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When Life Throws You A Curveball 2/5 
16th-May-2015 03:09 pm
When Life Throws You A Curveball
Title: When Life Throws You A Curveball
Alternate Sequel to One Night Stand
Pairing: Chloe/Dean
Fandom: Smallville/Supernatural
Summary: When Dean travels through Smallville the last thing he expected to find was "Lola" (whose real name is apparently Chloe) appearing in the bar he was frequenting - or discover the fact that their one night stand has resulted in a son: Dorian. Being a father wasn't what he wanted, but it might be what he needed.
For (1) bogusbabe, who first asked for it, and for (2) malugargula, who never gave up on wanting to see a Chlean alternate to the Dorian Trilogy.

Watching Dean Winchester with his child was an education. It showed her that he didn't have any sort of contact with children, but that a part of him truly wished he had. It was in his eyes, in the way his expression was a mixture of terror and protective instincts when he stared at the child in thought, and in how he (after much coaching from her) cradled the sleeping child in his arms as if he was the most important thing in the world - one he was afraid to break. It was touching, and she loved the thought that the father of her child felt the same way towards Dorian as she did. This could work out. Dean obviously didn't live close by but she had no doubt that he'd make an effort to come and visit Dorian, to be a part of his life. She'd told her father about Dean's visit that morning at breakfast, the man nursing a hangover, and while Gabe had looked uneasy, he hadn't said anything, most probably due to his shame for how he'd behaved last night, again.

"He went to the hospital?" Dean stared at the picture in horror as they sat on the sofa. He held a sleeping (and softly snoring) Dorian in his arms, and Chloe had a large book of Dorian's pictures rested on her lap, going through each and every picture and telling him the story behind them.

"We were there visiting a friend, Lana. She'd gotten kidnapped again but this time was hurt more than usual." Chloe smiled at the picture of Dorian in the sheets of the hospital cot, spread out as much as his chubby little body would allow.

"Kidnapped again?" Dean looked up at her with a frown.

It occurred to her then that Dean didn't know much about Smallville or the things that went on here. "Remember that I told you that an important man wanted me dead when I met you?" When he nodded she continued. "That's not the only dangers I, or others from here, have gone through. Meteor rocks fell here a long time ago, and they mutated a lot of the population. Most of the residents of Smallville don't even want to acknowledge it, but they are what I used to call Meteor Freaks."

"Meteor Freaks?" Dean's eyes narrowed.

She nodded. "I call them Metahumans now, though. And many of these Metahuman's abilities drive them insane, or make them psychotic. And let's just say that if Lana has an ability, it's to make psychotic meteor freaks fall in love with her and then try to kill her when she won't be with them. She's had at least twenty similar attacks on her. At least. And that's when I stopped counting."

"So this man who wanted you dead—."

"Nope, he was fully human, but he had me investigating… all things meteor. But he got, well, it doesn't matter, he's in jail now, where he belongs." She cleared her throat. "My point was that I investigated the weird, it's what got me into so much trouble when I was a teenager. I've been buried alive by a police deputy, had my body heat almost completely sucked out of me by a school jock, have had a guy who can split himself into two date me and Lana at the same time and then try to kill us by throwing us off of the gorge when we found out— manythings have happened to me here."

"What are you still doing here?" Dean's voice was low, his expression dark. "You should take Dorian and leave! I'll take you wherever you need to go."

"And do what?" She took in a deep breath. "There's something you need to know."

His eyes narrowed. "What?"

"We're metahumans, Dorian and I." She flinched at the horror on his face. "It's what saved both our lives when I was pregnant and one of Lionel's assassin's stabbed me, multiple times." She saw darkness enter those hazel eyes. "As I was dying it triggered my dormant meteor ability and I healed us while Clark fought him off and Lois got me to the closest hospital - where I gave birth to Dorian." She took in a deep breath. "From past experiences, we know that meteor abilities are inherited, especially if the mother is the one infected, so while Dorian hasn't shown any signs of meteor abilities he most probably has one. It's just waiting for a trigger."

Dean stared at her, a million thoughts conflicting behind his eyes, before he gazed down at his son and let out a deep sigh. "My father can never know this."

She frowned and looked up at him. "Why?"

Dean licked his lips. "He—he wouldn't understand that this was something done to you two. He wouldn't understand the difference between you two and—," he stopped himself. "So you're staying here because his ability might be triggered and since this town is a hotbed of metahumans it's, in some sense, safer for him because he'll be able to hide it better from the outside world."

"Until he can learn to control it," she agreed. "I know many metahumans who have a handle on their ability, and who haven't degenerated into psychosis. All Dorian needs is to learn how to control whatever he has - and who knows - he might be a healer, like I am." She cleared her throat. "I don't know what his trigger might be - all of ours have been different - but I needed you to know from now in case —."

"In case it gets triggered while I'm around." He nodded, his gaze on his son. "Thank you for telling me."

"Thank you for believing me and not thinking I'm insane," she whispered.

"Believe me, this isn't as out there as you'd think." He sighed and leaned back on the sofa, hard. "Do you think he might be a healer?"

"Considering I'm the one that he would get his ability from, it should be healing or some sort of alternative." She eyed Dean curiously. "Unless there's something from his father?"

He snorted and turned his head towards her. "Sorry, Gorgeous, but I'm just a regular, run of the mill human being. Nothing special about me." He noticed something on the side table and picked them up. "Wait, are you going to Stanford?"

She yanked the acceptance letter form his hand. "No. I've been accepted, and it was one of the places I wanted to go to study journalism, but I have to put Dorian before everything else, so I'm going to study at MetU. It's only an hour's commute from here."

Dean cleared his throat. "I, uh, I have a brother who goes to Stanford."

"Really?" Her eyes widened. "What's he studying?"

"Pre Law, I think."

"You think?"

Discomfort tightened his shoulders as he looked away from her. "We don't really talk anymore. He, uh, walked out on the family and the family business and cut all sort of ties with us."

It was obviously a sore and touchy subject, and while her curiosity was killing her, she'd learnt enough tact during the years to know not to press, at least not right now. He'd already opened up more about himself than she'd thought he would, so she'd be patient and let him tell her things as he felt comfortable doing so.

"I'm an only child," she changed the topic before things could get awkward. "It was lonely but I developed a good relationship with my father because of it."

"The same father who makes you and my child drag him away from bars at night?" Dean's voice was dark and unforgiving.

She frowned at him. "You make it sound like he does that all the time."

"No, the guys at the bar make it sound like he does that all the time," Dean corrected. "A bar is no place for a baby."

"I know that," she admitted. "But dad's taken care of me all my life, and I haven't made it easy. It's his time to act out."

"His time to act out?" Dean's eyes narrowed. "He's not a teenager. He has no right to act out."

"Can we change the subject, please?" A muscle jumped in her cheek.

"No." Dean moved closer. "You don't get it. You have my son. You take my son to unsafe places late at night. All because your father can't get his shit together." He shook his head. "That's going to change."

She raised an eyebrow, annoyed at him, and yet at the same time loving that he was this protective of their son. "I'll make Clark or someone else stay with Dorian while I'll go and—."


She scoffed. "You can't tell me what I can't or can do!"

"You only have one kid, Lola." He still slipped and called her that sometimes. "It's time your father figures that out." A muscle jumped in Dean's cheek.

"Look, I appreciate that you're worried about Dorian, and you have no idea how happy I am that you want to be an active part of his life - every boy should grow up knowing and having a close relationship with his father - but you can't dictate things to me. Especially when you're not going to be here all the time and I'll have to do most of this by myself." She anchored her hands on her hips. "I'm Dor's primary caregiver, and while I know you'll come and visit him often, he's going to grow up with mostly myself and my father. We're going to live our lives how we need to."

Dean stared at her, an odd expression on his face, but he didn't say anything else.

Dean waited outside of the school parking lot for school to end. He still felt like a son of a bitch knowing that he'd knocked up a high schooler, but he hadn't known she was so young when he'd been with her. And anyway, what was done was done. He wasn't one to stay in the past. This was his present, and it would be his future. Also, she was graduating soon so at least it wouldn't be so scandalous when his father found out.

He flinched about how that would go down. John Winchester would not be thrilled to have a grandson.

Flicking through the names in his phone, he paused on Sammy's number and his thumb hovered over the call button before he shook his head and dialed a different number, calling someone else.

"Yeah?" Bobby's gruff voice answered.

Dean cleared his throat as he sat up straight in his seat. "Bobby. Uh, this is Dean. Winchester."

There was a pause, and then Bobby snorted. "I know who this is, idgit." There was reluctant amusement in his tone. "What is going on?"

Dean nodded and licked his lips. "I have a son."

There was a pause, and then Bobby made an odd sound. "I'm not surprised. You're somewhat of a manwhore."

Palming his face, Dean felt embarrassed to hear the guy who'd raised him more than his father had, call him that. "Remember that chick in that dive that I gave the necklace Sammy gave me?"


In more ways than one. "Lola. Yeah. I found her, and the kid? He's a deadringer for me as a kid." He smiled. "His name's Dorian. That, uh, that was the name I used when I met her." He was ridiculously nervous. "I'm not good at this technology thing, but I took a picture of him…" He sent the text through.

Bobby hung up. He apparently had no idea how to check a text and stay on call. Dean hadn't either, until Chloe had showed him. She was a technology geek, just like Sammy. Which was great, because Dean just got by where technology was concerned.

The phone rang.

Dean answered it quickly. "Hello?"

"Jesus, boy." Bobby sounded surprised. "You said he looked like you - but you didn't say he was basically your baby doppelganger."

For some reason that made Dean extremely proud, and he grinned. "Handsome kid, huh?"

"Was that Lola in the picture you sent?"

Dean shifted in his seat. "Her real name's actually Chloe."

There was a pause, and then: "How old exactly is she?"

Dean flinched. Damn it.

There was a knock on the window, and he jumped and turned to see Chloe smiling, a bag over her shoulder and Dorian propped up on her hip. He grinned brightly to see them. "Go to go Bobby. I'm picking her up. Talk to you later." Hanging up he grinned and leaned over to push the door open. "Hey."

"Hey." Chloe threw the bag in the backseat and got in with Dorian, closing the door behind them. This had become a routine of theirs - Dean picking her up from high school at the end of the day and both of them going to his motel room to spend time together. At the end of the night he'd take her back to her house and only leave after making sure Gabe was home and wouldn't pull a stunt after Dean left.

He was getting used to the routine. He liked the routine. He looked forwards to the routine.

Dorian reached out his hands towards Dean and let out an adorable sound.

Reaching out, Dean picked up his son and pressed a kiss to his forehead before he handed the cooing baby back to his mother. "How was your day?"

"It was good. I have some things I need to get ready for the Torch's next edition." She grinned as she buckled in and pressed kisses to Dorian's chubby cheeks. "Justin just gave me this really great comic strip and I'm trying to figure out how to fit it in because it's a bit long for the space we have free, but I have to get it in the next edition."

Dean was about to reverse out when Clark Kent appeared by the window and Chloe rolled it down. He nodded to Dean before he turned to Chloe. "You want me to lend you the babyseat in my truck?"

Dean froze and gazed at his backseat.

"We're fine," Chloe assured him.

"This car isn't baby-proof." Clark looked worried. "No offense, man, but if you get into an accident Dor can be really hurt. I can lend you the one I got while you're here."

"Thanks, Clark." There was something about Chloe's best friend that Dean resented and was threatened by, and it wasn't just the fact that his son called Clark Daddy. "But I was actually going to suggest Chloe and I go to Metropolis and get one ourselves." Chloe's eyes widened. "I want to get some other things for when they're over at my place anyway."

Clark eyed him and then grinned brightly, completely approving. "That's a great idea." He saluted. "You guys have fun." He then noticed Lana and hurried over towards her.

Dean didn't know why exactly Clark apparently approving of him actually meant something to him. Maybe it was because he could see how happy it made Chloe. "Let's go baby shopping."

Chloe merely transferred that blinding smile on him, and it was all Dean could do to remember how to drive.

"You know, baby's have some cool stuff." Dean had installed the baby seat in the back seat of his baby, and that wasn't the only thing he'd gotten. There'd been a set of AC/DC, Metallica, and Queen onesies. He'd known the second he'd seen them that his son needed them. There'd also been a set of three onesies with catchy phrases like "My Dad Can Beat Your Dad Up", "Eat, Poop, Sleep, Repeat", and "Don't Hate Me Because I'm Handsome - Hate Me Because Your Daughter Thinks So". That last one was his favorite.

"They do," Chloe agreed as she rested Dorian down on the traveling crib, as he called it. Chloe assured him that that was not what the thing's proper name was, but for Dean it was a foldable crib that allowed his son to sleep comfortably while in the motel with him.

At the sound of his phone, Dean reached for it and hesitated when he saw his father's number blaring on it. He'd been trying to get in contact with John for weeks now, and that was the only reason why he answered. "Father."

Chloe looked up at that.

"I need you at New Orleans. Got a ghost I need help with. I'll text you the coordinates." He hung up. A second later the coordinates blared on the screen.

Dean stared at the coordinates. A part of him wanted to march out of the doors and head towards New Orleans immediately. His father needed him and this was what Dean had been trained to do. He was trained to follow his father's instructions. But his gaze turned to Dorian and then turned to Chloe. Wordlessly, he texted Caleb with the coordinates, situation, and asked for help. Caleb texted back that he'd help John.

"That was a very short conversation," Chloe remarked casually.

Dean nodded. "My father and I aren't talkers."

She eyed him thoughtfully. "Let's eat before the takeout gets cold."

He watched her as she rose to grab the plastic bags, and a small smile tilted his lips.

This was worth the trouble he was going to be with his father when he realized Dean wasn't on his way.

Dean entered the bar and looked around. A muscle jumped in his cheek as he moved towards the man crying at the counter. "You've got to get your shit together."

Gabriel Sullivan flinched when he turned and looked at Dean. "We both ruined her life. She'll never have the life she should've had - will never go to Stanford - all because of us."

"Hey," Dean growled as he slid onto the bar stool next to Chloe's damned father. "She could've gone still. She still has a life. But Chloe has chosen what she wants in life. You need to respect her decisions and stop feeling so damned sorry for her. You don't want to mess her life? Don't make her come here every other night and take care of your damned ass!"

Gabriel flinched and looked away. "I've let her down so many times."

"Then make it up to her and stop making things worse for her. " He ordered a beer and then turned to Gabe. "I'm not going to be around all the time, and I don't want to spend the time I'm gone worrying that your daughter and my son are coming to this place late at night because of you." He hurried on when he saw Gabe open his mouth. "It's not safe out at this time of night. Not only are there drunk drivers, but from what I've heard, there are metahumans who'd be able to do whatever the hell they do better under the cover of night. And if something happens to Chloe or Dorian because you can't grow the fuck up, I'll kill you."

Gabe stared at him in silence before he looked down at the counter.

As Dean drank his can of beer, he hoped the drunkard realized he was being completely serious. If anything happened to Chloe or Dorian because of Gabe Dean would make sure the man paid, suffered. It was at that moment that Dean realized, beer in hand, that Chloe and Dorian were his family. Sure, John and Sammy were family - but Chloe and Dor were Dean's family.

The realization choked him up and he couldn't get a sip in after that.

16th-May-2015 07:59 pm (UTC)
"My Dad Can Beat Your Dad Up", "Eat, Poop, Sleep, Repeat", and "Don't Hate Me Because I'm Handsome - Hate Me Because Your Daughter Thinks So". That last one was his favorite' HAHAHA! I can picture that.

Awww protective!Dean is soooo adorable, and the way he thinks of Chloe an Dorian as his family is touching.

Ohh no. John won't be happy at all.
16th-May-2015 10:08 pm (UTC)
Family is going to be an important theme in this five-shot. Just because John is Dean's father it doesn't make him family, Dean is beginning to realize that and will continue to.
16th-May-2015 09:02 pm (UTC)
love it... thank you for writing a dean version :D will they get closer again? ;)
16th-May-2015 10:09 pm (UTC)
You're very welcome :) They *are* Dorian's parents, and *are* spending their time mostly with each other.....
17th-May-2015 12:36 am (UTC)
This is fantastic, I love the baby clothes Dean picked out. Now I'm off to read the next chapter.
17th-May-2015 01:47 am (UTC)
I loved Dorian's new clothes lol
As a rock n' roll fan myself, I looked for some of those when Alice was born but didn't find one :(

I'm so touched how Dean is taking care of Dorian and Chloe and how easily he accepted and understook about the metahuman thing

Thanks for another amazing chapter
(Yesterday I had to read One Night Stand again, I love that series and I'm loving this one even more since you know I'm a bit more Chleaner than Chlamer lol)
23rd-May-2015 02:53 am (UTC)
HAHAHA... wouldn't it be such a kicker if Chloe did go to Stanford with Dean and Dorian in tow, meets Sam and Sam falls for his brother's girl? LOL, I'm evil!

Lol, at Dean choice of baby items. Dean should totally get the Rockabye Baby CDs. They are rock songs converted to lullabies for babies. We actually received a few when our baby was born. We have the Beatles and Pink Floyd and AC/DC, I think. Dean would just freak!

Yay, Dean told Bobby! And Dean, just sobering up Gabe was so satisfying! :)

Off to the next chapter...
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