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Jace Morgenstern's Unlucky Streak 17/? 
17th-Feb-2016 09:52 pm
Chlace---Chloe/Jace Wayland -SV/TMI
Title: Jace Morgenstern's Unlucky Streak
Sequel to: Jace Wayland's Unstealthy Stalking
Characters: Chloe/Jace, Lois, Clark, Magnus/Alec, Jocelyn, Luke, Isabelle, others...
Rating: T+
Disclaimer: Don't own
Summary: Chloe is settling into life as the last Wayland. Lois is training. Jace is highly annoyed with Lois and Jocelyn, who tend to interrupt him and Chloe when he least wants them to. But with Valentine still loose, the Inquisitor breathing down their necks, and an unexpected arrival, they all have more important things to worry about.

A/N: Valentine's speech is taken from the book because, damn, it was good.

"HELP!" Clark yelled, hearing the fight going on above. "I'M IN HERE! SOMEONE HELP ME!"

Hearing noises, Clark turned towards his door in time for it to be kicked in, and Jace Morgenstern strode in. "Where's Chloe?"

Clark grinned. "I never thought I'd be happy to see you."

Jace stormed closer. "Do you know where Chloe is?"

"I heard some of the others saying something about everything happening in the heart of the ship," Clark responded.

Jace's eyes widened and he turned and raced away.

Clark hurried after him.

"I can't do that," Chloe whispered as she shook her head and handed her stele back to him just to prove her resolve not to see this through. "I'm not like you. I don't hate Downworlders for being different. Killing them just because they're different would make me a monster."

"You think of me that way because you look at me and what I do through the lens of your mundane understanding of the world. Mundane humans create distinctions between themselves, distinctions that seem ridiculous to any Shadowhunter. Their distinctions are based on race, religion, national identity, any of a dozen minor and irrelevant markers. To mundanes these seem logical, for though mundanes cannot see, understand, or acknowledge the demons worlds, still somewhere buried in their ancient memories, they know that there are those that walk this earth that areother. That do not belong, that mean only harm and destruction. Since the demon threat is invisible to mundanes, they must assign the threat to others of their own kind. They place the face of their enemy onto the face of their neighbor, and thus are generations of misery assured. I'm not like that." He moved closer to her. "I can see the truth of it. Mundanes see as through a glass, darkly, but Shadowhunters - we see face to face. We know the truth of evil, and know that while it walks among us, it is not of us. What does not belong to our world must not be allowed to take root here, to grow like a poisonous flower and extinguish all life."

Chloe stared up at him, shaken, finally understanding how Jace could be so conflicted about his father. The man's voice was so soft, so persuasive. And sure, demons themselves had no place on earth, they'd try and drain it like they had their other worlds, so in that point she agreed with Valentine - what he said made sense - but demons and Downworlders were different things. "Luke's not a demon, but you would kill him too."

"It seems to me, Chloe," Valentine said, "that you've had very little experience of what a demon is and what it is not. You have met a few Downworlders who seemed to you to be kind enough, and it is through the lens of their kindness that you view the world. Demons, to you, are hideous creatures that leap out from the shadows to rend and attack."

"Yes, because you've sent those demons after me," she reminded.

He nodded, not denying it. "There are such creatures, but there are also demons of deep subtlety and secrecy, demons who walk among humans unrecognized and unhindered. Yet I have seen them do such dreadful things that their more bestial colleagues seem gentle in comparison." He genuinely looked disturbed. "There was a demon in London that I once knew, who posed as a very powerful financier. He was never alone, so it was difficult for me to get close enough to kill him, although I knew what he was. He would have his servants bring him animals and young children - anything that was small and helpless. He would eat them slowly, over the course of many days. He had his tricks, his ways of keeping them alive through the worst imaginable tortures." He closed his eyes. "If you can imagine a child trying to crawl towards you with half of its body torn away—." He shivered, and when he opened his eyes they were haunted.

Tears gathered in Chloe's eyes at the horrible imagery.

"Demons feed on death and pain and madness." Valentine placed his hands on her shoulders and forced her watery gaze to meet his. "When I kill, it is because I must." He brushed away a tear she hadn't even realized she'd shed. "You grew up in a falsely beautiful paradise surrounded by fragile glass walls, my child. Your mother created the world she wanted you to live in and let you live the illusion that you were safe, while all the while demons awaited with their weapons of blood and terror."

"That's not true," Chloe responded, voice hoarse. "I didn't grow up in an illusion of safety, you destroyed that when you took away my mother. From the time I was a fourteen I was in danger every thursday battling some psycho or the other." She raised her chin. "I've sent people to the insane asylum or to prison." She took in a deep breath. "In some unfortunate cases, people died."

Valentine tilted his head, obviously intrigued with this new information.

"I'm not some innocent child you can scare," she whispered as she stared resolutely into his eyes. "I understand your battle against demons, and if you'd stuck to just them I would've joined you." She felt an odd calm fill her. "I'd be right there helping you figure out a way to get to that demon before he can hurt another kid, or another animal. I could hack into any system - destroy it - find any information on anyone, anything - hell, I'd run that bastard through myself." She took in a deep breath. "But a Werewolf helped raise me, and a Warlock did his best to protect me. I could never hurt their kind, especially when the only sin they have committed is apparently not being human or shadowhunter."

"That is a pity," Valentine whispered before he pulled away and threw her stele into one of the containers of blood. With a fluid motion he yanked out the Angel Sword, pointing it towards the pentagram and blood filled sigil-covered glass containers. "You'll come around." With that he raised the sword and stabbed it into the ground in the middle of the pentagram. Stepping back, he began to chant.

"No!" Chloe hurried onto the pentagram and tried to yank the blade free, but it was stuck deep within the ground. She yanked and yanked and yanked, gripping the handle, the blade, but it wouldn't move. Desperation began to fill her as shadows slowly emerged from the blood of the slain Downworlder children. "No!"

"You just couldn't stand us getting all the glory, could you?" Lucy yelled at Isabelle as more and more Shadowhunters climbed aboard the ship, battling the demons which had utterly surrounded and cornered Lucy and Lois by that point.

With a flick of her whip, Isabelle grabbed a demon by its neck, and with a sharp tug, broke said neck. "Admit it, you're happy to see us."

"As if!" Lucy denied before she suddenly recognized someone fighting with them. "Is that the Inquisitor?"

"Weird, huh?" Isabelle backflipped away from an attack.

"Very!" Lucy agreed as she roundhouse kicked a demon away from another Shadowhunter.

"Will you two stop gossiping?" Lois snapped before she found an opening and raced down into the ship itself.

Lucy eyed her curiously until Lois had disappeared from sight. What had gotten into her?

The lines of the pentagram were lit now, vibrating with life which made her blood bubble in her veins, but Chloe tried to ignore it as she yanked desperately on the Angel Sword. She couldn't let the Infernal Conversion go through without a hitch! She couldn't let something like Raziel's Sword be tainted this way! She couldn't!

Blood dripped down her hands, down the sword, from where she'd cut her palms from tugging at the blade in desperation. The blood dripped to the floor, beginning to coat not only the sword but the sigils all around it on the ground.

The darkness that emerged from the four vials of blood moved towards the Sword with purpose. This was the taint, this was what would corrupt the Sword. She couldn't allow it! Valentine's core beliefs might be sound, but he was crazy, couldn't see good from bad, and he would hurt everyone she loved. She couldn't allow him to, no matter what, she couldn't let that happen! If the Sword was tainted Valentine would have everything he needed to start another Uprising, and this time probably win. The faces of the people she cared about who'd be most affected sped passed her, and were what she needed to give her the push to do what needed to be done.

Racing to the container with her stele, Chloe brought the burning tip to her own skin.

"Runes will not stop the demonic energies," Valentine informed her almost piteously. "Even if you're using a strength rune to pull the Mortal Sword out the energies will find it. They need a vessel."

"Exactly." Chloe didn't think the rune she drew existed, but Magnus' words rung in her ear 'purpose… purpose'. "That's what I'm giving it."

Valentine stared at her in silence, expressionless.

Finishing the complicated rune, Chloe stuffed her stele inside of her bra and took in a deep breath as she stepped back, stepped away from the Sword, and slowly the dark, demonic energy rising from the slain's blood started drifting towards her. At Valentine's wide eyes she gave him a feeble smile. "I was the vessel of the Mortal Cup. For years my body housed the same energy that resides within the Angel Sword." She touched her stomach, where the silver scar remained from where Valentine had cut her open with a seraph blade. "I think that makes me prime vessel material."

Valentine didn't speak, merely moved closer to the pentagram, not crossing over, but close enough that he almost did.

Closing her eyes, Chloe sunk to her knees and braced herself for what she knew wouldn't be a fun experience. Seconds later the shadows pierced her, and she couldn't stop the scream that emerged from her mouth as her blood boiled.

Lois was on overdrive, racing through the many levels to this damned ship. She'd seen where Valentine had taken her cousin, had watched as he'd slaughtered that poor young vampire girl in front of Chloe, had watched the blood spurt all over the blonde. The very memory had Lois going on faster, taking the steps leading down into the bowels of the ship two by two, forgoing the last couple of steps and jumping onto the hallway below loudly.

She hadn't been able to get a vision since the one with the blood spurting, but it wasn't for lack of trying.

"Lois, stop it, now," a terrifyingly familiar voice ordered behind her.

Skidding to a stop, Lois turned around in time to see him emerge from behind the stairs. "Dad?" It was a testament to how shocked she was that she didn't call him "General" like usual.

"What are you doing here?" He shook his head. "I thought for sure that putting the Downworlder out of commission would at least keep you off of the ship."

Her eyes widened in horror. "What are you saying?"

"I've tried protecting you, Lois, I've tried keeping you out of this war. Unlike your sister you were born with a blind Inner Eye, you could've had a future." He shook his head. "Instead you throw it all away to, what, become the Conclave's slave?"

She took a step back. "I'm no one's slave."

"Oh, but you are," her father assured her. "By being against Valentine you are proving that you are fighting for the Clave, for their twisted morals and outdated beliefs."

"I don't fight for the Clave, I fight for those I love." She stood firm now. "Dad, they have Chloe. I have to help her."

"Help her? This is her home. She belongs with Valentine, don't you get that?" Her father continued to move closer to her. "If I had known all those years ago that Gabe wasn't that child's father…" He shook his head. "She should not have grown up a mundane. She has a role in all of this. She should've grown up with Valentine, not with my idiotic half brother. Had I known… so would've Valentine."

"What are you saying?" Lois whispered, horrified.

"How do you think Valentine finally found Moira after so long?" He wanted to know. "I told him. Once I found out he was alive I gave her to him so that he would take me back, would forgive me for deserting when the Circle fell."

Lois' knees nearly buckled under her as she shook her head. "No. You wouldn't do that. She's your sister!"

"She didn't think about me when she turned her back on Valentine," General Lane hissed. "I only allowed her to stay when she did because of the rumor that she had taken the Mortal Cup. I wanted to know where it was, it's why I took all of her things once Valentine took her only to find out that she'd muddled her memories regarding its hiding place."

Lois continued to shake her head, refusing to believe that.

"Why do you think he allowed you to live, why he took you to Idris, once he heard your name?" Her father came even closer. "Because he knew you were my daughter, the daughter of a loyalist."

"Father, please…" Lois didn't even know what she was begging.

"I won't let you interfere in his plans, Lois," her father assured her. "You and your sister will come to realize that Valentine is right, that he is the true path. You are already on that path."

"No I'm not!" Lois snapped.

"Then why did you agree to meet with Moira Sullivan along with Jace so many times behind Chloe's back?" He chuckled. "You both knew she wouldn't agree, especially not of the conversation you three had. You knew you were doing wrong, otherwise you wouldn't have kept it a secret."

"I wanted to tell her," Lois protested. "I told Jace we had to tell her."

"Bullshit," he snapped. "If you'd wanted her to know you would've told her, with or without Valentine's son! You betrayed her, Lois. You're no different than I am!"

"That's not true!" Lois snapped at him.

"It is," her father assured her mockingly as he drew even closer. "And you're going to stay here, with me, and let Valentine do what he must, both to that Sword, and to Chloe. You will fall into rank. You will swear allegiance. And you will turn against that Downworlder. I will not have you embarrass me any fur—!"

Lois almost didn't realize why her father had stopped talking, and then he trembled and blood warmed her hand, and she realized that her seraph blade was deep in his heart.

He stared at her in shock. "You… killed…?"

Yanking her blade out, Lois stumbled back and brought a bloody hand to her mouth as she cried.

Her father trembled, shook, and then seemed to cave in on himself. His colors went gray and everything deformed until he was a bloody mass which reeked of sulfur.

It was only then, as she stared at the stinking corpse, that Lois collapsed to her knees in realization. That hadn't been her father. It'd been a demon of some sort.

Letting out a stuttered breath of relief, Lois pushed to her feet and turned back around, not realizing that she hadn't killed just any demon, but Agramon himself.

Valentine watched in awe as the demonic energy pierced through Chloe's body like four humongous talons. He'd expected her to do something to try and stop him from what she thought he was doing, had brought her here on this exact night exactly because of that. He just hadn't expected her to try and stop him this way. He'd definitely envisioned her racing into the pentagram and trying to remove the Sword, it was why he'd thrown her stele inside, but he'd never seen that rune before, had never heard of a drawing or possession rune before, and he'd studied all of the runes in existence. This was something new, just like the one she'd used on Phelan and melted him into a puddle in Sam Laneara's library.

Finally he had the proof he'd needed. She could create runes.

Chloe was struggling against the pain, her hands gripping the floor, her mouth open in an eternal scream. She looked up at him as she gripped the floor harder, and for a split second he saw it. Her eyes went completely black like Jonathan's had after his birth. It was gone in seconds but it was there.

"CHLOE!" Jonathan's voice screamed behind him, loud and filled with something Valentine had never heard in it before: fear and panic.

He turned to see Jonathan and the mundane friend of Chloe's, both hitting the same runic wall surrounding the spellground, and the mundane falling from the impact - Jonathan barely keeping from doing the same.

"FATHER, WHAT ARE YOU DOING? PLEASE, WHATEVER IT IS, STOP IT!" Jonathan turned to him, pleading, begging, such a piteous beast. "I WILL COME WITH YOU, I WILL JOIN YOUR SIDE, BUT PLEASE - STOP HURTING HER!"

"Hurting her?" Valentine turned towards him. "I have told you before, Jonathan, I would never hurt her. She is most important to the future."

Chloe screamed and curled on the floor in the fetal position.

"I am not doing anything to her," Valentine assured his son as he motioned to Chloe. "She put that rune on herself, this is all her doing." He turned to face Chloe for a mere second, but in that mid second there was a bright explosion of light - and then Jonathan raced passed Valentine, hitting the pentagram's barrier hard, viciously.

Valentine blinked in shock. How—? He peered behind him to see the shield quickly repairing itself and was healed before the mundane could follow through. Jonathan had apparently punched some sort of hole into the room's barrier, and was now trying to do the same with the pentagram's.

"Chloe?" Jonathan banged on the barrier, which turned visible at the contact, shimmery. "Chloe, don't do this!"

The last bit of darkness from the warlock and vampire blood slipped completely inside of Chloe, leaving the darkness from the fae and werewolf blood piercing out of her shoulder-blades and almost resembled nightmarish wings.

Valentine smiled.

"Stop what's happening to her, now!" Jonathan snarled as he turned towards Valentine.

He raised an eyebrow on the boy, not at all threatened. "What are you going to do, son, kill me?"

Jocelyn had jumped at the opportunity to join the attack on Valentine's ship. She'd thought they might be able to stop her husband once and for all, but the longer they fought, the more she realized that they were barely keeping alive. How many demons had Valentine raised and brought under his command? Every time they killed a demon five more seemed to take its place. That wasn't even counting the rogue shadowhunters Valentine had on the ship with him at the moment. The Good Guys were going to lose this battle, she could see that as another wave of demons attacked, both by land and in the air.

"Unless you came to join Valentine's side, you should not have come here," a voice announced behind her.

Jocelyn's eyes widened as she twirled around to find Moira standing behind her, wearing her Circle attire. No matter how many years had passed, seeing her Parabatai made the bond within her cry out, and she tried to search Moira's face for some sign that the raven haired woman felt even a twinge of the same.

The demons seemed to ignore Jocelyn now, and she wondered if it wasn't because Moira was here.

"You should leave, before Valentine realizes you are here." Moira's pupils dilated and contracted for a split second before they normalized and she smiled. "Or, I should just take you to him. Seems like the perfect time for a little reunion, don't you think?"

But Jocelyn had seen it, had seen, if only for a split second, Moira had pushed through beyond the Loyal To. That rune had been forced upon her, the Parabatai one they shared they'd entered into willingly, and when Jocelyn felt her identical rune burning slightly she realized the runes were battling each other. "I shouldn't have left you. I should've stayed, should've helped protect you and helped raise Chloe. If I had Valentine wouldn't have been able to do what he did to you." Her voice broke with emotion. "I'd have killed him first."

Moira's pupils dilated and contracted once more as a muscle ticked in her cheek. She hissed as she rubbed the identical rune she had to Jocelyn. "Shut up."

"You're my Parabatai, Moira," Jocelyn whispered as she put her seraph blade away and took a cautious step towards her. "We made an oath."

"Since when do oaths matter to you?" Moira wanted to know. "You broke the one to me just like you broke the one to be with your husband to death do you part - and worse of all, you broke the oath every mother takes when she has a child - to love and protect them."

Jocelyn flinched.

"Let's face it, Josie." Moira held the tip of her seraph blade pointed at the redhead's chest. "You might be all high and mighty, but you're not actually a good person."

"Entreat me not to leave thee, or return from following after thee, for whither thou goest, I will go, and where thou lodgest, I will lodge." Jocelyn ignored Moira's words as she repeated the Parabatai oath to her, her green eyes meeting and holding Moira's flickering blues. "Thy people shall be my people, and thy God my God. Where thou diest, will I die, and there will I be buried." She slowly, carefully, eased the tip of Moira's blade to the side as she advanced towards her Parabatai, never breaking eye contact. "The Angel do so to me, and more also, if aught but death part thee and me."

"What do you think that would accomplish?" Moira sneered, seeming not at all to realize that silent tears were making their way down her pale cheeks. "No oath, no bond, is greater or deeper than mine and Valentine's."

Jocelyn closed in and wrapped her arms around Moira, hugging her Parabatai tightly, tears of her own falling. "I'm so sorry for not being there, for breaking oath and leaving you. I thought I was doing best - I thought I'd remind you of all you'd lost! I'm so sorry!"

Moira trembled. "I hate you. I want you dead."

Jocelyn merely held on tighter, hiding her face in Moira's neck. "I promise I'll free you from him, I'll kill him. I promise." Her Parabatai rune was burning nonstop, had been since she'd wrapped Moira in such a tight hug.

"I hate you."

Jocelyn wouldn't react to that.

"I hate you!"

She still held on.

Suddenly Moira freed herself and kicked Jocelyn's stomach, sending her flying back into the ship's railing. "I've had enough of you." Moira stalked towards her and gripped Jocelyn tightly by her neck. "You're no longer welcome onboard."

"Moi…" Jocelyn choked out as she tried to free herself from Moira's hold.

Moira broke eye contact and leaned in, voice low and pained. "If you stay here you'll be massacred, just like your friends will be."

Jocelyn's eyes widened as her Parabatai rune was now molten with agony. "Moira?"

Moira pulled away, her eyes flickering like crazy, and then, without another world, she tossed Jocelyn off of the ship into the dark water deep beneath.

19th-Feb-2016 08:17 am (UTC)
where to beginn.... awesome like always ... love lois, just killing the demon without realising it ... hope chloe will not turn 'evil' now....

thanks for all the chapters...
love, maple
19th-Feb-2016 11:23 am (UTC)
"If you can imagine a child trying to crawl towards you with half of its body torn away—." He shivered, and when he opened his eyes they were haunted.
Tears gathered in Chloe's eyes at the horrible imagery.

Oh that was horrible! I think I understand Valentine a little better now but he only sees black and white.

Blood dripped down her hands, down the sword, from where she'd cut her palms from tugging at the blade in desperation. The blood dripped to the floor, beginning to coat not only the sword but the sigils all around it on the ground.
Wait! That changes things, right? Her blood is mixed with the Downloaders's bloods... I just have a feeling.

I'm glad Lois didn't really have to kill her father, I was relieved it was a demon but it was still tough. And she killed Agramon. Go Lois!!! :)
But was the real General working alongside Vilentine?

He raised an eyebrow on the boy, not at all threatened. "What are you going to do, son, kill me?"
Yes, please do it.

Moira pulled away, her eyes flickering like crazy, and then, without another world, she tossed Jocelyn off of the ship into the dark water deep beneath.
Is the thing whose hand caught Clark's message going to save her? Still curious here, what was that creature?

Great chapter ;)

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