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Dead Man's Chest 15/? 
11th-May-2016 01:41 pm
Dead Man"s Chest4
Title: Dead Man's Chest
Sequel to: Curse of the Black Pearl and A Tail of the Sea.
Pairings/Characters: Chloe, James Norrington, Will Turner, Lois/Jack Sparrow, Lucy/Giselle, Lana, Governor Swan, Cutler Beckett... more
Rating: T+
Disclaimer: Don't own
Summary: A year has passed since Chloe started her life on the small, remote island, where she's managed to build a happy life for herself. But she has a debt to pay, and when old friends come a'knocking she finds out who The Voice is, and what she must do to be free.

Chloe followed after the… manifestations?… in intrigue. She had no idea what was happening, or how it was happening. She wasn't asleep. She wasn't having a vision. She was awake, she was cognizant, and yet she was seeing the past of the goddess Calypso and a young, human Davy Jones as if it was happening right in front of her. It actually was happening right in front of her.

Davy caught the goddess and they tumbled onto the sand with shrieks and laughter. The duo was so happy, so in love, as they wrestled on the sand until Calypso sat straddling Davy Jones, laughing down at him.

Looking completely different form his miserable, monstrous self, Davy reached up and cupped her face. "My love."

"My love," Calypso whispered back as she leaned down and kissed him.

"Excuse me? Can either of you explain to me what exactly is going on?" Chloe finally spoke up, testing a theory, and when the couple did not react to her voice she knew for a fact that she wasn't somehow actually seeing them. What was this? An intense, interactive memory, perhaps? But if so, whose?

Calypso giggled as she sat up once more, and suddenly the one she straddled was not Davy Jones, but Will Turner.

Chloe's eyed widened as Calypso kissed Will, her hair creating a barrier between them and Chloe, shielding his face from view. And then, when she pulled away, Will was no longer there, and instead it was James. "What?" Chloe looked towards Calypso to see herself instead. "W-what?" Taking a step back, Chloe watched herself kissing James, but James and Will began to quickly interchange rapidly. Every time she blinked it was someone else whom she was kissing. "ENOUGH!"

Suddenly the image disappeared and she stood alone on the beach, staring at the place where she'd seen herself kissing James and Will.

The sound of singing caused her to swing around. She recognized the voice and quickly raced through the sand towards it. As she drew nearer she found herself on the shore where she'd awoken. Calypso stood waist-deep in the crystalline water, singing as she caressed one of many dolphins who played in the water around her.

Seated on the beach was Davy Jones. He watched Calypso in open awe, a smile on his face as he rested his elbows on his bent knees.

Taking in a deep breath, Chloe made her way to Davy Jones and sat down next to him on the humid sand. She reached her hand out and rested it on his shoulder, shocked when it didn't phase through him, and yet Davy didn't seem to feel her touch. This confused her even more. Just what was going on? What was this and why was she seeing it?

The sky began to darken too fast to be natural. She stared up at the sky, watching the sun being chased away by the moon as stars twinkled all around her. It seemed as if in a few seconds day had turned to night.

Turning towards Davy, wondering if he found it just as weird as she did, Chloe found herself seated there alone. Her gaze went to the sea to search for Calypso and found her there, but instead of finding her with the dolphins she was deeper in the water, and with Davy. The moonlight bathed on them as their bodies intertwined, her arms around his neck, his around her waist, and their lips moving fiercely against each other.

A dark blush crawled up Chloe's neck as she watched what could only be Calypso and Davy partaking in passion, surrounded by nothing but the sea and bathed in pure silver moonlight. Watching them Chloe could see just how in love these two had been, so what had happened? What could've parted them? What could've turned Davy Jones from the adoring man that he had once been into the monster that he was now?

"Lucy!" Lana gasped as she awoke, jolting up on the hammock. Her face and body were drenched in sweat, causing her hair and clothes to stick to her body uncomfortably. A hand to her rapidly beating heart, Lana searched the hammocks to find Lucy sleeping on the larger one she shared with Giselle, both soundly asleep, as were everyone else in the crew's quarters.

Relief speared her to see her sister there, alive, but it wasn't enough to push back the nausea and terror that had taken residence in Lana's body during that horrible horrible nightmare. Every time she closed her eyes she saw it, saw the life draining from her little sister's eyes, and this time Lana would do everything in her power to keep her sister safe. She hadn't been insistent or active enough when she'd sensed Chloe's danger, and look what had happened there! Lucy did not have the healing ability Chloe did. If Lucy died…

Terror was overwhelming as it bubbled inside of her body, making Lana feel suddenly suffocated. Managing to make it out of the hammock without falling on her face, she grabbed a shawl, passed her snoring father, and hurried towards the upper deck. The first breath of sea air was like heaven and she stayed there, breathing it in almost desperately as she clung to the railing of the Black Pearl.

Taking in breath after breath, Lana's eyes narrowed on the black sea. She didn't know where this ability to see atrocities that could befall her beloved ones had come from, but she saw these terrible things for a reason.

She was going to save Lucy's life, no matter what.

Calypso and Davy Jones walked side by side, hand in hand, shoulder pressing against shoulder. They smiled up at each other, their attention only on each other, never seeming to notice anything else around them.

Chloe trailed behind them, more curious and confused with each new scene that she saw. Where exactly was she? Why was she seeing this? Was she truly awake? Hours of this had started to waver her confidence that she was. What if she only thought she was? What if that blow from Davy Jones had done more damage than she'd expected? What if she was dreaming this while being taking away by Finley?

She glanced upwards and stared at the sunny sky. It felt like a real sun, as did the breeze, it felt… breezy. Everything down to the feel of the sand beneath her feet was too realistic to be just a dream… right?

I am going insane. This could be hell.

Chloe then froze as a chilling thought hit her. What if Finley hadn't gotten away with her? What if Davy Jones had caught her? What if she was in The Locker? What if this was what she had to look forwards to for all eternity?


Glancing back towards Davy Jones and Calypso she found them them seated over the same bit of sand that they'd been on when they'd turned into her, James and Will. She knew this for a fact not only because of the boulder not that far from the sand at the entrance of the jungle, but because this seemed to be a special place for Calypso and Davy Jones. They were able to enjoy the shade from the near jungle without entering it, leaning against the boulder as they sat down and spoke or did whatever they were doing at the time.

Chloe had followed the lovebirds for what might've been two days by now, but she couldn't be sure. Time was wonky when one minute she was in the nighttime watching Davy and Calypso, and within the blink of an eye it was the middle of the day and they were in a different part of the island.

The only thing good about this was that she'd explored the island alongside two people who seemed to know it inside and out. Thanks to following their footsteps she knew that a village had once stood tall here, but the buildings were long since abandoned. There was also a church which was half rotted away, a cave with access to the ocean that Davy and Calypso slept in, and a grove of fruit bearing trees near the river. But despite going all around the island, Calypso and Davy Jones always returned her.

Now, Calypso sat with her back against the boulder, Davy's head on her lap as she watched the crabs with a smile. The crabs were everywhere, congregating, slowly forming a sign with their bodies over a patch of sand by Calypso's feet.

It was a large heart.

"X marks the spot," Calypso whispered as she marked an X over Davy's chest with her finger. "Here lies your heart."

"It is not my heart." Davy Jones caught her hand in his. "Tis yours."

Suddenly Chloe's eyes widened and she glanced down at her bracelet, at the design of the crab holding the heart. An earlier memory flashed before her eyes, one of a crab passing Davy Jones a heart. "The heart." She stumbled towards the crabs, breathless in realization. "It is here!"

Suddenly the crabs disappeared, they flickered and vanished from sight.

She glanced towards Calypso and caught the goddess' eye seconds before she and Davy Jones flickered and disappeared as well.

Breathless, Chloe collapsed to her knees on the sand and began to dig.

Tia Dalma stood in the water below her tree home, a frown on her face. She'd felt something from her connection with Chloe, it'd been a rush of shock and emotion, but then it'd disappeared once more and no matter how hard the obeah priestess had tried she couldn't reconnect with the girl. This was troubling. She was used to full control and couldn't understand why her magic was failing her now so spectacularly. What was happening out there? What had happened when Chloe and Davy Jones had met? What was different?

Closing her eyes she tried concentrating harder, forcing more power than she was comfortable using, and for a split second she saw nothing but white sand and hands digging deep into it, and then there was nothing. Pain pierced her head and forced her to break the connection. A small bead of blood trailed down her left nostril and she wiped it away with disgust.

Shaking her head, Tia concentrated on her other indentured slave, and smiled when she connected immediately, seeing snippets through his eyes as he stared out at the vast ocean. She be alive and on land.

Immediately Tia could feel his utter relief and knew that her message had been received.

Also, she could feel it. She wasn't sure how, but she knew it without a doubt.

The Black Pearl was close to the chest.

Chloe's hands were dirty and raw from having dug so long, so deep, but it was all worth it now that she had the small yet heavy chest in her hands. It'd taken all of her strength to pull it out from its hiding place, to take it from the open beach to the secluded, hidden cave, but it had been worth it.

Kneeling on the ground in front of the chest, Chloe brought her ear to the chest and listened. At first there was nothing, and then she heard it. Heartbeats. Gasping, she pulled away and gulped, just staring at the chest in disbelief. It hadn't been a metaphor! Davy Jones had yanked out his actual heart!

Reaching for her bracelet, Chloe pressed the heart in the crab's claw and opened the hidden compartment to reveal the key. Inhaling a deep breath she freed the key and slipped it into the keyhole, it fit perfectly. Despite that she hesitated a second before turning it, hearing the chest unlock. Tia Dalma only wanted the key, but Chloe needed to see inside of the chest, she needed to know what was inside of it. Needed to see the heart herself.

Hiding the key back in the secret compartment, Chloe gripped the sides of the lid and took in a deep breath before she flung it open to find letters. There were tons of them, all of them were addressed to Calypso Ogygia at Isla Cruces. Isla Cruces? Why does that sound so familiar?

The sound of a heartbeat distracted her, and Chloe carefully shuffled through the letters to find a crude knapsack lying at the bottom of the chest. The chest beat visibly. Nausea and fear filled Chloe and yet she couldn't stop herself from reaching forwards and resting her hand over the knapsack. It was warm to the touch and filled with life.

Images of the young, handsome, human Davy Jones flashed in front of her eyes, and before Chloe even knew what she was doing she was bent over, sobbing. She didn't understand the sorrow she felt so profoundly, but it was there in her chest, as if the sadness and pain of Davy Jones' heart was now her own. Sobs tore from her lips, loud and ugly, as tears filled her eyes and cascaded onto the burlap knapsack. Such pain, such agony, such betrayal! Why had his heart been in this much pain? This broken?

What had happened between Calypso and Davy Jones to make the happy man of her memories feel this much pain? Feel the need to yank out his own heart in order to stop feeling this? What had turned the man into the monster?

Yanking her hand away from the heart, Chloe curled up in a ball on the cave floor and sobbed in heartbreak.

"You will stay on the ship and that is final." Lucy glared at Giselle, who was glaring just as badly at her. "I have a iron-solid constitution. You do not. I cannot have you getting sick."

Giselle glared at her in utter defiance. "Just because you are immune to the common cold does not mean that your 'iron-clad constitution' will hold up as well against a plague island!" She swept her hands out towards the island in the distance. "What if Davy Jones and his men are already there? What if they somehow know and are awaiting you there in ambush?"

"Then I definitely need you to stay on the ship." Lucy clamped her hands on Giselle's shoulders.

"But—!" Giselle began, back to the men who were readying one of the life rafts so the small group could make their own to the shore.

"I will not be able to concentrate on fighting if you are there!" Lucy interrupted harshly. "I will be too worried about you! Too distracted! I will dieif you go with us."

Giselle closed her mouth but her face showed her displeasure and fear. She glanced up at the sky, took in a deep breath, and then lowered her glare to Lucy's face. "If you die, so help me god, I will bury you in a dress!"

Lucy's eyes widened in horror. "You would never—!"

"Try me!" Giselle snapped at her. "You'll be in a frilly dress, covered in ribbons, for all eternity!"

Honestly a little terrified,Lucy gulped. "I will definitely not die then."

"Good," Giselle whispered, all her ire suddenly worry once more. "I do not want you going."

Lucy sighed. "I know that, Gi, you have made your feelings towards this painfully, frillily clear."

"I am sorry to interrupt," a new voice interjected as Lois joined them. "Lou might have his reasons for wanting you here, but so do I." She hurried before Giselle could interject anything. "Someone needs to take care of father while we're on the island."

Giselle's mouth clamped shut in shock.

Lucy turned to look at Lois in surprise as well.

"Usually Lana would watch over him, but she's oddly insistent she go to the island as well, and that leaves father here alone." Lois made a face as she watched father chase after his hat, which danced on the wind just out of his grasp. "He will not last two seconds without someone to watch over him."

Giselle flinched as she watched her father-in-law. "I see your point." She then turned her attention on Lois. "I will take care of him, but you must promise me that Lou will return from that island."

Lois smiled and nodded as she held out her hand. "It is a deal, sister."

Lucy's eyes widened. This was the first time that Lois had—.

Gi's eyes widened and filled with emotion but she cleared her throat and took in a deep breath. "Yes, it is." She then placed her hand in Lois' and shook it.

Lucy grinned and hugged both females tightly, happier than she'd felt in a very long time.

My Dearest Calypso

Being apart from you is torture, but every time I gaze at the sea I think of you and this pain in my chest becomes a little more bearable. I promised to honor the sacred duty you imparted in me, and I am humbled by the importance of the task, but this heart beats only for you, and the distance is physically painful.

I dream of our carefree days on the beaches of Isla Cruces. I dream of your hair, your eyes, your voice and touch. I dream of your lips on mine yet I wake up and I am alone in this cold bed. I might be captain of a fine ship, and command the respect and obedience of a respectable crew charged with a sacred duty, but I do miss those days with every breath. I miss you.

I thought immortality would make ten years go by in a blink of an eye, but every day is an eternity of its own. Sometimes I start to lose hope, but then I think of your face awaiting me when I return and it is what I need to push on, to make you proud and prove to all that our love is worthy.

How I wish I could hear your song, my love.

Until we meet again.

Yours always

Your Davy Jones

Sitting with her back to the cave wall, Chloe glanced up from the newest letter in her hands. All around her were open letters, letters which she'd read in the dim light, letters in which Davy Jones poured out his heart, his love, his desire and his fears and insecurities to Calypso. What sacred duty had been given him? Being the captain of the Flying Dutchman? Had Calypso been the one to give him the duty to ferry souls who'd been lost at sea over to the other side?

If so, why?

And given the fact that she was the goddess of the sea why was his being the captain of the Flying Dutchman apparently a reason for separation? She wasthe sea. She should've been by his side! None of this made any sense!

Did it have anything to do with his saying that once ten years was up their love would be proved worthy? Was there some sort of test? And if so, who was testing them?

Taking in a deep breath, Chloe stared at the heart beating deep within the open chest.

What happened to you during those ten years, Davy Jones?

Shaking her head, Chloe folded the letter and put it back into its envelope before reaching for a new missive and beginning to read it.

The group made it to the shore and peered around them. Jack, James, Will, Lucy, Lana and Lois gazed upon the beach of Isla Cruces and glanced further ahead of them, able to see a jungle in the distance. They'd wrapped cloth around their mouths and noses before leaving the Black Peal in precaution. The plague might've been wiped out many years ago (along with the inhabitants of Isla Cruces) but it was better to be safe than sorry.

Jack waved Lucy forwards with both hands.

Rolling her eyes, Lucy stepped forwards and held the compass up as she concentrated on finding the Dead Man's Chest. The needle spun around for a couple of seconds before finding a strong bearing, pointing towards their destination. "We have a bearing."

"Lovely!" Shoving the shovels in James and Will's chests, obviously not about to dig anything up himself, Jack grinned brightly and offered his arm to Lois.

Raising an eyebrow, Lois made a little noise and walked off behind Lucy when the girl in drag took off.

Jack grinned at Lois' back. "Saucy little tart."

Lana rolled her eyes, hitched up the skirt of her dress to a respectable height, and wobbled her way through the sand behind Lois.

11th-May-2016 07:20 pm (UTC)

Ohhhh my refresh dance worked amd boy did it work two chapters!!!

Thank you so much for giving us more of Davy and Calypso it just makes it so much sadder and super intense what they went through!!! And poor Chloe when she touched Davy's heart and all the pain she felt. And what was with the vision that went from Calypso and Davy to Chloe and Will and James????

And the Black Pearl has arrived to the island. Can't wait for Lois and Lana to see Chloe.

Ohh Lucy and Giselle are too adorable love that Gi threatened Lucy about burying her in a dress ohh how I cackled!!

12th-May-2016 06:04 am (UTC)
It is definitely sad what happened to them, because they truly lived a genuine love story!

Gi knows Lucy better than even her family by now. She knows what to do to get her inspired to do/not do something!
12th-May-2016 02:18 pm (UTC)
Reasons to believe my crazy theory:
A dark blush crawled up Chloe's neck as she watched what could only be Calypso and Davy partaking in passion,
I think they were conceiving her.

She didn't understand the sorrow she felt so profoundly, but it was there in her chest, as if the sadness
Because there's a conection

What had happened between Calypso and Davy Jones to make the happy man of her memories feel this much pain?
Something to do with their baby lol

She glanced towards Calypso and caught the goddess' eye seconds before she and Davy Jones flickered and disappeared as well.
Was she somehow looking at Chloe?

"If you die, so help me god, I will bury you in a dress!"
Lucy's eyes widened in horror. "You would never—!"
"Try me!" Giselle snapped at her. "You'll be in a frilly dress, covered in ribbons, for all eternity!"

OMFG! I was laughing so hard that baby Chloe looked at me with wide eyes and then laughed too lol

I promised to honor the sacred duty you imparted in me, and I am humbled by the importance of the task,
What was this duty of his?
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