogen. I refuse to believe that the Clave will punish either myself or my husband for choosing to bring up the son of a dead friend." She squared her shoulders. "It isn't as if we didn't tell them what we were doing."

The hand on Chloe's shoulder tightened almost painfully but she didn't react to the sensation, instead kept her face emotionless.

"And I've never harmed any of the Lightwoods in any way," Jace's voice was emotionless although his eyes were filled with righteous indignation. "I've worked hard, and trained hard - say whatever you want about my father, but he made a Shadowhunter out of me. I've earned my place here."

That grip on Chloe's shoulder went painful immediately. "Don't defend your father to me! I knew him! He was—is—the vilest of men."

"If you don't take your hand off of my girlfriend I'll show you just how vile I can be." Jace's golden eyes flashed with warning.

Chloe's gaze widened and went to him in surprise. She thought she'd kept the pain from her face. But obviously Jace had been keeping a worried eye on the Inquisitor's physical interaction with her as she had with him.

"Are you threatening the Inquisitor? The representative of the Clave?" There was almost a feverish glee to that face.

Jace wouldn't back down, his voice low. "I'm warning the woman hurting my girlfriend."

"Just like your father you are arrogant and cannot keep your temper." The Inquisitor let her hand fall from Chloe's shoulder. "The Lightwoods have coddled you and let your worst qualities run rampant. You may look like an angel, Jonathan Morgenstern, but I know exactly what you are."

"He's just a boy."

Both Chloe and Jace turned to look at Jocelyn in surprise at that defense.

"Valentine was just a boy once." The Inquisitor reminded coldly before her eyes turned on Jace. "Before we do any digging in your blonde little head for the truth I suggest you cool your temper." Her smile was ugly. "And I know just where you can do that best."

Jace blinked. "You're sending me to my room?"

That smile grew. "I am sending you to the prisons of the Silent City. After a night there I suspect that you'll be a great more cooperative."

Maryse gasped. "Imogen—you can't!"

"I certainly can." Her eyes gleamed like razors. "Take him away. He will have his trial after his time of reflection."

"You can't just lock him up because you don't like his lip!" Chloe snapped. "There's something called Human Rights!"

"It's fine." Jace's gaze was hardened on the Inquisitor but he spoke to his girlfriend. "I'll go without fight."

"But—." Chloe's resistance died at the look he gave her. Any argument she could have would only make matters worse. So she squared her shoulders and moved around the Inquisitor to throw her arms around her boyfriend and kiss him, deeply, not caring who saw.

Jace must've sensed her defiance because he chuckled softly as he kissed her back before he pulled away and pressed a kiss to the top of her head. "I will be fine."

She took in a deep breath and looked up at him. "So will I."

"Good." He gave her a small smile before he frowned at the Inquisitor. "I'm ready."

Chloe watched as the men who'd come with the Inquisitor escorted him out. She could hardly keep her temper, keep her tongue from spewing something that could either make things worse for him or end up with her locked up in a similar place, maybe with the Iron Sisters. If they were going to get through this one of them had to be free.

The second the door closed behind him, the Inquisitor turned to Chloe. "Come with me."

Her eyes narrowed in confusion. "Where am I going?"

"Isn't it obvious?" The Inquisitor raised an eyebrow. "You're going to your trial."

14th-Feb-2015 03:50 am (UTC) - Popo shut Jace Down
Argh, that Inquisitor is a self-righteous itch with a b. Imogen is just lucky Isabelle and Alec weren't there for that Cuckoo bird comment. All sorts of deserved violence would have happened to her, Inquisitor or not.

I bet it was her plan all along to put Jace in jail. Too bad for her, she just made Chloe even more determined to not help the Clave. She might not be Valentine's minion, but Chloe also has little to no reason to trust the Clave.

I hope Magnus is having a post-trial celebration, because I might need the palate cleanse after this maniac. I don't think they'll find a reason to put Chloe in jail, but Jace, hmmm, I'm not so sure. I want to hope that they won't find anything, but I think Jace's feelings for Valentine as the man who raised him are going to be enough cause for further surveillance from the Clave. That'll cut down on Jace and Lois's secret meeting time.

I don't think the fairy ring will play into the immediate plot development, but it is on my mind.

16th-Feb-2015 09:56 pm (UTC) - Re: Popo shut Jace Down
I snorted out in laughter at the subject of this review. I automatically heard the song that goes: Whoop Whoop! That's the sound of the police! lol

YES. She definitely wanted to discredit Jace from early on so she can build a case against him, and he didn't help himself one bit.

There definitely won't be time any soon for parties of any kind...

14th-Feb-2015 11:47 am (UTC)
I knew they were going to piss her off and Now I am sure that the Inquisitor will be even more rigorous and no doubt will punish them. She is a bitch.

16th-Feb-2015 09:55 pm (UTC)
Jace is talented when it comes to pissing off people!!!!
14th-Feb-2015 07:53 pm (UTC)
oh... this will hurt... poor chloe
16th-Feb-2015 09:54 pm (UTC)
Chloe will definitely have an interesting experience.
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