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The New Circle 129b/? 
8th-Jul-2015 11:18 pm
chloe---cry and walk away
chlodney X&Z

Title: The New Circle
Fandoms: Smallville/Secret Circle
Characters: Chloe Sullivan, Whitney Fordman, Major Dru-Zod, Greg Arkin, Cassie Blake, Diana Meade, Mikhail Balcoin, Lucas Dunleavy, Faye Chamberlain/Byron Moore, Adam Knight, Zatanna Zatara, Bart Allen, Clark Kent, Pete Ross, Jor-El, Vika Balcoin, Van McNulty...
Rating: T
Disclaimer: Don't own any original material used in the television series or artwork, they belong to their respective creators. I have merely tweaked them for my story.
Summary: Chloe Sullivan had a normal-ish life before the circle and John Blackwell turned her life upside down and gave new meaning to the unexplained weirdness that goes on in Smallville. Now life's a witch, she's a part of a circle she's not too sure she wants to be bound to, and not only do they have to worry about Witch-Hunters, but unknowingly to them another circle is on the hunt too.

"You know…" Chloe tested the shackles as she stood in the middle of the room the Town Council used for their meetings, the men of Smallville who made up the Council all around her. She figured they expected her to cower given her circumstances, but she wasn't one to be predictable. Plus, she'd faced people far more terrifying than these humans, and far more evil - like her mother. There was no way they were going to see a frightened girl tonight. "This feels a lot like a witch trial during the Burning Times."

"This isn't a trial, my child," the Mayor declared. "We have no intention of burning you. Or hanging you. Or doing anything that would jeopardize your life."

"This talk is promising so far," she commented blithely. "You may continue."

A muscle jumped in his cheek. "The thing is, your intentions may be good, but you're a child with far too much power at your hands. What you need is a governing body, people who are older, smarter, than you, who can help mold you into the person you should be. A person who is better suited for Smallville's protection."

She raised an eyebrow. "You do know that my biological parents and adopted father were brutally murdered and I'm trying to kill my magical father, right?" She leaned closer. "People who try to mold me don't live long."

Some of the people shared looks.

The Mayor cleared his throat and continued. "You are a tool for good, but you need guidance, and you need focus. We will give you that. We will control you, and your power. You will still protect us, still fight, but you'll do it as we see fit."

She snorted. "Good luck with that."

He let out an aggravated groan. "Do you see what I mean? Your immaturity is showing itself right now."

"Oh, so I'm immature because I won't take being shackled well?" She raised an eyebrow. "Go Fish for some brains and then try to come at me with this conversation again."

"This is enough!" One of the men stood. She recognized him. He'd been a teacher at her school. "This is for everyone's good. Power like yours can't be trusted in the hands of a hormonal teenaged girl who can't possibly understand the ramifications of her own actions. A girl who sees this all as a game."

"You want to play games?" Chloe asked, turning her eyes on him. "I'll play a game with you. You won't like it though."

"There's no use trying to rile us." The Mayor grabbed the chain uniting her shackles and yanked hard. "You will listen to us. You will obey us. And you will—."

Grabbing the chains as well, Chloe yanked backwards, propelling the unprepared man forwards, and slammed her elbow into his face, connecting brutally with his nose and sending him flying back. "What was that again?"

The Mayor held his nose, which was bleeding and probably broken.

She smiled, Balcoin dark magic and Darkseid magic thrumming inside of her like a heartbeat. She could feel it warm against her skin. It was almost alive as it moved within her, fueling her growing fury at this level of ingratitude. She was risking her own people, her own strength, her own life for these mortals who didn't deserve it. As she stood there, Chloe remembered the night before. If it hadn't been for her, Dragons and witches would've torn through the human population of Smallville. These people wouldn't be alive. Her people wouldn't have been touched. Rao had promised her that how many times? Those who bore her mark would be safe.

It was times like these in which she wondered why she fought him. Why not just let him have these people? Let him finish his job. She could live a life where she wasn't unable to sleep, wasn't dying of stress, wasn't terrified every second of her life!

Her rage continued to grow until she felt it moving underneath her skin, like worms.

The feeling shocked her out of the dark place her fury at this betrayal had taken her.

"You'll be sorry you did that," the Mayor threatened as he stood. "You're powerless now. We own you. And you're going to be taken down so many notches you'll—."

"Dad!" Hank looked horrified at his father.

"Don't!" The Mayor snarled at him. "This little bitch has been lording it over us for far too long!" He stormed up towards her.

"Dad, please!" Hank hurried forwards and grabbed his father's arm, holding him back. "Don't do this. Please—!"

The Mayor shook him off. "Stay back, Hank! It's time someone showed this girl what her rightful place is! The dog who bites their owner's hand needs to be punished!"

Chloe clapped a slow clap which brought their attention to her. "Bravo. Just… bravisimo." She wasn't filled with rage anymore, but there was a silent fury that gave edge to her grin. "Though, I have some issue with what you just said. I mean, at least call me a reptile."

"Someone shut her up!" One of the men snapped.

Deputy Gary Watts stood up as someone stepped forwards to do just that.

Just as the man reached her, Chloe twisted her hands and watched numbly as the men of the Town Council all collapsed to their knees, except for Deputy Gary. "I'm sick of this." She clenched her fists, and the men grabbed at their throats as they were lifted into the air. "I'm so tired all the time. I can't sleep. I barely eat. I'm going to have a nervous breakdown any second now. While you what? Cry because some teenaged girl has power?"

Confusion and fear was evident in their faces as they stared at her, at her shackles.

"H-how—?" The Mayor somehow managed to squeak.

"What? These?" She eyed the shackles. "Do me a favor and try not to make me laugh. You just put these on me without questioning? Really?" She shook the shackles, not even bothering to take them off. "What did Hank tell you that this was supposed to do?"

Deputy Gary's eyes were wide in shock, and he sat back down in his seat.

The Mayor turned his wide, bulging eyes on his son.

Hank lowered his head harder, eyes closed tightly. "I told them that whoever put those enchanted shackles on a witch would have total control over that witch."

She nodded, realizing how painful this had to be for Hank. Her heart went out to him. It hurt for him. She turned angrily towards the Mayor. "Why would you do this to your son? You volunteered him and the other football players for the VI! You knew that there was an oath of loyalty! Why would you send him in like this and then expect him to do something like this? Don't you realize how much he's hurting right now? Because of you?"

Hank's clenched fists were shaking.

"You… traitor…" his father hissed at him. "You've killed me!"

Hank collapsed to his knees and covered his ears with his hands. "I'm sorry! I'm so sorry!"

Chloe felt the change inside of her, and she couldn't stop, didn't want to. She was just so angry. Her darkness rippled visibly under her skin, long and formed like snakes that pushed upwards against her skin.

Suddenly the men all started to scream, their bodies burning them from the inside out. It was the same spell that should've killed all witches who weren't loyal to the Balcoin family, and it only felt right that the same curse would bring retribution onto the humans.

Hank's eyes flew open and he cried as he stared at his father, whose skin was blackening, the man's screams of pain echoing throughout the room.

Deputy Gary stared around him in utter shock.

It was Hank's sob that broke through Chloe's tar-like haze. She turned to look at him, watched his eyes fixed on his father as the man died a horribly slow and agonizing death.

Suddenly an image flashed before her eyes.

Eyes widening, Chloe turned her gaze on her father and stumbled to her feet, racing towards him before falling onto her knees next to Gabe Sullivan. Tears filled her eyes as she stared down in horror at how torn up he was. "Dad?"

"You're alive," he whispered, spitting up blood, chest in shreds. "I'm so happy and relieved."

Chloe wiped at her tears as she stared down at him. "I'm going to call the ambulance."

"No, I'll be dead before they come." Gabe reached out and placed his hand on hers weakly.

"Don't say that," Chloe's body shook from raw emotion as she clasped his hand tightly. "You'll be fine. You—."

With a gasp Chloe blinked back to the present, her eyes wide and tears falling down her face. She—she'd remembered Gabe's death! Her heart raced in horror and she was nauseas, feeling the emotions she'd felt as Gabe died right in front of her and she couldn't do anything to stop it, to help him. Rao had killed him because he stood in his way.

Hank's sobs reached her once more.

Chloe turned to look at him and horror filled her. Vika's right. I'm just like my father.

Her power over the men relaxed, and they collapsed on the ground, crying out in pain, their skin still burnt, and yet it wasn't increasing.

Hank stared at his father in confused relief before he looked up at Chloe.

"I kill only when I have to," she whispered, more to herself than to him. "I don't have to kill them."

Hank wiped at his tears and hurried to his feet. "My father won't forgive this."

She turned towards him and smiled sadly. "He'll happily forgive this. In fact, he'll love you even more because of it."

Hank stared at her in growing confusion.

She turned towards the men and held her hands out, the shackles with extremely strong protection runes on them fell off as she felt the wave burst from her. Yet, instead of darkness seeping out of her, a thick pink mist eased out. She'd never done this before, not like this, hadn't even known she could, but she forced it out harder, further, as each tentacle of pink reached a different man and curled around their throats before forcing its way into their mouths. It hurt. It actually hurt, but she forced it to continue. These men couldn't shake this off after a few days. No. They had to be stopped. Like Nell, they could be used. Like Nell, they had families. Like Nell, Chloe was going to have to change them to suit her needs.

She closed her eyes and felt the tears falling down her cheek.

I really am my father's daughter, and the realization tore at her in a way no physical wound could.

Chloe opened her eyes, silent tears of shame falling down her cheeks as more and more of that pink entered the men until their eyes were glowing, as were their bodies. She pushed harder and harder, forcing more and more and more and more until she was dizzy.

I'm just like Rao.

The tears wouldn't stop.

I'm just like him.

She collapsed to her knees, ignoring Hank and Deputy Gary as they rushed to her. She stared ahead at her numbly as the men's bodies began to shake with the overload of Enthrallment.

"He manipulated it all so that your mother would be the one who killed me, alienating you further from her, and then you'd kill Cassie in a blind rage for what she will do if you don't go there and stop her immediately. You'll lose everyone but him, and that's what he wants."

"Daddy…" Chloe was barely holding on.

"He's always wanted you, Chloe, he's been searching for you. I'm so sorry I let you down - that I can't be there for you." A tear trailed down the side of Gabe's face. "I love you so much. You - you mightn't be my blood, but you are my daughter."

"You're my father." Her voice was broken, like her spirit, as she stared down into his face. "I love you."

"Don't blame Moira, don't hate her for this - she wasn't in control. Please, forgive her." Gabe's life drained from him with each breath he took. "And beware him, beware…"

Chloe's body shook with sobs as she stared in front of her, barely seeing the bodies shinning with pink. The memory of Gabe Sullivan's death rendered her immobile and numb to all around her. This was her second actual memory of him, and she wished she'd never recovered it, wished she could forget this feeling of utter loss, of vulnerability, of pain. She couldn't really remember Gabe Sullivan, but she knew from the two memories she had - and the one Whitney had recorded - that he had been a wonderful man. A part of her was almost glad that she couldn't remember more, because from the little she couldremember, she was sure he'd have been so disappointed to see who she'd become.

She'd loved him as if he were her father, but he hadn't been her father. John Balcoin and Rao Darkseid were her fathers. They were what coursed through her veins, and they were strong within her. No matter how much she wanted to deny it, she was her fathers' daughter. She was Balcoin and Darkseid. There wasn't a drop of Sullivan within her.

In the back of her mind she could feel her magic ripping apart every connection, every loyalty within the Town Council, destroying them and realigning the men to her. She'd never felt the Enthrallment so vividly before, never - never had she been so conscious of what exactly she was doing to the other person.

They're right… I can't control this power… I'm just a stupid teenaged girl…

She gripped her head as emotions swirled all around her suffocatingly.

The only reason why I'm fighting my father is because I don't want to admit that I'm just like him. And yet everything I do just proves me wrong. Everything I do to fight him, to stop him - mimics him! How is the Enthrallment any different than the devotion Desaad and Granny Goodness have towards father? How is my starting my own kingdom, different than what he is doing? I have my own fortress - just like him. I have people so loyal they'd kill for me - just like him. I kill, I maim, I coerce and I change people to suit my needs - just like him.

She gripped at her throat, her breaths coming quick and desperate as she stared unseeingly in front of her.

I'm a Dragon. I'm a monster.

She was in so much pain!

I'm everything my father ever wanted in a daughter.

Something snapped in the back of her head, and Chloe's eyes rolled in their sockets as her body swayed and she fainted away, that horrifying realization echoing in the darkness.

Seated on top of the roof of the building the Town Council had taken Chloe to, Dax-Ur stared up at the moon. He could hear Dru-Zod and Whitney finally get through the barrier the girl hadn't even realized she'd placed around the room, one that kept all out - even sound. He could hear the chaos, could hear the men within crying out in terror, worried she was dead. Not the Dragon and Sanguine mind you, but the Thralls. They'd all awoken and were gathered around the girl, who'd fainted away.

Dax-Ur chuckled. She'd been taking far too long to enthrall that Potter witch. He'd known she was fighting it. This only proved it. She could successfully create multiple thralls in the span of mere minutes - without even touching them. This was the power she'd been holding back. This and so much more.

He took in a deep breath and let out a contented sigh at the smell in the air. It was power and darkness. It was great magics at work.

She was so close. She was so malleable. She was so wonderfully perfect for this. Her guilt. Her fear. They were all so open, so easily accessed, so easily trained on her.

Pillowing the back of his head with his arms, he hummed softly to himself as the rest of the Circles arrived - the Shadow obviously having felt her magic losing control. Oh. Wait. They called him the Doppelganger, didn't they? He chuckled softly to himself. He was definitely the Shadow, it didn't matter what name they wanted to give it. And because of that, he'd have to be kept a close eye on. It wouldn't do for him to get too invested in figuring out what was happening to the girl's magic right now.

Yes, the Shadow and the Sanguine were the two Dax-Ur needed to be most careful with. Then again, the Eye and Cyclops were also threats. He'd have to make sure they were all too busy to realize what was happening. Hmmm. A distraction... That was easily arrangeable.

Humming tranquilly to himself, Dax-Ur chuckled.

He couldn't wait until they found out who had actually outed Chloe Darkseid to her father.

Now that is going to be fun!

9th-Jul-2015 05:25 am (UTC)
gosh.... she just dosn't have a minute of peace... poor chloe

thanks for the update....
17th-Jul-2015 02:47 am (UTC)
She definitely does not, and she's on the precipice of a nervous breakdown...

You're welcome!
9th-Jul-2015 07:01 am (UTC)
Stupid council!!!! Thinking that just because she is a teenage girl she isn't suited to protect smallville. what a bunch of condensending assholes!!!
Poor Chloe, she can't even have a night off to keep thinking and maybe even partake on that hot threesome no she has to deal with idiots that think they can overthrow her.
And my poor Chloe remembered something else from her dad, Gabe but of course it had to be the night he was killed. Does that mean her memories of Gabe are still there she just needs help to access them??

I knew Dax-Ur was up to something and I'm really afraid of what he is planning and who could be hurt. And who really outed Chloe??? Who?????

Thank you so much for this quick update!!! I'm feeling so terribly spoiled!!!!!
17th-Jul-2015 02:49 am (UTC)
While Chloe needs to be able to remember some things of the man who raised her, that was the wrong memory at the wrong time, and helped push her into the deep end.

Dax-Ur is definitely up to something!!!
9th-Jul-2015 03:16 pm (UTC) - Dax- ur! That fiend
I just can't right now
11th-Jul-2015 09:48 pm (UTC) - Re: Dax- ur! That fiend
Ok so I was waiting to see if anyone shared my opinion, but it's looking like a no.

Can Edna Mode from The Incredibles make an appearance?

I just want to reach info the screen and slap Chloe silly. She is facing bad guys that kill children as bait and humans that see her as a tool like a hammer you keep in a box. Her patience rivals a saint. Her acts of war are restrained in comparison to all those fools.

As for Gabe's approval, he was right on board with John Balcoin killing all witches not loyal to him. I love Gabe, but using him as a ruler to measure goodness is not setting the bar high. He treated her like a child instead of preparing her with info on Darkseid.

Chloe gave the town council plenty of freedom. She wasn't ruling with an iron fist. Banishing people with children wasn't her decision. She is not dark!

I don't believe that absorbing magic from bad people has made her dark. I read it as her actions being the forced choice between evils. Forced by criminals that have performed crimes against the social contract.

I hope Whitney or Pete is able to reach her. I'm crossing my fingers that Pete's trial doesn't push her power to be over taken in anger.

Edited at 2015-07-13 01:00 pm (UTC)
17th-Jul-2015 02:51 am (UTC) - Re: Dax- ur! That fiend
Yes. You are totally right. Gabe wasn't the saint that Chloe has him made up to be - but she doesn't remember most of this. She sees Gabe in the same way, I believe, she sees her humanity. She misses the idea of him because with him she had a normal life, and while she can't remember him in that life, she knew she was a happy human and knew he was the reason for it. But as you said, Gabe was more than willing to kill people, or let them be killed, for the Balcoins.

We shall have to see *winks*
9th-Jul-2015 07:34 pm (UTC)
The Council and the Mayor... they're all doing this because of Dax-Ur, right? He wants Chloe to become a dark person, all he does and plans to do is because of that. The question is why? Does he want to get her pregnant with his baby dragons? Does he want her to give birth to the darkness and recreate Apokolips? I'm soooo curious.

Poor Chloe... she doesn't get a minute of peace and now she's hurt because of Gabe's death memories and 'cause she thinks she's just like her father. I don't know what to say... I wish she could have sometime to relax but I know it's not possible.
17th-Jul-2015 02:53 am (UTC)
Well, they, especially the Mayor, were not happy with the fact that Chloe had (unwillingly) taken the leadership from them. It was going to happen, no matter how long it might take naturally.

She does not! Which is, of course, the problem.
10th-Jul-2015 07:09 am (UTC)
This is all just getting to be too much..... No hot threesome, but a mental breakdown instead. Why does all this evil persist to make Chloe's life so miserable? The Council and The Mayor deserve to be Thralls for all the heartache and pain they've just put Chloe through.

Uggghhh Dax-Ur's slimy ass again. Everything is apart of his plan, and nobody is the wiser so far. What are you up to Dax-Ur?

Please sometime soon let Chloe get the stress relief that she deserves. Or is that your end game?
17th-Jul-2015 02:56 am (UTC)
Yes, things definitely need to change, and Chloe's going to realize that, very soon.

Dax-Ur is definitely the only one who knows exactly what's going on.

We shall see......
15th-Jul-2015 02:31 pm (UTC)
I'm re reading the whole thing from the beginning....I know its gonna take forever. but I wanted to give you some encouragement because the reason I'm re reading the fic is because you've begun updating again. I love it. I hope to read it straight through cuz I hate long gaps in time so I always end up re reading but I don't mind when the fic is this good. Don't let the haters get you down. I'm on chapter 24 right now...so you have plenty of time to write more while I catch up.....Mucho Love.!
17th-Jul-2015 02:56 am (UTC)
This is a bit of a behemoth - good luck!

Thanks so much for the encouragement hon. I hope you enjoy the re-reading and the new chapters (a new one is out now!)

Mucho amor, querida!
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