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Pecking Orders and Obvious Conclusions 4/4 
6th-Apr-2016 11:21 am
Title: Pecking Orders and Obvious Conclusions
Sequel to:  The Werewolves and Rogue Demon Hunter, and Preparations and Questions (in that order)
Characters/Pairing: Lois/Wesley, Chloe, Scooby Gang, Clark
Rating: T

Disclaimer: Don't own
Summary: The day after their first full moon - and first shift - Lois and Wesley are shocked to find out that Chloe thinks they are mates. Chloe is shocked to find out that they are so clueless. And there *might* be a slight chance of Scoobies on the horizon.

The moon was up.

Chloe was late.

She hadn't made it on time.

Wesley paced back and forth, back and forth, outside of the entrance/exit to the Kawatche Caves, which was already blocked off. They'd waited for as long as they could but the shift had started and he'd had to lock Lois inside for both of their safety. Even now he could hear her moving back and forth, back and forth, growing, howling, running claws against rock. She wasn't happy, in fact she seemed to be growing more and more frustrated as the minutes passed.

He'd never felt this torn before. Chloe was turned and was loose, he wanted to hunt her down and figure a way of getting her back here, but another told him that she'd remained somewhat in control of herself last night. Maybe she—. But maybe she wouldn't. Maybe tonight was the night the animal took control. It was his duty to search for her and contain her until the effects of the full moon ended… and yet he couldn't leave Lois. Not here. Not by herself. Not in this state.

Beginning to pace, Wesley glanced around, desperate, hoping to see Chloe racing towards him, somehow still human, but she was nowhere to be seen.

With a groan he turned and leaned his back against the boulder… in time for it to shake behind him. Eyes widening, Wesley turned towards the boulder blocking the exit and placed his hands on it, waiting, waiting, waiting, and then he stepped back when the boulder swayed under his hands. Lois was working on the boulder from the other side, and from what he could see she might very well get out.

He took a step back, and another.

The boulder began to roll on its side, slowly, slowly, until it rolled away on its on, revealing the dark inside of the Kawatche Caves… and glowing eyes. Lois emerged from the caves, fully shifted, looking mostly human except for the claws, the fangs, and the glowing eyes. Those eyes were on him, only on him, and she moved towards him silently, deadly, determined.

A part of him told him to run, but another reminded him that there was no way he'd be able to beat her to the car. And even if he did she would just attack someone else and possibly kill them. He couldn't let that happen, she'd never forgive herself if she killed someone innocent.

That was why he stayed his ground and took in a deep breath. "L-Lois, you n-need to go back inside the c-cave."

She didn't acknowledge his words, instead continued stalking towards him.

"I-I must p-put my foot down," he informed her as she drew nearer. "T-this sort of behavior w-will not do!"

Lois growled.

He froze, eyes wide, and then forced himself to relax as much as he could. "I insist that you t-turn around and go back into the c-cave."

Lois reached him, circling much like any predator would, coming closer and closer with each circle. She sniffed the air, eyes glowing brighter as her lips pulled back to reveal her fangs.

Wesley stumbled backwards and tripped on something. He didn't know what. All he knew was one second he was backing away, and the next he was flailing madly with a squeak, and the next he was on his butt on the ground. He looked up at Lois to see she seemed amused by this, of course she would.

Something wild flashed in her eyes though, and she stalked towards him.

His heart raced. "L-Lois? Lois it's me, it's W-Wesley."

She didn't seem to hear him as she came forwards, her claws extending.

His eyes widened. "L-Lois—!" He closed his eyes as she pounced on him, the weight of her body forcing him down and pinning him to the ground. Wesley kept his eyes closed tightly, but when the killing blow didn't arrive he peeked open his eyes to find Lois watching him with confusion, her head tilted.

Lois moved closer and brought her nose to his racing pulse. She took in a deep breath and let out a purr before rubbing her nose against his pulse.

Wesley's heart raced, and for the first time it wasn't with fear. "L-Lois?"

The brunette stretched out happily, lying down on top of him as if he was a mat, and continued to rub her nose and cheek against him. It took him a couple of seconds to realize she was scent marking him. It was fascinating and embarrassing and, well, he might like it.

Clearing his throat, Wesley eased his hands free and hesitated a second before rubbing Lois' arms. When that brought another purr from her, he chuckled and peered up at the starry sky above him. "Lois… I think we might be mates."

"No shit, Sherlock," an amused voice declared behind him.

Wesley and Lois both looked up to see Chloe, still in human form but eyes glowing golden, standing there, arms folded over her chest, looking very much amused with them. Something seemed odd about Chloe, but he couldn't quite make it out in the night…. "Chloe!" Wesley blinked in shock. "You're still in your human form!"

"Yeah. I can feel the itch to change, but it isn't a need, not yet at least." Chloe rubbed her goosebump-covered arms. "Is that supposed to happen?"

"No." Wesley rubbed Lois' hair as she got more comfortable on top of him. "Not at all."

"So…" Chloe eyed them. "You two seemed to have had an interesting evening."

"It was most eventful!" Wesley assured her. "How was your meeting with Clark?"

Chloe opened her mouth, closed it, and then shrugged. "Nothing happened that was more important than whatever happened here between you two." She sat down, legs crossed, still heavily covered by the shadows. "I was worried I'd have to resort to something like locking you two up until you got your heads out of your asses."

Wesley stopped trying to figure out what was off about her, and instead nodded. "This is… unexpected."

"But is it unwanted?" Chloe asked softly.

Wesley's gaze went to Lois' face as she concentrated on playing with the button of his shirt. He tried to keep his face serious, but couldn't stop the beginnings of a smile on his face. "I could get used to it."

Chloe must've noticed something in his tone, because she chuckled. "Good."

Wesley was her mate.

What exactly did that mean?

Lois spent the whole next morning wondering this as she, Chloe and Wesley stayed in and spent the day in the living room, talking about the night before. Chloe had had an eventful evening as well - she hadn't phased into her wolf until two hours before dawn. She'd spent the time in her human form, able to control herself, and Lois was jealous of that, but she was also embarrassed because apparently she'd spent most of the night using Wesley like a mattress. Chloe and Wesley both believed it had been Lois' way of engraining her scent into Wesley and "scent marking" him. Basically, it was her version of peeing on him as a way of saying "MINE"!

"I didn't stand you up," Chloe was saying into the phone, eyebrow raised. "If anyone stood anyone up, you apparently stood Lana up. What's up with that? I thought you were all stoked for your first date?" She made a face, looking completely confused. "Huh?"

Lois hadn't realized she had enhanced-hearing until she suddenly heard Clark's voice on the other end of the line.

"I SAID: I don't think dating her is a good idea," Clark informed Chloe coolly, almost in disinterest. "She and I wouldn't really mesh well as a couple. It would've been a huge mistake, so I stopped it before things could get out of hand."

Chloe looked dumbfounded. "Again: huh?"

"Don't stand me up again like you did last night and this morning at school," Clark changed the subject drastically. "I really need to talk to you. I waited and waited on you, like some sort of idiot, both last night and this morning."

Chloe shook her head, as if unable to understand what was going on and yet deciding to just go with it. "Sorry, okay? Stuff came up."

"Make it up to me," Clark answered. It almost sounded like an order, which was soooo unlike Clark it even madeLois waiver.

Chloe blinked, pulled the phone from her ear, and just looked at it, almost as if wondering if maybe the phone was to blame for the weird conversation. She slowly (warily) brought it back to her ear and breathed out: "You're being oddly unreasonable. I never stand you up, you on the other hand have left me hanging more than once with no explanation - sometimes you don't even say goodbye. So don't be a hypocrite the one time I don't meet your schedule."

There was a pause.

Lois leaned in closer.

Clark let out a grumble. "Things are different now."

Chloe's eyebrow raised. "How so?"

"They just are," Clark informed her. "I'm done talking to you on the phone." He then promptly hung up.

Chloe looked at it in utter shock. "What the hell—?"

There was a loud knock on the door.

Wesley, who'd been in the kitchen during this time, called out: "I'll get it!" They could hear him going to the door, and then it opened, and then: "Oh, Clark, hello!" A breath. "Shouldn't you be in school?"

Chloe turned to look at Lois, eyes wide in shock as she mouthed: What the hell is going on?

Lois shrugged, because while she didn't know Clark as well as Chloe did, this was seriously out of character behavior for him.

And then Clark Kent actually walked into the living room, and he looked… different. Lois couldn't figure out what it was, but he looked… not like Clark. Well, he did look like Clark - but like a Clark from an alternate reality in which Smallville was Edge City. He had on a leather jacket for crying out loud! And he was smirking! She hadn't realized Clark Kent could smirk!

"Nice pjs," Clark snickered as he eyed Chloe in her faded star-covered pajamas.

The blonde didn't even notice the dig, her mouth wide open as she stared at him. "Are you on drugs?"

He raised an eyebrow. "That wasn't very nice."

Chloe's mouth opened and closed, opened and closed, and then she shot up to her feet and grabbed Clark's hand. "Lois? Clark and I going to go talk in my room for a while." And then she was dragging Clark up the stairs with her…

…A smirking Clark who reached out and rubbed the hem of her pajama shirt between his thumb and forefinger.

Lois watched them go until they disappeared from sight. She then turned to Wesley, who was staring up at the staircase as well.

He then frowned and turned towards Lois. "Is it me, or is there something different about that boy today?" He cleared his throat. "Maybe we should tell her to keep the bedroom door open." He glanced back up the stairways. "Just because her lure mostly works on women does not mean that—."

Lois quickly interrupted. "She said her lure didn't work on Clark, remember?"

"Maybe he just needed more exposure to it." Wesley frowned. "Either way… he's a teenaged boy with teenaged hormones."

She bit her bottom lip to keep from smiling at him. "Are you trying to defend her honor?"

"Heavens no, she would lecture me endlessly on feminism and how women can take care of themselves - which I know very well. The greatest warrior in the fight for the Light is a woman, the Slayer." He sighed. "That does not mean that I do not worry, though. She is very independent, and while that can be seen as a good thing she runs the risk of being too self-reliant and closing herself off from others if you allow it." He looked uncomfortable. "Gabriel is a good man, but he doesn't know the half of what is truly going on in her life… so it is up to us to keep an eye on her, Alpha or not."

Lois felt herself falling in love with her mate. She smiled and patted the couch next to her.

Wesley cleared his throat and gingerly took the seat. "Lois." He took in a deep breath. "I hope you don't think me too forward, and please do not believe that I am forcing the issue, but, uh…" he cleared his throat once more. "I do not dislike the idea of being your mate." He pulled off his glasses and began to clean the lens nervously. "Please do not think that I will expect anything of you, mate or not there is free will, and if you do not wish to further this from the platonic stage we are in I completely understand." He put his glasses back on. "But I wish for you to know that I am n-not averse to the thought of this becoming r-romantic in nature. In fact—."

He'd probably had a very lovely speech planned, but Lois could hear the rest later. In seconds she'd straddled a squeaking Wesley's hips and was kissing him. She could feel his arms flailing for a couple of seconds before easing their way to her waist, holding her steady as he reciprocated the kiss. He definitely wasn't a Casanova, but his timid kiss did something for her that none of her many other conquests had.

Her inner wolf howled happily, and before she could stop herself, before she even knew what she was doing, Lois had torn her lips from Wesley's, head tilted back, lips parted, and howled. The sound shocked her into freezing as she stared at him in embarrassment.

Her enhanced hearing caught Clark's confused: "What was that?" As well as Chloe's shaky: "Don't mind them, they're kinky."

Lois laughed at that and shook her head as her hazel gaze met Wesley's own wide one. "Non-platonic would work for me too."

Wesley just stared up at her before he smiled. He looked utterly embarrassed yet pleased at the same time. "I've never had someone howl for me before."

"I've never howled for someone before," she assured him softly.

He took in a deep breath and reached up, cupping the side of her face before easing her back towards him. This time he kissed her, and Lois felt a purr rumble in her throat as she melted against him, kissing him was a lot that they didn't understand… it'd be touch and go for a while considering this was the first werewolf/human relationship for either of them -and the whole mates things still left them with lots of questions- but as Lois kissed Wesley and felt the utter contentment of the beast within, somehow she knew everything would be alright.

6th-Apr-2016 04:25 pm (UTC) - perfect kinky pair
Ha! She scent marked him. At least, she didn't hump him. I was actually concerned for a minute that she was going to bite him or run off looking for Chloe.

The howl at the end was so nice. I love this ending.
6th-Apr-2016 05:13 pm (UTC) - Re: perfect kinky pair
She probably would've humped him if Chloe hadn't arrived. lol

I wanted to find a way to show her and her wolf were in agreement, and figured that was the best way to do it - so I'm glad you approved! Thanks for R&Ring :)
7th-Apr-2016 05:24 pm (UTC)
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