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Sky High 1/2 
29th-Apr-2016 09:23 am
Title Sky High
Fandom Smallville/Sky High
Pairings Chloe/Warren, Clark/Layla
Disclaimer Don't own
Rating T
Summary: Due to her ability to take on other people's injuries, Chloe is in the Sidekick classes and working along Nurse Spex to hone her ability - and hope to finally become numb to the pain she takes from others. Warren Peace keeps getting hurt every single day, so she sees quite a lot of him. Things go from there.
A/N: This oneshot features the winning pairing of my Chloe/Bad Boy poll on facebook, in which Warren Peace (Sky High) went up against Tate Langdon (AHS) and Dylan Massett (Bates Motel).
AU, obviously.

Power Placement for first years in Sky High was probably the most terrifying thing ever, it determined everythingabout them, who they were and who they would be. Everyone standing there with Coach Boom were scared, but none had been more than Chloe Sullivan. Sure, it was tough on those with superhero parents, but at least the other students here didn't have the Principal as a mother. Principal Powers, or mom, hadn't been a part of Chloe's life. The blonde had grown up living with her father, knowing only that her mother had abandoned them when she was nine years old. It was only when her superpower manifested itself that she found out her mother had left them to fight crime, as being with her family only put them in danger.

Knowing it hadn't made things easier though, it just opened up a world of more questions. At least she'd discovered that she wasn't the only metahuman. Her best friend, Clark Kent, was one as well, and he was most definitely going to make Hero with his super-strength - and he had. She'd hoped that she could make Hero as well, but hadn't been able to think of one superhero who was a healer. Healers were usually relegated to less active work, which was more Sidekick oriented.

Even her beyond-average intelligence hadn't been able to help her land Hero, her consolation was supposed to lay in the fact that Coach Boomer had announced she was "top class" Sidekick, that he knew quite a lot of Heroes would petition for her to be assigned to them at graduation. At the moment she hadn't understood why he thought that and had supposed he was just trying to suck up to her mother, but after she saw the rest of the Sidekicks she began to understand what he was talking about. The people in her class had either extremely useless powers (like being able to turn into a puddle of water, or glowing faintly) or didn't have powers at all.

Being smart meant the Hero didn't have to be, and being able to heal meant the Hero could get as many scrapes and breaks as needed because you were their backup bandaid. To be honest, when Chloe realized that she didn't feel "top class", she felt usable. It pissed her off, especially since no one seemed to care that she took on the injuries of those she healed. If her Hero broke his or her arm she was supposed to take on that injury so that the Hero could continue battling and save the day. No one cared that she would be inflicting that sort of injury onto herself. And that only made her more pissed off.

In order to further cultivate her power (her mother believed that in time she could grow numb to the pain if constantly exposed to it) Chloe was put to work with the School Nurse. She had two classes a day dedicated to just being with the woman, and if there was any injury at school (such as a fight between students - or a Save The Citizen gone wrong) Chloe was pulled from her classes to handle it. She saw many "repeat offenders" as she liked to think of them, but she only looked forwards to seeing one of them.

Warren Peace, son of super-villain Barron Battle, was unlike anyone else in Sky High. His father was the greatest super-villain of all times, but he hadn't started out that way. From Chloe's research into Warren she'd found out that his mother had been a human who hadn't known her husband's alter-ego as a superhero, and she'd died during a fight between The Commander and the alien threat Farshield. It was this which had caused Barron Battle to effectively turn to the dark side and become The Commander's (and later on his wife/partner Jetstream) arch nemesis. The Commander had eventually won, though, and Barron Battle was in deep lock up.

That meant that Warren had lost both parents to The Commander, and knowing this she understood his great hatred of Will Stronghold (the Commander and Jetstream's only child) who was Clark's good friend. She'd known Will until his own Super Strength had kicked in, and she supposed the fact that Clark and Will were both super strong was why they'd become fast friends when Will had been transferred to Hero classes once his power had finally kicked in - ironically during a fight with Warren.

Looking up from the notebook she was doodling in, Chloe noticed the guy standing in the doorway and smiled as she sat up straighter. "Warren Peace, I was starting to wonder where you were." She glanced up at her clock. "You've usually already seen me by now."

He raised an eyebrow. "Can't have you saying I'm predictable, can I?"

"You? Predictable?" She matched his raised eyebrow with one of her own. "How can I dare say that when it seems that every day you're in here with some new sort of fascinating injury?"

His eyebrow remained raised. "Has anyone ever told you that you have a sadistic streak to you?"

"Considering I'm about to take on your pain shouldn't you mean masochistic?" She motioned for him to sit down on the bed as she stood.

Warren hoisted himself onto the edge of the examination bed, his gaze meeting hers, his dark hair falling into his face. "You don't like the pain you feel, so no."

She hesitated a second before smiling once more and standing in front of him. "So, what is it today?"

He merely raised his finger in response.

At first Chloe didn't understand what was wrong, but then she saw it, and what she saw caused a confused expression to appear on her face. "How did you get a splinter?"

Warren shrugged

Intrigue growing, Chloe searched through the nurse's tools and found a tweezer before returning to Warren. She once more hesitated before she cradled his hand with one of hers. It was so much bigger than hers, and so incredibly warm. That, uh, should make sense given the fact that he could create fireballs in his hand. The blonde worked quietly to remove the splinter and get rid of it. There wasn't a hint of blood when she was finished, and she glanced up at him with narrowed eyes when a curious thought came to her. "Your hands catch on fire."

"Gee, Sullivan, your attention to details astounds," he snorted as he pushed off of the table and made his way towards the door.

"You could've burnt that splinter out, Warren," she called to his back.

He froze in the doorway, back to her. "And your point is?"

She actually had no idea what her point was.

Warren must've realized that because he continued out through the door, leaving her alone to her confused thoughts. It didn't hit her until later that this was probably the first "injury" she'd healed that hadn't cost her anything at all.

"Why does she have to be so perfect?" Layla asked softly as she stared at Will Stronghold and his new girlfriend, the ever perfect Gwen Grayson. The couple had become almost instant when Will had been transferred to the Hero class, and while Will did his best to stay friends with his old classmates the divide was definitely being felt, especially by those being left behind. It didn't bother anyone as much as it did Layla though, but considering she'd been best friends with Will even before all of this it made sense.

Chloe stared at the hippie and wasn't exactly sure what to say. She'd felt the same way before joining Sky High. Once upon a long time ago she' d been in love with Clark Kent and had had to watch him with Lana Lang. Sure, that relationship had ended when Clark had been unable to explain to Lana why he couldn't go to her high school, and why he was always so busy, but while it'd lasted Clark had truly loved Lana. It'd hurt Chloe to watch it, but like Layla, she'd been the best friend of her love interest and hadn't been able to ever get him to see her as a woman. Unlike Layla, though, Chloe had been able to get over her feelings for her best friend.

"She's not perfect." That was Clark, who, despite being in Hero classes, seemed to get along better with the Sidekicks he'd met while hanging with Chloe.

Layla turned her gaze on him in depressed disbelief. "What part of her isn't perfect?"

Clark glanced over at the pretty brunette princess clinging onto Will's arm and clearly enjoying the attention being with The Commander and Jetstream's son got her. Not that she hadn't had attention before Will had come to the school. no. Gwen Grayson had been the queen bee way before Will, but being with him only seemed to cement that she was Alpha Girl.

"See?" Layla sighed and glanced back at the power couple. "You can't even think of one thing."

Clark returned his gaze to Layla. "You don't need to devalue her in an effort to value yourself." When Layla turned to him in shock, Clark hurried on. "I, uh, I think you're pretty awesome yourself, I just wish you'd stop comparing yourself to her. She's nice in her own way, but she's not you, Layla."

Layla gulped, brown eyes filling with tears, visibly touched. She reached out and placed her hand on Clark's. "Thank you."

He blushed and ducked his gaze. "Anytime."

Chloe eyed Clark in shock. Wait. Was he? She peeked over at Layla, who was once more watching Will and Gwen. Another peek at Clark proved he was sighing while watching Layla. Oh. Wow. He was!

She turned and caught Magenta's eye, mouthing: Since when?

Magenta merely rolled her eyes and mouthed: You're so freaking oblivious, Sullivan!

Usually she'd get annoyed by that, but considering it was apparently true, Chloe let it slide. She was going to have to corner Clark and get him to talk about his feelings for Layla. If they were real, if they weren't just a vague attraction, she was going to start plan: PROJECT CLAYLA.

Wondering what else she might've failed to notice in her oblivious haze, Chloe glanced around the cafeteria and paused when she found Warren Peace seated by himself at his table. No one ever dared sit there, a freshman had tried it once and Warren had been sent to solitary while Chloe had had to heal the burns and had carried them on her own body for days later. They'd been terribly painful, and ugly, but because the touch of fabric against them caused thousands of nerves to scream in agony she'd been unable to cover them up and forced to keep leave them in plain view. That was probably the first time she'd really paid attention to Warren Peace, she'd been in agony for weeks due to him.

Now that she thought about it, it was probably the day after her wounds had finally healed that Warren's sudden accident-proneness had started. She'd been somewhat terrified when he'd stalked into the room with a sprained wrist, she'd instinctively reached for her arm which had borne his burn marks, but they'd already healed. Chloe wasn't sure what she'd expected of Warren Peace, but he hadn't been that. With each visit she might've ended up hurt, but she was less scared of him, in fact, she'd started looking forward to him getting hurt. That sounds bad. Also, the injuries got less and less severe - the splinter was a great example of it.

It was the first time I helped someone without hurting myself in the process.

She didn't even realize what she was doing until she sat down across him at his table.

Warren frowned, dark eyes on her, the red streak in his hair falling into his face. "What are you doing?"

"I have a small project that needs a Hero's help to complete," she responded. That was true, she actually didneed to team up with a Hero for this task, and while the plan had always been to do the work with Clark…

"Then work with Kent," Warren told her, frown still etched on his face. "Everyone knows you're vying for the spot of his Sidekick on graduation anyway."

"Clark won't do," she informed him as she leaned over the surface of the table. "I know him better than I know anyone else. It wont be a challenge."

Despite the fact that he obviously wanted to scowl at her, the corner of Warren's lip twitched. "Are you calling me a challenge?"

"Would you have it any other way?" She countered.

Warren just stared at her for a moment before he held his hand out to her, the whole hand in flames. "Let'sshake on it."

Gulping, Chloe stared at his hand. This was such a Warren Peace move! She glared at him and, despite the memory of the agony of the burns still fresh in her mind, she put her hand in his.

Warren's eyes widened in shock and he doused his flames quickly enough that all she felt was a second of heat and nothing more. "Are you an idiot? My hand was on fire!"

Shaking his hand, Chloe smirked as she reached into her pocket and pulled out a pen. Without giving Warren much time to react, she used her grip on his hand to pull him close and wrote her number on the inside of his wrist. "Call me. We'll set up a date." With that she shoved her pen back in her pocket, smiled at the utterly bewildered expression on Warren's face, and then returned to the table, where all of her friends were watching her in awe.

Clark just looked shocked. "I don't believe it."

"I know, right?" Ethan squeaked as he pushed his glasses higher up the bridge of his nose. "She touched Warren Peace! And she didn't die!"

Zach had a hand to his heart, glowing faintly. "I thought I was gonna have a heart attack, man!"

Magenta and Layla exchanged looks.

"No, that's not what I meant." Clark ran a hand over his hair. "I heard every word they said." His eyes widened as he glanced around the table. "Guys… I think I have a second super power!"

"This is stupid."

She couldn't stop the smile that touched her lips at that groan, but she didn't look up from her book. "No it's not."

Seated on the loveseat in his jeans and black leather glory, Warren Peace looked incredibly out of place in her living room, but that was kind of cute. Her father had nearly had a heart attack when he'd come home to find Warren there, and Chloe had a feeling that if the business at work wasn't so pressing he would've stayed and kept an eye on Warren, but Gabe Sullivan worked nights all the time, and late into the night, and tonight wouldn't be different just because some guy in leather was in the house with his daughter.

"Your father hates me," Warren pointed out helpfully instead of actually doing what he was supposed to be doing.

"No, he's intimidated by you," she responded truthfully, finally glancing up at him. "You're the first guy other than Clark that I actually brought home. He's okay with Clark, but you?"

"Right." Warren made a face. "Mr Goody Two Shoes." He raised an eyebrow. "I bet your father loves him."

"Oh, he does," Chloe assured him. "Especially since he knows that Clark has never seen me like a woman so much virtue is safe with him."

Warren paused and tilted his head as he observed her. "Are you saying your virtue isn't safe with me?"

She flushed. Had she been saying that? "Is it?"

Warren continued to eye her. "So you and Kent aren't a thing?" He must've read something on her face because he leaned back on the loveseat in response. "Really? Because that's the rumor."

"People think Clark and I are a thing?" Chloe asked in genuine surprise.

He looked disgusted at her. "Of course they do. From the moment you two got separate classes you've made it obvious you want each other for your partner once you graduate, and he hangs out with you and the Sidekicks instead of his own Hero classmates."

"Well, we're best friends," Chloe informed Warren. "Plus, I believe he has a things for Layla."

"And I care because…?" Warren wanted to know.

"Never said you did," she countered.

"Then why are you telling me?" He leaned forwards once more, eyes on her intently.

"You asked," she reminded cheerfully.

Warren opened his mouth, closed it, and then frowned.

"So, your Hero is fighting someone who has the ability to control minds," Chloe read off of the textbook in an effort to get them back to the project/homework. "Hero - you can slowly feel that you are losing control of yourself, what do you do to keep from falling prey to the mind control? And why? Sidekick - answer the same question, except how do you keep your Hero from being mind controlled?" She looked up at him. "Why isn't the Sidekick trying not to be mind-controlled as well?"

"Because this is a stupid, like I pointed out earlier," Warren answered with a sneer.

Rolling her eyes, Chloe thought about the situation for a moment. Her mother had temporary mind control abilities, it was part of what made her so powerful. No one was sure why exactly she'd retired from the superhero business to become the Principal of Sky High, even Chloe had no clue. She peered up at Warren, trying to imagine him fighting her mother. How could she keep him safe? What would I do? What could I do? And then it hit her and she started writing her answer immediately.

There was movement, a shadow fell over her, and then Warren choked. "You'd break one of my bones?" He turned his dark eyes on her, looking both confused and amused. "I thought you were on my side in this hypothetical situation?"

"I am." She continued to write. "When it comes to mind control there are very few things that can snap you out of it, but pain, especially intense pain, is the best way to do it."

"Right." He snorted. "And you know this because…?"

"My mother controls minds," she reminded him. "I didn't know it at the time, but she accidentally used her ability against me when I was a kid." She licked her lips and paused, not sure if she should do this, if she should tell him. She hadn't told anyone, doubted her mother wanted anyone knowing. "When I was seven years old I did something, I don't remember what, but it angered her, a lot. She snapped and told me to scrub my hands until they were sparkling clean, so I did. Neither of us realized that in her anger she'd accidentally used her power on me." Chloe took in a deep breath as her gaze went to her hands. "I went to my bathroom and washed my hands over and over again, but I didn't feel that they were clean… so I took a scrubbing sponge and took it to my skin… but it made me bleed… which meant I was dirtier than I had been before."

Warren was completely silent above her.

"I then got the one with the stainless steel bristles, it was supposed to be a heavy-duty for the dirtier dishes so my seven year old mind thought that be better - that it would get me clean." She laughed darkly, embarrassed by how stupid she'd been. "The pain was terrible, I was bleeding everywhere and ripping apart my skin, but no matter how much it hurt I had to continue because I wasn't "sparkling clean" like she'd told me to be." Inhaling deeply, Chloe brushed her fingertips together. "Finally the pain grew too much and I blacked out. I woke up bleeding out on my bathroom floor. I was confused. I remembered doing what I did but couldn't understand whyI had gone to those lengths." She rubbed her hands together. "I started crying and screaming, and when my mother appeared in the doorway I blacked out only to wake up in the hospital, patched up." She licked her lips. "So yeah, I'd break your fingers."

Warren was still incredibly silent.

Taking in a deep breath, Chloe finally looked up at him, finding his face emotionless. "I'd heal your fingers afterwards, so you could fight her. Once you've successfully fought off mental control once, it makes it easier to continue doing do."

"You'd have broken fingers though," Warren announced emotionlessly.

"So?" She asked, head tilted back to look at her.

"So you think you can just break your fingers and be useless afterwards?" Warren's found was odd as he returned to his seat and collapsed in it, something off in his expression. "Let's figure out a way to do that without leaving one of us not only out of commission, but vulnerable to attack."

"That's the easiest way though," she pointed out in confusion.

"I thought you said you liked a challenge," he countered in frustration as he grabbed his book and appeared to be reading it. "If you're going to be my Sidekick in this scenario then you and I will come up with something not so half-assed."

She stared up at him in confusion. "But I will have figured out how you can defeat our enemy, and healed you and thus helped you be in prime condition to do do what you have to do."

Warren snapped his book angrily. "I thought the whole purpose of having a Sidekick was having someone always there to have your back, to be part of a team." He glared at Chloe, eyes impossibly dark, voice a hiss. "So as my hypothetical partner in this scenario, how about we come up with a solution together, one in which we both walk out of there safely?"

Chloe found her heart racing, her mouth dry as she stared into his pissed face. Her chest raised and fell as her heart hit her ribs painfully. Unlike the others he didn't expect her to come up with the idea or hurt herself so he could continue on. She gulped. "Fine." She cleared her throat and glanced back at her book. "Brain storm away then, Hero."

"A, don't call me Hero," he informed her. "If I ever got into the business, I'd be an Anti-Hero at best."

She couldn't stop her smile as she glanced up at him at that. "You don't say."

"Yes, I do say," he responded. "Also, we're gonna wear lots of black. I don't do color, and since I get to choose my Sidekick's colors and costume so we don't clash…." He leaned back and eyed her thoughtfully, lips twitching in a smirk. "What do you think about a black spandex bodysuit with little hints of red on it?"

"I'd think you seemed to have given some thought to it," she responded.

"Don't you?" He asked curiously. "What would you want your suit to be?" He then sneered in disgust. "If you say red, white and blue—!"

"No!" She laughed. "Let's leave that color-scheme for the Stronghold Three." Considering Heroes decided what the Sidekicks wore she'd never quite given her costume much thought, but now that Warren had asked her… "I like the idea of black and red, but it can't be just spandex. What sort of protection is that?"

"Armor would make movement restrictive though," Warren reminded her.

"True," she admitted thoughtfully. "But kevlar isn't too heavy, and if it's customizable."

"The bad guys wont be shooting bullets at you." Warren rolled his eyes. "They'll be shooting death rays, and kevlar doesn't stop death rays."

That, of course, started a huge debate.

They didn't finish the project that night and had to reschedule for another night.

1st-May-2016 07:11 pm (UTC) - Verbal Judo is Chloe's Foreplay
It is so great to read your background story telling. It never drones on or feels abruptly inserted. Moira's terrible ideas of parenting and Warren's lack of parents are a nice parallel.

Not to get all sappy, but the idea that the people with the most reason to have emotional walls can breach another person's walls is swoontastic romantic.

Ha! I love how oblivious Chloe is to Warren's feelings, and then it suddenly clicks. A splinter!

Clayla is a nice little sideline story to show how over Clark Chloe is.
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