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Dead Man's Chest 19/20 
13th-May-2016 03:03 pm
Chloe Lois Lana Lucy
Dead Man"s Chest4
Title: Dead Man's Chest
Sequel to: Curse of the Black Pearl and A Tail of the Sea.
Pairings/Characters: Chloe, James Norrington, Will Turner, Lois/Jack Sparrow, Lucy/Giselle, Lana, Governor Swan, Cutler Beckett... more
Rating: T+
Disclaimer: Don't own
Summary: A year has passed since Chloe started her life on the small, remote island, where she's managed to build a happy life for herself. But she has a debt to pay, and when old friends come a'knocking she finds out who The Voice is, and what she must do to be free.

The survivors of the destruction of the Black Pearl huddled around Tia Dalma's house. Some were being tended to, others merely shellshocked. Father had withdrawn into himself, wasn't speaking to anyone, and merely cried. Giselle kept closed to him, and they seemed to be a source of strength for each other. Chloe hadn't been able to look her father in the eyes since she'd awoken. They'd hugged, they'd cried, and her guilt had grown and grown. He'd lost three daughters in the course of one day because of her.

Lying on Tia Dalma's bed, Lois' body was a constant reminder of the fact that everything Chloe touched she destroyed. James, Will, her sisters - they were all constantly hurt because ofher. She carried some horrible juju on her. She was a bad omen. She was… everyone had been well, had been healthy, had been living good lives when she'd not been a part of their lives.

Seated in the corner of the bedroom, Chloe hugged her knees to her chest as she stared at her sister's body. Guilt consumed her darkly from within. Her sisters should've never been here. Should've never been a part of this.

Tia Dalma entered the room and eyed her as she clasped her hands in front of her. "You must eat."

"What else do you need me to do?" Chloe asked without taking her eyes from her sister's body.

"Excuse me?" The obeah priestess asked softly.

"Now that you have the key what else do you need?" Chloe took in a deep breath as she turned her eyes finally on the woman. "It does not matter what it is I will go, I will do it, it does not matter how dangerous it is." She hoped it was dangerous. She hoped it was painful. "I will do it alone."

Brown eyes narrowed as the older woman came closer and bent to her knees in front of Chloe, blocking her view of Lois. "You want ta punish yourself for a crime you did nah commit." She reached out with lightning reflexes and gripped Chloe's chin tightly, painfully, forcing her to lean to her side to look at Lois. "You did nah kill ya sista."

"I left her on that beach," Chloe whispered, voice choked. "If she had not been looking for me she would not have been there in the first place!"

"Dis is not your doing!" Tia Dalma snapped at her, voice a hiss like a snake. "Da world does not revolve around you! Not everytin dat happens has to do wid you!"

Chloe flinched and turned her green eyes on the obeah priestess.

"Now stop being so pathetic and do sometin about dis!" Letting go of Chloe's chin, Tia Dalma slammed her palm against Chloe's forehead, pinning her head against the wall.

Chloe's green eyes widened as memories washed over her.

Feet bare and tender from so many days of traveling underwater, Chloe tried her best to ignore the pain and walk on the grassy sections of the island as she made her way towards the cave. It had been a while since the last time she'd been on the island but like last time she didn't stop to look around. She was on a mission, one she'd been taken from her home for, and she would see it through as quickly as possible.

Entering the underground cave through the secret entrance, Chloe descended into the deep of the earth, moving silently until she found herself in the treasure room. Nothing had changed from the last time that she'd been here, not even Barbossa. His body was exactly where she'd seen it fall, dead, his corpse incredibly preserved despite the fact that it had been so long since he'd fallen by Jack's shot, body half in the water.

Heading towards Barbossa, Chloe hesitated when she reached the container filled with the cursed doubloons that had started everything. The lid was partially open, as if someone had opened it up, but no one would've been fool enough to take a doubloon from this chest, so she ignored it and continued on to the reason she was here: Barbossa.

She tried not to think about what she was doing as she gripped him under his arms and began to drag his body towards the water. It was a struggle, but finally she managed to pull Barbossa down into the water with her, and once that was done it was easier. Slipping under the surface, Chloe began to swim, pulling Barbossa behind her. She stared around her at the treasure-filled passage, but it didn't tempt her as she made her way through the long underground tunnel.

The journey out to the sea was shorter than it had been on land, and once she emerged from the cave system Chloe could see the sunlight piercing through the water. She surfaced for a moment and gave the island a look before glancing towards the barrier reef, able to see the mermaids there waiting on her. They would not cross the barrier reef onto these shallows, and that was why she'd been taken from her home to do what they could not.

Once she reached the barrier reef she pulled Barbossa over it and they both fell into the sea on the other side, where the mermaids were waiting.

Marina and a couple of them took charge of Barbossa immediately, taking his heavy form from her.

How are your feet? Syrena asked, her voice in Chloe's head.

A bit cut, but nothing I cannot handle, Chloe promised.

Nodding, happy to hear that, Syrena motioned to the surface and swam upwards.

Chloe followed her and when she did noticed that Syrena was pointing at Isla de Muerta, and yet before she could ask what the mermaid wanted, she could hear the voice chanting around her loudly, the sound echoing throughout the sky. With each series of chants something inside of Chloe tightened, hurt, felt about to break. She clutched her chest and tried to breathe, but found herself unable to.

Right as black spots began to dance in front of her eyes, thunder and lightning clashed above-head and descended down on the island in a thick, torrential downpour that lit up the sky so brightly it was painful to the eyes. Raising her hand to try and shield her vision from the terrible brightness, Chloe squinted, feeling the water rippling against her violently seconds before the island began to sink into the sea. Chloe could feel the pull of the current and turned to Syrena in fear as she could feel herself being sucked towards the descending island.

In seconds Syrena, reminiscent to the night she'd taken Chloe from her home, jumped at the blonde, gripped her, and descended into the water, swimming away with her. Unlike Chloe's legs, Syrena's tail was more than strong enough to get enough distance between them as they hurried after the others.

Chloe gasped in a deep breath of air, confusion and shock filling her, but before she could utter a word…

"Him died wid a duty to perform." Tia Dalma stared down at Barbossa's body, which lay in her bed. "Him be needed. Me 'ave tings planned dat I need 'im for."

"You can do that?" Chloe asked softly as she stood next to the obeah priestess, to the woman whose voice had been in her head for so long now. She'd never have expected that the mermaids would be working with The Voice, but she should've. And now she was closer to her own freedom thanks to it. "You can bring someone back from the dead?"

"It depends," Tia Dalma explained softly. "First, I need an intact body. Him must have died in de water or touching water. Him spirit cannot be at peace." She motioned to Barbossa as an example. "A tie to da powers and magic dat surround us is important."

"His curse," Chloe guessed.

Tia Dalma eyed the blonde oddly. "Da bond forged when your blood was used will make dis easier dan it would udderwise be. We can skip some steps, some requirements, because of it."

Chloe frowned in confusion. "Why? Why do I have the abilities that I do? I understand the connection to the sea is through your intervention, but the healing - the coming back to life - that was before I ever met you."

There was a moment's silence as Tia Dalma ran the back of her fingers down Chloe's cheek, expression pensive. "Do ye know de story of Davy Jones?"

Her face scrunched up in surprise, in confusion. "To be truthful I do not know much, only that pirates and sailors fear him alike."

"Him once was not de legend, but a man, a mere sailor." Letting her fingers fall from Chloe's face, Tia Dalma moved towards Barbossa's body. "Him met de goddess Calypso an fell in love wid her at first sight. She was de daughter of de god Atlas, and ruled de seas. Sailors and pirates both loved and feared 'er. Her mother was a human, so she could take human form, or partial human form, unlike de other gods, and it was in dis form dat she met Davy Jones and bewitched him wid 'er beauty."

"Did she fall in love with him too?" Chloe asked softly.

"She was a goddess, dey do not love de way humans do." Tia Dalma sat down next to Barbossa on the edge of the bed.

"But she was half human," Chloe reminded.

A surprising smile tilted the woman's lips as she turned her head to glance in Chloe's direction. "Dat be true."

"So she did love him," Chloe surmised.

"She rewarded him love fer her, gave 'im the Flying Dutchman as well as the sacred task of collecting all the poor souls who died at sea, and ferrying them to de worlds beyond. Davy Jones agreed to set foot on land once every ten years, where him could come ashore and be wid Calypso." Tia Dalma ran her finger down Barbossa's nose. "Dey wished to prove dere affections to each other, and to de gods, but when Davy Jones came ashore after him ten year duty, Calypso was nowhere to be found."

"Why did she not show?" Chloe asked as she held her hand to her heart.

"It matters not now," Tia Dalma responded after a moment's silence as she licked her lips. "What matters is dat she was not dere, and dat him never forgave her for it." She turned to fully face Chloe. "So Davy Jones plotted wid the First Brethren Court to tear de rule of the seas away from de sea goddess and bind her - imprison her - in de body of a mortal woman."

This was fascinating, but what did it have to do with her?

"Do you know how to bind a half goddess to human form?" Tia Dalma asked, and when Chloe shook her head, the obeah priestess stood to her feet. "You destroy her divinity. You destroya piece of her." Tears filled her eyes as she took one step, and then the other, towards Chloe. "You tear it out and you leave her eternally empty inside. You force her to a lifetime ofnever being whole. You make it so she can never be fit for her divinity, so she can never be what she should be, what she was born ta be." The tears now fell down Tia Dalma's cheeks, her voice wavering with emotion. "I could not let dem do that to me."

Chloe's eyes widened as she stared at the obeah priestess. "You're Calypso."

"Dey destroyed Calypso, him murdered her. I will never be 'er again because of him." Tia Dalma took in a stuttered breath, her eyes dark, her voice angry and hurt. "When I realized I could na stop what was to happen to me, I did de only ting I could do. Before dey could finish de ritual I broke myself apart and sent what I could save far away, to find a host and be safe. It found a girl who could nah die, a girl touched and changed from human to half by stones from the sky, a half like I was."

Chloe stared at her in shock.

"You died for de first time before it could all go to you, so de small part remainin' went to your sisters, and den you were brought here. To my world. But time and magic work in mysterious ways, and many many lifetimes passed before you showed up in dis realm." Tia Dalma reached out and once more caressed Chloe's cheek. "Doing what I did preserved my immortality enough dat I aged very slowly until you could be brought here, and as you grew I could feel you. I managed to learn human magic, and can access de sea wid what lickle remains in me, but its is nottin' compared to what I once was."

"Your power is inside of me," Chloe whispered. "You divinity is inside of me." Her eyes widened in horror. "You must hate me!"

Tia Dalma chuckled and shook her head. "No, child. Because it is inside you I have hope." She stared behind her at Barbossa. "To do what has to be done, him must be alive, but I cannot do dis wid my limited powers." Her gaze returned to Chloe. "I need you."

"I do not have the ability to bring someone else back to life," Chloe told her in a panic. "I do not even know how I brought myself back to life!"

"You will nah do anytin, I will access de powers in you and use you as a conduit of my will." The goddess in human form frowned. "It will nah be easy on you, you do nah have all my power, it was split between you and your sisters because you died before it could completely transfer to you." She hesitated. "Dere could be repercussions."

"Such as?" Chloe asked softly.

"Memory loss, for one. Another be… confusion." Tia was completely honest. "Dis will also activate de power sleeping in you, de power dat only worked when I wanted it to… it will now be fully awake inside you. De sea will take notice."

"Notice how?"

Tears fell down Chloe's face as she stared up at Tia Dalma. Her lips parted and she tried to speak but words didn't emerge. She had to force the worse passed her lips, and they were hoarse. "When Lois and Lucy died… what I felt… it was the pieces of your divinity inside of them… entering me."

The goddess in human form nodded. "You are de chosen vessel. Never dem."

Chloe screamed as the power within her roared like a hurricane as Tia Dalma stood between her and Barbossa, a hand on each, chanting words Chloe mightn't understand, but the powers inside of her did. It was hot, suffocating, it was almost too much to bear, and then it was, and her knees buckled as an explosion of power rippled out and the world started to darken.

The last thing Chloe remembered, before everything went black, was the sound of Barbossa's boots hitting the floor as he sat up in bed.

"You can bring her back to life." Chloe stared up at Tia Dalma with sudden understanding as she stumbled to her feet. "You can save Lois!"

"And why would I do that?" The goddess in human form asked as she also stood to her feet. "What would I get out of bringing dis girl's spirit back into her body?"

"I will make another deal with you, while still being bound to the one I have now," Chloe responded desperately. "I will give you whatever you want… my life if you want it… if you need it to get your divinity back and revenge on Davy Jones for what he did to you."

Tia Dalma tilted her head to the side, eyeing Chloe with deep cunning in her eyes. "You would vow your life to me? That it will be mine to take if I please or desire?"

"As long you bring Lois and Lucy back," Chloe responded. "They should not have died."

Tia Dalma smiled. "You want Lucy back too?"

Chloe nodded. "Yes."

Tia Dalma eyed Chloe and then glanced over towards Lois. "I cannot bring Lucy back de way I could bring Lois. Not only is 'er body not here, but 'er soul was consumed by da kraken, it resides with Jack in Davy Jones' Locker."

Chloe closed her eyes in heartbreak.

"But I can assist you in retrievin' her and wiley Jack from de Locker." That cunning expression darkened on her face as she smiled. "In exchange for dere lives I want your obedience." She glanced towards the door. "Dose pirates out dere see wiley Jack as a savior who gave him life fer dem. Wid de right motivation dey will be what we need ta get back both of dem."

"You want help providing this motivation," Chloe understood.

"Exactly." Tia Dalma nodded.

Chloe stared at the woman. "You need Jack, just like you need Barbossa."

For a moment Tia Dalma just stared at her, and then she grinned brightly. "Dis is why I like you. Such a sharp lickle mind."

Licking her lips, suddenly realizing hitting hard, Chloe smiled. "I take it back."

Immediately Calypso's smile disappeared. "Excuse me?"

"I do not need my sisters to live, I want them to." Chloe moved towards Calypso. "You, on the other hand, need Jack alive."

"You still owe me," Calypso hissed to Chloe. "You have promised to fulfill your role."

"Yes, but that is a role that existed before Jack's death changed the whole scenario," Chloe realized. "His death, and anything I do to help you get him back, is outside of our arrangement. I do not have to promise you anything." She smiled. "We both have people in the Locker we want out, and apparently we need each other to do it."

"So you will just let Lois die?" Tia Dalma asked curiously. "You will let her body rot while knowing you could save her?"

"No, because you are going to bring her back to life."

Tia Dalma chuckled. "And why exactly would I do dat?"

Instead of answering, Chloe instead changed the subject. "The reason you were not there that day on Isla Cruces was not because you did not love Davy Jones." Chloe gripped at her heart, which was beating rapidly, sadly. "Who kept you from going to the beach that day?"

Closing her eyes, Tia took in a deep breath. "My father." Her eyes opened. "He did na believe dat Davy Jones was worthy of my love, and he was right. He held me against my will for months, and when I finally freed myself and went ta Davy Jones he did na believe me, he was my only safe harbor and him betrayed me."

"Do you know what I felt when I touched Davy Jones' heart?" Chloe reached out and placed her hand on Tia Dalma's heart. "It was filled with sadness, with regret, with agonizing pain. It was so horrible, so much to bear, that he preferred to yank it out of his chest and place it within a different one."

"Do you expect me to feel somethin hearing that?" Tia Dalma asked with disgust, her eyes held a sheen of unshed tears. "Do you expect me to forgive him? To see that he suffered? Do you believe that him pain could ever compare to what he did to me?"

"No." Chloe shook her head. "I expect you to take your divinity back from my body when you are able to, I expect you shove his heart back into his chest, and once he feels that pain… that agony… I expect you to kill him."

Tia Dalma stared at Chloe in open-eyed shock. "You just said dat your life would not be vowed to me."

"I was alive and able to heal myself on my own without your divinity, you said it yourself, I was already a half when your divinity found me, it was what attracted it to me." Chloe stepped closer. "Taking your divinity will not kill me, I will not promise you my life. But if you bring Lois back to life I promise to help you get revenge on Davy Jones for what he did to you."

Tia Dalma stared up at Chloe and smiled a brilliant smile, all trace of tears of sadness melting from her face. "You have passed." With that she turned and walked towards Lois' body.

Chloe's face scrunched in confusion. "Passed?" She hurried after the goddess in human form. "Passed what?"

Lois was dead.

Lucy was dead.

Chloe and father were most probably dead as well.

It was all her fault.

Lana Swann stared at the large, half-finished painting of a map of the world (as they knew it) covering one whole wall of the room, her back to the desk. Her body was cold, numb. She'd expected to be thrown in jail again but instead she'd been placed in her home under lock and key until Cutler had called her in. He hadn't looked up from the papers he'd been reviewing, and she hadn't complained. Instead she'd turned her back to him and stared at the large painting, tried concentrating on anything other than what she'd done and where she was.

The sound of a pen dipping into ink and swishing against paper could be heard behind her. She finally found Isla Cruces on the map and forced herself to look at it, to stare at the island where she'd caused her family's deaths.

"Miss Lana," Cutler finally spoke. "Please, sit."

Finally turning, Lana faced the devil himself. She moved towards the seat opposite Cutler Beckett's and sat down on it, her hazel eyes baring into his.

"I heard about the tragic news regarding your sister," he declared. "It would never have happened had she not foolishly made her bed with pirates." He clasped his hands in front of him, elbows on the table. "I must admit that I underestimated you, Miss Lana. I always took you for nothing more than a pretty face, but when you not only found Mr Mercer in Tortuga but brokered a deal with him I realized that you were more cunning - and dear I say, intelligent - than I could have ever expected."

She remained silent, her tongue heavy in her mouth.

"Not only did you realize that throwing it in with pirates was the wrong thing to do, but you managed to bring me the one item which I desire above all else." He eyed her thoughtfully. "How did you know that I desired Davy Jones' heart? The only one with this information was Mr Mercer, and I know he is not one to gossip."

"I have my ways," she finally spoke. "But in the end it did not matter, my sisters are dead. My father is probably dead as well. I am alone because of own actions." She eyed him. "I killed my family."

"Pish posh, what nonsense," Cutler tsked as he shook his head. "Your actions did not kill them, their actions did." When she opened her mouth, he cut her off. "There are also unconfirmed sightings of your father, alive." He smirked. "Only he is a fugitive of the law sailing with what remains of a pirate crew."

Lana jolted up in her seat. "My father's alive?" At Cutler's nod her heart raced in relief… and then she remembered what else he'd said. "He is not a fugitive! Our agreement was that I would get you the heart of Davy Jones and in return my whole family would be pardoned of every crime they might have committed, even Lois for leaving you. You promised that she would be free, free from charges and free from you." She stood and slammed her hands down hard on the desk. "My sister died struggling because you went against your word!"

"It was not intentional to have her hurt," Cutler assured her. "But I could not have her disgracing me the way she did. I was promised a daughter of Governor Swann and I would have her! It was just good business."

"Well, your business killed her." Lana glared at the man.

He eyed her thoughtfully. "I have always wondered what oriental slums Governor Swann must have met your mother in. While Lois, Lucy and Chloe could pass for full blood sisters there is definitely a hint of the foreign in you." He raised an eyebrow. "Did he meet your mother during a trip to a whorehouse in Singapore maybe?"

She slapped him, hard.

"Be careful Miss Lana, I can have your father taken to England and made a very explicit example of," Beckett declared as he stood, standing eye to eye with her. "Now sit down."

Taking in a deep breath, Lana did just that.

"Good." He sat. "Now tell me, how did you know that I wanted Davy's Jones' heart?" He watched her sit silently, rebelliously. "Remember, Miss Swann, your father's life depends on your answer."

13th-May-2016 09:26 pm (UTC)

Ohhh goodness!! You certainly know how to ratch things up!!!

Ohh what a twist Chloe and Tia all ready brought back Barbosa. And ohh boy love that Chloe was bargaining with Tia to bring Lois back. But then changed it once Tia told her story. And poor Calypso being trapped her father and then Davy not believing her.

Now that Cutler believes Lois is dead is he still wanting a Swan daughter and will he be "asking" Lana for her hand. I realky hope that Lana doesn't tell him how she knew he wanted the heart.

One more chapter!! Can't wait!!
Refresh dance. Refrsh dance. Refresh dance.

15th-May-2016 12:52 am (UTC)
Chloe realized she had some leverage for the first time over Tia Dalma, and was definitely more than willing to use it.
14th-May-2016 05:42 pm (UTC)
She carried some horrible juju on her. She was a bad omen. She was… everyone had been well, had been healthy, had been living good lives when she'd not been a part of their lives.
Poor Chloe...

Chloe's eyes widened as she stared at the obeah priestess. "You're Calypso."
Okay, so my first theory (the voice being Calypso) was right :)

"You died for de first time before it could all go to you, so de small part remainin' went to your sisters, and den you were brought here. To my world.
So my crazy theory was just a crazy theory lol. All the magic was supposed to go to Chloe, that's why it came back to her when Lois and Lucy died.

"Memory loss, for one. Another be… confusion."
That's why she couldn't remember any of this. But when did all this happened? Was it when she woke up in Isla the Cruces feeling thisty and tired?

"My father." Her eyes opened. "He did na believe dat Davy Jones was worthy of my love
This reminded me of Chloe, Will and the Governor.

Why does Tia need Barbossa and Jack?

I'm glad Chloe showed Tia she can't take advantage of her :)

I'm soo relieved she's going to bring Lois back. But how is she going to bring Lucy back is her body and soul are lost?

Amazing chapter!!!
15th-May-2016 12:47 am (UTC)
Yes, there is definitely a little bit of a parallel there between Chloe x Gov'na Swann X Will, and Tia's history.

The memory in this chapter is what happens during the time period between Chloe being kidnapped by the mermaid (Syrena) in a Tail of the Sea, and Will finding her. It explains why she was so loopy by the time he found her.

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