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What We Gonna Do About Us 1/2 
24th-Apr-2016 10:23 pm
Title: What We Gonna Do About Us
Sequel to: Of The Night
Universe: Mates Series
Pairing: Chloe/Dean, Lucy/Sal Lassiter
Rating: T/Mish
Summary: Sequel to Of The Night. Chloe and Lois go to Chicago to undergo the Ceremony in secret while Dean goes to tend to his injured brother. There the girls meet Sal Lassiter and Julian Duvall, and undergo the Ceremony, but knowing what they inspire might just add more questions. M for Chlean naughty telephone conversations.

Even though Moira had told them that Lucy's mate was the head of some hot shot shapeshifter family in Chicago, Chloe hadn't been ready to deal with just how loaded Sal Lassiter was. He lived in a mansion which put celebrity cribs to shame, and had guards and such. It honestly felt like he was the head of some sort of mafia crime family.

Sure, the guy himself seemed nice enough (he'd been there with Lucy to pick Lois and Chloe from the airport) but he was a shapeshifter, and that made Chloe be more than wary of him. Of course, considering she was a muse that was her being a hypocrite, but she'd been a hunter for a year by now, and those instincts were ingrained in her.

"So…" Lois threw herself on Chloe's bed and glanced around the incredibly grandiose room. "I expect a helluva Christmas gift from them this year."

Ignoring her cousin, Chloe went to the window and fingered the curtains, peering out onto the luxurious back yard which had two guys patrolling the borders. "I don't like it here."

"Really?" Lois turned to face her. "Is it the bitching décor or the hot guys?"

Chloe frowned at the patrol. "It feels like a prison."

"The guards are there for protection," Lois assured her. "Apparently, according to Lucy, there are five other supernatural "families" battling over dominance of Chicago, and in the past attacks have been made."

"I don't feel good about keeping this from Dean," Chloe admitted with a sigh. "But you're right, it was the best timing. He needs to concentrate on his brother, and if he's by Sam's side he isn't here getting on the shapeshifters' bad side."

"Lucy's already gotten things ready for this ritual thingy to help us figure out what we're muses of." Lois pointed out helpfully. "All we have to do is stick around until tomorrow, do the thing, figure out what we are, and boom." She made a face. "I wonder what sort of muse Lucy is."

"I'm the muse of ambition," Lucy responded as she entered the room and closed the door behind her. Her smirk was sharp, as were her eyes. Hair up in a bun, dressed to kill, and with gorgeous pearls, Lucy looked much older than her actual age. "Makes sense, really, given how ambitious I actually am on my own." She picked at something on her jacket. "I'm the perfect mate of the head of a pure, ruling shapeshifter family who is battling for all-out supremacy of Chicago."

"Is dad really okay with this?" Lois wanted to know, obviously still trying to get used to this considering she'd thought her sister was in Europe studying until the phone call they'd had after visiting Moira. "I mean, you're only sixteen. Sal seems nice, but he also seems like he's almost thirty."

"What our father doesn't know won't hurt him. And anyway, if anyone is taking advantage of someone else in this relationship, it definitely is not Sal," Lucy assured Lois almost coldly before she took in a deep breath and smiled once more as she clasped her hands in front of her. "Sal hasn't met anyone from my family before and he's been dying to, so he went a littlecrazy when I informed him about you two coming. He held back at the airport because I threatened him should he embarrass us all, but I think he's taking his revenge with this party." She looked simultaneously tired with yet fond of Sal. "It's his chance to finally introduce our families to each other, and I know he's going to make a huge fuss about it despite me telling him that given the fact that you'll be doing the Ceremony tomorrow you've got to be well rested."

"Why do I feel like there's more to it than that?" Lois wanted to know curiously.

Lucy sighed. "I might have told him that you two are supposed to have mates. Considering they are all supposed to be "princes" of something, he thinks your mates might belong to one of the other houses, and he's set things up so that the heirs of the other houses show up, even if only because they've heard the rumor about muses being at the party. We're rare you know, so the people who normally would never ever attend our events will do so if only to get a whiff of you." She was visibly proud at that. "Sal wants to know from now if any of the other heads or heirs are your mates, because it'll give him an advantage over his competitors if he's related to you two through matehood."

Lois' eyes widened. "So… muse of ambition, huh?"

"Exactly," Lucy agreed. "I haven't told him about Chloe's unfortunate circumstance. I think it's best for everyone that he doesn't know."

"If you refer to Dean as my unfortunate circumstance ever again I'll make sure you find yourself in an unfortunate circumstance." Chloe turned towards her younger cousin, eyes narrowed.

Lucy's eyes widened in shock. "I didn't mean to insult you."

"Well you did," Chloe informed her. "He might be a hunter, and he mightn't have a huge house or fancy cars, but Dean's my mate and I love him. I also won't let anyone else put him down, ever."

Lucy stared at her in silence for a moment before she finally spoke. "You know, when Aunt Moira told me you were mated to the son of John Winchester I felt such pity for you. I mean, what sort of 'prince' is that? But if you're this defensive of him he must treat you good despite knowing that you are a part of the supernatural world." She smiled softly when Chloe nodded that he did. "He can't be so horrible then… even if John Winchester is his father." She took in a deep breath. "I would like to meet him one day to decide that for myself."

Almost immediately Chloe felt her defensive hostility evaporate at the realization that Lucy had been worried about her. "I'd like that."

"He's a total asshole," Lois informed her sister as she sat crossed legged on the bed. "But he's so whipped it's cute."

Lucy smiled a little brighter at that. "A whipped Winchester." She raised an eyebrow. "We're supposed to bring in important men to the family, men who will help advance or protect our family." She eyed Chloe. "Now that I think about it, what would be better than to have someone from our enemies on our side? And someone from such a reputable family? The Monster Killer's firstborn son – the Heir of the family who stalks the night to kill those who go bump in it."

Lois blinked and turned to Chloe curiously. "Think that's what Prince of the Night means?"

The blonde gave a half-hearted shrug. "I have no clue. It's as good as any theory we have."

Lucy eyed the two of them before she stepped forwards. "Now, about your clothes…"

Lucy fit in perfectly at Sal Lassiter's side, and seemed to be at ease in her role as hostess of the large, illustrious event. She also seemed to be able to handle Margo Lassiter (Sal's sister) quite well. Chloe didn't like Margo, and realized as the night progressed that many of the people at the party felt the same way.

Lois tugged on her own gown now and then, but she was surrounded by a whole pack of guys and was visibly enjoying all of their attention. She had them doing all sorts of stuff for her - getting her more drinks - more finger food - a napkin - basically anything. She was flirting up a storm, batting her eyelashes, and basically confirming to Chloe that Lois had to be the muse of lust, or attraction, or something along those lines.

Completely uncomfortable in this surrounding, Chloe escaped to the balcony and closed the door behind her. She reached into her bosom and pulled out her phone, about to call Dean when the phone lit up with his call. A smile touched her lips at just how alike they were as she answered. "How's your brother?"

"Conscious, apparently some drunk driver rammed into his car while he was driving and he was out for a lil." Dean sounded tired. "He's being a bitch, so I'm sure he's fine."

She smiled, just happy to hear his voice. "Tell him hi for me." She paused. "I hope I can meet him one day."

"If I don't kill him you'll definitely meet him," Dean assured her in a dark tone. "I don't remember him being such a damned annoying asshole. I think Stanford made him more of a bitch."

"Dean…" She rolled her eyes.

He sighed. "How's everything with you? You haven't gotten married to someone else, have you?"

It was amazing that that experience could now be looked back in with some amusement now that they'd discovered what had actually happened in Vegas. "Not yet, but give me a couple of days."

He snickered. "Just try it, blondie. See what I do to you."

"Ohhh." She bit on her bottom lip. "You're making me wanna do so just to get you all hot and bothered."

"What are you wearing right now?" He asked in an odd voice.

"I am not having phone sex with you," she laughed.

He grumbled. "How about phone groping?"

"That's not a thing," Chloe informed him with a giggle. "Aren't you in a hospital room with your brother?"

"He's in the bathroom," Dean informed her petulantly.

"If you plan on finishing in the amount of time that it takes him to pee then it is definitely not worth my time," she informed him, unable to keep the teasing tone from her words.

Dean groaned. "I want you here, in this room, right now."

Cheeks flushing, Chloe felt heat race through her body. "Your brother would still be in the bathroom, Dean."

"He's on pain meds, he'd be out like a light," Dean informed her. "We could… uh… make use of the bathroom after he went to sleep. There's a shower in there."

Rubbing her thighs together at the imagery, Chloe closed her eyes tightly. "Stop it!"

"You're thinking about it, aren't you?" He chuckled darkly, voice low. "You're imagining the hot water cascading down our bodies as I pin you to the wall, my fingers laced through yours and keeping them pressed against the cold tile while I fuck into you, hard."

"No I'm not." Jolts of desire raced through her body as her free hand tightened hard against the balcony's railing. "I'm imagining you bending me over something and biting my skin while your fingers tease my clit."

Dean's hissed breath proved he was just as affected as her. "Feel them, baby? Feel them slipping into you to the knuckle?" He groaned. "You're so wet, like you always are for me. It's so easy to twist them, to find that position that allows me to fuck my fingers inside of you while still teasing your cute little clit with my thumb."

Chloe's breathing accelerated, the blonde almost able to actually feel his calloused fingers slipping inside of her. Body hot and the apex of her thighs wet, slippery, she felt miserable. "You're an asshole." She couldn't even look back towards the door leading towards the balcony, sure that if anyone merely saw her face they'd be able to tell exactly what was going on right now. Not only that, but there were supernatural creatures in that ball room, they'd no doubt smell her arousal the second she returned to the party! "A despicable asshole."

He chuckled. "You miss me."

Of course she did. "Especially right now, you asshole!"

"Good." He sounded incredibly pleased with himself before he hissed and could be heard straightening himself as he cleared his throat. "So, Sammy, what were you doing up in there so long? Dropping a log or something?"

Sam Winchester could be heard muttering against Dean in the background.

"Dean?" Chloe cleared her throat.

"Yeah, babe?" He asked.

"Imagine me sliding to my knees in front of you," she whispered in a purred tone, an evil glee racing through her as she got her revenge. "You're so big, so thick, so hard as I touch you."

"Uh… um…" he cleared his throat. "Uh, Chloe—?"

"Can you feel me licking under your shaft while I fondle your balls in my hands?" She asked in a purposely seductive, raspy tone. "Now I'm kissing my way slowly to the tip, you're dripping for me, baby. You're so salty I can't help it, I need to taste you, to slide you into my mouth as far as it will go and worship you with my tongue."

Dean made a desperate, almost scared sound.

"Baby, you're throbbing in my mouth as I hollow my cheeks so you can feel the silken heat even more," she whimpered breathily. "Dean, not so fast, let me relax my throat first… please baby… you're just too big!"

"Sonofabitch," Dean whispered, voice gravely. "I'm going to get you back so much for this!"

Grinning, satisfied that he had an awkward boner while in the room with his brother, and thus was exactly in the same situation she was in, Chloe went innocent immediately. "Nighty night." And with that she hung up and turned off her phone so he couldn't call or text her. "Take that you asshole."

"If that's how you deal with assholes, I'd love to experience how you handle people you actually like," a voice declared languidly behind her.

Chloe's eyes widened in horror as she spun around, coming face to face with a handsome young man around Sal's age. But whereas Sal was blonde with blue eyes, this guy was dark haired and had dark eyes. "I didn't realize there was someone else out here."

"I came to introduce myself, I arrived late." He moved closer, something odd and predatory in his movements as he held his hand out towards her. "I am Julian Duval, you must be Lucy's…?"

"Cousin." She placed her hand in his and gave him an embarrassed smile. "I'm Chloe."

"Chloe the Muse." He brought her hand to his lips and kissed it without ever removing his gaze from her. "What, might I ask, are you the muse of?"

"I'm not sure, actually," she responded truthfully as she eyed the hand he had yet to let go of. "I have to go through a Ceremony tomorrow, and when I do I'll know."

"Ah yes, I might have heard something about that when Lassiter brought your cousin into his home." Julian moved closer. "I always thought him something of a pedophile given her age, don't you agree?"

"I'm only a year older than she is." Chloe removed her hand from Julian's immediately. "And my boyfriend is twenty three years old."

"So did your boyfriend also take you when you were fifteen?" Julian asked as if that was a casual question to ask. "Is that a muse thing?"

Fifteen? Had Lucy been that young when she'd gotten with Sal? Really? That… that really seemed young! Chloe had been seventeen when she and Dean had first - and she had a feeling he would've waited until she was eighteen if it hadn't been for the Mating Call they'd both been under. After that the damage had already been done and waiting for another year had seemed silly.

"I suppose it is different if it is a mate." Julian gave a half-shrug as he moved closer to the point that Chloe was forced to lean back hard against the railing. "I hear you and your cousin are Matched as well, that oracles say you are both destined for powerful men." He smiled, his eyes twinkling with interest. "I'm curious, how do you find out who you are mated to?"

Chloe had no idea how it was supposed to normally happen, it'd happened unorthodoxly between her and Dean given the extenuating circumstances. "Have you ever been to a place where there's been a Mating Call?"

Intrigue lit his eyes. "I did not even realize those sorts of places existed."

"They do," she informed him. "And let me use them as an example." She didn't have to say it was her example. "If you're in the Mating Call you know the person you are with is your mate because unlike the others you aren't changing partners after each copulation. You're fixed to that one person, and they are to you, and you don't feel deprived or like you're missing out on something or someone else because everything else doesn't exist." He'd been trying to make her uncomfortable, it'd been obvious, but it took more than what he was offering to make her uncomfortable. "No matter what pretty face or nice body comes in front of you, you just think about your mate's pretty face and nice body, and you really want him to be with you instead of the person you're stuck with at the moment." Was he getting the picture or would she have to be more obvious?

"What's your boyfriend?" He eyed her body visibly. "Do you have a thing for shifters, like your cousin? Or is he something else, like a djinn?"

"He's human." Chloe raised an eyebrow. "Not that it's any of your business."

Julian smiled toothily at her. "So, human. Means he's not the mate."

"He is my mate," she contradicted despite Lucy having insinuated her desire for Chloe not to actually reveal this to anyone. "I love him."

Julian's smile fell. "So I'm assuming he's rich and powerful." He must've read something on Chloe's expression, because his smirk returned. "You're lying to me. A human who doesn't have wealth or power could not be your mate. "Prince of the Night", wasn't it?"

Her eyes widened and for the first time she was truly shaken. "How do you know that?"

"Muses are rare, when you find out that there are Matched ones who are still unclaimed… muses who will never leave their partner's side and inspire them to be greater than they already are… well… the community gets nosy."

"Look, that doesn't matter." She pushed him back and away from her, eyes narrowed. "Human or not, he's my mate. So if you're looking for someone to 'inspire you to be greater than you already are' you're barking up the wrong tree." When he didn't move, she narrowed her eyes. "You're wasting your time out here on this balcony so I recommend you go back inside."

"What do you know about the Duvall werewolves?" Julian wanted to know, completely ignoring what she'd just said.

"That they're hardheaded and deaf?" She huffed.

He grinned. "We also like our bitches fiery."

"I know bitches is another term for female dogs, so that may seem totally acceptable to you and your kind…" She stepped forwards and grabbed the front of his expensive looking shirt before yanking him closer, eyes narrowed. "But the next time you refer to me as a bitch, I'll neuter you."

He grinned at her, showing teeth.

She snarled at him, showing teeth.

Suddenly the balcony door opened and Sal Lassiter stood there, an unpleased expression on his face. "Julian Duvall."

Julian's expression darkened as he turned to face Sal. "Sal Lassiter."

Chloe glanced between the two of them, able to feel the hostility cracking in the air.

Sal looked like he wanted to say something to Julian, but instead his blue eyes turned to Chloe. "Lucy is looking for you."

Relieved, she went to leave the balcony when Julian reached out and gripped her arm, tightly, keeping her from moving.

"We're talking here, Lassiter," Julian hissed.

I will not knee him in his balls. I can't embarrass Lucy amongst her mate's friends and peers. Instead, Chloe yanked her arm, but Julian's grip was tighter, painful, it would leave a bruise. "I swear to god, Duvall, if you leave a bruise on me my boyfriend will kill you."

Julian ignored her, eyes on Sal's, defiant, provoking. There was a hint of yellow in his eyes, as if he was readying to shift for a fight.

Sal moved closer to them so he was standing a breath away from Julian, his voice. "Your house might allow you to get away with manhandling females, but we protect women in the shapeshifter family, and as Lucy's cousin Chloe is my cousin. She is a part of the Lassiter shapeshifter family." His hand reached out and gripped Julian's, tightly, at the wrist. "So let go."

Julian's eyes flashed yellow.

Sal grinned. "I have more friends than you do inside. You really wanna fight me here?"

Julian seemed to think it over and finally let go of Chloe, shaking Sal off as he stormed off back into the room.

Sal watched him go and groaned as he wiped his hand on his pants, acting as if he'd touched something extremely disgusting, and not just Julian's wrist. "Please tell me your aroused scent has nothing to do with that asshole!" He turned to Chloe, almost begging. "Please!"

She was embarrassed but smiled nonetheless as she waved her phone. "He caught me having a naughty conversation with my boyfriend."

Relief flood Sal's face. "Ohthankfuck!" He ran a hand over his blonde hair. "Just the thought of someone related to Lucy having the misfortune of being mated to Julian Duvall…" He shivered. "Damned dogs, the lot of them. The chance of them being tied to my family is terrifying!"

There was obviously serious bad blood between the two supernatural families.

Taking in a deep breath, Sal offered Chloe his arm. "Julian has a severe aversion to me. Keep close and he won't bother you for the rest of the night."

Chloe peered up at Lucy's shapeshifter and decided she really liked him. A smile curled her lips as she looped her arm around his. "Want me to tell you embarrassing stories about Lucy when she was a kid?"

Sal's face lit up like a kid at christmastime. "Would I ever!"

Grin completely genuine, Chloe let Sal lead her back into the room and stayed by his side the rest of the night, telling him one embarrassing story after the other about her cousin, all of which he seemed fascinated by. True to Sal's word, Julian didn't bother her for the rest of the night. All in all, after that, Chloe found herself enjoying herself a lot.

"How is he out of the hospital already?" Chloe wanted to know in shock the next morning as she prepared for the Ceremony. "He should still be on bedrest!"

"I don't know, even the doctors are surprised at how quickly he's recovered," Dean muttered. "If only his attitude recovered just as quickly."

"You two are still arguing?" She looked over towards her phone, which was on speakerphone as she slipped on her clothes.

"Yeah…" He sounded odd. "So, uh, Chloe… How's things over there?"

She froze, eyes wide. "Normal."

"They are?" He wanted to know. "You sure?"

Why the hell was he asking? What could she have possibly done to make him suspect that something was going on? Do I tell him the truth or not, though? In the end the guilt won, and she blurted the following before she could even stop herself. "So… I might be in Chicago."

"Goddamnit," Dean hissed, yet didn't seem too surprised, which was the most shocking of all. "Tell me you're not surrounded by shapeshifters."

She flinched. "Does it help that they're nice?"

The silence was all the answer she needed.

Chloe took in a deep breath. "I'm doing the Ceremony, Dean, and it's safer if you're not here. Sal might be a nice guy, but he's a shifter, and none of them would trust you. Someone might try hurt you."

"You don't protect me," Dean told her. "That's not how this works. It's my job to protect you."

"You're my mate too!" She snapped at him. "I have every right to protect you!"

He growled at her. "Not by doing something stupid like this!"

She took in a deep breath. "Look, Dean, I'm going to be late for the Ceremony. I'll call you after its done and I know more." With that she hung up and threw her phone on the bed before she turned away and stormed out of the room.

25th-Apr-2016 05:22 pm (UTC)
He sighed. "How's everything with you? You haven't gotten married to someone else, have you?"

"Sonofabitch," Dean whispered, voice gravely. "I'm going to get you back so much for this!"
Poor Dean! Chloe's so mean lol

. "No matter what pretty face or nice body comes in front of you, you just think about your mate's pretty face and nice body, and you really want him to be with you instead of the person you're stuck with at the moment." 
I wanted to see the look on his face. That jerk!

"Want me to tell you embarrassing stories about Lucy when she was a kid
Yesss, pleasee
28th-Apr-2016 02:58 pm (UTC) - Chlean and Sal!
Even though there wasn't a lot of Chlean going on I was happy. I got badass Chloe taking that Julian jerk down a peg. You gave us Sal, a funny relaxed dude that lightened up stick up her bum Lucy. And the Chlean you gave us was deliciously naughty. Yay!

Sal Lassiter wasn't a Supernatural character that I remembered, and I was too excited for the update to stop and look him up. So, I went into it with my own idea in my head. I love this guy. I later googled the show version. Yours is so much better than the guy that blocked love in the show, even if he did feel remorse later. I just hope he doesn't die too!

For Lucy to be muse of ambition and Sal's mate makes crazy sense. He's a nice guy, but he is fighting a territorial war. My only question is, wtf muse family, Lucy has been with this dude since she was 15!? What on earth is the muse family gearing up for and how are these mates being chosen?

Celebrity Cribs! How I loved that show. I don't know how many times I re-watched Michael Rosenbaum's episode. That simple pop reference set up the chapter nicely; we were heading into a behind the scenes look of an opulent secret class.

On to the ceremony! I wonder if Chloe inspires heroism or for people to reach beyond what they think they can, what with her being Watchtower and all.
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