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Dead Man's Chest 16/? 
11th-May-2016 01:42 pm
Dead Man"s Chest4
Title: Dead Man's Chest
Sequel to: Curse of the Black Pearl and A Tail of the Sea.
Pairings/Characters: Chloe, James Norrington, Will Turner, Lois/Jack Sparrow, Lucy/Giselle, Lana, Governor Swan, Cutler Beckett... more
Rating: T+
Disclaimer: Don't own
Summary: A year has passed since Chloe started her life on the small, remote island, where she's managed to build a happy life for herself. But she has a debt to pay, and when old friends come a'knocking she finds out who The Voice is, and what she must do to be free.

There was a cave hidden, secluded, deep in the jungle which would've been nigh unfindable if it wasn't for the Compass guiding them through it. James glanced around, alert, not for danger but for Chloe. He knew in his bones that she was on this island. Not only had Tia Dalma told him so in not so many words, but the fact that the chest had been dug up (they'd walked passed the large hole on their way to the cave) but the small footsteps sunk deep into the sand under the weight of the chest proved that this was definitely Chloe.

That was why, once they made it into the belly of the cave and found the Dead Man's Chest open and letters strewn all over he froze, but not for the reason everyone else did. Where was Chloe? Why wasn't she here? Had something happened to force her to leave here quickly?

"It is a heart!" Lois gasped as she stared deep into the chest, her words drawing people to her side. "It still beats!"

Will glanced around the cave, eyes skimming the dark water, before he frowned and moved to leave the cave.

"Where are you going?" Lucy called after him.

"Someone with a key opened that chest," he answered as he disappeared quickly from sight. "That means Chloe's here."

Lucy's eyes widened as she hurried out after him. "Wait for me! We'll use the compass to find her!"

"Lucy!" Lana cried out. "Do not just go running carelessly like that!" She raced out after Lucy.

Jack and Lois knelt over the chest, both staring at the chest, their heads tilted to the side before they shared uneasy looks.

Ignoring all going on around him, James moved towards the dark body of water deeper in the cave. The light in the cave was very dim and provided by small holes in the ceiling which let in rays of light, but it was enough for him to see slow movement at the bottom of the dark water. Blue eyes narrowed as he leaned forwards, trying to make out the figure in the water, and then the sunlight hit the water in such a way that he could see blonde tresses.

Without even stopping to yank off his boots or jacket, James dove into the water. It didn't even occur to him that this could be a mermaid. No. He dove deeper into the black knowing that it was Chloe, and once his stinging eyes adjusted to being under the water and he drew nearer he saw the figure feel his advance and turn to face him. For a second she was hidden in the darkness, and then a stream of light shifted and he could see Chloe's wide eyed shock. Her lips parted and mouthed JAMES? while bubbles emerged from her lips and rose to the surface.

Despite his lungs burning him, telling him to surface, to get in a breath of air, James continued downwards until he was there in front of her. Even in the darkness of the water he could tell that the side of her face was incredibly bruised, swollen. Someone had hit her, hard. Murder coiled in his stomach as he softly caressed her cheek. WHO DID THIS TO YOU? The little oxygen he had escaped from his lungs in bubbles, and his body burned.

Chloe's eyes filled in terror and then in seconds her arms were around his neck. Her body pressed against his, her mouth covering his as she breathed into his mouth, sharing her oxygen with his burning, begging lungs. Slender fingers slipped deep into his hair as Chloe's mouth moved against his, her legs encircling around his waist, keeping the movement of the water from separating them yet also bringing them incredibly close, improperly so.

A part of James told him he needed to separate them, that this wasn't proper at all, but he ignored it as he carefully cupped her face and kissed her back. Emotion, magic, air, all swirled inside of him as they remained on the bottom of the water-filled cave floor. Groaning into the kiss, it was killing James to hold back, to be so gentle when what he wanted to do was press her up against something and lose himself in her, but she was injured and he was sure the others would soon realize he wasn't there anymore and would come looking for him.

That was the only reason why he finally tore his lips from Chloe, but the look in her low-lidded, darkened eyes almost had him kissing her once more. It took all of his power to motion up above them and mouth LOIS. Immediately he saw her reacting to that, her eyes opening fully, a smile on her face. He smiled in response to that and pressed a quick kiss to her lips before he began his ascension, the blonde quickly catching up to him and joining him as they made their way up and finally surfaced.

"CHLOE?" Lois' voice was shocked and trembled in emotion the second they did.

"Lois!" Chloe pulled herself out of the water and in seconds she was in her sister's arms, both girls sobbing in happiness as they clutched at each other.

Jack peeked up from where he was poking the heart inside of the chest with a twig. "Trust Blonde Swann to make a dramatic entrance." He grinned his gold-toothy grin at the girls and then went back to poking the heart curiously.

"Who did that to your face?" Lois wanted to know the second she pulled away from Chloe.

James remembered seeing Davy Jones backhand Chloe, and he was only barely keeping his emotions in check.

Not now. But later. I will kill Davy Jones.

Will stopped when Lucy skidded to a stop behind him so abruptly that Lana slammed hard into her back with an uuuumf! He glanced back over his shoulder at them to find Lucy's gaze on the compass, her body slowly turning back towards the cave.

Before he could ask what was wrong the sound of a single canon fire pierced the sky loud and clear, the loud and jarring boom bringing their attention towards the direction of the beach. That had been the agreed upon method of conveying to those on the island that they were no longer alone. They needed to get back to the Black Pearl, but Will couldn't leave, not with Chloe somewhere on the island.

Jack emerged from the cave and raced towards the direction of the beach, dragging a squeaking Lois behind him. Seconds behind him, the Dead Man's Chest gripped to his chest, was a surprisingly soaked James Norrington. A step behind him was an equally wet Chloe, who clothes and hair stuck to her face, the latter of which was dark and swollen from the backhanded blow they'd seen her suffer at Davy Jones' claw. Her neck was had ugly dark rings around them, betraying where the pincers had grabbed and squeezed on multiple occasions.

Then and there Will promised himself he'd killed Davy Jones.

"Chloe?" Lana gasped, voice thick with emotion and eyes filling with tears as she threw herself at her sister, careful not to hurt her face as she hugged her tightly.

"No time!" Lucy yanked Lana off of Chloe before the blonde could hug her back, and with a quick "Hi!" to Chloe, Lucy was running after Jack and dragging Lana behind her much like he had Lois.

"What's going on?" Chloe asked in confusion.

"Davy Jones," were the first words Will managed to get out since she'd appeared.

Chloe paled and the three of them took off in the back of the group. They didn't make it far. The bushes around them shook with movement right before Davy Jones' cursed crew appeared and cut them off from the rest of the group.

"Give us the chest!" One of them snarled as he brandished his cutlass at James, who was unable to defend himself as he held onto the Dead Man's Chest.

As the creature swung, Will yanked free his blade and dove in the middle, intercepting the blow and countering it, causing the monstrous sailor to fall back two steps at the unexpected move. Hearing a sword being yanked out behind him, he cast a very quick glance over his shoulder to prove that Chloe had reached over and yanked out James' sword, holding her back to James' as she stood very similar to how Will was, both defending the man who was staggering under the extreme weight of the Dead Man's Chest.

"Do not make me laugh, sea spirit," one of the creatures snarled at her. "You dunna frighten us with that blade."

"Then you are fools," James announced with confidence an unarmed man should not possess.

Despite everything, Will couldn't keep the hint of a smile off of his face. The sight of it must've provoked the one who'd attacked James before, because he snarled and charged, causing the others to do the same. Will met his blade with his own, concentrated on keeping as many blades as he could away from James and Chloe. He didn't afford himself many glances in their direction, but the few that he did proved that not only was Chloe keeping up on her own, but James was using the chest not only as a shield against any blow against him, but was using the weight of the chest to slam it into his attackers and send them flying back.

Kicking the blade of one of the creatures out of his hands, Will watched the blade twirling in the air and calculated, reaching out and catching it before twirling the handle of both swords in his hands in an admittedly show-off way as he smirked at the creatures. Now things were beginning to even out!

With a laugh he charged, both swords rapidly swinging around. While Will had always been a good swordsman this year upon the Black Pearl had given him more than a good amount of practice, and his talent with the blade had increased. Not only that, but he was fueled with the need for vengeance. Chloe's face was a constant reminder that the leader of these monsters had hurt her, and since Davy Jones himself was not here Will would get vengeance on his minions.

He had to admit though, he somewhat admired the way Norrington was using what was rightfully a burden as not only a shield, but a weapon as well.

"Behind you!" Will yelled when he saw one of the creatures behind Chloe.

Spinning around she sliced off the creature's head (which had a crab shell as a part of it) with her blade, causing it to go flying and hit one of the other monsters in the head, visibly disorienting him as the hard shell connected loudly with his skull. Pride filled him as he watched her actually use the move he'd taught her on an actual opponent.

"I taught her that!" He bragged to Norrington in a playful tone.

Chloe reached towards the monster's body as it begun to collapse, and (to Will's surprise) yanked out the monster's pistol, which she then fired once at a monster behind Will, and then at another behind Norrington. When one of the monsters got too close and stabbed with his knife she dodged the blow and twirled around, slamming the butt of the pistol into the back of the creature's head, knocking him right out before shooting at another approaching creature.

Norrington laughed as he glanced over at Will. "And I taught her that."

Will nodded, impressive.

Chloe turned to find a cursed pirate too close and, right as he raised his dagger, she kneed him in the balls, hard. The creature dropped his dagger, collapsed to his knees, and grabbed his balls with a howl.

Norrington, Will, and the cursed crew stopped for a second to flinch in empathy.

Not at all sympathetic, Chloe stabbed her blade deep into the creature's heart before she yanked her bloody blade out and turned to both Will and James. "Barbossa taught me that."

Will and James exchanged amused looks, and with that the fighting continued.

The Flying Dutchman was visible on the sea, it was large and ghastly, truly a ghost ship. Once realizing that James, Chloe and Will were not behind them Lucy's plan had been to get Lana and Lois onto the rowboat and then go back after her friends and sister, but the Flying Dutchman wasn't the only thing visible once they made it to the beach. There were crewmen awaiting by their rowboat, and it took Jack and Lucy all they had, fighting, to keep Lois and Lana protected.

Even with their own unique and impressive skill with the blade they were losing quickly, and Lucy had started to panic before suddenly a scream erupted behind her and she turned to find a sword sticking out of the monster about to run her through. It fell to the ground to reveal Chloe behind it. Will, bearing two swords, was also now in the fray as James rushed to place the Dead Man's Chest on the rowboat. The second the Dead Man's Chest was down James turned to the battle but was weaponless.

"Mr Norrington!" Will yelled and tossed him one of his swords.

"Mr Turner," James thanked with a dip of his head as he caught it and charged in attack.

With James, Will and Chloe now there the fight was evening out, but while the humans had talent, the creatures had numbers. Even now Lucy could see more emerging from the water to take the place of their fallen comrades. Davy Jones' men would soon outnumber them, or tire the group out then take them.

Lana took refuge on the rowboat, eyes wide in horror as she looked around her, clutching Jack's jar of dirt to her chest as if it would save her life.

Lois reached into the rowboat and grabbed a set of oars, swinging the wider section into the face of one of the creatures before shifting her grip on it and slamming the handle hard into the stomach of one of the creatures coming at her from behind, knocking the breath out of it.

Jack, of course, was doing his odd drunk-yet-somehow-incredible swordplay that always confused Lucy. Many times she wondered if he was really as drunk as he portrayed, or if he only wanted them to think he was so they'd underestimate him.

"We have to get to the Pearl!" Lucy yelled over the sound of war as more and more of Davy Jones' men arrived.

"We won't make it!" Will yelled back at her.

James turned his attention quickly to Chloe. "Do you need the Dead Man's Chest? Or Davy Jones' heart?"

She shook her head and placed her hand on the bracelet Tia Dalma had given her. "I have everything I need."

He nodded, kicked the creature into Will's blade, and then put his own sword away as he turned and hurried towards the rowboat. In seconds he had the Dead Man's Chest in his hands. "When I go, get in the rowboat, get to the Black Pearl, and get the hell out of here."

"Sure!" Jack declared, way too eager to accept this.

"No!" Chloe glared at James. "I will not-!"

Somehow managing to pin the heavy chest against his side, arm curled around it, James reached for Chloe and drew her in by an arm around her waist. In seconds his mouth met hers and consumed her protest.

Lucy's eyes widened in shock. This was highly improper! The impropriety didn't exactly bother her, but she'd never thought she'd ever live to see James Norrington be improper! Her gaze went to Will to find his face scrunched yet he forced himself to watch as Chloe's hands rested on James' chest, clearly not about to push him away.

James let go of Chloe and gripped the Dead Man's Chest with both hands before he took off, and as he'd obviously planned, the cursed pirates forgot all about the others and took off after him.

"NO!" Chloe made to follow but Jack grabbed her from behind and held her back. "JAMES!" She struggled with Jack. "LET GO!"

"I say we honor the man's last wishes," Jack announced cheerily. "Do you not agree?"

Despite it all, Lucy nodded. "Yes. " They needed to get to the Pearl. Davy Jones would attack the Black Pearl and those onboard with the Flying Dutchman if they stayed there much longer. So despite the fact that she wanted to stay and help she had Gi and her father to think of. "We need to leave, now."

Shifting her grip on her sword, Chloe slammed the handle hard into Jack's ribs, the unexpected pain causing him to let go of her with a cry. "Go before Davy Jones attacks! We will find you!" With that she took off running.

"CHLOE! DON'T!" Lana screamed as she stood on the rowboat, but the blonde didn't even look back at her, racing after the cursed pirates. "NO!"

Will took in a deep breath and turned to Lucy. "Take care of them."

"You too," Lucy whispered as she tossed the compass to him. "Find us."

Pocketing Jack's compass, Will nodded and took off after Chloe.

Lucy watched them go for a second before Jack interrupted her.

"We need to go, posthaste!"

Sending Will and Chloe one last look, Lucy nodded and herded Lois back to the rowboat. It was only when she began to push the rowboat back into the sea that she realized something. "Where's Lana?"

The trio glanced around them in confusion before they spotted Lana in the distance running into the jungle.

"What is she doing?" Lois went to hurry after her.

Lucy caught her arm. "We have to go."

"We cannot leave her!" Lois cried out in horror.

"She made her choice, whatever it was," Lucy responded urgently. "Those people on that ship need us. Our father needs us." She took in a ragged breath. "There's nothing to keep Davy Jones from attacking the Black Pearl… my wife's on that ship."

Lois stared at Lucy in pain before her hazel gaze went to the jungle. "We will find Chloe, James and Will. We will come back with them."

"Lois, no." Lucy tightened her grip on her sister's arm as terror filled her.

Fear was visible on Lois' face as she surged forwards and hugged Lucy tightly, whispering in her ear. "Keep Giselle and father safe." She pressed a kiss to Lucy's cheek as series of shots rung out from the direction Chloe, Will and James had disappeared in. The sisters drew apart from each other and stared in that direction.

"Lois," Jack appeared by her side. "You cannot—."

Lois turned to Jack and kissed him, shutting the pirate up immediately.

Lucy's eyes widened in shock as she stared at her sister hold Jack in place by his dreadlocks, the brunette definitely the aggressor in the kiss. Jack's eyes widened before they closed, but before his ring-covered hands could reach for Lois she'd pushed away, given them one last look, and turned to run after Lana.

Everything in Lucy told her to go after her sister, but a sound echoed from the Flying Dutchman that caused her to look back towards the sea. "We have to go, Jack."

He stared in the direction Lois had gone.

"Jack!" She snapped at him. "We have to go!"

Turning back towards her, Jace took in a deep breath and nodded. "Right."

11th-May-2016 07:59 pm (UTC)

Oh wow that was intense!!! Couldn't put it down!! Good thing it's my day off so I could enjoy this without taking "breaks".

So many things happening!! Can't think straight!! What is Lana doing running away from the row boat and into the island??? And I knew James was going to take the chest to tey and save everyone else but Chloe and Will as well!!

And we got two Chloe and James kisses!!! Which I love!! But Will should get some kisses in as well it's only fair!!

Love how when they were fighting both Will and James bragged when she used something they taught her and then bam her last move and she says that it was Barbosa who taught her!!

Can't wait for more.
Refresh dance. Refresh dance. Refresh dance.

12th-May-2016 06:07 am (UTC)
Glad you were able to have a day off and just relax!

James and Will mightn't both taught her important/useful moves/skills, but Barbossa has always pushed for Chloe to fight dirty/unfair, and that's a lesson that's stuck with her!
12th-May-2016 05:22 am (UTC)
just going to follow puple_moons example

refresh.refresh.refresh ;)

Edited at 2016-05-12 05:22 am (UTC)
12th-May-2016 06:05 am (UTC)
The refresh-dance has become contagious it seems!
12th-May-2016 02:22 pm (UTC)
Why was Chloe in the water when they got to the cave???

Lois turned to Jack and kissed him, shutting the pirate up immediately.

He stared in the direction Lois had gone.
He wanted to go after her! ♡♡♡♡♡♡♡

Great chapter hun!!!!!!
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