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Seventh Year 1/? 
31st-Jan-2009 06:28 pm

Title: Seventh Year
Fandom:  Harry Potter
Pairing: Sirius x Remus, others
Rating: T-M
Warning: AU, SLASH
Note: Sequel to oneshots James Noticed/Peter Saw.
Summary: Seventh year is filled with chaos, adventure, humor, jealousy, possessives and romance as Sirius and Remus start taking those steps to acknowledging what their friends had known all along.



“Come on Moony, let us see ‘em!”

Remus glared at James as darkly as he could, which wasn’t really intimidating considering that he was blushing scarlet. The werewolf narrowed his eyes further at the shit-eating grin the messy-haired youth gave him as he pushed his glasses up the bridge of his nose. “Not on your life, Potter.”

Aw…” James was pretending to be hurt, fist to his heart.

The werewolf shook his head.

“James, as much as I love you mate, you’re weird.” Peter sighed from where he sat by the fire, looking amused at the situation yet sympathetic to Remus’ cause.

“But Wormy!” James cried, obviously shocked that his faithful supporter had turned on him at such a crucial moment. “Don’t you wanna see them?”

Peter raised an eyebrow, turned to Remus and surveyed him, before returning his attention to James and firmly shaking his head. “No.”

James pouted childishly. “What sorta man are you?”

“A decent one?” Peter teased.

James’ grin was bright. “Then why the hell are you a Marauder?”

“To protect me, obviously.” Remus growled, folding his arms over his chest, ignoring Sirius darkly. Honestly, ever since this had happened, young Master Black had refused to look him in the eye—hell, he refused to come close to Remus.

That only aggravated the werewolf even more. It wasn’t like it was his fault that all of this had happened! Someone had put the potion in his morning juice (which left the question who would go to all this trouble to do this to him), and before Remus had known what was happening this had happened---right in front of everyone in the Great Hall!

“Aw, come on Moony, you have to admit that if this had happened to anyone else you’d be acting like me.” James announced.

“I doubt Remus would act like you Potter.” A slightly uppity voice snorted as Remus’ only female friend, Lily Evans, appeared by his side, placing her hand on Remus’ shoulder. All disgust was gone as she turned her attention on him, face worried. “How are you keeping up?”

Remus sighed. Lily and Peter were the only ones who seemed to understand the utter horror he was going through thanks to this potion, and hadn’t joked or teased or ignored him because of it.

Even Severus had acted weird after the transformation. Remus had gone to see the Slytherin since he was so good at Potions, to see if he could help him find an antidote. But Severus’ eyes had widened, he’d flushed red, and turned tail and ran as far from Remus as physically possible.

The werewolf sighed, eyes on Lily. “Not good. Dumbledore says that this hasn’t happened in a long time, and that the antidote takes longer to make than the potion itself lasts, so I’m stuck like this until it wears off.”

“Poor you.” Lily sighed, completely on his side, squeezing his arm slightly. “How are you going to manage until then?” Her eyes took on a nasty glare as she looked at the Marauders, whom she’d never tried to pretend she didn’tdespise. “You guys could be more helpful and supportive you know. How would you feel is someone did this to you?”

“Hey, I’m on his side.” Peter threw his hands up in the air.

“He is.” Remus agreed.

Lily’s glare turned into a smile at Peter.

“Oh, get off of it Evans.” James nearly growled. It was a well known fact that Evans hated Remus’ friends and tried to keep him to herself as much as possible, and it was also a well known fact that the Marauders resented the time Remus dedicated to the redhead. “I’m complimenting Remus. I mean, come on, he’s bloody hot!”

A blush darkened Remus’ face as he pouted and lowered his gaze, his golden hair falling into his face.

Lily narrowed her eyes at James the same time a low growl could be heard from Sirius’s corner. It was so Padfootthat the teens all turned in surprise towards the young man who’d been deathly silent throughout the whole day.

Sirius’ eyes were narrowed and darker than usual, glaring at James. “Will you stop bloody talking about Moony like that? You’re pissing me off!”

“It talks.” James deadpanned, mocking the fact that Sirius had become mute ever since the transformation.

“Not now you two.” Peter intervened. “Come on, we’re all on edge after Remus went and turned into a hot bird---.”

“A bloody hot bird.” James teasingly interjected.

“---without any warning.” Peter continued as if James hadn’t spoken. “But Remus is getting the worse of this. I mean, how many guys have hit on him since he transformed?”

“Who knows?” Remus snorted the same time Sirius growled out: “Thirteen.”

Remus’ eyes widened as he looked at the suddenly chatty Sirius. Had the older Gryffindor actually counted? “Um, well,” he scratched behind his head nervously, looking away from the bloke who’d made him the confused teenaged werewolf he’d been for months. “I don’t think they were serious anyway, I mean, I might have these” he motioned to the breasts he still couldn’t get used to. “But they all know that I’m still me, a boy.”

“I don’t know.” Lily sounded oddly put out. “A lot of guys like you even when you’re a guy.”

Remus’ eyes widened as he turned to the redhead. “Huh?”

Lily looked around as if expecting someone to be eavesdropping on them before leaning into Remus, whispering into his ear. “I think it’s the animal magnetism. You’re probably releasing pheromones without even realizing it.”

Remus’ eyes widened and his blush darkened as he turned to look at Lily in horror. The girl had found out his secret during the beginning of seventh year, and had been pissed that he hadn’t told her about it before, but other than that she was fascinated with his other self.

Sirius growled again but Remus ignored him, eyes wide and fixed on Lily.

The redhead suddenly blushed, wringing her hands in front of her as her gaze lowered. “Um, yeah, ah, Remus? Do you need to borrow a bra or something?”

Okay, now Remus preferred death than to continue on living. He hung his head low in utter humiliation and vowed tomurder whoever had decided that this was something he deserved as punishment for whatever.

Honestly, Remus couldn’t think of anything horrible he’d done that deserved such a drastic and cruel punishment as this. Honestly, despite being a werewolf and incredibly strong thanks to that, Remus had to admit that physically he was kinda, um, girly.

He was short---one of the shortest boys in his year, and thin. Sure, there were muscles in his body, lean and deadly, but he was thinner than the others and had, embarrassingly enough, slight curves. His features were soft, his eyes too gold, and his hair was too silky as it fell into his face.

How many times had a guy told him that with his chin-length golden tendrils he could pass for a girl?

And now he was a girl—if only for a couple of days.

“Y-yeah.” Remus forced the word out, closing his eyes so tight they hurt. He couldn’t believe how low he was being brought.

A bra.

He was going to have to wear a frickin’ bra!

How could this get any worse?”

A loud wolf whistle sounded throughout the common room. “Hey Remus!” Wallace Weasley called out, grinning lecherously at him. “How about a lil---?”

Sirius was on his feet in seconds. “Finish that sentence and I’ll chop off that chopstick you call a dick and choke you to death with it.”

Remus’ eyes flew open and went wide as they landed on the murderous Sirius. What exactly was going on with his friend lately? Sure, they’d been always been close, and had been getting closer, especially after Peter’d helped them reconcile after the Snape Incident—but…

The werewolf didn’t exactly listen to what Sirius was saying now as the dark haired Gryffindor glared at all the males in the room and began spouting out something that sounded dangerous from his tone of voice. No, Remus wasn’t concentrating on the words at all, he was concentrating on the boy.

Recently Sirius had been acting odd around him. It was one of the reasons why Remus was so confused. Sirius had always been protective, possessive and watchful over him, he’d always been close, and yet things had changed over the last holiday.

The blonde had invited his friends to spend the vacations with him at his parent’s countryside home for the first time, and during that period things had shifted somehow. Sirius was more, uh, serious, silent, and yet attentive and thoughtful and---odd.

It wasn’t that Remus didn’t like the change—he was actually quite enjoying this new closeness with Sirius—it was just that the werewolf really didn’t know the reason behind why the dark haired boy had changed so much.

James moved forwards and grabbed onto Sirius when the taller boy made as if to stalk towards a now cringing Wallace.

Lily glared at Wallace and the other boys who’d backed him up, for once on Sirius and James’ side.

Peter sighed from where he sat, hands to his temples as if saying ‘give me patience’.

“I’m going to bed.” The werewolf announced, shaking his head, so tired of the situation. Maybe if he went to bed he’d wake up to his own body once more.

His friends turned to look at him worried. “But it’s still early!” James nearly whined. “And we’re supposed to go over the list of suspects and find out who did this to you! How can we do it if the brains of our operation is snoozing his eyeballs out?”

“I see you admit to not having a brain.” Lily mocked.

James glared at her. “Evans, I am this close to forgetting you’re a girl and hexing you.”

“Remus can outdraw you anytime.” Lily replied, both truthfully and snidely. “And he would defend me.”

James glared at her because he like the others knew it was true. Remus wouldn’t let anyone hurt Lily Evans or Severus Snape, something that annoyed him and Sirius to no small extent.

“What are you doing here again, Evans?” Sirius wanted to know, sounding tired and wary. “Go away, fly free, leave us the fuck alone.”

She promptly ignored him, turning to Peter. “You’re the only sensible Marauder other than Remus, if I give you the bag with, uh, Remus’ necessities you wouldn’t go looking through it, would you?”

Peter’s eyebrow raised for a second before he suddenly realized what necessities Lily was referring to and going red. “Evans! Don’t give that to me!”

She looked him over before smiling. “The fact that you blushed is just too cute.” She nudged Remus playfully. “Why couldn’t you have picked two other guys nice like this one?”

Peter was burrowing deeper into his chair, looking horribly embarrassed with the attention now on him.

“Lily, play nice.” Remus sighed, placing a hand on her shoulder and squeezing it tiredly. “I’m going up to bed now, and you’re walking me to the staircase because if I leave you here with them I’ll wake up tomorrow to the news that you all murdered each other.”

“Remus, don’t exaggerate.” And yet Lily was grinning brightly at the thought as they walked towards the staircase.

Unable to do anything but chuckle at her enthusiasm, Remus shook his head and hurried up the staircase towards the room that he shared with his mates, hoping that once he opened his eyes tomorrow morning he’d be back in his male body once more.


It wasn’t easier today.

Taking in a deep breath, Sirius Black watched as Remus, or the female equivalent of Remus, stepped out of the bathroom, glaring at everyone moodily. The blonde was still wearing his male school uniform, but there were deep curves now where there’d only been tempting, subtle ones before.

“Bloody hot.” James teased once more, ducking the hex the moody werewolf sent his way.

“Oi, you’re going to end up in the Infirmary if you don’t let up on the teasing, mate.” Peter warned, grabbing his books.

Sirius had to agree with the chubby marauder. If Remus didn’t hex James soon he would. Sure, Sirius knew that James was just messing with Remus, but Young Master Black couldn’t help but want to throttle his best friend every time he said something like that to his werewolf.

…Even if he was bloody hot.

Apparently, I’m Remus-sexual. Sighing, Sirius reached for his wand and stole another glance at Remus, who was putting on the robes over his uniform and hiding his figure from his friends and the rest of the school. Sirius had wanted Remus when he’d thought he was a mere boy, had wanted him when he’d realized Remus was a werewolf, and apparently the fact that Remus was now a girl hadn’t changed that want one bit.

Of course, despite the fact that Moony made a helluva girl, Sirius kinda missed the old Remus. It was, uh, unnervingto see Remus as a girl, and if Sirius had had problems warning guys away before, now it was physically impossible to glare at all the guys checking Remus out.

Honestly, Sirius was gonna kill whoever did this to the werewolf.

The disowned heir sighed as they all walked out to the common room and refrained from growling when Lily Evans caught up with them, looping her arm around Remus’ as they began to talk.

Honestly, Evans and Snape were nuisances—and threats to Sirius’ future plans with Moony. Both meant very much to Remus, and Sirius had to admit that he was a little insecure when it came to the werewolf’s friendship with them. Those two were the only ones Remus would fight with the Marauders over, and although Sirius knew that Remus loved them he sometimes worried that Evans and Snape would get their way and separate Remus from them for good.

“Good morning Remus!” A couple of girls from Ravenclaw waved their arms enthusiastically as the group left the common room, heading towards breakfast.

Remus smiled and waved back.

“Good luck on finding the person who did that to you!” Another couple of girls cried from Hufflepuff.

“Looking hot, Lupin.” Someone from Slytherin hooted.

Sirius closed his eyes and growled. Not only did he have to worry about all the houses having someone who liked Remus (who was one of the only people who believed that Slytherins were good people as well), but he had to worry about girls and boys.

It’d been a shock when he’d found out about Remus’ attraction to both sexes, and of course, the way he’d found out hadn’t been the most ideal---the vision of Snape kissing Remus still gave the Gryffindor nightmares sometimes—and while Sirius was ecstatic because that gave him a slim chance of winning his werewolf, it also meant that he had twice the competition.

Hearing a squeak as they entered the Great Hall, Sirius’ gaze followed the sound and he watched as Snape’s eyes widened and a blush covered his usually pallid face before he looked down at his plate of food in horror.

A smirk tilted the Gryffindor’s lips.

Great, Snivellus was uncomfortable with a female Remus.

At least ONE good thing came out of this. Maybe that damned snake will leave him alone now that he has breasts.

Sirius paused and scrunched up his nose. Sure, he loved Remus, he wanted him in any form that he could get him, but Sirius really hoped Remus would get his normal body back soon!

Movement from his blonde caused Sirius’ gaze to snap up, and he frowned as he realized that Remus was making his way towards the Slytherin table.

Don’t tell me he’s going to talk to the bastard!

And yet Remus didn’t make his way to Snape’s side. The only Gryffindor accepted by the Slytherins leaned a hip against the table and smiled at Lucius Malfoy, laughing at something the insufferable platinum blonde announced, a mischievous expression in those silver eyes.

Sirius felt a growl rise from his chest.

Why the hell did Moony have to be friends with so many snakes?

“I get you, Sir.” James was sighing by his side. “Moony really is overcompensating with this.” The messy-haired boy lowered his voice until Sirius could hardly hear him although James was whispering only to him. “I think it’s the fact that he knows most of the people here wouldn’t accept him if they knew his condition---so he tries to befriend everyone and show them that prejudice is bad.”

“Hating Slytherins isn’t prejudice, it’s being smart.” Sirius bit out, folding his arms over his chest and his lip curled in a snarl as Damien Flint and Basil Zabini joined in on the conversation, each laughing at whatever Remus answered. “Why the soddin’ hell does Remus not see that?”

“Well, it’s one of the things that makes him so special would be my guess.” Peter piped up from Sirius’ other side, surprising the taller boy because he’d remained by their side instead of hurrying to eat. “I mean, it’s one of the reasons why Dumbledore was so insistent he become Head Boy this year, isn’t it?”

Sirius paused, considering that. Peter had a point.

“While I still think he shouldn’t have turned down the offer in favor of Frank, I’m kinda relieved he did.” James announced. “We’re used to staying in the same room---and he’d be staying in the head quarters with Evans.”

The three remaining marauders paled at the thought of Remus being Head Boy to Evans’ Head Girl.

Zabini stood and placed a creamy dark hand on Remus’ shoulder, visibly squeezing it.

Remus smiled back at him, tilting his head slightly, golden hair falling into his face.

Sirius growled.

Peter and James took a step forwards just in case Sirius launched himself at the snake table.

Remus smiled at everyone and turned, returning to them. The golden-blonde reached the Marauder’s side and Sirius reached out and grabbed the werewolf’s hand, bringing him closer, glaring at the snakes.

He didn’t notice Remus’ wide-eyed expression or his blush as Sirius tightened his hold on his hand and caressed Moony’s skin with his thumb. He was way too busy glaring at Zabini.

“So, Moony, how is the pit of vipers?” James asked conversationally.

“Really you guys.” Remus sighed, shaking his head slightly. “You should give them a chance you know, like the chance you gave me.”

Sirius tore his gaze from the Slytherin table and looked at Remus, a little disturbed. “You’re special, Remus. You deserve all the chances in the world. They’re just pure evil.”

Remus looked at his face for a second, a contemplative expression in those golden eyes, before he just grinned brightly, the curve of those lips causing Sirius’s heart to skip a beat. “You’re impossible, you know that?”

Sirius just tightened his hold on Remus’ hand and smiled back. “But you still love me.” He teased back.

“Someone has to.” Remus responded.

Ouch.” Peter laughed before turning to Remus, a large grin on his face. “So, what did Lucius Malfoy want with you?”

“Oh.” Remus tore his gaze from Sirius’ and the dark haired Gryffindor pouted slightly at the loss. “He told me that he, Damien and Basil had conducted a search in the dungeons last night and that no Slytherin was responsible for this.” He motioned with his free hand to his body. “But they’ll keep their eyes and ears open and will do their best to help me find out who did.”

“Not a Slytherin?” James made a face. “You sure we can trust their word?”

James…” Remus sighed tiredly.

“Come on, James.” Peter interceded on Remus’ behalf. “The Slytherins like Remus, remember? Why would they do this to him?”

Everyone likes Remus.” James responded truthfully. “The only one who had any problems with Remus was that bloke from Hufflepuff---but that was because he thought Remus had made fun of him with that Hipogryff comment.”

“And they settled that misunderstanding in fourth year.” Peter nodded before turning to Remus. “Don’t you tutor him in Muggle Studies now?”

The werewolf nodded.

Sirius looked Remus over. That was one of the reasons why Remus was so popular. Not only was he incredibly good looking and nice, but he always made time to help others in class and out of it. He had regular tutoring sessions withcountless students from each house and that left him with less and less time to help the Marauders with the planning of their pranks---although all of their best work usually came from him still nonetheless.

“What if it wasn’t meant for Remus?” Sirius finally asked. “What if someone else from our table was supposed to drink the potion and Remus did by mistake?”

“That---that could actually be a possibility.” Remus tapped his bottom lip thoughtfully.

James went pale. “I always sit next to you at breakfast. What if it had been meant for me?” Suddenly he turned slightly green and brought his hands to his—thankfully—flat chest.

“Sirius could have been the target too.” Peter pointed out helpfully. “He sits on Remus’ other side and all of Slytherin hates him.”

Sirius stiffened at the thought.

Remus, James and Peter all exchanged looks before turning to Sirius. “It was probably meant for him.”

Sirius groaned. “Great. Someone wants to see girl me? What has this world gotten to?”

“It doesn’t even have to be Slytherin.” Remus ignored Sirius’ rant. “Most of the girls in the school hate him since he’s broken almost all of their hearts.” The golden-blonde shook his head. “Turning him into a girl would really be cosmic justice.”

Hey!” Sirius cried out, pouting. Why did Remus always take the side of Sirius’ ex one-night-stands?

“Ya, it would.” Peter agreed before his eyes finally wandered towards the Gryffindor table. “Well mates, I’m gonna go get me some breakfast before class.” And with that he hurried towards the food that awaited him anxiously.

James smirked as he watched Peter go, shook his head fondly, and followed after him, wedging himself between the chubby boy and Frank Longbottom.

Sirius frowned at them. “Sure, when they think Remus was attacked they didn’t want to sleep trying to go over who it could have been. But when they think I’m the one targeted they just don’t care.” He turned to Remus. “I feel unloved.”

Remus smiled softly at him, squeezing the hand Sirius held. “Don’t worry, I’ll protect you from your ever-growing hate-club.”

“Considering you’re currently a bird, I feel very emasculated.” Sirius sighed dramatically.

The werewolf grinned and tugged his hand, leading him towards the table. “Come on, I’m hungry oh drama queen.”

Sirius only let that comment slide because Remus had laced his fingers through his.


1st-Feb-2009 01:11 am (UTC)

That was very nice.
1st-Feb-2009 01:28 am (UTC)
Glad it meets with your approval!
1st-Feb-2009 02:02 am (UTC)
wow wow WOW! You continued the story! it's just sooo good, the Remus turning into a girl thing was a surprise but i love how Sirius gets all jealous, so cute! I also enjoyed that Remus was loved by everyone. One thing to add though. You said that Frank was head boy...so is this story AU? either way it was a lovely story, please post again!!!!
1st-Feb-2009 02:11 am (UTC)
Yep, It's AU. I'm sorry, I thought I'd put it in the note above the chapter. This is COMPLETELY 100 PERCENT AU!
Glad you like it so far and hope you continue to like it!
1st-Feb-2009 12:22 pm (UTC)
love au!!! i suspected when at first because peter was so nice, i despise peter but you make him out as someone i like!! thanks and i definitely will continue reading! this is probably my new fav story...:) great job!
1st-Feb-2009 03:54 am (UTC)
Most excellent! Please, please, PLEASE write more!
1st-Feb-2009 03:57 am (UTC)
Just thought I'd add...I LOVE the AU. This is the way I wish the story was! You are my favorite person ever! (Did that sound creepy? I hope not as I didn't mean it to be. *sad pout*)
1st-Feb-2009 02:02 pm (UTC)
haha, nope didn't sound creepy at all! I'm honored! :D
Glad you love the AU, since I plan on changing a lot. I like Rowling, but there are just some minor (and some major) things I'm planning on changing---even though I'm still debating a major issue wondering if I should change it or not. Oh well, I'll see when I get to that part!
Have a great weekend and thanks for the review!
1st-Feb-2009 10:50 pm (UTC)
poor remus!!!!
i luv this story
pleaz rite more
1st-Feb-2009 11:06 pm (UTC)
will try to update soon! Glad you like!
1st-Feb-2009 11:26 pm (UTC)
hopefully i'll start posting one of the remus/sirius stories i've been writing.
2nd-Feb-2009 04:24 pm (UTC)
*drowns in a puddle of goo*
Awwww, this is too sweet :')
2nd-Feb-2009 04:51 pm (UTC)
*flails around before trying to shovel out the goo and keep you from drowning*
Glad you liked!
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