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Pecking Orders and Obvious Conclusions 1/4 
5th-Apr-2016 09:38 am
Title: Pecking Orders and Obvious Conclusions
Sequel to:  The Werewolves and Rogue Demon Hunter, and Preparations and Questions (in that order)
Characters/Pairing: Lois/Wesley, Chloe, Scooby Gang, Clark
Rating: T

Disclaimer: Don't own
Summary: The day after their first full moon - and first shift - Lois and Wesley are shocked to find out that Chloe thinks they are mates. Chloe is shocked to find out that they are so clueless. And there *might* be a slight chance of Scoobies on the horizon.

"Wow," Chloe whispered, leaning forwards and gazing at the video playing before their very eyes. "I know I lived through it...yet somehow watching it happen like this makes it more real somehow."

Lois didn't really know what to say as she watched, transfixed. She'd known that she'd become a werewolf, one like the others that'd attacked and nearly killed her cousin, Wesley, and herself, but seeing it happen was like a kick in the face. She cringed, glad that during last night, her first full moon, she'd blacked out. The screaming coming from her as her body went through the change was nauseating… as was seeing herself in that half humanoid, half something else state once it was done. She'd growled and snarled and sniffed and clawed at the walls, at the boulder, scenting Wesley outside and probably realizing he was fresh meat-because she'd seemed intent on trying to get the boulder out of the way so she could get at him.

The transformed version of herself was so intent on getting the boulder out of the way that she didn't even react to the still human Chloe, not even when the change finally hit the blonde and she fell to the ground, screaming in agony. But unlike Lois' shift, Chloe's was slower, bones visibly breaking and realigning.

Lois felt sick to her stomach as she watched.

Chloe was deathly silent as well as she watched herself on the video collapsing on the ground as a wave of heat so strong it blurred her whole body from the camera rushed over her, and when it was gone so was her human skin and body. Instead, a white wolf lay panting on the ground.

"See!" Chloe pointed to the image of the canine whimpering on the ground. "I told you! I told you! I was a realwolf! Only cooler!"

"But that's impossible," Wesley whispered, leaning over both girls' shoulders. "I've never heard of werewolves who turn into wolves in the full moon. It's always a mixture of wolf and human!" His gaze then went to Chloe. "I've also never heard of a werewolf who actually retained its human mind during the shift...or memory of the shift once it was over."

"And yet I am a contradiction to said facts," Chloe drawled, and then her eyes narrowed. "Watch."


The transformed Lois was actually starting to make the boulder move.

The wolf Chloe sprung up to her feet and snarled at Lois, growling, the hair on her back standing on end.

Lois turned towards her and snarled, before going back to her work.

Snarling, the white wolf threw herself at the werewolf, pushing her away and turning so that her back was to the boulder, protecting it.

The werewolf charged, claws growing.

The white wolf held her ground until the last minute, jumping at the werewolf.

The two fought viciously, biting and clawing at each other, trying to pin the other down, vying for dominance.

Both were bleeding and very hurt, having different sorts of advantages over the other and yet other weaknesses as well.

Finally, the white wolf pinned the werewolf under her, showing her teeth.

There was a flash of defiance in the werewolf's inhumanly light eyes and the wolf caught it, snarling threateningly.

The werewolf finally sighed and bared her neck in a sign of submission.

The white wolf brought her teeth down to that neck and closed her mouth over it, teeth pressing against skin and yet not hurting, asserting her dominance as alpha.

And then she pulled away, and the werewolf stood, sending the boulder a look.

The white wolf snarled.

The werewolf huffed but looked away, and for the rest of the night didn't go near the boulder.


"What-?" Lois turned to her cousin. "What was that?"

Wesley eyed Chloe in surprise as well. "That was incredibly smart of you...and yet foolish at the same time."

"I was thinking the same thing." The blonde smiled wryly. "It could have easily gone the other way and she'd have not only won position as alpha female, but she could have ripped me apart for trying to keep her from you."

"Exactly." Wesley frowned.

Lois looked between them, eyes narrowed, realizing that she wasn't getting what they were talking about. "I don't get it. Alpha female?"

"You know...its in Wesley's books on werewolves and wolves in general?" Chloe asked, as if she thought Lois had actually touched those huge, moldy books. "In wolf packs there is an Alpha Male and an Alpha Female, and together they rule over their pack. I realized that you were scenting Wesley and trying to get at him, and I wasn't sure if when you got loose you'd jump him or kill him, and even if you didn't kill Wesley you might go after other people, and if you hurt anyone, especially Wesley, you'd never forgive yourself." The blonde scratched her cheek, clearly uncomfortable. "So I remembered what I studied in Wesley's books and knew that we'd just turned, so dominance hadn't been established as yet, or a pecking order, if you want to call it that. And if by some miracle I could win the fight, then you'd have to listen to me. Or, well, I hoped you would-considering we're not exactly thesame type of wolf I wasn't sure it would work."

"And yet you risked it?" Lois snapped, pissed off. She could have killed her baby cousin last night!

Chloe bit her bottom lip, looking so young. "Lois, if you'd hurt Wesley you wouldn't want to live anymore. You'd call yourself a monster, and you'd ask me to put a silver bullet into your heart and forehead." She looked away. "I'm not prepared to do that."

Lois sighed and reached over, hugging her baby cousin to her.

Chloe breathed in her scent, an act Lois was recognizing as a canine way of comforting ones' self.

The brunette pressed a kiss to Chloe's hair and looked up at Wesley, who was smiling down at the two of them.

"You guys are my pack now," Chloe murmured, voice slightly distorted by Lois' jacket. "I'm going to protect the both of you."

It nearly broke Lois' heart to hear that.

Wesley smiled and ruffled the top of Chloe's hair. "You're not my alpha Little Lady, I'm not a wolf thus I'm not pack. So you don't have to worry too much about me, okay? I can take care of myself."

"You're Lois' mate, makes you part of my pack," Chloe grumbled.

Suddenly Lois and Wesley pulled away, eyes wide and confused.

"What?" Lois squeaked.

"I beg your pardon?" Wesley pushed his glasses higher up his nose, eyes widening.

"Oh come on!" The blonde exclaimed, looking shocked. "You're telling me you two haven't figured it out yet?Seriously? Even with all the hints I've been dropping?" She looked between them. "I can't believe it. You're the adults here, you should be ashamed of yourselves."

"You think Wesley's my mate?" Lois whispered, something warming in her stomach at the thought.

"Whatever would give you that belief?" Wesley sputtered.

Chloe rolled her eyes. "You two are ridiculous." She pushed to her feet and shook her head. "Has no one read Wesley's books other than me? Especially the sections on werewolf or wolf mating rituals, courtships?"

"I remember skimming over the information briefly in the Academy, but I don't remember what it said," Wesley replied truthfully. "It really wasn't of any interest to me other than to continue at the top of my class."

Lois smiled sheepishly at her cousin as she gave her own answer to the question posted. "You know I don't read books."

Extreme exasperation filled Chloe's face, her eyes flashing wolf gold.

Wesley and Lois exchanged looks at that.

From the look the ex Watcher was giving her, Lois could tell that that wasn't normal in a lycanthrope either.

"Ever since you turned you've been nose-open for Wesley." Chloe pointed to Lois, eyes narrowed. "You always know where he is, his scent comforts you whenever you're anxious or depressed...you're insanely jealous if any girls shows him any attention."

Wesley blinked, turning to look at Lois in shock.

Lois just fought against her blush.

"There are other signs, of course, but the ones I just named are the ones you display more prominently. I've been keeping a log of everything and believe me, the facts all back me on this." The blonde raised her chin, eyes defying them to challenge her on her deductions. "You two are mates, thus you're both in my pack, like it or not. Now as Alpha I exercise my right to order you two to talk about this and forbid you from being so incredibly blind to obvious facts. It's embarrassing."

Wesley cleared his throat. "I think your Alpha position in the 'pack' only really applies to when you're in wolf form and so you can't make us-."

Chloe raised an eyebrow, a little growl echoing in her throat and escaping her lips as she snapped her teeth at them, eyes flashing gold once more.

Wesley's eyes widened as he hurriedly pushed his glasses higher up the bridge of his nose. "Or not."

"You two, talk this over, now." Chloe motioned between the two of them. "I have to go help Clark prepare for his date with Lana so my mood is not the best right now so don't push it."

Wesley opened his mouth.

"I know I know," Chloe interrupted. "Werewolves turn the three nights of the full moon. I'll meet you two at the Kawatche caves later. I'm not the one who needs brushing up on lycanthropic lore! So, excuse me, but I have to go help my crush mentally prepare for his date with his dream girl." With that the teenager shook her head at them and marched out of the house, muttering: "Of course the only one I actually want this stupid lure to work on is immune to it!"

Lois watched her cousin go, suddenly unable to look at Wesley.



She could feel a blush climbing up her neck and she hated it.

Lois Lane didn't blush dammit!

Wesley cleared his throat. "We should probably address the accusation over a spot of tea."

"Tea, right." Lois nodded, numbly, waiting until he'd escaped to the kitchen to prepare said tea to finally bring her hands to her burning face.

"You know, I'm all for road trips, but there's only so many "World's Biggest" you can pass by before you start to wonder if that's the best we can actually offer: bigger," Buffy muttered as she peered at the sign which boasted of having the world's largest jigsaw puzzle or something like that. She'd honestly not even taken the time to actually read what the sign had said. "I'm too young for an existential crisis."

"Buffster is right, G-man," Xander yawned from the back seat. "We're going to go insane of boredom before this monster kills us. Right, Wills?"

Willow glanced up from the book she was nose-deep in. "I'm, uh, actually ok."

"Et tu, Brutus?" Xander shook his head at his best friend.

"Well, considering we have a demon after us whose sole desire is to destroy you three I'd think you'd be relievedfor some boredom," Giles informed them huffily from the driver's seat.

"I'm the Slayer," Buffy responded with a pout. "I should be hunting this thing down, not running away from it."

"It can't be killed by "any weapon made"," Willow pipped up from the back. "Not even, like, any weapon made byman, but, like, made. You've also broken its neck, decapitated it, and set it on fire… none of those things worked. It just keeps healing itself back up." She made a face. "That sort of self-healing limits your options, you know?"

Buffy pouted. "I'm good at improv. I'll think of something else."

Willow opened her mouth, closed it, and then stuck her nose back in the book.

Xander pouted at her and turned his attention to the road once more. "Can we stop soon? I need to drain the pipes, if you know what I mean."

"Use the side of the road," Giles muttered.

"Giles! That's public indecency!" Xander exclaimed in scandal. "I'm surprised you and your British Sensibilities would suggest such a thing!"

"I could also use the little girl's room," Buffy announced as she raised her hand. "And I am not using the side of the road."

"Umm… I'm also kinda hungry," Willow spoke from behind her book.

"See, G-man?" Xander slapped the back of Giles' seat. "We need a pitstop, like, pronto."

Sighing, Giles turned to see the sign they were passing. "They should probably have a diner or something of the sort where all our needs can be met."

"At least they aren't boasting that they've got the biggest something or the other!" Xander declared happily as he turned back to peer at the sign as they passed it. "They are the meteor capital of the world though."

"You are now entering Smallville," Buffy muttered under her breath with a pout. "Smallville, huh?" She groaned. "I'm going to die of boredom way before that demon gets to me, aren't I?"

5th-Apr-2016 03:02 pm (UTC)
I missed this soo much.
Yay!!! You're awesome! You know that, right?

Is Chloe a white wolf because of her meteor power? Does she still have it?
Wow! Chloe's the female alpha. Does it bother Lois?

 "You're not my alpha Little Lady, I'm not a wolf thus I'm not pack. So you don't have to worry too much about me, okay? I can take care of myself."
Did he really call her Little Lady? I hate it when people call me that. I thought Chloe would growl at him because of it.

"You two are mates, thus you're both in my pack, like it or not. Now as Alpha I exercise my right to order you two to talk about this and forbid you from being so incredibly blind to obvious facts.
Hahahahahahahaha I love bossy!Chloe.
5th-Apr-2016 11:03 pm (UTC)
Thanks! I've been going over my OLD series which were left unfinished and am trying to do my best to try and finish them up - because I have so many new ideas but it would be wrong to do new and new series without finishing some of the old ones!

Not particularly - mostly because she can't remember her wolf state, and Chloe can, so it's safer this way.
6th-Apr-2016 02:50 pm (UTC) - keep them coming, please
So, I was excited to see a new story from you and thought it stood alone pretty well, but then the comments above made me realize it was a continuation of an older series.

That is just how great a writer you are, that I can dive in at the middle and still know what is going on. Sure, it helps that these characters are already known to me, but, still, I was able to immerse myself in the story right off the bat.

When Chloe turned into an actual wolf, I just rolled with it. It's Smallville, of course Chloe would be special.

I never did get into the whole werewolves and vampires are dark and sexy mania from Twilight, so I love this lighthearted take with Chloe as alpha. I love how she's laying down the law on Lois and Wesley as mates. It's like Lois and Wesley are in a comedy of errors, their foolish mistakes causing chaos, but they'll get their happy ending...eventually.
6th-Apr-2016 03:04 pm (UTC) - Re: keep them coming, please
Yes, this is my attempt to finish a series I had on hiatus for a while. It was supposed to have four segments but will only have three.

Thanks hon! I was trying to write this in a way so that people didn't have to go back to the other segments and could just read onwards!

Chloe will definitely have an intense moment in this segment, but she's very much "This is happening, just roll with it" now.
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