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A Morning At Bellamy's 1b/1 
19th-Apr-2015 10:26 pm
Title: A Morning At Bellamy's
Fandom: The 100
Pairing: Clarke/Bellamy
Rating: T
Disclaimer: Don't own
Summary: Or the one where Bellamy calls Clarke over so he can convince her to go spying on Octavia with him... and somehow instead ends up with Clarke as his housemate.
Modern AU.
Split due to length


 Clarke turned and looked at Octavia with what Bellamy considered a "so there" expression, even though he was sure his sister would take it as a "oh my god what do I do with him?" expression – which it so wasn't.

              Octavia snickered. "When are you two going to move in together? You're basically already married."

              Bellamy blinked. Huh?

              "Please," Clarke snorted. "As if I'd have him."

              His lips parted in outrage. "That's it, you're moving in."

              Clarke looked up at him and then raised an eyebrow. "What's in it for me?"

              He motioned to her bowl of fruit.

              "This is what's in it for me?" She didn't look at all impressed.

              "What other guy makes you breakfast?" He wanted to know… and then paused because, really, he wanted to know.

              She chewed on a fruit cube for a second before she swallowed. "I have conditions."

              He wasn't surprised. She never did anything without complaining or conditions. It's why he called her CC whenever he was annoyed with her. "Such as?"

              "No house parties unless the both of us have approved of it."

              "Since when am I a party guy?" he wanted to know with a raised eyebrow. Sure, he might've been, once, but his time was too full now (and would be in the future) for any such stuff.

              "I want a dog." She quickly cut him off when he was about to complain. "You have a yard. There's more than enough space for a dog."

              "I prefer cats," he replied.

              "Let's compromise and get both," Clarke declared, as if she'd just handed him a better deal. "You always wanted a dog when you were a kid and never got to have one – and I wouldn't mind a cat if I could get it from a kitten."

              Bellamy opened his mouth and then closed it. "Well, I did want a puppy."

              "A German Sheppard," Clarke declared, proving she'd paid attention despite how drunk she'd been the night he'd told her that.

              "Yeah." He grinned at the fact that she'd remembered. "Okay. I think we can compromise." He narrowed his eyes. "But the dog gets its own little house out in the yard. He will not be an indoor dog."

              Clarke merely smiled at him and Bellamy realized then and there that that dog would probably only go outside to crap. Damn it.

              "Any other conditions, princess?" Bellamy felt like he should be writing these down, but figured that Clarke wouldn't forget any so he was okay with just winging it. It never occurred to him at that time that Clarke might add more conditions later on and he'd never be too sure whether they'd been a part of the original deal he'd agreed to or not.

              "We're getting some channels added to our cable subscription," she declared. "You have the sports package and there's only so much sports I can take."

              He decided not to let her know he'd already upped his package so that there would be some of those girly channels she liked so much. Let her think she was winning this debate. "Okay. I can agree to that."

              Clarke grinned brightly. "I get to pull the carpet from my bedroom because if paint falls on the carpet---."

              "Why not just use the garage?" Bellamy wanted to know, not sure why she looked so shocked. "I'm not using it, and I figure you could get yourself a decent canvas to fit in there, and there'd be enough space for you to—oof!" He had an armful of Clarke Griffin and wasn't sure what to do with it. He held his hands up in confused shock before he finally hugged her back. "So, uh, yeah. The garage is yours."

              "Remember the other thing," Octavia cleared her throat.

              Bellamy blinked. What other thing? Why was there another thing and why did Octavia know about it?

              "Oh, right!" Clarke pulled away and cleared her throat. "I need you to pose for me."

              Bellamy blinked. "Come again?"

              "I have this assignment I need to start on and I know you make fun at me for being an art major but---."

              "I'm only teasing you when I do that," he was quick to tell her. "I think your work is amazing."

              She paused and looked at him oddly, a small smile on her face. "You do?"

              "I didn't realize you didn't know." He felt bad about that now. "You're incredibly talented, Clarke."

              She flushed in pride. "Thank you."

              Octavia looked between them and grinned. "So, since Bell obviously loves your paintings, he won't mind being the star of your next piece." She turned a mischievous smile in Bellamy's direction. "The theme is: Scenes from the Underworld."

              "Wait, am I supposed to be Hades?" Bellamy blinked.

              "No, idiot, you're Persephone." Octavia rolled her eyes.

              Bellamy flipped her the finger.

              She smiled serenely back.

              He turned to Clarke. "Okay, fine, I'll be your model."

              Clarke looked like she was barely keeping from jumping up and down. "Okay, one last condition."

              Bellamy nodded. "Sure, shoot."

              She cleared her throat. "You let me pay half of the rent."

              He glared at her, seriously annoyed. "No."

              "Bell, I'm going to be---."

              "You're in school still," he cut her off. "Graduate and start selling your pieces and then we'll have this discussion."

              She paused and then cleared her throat. "Then I'll get the groceries."

              He paused. "Clarke --."

              "I can afford that," she replied.

              He eyed her closely before he nodded. "Fine."

              She smiled at him.

              He smiled at her.

              Octavia cleared her throat and broke into the moment. "That wasn't the last condition."

              "It wasn't?" Bellamy turned to his sister, still confused as to how she knew of the conditions.

              "It wasn't?" Clarke looked confused as well.

              Octavia looked like she wanted to strangle Clarke. "You're forgetting about, you know, the condition." At Clarke's continued blank expression, Octavia growled and made some vague hand gestures as way of explanation. "You know."

              Somehow, Clarke understood that, because her eyes widened. "Oh my god you're right! I forgot about the condition."

              "This is why you have me in your life," Octavia informed her.

              "You are very correct," Clarke agreed before she turned to Bellamy. "There is actually one more condition."

              He looked between them suspiciously. "I'm listening, princess."

              "Well," Clarke looked nervous and that made Bellamy nervous. "You know mom and Kane are getting married this Saturday…"

              "Yeah?" He frowned, confused as to why this was getting brought up. He'd known for a while about the wedding, he'd it marked off on his calendar so he wouldn't do something stupid like forget the date. Women got crazy when you forgot dates.

              "I want you to come as my Plus One," Clarke declared, looking at him nervously.

              Bellamy waited for her to continue, and when she didn't he grew more and more confused.

              Clarke licked her lips. "I mean, I'm not going to force you or anything but I thought it would be nice if you came as my Plus One, and I'd be bored if you weren't there--."

              "Wait a minute," Bellamy cut into her ramble. "Wasn't I always coming as your Plus One?"

              Clarke's eyes widened. "You were?"

              You mean he hadn't? That was… unnerving. He'd just assumed that if Clarke had to go somewhere, and a guest could be brought, he'd automatically be that guest. "I have it in my calendar and everything."

              The smile Clarke gave him was both blinding and confusing, but he was happy that he'd made her this happy – although he wasn't sure why she'd thought she'd had to make it a condition. In fact, if she'd gone with someone else he'd have been seriously offended.

              "Okay, great." Clarke cleared her throat, grinning like a loon.

              Octavia wasn't far behind. "Now that my job here is done, I'm off. You two let me know if you need help moving Clarke's things." She winked to Clarke. "See ya." And with that she was gone.

              Bellamy observed Clarke.

              Clarke observed Bellamy.

              Both took a bite of melon and chewed.

              Bellamy eyed her once he swallowed. "Who else were you thinking of inviting to your mom's wedding?"

              "No one." She looked away.

              He narrowed his eyes. "Good. Because I even got a friend of mine to loan me his suit for the occasion."

              Clarke turned to look at him, eyes wide. "You're going to wear a suit?"

              He blinked in confusion at her shock. "Isn't that what you wear to weddings?"

              She gulped. "Yeah… I just… I've never seen you out of jeans." She then flushed and brought a forkful of melon to her mouth.

              Bellamy stared down at her and grinned as he realized that her adorableness was going to be the death of him.

              "So…" Clarke cleared her throat. "Are we still on for tonight's mission?"

              For a moment he didn't know what she was talking about, and then he remembered the reason he'd called her over this morning. "Nah. Octavia can take care of herself for one night. We should just use today to move you in, what do you think?"

              Clarke smiled into her bowl. "Sounds reasonable."

              As they ate in companionable silence, Bellamy watched Clarke and congratulated himself on a job well done.

              She'd basically fallen into his trap. He'd been adorable and somehow had managed to fool her into living with him. And somehow, Octavia had gotten pulled into his web too.

              He was really good at this whole cunning thing.

              Smiling brightly, he never noticed when Clarke pulled out her phone, texted "Thanks O! Your brother won't know what hit him!" and put the phone away.

              Yes, while Bellamy was silently congratulating himself on cunningly getting Clarke to move in with him, he had no idea Clarke and Octavia were silently congratulating themselves on the exact same thing.

              Later on he'd find out that he was the one who'd gotten trapped in a cunning web, but by then he really wouldn't care.

20th-Apr-2015 01:54 pm (UTC)
Really cute. Loved the dynamic between the three of them and how the other characters were woven into the story. Thanks for sharing! x
14th-May-2015 05:35 am (UTC) - Happy Birthday!
Hope you have a wonderful day, celebrating the joy you bring into the world! :)
15th-May-2015 02:59 am (UTC) - Re: Happy Birthday!
Thank you hon! *blush* *happy* Hope today was wonderful for you too!
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