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Dead Man's Chest 17/20 
12th-May-2016 01:58 am
Chloe Lois Lana Lucy
Dead Man"s Chest4
Title: Dead Man's Chest
Sequel to: Curse of the Black Pearl and A Tail of the Sea.
Pairings/Characters: Chloe, James Norrington, Will Turner, Lois/Jack Sparrow, Lucy/Giselle, Lana, Governor Swan, Cutler Beckett... more
Rating: T+
Disclaimer: Don't own
Summary: A year has passed since Chloe started her life on the small, remote island, where she's managed to build a happy life for herself. But she has a debt to pay, and when old friends come a'knocking she finds out who The Voice is, and what she must do to be free.


The images, the deaths, flashed in front of Lana's eyes as she raced through the jungle towards the destination she'd been seeing for the last couple of days. The group weren't supposed to be separated, Davy Jones' cursed crew weren't supposed to have arrived so quickly, so many things shouldn't have happened and she was terrified that what she was doing now would be useless. But she couldn't risk it. This was the only outcome she'd seen in which Lucy didn't die horribly in the next couple of minutes on this damnable island, and no matter what Lana had to make sure that that didn't happen. She had to save her sister.

Guilt clawed at her at James rushing off to his death… for nothing. The Dead Man's Chest no longer held the heart of Davy Jones, but she had not been the one to take it out. She'd noticed the dispersed dirt around the jar of dirt and had realized what Jack must've done, although she wasn't sure when exactly he could've done so. All she knew was that on closer inspection she'd found the beating burlap sack and had hidden it in the folds of her dress, and known what she had to do.

Tripping, Lana twisted around so as not to fall on the heart. In seconds she was on her feet, the sounds of shots from the direction that Chloe was in made her go faster. She had to do this, had to save everyone! If she did this everyone would live! Ian Mercer would stab the heart of Davy Jones, would kill the man and stop the murders! Would stop the fighting! Would stop everything! And since she'd already brokered the deal Lana could be assured that her family would be safe from retribution of any kind.

Finally breaking through the jungle towards a small cove, Lana saw Ian Mercer and his group of men surrounding two rowboats, their ship hidden from the others on the other side of the island, and yet visible behind them. She'd told them where to wait when she'd gone to see Ian Mercer in Tortuga, and now that she was here, complying with her end of the bargain, he had to do the same. He had to stop the fighting, had to exonerate her family, had to give them the pardons which would allow them to go back to their old lives, to their home, with impunity.

And Lucy would stay alive.

"Do you have it?" Ian Mercer asked as his men flooded out of the rowboats, armed to the teeth.

Nodding, Lana reached into her jacket and pulled out the beating burlap sack. "It is here. Now fulfill your part of the bargain. Stab it, end this."

Ian Mercer took the beating burlap sack from her and opened it to peer inside of it and the heart. He paled, eyes wide, and then cleared his throat and closed the sack once more. "Come, we are going."

"What?" Lana stared at him in horror. "No! Stab the heart! You promised!"

"I promised you that the heart would be taken care of once in my hands," Ian Mercer hissed as he turned to face her, eyes narrowed. "I never said that I would stab it."

Dread chilled Lana. "You have to! If not my friends, my family, will die!"

"Not all of them, surely," Ian replied without a care. "And whoever survives will be given a full pardon." He smirked. "Lord Beckett is a man of his word."

How had she not seen this? Confusion filled her as she stumbled back. She'd seen – she'd been so sure! Why had this happened? Why did she suddenly feel so used? Had… had someonemade her see what she'd seen so that this would happen? Why did she suddenly feel she'd been manipulated and used? Where had this ability to see into the future come from anyway? Now that she thought about it, truly thought about it, what if they weren't true glimpses? Chloe had only been on that ship when she had been because of Lana's visions.

Lana stumbled back a step, eyes wide. I have been used.

"What have you done?" Lois' voice was like a bucket of ice water down Lana's spine.

No! Lois wasn't supposed to be here! Lana twirled around to stare at her eldest sister in horror. "No."

"Well, look who we have here boys," Ian Mercer sneered. "It is Lord Beckett's runaway bride! We bring him the heart and the girl! We will be paid grandly for this!"

The men chuckled and moved closer.

"No!" Lana stepped in between them. "She is not part of the deal! The deal was that my family would be free! Be pardoned! Be safe!"

"And where will your sister be safer than in the hands of the man who controls the sea?" Ian Mercer wanted to know with a chuckle. "Get her."

Lois tried to escape but there were too many of them. She fought, she struggled. Lana did as well. She tried to get to her sister, to help her escape, but there were too many men and they were too well armed. The girls screamed and struggled but were both yanked into the shallows towards the rowboats to be taken back to Cutler Beckett.

"No!" Lois fought desperately. "NO!" She somehow managed to elbow the one holding her enough to let her go. Lois yanked his blade free and swung at the man, but seconds before she could cut into her captor a gunshot rang out and she cried as she froze.

Lana stopped struggling and stared wide-eyed at her sister.

The one Lois had been about to slice at had pulled out his gun and shot her in her abdomen. Lois dropped the sword. Blood poured out of her as she collapsed to her knees and coughed up crimson.

"No." Lana stared at her sister as the water around her began to bleed red. "No!" She tried fighting once more but was yanked passed her sister onto the rowboat, irons clapped on her hands and feet. "Let go of me! I have to go to my sister! Let go!"

"You imbecile!" Ian snarled at the soldier and shot him right between his eyes. "It is time to go."

"No!" Lana screamed as she continued to struggle in vain. "We cannot leave her! No!"

"Lord Beckett has no use for a dead bride," Ian replied coldly as the men all climbed into the rowboats and rowed away towards their ship.

Lana screamed her sister's name, eyes on Lois' as those hazel rolled in her socket and Lois collapsed face-first into the water. "LOIS!" Suddenly something shot out of Lois' body, something almost translucent yet… yet it called to something inside of Lana. That breeze (?) raced from the beach into the jungle.

"LOIS! LOIS!" Lana screamed, but her sister remained face-first in the water, which was now completely crimson.

When Chloe finally caught up to where James was he stood surrounded, the Dead Man's Chest in his heads as the creatures came closer and closer to him. Her pistol took out the ones closest to him, and when the creatures turned towards her, weapons held up, ready to charge, Chloe dropped the pistol and her sword.

"Chloe, what are you doing?" James snapped at her.

"Give them the Chest, James." Chloe kept her eyes on Maccus. "It is not worth your life."

"You were supposed to escape!" James' voice was not only angered, but filled with desperation. "You were supposed to be safe!"

"You obviously do not know her as well as you think you do if you think she would allow someone to die for her," Will declared as he appeared from the jungle behind her, surprising even Chloe with his appearance.

"Give them the chest, James," Chloe repeated as she held her hands up and took a step towards Maccus. "Go, take it to your master."

"If he gets the chest no one will be able to stop him taking revenge on us," Will reminded Chloe softly.

"Tell him the original offer still stands," Chloe told Maccus as she drew closer. "Tell him I can help with the curse, but me and mine must be safe from him and his."

"Do not listen to the sea witch!" Koleniko snapped at Maccus. "She be full of lies! Iff'n she really could help the Cap'n would have-!"

Betting everything on this chance (and trying not to think of the fact that it might not even work), Chloe quickly knocked Maccus' blade to the side and grabbed him by his neck, staring deep in his eyes. The half hammerhead shark, half human shifted his sword to stab at her when suddenly he felt it, and he froze just as Chloe felt pain fill her. Right before everyone's eyes Maccus' body shifted, shimmied, changed, and the hammerhead half peeled away to reveal the human man he'd once been.

Davy Jones' cursed men stared at their shipmate in visible shock.

Koleniko dropped his cutlass and took a half-step forwards. "Take her, Maccus! Bring her back with us!"

Will and James went to move at Maccus when suddenly something slammed into Chloe's back. For a split second she thought someone had stabbed her, but the pain was burning and non-ending as it filled her completely. It was as if burning water was running through her veins, as if a lightning storm flashed beneath her skin, as if a cyclone spun viciously around her heart.

Crying out, Chloe let go of Maccus (who changed back to his cursed self) and collapsed to her knees, her hand to her heart as she whimpered. Tears filled her eyes but evaporated like hot water the second they spilled onto her cheeks. Her hair whipped around her as if caught in hurricane winds, her breath escaping her lips visible like fog over the sea.

"No!" Lois fought desperately. "NO!" She somehow managed to elbow the one holding her enough to let her go, and she yanked his blade free and swung at the man, but seconds before she could cut into her captor a gunshot rang out and she cried as she froze. The one Lois had been about to slice at had pulled out his gun and shot her in her abdomen. Lois dropped the sword. Blood poured out of her as she collapsed to her knees and coughed up crimson.

Chloe's eyes widened in horror, not even noticing as the skies above her began to darken, lightning flashing while thunder clapped loudly. "No."

"Take her!" Koleniko yelled and went to do so since Maccus just stood there. Right as Koleniko's spiked hand reached for Chloe Will swung his blade, but it never made contact because a lightning bolt raced down and struck Koleniko right in his chest, sending the cursed sailor flying back in the air.

The pirates all stared at Chloe in wide-eyed shock.

"No!" Chloe pushed to her feet, gaze eye and horrified on James and Will. She was still in so much pain but that was a far second to the images racing through her mind, all of them very vague, confusing, but one thing was clear. Her sister was hurt somewhere, dying. The picture of crimson water continued to flitter over her eyes tauntingly.

"What is it?" Will wanted to know urgently the same time that James asked: "What did you see?"

"Lois!" It hurt to say her sister's name. "We have to-Lois!" Chloe turned on her heels and raced away, following the vague memory showing her the way to where her injured sister was.

A split second later James and Will were right behind her.

Not one of Davy Jones' men tried to stop them.

Tia Dalma's eyes flew open and she clutched at her chest, her heart beat so fast and hard it was painful. She'd known this day would end in death, but she'd supposed the death to be that of the Seer, not the eldest girl. But blood had been shed and she could feel the life draining out of Lois Swann as she lay surrounded by crimson water. Also, as she was dying and no longer a suitable vessel, the amount of magic and power which had been placed within her and which had laid dormant in her all these years had finally left her body.

A part of her pitied Lois. Unlike her other sisters she'd never managed to truly activate the power lying dormant in her veins. Lana's had helped give her visions, Lucy's gave her incredible instincts which guided her in battle and helped her sense her opponents' moves before they made, which was part of why she was such an incredible swordswoman. But Lois? The power inside of her had merely been used to take over her father's household in absence of a mother, to stay by his side and increase her father's influence through her machinations. She'd run the household, raised her sisters, and hosted all of her father's public events. Behind every great man was a great woman, and Lois had been the one behind her father and his continued control over Port Royal despite how bumbling he could be. It was part of why Cutler Beckett had always wanted her.

There'd been times during her adventures that the magic inside of Lois had nearly activated, most especially while around Jack Sparrow, but she'd tempered and pushed it back, even if unconsciously so. Maybe that was why she was the one to die. The magic needed to be harvested from one of the sisters, why not from the one who was not using it?

Sighing, Tia Dalma closed her eyes and concentrated once more.

"Why has he not attacked as yet?" Giselle wanted to know as she stared at the Flying Dutchman and its horrifying captain, who stood at the helm of the ship, gaze on the Black Pearl.

Father was dabbing an embroidered napkin against his forehead furiously, staring at the ghost ship of legend. "Who is to understand what goes on in the mind of a fish monster?"

Figuring that was a good answer, Giselle's grip tightened on the railing as she continued to look towards the Flying Dutchman. She knew that they were not safe, Davy Jones was waitingto attack, she just couldn't figure out. Was it just an intimidation tactic? Mental warfare meant to intimidate them first? Or was there something else going on?

Her eyes widened. Is he waiting to see who has the chest with his heart?

"Something is wrong!" Pintel cried out, causing everyone to turn towards where he and Ragetti were watching.

"There are only two returning!" Ragetti agreed.

Giselle pushed passed the others and hurried to the pirates' sides, eyes wide she saw the rowboat only contained two people. One was Jack, he was distinguishable from far due to his hat. The other… was Lucy. A breath of relief escaped her lips as she shoulders sagged.

"Where are Lois and Lana?" Father asked the second he reached her side. "Why are they not there as well?"

Giselle's bone-deep relief evaporated immediately as she realized that Lucy was coming back without her sisters. What happened?

Above them, unnoticed by those on the Black Pearl, thunder and lightning clashed as the sky began to darken.

On the Flying Dutchman, Davy Jones's gaze slowly lifted to the sky, his eyes narrowed.

Breaking through the thick jungle foliage, Chloe skidded to a stop as she stared at the bloody water surrounding her motionless sister. In seconds she was running down the beach and into the water, yanking Lois in her arms and turning her around so that she wasn't face-first in the water. Lois was pale, cold, limp.

Lois! You cannot die on me!

Pulling Lois out of the water, Chloe collapsed on the shore, her sister's body lying on her lap lifelessly. "Wake up, Lois! Open your eyes! Wake up!"

"Where are Lois and Lana?" Father asked the second Lucy made it aboard the ship. "What happened? Why are they not with you? Or Norrington or Turner for that matter?"

"They are still on the island," Lucy whispered as she reached for Gi's hand. "We have to leave now, before Davy Jones realizes we do not have the chest or his heart and attacks."

"We cannot leave them behind!" Father cried out in horror as he turned to face Jack. He opened his mouth to say something else but the Flying Dutchman suddenly sunk rapidly into the sea and disappeared, drawing everyone's attention to where it had once been.

A couple of the crew raced towards the side of the ship but Lucy tightened her grip on Giselle's hand to keep her by her side as she slowly back away.

Suddenly the Flying Dutchman emerged from the waters very close to the Black Pearl, Davy Jones easily within talking distance. He was so incredibly horrifying looking. She'd thought his cursed pirates were a terror to behold, but he was so much worse.

"Lord on high," Mr Gibbs whispered as he did the sign of the cross over his chest. "Dinner for us."

The pirates aboard Davy Jones' vessel yelled out threats and laughed.

"I will handle this, mate." Jack slapped a palm to Mr Gibbs' chest as he moved towards the Flying Dutchman while clasping his jar of dirt to his face. "Oy! Fishface!" He yelled, immediately catching Davy's attention. "Lose something?" he asked, holding that jar of dirt over his head proudly. "Oh!" He miss-stepped and tumbled down the steps loudly.

Everyone aboard the ship flinched in empathy.

Lucy merely pushed Giselle behind her. She wasn't sure what Jack was doing, but she was almost sure he was about to make things a hundred times worse for them.

"Got it!" Jack held up the surprisingly enough unbroken jar as he sprung to his feet. "Come to negotiate have you, eh? You slimey git." He pranced back and forth behind the railing proudly. "Look what I got." He shook the jar tauntingly. "I got a jar of dirt!" He proclaimed sing-songily. "I got a jar of dirt!" He held the jar up over his head once more. "And guess what's inside it!"

"Enough!" Davy Jones snarled.

Jack grinned brightly, showing off his gold teeth. "Let us see what you have to say to this!" He dropped the jar, let it break and disperse the dirt all over the deck. His grin slowly disappeared from his face as he stared at the dirt in horrified realization. "That bleedin' girl!"

"What is it, Jack?" Mr Gibbs whispered.

Jack's gaze went to Davy Jones and he flinched. "We are all going to die."

Davy Jones smiled, his tentacles flickering as he turned to his men. "HARD TO STARBOARD! SEND HIS BELOVED PILE BACK TO THE DEPTHS!"

That was all the warning those upon the Black Pearl got before the canons on the Flying Dutchman fired all at once, hitting them critically all along the ship.

Lucy turned towards Giselle and forced her down to her knees, covering her body with her own, protecting her from the flying debris.

Even in the chaos and explosions she heard hear Davy Jones ordering: "Let them taste the triple guns!"

"AYE CAPTAIN!" His underling yelled back.

Suddenly the sound of booms even louder than normal canons pierced the air. All around them people were blown to bits, blown off of the ship, barrels blown into smithereens.

Someone hit the back of the railing next to Lucy and she glanced up to see her father staring at the Flying Dutchman in horror.

"Father!" She reached up and yanked the shocked man down, trying her best to shield both Giselle and father throughout the chaos.

Jack raced to the wheel and took over, steering the Pearl around so that the wind from the storm brewing above them picked up on the sails and jerked the Black Pearl forwards with its strength. With Jack at the helm, the Black Pearl quickly put distance between it and the Flying Dutchman, leaving the attacking ship behind it.

Father quickly stood up, hand on his wig and stared behind him in awe. "She is falling behind!"

"Aye!" Mr Gibbs appeared at his side. "We have got her!"

"We are faster?" Lucy asked in surprise as she and Giselle finally stood.

"Against the wind the Dutchman beats us, that's how she takes her prey!" Mr Gibbs explained joyously. "But with the wind…!"

"We rob her of her advantage," Giselle whispered in understanding.

"Aye!" Mr Gibbs agreed as those aboard the pirate shipped cheered.

Lucy did not join in though. She stared behind them at the Flying Dutchman, who'd lowered its anchor and stopped the chase. Why would it do that? Why-?

"What is it?" Giselle asked Lucy. "You are squeezing my hand so hard it hurts."

"I am so sorry!" Lucy apologized and would've said more but suddenly a large ripple boomed out from around the Flying Dutchman, a burst of pure power rippled outwards and pierced through Lucy's bones.

"What was that?" Giselle whispered, voice filled with fear.

Lucy stared at the far off ship in sudden, horrifying realization:

They'd just released the Kraken.

12th-May-2016 06:39 am (UTC)

Ohhh wow 3 chapters in one day!!! So feeaking awesome! !!

I want to smack Lana I really do, like how can you believe that come out Ian and Cutler?? I know she was motivated by what she saw but come on girl!!!
And now Lois!!! She can't be dead now can she??

And holy hell where did Chloe get the power to bring down a thunderstorm? ??
And to top it all off the kraken has been released!!! Ihhh goodness!!!

Need more!!!!
Refresh dance. Refresh dance. Refresh dance.

13th-May-2016 02:06 pm (UTC)
She'd told them where to wait when she'd gone to see Ian Mercer in Tortuga
Whaaat? She made a deal with him? I cannot believe she was so naive!

 Had someonemade her see what she'd seen so that this would happen? Why did she suddenly feel she'd been manipulated and used? Where had this ability to see into the future come from anyway? Now that she thought about it, truly thought about it, what if they weren't true glimpses? 
They're all very good questions.

Lois dropped the sword. Blood poured out of her as she collapsed to her knees and coughed up crimson.
Nooo! Is Chloe going to bring her back?
Lois' magic is inside of Chloe, right? Is she more powerful now?
What was Lois' power supposed to be?

They'd just released the Kraken
Oh crap
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