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Pecking Orders and Obvious Conclusions 3/4 
5th-Apr-2016 07:40 pm
Title: Pecking Orders and Obvious Conclusions
Sequel to:  The Werewolves and Rogue Demon Hunter, and Preparations and Questions (in that order)
Characters/Pairing: Lois/Wesley, Chloe, Scooby Gang, Clark
Rating: T

Disclaimer: Don't own
Summary: The day after their first full moon - and first shift - Lois and Wesley are shocked to find out that Chloe thinks they are mates. Chloe is shocked to find out that they are so clueless. And there *might* be a slight chance of Scoobies on the horizon.

"Are you truly 'nose open' for me?"

Lois barely managed to lift the book in time to disguise the fact that she hadn't even gotten off of page one, and had merely been spending this half an hour studying the guy. "Hmmm?"

Wesley cleared his throat as he eyed her curiously. "Chloe and you have mentioned that you are 'nose open' for me… I must admit that I am intrigued with that."

Shifting in her chair uneasily, Lois took in a deep breath as she nodded. "I can smell everything better, but two smells stand out the most: Chloe's and yours. Chloe's just smells like family. Your smell on the other hand?" She gulped. "It's probably the best scent I've ever smelt in my whole entire life."

He sat up straighter in his chair. "Is that so?"

"Yeah, you smell a mixture of tea and books and your own body musk," she admitted. "I never realized I liked the smell of tea and books until your own scent amplified it."

He was blushing, honest to god blushing. "I see." Wesley cleared his throat and wrote down in a note pad she hadn't even noticed until now. "So, I smell very good then." He cleared his throat and looked up. "Good to know, good to know."

Realizing he was somewhat embarrassed yet pleased at the same time, Lois merely smiled at him and returned to pretending to read the first page of her book.

"If you try to kiss me, I'm kneeing you in the nuts," were the girl's first words to the demon.

Buffy didn't have time to wonder at the girl's train of thoughts, instead she charged the demon. Sure, there was that whole "no weapon made can kill it" thingy, but she wasn't about to roll over and let it kill Xander, Willow, Giles, and her. Not without a fight. Plus, she was the Slayer, this was what she'd been born to do. So she did it.

The demon's claws elongated and it swung, slicing Buffy's favorite leather jacket to smithereens. Oh. This was on! She looked up from the tatters of her jacket to see the demon with its hands raised, ready to bring its claws slicing down her throat.

Seconds before it could, though, the teenaged girl jumped him, like, literally. Buffy wasn't sure who was more surprised by this, her or the demon. But when the blonde buried her teeth in the demon's neck it quickly got over its shock and slammed them back into the wall, trying to dislodge her. The girl's eyes flashed gold, the flash of her teeth proving there were now fangs.

"Xander - Giles and Willow need to know, now!" Buffy yanked off her tattered leather jacket and charged once more, grabbing the demon by its wrists, battling against it from in front while the teenager hung onto his back, her teeth still buried deep in its throat, greenish blood beginning to seep out of the corners of her mouth. Buffy took advantage of the demon's vulnerability and brought her knee up to its stomach over and over again.

The demon let out a shrill yell and fought to free its wrists from her hold.

"How exhilarating!" Wesley exclaimed, unable to keep the utter fascination out of his face or tone.

Lois raised an eyebrow. "It's a list."

"It's a growing list," Wesley corrected her, as if that in itself made a huge difference.

While she'd been hiding her non-studying well, Wesley had soon caught on and ordered her to write down anything odd and related to him which she'd noticed since she'd turned. At first she'd stated the obvious, like the fact that she really liked his scent and stuff, but then it started getting less obvious and more weird. She honestly felt like a stalker as she was forced to turn over the page and start writing on the back since she'd run out of space.

Wesley had also found some sort of list in one of the books and was studying it against her answers, looking more and more intrigued as he did. He was definitely seeing this with the eyes of a scholar, and it was incredibly cute, but she wanted him to be a bit more personal with this. It wasn't just some experimentation. This was their lives they were talking about!

"I do not 'orally assault phallic symbols'!" Wesley suddenly exclaimed as he noticed one of her bulletin points… and then went completely red as he read the sentence after it. "And even if I did… why would that excite you?"

She flushed. "I have an oral fixation… as in I like my partner's mouth on me… and you seem to like putting your mouth on things… It's honestly your fault if you really think about it!" She glared at him, because now that she thought about it it really was his fault. "You're a cocktease! Or, uh, the reverse straight version of a cockte—you know what? The exact term doesn't matter. Your lips are obscene and when you're around a pen you're absolutely pornographic."

He gulped, eyes wide behind his glasses. "I… uh…" Wesley then cleared his throat and glanced down at the list, still scarlet. "Yes… well… I assure you…"

"And then you go around telling everyone so proudly that you were Head Boy, a position you got with, and I quote: 'vigorous effort'!" Lois flung her hands in the air in frustration. "And you do so while acting like you have no idea that by saying that you're totally insinuating something else."

Wesley raised an eyebrow, still blushing, but visibly confused. "I have no clue what you are referring to."

"Oh c'mon Wesley!" She snapped at him. "You don't constantly mention vigorous head to someone with an oral fixation!"

One beat.

Two beats.

Three beats.

Wesley's face suddenly turned puce as understanding hit. He opened his mouth. Closed it. Opened his mouth. Closed it. Opened his mouth. Closed it. Pushed his glassed up the bridge of his nose. Opened his mouth. Squeaked. Closed his mouth. Looked down. Picked up the list and held onto it for dear life while he stared at its content almost unseeingly.

Lois' eyes widened in shock, in fear.

Oh dear god, she might've just broken Wesley!

Xander yelled as he grabbed his arm as he knelt on the ground, the appendage hanging at an odd angle - it looked broken. Willow rushed to his side and stood between him and the demon, but when it charged them Buffy managed to propel herself forwards, knocking into the monster and sending it sailing away from them. "Get him out of here!"

Willow nodded, her eyes wide in fear yet determination as she helped Xander up, leading him away despite his arguing that he needed to stay, to help.

Buffy's glance hurried to where Giles was unconscious on the ground from a blow he'd gotten during the tussle, but she didn't have a second to go check on him because the demon was roaring and coming after her with vengeance. She waited a breath before twirling on her ankle and hitting the demon straight in the chest with a roundhouse kick, sending it sliding back once more. This time, when it slid backwards, she followed, but when she swung out it caught her leg before it could connect. It tightened its grip on her, about to break her bone like it had Xander's arm, when suddenly the teenaged girl was there, a snarl escaping her parted lips as her hands -claws - pierced deep into it's side.

The demon roared and let go of Buffy before turning towards the other girl.

Stumbling, somehow managing to keep on her feet, Buffy took advantage of the demon's distraction and raced towards the opposite alley wall, jumping and bouncing off of it, using the momentum and the height to flip onto its back. Her legs curled around it's throat and after tightening her muscles, she pulled her body back viciously, unbalancing the demon and causing it to flip backwards and fall on its head.

The only problem with that move was that Buffy hit the ground hard as well, and was disoriented for a second, but in seconds the teen girl was on the demon's back, slamming her clawed hands down into his back over and over again with a roar, her eyes glowing gold. Her hands were moving incredibly fast, coming back with more and more blood which reached higher and higher up her arm.

The demon somehow managed to push her off of it and backhanded her, sending her flying into the alley wall.

Lois leaned against the wall, giving Wesley some space as he went over the two lists. He'd basically lost his voice after their last little discussion, and Lois didn't know exactly how to tread from hereon out without actually breaking him. He was obviously having some sort of inner battle as he went over the different documents around him, and then would grab a book and look for a certain page, read it, and go back to his studying.

A shiver raced through her body and she rose her bare arm to see the goosebumps there. She waited, waited, waited, and then the ripple she'd felt was visible on her skin. She could feel the beginnings of the itch she'd felt the night before. This was her body telling her that it wanted to shift, not right now, but soon.

Lois peeked towards the clock and frowned, surprised to see just how much time had passed since they'd started this study date. It was almost time to go to the Kawatche Caves. "Wesley?"

"I wasn't doing anything indecent to it!" He squeaked and turned towards her, eyes wide.

She blinked, only now realizing he had a pen in his hand. Despite the fact that it was probably the wrong thing to do, she couldn't keep the smile off of her face. "It's almost time."

Confusion filtered over his face before his gaze went to the clock and he pushed his glasses up the bridge of his nose. Concern quickly replaced the confusion as his gaze returned to her. "Do you feel the shift upon you?" When she nodded wordlessly he pushed the seat out and stood. "Right. Let's get you to the caves before the moon's call gets too strong to deny."

Pushing away from the wall, Lois reached for her jacket and yanked it on. When she turned towards him, she was surprised to find Wesley just staring at her. It surprised her so much she nearly tripped on pure air. "What is it?" She looked down at herself to see if there was anything wrong - was she starting to fur-out already?

"N-nothing," Wesley cleared his throat and grabbed his car keys. "Let us be on our way." With that he turned and walked away.

Staring at his back, confused as to what was wrong, Lois frowned for a second before she hurried out after him. She wondered if Chloe felt the moon's call as much as she did. Either way, she knew Chloe would keep a track of time and be at the Kawatche Caves in time. It wasn't like there was anything else that was going on that would be major enough to make her forget.

The demon stood with its foot down on the teenager's throat, seconds away from breaking her neck.

"Dissolvo!" Willow's voice yelled from behind them in time for a ball of light to shoot at the demon, knocking it off of the teenager seconds before it could break her neck. While she was still new at this witch stuff she always managed to surprise and impress Buffy with each and every new spell she learnt and mastered.

The demon hit the wall hard on its side, giving Buffy the first flash of its back. Seeing the mangled flesh and seeping blood she realized just how badly the teenager had actually injured it. There was the beginnings of an actual hole there. Suddenly an idea hit her, and she turned to Willow. "Keep him distracted!"

Willow looked confused yet nodded, trusting Buffy to know what she was doing. "Dissolvo!" She yelled, more balls of light emerging from her hand, hitting the demon in its legs, forcing it onto its knees on the ground.

"It's time to break his heart." Buffy shared a glance with the teenager before she raced towards the demon, who had managed to get to her feet. "You need to get over your crush on us, it's pathetic. We'd never go out with anyone who smelt as badly as you."

The demon snarled and attacked her, and while Willow's attacks kept it from being at a hundred per cent it still managed to somehow keep up with Buffy's kicks and punches. Somehow, unbelievably, it not only dodged her attack yet backhanded her hard enough to disorient her. Those few seconds were all it needed to grab her by her neck and lift her in the air, a smirk of pure evil on its face as it readied to break her neck.

A loud cracking sound reverberated through Buffy, and she stared at the creature in its face, seeing its sneer turn to confusion seconds before it let go of her and dropped to its knees on the ground, revealing the teenager behind him. Her whole arm was covered in blood, and in her hand was its beating heart.

The demon turned to face her, confusion and pain in its countenance. It reached for the young blonde, but another one of Willow's bolts of light hit it in its chest and sent it flying away. Still, it cried and got to its hands and knees, slowing clawing its way towards them before it screamed and gripped at its chest.

Confused, Buffy turned to the girl to find that she'd bitten into the heart, tearing it in two as she chewed the heart and swallowed the half in her mouth.

The demon's body spasmed viciously on the ground, the sound emerging from its mouth agonized. It turned its head towards the teenager, almost pleadingly, right before she shoved the rest of its heart into her mouth and chewed.

Buffy made a face at the sight but before she could utter a witty retort the demon spasmed for the last time before it dissolved into nothing into the alley ground. She then grinned and turned to Willow. "See? I told you I'd improvise something!"

Willow looked both disgusted and intrigued as she eyed the young girl. "So, uh, you just ate its heart."

The teen licked her fingertips. "I'm trying not to think about why eating the heart was an instinctive reaction, or deal with the fact that it tastes amazing."

Willow tilted her head, she looked genuinely ill yet was somehow still able to stay polite. "Thank you for your help."

"It was trespassing in my territory, and I don't take kindly to trespassers," the girl responded easily, her eyes gold once more. "So, Not-Friends-of-Wesley, get your people tended to, and then get out of my town." She turned and began to walk away.

"Bossy little thing, isn't she?" Buffy eyed the girl's back before calling out: "What's your name?"

"Nunya!" the girl called over her shoulder as she walked away, turning the corner and disappearing.

"Well that was childish," Buffy muttered, yet couldn't help the smirk on her lips.

"Not-Friends-of-Wesley?" Willow asked in confusion.

Buffy opened her mouth to explain.

Giles groaned, hand on his head as he finally came-too. "What did I miss?"

Buffy and Willow shared looks before they grinned.

6th-Apr-2016 04:13 pm (UTC) - The List
Ok. Lois is kinky, we know that from her many costumes, but she broke Wesley!

I don't know how you did it, but bouncing between the fight and the study date was not jarring at all.

I liked how you put the detail in about Buffy wearing a leather jacket. It added to the fierceness of the fight and the demon, which I imagined as the Judge until you brought in the claws.

The way you finished off the baddie is fascinating. The whole mysticism of taking on someone's powers by eating the hearts of one's enemies and strong animals is just fitting.

I thought that Lois's skin tingling was gonna tell her that Chloe was in danger, but it was just the shift. She's gonna be pissed when she finds out what happened to Chloe.

I hope Chloe makes it to the caves without Buffy and Co. following.
6th-Apr-2016 05:11 pm (UTC) - Re: The List
She did. The poor boy is really in over his head with her.

Thanks! I was trying to blend them in and not be like STUDY FIGHT STUDY FIGHT!

I'm doing such a mix of the lycanthropic genres out there (like, Lois' version is more in tune with the Supernatural version of a werewolf) and its been fun blending and mixing the many different mythos!
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