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Pecking Orders and Obvious Conclusions 2/4 
5th-Apr-2016 07:32 pm
Title: Pecking Orders and Obvious Conclusions
Sequel to:  The Werewolves and Rogue Demon Hunter, and Preparations and Questions (in that order)
Characters/Pairing: Lois/Wesley, Chloe, Scooby Gang, Clark
Rating: T

Disclaimer: Don't own
Summary: The day after their first full moon - and first shift - Lois and Wesley are shocked to find out that Chloe thinks they are mates. Chloe is shocked to find out that they are so clueless. And there *might* be a slight chance of Scoobies on the horizon.

There was silence as Lois and Wesley sat in the living room, nursing cups of tea which had been amply spiked with the alcohol that would give them courage for this conversation. Usually Lois didn't have a problem talking with Wesley, she'd even found herself able to talk to him about things she couldn't talk to Chloe about, and so this was extremely awkward right now. The brunette kept stealing glances at Wesley whenever he wasn't stealing glances at her and it was a total dance of cowardice. It annoyed her because she wasn't like this. She was the Take-Charge Queen who never faltered or backtracked or questioned herself. And yet with Wesley she did...because she didn't want to ruin the strong...thing...they'd cultivated during this short amount of time.

That in itself made her pause and think.

Lois Lane didn't stop and rely on guys. She was a take-charge, in the face of danger, do everything yourself...kinda girl. She always had been thanks the General's upbringing, and yet with Wesley she allowed him to take center stage, listened (mostly) to what he had to say, and trusted him explicitly. She found her gaze going towards him, searching him out, always needing to know where he was and what he was doing...that he was fine. His touch and scent calmed her when nothing else did, and whenever any of the girls in the shop flirted with him, causing him to become awkward and flustered, she wanted to wolf out and slaughter them...

The brunette froze, going over all of those symptoms...realizing that she could understand how Chloe could come to the conclusion that Wesley was Lois' mate.

Now that Lois thought about it, a tiny doubt was beginning to bloom inside of her as well.

She chanced a peek up at Wesley and found him quickly glancing back down at his glass.

This was beginning to annoy her, and she frowned, putting her glass on the coffee table between them before clearing her throat, drawing his attention. "So, you might be my mate."

He pushed his glasses higher up his nose. "J-just because Chloe thinks-."

"No, has nothing to do with that," Lois replied, rubbing her hands over her jeans covered thighs. "Usually I'm sharper than her when it comes to sexual tension, but I think this whole werewolf situation and worrying over Chloe's lure and the trouble it's been causing for her...I think it kept me too distracted to really sit down and think about a couple of things. If Chloe noticed it before me, it just goes to show how preoccupied I was because when it comes to matters of the heart and attraction, my baby cuz can be really dense."

Wesley blinked, opening and closing his mouth multiple times, seeming unable to think of something to say.

"I'm not saying you have to be my boyfriend or anything," Lois hurried to assure him. "But I've watched enough werewolf series and movies to realize that Chloe mightn't be too off on her observation."

"H-How so?" Wesley cleared his throat.

"Well, she was right when she said I'm nose-open for you," Lois admitted with a little shrug. "And even though you stutter and stammer and ramble all the time and I'm usually hella annoyed with that sort of thing I think it'scute when you do it."

"Cute?" Wesley cried in horror. "Madam, I am a rogue demon hunter. I am not cute."

Oh god, he was so cute it was adorable.

"See what I mean?" Lois cried out in dismay. "I find that adorable."

Wesley pouted, put down his cup of tea, and stood as he stormed away.

Lois' eyes widened, shocked. Had she insulted him so badly he was leaving? "Where are you going?"

Wesley spun on his heels to face her. "Madam, there is a veritable cornucopia of knowledge in my library. No doubt there are entries to do with matehood." He pushed his glasses up his nose. "You and I will study each and every passage, with a fine tooth comb if we have to. We will not sleep, not eat, not move a muscle, until we have proven - with scientific certainty - that we are mated."

Lois blinked. "You want to have a study date?"

He flushed. "In not so many words, yes."

She smiled. "Okay, sure. How many books can you possibly have on lycanthropic mating rituals anyway?"

"What's got your attention, Buffster?" Xander wanted to know as he threw himself on the seat in the diner, eyeing Buffy, who was straight eye-balling someone.

"Her." Buffy frowned as she peered at a blonde girl who appeared to be a little younger than them. "There's something wiggy about her."

"Really? Like what? It's daytime so she can't be of the Fanged variety," Xander decided as he shifted to sit next to Buffy and eye the girl as well. "She's kind of cute."

Buffy shrugged, not really paying attention to him.

"Sure, no problem Clark, I'll see you in a bit." The girl ended the phone call and sighed as she shoved her phone in her pocket. She leaned back on against the padded booth she was seated on and peered up at the ceiling. It was probably why she didn't notice the other girl coming towards her until she straddled her lap and began to kiss her, deeply.

Buffy's eyes widened.

Xander's mouth fell open. "Oh my god, Buffy. You can spidey-sense lesbians!" His dreams had come true! Finally! Buffy had a super-power he could use!

The girl flailed for a couple of seconds before grabbing her kisser's shoulders and shoving her onto the seat next to her. "Damn it, Dawn!" Slipping out of the booth, the girl stormed out of the diner. Or she would've if Dawn hadn't caught up to her and tried flinging herself at her, making all sorts of promises Xander had only ever heard in pornos. "I'm. Not. Interested!" The girl shook her off, sat the enamored pursuer down hard on a seat, and once more tried to get towards the door, only this time to be accosted by some other chick, who sank her hands in the girl's hair and kissed the daylights out of her.

Xander brought a hand to his heart. "This is the best day of my life."

"Tina!" The blonde flailed once more before pushing the girl away, finally, and with much more effort than she had the other blonde. "You all n-need to stay away from me! I mean it!"

"You heard her, slut!" Dawn snapped as she pushed Tina away.

"Don't get in our way, whore," Tina pushed Dawn right back.

And with that, a catfight broke out.

Xander could cry with happiness right now.

"Can this day get any worse?" The blonde bemoaned before she slipped out of the diner.

In seconds Buffy was out after her.

Xander, hopeful Buffy had caught the kissing bug, hurried out after them.

A ton. That was the answer to "how many books" Wesley could "possibly have on lycanthropic mating rituals anyway?" A ton. A TON! Lois knew her horror must show on her face, because Wesley kept making tutting noises at her, but she didn't care. What could one man want with so many books on one topic? "How is it that you have all of this but aren't sure whether we're mates or not?"

He flushed. "I bought in bulk, it's cheaper that way. I'll have you know that these tomes aren't something you can find on Amazon, you have to know people to get these, and those people usually want to get rid of their stash as soon as possible. You might go looking for one book and coming back with ten." He shrugged. "And to answer your question, I've been a little preoccupied to study." He made a face. "Plus, every time I went to pick up a book on anything related to lycanthropy Chloe always ended up being in the middle of reading that one and so would bat my hand away." He cleared his throat. "She is not to be messed with when she's in research mode. I decided it was safer to wait until she had exhausted the research material, after which I would take my time to do the same."

That was very true. No one came in between Chloe and her source of information when she set her mind to research something.

"Okay, so, explain this whole alpha thing to me." Lois sat down heavily on the seat and picked up a book at random. "What does this mean exactly? How does this change things?"

"Well, as you most probably have already guessed, the Alpha is the boss, per se." He flipped through the pages of a book. "In our pack it's your sixteen year old cousin." He sighed. "The only minor."

"Sixteen is the age of consent here," she reminded him. "So she technically…"

"She's a child," Wesley countered. "…And a child shall lead them."

"Don't make her hear you calling her that," Lois warned him.

He nodded his agreement to that. "Other than being 'the boss', so to speak, the Alpha of a werewolf pack is charged with the protection of the pack, protection even if from itself." He pushed his glasses up his nose and resolutely wouldn't look at her. "Like when she kept you from coming at me once you turned."

Lois blushed and nodded as she eyed the closest book in front of her.

"Alphas get to decide when other wolves are allowed into the pack, are usually the one who turns them, and is charged with keeping rogue wolves out of their territory."

"Their territory?" Lois picked up on that.

"Oh, yes, Smallville is Chloe's territory now," Wesley assured her as if they weren't discussing something groundbreaking. "If there isn't another werewolf in the area it is automatically her territory."

"What if there are other werewolves?" Lois wanted to know.

"There will most probably be a fight to the death between Alphas to establish dominance." Wesley snapped his book shut. "But I do not think Smallville has a resident werewolf pack. Otherwise those nomads would not have been able to do as they pleased like they did. An alpha would've run them out before they could do any damage." He cleared his throat. "You would be what is considered the beta, or second in command."

"And you?"

"I am not a werewolf," he reminded before before sighing. "Although I assume I'd be the omega of the pack." He did not look happy at that.

Lois shifted the conversation away from that and back to the reason they were surrounded by so many books. "So, matehood."

"Right, matehood," Wesley agreed. "You take that book, I'll take this. If you find anything interesting, call me over. Don't dog-ear the pages please."

Rolling her eyes, Lois got comfortable and began to read the book in front of her. To be honest she didn't get passed the first page. Instead she found her interest waning and her attention wandering over to Wesley as he found himself immersed in the "glorious written word". A smile found its way on her lips as she peered up at him. He was definitely not her usual type, but the more she knew about him, the more she liked him. And he smeltincredible. It was sinful how good he smelt.

Her hazel gaze trailed his fingers. They were definitely the fingers of a scholar and not those of a "rogue demon hunter". She understood why he'd gone on to become the latter, but he truly was the former.

Wesley made a little sound of interest in the back of his throat as he continued to read.

Lois got more comfortable in the seat as she eyed him with a small smile.

Buffy had no idea why she felt so wiggy around the other blonde, and to be honest she hadn't even thought up an excuse for following her when she'd trailed her to the back of the diner to find her pacing back and forth, hissing under her breath.

In seconds the girl stiffened and turned to face her, eyes flashing gold, betraying the fact that Buffy had notdeveloped a lesbian-centered spidey-sense. No. This girl wasn't human. She looked younger than Buffy and the others, still a teenager, probably still in high school.

"What are you?" The girl asked as she turned to face Buffy.

"The Slayer." Buffy raised her chin.

The girl blinked. "You're not a brunette, so that makes you Buffy."

Buffy's stance faltered in her shock. "Wait… you know who I am?"

"We have a friend in common," the girl responded. "Wesley Wyndam-Price."

"I wouldn't call him a friend," Xander muttered.

The girl shot him a narrowed look of immediate dislike, eyes flashing once more, a growl in her tone. "Well Iwould."

Xander drew back sheepishly.

"If you're not friends with Wesley, then you're not friend with me, and that means you're not welcome here in Smallville." The girl moved closer. "So get whatever you were going to eat at the diner and then get the hell out of my territory. Fast."

She stormed passed them, knocking her shoulder roughly into Xander's as she did so, and would've left if the demon who was chasing the Scooby Gang hadn't appeared at that very second and cornered them in the alleyway.

6th-Apr-2016 03:54 pm (UTC) - Go Chloe!
So, I know this is Lois and Wesley centered, but Chloe is my favorite character ever, so I'm just gonna focus on her unintentionally.

Wolfish Lure is such an interesting super power choice. I'm curious to see how it works into the plot since this is a Lois and Wesley story.

I love the flashes of Chloe's wolf traits.

Ugh, Buffy and Scoobies. Xander is so gross and so farcically in character. I could just see Xander's face as he rubbed his shoulder after Chloe knocked into to him.

The logistics of making a Watcher library was funny, buying in bulk. Poor Wesley being kicked out of his own library by research mode Chloe.

And this ---> "She's a child," Wesley countered. "…And a child shall lead them."

Are you foreshadowing some kind of crazy prophecy? You've got this as 2/4 chapters so, I'm hoping no. Maybe it's a Buffy show quote I don't remember.

Until you wrote from Lois's pov while checking out Wesley, I didn't see the attraction, but now I get it. Well, I get it for her, anyways.

6th-Apr-2016 05:08 pm (UTC) - Re: Go Chloe!
It was actually REALLY hard not to make Chloe a POV character in this! But I didn't do it because otherwise I had a feeling she'd take over the plot completely!

Yes... Xander....

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