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What We Gonna Do About Us 2/2 
24th-Apr-2016 10:25 pm
Title: What We Gonna Do About Us
Sequel to: Of The Night
Universe: Mates Series
Pairing: Chloe/Dean, Lucy/Sal Lassiter
Rating: T/Mish
Summary: Sequel to Of The Night. Chloe and Lois go to Chicago to undergo the Ceremony in secret while Dean goes to tend to his injured brother. There the girls meet Sal Lassiter and Julian Duvall, and undergo the Ceremony, but knowing what they inspire might just add more questions. M for Chlean naughty telephone conversations

Lois emerged from the room, shaken, pale, eyes wide.

Chloe found herself rooted to the spot, terrified, wondering exactly what the brunette had gone through in the room to leave her so visibly shaken.

Lucy stepped forwards, a question in her eyes.

Lois took in a deep breath. "Charisma," she replied.

Chloe wondered exactly how that helped.

Lucy seemed to understand that though. "So you'll help inspire and imbue your mate with charisma - with the ability to be compelling and attractive, to be someone who can inspire devotion in others." She smirked. "That's a very good one!"

Lois didn't look too sure.

Lucy turned to Chloe and motioned to the room. "Your time."

Chloe tried to capture Lois' gaze, but her cousin wouldn't meet her eye. That only served to make the blonde more unsure as she stepped forwards and into the room, jumping when the door was slammed shut behind her. In front of her she could see a sigil on the floor, and she hesitated a second before she stepped into it and took in a deep breath… only for nothing to happen. Chloe glanced around her, confused. Wasn't something supposed to happen now?

She stood over the sigil for what felt like forever, and when her feet grew too tired she sat down. The rest of the room was dark, there was a light that lit the sigil, and left the rest of the room nearly invisible to the eye, yet still Chloe glanced around, getting very bored. Finally, once she couldn't take it any longer, Chloe pushed to her feet and emerged from the sigil. She went to the door and opened it, peering outside at the others, who straightened eagerly. "Nothing happened."

Lucy blinked. "What? That's impossible."

Lois hugged herself, looking hella disturbed. "Nothing at all?"

Closing the door behind her, Chloe nodded. "I stayed there as long as I could, but I got bored."

Sal snickered in his hand.

She sent him an amused smile.

Lucy didn't look amused at all. "Something should've happened to you, Chloe. Anything. But nothing? That's not right." She opened her mouth, but suddenly a cry of pain escaped her as she looked down at her midsection, from which the blade of a machete stuck out of. Lucy's eyes rolled in the back of her head as she collapsed to reveal a blade's hilt sticking out of her.

Lois tried to scream but her throat was sliced open, her blood spraying out on Sal, who didn't seem to notice as he hurried towards Lucy. He never actually made it to his mate, another blade buried itself at the base of his spine and sliced up, opening his back completely. The shapeshifter collapsed on the ground, he tried to claw his way to Lucy, but was dead long before he could reach her.

Chloe stared around her in horror, the blood of her family coating her.

"Time to go home, babe," a chillingly familiar voice declared behind her.

Chloe turned on her heel, eyes wide in horror to find Dean cleaning his blade of the blood which dripped. "Dean?" She looked back at the others, and then turned towards him once more. "What have you done?"

"What do you mean?" He asked in confusion, not seeming to notice the fact that he was covered in blood, that he was dripping it all over the floor.

"How can you ask me what I mean?" Chloe screamed at him and turned to point at her family, except they weren't there anymore. No. They were in the ballroom now, and everyone at the party was dead. Their throats were ripped out, their entrails on the floor. The blood gushed out like a river that reached her ankles. "You killed them."

"Of course I did." Dean reached her side and curled his arm around her waist, pulling the numb girl towards him, leaning his head down against her. "I couldn't, wouldn't, let you die."

She glanced up at him in confusion. "What are you talking about?"

Images raced in front of her, way too quick for her to focus on any one of them. But there were many faces, and there was blood. People screamed. Teeth descended hungrily. She saw herself, bloodied, broken. So was Dean.

Chloe stared up at Dean's face. This wasn't real. That was more than obvious. This was the actual Ceremony. This was what she was supposed to be seeing, this was what was supposed to help her figure out what she inspired… but all she could see was death, and that terrified her. "What am I the muse of?" Her voice broke with emotion.

Dean didn't seem to notice, his face a smile. "Can't you see?" He motioned to the death all around him. "Isn't it obvious?"

"Death?" Chloe wanted to know. "Murder?"

He looked like he pitied her in that minute as he shook his head and leaned in to whisper her ear: "Why do you think you attract men - monsters - willing to do whatever needs to be done to get their way? The Chupacabra Elder willing to break sacred clan rules for their own gain? The werewolf happy to kill anyone who dares stand in his rise to power or sexual pleasure?" Dean smiled. "The human who enjoys the hunt a little more than can be considered healthy?" He chuckled. "You attract them because they sense what is deep inside of them… in you. You bring it out in them."

Chloe gulped and looked up at him. "What do I inspire?"

Dean pressed a kiss to her forehead. "Deviance."

Sitting in the lavish living room, Chloe glanced around at those seated in silence, contemplating everything that had happened that day. Lois still looked somewhat traumatized as she curled up one of the seats, feet under her, holding on tightly to a mug filled with hot chocolate. Lucy glanced between Lois and Chloe constantly, a million thoughts clearly in her mind. Sal, bless his heart, had just returned from getting the hot chocolate for Lois and Chloe.

Taking a sip of the warm drink, Chloe sent Sal another thankful smile.

He returned it with a comforting one.

"So does this mean I am going to attractive charming slimeballs and Chloe sexual deviants?" Lois finally spoke up, paler than Chloe had ever seen her.

"Of course not, plus deviance doesn't necessarily apply to just the sexual." Lucy shook her head. "Lois, you don't seem to get how incredible this is. None of us have cutesy, totally useless inspirations like creativity or happiness or some crap like that." She made a face in disgust. "You will inspire leadership, inspire people to follow you, to be interest and attracted, and that will always be useful." She turned to Chloe. "And you. Deviance! That's amazing!"

"How so?" Because as hard as Chloe had tried to find a silver lining to that, she hadn't been able to.

"With deviance not only will you never be bored, but think of all it entails! The person will be willing and able to do whatever it takes to get what they want! And? They'll never be predictable! That's a huge advantage! That's drive, cunning, and advantage!" She raised an eyebrow, a little less enthusiastic. "It makes sense why Julian was attracted to you and not toLois."

Sal made a face of unhappiness, but nodded his agreement. "We're still a hundred per cent sure that he isn't Chloe's mate, right?"

"We are," Lois assured him. She'd met Julian the night before as well and while she hadn't known about what had gone down between him and Chloe at the time she'd still managed to dislike him immensely.


"Sir?" A butler cleared his throat as he interrupted the conversation, looking nervous. "There is a… someone… outside who a…" He cleared his throat. "He claims to be John Winchester's son, sir."

Chloe's eyes widened in horror. How in the world had Dean tracked her down? All he knew was that she was in Chicago! How—?

Lois slapped a hand to her own face.

Sal frowned and stood immediately, voice a growl. "What is a hunter doing at my doorstep?"

"He, uh, demanded we give back his mate, sir," the butler squeaked.

Sal's frown deepened in confusion and then his eyes widened and he turned to look at Chloe. "Your boyfriend is one of John Winchester's sons?"

She nodded. "His, uh, eldest."

"How could you tell him where you were?" Lucy snapped.

"I didn't!" Chloe snapped right back. "I just told him I was in Chicago! That's all!"

Sal stood observing her, eyebrow raised. "Does he know you are a muse?" When she nodded, he glanced towards the butler. "He's claiming his mate?" When the butler nodded, Sal returned his attention to Chloe. "Are you mated to him?"

Taking in a deep breath, Chloe nodded. "Yes."

"The Prince of the Night is a hunter." Sal eyed Lucy thoughtfully. "Did you know this?"

"Yes." She frowned. "I told them not to bring him, though, Sal, I promise. I would never put your family in danger like this."

He nodded, as if not having ever contemplated that. He then sat down once more and motioned to the butler. "Bring him in."

"Sal!" Lucy screeched, but when he motioned her to sit down she did as told.

The butler disappeared, clearly shaken but obedient.

"How did he find us?" Lois wanted to know as she turned towards Chloe.

"I know no clue!" She hissed to her cousin and was on her feet by the time the butler returned with Dean Winchester. Chloe's eyes widened to see him there. Sure, she'd known he was there, but seeing him… how had he known she was here? Nerves battled inside of her because while this was Dean, she'd just seen him murder everyone in this room not ten minutes ago. "Dean."

His eyes found her immediately. "You okay?" When she nodded he glanced around the room before his eyes settled on Sal. "You must be the main guy here."

Sal nodded and stood in a fluid motion. "I am Sal Lassiter. Chloe's cousin Lucy is my mate. I hear you are Chloe's." He surprised everyone by holding his hand out towards Dean. "It is a pleasure to meet you."

Dean eyed that hand and then surprised everyone by shaking it. "Nice digs."

"Thank you." Sal smiled. "I do like it myself." He motioned to the loveseat Chloe had been seated on. "Come, sit. Chloe and Lois have just finished the Ceremony to discover what they inspire. I am sure you are more curious to find out more."

"That would be an understatement." Dean glanced around the room as he made his way to Chloe and the two of them sat down on the love seat. He ignored everyone for a second, his hazel eyes roaming her face and body, his gaze once more asking her if she was okay. He noted the hot chocolate in her hands and his frown darkened.

"I'm just a little shaken up," Chloe promised him. "Lois and I both were."

Dean glanced around Chloe to Lois questioningly.

The brunette raised her cup and smiled shakily. "It was really weird."

He took that for the 'I'm okay' that it was, and settled back in the seat, most probably to realize that Sal Lassiter was watching him in fascination. "What?"

"I apologize, it is just that I never thought I would meet one of John Winchester's spawn," Sal admitted with a little chuckle. "Especially in such an amicable setting." He smirked in utter amusement. "To be honest, your father is the monster our parents tell us when we're kids to get us to behave."

Dean looked like he had no idea how to take that.

"You're taking this, him, very well," Lucy whispered to Sal, looking somewhat nervous and very intrigued.

"He's a Deviant," Sal explained to Lucy. "It's why he was allowed through the front door. Any other hunter I would've had killed."

"Who are you calling a deviant?" Dean snarled but stopped when Chloe placed a hand on his arm. "What is it?"

"It's me." Chloe stared up at him. "That's what I inspire: Deviance."

Dean blinked. "Deviance." When she nodded his lips twitched. "Really?"

"It's not funny!" She gasped as she slapped his arm only to find him outright grinning. "It isn't!"

Dean tried his best to stop his grin but he couldn't really hide how amusing he found that news. In apology he reached out and trailed the back of his fingers down her cheek. "Of course it isn't, princess."

Sal stared between them in open fascination before he cleared his throat. "Do you know much about being the mate of a muse?"

Dean turned to face him, smile dropping somewhat. "No. But I've never been one for manuals."

"I wouldn't think so," Sal agreed. "But there are things I am sure you will find important to know, such as the fact that a mate can be stolen."

"We have matching sigils on our hearts," Dean assured him. "She can't be stolen." He raised his chin. "And even if there was a way for that to happen I pity the asshole who thinks they can take her from me."

Sal grinned outright, large and happy. "That's how I feel about Lucy. I haven't actually met someone else who was mated, its relieving to know it's not just me." He cleared his throat, "I know you are a hunter, and I am a shapeshifter, but like it or not despite being enemies we also find ourselves curiously family as well." He placed his hand on Lucy's and held it. "We have knowledge which can help not only Chloe and Lois as they open up more and more, but you as a mate."

"And why would you divulge this information?" Dean wanted to know suspiciously. "What's the catch?"

"The catch, as you put it, is that I'm mated to the muse of ambition," Sal responded truthfully. "And as such I am a very ambitious man." He smiled. "And the thought of a truce, an alliance, between us, is nothing but beneficial to the both of us. We will supply you with information that you will need, and any help you might need, and in return I'd like it known in the hunter community that my clan are not to be hunted. We do not hunt people or harm them."

"If that is true you don't have a reason to worry," Dean interrupted.

"That's not true," Lucy replied gravely. "There are many hunters out there who do not care about those things. As long as we're supernatural there's open season on us."

Dean frowned. "If you're really on the up-and-up I know someone who could put a word out there that the Lassiter family aren't fair game. That I vouch for them. It wouldn't leave youimmune but there isn't a hunter I know who would thoughtlessly cross a Winchester."

Sal held out his hand. "Let us shake on it, Dean Winchester."

Taking in a deep breath, Dean reluctantly did.

"He talked big, but he wouldn't even spend a night under our roof," Lucy huffed later that night as she got ready for bed.

"I respect him more for it," Sal informed her as he waited for her in bed. "He's no fool. He will research to make sure that I was telling him the truth when I said we do not harm humans. Only once he's sure that I was will he contact us."

Lucy turned on her seat to eye him. "I'm sorry for not telling you. I—I was ashamed to be honest. He's a hunter."

"I realized your reasons the second I found out about him," Sal snickered. "You've always been so shallow."

She gasped in mock-horror. "How dare you?"

He chuckled as he rested his hands behind his head. "To be honest anyone but Julian is okay with me."

Lucy made a face, her previous amusement completely gone. "Yes. I'm glad Lois and Chloe are leaving. He was far too interested in my cousin for my liking." She finished applying lotion and threw herself onto the bed with him. "I still fail to see Dean Winchester as a Prince of the Night though."

"Really?" Sal reached over and turned off the lights. "Next time he's here just look him in his eyes. If the eyes are truly windows to someone's soul, then his soul is as black as the night."

"So," Dean sat on the chair in the darkest corner of their motel room, his hazel eyes dark and narrowed on her. "Is there anything you'd like to say?"

"Yes." Chloe sat up on her knees on the bed. "How the hell did you know where to find me?"

He raised an eyebrow. "Really? That's what you're going with?"

"Yup." She nodded. "Let's start there."

Shaking his head, Dean glanced up at the ceiling and took in a deep breath before his hazel gaze returned to her face. "I tracked your phone. It's how I knew you were in Chicago before you told me."

Her lips parted. "You tracked my phone? Not cool, Dean!"

"Oh, so is it cool to lie to me?" He wanted to know, voice simmering with unhappiness.

"No." She flinched because, well, the both of them might've done some 'not cool' things to each other during their separation. "Why would you even think to track me, anyway?"

"I don't know," Dean admitted with a frown. "After our conversation I got this weird feeling and borrowed Sam's laptop. That was when I saw your location and realized exactly what you were doing. Let me tell you, I was not a happy camper. Especially when I realized that I was going to have to take a plane to make it here on time."

"I'm sorry I lied to you," she whispered, gaze lowered. Just the fact that Dean would take a plane proved to her just how worried he'd been. He hated flying, he had a phobia of it, and it touched her that he'd faced that fear for her.

"Don't do that again," he whispered back. "We've got to trust each other, no matter what."

She nodded and waited, and when no apology came Chloe glanced up at him. "Aren't you going to apologize for tracking my phone?"

Dean snorted in dark amusement. "Hell no."


Standing from the chair, Dean stalked towards her and threw himself on the motel bed. "Not. Apologizing." He lay on his side and stared at her, reaching out to run his hands through her hair. "After what happened in Vegas… I will not apologize for doing what I must to make sure something like that never happens again." He then grinned. "Plus, apparently you've made me a deviant, so…"

"I didn't make you a deviant," she replied primly despite the amusement twitching at the corner of her lips. "If anything, you're a huge deviant naturally and that is why you're my mate."

"Is that so?" Dean asked with a smile.

"Very so," she informed him and then shrieked with laughter as he pinned her underneath him on the motel bed.

"How deviant are we talking?" He whispered against her lips as he rubbed his lower body against herself sensually.

"Very," she whimpered, curling her arms around his neck and drawing her mate in closer. They were definitely going to have another talk about what exactly this all meant, and Chloewould retaliate by installing spyware in Dean's phone, but for now they enjoyed each other's company.

They'd worry about everything else later.

25th-Apr-2016 07:36 pm (UTC)
awesome, like always...... dean and chloe are just the best couple out there :)
29th-Apr-2016 01:36 pm (UTC)
Thanks, I agree! They are great together. Allison Mack should guest appear on SPN. lol
26th-Apr-2016 04:05 am (UTC)
Lois took in a deep breath. "Charisma," she replied
Hahaha! Why didn't Lois like it?

Deviance. I think I like it, it makes sense. Chloe's going to get in so much troble because of it, isn't she?

"It makes sense why Julian was attracted to you and not toLois."
Wow! She's sincere, straight to the point.

This was great!!! Can't wait for more
29th-Apr-2016 01:37 pm (UTC)
You know Chloe, she gets in trouble no matter what!

Hope all is great with you hon :)
30th-Apr-2016 02:20 pm (UTC)
Hahaha you're right, she does.

I'm great. What about you?
26th-Apr-2016 05:37 am (UTC)

Yay!!! New fic!!! I love new fic especially from you!!!

Love the naughty phone call between Chloe and Dean. Got a giggle of them trying to up each other in leaving the other all hot and bothered.

Lois the muse of charisma and Chloe the muse of deviance, very intresting!!!!

27th-Apr-2016 04:51 am (UTC)
Glorius story telling I'm very curious to see where our trio of trouble is headed next.
27th-Apr-2016 04:55 am (UTC)
Ahh fantastic as always im super pumped to see how Chloe and Lois are going to react to knowing what they inspire, like will having knowledge of it let them inspire people easier. Also who could even try to match Lois in the charm department.

Edited at 2016-04-27 04:56 am (UTC)
28th-Apr-2016 03:07 pm (UTC) - The tension builds
Are we ever going to find out what happened in Lois's ceremony? Did she see her mate? Is it Lex? or someone from Supernatural?

If not for the deviant Chlean scene I would have been pulling my hair out trying to figure out what happened to Lois. As it is, I'm just floating on the utter boingness of Chlean. Make up sex is awesome or is it still angry sex at this point? Eh, doesn't matter that much. They're together and without angst for once.

Deviance?! I was so off the mark. Well, maybe not completely, with the reaching for goals, but deviance sounds so dark. Is this series gonna go dark. Is that why you introduced such a relaxed Sal, to balance out the darkness coming our way?

I'm just gonna put that out of mind and focus back on Chlean. I love how you write steamy scenes. It's never stilted or cheap.
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