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Sky High 2/2 
29th-Apr-2016 09:25 am
Title Sky High
Fandom Smallville/Sky High
Pairings Chloe/Warren, Clark/Layla
Disclaimer Don't own
Rating T
Summary: Due to her ability to take on other people's injuries, Chloe is in the Sidekick classes and working along Nurse Spex to hone her ability - and hope to finally become numb to the pain she takes from others. Warren Peace keeps getting hurt every single day, so she sees quite a lot of him. Things go from there.
A/N: This oneshot features the winning pairing of my Chloe/Bad Boy poll on facebook, in which Warren Peace (Sky High) went up against Tate Langdon (AHS) and Dylan Massett (Bates Motel).
AU, obviously.

"A third super power?" Chloe just looked at Clark in shock as she sat on her chair in the nurse's office. Nurse Spex was out smoking, which she'd been doing more and more lately. Chloe honestly felt that the woman was skipping school and leaving the blonde to do her job for her, but saying so would probably get her fired, and Chloe wasn't ready to do this job full-time.

"I know." Clark looked just as shocked. "I can't control it though. I mean… I didn't mean to find out you are wearing matching pink underwear."

Chloe went to cover herself but then stopped, he'd probably just accidentally x-ray vision through her hands anyway. "Having two superpowers is rare, but three? Clark, when people find out you're going to be a bigger deal than even Will Stronghold."

Clark looked ill. "Can we not? Tell anyone, I mean? I'd prefer if only you knew, if only for now."

"Why?" She asked in confusion.

"You're the only one who won't treat me differently," he responded softly.

Placing her hand on his shoulder, she squeezed it.

"So, uh, where's Warren?" Clark wanted to know curiously. "Doesn't he get injured a lot?"

She eyed the clock. It was way passed the time for Warren's visit. "He's actually not been getting hurt lately."

"Since when?" Clark asked curiously.

Very good question. "Since a week or so ago?"

"So, since you guys became project buddies and see each other every night?" Clark smiled teasingly.

Actually, yes. "And your point is?"

Clark laughed. "You sounded just like him!"

She flushed because she'd thought the exact same thing the second that had come out of her mouth.

The door opened without a knock and Warren was there. He raised an eye at Clark and nodded, his expression showing no hostility whatsoever. "Kent."

"Peace." Clark smiled brightly.

"Hippie asked me to tell you she's looking for you," Warren muttered, looking disconcerted. "Since when did the Sidekicks stop being scared of me?"

"Since Chloe basically doesn't stop talking about you," Clark responded cheekily as he turned to his best friend. "I'm going to go see if Layla's alright. I'll leave you two alone." With that he grinned at Chloe, grinned at Warren, and then patted Warren's shoulder on his way out.

Warren turned to watch Clark go, looking horrified. "What the—?"

Chloe groaned, embarrassment coloring her cheeks as realization hit. "He thinks we're going out in secret. He's showing us we have his approval."

"Why would we need his approval?" Warren wanted to know, yet instead of annoyed he just sounded dumbfounded.

"Because Clark and I are best friends," she reminded him. "I wouldn't want to date anyone he didn't approve of, and he's the same way with me."

Warren raised an eyebrow. "Is that even healthy?"

"Shut up." She rolled her eyes. "So. What did you hurt today?"

Warren eyed her in confusion. "Excuse me?"

"You came to the infirmary," she motioned all around her. "I assumed you'd hurt yourself again."

"Well, you know what they say about assuming," Warren retorted as he plopped down on the bed, hands behind his head. "I came to get some zzzz's. Lash and Dash are getting on my nerves and I'm about to fry them with how tired I am and how annoying they are."

Worry bubbled inside of her. "Are you not sleeping well at night?"

He hummed a response, eyes closed, breathing already betraying he was falling asleep.

Shocked, Chloe just stared at him. No one else might find this surprising but this was Warren Peace. Him allowing himself to go to sleep in front of her… that said so much. He was allowing himself to be vulnerable in front of her. That was so humbling!

When his breathing completely changed to that of someone sleeping, Chloe rose, picked up a blanket and covered him in it. She then went back to what she'd been doing, and when Nurse Spex finally returned she hushed the woman and made sure she didn't disturb Warren as he slept.

"WARREN PEACE!" Chloe snarled as she threw the door open and stepped inside of the classroom to angrily scan the group of surprised student. Ignoring Coach Boomer, who was telling her this was Hero class and that she hadSidekick class to get to, Chloe fixed her sights on the guy glaring unhappy at her from his seat in the back of the class. "Get to the infirmary. Now."

"No." He sat hunched over awkwardly, obviously in pain yet face pure defiance. "Go away."

Anger and confusion continued to soar inside of her as she stalked towards Warren only to be cut off by Coach Boomer.

"I do not think you heard me, Sidekick." He stood tall, chest puffed out. "If Hothead says he's okay then he can take it. Now go."

Chloe made to go around him, and when she saw him take in a deep breath to use his booming voice against her, she moved on instinct, grabbing his arm. She could feel her ability react and didn't know exactly why she felt taking on his injury would help her in any way, but it had been an instinctive response that she hadn't been able to control. Coach Boomer's mouth opened but no sound came out, his eyes wide behind the shades he always wore, and with a wide-confused look, the man who'd labeled her a Sidekick dropped to his knees as he stared up at her.

Not sure exactly what he was doing, or why she felt so good, Chloe continued to stare down at him, not noticing the Heroes all standing up from their desks and staring at them in horror. Finally, when Coach Boomer hunched over, the palm of his free hand pressed against the floor, did Chloe let go. Her gaze went over the class and landed on Warren, who was staring at her in open shock. "Don't make me say it twice."

His gaze went to Coach Boomer, who was coughing, still on his knees on the ground - to the the other Heroes, who looked shocked and confused - and then back to Chloe. Taking in a deep breath he stood gingerly and grabbed his side with a flinch in pain. "Whatever." With that he moved passed her, storming out the door.

Turning to watch him limping away, Chloe shook her head and followed, ignoring the way the classroom broke out in loud murmurs the second she did. Considering how badly he was limping she wasn't surprised by how easily she caught up with Warren's long-legged stride. "Why didn't you come to the infirmary?"

"I can handle pain," he muttered unhappily. "The only reason I'm coming now is because you're in enough trouble as it is to add the murder of a professor to your plate." Warren sidled her with a glare. "What the hell were you thinking?"

"Oh please, I'm a healer, what exactly could I have done to Coach Boomer to kill him?" She rolled her eyes. "I don't know why he reacted to my power that way, but it worked to my advantage so I don't care."

"That's still attacking a professor." Warren shook his head, clearly frustrated with her. "Even I haven't done that. You could get expelled!"

Realization hit her shockingly. "You're worried about me."

"Please, as if." He rolled his eyes.

"You are, though." She stopped walking and eyed him, realizing from his body language that he was in a lot of pain. "Why didn't you come to the infirmary?"

"I didn't want to," he snapped.

"Why?" She pressed.

"It's none of your business what I do or don't do!" He turned and snarled in her face as his hands instinctively caught on fire, the flames reflected in his dark orbs.

Anyone else would've backed down, would've known how dangerous it was to be around volatile flames, and yet Chloe stood her ground and stared into that scrunched up, utterly pissed off face in bone-shattering shock. "You were worried about me."

"No I wasn't," he denied in a hiss.

"You didn't want to come to the infirmary because if I healed you I'd take on this pain," she realized, voice breathless. "You're enduring it so I don't have to."

He glared at her viciously yet couldn't keep her gaze, his own slanting to the side. "That's not true."

Her heart hurt, it hurt so incredibly! Chloe reached forwards and, taking advantage of him looking elsewhere, cupped Warren's face and turned him to face her in time for her lips to meet his. He froze under her but she didn't care, kissing him. The second her lips moved over his, he cursed into her mouth and his good arm curled around her, drawing her closing while he kissed her back.

Keeping with face cupped, Chloe felt her power seeping into him, healing Warren, but she didn't feel the pain that would usually accompany the healing process. Not sure what was happening, but thankful anyway, she eased Warren back against the wall and took the kiss deeper.

"I what?" Chloe blinked as she sat in solitary, which was part of her punishment for 'attacking' Coach Boomer. "That's impossible."

"Not according to Nurse Spex," her mother announced, hands on her hips, clearly unhappy and surprised as well. "You drained him of a lot of energy, energy which you apparently used to heal Warren Peace."

"That's why it didn't hurt?" Chloe wanted to know in shock. "Because I wasn't using my own energy?"

"It would seem so." Her mother sighed. "You should be expelled for attacking Coach Boomer, this is a school for young superheroes not supervillains, but you'll spend the rest of today in solitary and then tomorrow you'll be transferred to Hero classes."

"What? Why?" Chloe couldn't understand.

"Because your power has expanded. The ability to suck the life or energy out of a Hero is not a Sidekick ability," mother replied.

"No." She shook her head. "I mean: why aren't I expelled? I know it's not because I'm your daughter. You wouldn't risk your position over me like that."

Moira sighed and glanced around the room which neutralized people's superpowers. "You'll hear about it from him anyway." Her blue eyes met Chloe's green. "Mr Peace let me know in no uncertain terms that if I expelled you he would let everyone know exactly how he got his injuries today."

"They were because of Save the Citizen gone wrong though?" Chloe asked in confusion. That was the story she'd heard at least.

"Only part of the injuries were due to that." Her mother took in a deep breath. "And the only reason he got hurt as much as he was was because he was already injured when he started Save the Citizen."

Chloe's eyes widened as she went pale. "What did you do?"

Moira wouldn't meet her gaze. "I tried to use my power on him to get him to leave you alone. People were talking and I did not want you associated with Baron Battle's son. But, unfortunately, I was unable to completely control him. He broke free."

Chloe's gaze lowered in understanding. "He hurt himself so that the pain would break him out of the trance."

"Yes." Moira looked like she'd swallowed something sour. "He broke two fingers."

Nausea filled her. "How could you? He's a student!"

"He's Baron Battle's son!" Moira snapped at her. "How do you think it will look if my daughter is hanging out with someone like that! Someone who has such great potential to turn villain when he graduates?"

"Well you're definitely pushing him towards it!" Chloe snarled as she jumped to her feet. "Mother, I know youthink you're doing the right thing, but whenever you think you're doing the right thing it is never the right thingfor me!" She felt gratification at her mother's flinch. "Stay out of my life like you have for so long of it. And if you try to do something to Warren again…"

"Is that a threat?" Moira wanted to know softly.

"It's a promise." Chloe sat back down.

"It would seem Warren isn't the only one with potential to turn villain on graduation." Moira took in a deep breath, straightened her clothes, and left.

When she emerged from the room later on that evening, Warren leaned against the wall, but he wasn't alone. Clark and Layla were both by his side. The three of them were having a normal conversation with no grunts or rolled eyes or glares. It made the whole day worth it.

Layla noticed her first. "Chloe!" She hurried over and hugged her. "Are you okay? I hear its horrible up in that room."

"It's not that bad," Chloe assured her with a small smile as they turned to face the boys.

It was Clark's time to hug Chloe. "From what I'm hearing, the Hero class are kind of scared of you. Will and I are probably the only ones happy you're getting transferred to the Hero class."

"I wont go," she whispered as she let go and pulled away. "They didn't want me before, I don't want them now." She turned to smile at Layla. "I'm happy in the Sidekick classes." If there was anyone who'd understand that it was Layla, whose powers were also Hero-worthy, but the brunette had kept them hidden so she could stay amongst the Sidekicks. Chloe was almost sure her and Will (and maybe Clark) were the only ones who knew the extent of power Layla had over plants, which she could grow, kill, or cause to attack if need be.

Her green gaze met Warren's dark one. "I heard what happened with my mother." At Clark and Layla's confused looks, she clarified: "She tried to use her power to control his mind and get him to stop hanging around me."

Warren shrugged. "I don't like being told what to do."

Slipping away from Layla and Clark, Chloe hesitated a second before she moved to Warren's side. She glanced down at the hand hanging at his side, seeing steam rising from it. He wasn't as coolheaded about it as he pretended to be. Chloe placed her hand in his, feeling his hand warm to the touch but not unbearable as she rested her forehead against his shoulder. "Me neither."

Warren tensed for a second before relaxing and flinging an arm around her shoulders casually. "What you smirking at, Kent?"

"Nothing?" Clark was smiling hugely with Layla. "So. You guys going to Homecoming?" At the lack of answer he turned to Layla. "Layla and I were going to skip and go see a movie and eat somewhere instead. Wanna join?"

"You need to come!" Layla grinned at them.

Warren groaned. "It's not a chick flick, is it?"

"Nope. It's a sci fi!" Clark responded quickly. "You in?"

Warren sighed and turned his gaze on Chloe in question.

Smiling up at him, the blonde turned to her friends. "We're in."

The Homecoming was attacked and Gwen Grayson revealed to be a supervillain who planned on turning everyone into babies so no one could stand in the way of her ruling the world, but Will and the Sidekicks were able to save the day.

Clark, Layla, Chloe and Warren wouldn't hear about it until the next day. They didn't miss being part of the action, and when they'd find out about it the next day the foursome would just take it in stride and be glad that the good guys had won.

The night had been quite eventful for them as well, with Clark and Layla finally kissing and Clark finally asking her to go out with him, which she obviously accepted. Warren had rolled his eyes at them and muttered at how sickening sweet everything was… until Chloe had shut him up with her lips and he'd hadn't had time to be sarcastic after that.

"Kent snores like a bear," Warren complained as they ended the night watching a movie in the loft in Clark's parent's barn. He wasn't exaggerating. Clark was really having a go at it, having fallen asleep during the movie. Layla slept with her head on his lap, breathing softly.

Yawning into his chest, Chloe rearranged herself to get more comfortable, her body half on Warren, half on the sofa. "Yep."

"Do you snore?" Warren wanted to know curiously.

"A lady never tells," she mumbled into his chest, barely keeping awake herself. "It's for men to discover once its too late."

He snickered. "So basically, you snore."

Chloe chuckled. "I won't tell. Especially since you don't snore."

Warren paused. "How would—?"

"You slept in the infirmary that one time, remember?"

His body shook with laughter. "Were you creeping on me while I slept?"

Chloe didn't answer, already having fallen asleep. Within five minutes she began to snore.

They walked down the hallway of the newly saved Sky High, hand in hand, Warren holding her books and Chloe wearing his leather jacket, which was always toasty warm. People now looked at the both of them in apprehension but neither cared, instead they exchanged small smiles. They were probably the most talked about couple in Sky High, especially now that Will-and-Gwen were no more, and while neither enjoyed people talking about them they just let it happen with no retribution.

Chloe had refused to transfer to Hero classes, and everyone thought she was insane for doing so - Heroes and Sidekicks and Faculty alike. Layla had understood and stuck up for Chloe when people harassed her about it. Plus, with Magenta, Ethan and Zach having played prominent roles in saving the school from Royal Pain the whole Hero/Sidekick thing wasn't as defined as it'd been before. The divide wasn't as great. Sure, it was still there, but it wasn't like before.

Now that Gwen was gone Will was trying to mend his relationship with Layla, which caused some friction and discomfort, mostly because Clark was a little jealous and insecure due to the fact that Layla had been in love with Will for years, and the fact that Warren hated Will's guts due to his parents.

"I can't believe I didn't know about this." Chloe eyed Warren Peace in awe.

Magenta eyed him as well. "It's scary."

Zach and Ethan looked like they agreed.

Layla merely grinned. "When I realized it I had to bring you, so I figured tonight would be the best time to do so since we were all getting together at my house to go over homework."

Warren had a job at a Chinese place called the Paper Lantern, and he knew Mandarin.

"Why didn't I know about this?" Chloe wanted to know as she eyed him refilling glasses of water for a table three tables down from them. Since Chloe's table was being served by some other person Warren had yet to realize she or the others were there. He looked so different with his hair up in a pony-tail, no leather jacket, and an apron wrapped around his waist.

"He probably doesn't want you to know he wears an apron to work," Zach theorized seriously.

"It's not surprising that he has to work though." Ethan pushed his glasses up the bridge of his nose. "His mom's dead and his dad's in jail. How else is he supposed to earn money for himself?"

Chloe frowned immediately. She hadn't thought about that. A glance over at Layla showed the girl had stopped smiling as well.

Warren noticed them at that second and visibly froze. He eyed the Sidekicks and sighed as he moved towards the table. "Sidekicks, Layla, Chloe."

"Hey Warren," the Sidekicks said in unison.

Layla grinned and waved.

"So, you speak Mandarin," Chloe announced instead of returning the greeting. "You're going to have to teach me."

Warren eyed her in silence before he smirked. "You know, I'm starting to think you're stalking me."

She grinned. "And what if I am?"

His smirk grew. "Maybe I like it." With a small wave he returned to work.

Chloe admired him from behind as he did so.

A couple of days later during school, while no one was watching, Warren yanked Chloe into an abandoned classroom and sat her up on the teacher's desk. He moved between her thighs and stared into her eyes. "Are you going to stick to being a Sidekick?"

She nodded, a little surprised by the question. Warren had never seemed to care either way before. "Does that bother you?"

He shook his head. "The only person who isn't half bad in Hero classes is Clark." Just the fact that he was calling him 'Clark' instead of 'Kent' was telling.

Chuckling, Chloe paused and took in a deep breath as she glanced up at him. "I know you're going to graduate before me, but when you do, do you mind petitioning for me when I graduate instead of someone else?"

Warren raised an eyebrow. "I don't know… Do I really want someone as bossy and stalkery as you?" He laughed when she slapped his arm. "If I'm being completely honest, that was already the plan. It's why I brought you in here."

Her smile grew as her heart skipped a beat. "Is that so?"

"Yeah." Warren nodded as he ran his long, lean fingers through her hair. "I've talked to Clark, and he's okay with it. He's going to petition for Layla."

Chloe's smile vanished in shock. "You really did plan to petition for me? You've asked for Clark's blessing?"

He nodded silently.

Biting down on her bottom lip, Chloe suddenly grinned and grabbed him by the front of his shirt, yanking him down to face her. "I think I'm in love."

Warren rolled his eyes. "It's about time." When that was only met with silence he eyed her once more. "You're an idiot if you feel the need to ask how I feel." At her raised eyebrow he grinned. "I might have a thing for bossy stalkers."

"Well, if you're going to be that way…" Chloe trailed her hand down his chest. "Just remember that there'll be a full year between you graduating and me graduating. I could very easily find someone else to stalk and boss during that—." Her words were silenced by his lips as he kissed her deeply.

Goosebumps and shivers of pleasure raced up and down her spine as Chloe drew him closer, kissing him with just as much passion and desire. He left her breathless, and she was glad she was seated otherwise her legs wouldn't be able to keep her up.

Finally Warren pulled away and smirked as he stared down at her flushed face. "What were you saying?"

"Shut up." Reaching for him once more, Chloe pulled him back to her and kissed him, swallowing the sound of his pleasure. Even when the bell rung they remained in that classroom with each other, missing their next classes.

When Warren pulled away to whisper: "I love you" against her lips, Chloe whispered back "I love you too."

These were the series of events which would one day lead to them becoming Inferno and Siphon (as well as Clark and Layla becoming Superman and Flora), but that is a whole different story.

29th-Apr-2016 05:53 pm (UTC) - 。◕‿◕。
29th-Apr-2016 06:22 pm (UTC)
This is so awesome!! I'm a huge Sky High fan and ship Warren/Layla like there's no tomorrow. Looks like I now also ship Warren/Chloe, a ship I never knew I always wanted.
29th-Apr-2016 10:51 pm (UTC)
Thank you! This is so awesome!

Once again, your ability to incorporate Chloe into any universe flawlessly has produced another fantastic story that's already in my favorites list.

I hope you write more about Chloe and Warren and this universe. I, for one, would love a continuation of "Inferno and Siphon - The new adventures of Warren and Chloe".

1st-May-2016 02:19 am (UTC)
So fricken cute! Thanks for posting.
1st-May-2016 07:20 pm (UTC) - Lack of Fighting
I am totally surprised that instead of putting your twist on the big sky high climactic fight you choose to create an adorable scene about snoring.

The emotions between Chloe and her mom were so high. I could just see them digging in their heels. I didn't even miss seeing any actual super hero action. It was a story set in a super powered universe that focused entirely on personal development and relationships, and it was satisfyingly emotionally wrought. Always a pleasure to read your work.
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