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Connor 12/? 
26th-Jan-2009 10:03 pm

Title: Connor - Part One
Series: 3rd in Chlonnor series
Pairing: chlonnor, mentioned chlangelus, some fred/gunn, implied chlark
Fandoms: Smallville/Angel
Rating: T-M
Disclaimer: Don't own Smallville nor Angel.
Summary:When Connor returns, now grown up, things become even more chaotic in Chloe's life. As if Wolfram and Hart weren't bad enough. NOW she has to deal with an attraction for her sire's son?

It was the scent that attracted Chloe towards the fight that she hadn’t even heard.

The blonde paused, confused, not exactly sure why she’d been attracted to the scent of the brunette, but the moment it’d been brought to her nose thanks to the wind, Chloe had felt fixated with it. She knew that she was some sort of freak with heightened senses, and wondered if this was a usual occurrence, but really didn’t have much time to think about it since the drunk brunette was surrounded by the three vampires that’d cornered her against the wall of the dark alley.

The brunette had fought them admirably well for how drunk she was, landing a good amount of blows to them, but she obviously hadn’t realized at the time that she was dealing with vampires, because the moment the three of their faces shifted to their demonic forms the woman had screamed, sober enough to realize that she was in a shitload of trouble.

Chloe’s hands went to her belt and let out a sigh of relief when she found that even without her memory she was acting on instincts and had grabbed her sais before leaving the warehouse.

“I’m cranky and in a bad mood right now.” She spoke, surprising the four she’d been watching with her sudden appearance. “I really don’t want to have another fight tonight, so why don’t you guys just leave and I’ll forgive you for tonight?”

Her gaze was on the vampires who’d turned their backs on their victim and were eyeing her with unease because of how she’d managed to creep up on them.

She didn’t notice the brunette’s eyes widen in horror when they rested on her.

“What the hell are you lady?” The bleached-blonde vamp wanted to know, frowning. “You smell unappetizing.”

She smirked at that. “Just get the hell out.”

“Hey, she’s the one who offed Benny’s men! Her and the Destroyer!” The redhead with all the piercings announced, voice high, recognizing her immediately.

The one with the purple hair took a step back. “I aint messing with you lady!” And with that the vampire took off, the one with the piercings hurrying after him.

That left Chloe and the bleached-blonde.

“Look.” The hybrid growled, frustrated and tired. “I don’t have time for this---.” She sidestepped the attack when the vampire jumped at her, and in the blink of an eye she’d pulled out a sais and sliced off his head---his whole body exploding into dust seconds later. “Great.” She shook her head in disgust, dusting herself off. “I just bathed too.”


Looking up at the teary voice, Chloe blinked in surprise to see the brunette crying as she sat on the ground, looking up at her brokenheartedly.

Chloe? Is that---is that you?”

The blonde blinked. Obviously the reason the scent had attracted her was because she knew this woman. “Um, yeah.” Smiling sheepishly, she put away her sais and walked towards the older woman. “Look, don’t take this the wrong way, but I don’t know who you are.” She hurried on when she saw the hurt and betrayal in those dark, teary eyes. “I don’t remember who anyone is, really. As Women’s Chanel as this may sound, I lost my memory so everyone is a stranger to me. I didn’t even remember my name until Angel told me.”

“Angel?” The woman asked, screwing up her face, looking a lot more sober now than she had the first time Chloe had seen her.

“Yeah.” Chloe nodded, wondering how much this woman knew about her. Did she know about her being a vampire/human hybrid? “He’s---well, you could say that he’s the only family I got left.”

The woman’s eyes narrowed. “Did this Angel tell you that bullshit?”

Chloe frowned slightly, wondering why the woman looked murderous. “Who exactly are you?” She asked, helping her to her feet.

The woman took in a deep breath, eyes squarely on the shorter blonde. “My name is Lois Lane---and I’m your cousin.”


Tonight had been a night full of surprises. Not only had they discovered that Fred’s old professor had been the one to send her to Pylea out of jealousy because of her being a certified genius, and not only had Fred sent said professor into another Hell Dimension as just punishment, but Angel and the others had arrived home to find Chloe and another unknown woman standing there waiting for him.

No, that wasn’t where the surprises ended.

The moment the brunette discovered that he in fact was ‘Angel’ she’d punched him so hard his jaw was almost dislocated. His childe and Gunn had had to grab the brunette and hold her tight as she struggled against them and screamed obscenities at him.

It wasn’t until the brunette managed to calm down and Chloe softly whispered who the brunette said she was did Angel (who was still nursing his throbbing jaw and being fussed over by Fred and snickered at by Lorne and Cordelia) wince and realize that he actually deserved that punch and anything else the lively brunette dished out.

She was Chloe’s cousin.

The fact that she was taking vampires and green horned demons in stride and just continued to glare hatefully at him spoke of the magnitude of her fury---fury he deserved. As Angelus he’d not only killed and sired her cousin, but he’d killed another blonde, mutilated her body, and made it seem as she were Chloe.

The blonde’s family and friends had all thought Chloe had been raped and tortured before being killed and her body being abandoned in some trashcan. They’d mourned Chloe and had felt guilt and loathing because of all they’d thought the girl they’d all loved had gone through, and now that this woman—Lois—realized what’d really happened she was out for his head.

“Do you realize what you did to us?” Lois growled, looking as if she could hardly keep herself from jumping for his throat once more. “You didn’t just kill Chloe—you killed all of us!” Her voice broke for a second before she continued. “We tried hunting down her killer for years! We blamed ourselves for not being there when she needed us! Uncle Gabe nearly went insane!”

Chloe winced where she was standing next to Cordelia and Gunn.

Angel lowered his shame-filled brown orbs, unable to look at the brunette.

“I—I had nightmares every night of Chlo screaming for help and I couldn’t help her!” Lois’s voice was thick with tears, her eyes glistening in sorrow. “How could you have done that to us?”

“Well, to be fair, that was Angelus, not Angel.” Fred put in.

“No one’s asking you raggedy ann!” Lois snapped, eyes flashing. “Chloe explained all that crap to me while we were waiting on you guys, and soul or not, it was the same person!”

“No they aren’t.” Cordelia’s voice was calm but determined. “Look, I understand that you’re going through a lot of pain and suffering—many of us have lost someone we loved to vampires or other things—but you don’t know what we do. You’ve never met Angelus, and believe me you never want to. Angel is a completely different person. Angel’s a champion of the lightchosen by Higher Powers to fight their battles against darkness.”

Lois was silent, wiping at her tears stubbornly, and yet listening nonetheless.

Cordelia seemed to realize this, and pressed forwards in her own unique way, placing a hand on Lois’ slumped shoulders. “I’m sorry for all the pain you and your family went through, but know that it was Chloe’s decision to keep you in the dark when one of her childhood friends, Clark Kent, found out that she was alive. She didn’t want to open up all your hurts and pains, she wanted to let your get on with your lives and be happy.”

“She’s stupid that way.” Lois whispered throatily, wiping at another tear.

Cordelia smiled. “Yeah, she is. But she’s also happy here with us. That doesn’t mean that she loves you all any less, but she’s a part of our family as well. She fights alongside Angel against the evil in our world—and she’s damned good at it.”

“I---I saw her, tonight.” Lois finally looked up and met Cordelia’s eyes, a small smile on her face. “She was incredible. There were these three—and I can’t believe I’m saying this—vampires that attacked me and two ran away when they realized who she was, and she’d dusted in seconds the one that stayed behind and attacked her.”

“That’s our Chlo!” Gunn grinned, looking proudly at the silent blonde. “She’s got sick talent, and the vampire-genes inside of her don’t hurt at all!”

“You should see her and Angel sparring.” Fred sighed, apparently forgiving Lois for snapping at her. “They have such Kyrumption!”

Lois raised an eyebrow at that, obviously confused.

Angel sighed and remained silent. He couldn’t believe how things were turning. Cordelia was usually so extremely tactless, so to see that she had managed to somehow avert the disaster was amazing.

He knew it was better if he stayed quiet though. Lois looked like one peep from him would make her explode.

Cordelia somehow got Lois to sit down, telling her (and a curious Chloe) about how she’d first met Chloe and how they’d been friends in Sunnydale. Sometime during this Fred and Gunn went upstairs and Lorne got a call from someone and went out to checkout something.

Angel wanted to stay down and talk to Chloe, but he realized that this wouldn’t be possible tonight. Lois was sticking to her cousin like glue, obviously frightened that the moment she let her out of her sight she’d disappear again, and Cordelia was commandeering both women’s attention anyway.

With a sigh, the vampire went up to his room, knowing he’d have another restless night.


“Thus I vowed to never end up knocked up with demon spawn ever again.” Cordelia announced, finishing the shocking story of her demon pregnancy during the beginning of Angel Investigations.

Chloe’s eyes widened. “I can’t believe I was able to forget all of those things!”

Lois was shocked herself. They’d been up for a couple of hours just listening Cordelia tell stories after stories about Sunnydale until they’d turned into the stories of how Angel Investigations had been started.

The brunette was still pissed off at Angel for obvious reasons, but she was also a little envious at the close relationship Cordelia painted between Chloe and the vampire. It was as if Chloe had replaced her family with him and she hadn’t missed them---he’d been enough.

Pushing away those resentful thoughts and telling herself that it was enough just to have her cousin back with her, Lois concentrated on what Cordelia was saying.

“—for a reason.” The dyed blonde was talking to Chloe. “Why?”

Her cousin ducked her gaze, blushing. “It—I needed to talk to someone about—about Connor.”

Cordelia smiled in understanding. “Oh.”

“Who is Connor?” Lois asked, not remembering having met anyone with that name tonight.

“Angel’s son, born eight months ago but is around eighteen now---long story.” Cordelia raised her hands as if saying ‘another day—another story’. “He’s also in love with Chloe, and she’s in love with him.”

“She is?” Lois gasped.

“I am?” Chloe’s eyes were wide.

Cordelia paused, looking concerned. “I thought you’d figured it out already. Wasn’t that why you wanted to talk to me tonight?”

Chloe ducked her gaze once more. “I—yes. I’m in love with him, and, and, he has feelings for me. But—but what were we before I lost my memory? I—we kissed, tonight, and---.”

Awwwwww!” Cordelia squealed, clapping her hands together. “You two finally kissed! I’ve been waiting months for that to happen! Fred’s gonna be pissed because she still wants you and Angel to get back together, but unlike her I know that you moved on long ago and that you and Connor are perfect for each other!”

“She was with Angel?” Lois asked, horrified beyond hope.

Chloe looked just as surprised at that news.

“Well, not really.” Cordelia amended, tapping her bottom lip thoughtfully. “She was, believe it or not, with Angelus. Despite everything, despite how much of a bastard he was, she’d somehow fallen in love with him---and he with her.”

“Why didn’t you mention this in your stories about Sunnydale?” Chloe asked softly.

“Well, those stories were mostly after Angel returned from Hell, so you two weren’t together because he’d gotten his soul and the soul was stupidly in love with Buffy—who’d sent him to hell in the first place.” Cordelia responded. “You were never with Angel when he had his soul, you were only with him when he was Angelus, the soulless vampire that sired you.”

Lois shook her head. “You have horrible taste in men baby Cuz.”

Chloe sighed as if in agreement before looking up. “But Connor—he and I?”

“Never done anything before tonight.” Cordelia responded. “Not that I didn’t try to hook you two up sooner though.”

Lois watched Chloe and Cordelia talk and couldn’t help but feel slightly resentful against the other woman. Chloe used to come to her about her problems, but things had changed, and Lois was going to have to accept the changes if she wanted to become a part of the life Chloe had made for herself.

“We’re---in love.” Chloe whispered to herself, seemingly trying out the word for the first time, a small smile curving her lips.

Right then and there Lois decided that she loved this Connor dude because he could make her cousin smile like that.

The blonde stood. “I have to go find him, I—I hurt his feelings and he--.”

The front door opened and the green demon (Lois couldn’t believe how her world had turned upside down after finding Chloe again!) skipped in, looking extremely pleased with himself. “Sweetcake! Don’t say your Lorniekins doesn’t love you!”

Chloe blinked, tilting her head slightly. “What do you mean?”

Lois just stared at the demon, at his green skin, at the patches of red, and at the horns. She really wanted to touch the horns and make sure they weren’t plastic despite the fact that she knew they weren’t.

This was just all so unreal!

Lorne pulled out an opaque, ceramic bottle with a cork on the end, grinning brightly.

“Uh, nice bottle Lorne. I’m sure it’ll look nice decorating Connor and Chloe’s lovenest.” Cordelia announced cheekily.

Lorne made a face at Cordelia before returning his attention to Chloe. “This is a memory spell—provided by one of my clients—that’s guaranteed to bring our princess back the way she was before whatever happened to her happened.”

“Guaranteed?” Chloe asked, excited.

Spell?” Lois squeaked, not knowing why she found spells so surprising in a world of vampires and demons.

“Yes shortcake, a spell.” Lorne looked prouder by the minute.

“How do we know this is going to work and not blow up in our faces like spells usually do when we’re involved?” Cordelia wanted to know, wary, folding her arms over her chest.

Puh-lese.” Lorne shook his hand at her. “This is easy. No pain—no side-effects. I’m telling you, there’s no way this can fail!”

Of course, none of them knew how those words were going to come back to bite the green demon in his ass later that night.


27th-Jan-2009 10:56 am (UTC)
*happy dance*

Yey! Lois is back! I'm so happy

.....another delay on the Connor/Chloe loving....*sigh* Please assure me that he will, eventually, get some?

Lol, love it!
27th-Jan-2009 12:38 pm (UTC)
yep, Connor WILL get some loving! And I'm glad you liked Lois' appearance, it was ironic because in the last chapter one of my reviewers had asked if anyone from Chloe's past was going to make an appearance--and I plan on bringing in other characters from Smallville as well....
have a great day!
27th-Jan-2009 04:27 pm (UTC)
I love Cordelia lol she's a crazy shipper lol poor lois though, it sure was horrible - and angel is like a kicked puppy lol the spell will bring chaos, can't wait!
27th-Jan-2009 05:12 pm (UTC)
yep, so Lois added more drama to the dramatic story---but I kinda think Angel needed to hear that about how Angelus' deeds affected Chloe's family.
28th-Jan-2009 02:46 am (UTC)
oh boy lois is there lol. i can not wait for more
28th-Jan-2009 03:47 am (UTC)
yep, i couldn't leave her out for long!
1st-Feb-2009 12:28 pm (UTC)
Ok I gotta ask what is Lois' role gonna be in this story is she sticking around or is it a flying visit? Btw I love the Lois angle
1st-Feb-2009 01:58 pm (UTC)
actually, Lois will be incorporating into the angel fandom, she's gonna be a 'series regular' so to say.
1st-Feb-2009 02:31 pm (UTC)
* jumps up and down in excitement *
I so love you

Okay loser moment over lol
2nd-Jan-2010 02:05 am (UTC)
Yay for Lois but "Oh boy" when it comes to the memory spell.
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