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Fragments of the Soul 1/4 
5th-Mar-2015 04:45 pm
Chleremy---Chloe/Jeremy Gilbert
Fragments of the Soul2
Title: Fragments of the Soul
Series: Starcrossed
Pairing: Chloe/Jeremy
Rating: T-M
Disclaimer: Don't own
Summary: When an encounter with a strange girl leaves Chloe unconscious, Bonnie and Jeremy unwittingly get caught up in the spell. Trapped in Chloe's mind, they are pulled through various memories of past lives Chloe and Jeremy have shared together, and view their tragic outcomes. The more Jeremy finds out, the more he realizes just how starcrossed he and Chloe truly are.

Katherine wouldn't deign to come to Mystic Falls (and there'd be hell to pay if anyone realized that there were two Elena's running around) so every other weekend Chloe, Caroline, Jeremy and Bonnie would meet with Katherine in the next town over. The interesting part about this whole arrangement wasn't the fact that Caroline had impressed Katherine with how quickly she was learning or mastering her vampirism (Katherine liked to brag that it was her blood in Caroline that made this possible), or the fact that Katherine used every second of her time to flirt with Chloe just to bait Jeremy into an argument (which he fell for, hook line and sinker, every single time), or the fact that Katherine honestly thought that Bonnie Bennett could one day be a stronger witch than her ancestor Emily (Bonnie was just kick ass, so that was definitely not surprising). No. None of this was surprising in the least bit. Chloe had expected all of this. What she hadn't expected was to kinda, slightly, very vaguely like Katerina Petrova.

It wasn't romantic in any way, and the brunette annoyed her like no one else, but Katherine knew - could remember everything - about a part of her that Chloe did not - a part no one else did. She knew how to tick Chloe off, knew how to make her laugh even when she didn't want to laugh, and knew how to flirt with the best of them. Of course, the flirting was all calculated to (a) piss Jeremy off, and (b) get a rise out of the only soul who'd apparently been immune to her charms - apparently her pride wouldn't let her live it down.

Life had changed so monumentally for Chloe since she'd gone to live in hiding in Mystic Falls. She'd been a scared and introverted shell of her former self who'd pushed away anyone who might want to be friends, and who'd lived for the day when Lionel Luthor's assassin would find her again. Now as she looked back she couldn't reconcile the person she'd once been with the person she was now.

Stop worrying so much, she texted Jeremy, who was more overprotective since her time as Robertson's hostage. Sure, some of the worse bruises had yet to fade, and her lip had yet to heal completely, but Katherine was giving her enough of her blood, in small doses, to heal her body (yet not too fast as to raise suspicions from the town). Now that they knew that the Town Council was actually the Supernatural Hunting Council, well, they'd realized that those in positions in Mystic Falls - those who were supposed to protect them - could and would turn against them if they found out the truth.

This hurt Caroline the most, considering that her mother was the sheriff, but if things went as Chloe hoped, no one would know what Caroline was. She'd graduate and go off to college. After that it was touch and go. But they just had to get her to graduation without blowing her cover. That was all Chloe could concentrate on.

Her phone buzzed with a message, but it wasn't from Jeremy, but from Tyler. Matt is driving me insaaane. He's such a whiny baby just because Elena and Jenna are off on their bonding/shopping trip this weekend. We're joining you guys. Jere already texted us the directions. We're on our way.

Chloe didn't know how good of an idea this was. Katherine liked "Matty Blue Eyes" a little too much. Sure, most of it was because she wanted to make her doppelganger's life impossible and miserable, but she'd commented, a couple of times too many, how he looked like he'd taste good… and Chloe wasn't exactly sure that she'd meant his blood.

About to text back, Chloe turned the corner and ran into something, sending her phone crashing to the ground. They each grabbed the other in an effort to keep from falling as well. "I'm so sorry! I wasn't looking where I was going and—!" Chloe looked up at the pretty, mocha-skinned girl to realize that her eyes were closed tightly, her face scrunched in pain, and a thick bead of blood trailed down her right nostril. "Did I hit you? I—I'm so sorry!"

The girl opened her brown eyes and looked up at Chloe as she tightened her grip on her arms. She stared at Chloe in shock before she smiled incredulously and let out a shocked laugh. "I—uh—I wasn't paying attention either, it's not your fault."

"There's a seat—." Chloe grabbed her fallen phone and led them towards the bench. Once the girl was seated she reached into her bag for a kleenex (too many people bled around her - and Caroline - for her not to keep these things - and bandages - on her at all times). "I don't even remember hitting you, I'm so sorry. Does it hurt?"

She just looked at her before she reached for Chloe's hand and pulled her close… and then her eyes rolled in the back of her head and her body was falling.

Chloe wrapped her arms around the girl's body. That mysterious strength inside of her activated as she not only kept her from falling to the hard ground, but managed to pick her up and lay her down on the bench. She gazed down at the girl, worried. How hard had she hit her? She reached for her pocketed phone to call an ambulance when the girl shot up in a seated position, something off about her as she tilted her head and observed Chloe silently.

"Are you okay?" Chloe whispered as she grabbed another kleenex and used it to wipe at the trail of blood now reaching the girl's lips. "I'm going to call an ambulance. Don't move."

The girl's arm reached out and her fingers closed around Chloe's throat as she squeezed, hard.

Chloe gasped in shock, or, well, she tried to gasp, but that grip on her neck kept any oxygen - and noise - from slipping passed her lips.

Calmly, the girl stood and then raised her hand, easily lifting Chloe off of her feet.

Was she an assassin that Lionel had sent after her?

Chloe tried to use her strength to push the girl away, to claw her fingers off, but was shocked to find the girl not even react to her struggles. How strong was this girl? What was she?

Desperate, Chloe gripped that wrist tightly and stared into those dark eyes. Something inside of her twisted in warning, but she didn't give it any thought. If she didn't do this - if she didn't do something soon she'd lose consciousness - would die. Her pupils widened and then constricted as she stared into her assailant's eyes. "Let go of me."

The girl not only didn't let go, but her lips curled in a smile. She then brought Chloe closer and pressed her ear against Chloe's chest, against her heartbeat. She stayed there for a couple of minutes, just listening to the sound of her heartbeat, before she lowered Chloe back to the ground and let go.

Sucking in desperate gulps of air, Chloe turned to run when the girl grabbed her arm and yanked her back around, their eyes connecting.

The girl eyed the necklace around Chloe's neck and yanked it from the chains, throwing it behind her in the bushes. "Bite your tongue off." There was something off about the tone in her voice, there was a strange lilt to it.

Yanking her arm free, Chloe glared at her. "Bite me."

And then the girl smiled largely, her eyes wide as she reached for Chloe, her hands cupping her face as she stared at her, almost in awe. "It's you."

By now Chloe was more than a little freaked out. Who exactly was this girl? What was she that she seemed immune to Chloe's Compulsion? And who exactly did she think she was?

"I've waited for this day for so long, waited for you," the girl whispered, that strange lilt still in her tone as she brushed the back of her hand against Chloe's cheek.


It was time to leave now that the crazy chick was getting so handsy, but at least wasn't violent.

Chloe pulled away and took a couple of steps back. The girl didn't have one piece of lapiz lazul on her, so she definitely wasn't a vampire - but that left a lot of different options. Hadn't Robertson mentioned something about fairies?

The girl reached up a hand to cup her cheek, her browns catching Chloe's greens as she placed her free hand against her chest.

Suddenly, that something deep inside of Chloe cracked so painfully she doubled over, breathless.


She turned when she heard Jeremy's voice and gave her back to the girl, leaving her behind, so relieved that the girl made no effort to follow. She was more shaken than she'd realized - hugging Jeremy when she reached him. She could feel the confusion in his body at this action, but he wrapped his arms around her nonetheless and pulled her close.

"Is everything alright?"

Her chest hurt, it burned. "She touched me."

He froze. "Huh?" The confusion was obvious. "Did she like, molest you, or something?"

She would've laughed if it didn't hurt so much. "You're so silly, Evelyn."

Jeremy went even tenser. "Chlo?"

Something in her chest cracked worse than it ever had before, and her body was unable to handle the pain. Chloe's eyes rolled in the back of her head, her knees buckled, and she lost herself in the darkness.

"She's not waking up." Katherine kept her bloodied arm pressed to Chloe's lips and watched her blood seep into the unconscious blonde's mouth, her throat working as she swallowed. If everyone knew exactly why she kept feeding the girl her blood they'd never let her do it again, but she was glad for the excuse to keep doing this without question - and to be able to pour more of her blood down that throat than she'd been able to in 'an effort to heal Chloe of her wounds'. She scoffed. These people needed to learn to be more wary if they were going to survive.

"You're saying that some girl touched her and then she fainted?" Matty Blue Eyes had arrived a couple of minutes ago with Dogboy, and was now interrogating Jeremy.

"And how exactly did she touch her?" Tyler wanted to know. "Was this like a grope or a casual touch?"

Bonnie slapped the back of Tyler's head.

"What?" Tyler rubbed his head with a flinch. "It's a valid question!"

Caroline paced the room, clearly agitated. She was an interesting vampire, the first of her kind. She could enter places she hadn't been invited to - so long as she had some of Chloe's blood in her system, and Chloe had been there. It seemed that Chloe's "invitation" extended to her through her blood, but she needed regular (small) doses to make sure that she wasn't expelled from buildings she shouldn't even be allowed in normally. This ability would prove extremely useful in the future should Caroline's humanity ever come into question in Mystic Falls.

What other surprises did Thackery have for them?

"Okay, okay, enough!" Caroline stormed towards them as she bit into her arm. "Your blood is obviously not helping. Mine has traces of hers in it, that might do something."

"She has a good point," Bonnie declared. "We all know there's something special about Chloe's blood."

Katherine hesitated but knew that if she didn't give in without a fight, they'd begin to suspect her, so she moved away with rolled eyes. "This is no use. We need to find the girl that did this and figure out how to undo whatever this is."

"I hate agreeing her," Tyler muttered. "But she's right."

Caroline pressed her wrist to Chloe's mouth and let her blood seep into her. "Come on… come on…"

"Come on, Ty, if they're giving her blood like that they're going to get hungry soon." Matty Blue Eyes was right. "We need to go get them some blood bags."

"I don't drink blood from a bag," Katherine informed him.

"Tough," he declared before he and Tyler left.

She really needed sleep with that one.

Suddenly Chloe started the spasm, her whole body shaking viciously.

Caroline removed her hand, eyes wide in horror. "I didn't do anything, I swear I didn't!"

Jeremy and Bonnie reached for and touched Chloe at the same time - and then a rush of power rushed out - and when Katherine opened her eyes, Bonnie and Jeremy were unconscious on the ground, and Chloe was completely still.


Bonnie's voice was the first thing he heard as he returned to consciousness.


Groaning, Jeremy sat up, a hand to his head, eyes still closed. "What happened?"

"Jeremy… I need you not to freak out."

Jeremy's eyes flew open at that and he hissed at the bright light. He brought his hand up to shield his gaze and shifted it onto Bonnie. He opened to ask Bonnie what the hell had happened and if Chloe was okay, when the door opened and a man entered. He was blonde with green eyes and a concerned expression on his face. "Ah, you're awake. We were starting to worry about you." He moved towards Bonnie and bent to his knees, bringing the wet cloth in his hands against the gash on her head that Jeremy hadn't even noticed. "You both took quit the stumble."

Bonnie cleared her throat. "Thank you for taking us in, we're very disoriented."

What the hell was going on? Where were they and what were they doing there?

"I am not surprised." The corner of his lips curled in a crooked smile. "When I saw you two tumbling down the side of the hill, I have to admit that I was reminded of the old nursery rhyme of Jack and Jill."

Jeremy opened his mouth just what the hell was happening.

The door pushed open, and a pretty, dark haired woman entered the room. "Really, Dr Somers you need to rest. You've been running yourself ragged." She turned her dark eyes on them, barely skimming over Jeremy before she rested her browns on Bonnie, a muscle jumping in her cheek. "I can handle these two."

This girl obviously didn't like them and didn't want them around, she especially had it in for Bonnie.

"Thank you for the kind offer, Miss Gideon, but I have this under control." He kept his back to her, voice emotionless. "You should go home now before your mother sends your sisters over again like last time to escort you." He concentrated on the gash on Bonnie's forehead. "Anyway, I already asked you to minimize your visits and time spent here. We do not need any sort of rumor circulating."

Hurt flashed in Miss Gideon's face. She was being dismissed. It was obvious to Jeremy that she was in love with Dr Somers and was doing her best to get his attention, but Dr Somers was obviously rebuffing her, and if the expression on her face was anything to go by, it wasn't the first time.

Jeremy knew that feeling. He'd felt it so many times. Not only as himself, but as Evelyn.

Suddenly his eyes widened in shock and he looked between the blonde, green eyed Dr Somers, to the brunette, dark eyed Miss Gideon.

No way… It couldn't be… Right?!

"What is there for there to be rumors about?" Miss Gideon's eyes flashed with annoyance. "Everyone knows that ever since your wife died you have no interest in the fairer sex." She pulled a strand of her stylish bob behind her ear. "In fact, you barely even notice a woman."

"That's enough, Miss Gideon."

"Abigail." Her voice was soft but insistent. "When will you call me by my name?"

"This isn't the time or place." He turned to look at her, eyes narrowed. "Now will you please leave me alone to tend to my patients?"

That hurt darkened on her features, and she sent Bonnie a vicious look, before she turned and stormed away, slamming the door shut behind her.

Dr Somers took in a deep breath and lowered his head before he gave them both an apologetic smile. "She's young and capricious, but she has a good heart." He finished cleaning Bonnie's wound and bandaged it before he stood and made his way to lean over Jeremy. "How are you feeling, young man?"

"You're like, twenty," were Jeremy's first words to Chloe's past incarnation.

When Dr Somer's lips twitched, Jeremy recognized the way Chloe's face twisted when she was trying not to find something amusing. "Now that's a lie, I'm twenty five. But I try not to advertise my age since not many people want such a young physician tending to them." He began to check Jeremy's body for injuries, and Jeremy felt a little bothered by the fact that this was Chloe's soul, and Jeremy's knowledge of that made the doctor attractive. And damn it, Jeremy wasn't ready for that.

Dr Somers talked on and on as he examined Jeremy, and Bonnie must've realized just how in shock Jeremy was, because she kept the conversation going.

Jeremy could only look at the calendar on the wall, which read: 1922.

"Kenneth, you don't have to—."

So, his name was Kenneth?

"Please, at least for the night." Dr—Kenneth—smiled at them. "I insist." He turned to Jeremy. "You can stay in this room, there's one next door where your friend can sleep. It's already very late, and thankfully the two of you only have minor injuries." A knock echoed throughout the house. "I better go see who that is." And with that, Kenneth Somers was gone.

Jeremy turned to Bonnie. "What the hell is going on?"

"Remember that one time we touched Chloe and could see her and Katherine confronting Fritz?" Bonnie slipped closer. "I think something like that happened. I think whatever is going on with Chloe has started a recall of another past life, and we've somehow tagged along for the ride."

What did it say about his life that this didn't shock him? "How do we get out of here?"

"I don't know," Bonnie admitted before she smirked. "It appears that you're a jealous brat in every single lifetime."

"Hey!" Jeremy tried to defend himself, but really couldn't.

"This you was jealous of me." Bonnie looked smug. "I don't blame her though, this version of Chloe is very hot." At Jeremy's look she sniggered. "Now you are insecure!"

"I am not." Okay, maybe a little. But instead of admitting it, he changed the subject. "I'd always thought that Thaddeus was the reincarnation before Chloe, but it seems I was wrong." He licked his lips. "Were all of Chloe's previous lives that of guys?"

"It would explain a lot," Bonnie mumbled, sending Jeremy a sly glance. "Especially about you."

He ignored the dig. "What if there are countless other lives that we've never even known? I mean, we knew that Thaddeus was the third, but we're not sure if he was the third reincarnation, or if the first was actually the original." He brought his hand to his head. "Chloe's not the fourth, like we thought - hell - she could be the tenth or twentieth for all we know!"

The sound of something breaking in the house caught their attention, and they shared worried looks before they jumped off of the bed and raced out of the room, following the sounds to find Kenneth arguing with a woman.

"You have to go!" The woman hissed, neither her nor Kenneth noticing their audience. "He's coming for you! He's found where you are! I can hold him off," the girl whispered, frantic. "I can buy you time!"

Kenneth narrowed his eyes. "If you think I'd let you die in my place you do my honor a great injustice."

Jeremy watched the scene with narrowed eyes and clenched hands. What was going on here? There was definite feelings between Kenneth and this unnamed woman - a woman who didn't have Jeremy's soul inside of her. He wanted to punch something - preferably the woman. Why was this happening? Weren't he and Chloe starcrossed lovers? Wasn't his soul already in this era? Did the him of this time already know the Chloe of this time? If so, why was it that the ones who looked about to kiss were these two?

"You died for me once, Luna, I'll never let you die for me again," Kenneth whispered tiredly. "I failed you, I was a worthless husband."

Abigail Gideon's voice whispered hauntingly in Jeremy's ears: "Everyone knows that ever since your wife died you have no interest in the fairer sex."

"You haven't failed me, you've stayed true, you've proven to me that I don't need to tarnish my soul, to bloody my hands." She gripped his shirt, eyes intense. "I do not blame you for what happened, and being dead has never changed how I feel for you. I've told you so many times, I'll never leave you. I'll never let you go. Never. No one will ever love you the way I do, especially not that little girl. And while I know you care about her, I know you love me, only me. It's why she still lives." She then looked up, eyes wide in horror. "He's here."

Kenneth let her head towards the window, and turned his head towards Bonnie and Jeremy. "There's a back door, take it. You have to run." He closed his eyes. "I wish I hadn't been so harsh on her," Kenneth whispered before he pulled out a dagger and shoved it deep within his heart.

"NO!" The woman screamed as she hurried towards him, biting into her wrist, but it was already too late. He was dead. "No." She stared down at him, tears falling from her face. "No." She cradled his body and gazed up at the ceiling as she rocked her body back and forth. "NO!"

Jeremy stared at the two of them and felt something dark curl inside of him. Why was this woman here? Why wasn't Abigail? If his soul and Chloe's were destined, then why was there some other woman in the picture? Why hadn't Kenneth been able to let go of his dead wife? Hadn't he loved Abigail? Or had his guilt over his wife's death/turning made him keep Abigail away?

That brought an idea. There'd been a fevered passion when this woman had sworn she'd never leave, never let go, not dead or alive.

Thaddeus had kept Evelyn away to protect her from Klaus.

Had Kenneth kept Abigail away to protect her from this woman?

Was there always a reason for Chloe's soul to try and keep his away for his safety?

Was this why their souls never could accomplish what they were supposed to - why they kept reincarnating over and over again? Was there was always someone in the middle keeping them from getting together - truly together?

"Jeremy, we have to go." Bonnie grabbed his hand and gave him a tug. "We have to go now."

He turned to look at her, and that's when it all went black.

6th-Mar-2015 12:00 pm (UTC)
Hello, it's so great to see this update. Can you believe I was thinking about this series yesterday?

Okay... too many questions.
Who is this crazy woman??? Why is she so obsessed with Chloe? What did she do to crack that within Chloe? Is it because of this crack that she is reliving her past lives ?

Jealous!Jeremy is so adorable... he definitely has a jealous soul ( all his past lives are jealous of Chloe with other people. LOL

This Kenneth guy is the reincarnation just before Chloe?

Katherine giving hher blood to Chloe is not a good thing cause Chloe will end up getting addicted to it. Damn this vampire! LOL

Baby Chloe is 5 days old and she is the most adorable baby I've ever seen :D
She has already shown a bit of her personality. I didn't know that babies this young could show personality traits so soon. Too much attitude for such a tiny baby girl. :)

7th-Mar-2015 09:34 pm (UTC)
You are most definitely psychic then. :)

All I can answer is that what she did is definitely at fault for the walk down memory lane!

Yes! More and more he'll realize that he was far from the first incarnation of the soul to be extremely bratty and jealous.

How amazing! What's her personality like?
7th-Mar-2015 11:47 pm (UTC)
She wants things her way.
She never wants to do anything when she's supposed to. Like sleep and have her deaper changed lol
She doesn't like when we interrupt her feeding. She makes a disapproving face and grabs my breast lol she's a hungry baby girl.
7th-Mar-2015 12:15 pm (UTC)
My... jeremy is allready insecure when it comes to chloes heart.... and now this.... :)
Thanks for the update.... love, maple
7th-Mar-2015 09:34 pm (UTC)
Exactly! This situation is not going to help Jeremy's insecurity one bit.
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