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Dead Man's Chest 18/20 
12th-May-2016 03:38 pm
Chloe Lois Lana Lucy
Dead Man"s Chest4
Title: Dead Man's Chest
Sequel to: Curse of the Black Pearl and A Tail of the Sea.
Pairings/Characters: Chloe, James Norrington, Will Turner, Lois/Jack Sparrow, Lucy/Giselle, Lana, Governor Swan, Cutler Beckett... more
Rating: T+
Disclaimer: Don't own
Summary: A year has passed since Chloe started her life on the small, remote island, where she's managed to build a happy life for herself. But she has a debt to pay, and when old friends come a'knocking she finds out who The Voice is, and what she must do to be free.

Chloe stared down at her sister's body, numb and blind to all that was around her. Tears fell from her eyes and bathed Lois' face, wiping the blood away as Lois's unseeing eyes stared up accusingly up at her. This was all Chloe's fault. This was her debt to be paid, Lois, Lana, Lucy… no one else should have to suffer or hurt because of her debts, her shackles. Lois shouldn't have come. She should've stayed in Port Royal where she was safe, not come after Chloe. Chloe had killed her. She'd left Lois on that beach without a second's thought. Her sister's blood was on her hands.

"Chloe." Will's voice was soft as he bent in front of her. "We have to go. We have to find a boat, something, and get out of here before Davy Jones' men find us."

Not answering, Chloe merely stared down at her sister's face.

James bent next to Will. "I will take her."

Chloe tightened her grip on Lois and shook her head.

"Yes." James' voice was soft yet no-nonsense. "You need to give her to me."

She didn't want to, didn't want to ever let go, but Chloe closed her eyes and relaxed her grip, allowing James to take Lois from her and arrange her in his arms. When Will eased Chloe to her feet she went numbly, staring ahead of her unseeingly, still very much in shock.

Suddenly the sounds of screams were carried to them by the breeze, the sound jolting through her, finally getting through to her.

"Oh no," Will whispered the same time James said: "The Black Pearl."

Eyes wide in horror, Chloe took off towards the sound.

The tentacles were impossibly long and thick as they climbed up the sides of the Black Pearl and began crushing the already structurally damaged ship. The pirates tried blasting through parts of the tentacles which covered the canon holes but the damage inflicted only seemed to piss the beast off even more as it attacked viciously, swiping at those onboard.

Two tentacles wrapped around the mast and tugged in opposite directions, tearing it to pieces and causing the large mast to fall down on those scurrying for safety below. Lucy had her blade out, fighting a tentacle away from her and her family. She motioned for her father and Giselle to run towards the lifeboats while she served as a distraction.

"BEHIND YOU!" Giselle yelled.

Lucy had already felt it and twirled around in time to duck the attack of the tentacle, close enough to see that its suckers had teeth deep within. Running, she ducked and rolled, getting out of the way as the two tentacles hit each other. "GET TO THE LIFEBOATS!"

All around her people ran and screamed, shooting and fighting, trying to protect themselves and those around them. All around her people were dying, it was a massacre.

Giselle and father skidded to a stop inches from the lifeboats as tentacles emerged up from the water behind them, suckers expanding to show the teeth deep within.

Lucy's eyes widened in horror.

They were going to die.

In the far distance Lana could see the Kraken devouring the Black Pearl and all those within. Even from this distance they could hear the sound of screams as the Kraken's tentacles ripped everything onboard apart.

Tears filling her eyes, she leaned her forehead against the bars of the cell and sobbed.

What have I done?

Chloe skidded to a stop on the beach as she stared at the horrifying picture in front of her. Davy Jones' kraken was tearing apart the Black Pearl and massacring all those onboard. Her sister was on board.


Will collapsed to his knees as he stared at the horrible sight knowing there was nothing they could do to help.

James stumbled slightly yet managed to remain standing, his grip on Lois' body trembling.

Chloe entered the water, wading out until she was up to her chest. All around the Black Pearl the water was crimson, like it had been around Lois. The image of finding Lois floating face-down interchanged with the carnage happening behind her as the wind picked up, whipping Chloe's hair and dress around her dangerously. Her hands fell to her sides, elbows-deep in the water as she stared at the ship.

"No." Something inside of her bubbled like boiling water as she watched the Kraken rising more and more, killing those on board. "No!" The waves breaking against her became more violent, hitting her hard, yet she didn't move. She felt like she was suffocating, like she was coiling up so tightly she'd break apart into a million pieces. A flash of Lois' dead face appeared before face. "NO!" A scream was brought to her by the wind, and while Chloe knew it was impossible to tell with this distance somehow she knew it was Lucy. "NO!"

Suddenly, like when that nameless thing had pierced through her, Chloe felt something exploding out of her like ripples, painful, horrible ripples. But she couldn't stop it, wouldn't stop it.

Everything went black.

Davy Jones' smile disappeared from his face as the black sky opened up and lightning poured down upon the sea like a heavy rain. It rained down all around the Black Pearl yet somehow managed to miss the ship and its occupants completely while instead hitting every tentacle and lighting the water so brightly Davy could see the way the water seemed to be bubbling, almost as if it was beginning to boil.

The kraken was clearly in distress as it tried to jump out of the water yet was too heavy to perform that maneuver.

Gazing up at the sky, feeling that magic in the air, Davy Jones glanced down to feel goose bumps rising up his arms. He'd felt magic like this before, a very long time ago, and while it was definitely faint in comparison to what he'd once felt, he knew it well.

Following the feeling of magic, Davy's gaze found her, and even in this distance he could see the way her eyes were clouded over, the way the sea bubbled under her hands. The wind blew around her like a hurricane, and her hands… they were translucent, the same color of the sea. That translucency slowly crept up her arms.

Eyes widening, stomach queasy, Davy finally let himself say what had been on the tip of his tongue for so long now: "So that is your form now."

While Will had first wanted to go into the water after Chloe he'd been stuck in place watching the transformation taking place. Even with her back to them, Will could see the translucency of the water rising up her arms, taking over, as the water around her bubbled. He'd sent a quick look in James' direction to find the man look just as shocked, but when Will had gone to step into the water James had snapped for him not to, and Will had obeyed. He didn't know what the other man knew, and didn't want to take chances. They didn't need him injured as well on top of everything.

Suddenly Chloe collapsed, the translucency disappearing as she hit the water. Almost instantaneously the shower of vicious lightning stopped pouring from the sky.

In seconds Will was there by her side, yanking her out from the water, which was incredibly warm. He pulled her into his arms and hurried back to the shore, feeling for a pulse and finding one. His dark gaze met James' and he nodded.

James let out a breathe of relief.

Shifting Chloe's weight in his arms, Will turned his gaze out towards where the Black Pearl was barely holding together on the sea.

"Get in the lifeboats! Quickly! While it is trying to recuperate!" Lucy ushered the survivors into the lifeboats. "In! In! In!" She didn't know what miracle they had to thank for the rainfall of lightning, but it'd stunned the kraken enough for it to withdraw, but if the rocking of the waves had anything to say the creature was still alive. That meant it would be back. They had very little time to act.

Neither Giselle nor father had been happy about being thrown into the first lifeboat, which now hit the water and was being rowed towards land, but Lucy wouldn't let them protest. She was too busy now filling in the second of three remaining lifeboats with those who'd been to injured to get into the first.

Mr Cotton's parrot was already flying his way back to Isla Cruces, abandoning his human to chance it on the second lifeboat.

Quickly filling the second lifeboat, Lucy pressed the lever and allowed a quick descent, the lifeboat hitting the water roughly. "GO!" She yelled to them as she readied the third and last lifeboat. "GET TO SHORE!" She peered up at Jack, who was at the helm, staring at the water surrounding the Black Pearl. "HURRY! IN! IN! IN!"

The few remaining pirates boarded the last lifeboat.

Lucy turned to Mr Gibbs when he settled into the seat. "Get them to shore."

He turned to look at her in horror. "What about you and the captain?"

Lucy's only answer was to yank the lever, sending the third and final lifeboat hurtling down to the water and detaching it, allowing the lifeboat to begin floating away on the crazy waves.

"Oy! Cygnet!" Jack yelled from above as he descended the stairs rapidly. "I think you have forgotten two very important points!" He reached her side and stared at the third lifeboat. "A, that was the last lifeboat! B, we are not on it!"

"This is the only hope they have of making it to shore," Lucy whispered, gaze on the lifeboats. "That kraken is not after them, Jack." She turned to him. "It's after you."

"So you plan on sacrificing me for your own good?" Jack wanted to know as he yanked out his sword and pointed it at her. "Because I will not just stand by and let you kill me so you can survive!"

With a quick swish of her sword Lucy knocked Jack's out of his hand, the sword landing blade deep in the wood by his feet. "Who said I plan on surviving?"

Jack frowned, all his hostility immediately turning into visible confusion. "What are you saying, Cygnet?"

"I am saying that people I love are on those lifeboats," she whispered in a choked tone. "I am saying that if we do not stay here and keep that monster's attention off of them they won't make it to the shore."

Jack stared at her in confused awe. "You plan on staying with me."

"Please." She smiled despite the tears that stung in her eyes. "You would not last a minute here alone." Her voice broke and her smile trembled, but she kept her chin up, her stance firm. "You need me, Captain."

Jack stared at Lucy in silence before he shook his head and gave a small smile which did not meet his eyes. "You are a better man than I, Cygnet." Yanking his blade free from the plank, Jack took in a deep breath as the sea began to rumble with life, the Black Pearl shaking as the creature beneath it began to rise once more. "Are you ready, Lucy?"

She nodded with a trembling smile.

As one, a multitude of tentacles rose up all around the ship.

Sharing one last look, Jack and Lucy attacked.

Governor Weatherby Swann held Giselle closed as she screamed and cried, trying to get out of the lifeboat, to go back to the ship, but he wouldn't let her. The man held onto her close until she broke down and sobbed into his chest. He wanted to comfort her, wanted to do something, but like those not rowing on the lifeboats he was unable to do anything but watch as Davy Jones' kraken completely destroyed the Black Pearl and swallowed whole the ship and the two people remaining who'd been fighting desperately on it.

A father should never outlive his daughters, and yet he'd outlived Elizabeth, had thought he'd outlived Chloe, and now had outlived Lucy. Horror and agony mixed inside of him at the lost of his youngest child, the one he'd only now been able to get back.

The Flying Dutchman disappeared under the water, leaving the survivors in peace. No one cheered.

"Why?" Giselle sobbed into his chest.

He had no answer. He wanted to know the same thing. Why?

As they'd been the first lifeboat deployed into the water they reached the shore first, and when he felt the lifeboat hit the sandy bank he turned to look over his shoulder and froze. "No."

Will Turner and James Norrington each had one of his daughters, both of them limp. Chloe was here, she was… Lois was covered in blood.

Stumbling out of the lifeboat Weatherby Swann raced towards his daughters, able to see Chloe's chest rising and falling, but Lois was deathly still.

There were tears in James' eyes. "I am sorry, sir."


Weatherby looked behind him where the Black Pearl and Lucy had once been, and then turned to Lois. His whole body trembled as he slipped his eldest out of Norrington's arms and collapsed to the sand with her, sobbing into her face. His child lay lifeless in his arms.


"And Lana?" His voice broke.

"She was taken," James responded softly. "From the look of the beach there were many armed men and a struggle. She did not have a choice."

"Davy Jones-?" Weatherby looked up at the man who had almost been his son-in-law.

James shook his head. "There was a body. He wore the uniform of the East India Trading Company."

"Cutler Beckett." Weatherby could barely get the rat's name out passed his lips as he realized that he had lost yet another daughter to a different sort of monster.

James nodded. "I am so sorry, sir."

Cradling Lois in his arms, not caring that he was covered in her blood, Weatherby Swann threw his head back and screamed.

Never before had Will seen Governor Swann so low. He might have never truly seen eye to eye with the man who'd always made it known that he didn't believe Will worthy of Chloe, but it hurt him to see the man sobbing over the loss of three daughters in one day.

No man should ever have to feel that sort of pain.

Will frowned as he felt the hairs on his arms raising on end. There was something in the air, something strange, something powerful – something drawing near. He looked up in time to see something almost completely translucent but not racing towards him. He'd seen something similar to this not an hour ago while they'd been surrounded by Davy Jones' people.

The thing raced through the air and, unlike the last time, pierced through Chloe's chest, causing her unconscious body to arch up in Will's arms in response. He could feel the electrifying response in her body, her body filled with goose bumps as it heated as if hit by a stray thunderbolt. Immediately the tattoo on her hip (the one he only knew because he'd awoken and seen it the morning they'd awoken chained to the same bed in the Black Pearl) was shining brightly.

James hissed and reached into his shirt, pulling out a medallion which was visibly glowing.

Will frowned as he eyed the medallion reacting similarly to Chloe's tattoo. Where had Norrington gotten that? What was its connection to Chloe's tattoo?

Before he could ask what was happening, what the medallion and tattoo were and how they were connected, dolphins chittered in the distance, drawing their attention. A whole pod of them were drawing nearer. Dolphins like the one tattooed on Chloe's hip. The first one reached the boat and chittered at Norrington.

There was a curious look on Norrington's face. It was definitely open shock, but as he clutched the medallion he let out a stuttered breath. "We have to get in the lifeboats. They will tow us to Tia Dalma's."

"How—? Pintel stared at Norrington in confusion.

"Obviously got hit in the head, he did," Ragetti declared.

"Stay here if you want," Norrington turned to them. "But we are going." His gaze turned to Will.

Surprised at the question there, Will nodded. "We will go."

A smile of thanks spread across his face before James turned to Governor Swann and helped the man take his daughter's body and sit in one of the lifeboats. Giselle sat next to the older man and leaned her head against his shoulder.

A group of dolphins grabbed onto some rope from one of the lifeboats and took off with it deep into the sea.

Seeing this, the pirates hurried into the last two lifeboats, and once everyone was inside the remaining dolphins split off into two groups and began to tow them behind the other.

12th-May-2016 11:41 pm (UTC)

Holy shit!!! Holy shit!!! Fuck, fuck, fuck!! OMG!!!! OMG!!!! OHHHH MY GAWD!!!!!!
That would be my brain while reading this chapter!! Switch them up here and there but that was pretty my reaction to everything! !!

Poor govner he gets one daughter back only to lose his three other daughters.

Ohhh goodness Davy does think that Chloe is Calypso!!!

Amazing chapter I still can't wrap my head around everything that happened!!!

Refresh dance. Refresh dance. Refresh dance.  Refresh dance! !!!

13th-May-2016 05:33 am (UTC)
what a mess..... and i really think lana is responsible for it.... i just can't stand her ;P
14th-May-2016 05:18 pm (UTC)
Tears fell from her eyes and bathed Lois' face, wiping the blood away as Lois's unseeing eyes stared up accusingly up at her.
Can't Chloe bring her back????

Suddenly, like when that nameless thing had pierced through her, Chloe felt something exploding out of her like ripples, painful, horrible ripples. But she couldn't stop it, wouldn't stop it.
Did it happen because she has more mogic inside of her,

"So that is your form now."
He thinks Chloe's Calypso but she isn't, right?

kraken completely destroyed the Black Pearl and swallowed whole the ship and the two people remaining who'd been fighting desperately on it.
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