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Fragments of the Soul 4/4 
13th-Mar-2015 12:54 pm
Chleremy---Chloe/Jeremy Gilbert
Fragments of the Soul2
Title: Fragments of the Soul
Series: Starcrossed
Pairing: Chloe/Jeremy
Rating: T-M
Disclaimer: Don't own
Summary: When an encounter with a strange girl leaves Chloe unconscious, Bonnie and Jeremy unwittingly get caught up in the spell. Trapped in Chloe's mind, they are pulled through various memories of past lives Chloe and Jeremy have shared together, and view their tragic outcomes. The more Jeremy finds out, the more he realizes just how starcrossed he and Chloe truly are.

"She'll be fine, Jere." Bonnie reached out and squeezed his upper arm as they both stared down at the sleeping blonde. Grams had left now that they were all fine, but Bonnie knew that she'd soon be interrogated on what was really going on, and she wouldn't know how to respond. She wanted to tell her Grams everything, but she was worried about Caroline, so worried.

Jeremy licked his lips. "I need to ask you to do something you won't want to."

Bonnie frowned, head tilted towards him. "What is it?"

"I want you to block Chloe's memory of her past lives, to block everything we've just seen."

Bonnie eyes widened. "Why would you—?"

"This is all because of me." His voice was low, his eyes dark. "She could've gotten out of this curse, she could've been free, but she chose to take on the curse, chose to kill herself in every single lifetime, so that I could live."

Bonnie's eyes narrowed. So was that what had happened? She hadn't been able to understand the language Svipul and Gulbrandr had spoken, but she'd been able to see a love that transcended time in its infancy, and she'd seen the evil that had befallen it - had felt the darkness as it'd settled over their souls.

"That's why she kept pushing me away during every lifetime, why she died, it was all for me." Jeremy's voice went hoarse. "Klaus' arrival is an omen that my death is coming, and that she has to kill herself before that happens."

The news shocked Bonnie silent.

"If she wakes up with that knowledge I'll lose her again," Jeremy whispered. "She'll sacrifice herself for me, and I can't let her do that." He took in a deep breath. "If one of us are going to die this lifetime, it's going to be me. Not her. Not again. Never again."

Bonnie had known Jeremy her whole life. Mostly he'd just been Elena's little brother, and then he'd been Elena's bratty, druggy brother who gave Elena no end of grief. It was only since Chloe had arrived and Bonnie had become friends with her that she'd seen a different side to Jeremy, that she'd started to see him as a person in his own right and in no way 'Elena's brother'. She'd become friends with him, and spent more time with him than she did with Elena now, and she had grown to care for him. He was her friend, and more and more she saw him as a man. She didn't know what Chloe had done to him, but she'd transformed him from a selfish brat to the man standing in front of Bonnie willing to lay down his life for someone else.

God. She was so torn. She wanted to support him in this endeavor, but she was scared to do so. She felt like either way she was condemning one of her closest friends to death. If she didn't do it, Chloe would kill herself. If she did, it meant she was supporting Jeremy's decision to die.

What was she supposed to do?

She didn't want either to of them to die. She wanted their souls to be together, to finally be happy. She wanted to break the damn curse and be there to watch them grow old together. She was so Team Chleremy it wasn't even funny.

"Bonnie, please." Jeremy turned his dark eyes on her. "Help me save her."

Bonnie hugged herself as she stared into his dark eyes. How could she say no to that? And yet… "No. Not that way."

Jeremy's eyes went pained. "I can't lose her again, Bonnie."

"And you won't," Bonnie whispered. "But the answer isn't to let you die." She moved closer. "We only have one choice. We have to figure out how to break the curse on your souls. And for that we need Chloe's memories intact. She might know things that we didn't see."

Jeremy stared at her before he sat down on the edge of the bed and hesitated a second before he reached out and ran his fingers through Chloe's hair. "Then promise me something."

She was going to regret this. "What?"

"Promise me that if we can't find a way to break the curse, and there's a choice between her life and mine, you'll save hers."

Bonnie's heart twisted. "Jere—."

"Promise me, Bonnie." His eyes went to her, hard.

She sighed and then nodded. "I promise… But it won't come down to that. We'll break the curse."

Jeremy merely lowered his gaze to Chloe's sleeping face, his expression determined.

Katherine was uneasy.

She'd left the cabin and walked the woods nearby, desperate to get out of the cabin with those people, to think.

Who was strong enough to affect Thackery this severely?

Was it time?

Suddenly, from the direction of the cabin, an explosion of power nearly threw her off of her feet. The remnants of what had been a wave of power rippled outwards towards her.

Just… What the hell?

What was that?

Matt picked himself up and looked around him in shock to see his friends all lying on the ground, agony on their faces.

Bonnie gripped at her chest, her body slowly beginning to levitate.

Caroline knelt against the wall and whimpered as her fangs descended, her veins darkening under her eyes.

Tyler was on his hands and knees, his eyes flashing gold as his back arched off of the floor.

Jeremy had fallen off of the bed, having gotten the full blast of the wave of magic which had exploded out of Chloe, and he now spasmed on the ground.

Terror grew in Matt's chest as he looked around him, unsure of what was happening or how he could help his friends.

His blue eyes shifted towards Chloe and found the girl sitting up, staring at him with dull, unseeing eyes. Her pupils bled out before retracting rapidly, continuously, her lips parted and her skin pale as she stared straight ahead of her.

Matt was moving before he even realized what he was doing, finding himself in front of her. He wanted to grab her, to shake her, but was scared that it would make it worse. This had to be some sort of consequence of the spell, maybe even a self-defense mechanism had been triggered. Bonnie's Grams mustn't have cleared it all away like she'd thought, and he was scared to think of what might happen if he didn't somehow stop it.

Taking in a deep breath, deciding to risk it, the human knelt down in front of Chloe and cupped her face. "Chloe." He couldn't find a reaction as he tilted her head down to face him. "Chloe, I need you to snap out of it. Come on! Chloe!"

Whatever was happening was getting worse, and when Tyler let out something that sounded terrifyingly like a roar Matt felt his terror and desperation growing in his throat. "CHLOE! CHLOE YOU HAVE TO STOP THIS!" When Chloe's features twisted in pain for a split second he felt vindicated in his belief that she wasn't doing this, it was the spell that Bonnie's Grams had failed to remove in its entirety. Something was happening to Chloe, and it was affecting the others.

Suddenly the front door was kicked in, and Matt turned to see someone who shouldn't be there, someone he'd only seen in a picture.

Damon Salvatore tried to enter, but as he wasn't invited into the cabin he couldn't. "What are you waiting for, kid? Get her to me!"

Matt was confused, and didn't know why he should help Damon, but he had no other idea of what he could do. Hoping he wasn't making a terrible mistake, he scooped up Chloe and hurriedly took her outside.

The second he did so Damon flinched, the veins darkening in his eyes, but he grabbed her from Matt nonetheless.

In seconds Stefan Salvatore was there as well. "What's going on?"

Matt looked between them, shocked and confused. "I don't know. Everyone inside's in pain."

"Get the hell back inside the cabin," Damon snarled at him, eyes black. "Unless you want to get eaten!"

Matt stumbled back inside.

Stefan's face was twisting as well. "I know where we can take her. Follow me." And with that he disappeared form sight, and Damon followed, taking Chloe with him.

Matt stood there in the darkness, eyes wide.

Elijah Mikaelson pushed the doors open as he strode into the room. "Is the news true? Has Greta found Svipul?"

By the window, Niklaus Mikaelson turned and smiled. "She is in Virginia."

"The soul is a she this time?" Elijah stepped closer, intrigued. "Mostly it has taken the form of a man."

"It has," Klaus agreed. "I always wondered why."

"Does she know what you have done through Greta?" Elijah wanted to know as he moved to stand next to his brother.

Klaus shook his head. "I have learnt from my many past mistakes." He raised an eyebrow. "I made sure that the spell used contained memory erasing properties. She will not know what I have done until I have her."

"When do we leave?" Elijah wanted to know.

"I have Greta trailing her, I want to know everything about her. I already know much from what Greta saw, but it isn't nearly enough." Klaus leaned back against the windowsill. "It seems that the spell is having some interesting effects on those around her."

Elijah frowned. "What do you mean?"

Klaus didn't answer, he merely smiled as he stared out into the darkness. "Prepare everything, we leave for Mystic Falls."

Jeremy felt as if he'd been run through with a sword, dragged behind two horses, guillotined and smashed by a collapsing house. There wasn't one part of him that wasn't in pain, that didn't scream out when he forced himself to sit up.

He cast his dark gaze on the others in the room to find Bonnie hunched over, vomitting.

Caroline was pressed up against the wall, crying with her hands to her face.

Tyler shivered on the ground, a sheen of sweat over his skin.

Matt was the only one standing, no worse for the wear.

"What…" Jeremy's voice was hoarse, hurt. "Happened?"

Matt looked around him, clearly in shock. "Chloe—something happening."

Jeremy's eyes widened and he turned to look at the bed - only to find it empty. It seemed that in seconds he was on his feet, in front of Matt, a snarl escaping his lips as he grabbed his sister's boyfriend by his shirt and pinned him up against the wall. "What did you do?"

"I… didn't…" Matt coughed, breathless.

"Jeremy!" In seconds Bonnie was there. "Put him down! You're choking him!"

Jeremy opened his mouth to tell her not to exaggerate when he realized with a start that he held Matt off of the ground. In shock he let the blonde go and stepped back, looking at his hands. What had just happened?

"Stop… stop smelling so strongly!" Tyler snarled from the ground, body still trembling and covered in sweat. "Stop—just everything!"

Caroline suddenly looked up, eyes black as the night. In a second, she and Bonnie were gone, the door slamming open.

Jeremy stared at Matt Donovan and clenched his fists. "What. Happened?"

They stopped and Bonnie gasped as Caroline put her on the ground. When the vampire had psyched out, grabbed her, thrown her over her shoulder and raced away, Bonnie had been shocked stiff. And now that she was on her feet she didn't have time to ask her vampiric friend what the hell that had been about. No. Bonnie felt the magic in the air, and then she heard it. A scream. Chloe's scream.

Caroline moved towards a tombstone and yanked it off, sending the stone flying and revealing steps downwards into the earth. The sound of screaming echoed from deep within. "I don't know how how I knew…" Caroline turned to Bonnie, fear on her face. "I just do."

Bonnie grabbed her hand. "Let's go."

Caroline nodded and grabbed her hand. They took in deep breaths before they descended into darkness. The girls were silent, and Bonnie was somewhat blind, but Caroline seemed to know where they were going. They reached the bottom step and found themselves in a very dimly lit cavern.

Chloe's screams could be heard close by, as could the sound of bickering.

"It's not like I'm a magical nurse, Stefan!" A male voice snapped. "But I know that if Thaddeus' heart rate doesn't go down he's going to have a heart attack!"

"Aren't you the one who keeps reminding me that Thaddeus is a girl now, Damon?" Another voice snapped back. "And anyway, it's not important now. We just need to keep her here until the effects wear off. Keep us all here."

"That means you two out there are well," Damon called out. "Close the damned lid on the tombstone before more of whatever this is leaks out!"

Bonnie wasn't sure why she obeyed, why she turned towards the stairs and (with a very concentrated move) returned the lid to the entrance.

Caroline pulled Bonnie deeper into the cave system and finally they entered a room lit by torches.

Chloe was on a stone slab, Stefan and Damon Salavtore holding down her hands and arms as she screamed, her eyes rolled back in her head and magic reeling around her.

Bonnie could feel that darkness, that magic, once more. It'd made her physically ill before, and while she was very nauseous and a headache was in the making, she could handle it better this time around.

Caroline whimpered and pushed herself against the cave wall. Her veins darkened.

Stefan and Damon looked just as bad as she did, their eyes black and their veins as well.

"Hey, you, witchie witch," Damon called to Bonnie. "Come make yourself useful. Do something occulty. I don't think I can take this much longer."

Stefan groaned and closed his eyes. "I can't… either…" His fangs descended.

In seconds Caroline was next to him and snarling, fangs descending. "Don't even think about feeding on her!"

Stefan laughed, although the sound was painful. "I wasn't."

Sending him a distrustful look, Caroline huffed and moved towards Chloe. "What's happened to her? How do we stop it?" She turned to Bonnie. "Will this get better if we give her more vampire blood?"

Stefan's head shot up.

Damon was the one who spoke. "Why the hell have you idiots been feeding Thaddeus vampire blood?"

"Katherine said—," Caroline began.

"Katherine?" Damon's eyes narrowed suddenly. "Have you been feeding her Katherine's blood?"

"It was to heal her," Caroline spoke softly, like an unsure child.

Damon and Stefan exchanged looks, before Stefan spoke. "How much blood has she ingested?"

Chloe suddenly roared and arched off of the table, her eyes going gold before returning to black.

Bonnie moved towards Damon and stared down at Chloe before she took in a deep breath and placed her hand against Chloe's temples. She closed her eyes but didn't even get time to concentrate, to protect herself. Instead, the second she closed her eyes images assaulted her. They were multiple lifetimes, flashing before her eyes at once, millions of feelings, terror, pain, love, hate, everything magnified, all at once. Wolves roared. Vampires snapped their fangs. Witches spun magic. Various other creatures flashed before her, monsters she'd never seen before and hadn't known were real.

And then, in a second, they were gone, everything was gone, and it was black.

Bonnie opened her eyes to find herself on her back, looking up into Damon Salvatore's blue eyes. She blinked and then pushed him away, stumbling out of his grasp to her feet once more, hand on her head. "What just happened?" Her gaze went to Chloe, who seemed tranquilly asleep.

Caroline stood next to Chloe, between her and Stefan, clearly protective. "You fainted, and everything just stopped."

"How much blood has Katherine given Thaddeus?" Stefan wanted to know.

"Who says we answer to you?" Caroline wanted to know, hands on her hips, eyes narrowed. "What are you doing here, anyway?"

"Listen here, Barbie," Damon started.

Bonnie turned on him with narrowed eyes. "How do we know that you two aren't behind this somehow?"

Damon threw his hands in the air. "Ungrateful! Can you believe this, Stefan?"

"It's important that you tell us how much of Katherine's blood Thaddeus has ingested," Stefan tried once more, his gaze going between Caroline and Bonnie.

"Why?" Caroline narrowed her eyes. "All it does is heal."

Damon laughed. "It totally shows that you're a baby vampire."

Bonnie turned towards him, eyes narrowed. "What do you mean? What happens if Chloe ingests a large amount of Katherine's blood?"

"She wouldn't get addicted, would she?" Caroline whispered, still wary and yet worried nonetheless.

"Baby vampire," Damon repeated to his brother with a snigger.

Stefan ignored him and spoke to the girls in a guarded tone. "No. She wouldn't become addicted."

"Then what?" Bonnie looked between them.

"Bonded." Damon spelt it out. "If enough of the vampire blood courses through a human's veins a bond is formed. Think: Dracula and Renfield - without the craziness."

"She's trying to Renfield her?" Caroline gasped in utter indignation.

"If Thaddeus was a normal human I'd say yes," Damon muttered, eyes narrowed on Chloe. "But considering that he's some sort of witch… That makes things different."

"Different how?" Bonnie's eyes narrowed further.

"Katherine did it with Emily, she'd saved her life and Emily swore to protect her in return." Stefan sounded tired, spoke oddly through his fangs. "When a witch drinks a certain amount of vampire blood, when the blood is freely given by that vampire, it bonds the witch and vampire together and it means that while witches usually distrust vampires - this witch is offering protection to this vampire."

"But not many witches would offer that sort of protection to a vampire, I mean, it's an important exchange." Damon made up his face and took in a deep, unnecessary breath. "Think of the benefits a vampire would get from that arrangement." His gaze fell on Caroline's necklace. "The daylight amulet is only one of many things that bettered the existence of our kind - because of a union between a vampire and a witch. And a constant blood exchange…"

Bonnie's eyes widened and she turned to look at Caroline the same time the vampire turned to look at her, the same question in those blue eyes. If that was what happened when a witch willingly drank from a certain about of freely given vampire blood - what would happen if a vampire drank a certain amount of freely given witch blood? Most of the blood running through Caroline's body was Chloe's - for the first part of her undead life she'd fed solely on Chloe's blood.

Had that bonded them somehow?

Was Katherine looking for something similar?

How would that work though? How different would it be?

They should've thought about this! Should've guessed that Katherine had some sort of plan! That she was using them!

"So we're going to ask you once more," Stefan declared. "How much blood has Katherine given her?"

Caroline closed her eyes and let out a little shudder.

Bonnie gazed between Stefan and Damon Salvatore. "Weeks' worth."

Damon and Stefan exchanged looks before Damon turned to her. "You've got trouble."

Bonnie took in a shuddering breath and nodded. "We do."

She'd seen Stefan and Damon take Chloe's away.

Why were they here?

What if, like her, they knew the truth of why Klaus wanted Svipul's soul?

"How do we know that we can trust them?" Jeremy wanted to know as he sent Damon and Stefan Salvatore distrustful looks. "The only vampire I trust is Caroline."

Caroline, despite being in the far opposite of the room, beamed like a lighthouse and sent a smug look in Stefan and Damon's direction.

Bonnie eyed the newcomers, knowing they could hear everything they were saying. "They know things we don't - and they're pissed at Katherine - which I think we can all understand. If they're right about what Katherine did to Chloe, we're going to need them, Jere."

He hated to admit that that was true, but it was.

Feeling his phone vibrate, Jeremy pulled it out of his pocket and paused when he saw who it was, before he answered the call. "Lex?"

"Jeremy," Lex Luthor spoke' his voice urgent. "Where's Chloe? I've been trying to get into contact with her. I called Zach and he said that she was gone for the weekend - what is going on? Are you with her? Is she okay?"

"Why? What's going on?" Jeremy frowned.

"Jeremy, listen to me, I don't know how it happened, but my father's case has been thrown out," Lex's urgency grew. "He's disappeared. I don't know where he is but my apartment just exploded, I barely got out alive. He doesn't know I made it out, he's going to focus his efforts on getting back at Chloe. She's in danger. He's coming for her."

Jeremy stood there, eyes wide, as the phone slipped from his shocked grip and shattered against the stone floor.

"What is it?" Tyler, who was off in the corner with Matt, staring distrustingly at the vampires, turned towards him at the sound.

"What's going on?" Matt stepped forwards.

Caroline, like Stefan and Damon, already knew, eyes narrowed. "Lionel is coming."

Damon's eyes narrowed dangerously. "Good. Then I can kill him myself. Eye for an eye."

Stefan looked at Damon before he turned to Jeremy. "Is Lex okay?"

Jeremy wanted to know what the hell the Salvatores knew about Lex and his psycho father, but he never got the questions passed his lips.

Chloe cried out as she sat up on the stone slate she'd been sleeping on, her eyes flying open to reveal white orbs, then golden, then pitch black, and then she blinked and took in a gasp, and those eyes were their normal green. Her gaze rested on Stefan and Damon, and her eyes widened. "Stef? Day?"

Stefan smiled at her. "Thaddeus."

"Dude, you're a girl," Damon snickered.

Jeremy didn't give her a chance to adjust to the fact that the vampires were here. He scooped Chloe in a tight hug.

She hesitated for a second before she wrapped her arms around him as well.

He didn't know who'd cast the spell or what it was for, he didn't know whether Lionel Luthor knew where she was, and he didn't know if Katherine had already finished the bond. All he knew was that he was going to protect Chloe, he'd never let anything happen to her, no matter what.

He'd protect her.

To his death.

13th-Mar-2015 07:00 pm (UTC)
i'm just ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh(so speachless..it's not funny)
action, romance,suspense,mystery, magic... this story has erverything... i love that the salvertor brothers are finally fully in it... and i'm so curious what is going to happen next....
thanks for the awesome update

love, maple
14th-Mar-2015 01:01 am (UTC)
Well, speechless is always good - I think! lol

Yes, the brothers are finally in the group - kinda.
13th-Mar-2015 10:32 pm (UTC)
Absolutely wonderful!

And maybe i have my Bamon goggles on...but did I detect a little Bonnie/Damon spark in this chapter? Bonnie is my favorite TVD character and she deserves love more than anybody!

I love this fic so much!
14th-Mar-2015 01:03 am (UTC)
Nope, no goggles. There was definitely Bamon in this. It was very slight, but it was there.

I didn't like Bonnie at first (in the first seasons I felt she was too judgy) but she's grown to be, along with Caroline, one of the best characters on that show. I love her now to death.
14th-Mar-2015 01:04 pm (UTC)
Omg! So much happened.
Klaus is erasing her memories but she still knows who Damon and Stef are? Why?

I knew Katherine was up to something. Chloe is bonded to two vampires right? It can't be good....

And now Lionel again???? Poor Chloe, her life is getting even more complicated.

"'Dude you're a girl!" LMFAO

I love the banner. If you ever need help with a banner, let me know I'd love to help :)
26th-Mar-2015 11:43 am (UTC) - I'm new here
This is pretty good.
I have to read more!

14th-Jun-2015 03:08 pm (UTC)
Oh no, I'm scared. I am worried what she is going to do. I'm also really excited about this.
18th-Jun-2015 01:40 am (UTC)
I'm excited about this one too - especially since it's drawing to a close!
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