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Seventh Year 2/? 
2nd-Feb-2009 04:13 pm
Title: Seventh Year
Fandom:  Harry Potter
Pairing: Sirius x Remus, others
Rating: T-M
Warning: AU, SLASH
Note: Sequel to oneshots James Noticed/Peter Saw.
Summary: Seventh year is filled with chaos, adventure, humor, jealousy, possessives and romance as Sirius and Remus start taking those steps to acknowledging what their friends had known all along.

The last couple of days had been interesting to say the least, and while Remus had slowly gotten used to using a bra (or ‘weapon of mass-torture’ as he liked to refer to it), and to sitting down on the toilet to pee, he was glad that this would be his last day as a girl. There was only so many ‘month curses’ that he could handle, so he was relieved that he’d be changing back into a boy before the female curse occurred.

Throughout the whole ordeal everyone had tried to figure out if the potion had truly been meant for Remus, and after much deliberation (and seeing the support he got from his fellow students) they decided that no, Remus had notbeen the desired target. More and more they were sure that Sirius had in fact been the one who the potion had been made for, and that led to a whole new problem because while Remus was practically the school idol, Sirius had carelessly made a lot of enemies out of his classmates be it through broken hearts, snide comments, or thoughtless pranks.

They were congregated in the common room, sitting further from the other students, trying to come up with a list (a rather long list) of all of the people who could have been smart enough to make up this potion and have it administered to Sirius’ goblet that morning. Thanks to the fact that they knew almost nothing about the females in the school Lily had been grudgingly invited into the meeting, and the redhead had been only too happy to tell Sirius about the countless girls who made up the Sirius Black Is An Insensitive Arsehole club.

“But I told that bird that I was only with her ‘cuz I was drunk!” Sirius’ eyes were wide as Lily filled him in on yetanother member of the unofficial club, dubbed SB-A…as in Sirius Black—Arsehole.

“Well, according to what I heard her tell Gwennyth Mannors, she thought that her love could change you or some manner of idiocy like that.” Lily waved that off with a disgusted shake of her hand, obviously not thinking much of the Hufflepuff in question. “Of course, the only females in this whole school who haven’t tried ‘changing’ you have been in Slytherin, but that’s because you wouldn’t go out with them---and they hate you for turning traitor and being sorted into Gryffindor anyway so they’re suspects still.”

Despite the whole situation, Peter was grinning cheekily as he looked at the list of names on the very long list. “Blimey Sirius, you have the whole female student body after you!”

Sirius groaned, sinking further into the sofa.

“That’s what you get mate, sorry to say.” James announced with an unrepentant smile. “I knew this was gonna come back and bite you in the arse one of these days.”

“Stuff it, ponce.” Sirius growled moodily at his best mate.

“For once Potter’s right.” Lily looked pained to agree with the messy-haired boy. “You used to be the most desired male in the whole school, and now all the girls are warning the first years about you.”

“The first years?” Sirius winced, looking disgusted. “But they’re all bloody eleven!”

“You obviously don’t understand the magnitude of the low opinion you’ve garnered in the female population of Hogwarts.” Lily deadpanned.

Peter snickered behind the list.

“Hey Remus!” A couple of second year girls giggled as they came up to the werewolf, tearing his attention from the scene his friends were making.

“Hey Janice, Marigold.” Remus smiled at the two girls. They’d asked him for some help with their transfiguration homework two weeks ago and had been greeting him eagerly ever since. “How are you two doing?”

“Great, thanks!” Marigold smiled broadly while Janice blushed and twirled a curl around her finger shyly. “We wanted to give you this as a thank you for helping us.” The blonde held out her hand, showing the small wrapped gift.

Blinking in surprise, Remus rubbed the back of his head sheepishly. “You don’t have to give me this as a thanks! I was happy to help you two!”

Please take it!” Marigold pressed, beginning to blush. “You’ll hurt our feelings if you don’t.”

“In that case, thank you.” Determined not to hurt the girls, Remus accepted the small package with a smile and placed it in the pocket of his robes to open later.

Both girls grinned before hurrying away giggling to themselves.

“They’re jailbait mate.” Sirius’ voice was lower than usual.

Remus turned to look at his friend in curiosity before he understood the insinuation and made a face at him. “ReallySirius. As if I’d look at second year girls like that.”

Sirius looked away, moody once more.

Merlin, Padfoot had been having so many mood-swings lately that it was hard to remember that he wasn’t the one who’d been turned into a girl!

“Evans, help me with this if you can.” James announced, turning to the redhead. “I never understood how Remus got so popular with the girls. I mean, I understand he’s a great chap, but for the first couple of years the girls ignored him. Why all of a sudden these last three years he has suddenly become a male icon of sexuality and desire?”

Remus glared at James, blushing scarlet. “I am no such thing!”

Lily raised an eyebrow at her blushing friend before turning to James. “Well, he’s handsome, you have to admit it, and there’s something about Remus that just attracts our attention. Plus, Black actually helped a lot with Remus’ popularity.”

Peter looked up from the list he’d been absentmindedly scribbling on. “I noticed that myself.”

Lily looked at Peter in surprise. “Really?”

“Yeah.” The slightly overweight boy nodded, continuing to scribble doodles on the parchment. “At first it was the same attention James and me got, you know, the oh he’s friends with gorgeous Sirius Black attention. And then, Remus---being the big softie that he is---listened to and comforted all of the crying girls whose hearts Sirius broke, and they started liking him.”

Lily blinked, in shock. “I thought I was the only one who’d noticed that.”

“Nah, I did too. It’s easy to see things when people ignore you and forget you’re there.” And yet Peter said this with a large and genuine grin on his face.

Lily paused, head tilted slightly as she eyed the auburn-haired boy thoughtfully.

“Are you telling me that every girl I broke up with ran to Remus to be comforted?” Sirius gaped, shocked. And then he glared. “How exactly did he comfort them anyway?”

Remus sighed, rolling his eyes. If there was one thing he knew for certain about Padfoot it was that the boy was ridiculously possessive of what he considered his, so it was obvious that once this news got out he’d be jealous about what Remus had done with his ex girlfriends. That was the reason why Remus hadn’t told him about it in the first place!

Honestly, as if Remus would touch someone who’d belonged to Sirius---even if only for a night.

The thought made him sick at his stomach.

“Hey Remus!”

Looking up, Remus shook his head of the thoughts that’d been bothering him and smiled at the first year. “Yeah?”

“Some Slytherin is at the portrait, says he wants to speak to you?”

Lily straightened. “You think it’s Severus? He’s been acting odd lately.”

“I’ll go check.” Getting up, Remus left Lily with the Marauders (praying to all holy that no one would be murdered before he got back), and left through the portrait, blinking when he saw Lucius leaning against the wall, sneering at the way the Fat Lady openly ogled him. “Hey, I didn’t know you knew where the entrance to the Gryffindor Common Room was.”

“I’m a Malfoy, Lupin, I know everything.” Lucius’s sneer turned amused as he crossed his arms over his chest. “Like whose fault it is that you’re prettier than all the girls in this institution.”

Remus fought between a blush and curiosity, and finally the latter won, his eyes widening slightly as he pulled a strand of golden hair out of his face and behind his ear. “Really? You know who did this?”

“Believe it or not, it was Snape.” Lucius shook his head, scowling. “Apparently the potion was intended for Black, but since Black stole your goblet that morning you drank his and this whole mess happened. We wondered why Snape was avoiding you like the plague since it happened, and we finally got the truth out of him tonight in the commons. It was guilt, pure and simple.”

Remus paused, a little worried for his friend’s health. While he wasn’t prejudiced against Slytherins he knew that their methods could be a bit unorthodox. “How exactly did you get him to admit all of this?”

Lucius sneer transformed into a smirk as if reading Remus’ thought and amused by them. “Veritaserum. We used it on all of our underclassmen just to make sure they were telling us the truth, and Snape caved in easily while under the influence.”

Remus wanted to scowl at the Slytherin, wanted to tell him how it was illegal for them to have the truth-telling potion, and yet he couldn’t help but return the blonde’s smirk. “You’re all incorrigible.”

Lucius just smirked.

“How do you know one of the younger ones won’t tattle to Slughorn?” Remus wanted to know, curious.

“Even if they did, he’d only commend us for being able to brew it during the next Slug meeting of his.” Lucius shrugged, obviously not caring much for his House Head.

Remus sighed, shaking his head at the truthfulness in those words. Slughorn really shouldn’t be head of anything. The man had zero backbone and less authority over the students. If he should have been head of anything the best option would have been Hufflepuff, and yet somehow he’d ended up the head of Slytherin.

“So, how long you got left?” Lucius asked.

“A couple of hours.” Remus sighed, thankful. This was going to be one of those things he repressed and never thought of again. “I should be all normal by tomorrow.”

“Pity.” Lucius announced emotionlessly as he pushed away from the wall and began to stride away.

Remus blinked in surprise, a little confused at the comment before he shook his head and returned to the Common Room to find that James had gone to chat up a pretty sixth year named Alice, Lily and Peter were surprisingly enough in a deep conversation, and Sirius was no where to be found.


The moment James noticed that Remus had returned, he excused himself from Alice---who was proving to be waytoo shy for his taste despite how pretty she was---and headed towards the werewolf, clapping a hand on his shoulder to catch his attention.

“Who was it Moony?” The messy-haired youth wanted to know, a little worried. The whole group had tried to be silent, waiting for Remus to come back, but Sirius had gotten up and stormed to their room, and James hadn’t been able to stand Evans’ sighs of impatience so he’d gotten up and decided to talk to Alice, leaving Peter with the redheaded annoyance.

But now that Moony was back James turned all of his attention on him.

Remus hesitated for a moment before answering. “It was Lucius---he and the others found out who did this.”

James’ eyes widened, and for once he didn’t make any comments about Remus’ being close enough friends with the snakes to call them by their first names. “Really? Who?” Inwardly he felt a little peeved that the snakes had been able to solve this when they had been unable to.

“Severus.” Remus looked more amused than anything else as he said this. “Apparently it was meant for Sirius, but since Siri stole my juice that morning---.”

Oh.” James was stuck. On one hand he wanted to be pissed off and offended that Snivellus had thought to do such a thing to his best mate---and yet a little TINY piece of him was impressed with the prank in itself. Even if it hadbackfired, it was still an impressive idea to get back at Sirius for turning his hair curly and pink the day they’d all started their Seventh Year.

“Where’s Sirius?” Remus asked, looking around the common room.

A smile threatened James’ lips as he watched golden eyes search for his best mate. Ever since their last vacation he’d known that things were slowly turning for the better between his friends, and he couldn’t help but believe that this year would find Remus Lupin finally realizing what was going on and giving into a rather desperate Sirius Black.

And Pete and me will get to brag and say how we saw it before those two did. He finally grinned, remembering how he and Peter had admitted to each other that they knew about the feelings between their other friends. Their shared knowledge of what the future would definitely bring had forged a closer relationship between James and Peter, who felt like co-conspirators at this Sirmus Watching Game they played.

“He went up to the room,” James announced, letting go of his hold on the werewolf’s shoulder. “Looked a little down. Why don’t you go and check up on him? I’ll rescue Wormy from Evans and let them know the mystery was solved.”

“Thanks.” Remus smiled and turned to go towards the stairs when suddenly he gasped and those golden eyes flashed silver for a second and his knees buckled.

James surged forwards and grabbed Remus by the waist, holding him from behind, feeling the werewolf’s unsteady, rapid gasps. “Rem?” He whispered, worried as Remus’ body began to shake and the smaller boy—still in girl body—whimpered in pain.

Help me.” Remus pleaded, voice soft and hurt. “Don’t—want—attention on—me.”

Understanding, James was glad that no one had noticed what’d happened as he moved Remus to a corner and held him until the werewolf was able to stand on his own feet even if he was leaning hard against the wall for support. “Remmy?” The messy-haired boy whispered, pushing his glasses up the bridge of his nose.

“I’m---fine.” Remus breathed out, eyes closed tightly, head tilted backwards, face towards the ceiling, still breathing erratically. “It’ll---pass.”

That was the moment James realized that this wasn’t the first time this had happened to Remus. Anger at not having been told, and fear for what this could mean, battled for dominance and yet another stronger emotion, protectiveness, entered the battle and won the war. “What’s going on, Rem?”

The shaking slowly subsided to nothing, and Remus took in a deep breath before lowering his head so that he was facing James, opening his eyes.

James gasped as he saw that Remus’ eyes were silver bleeding back into his natural gold. “Rem---your eyes---they’re silver!” He hissed in shock.

Remus sighed and lowered his gaze to his feet as his eyes slowly returned completely to their golden color. “Before you ask me again, Jamie, I don’t know.”

James frowned, concern growing. “How long as this been happening?”

“A couple of weeks.” Remus admitted. “You’re—you’re the only one who knows. At first I thought I was just fatigued from studying too much, but it’s happening more and more recently now, and its been stronger now that I got this potion inside of me.”

His worry was growing. “You think that an ingredient in the potion might have made this thing stronger?”

Remus nodded, silent.

“Dammit Rem!” James ran frustrated fingers through his hair. “You should have told us something!”

“I didn’t want you to worry.”

And that was the problem. Remus was always trying to protect them when he was the one who needed the protecting.

Sighing James couldn’t find the anger to be mad at his shamefaced friend. “What exactly happens when this, uh,happens?”

“I—I’m not completely sure.” Remus responded softly. “It’s like all of my senses go on overload all at once and its so overwhelming I just want to pass out and die. And there’s this hunger, this need---.”

James’ gaze narrowed. “This has something to do with Moony.”

Remus nodded. “But this has never happened before, why all of a sudden---?”

“I’m not sure, but we’re going to have to start reading up on, uh, your relatives again. I know you don’t like it when we do, but it’s going to be necessary if we’re to know what in the world is going on with you.”

Remus winced. “James---.”

“Don’t even start it.” James shook his head and cut his friend off. “Now I want you to go up and talk to Sirius about this, he’ll be a cranky, insufferable bastard if he hears it from anyone else. I am going to talk to Evans, if there’s anyone other than you who’s a bookworm it’ll be herand she’s been studying diligently up on your family since she found out.”

Remus was silent, looking at his shoes. “I don’t want to be more of a bother for you guys. This--.”

“Say one more idiotic word and I’ll break your nose.” James threatened.

Remus chuckled slightly and looked up at the messy-haired boy. “Thanks James.”

James smiled back. “Think nothing of it, Moony. Now go talk to Sirius and get him out of that mood of his?”

Remus nodded and silently went towards the stairs.

James watched him go with a worried expression before turning towards where Peter and the insufferable Evans were still deep in conversation. The leader of the Marauders winced at the thought of having to spend time with the redhead, and voluntarily at that.

He sighed in defeat.

The things I do for my mates.


He knew he was turning into a moody bastard and it bothered him.

Sitting on his bed, Sirius hugged his pillow to his chest and told himself that Sirius Orion Black wasn’t supposed to be a jealous, insecure person. No, he had always been confident and full of himself, but whenever it came to Moony Sirius felt so foolish and useless and insecure.

Why shouldn’t Remus be friendly with all those people? Why shouldn’t he make friends with those around him? Whyshould Sirius see everyone Remus smiled at or paid attention to as rivals?

It wasn’t healthy!

And yet no matter how many times he told himself this, Sirius couldn’t change. Remus was the one person in this world Sirius knew he couldn’t live without. Ever since the first time he’d laid eyes on Remus on the train to Hogwarts he’d known instinctively that he had to get close to that person, had to be his friend, his confident, his most important person.

At the time he hadn’t exactly understood why he felt that way, or why he was so possessive of the other boy—why hehated the few girls Remus had gone out with, but now he did, and it only made his jealousy and possessivenessgrow.

Why couldn’t he stop?

And why did Remus let him do these things without even complaining? Why did the werewolf let Sirius be possessive and jealous and act as if he owned him?

The door opened and the one person who tormented him so appeared, looking a little pale but no less handsome---er---beautiful, considering that Remus was still a girl.

That stupid potion better wear off soon!

Sirius was sick of the female version of Remus, the one that he could hardly recognize. He wanted his Remus back the way he originally was and he wanted him back now.

“Um, Sirius?” That feminine voice that wasn’t Remus’ normally soft one spoke, and it irritated Sirius to no small degree.

“Let’s go flying.” He’s spoken and gotten off of his bed before he could ever process what it was he was thinking.

“Huh?” Remus asked, looking confused, and rightly so. “You know I don’t like flying.”

Ignoring him, Sirius grabbed his broom and his friend’s hand, dragging the golden-blonde towards the window before mounting his broom and waiting for the werewolf to do the same.

Moony looked paler, a little nervous, and completely unsure about this. “Padfoot---.”

“Trust me, Rem.” Sirius managed a smile somehow. “I know Moony is an earthbound animal and doesn’t feel safe in the air, but he trusts Padfoot, doesn’t he?”

Remus hesitated, golden gaze darting from the broom, to Sirius and back. “Y-yeah, h-he d-d-d-does---but I’ve seenyou flying.”

Sirius frowned, not liking the implication that Moony didn’t trust him completely. He wouldn’t do anything cocky or reckless while Remus was with him, why didn’t the werewolf ever trust him when he said that and avoided this like the plague?

The Padfoot that eternally lived inside of Sirius growled like he always did whenever Moony displeased him during the full moons, the sound emerging his lips.

Remus’ eyes flashed a brighter golden, that nearly glowing color they were during the full moon, as the Moony within recognized the Alpha’s displeasure with him. A corresponding whimper escaped Remus’ lips as the wolf looked away for a second before slowly climbing onto the back of Sirius’ broom, his arms going around Sirius’ waist tightly, his face pressed into Sirius’ back in obvious fear.

For a moment guilt assailed Sirius, but then Moony’s scent enclosed him and he closed his eyes, sniffing the scent with a content purr.

“Where are we going?” Remus’ voice was squeaky and slightly muffled by the material of Sirius’ robes.

“You’ll see.” And with a kick they were off, soaring into the sky, Remus plastering himself as tightly against Sirius as he could with a terrified squeak, and Sirius laughing softly to himself, savoring the feel of Remus against him, even if it was a female body.

Flying above the castle, Sirius searched for that hidden place he’d discovered while flying one sleepless night and smiled when he finally did. Lowering he landed on the hidden, flat section of the roof.

“We’re here.”

Remus froze before slowly tearing his face from the back of Sirius’ robes and looking around. “Wow.”

Sirius grinned brightly as the werewolf dismounted the broom onto the roof and looked around. “You like?”

Yeah.” Awe etched in that word, Remus looked around at the marvelous view of the land all around Hogwarts. “This is amazing.”

Dismounted and broom in hand, Sirius smiled, happy to see the fascination on Moony’s face. “This is the only completely flat part of the roof, and I hexed the edges so there’s an invisible barrier. You couldn’t fall off even if you wanted to.”

Visibly calming completely, Remus’ grin brightened as he walked to the edge of the roof and got a better view of the lake illuminated by the light of the moon. “It looks like a millions diamonds sparkling.”

Merlin, only Remus could say something like that and not sound lame.

Sirius smiled tenderly.

“Thanks for bringing me out here.” Remus turned and smiled brightly at Sirius before sitting down and looking out at the beautiful scenery below. “This is beautiful.”

“I come here sometimes when I can’t sleep—or need to think.” Sirius admitted, sitting down next to Remus, so close he could feel the body heat the wolf emitted. “It’s so very peaceful.”

“I can see that.” Remus smiled, eyes on the lake as the water rippled when the Giant Squid stuck one tentacle out and swatted at something the others couldn’t see.

Silence fell on the boys as they just sat together and watched the scenery, and yet Sirius was happier than he’d been since they’d returned from Remus’ home to Hogwarts.

A contented sigh came from the werewolf as he surprised Sirius by leaning towards him and resting his head on the dark-haired Gryffindor’s shoulder.

A blush covered Sirius’ cheeks immediately.

Merlin, Moony smelt so good!

Taking in a deep breath, Sirius closed his eyes tightly before placing his arm around Remus’ shoulders, pulling him closer. Despite the fact that he’d done this countless times before somehow it seemed different tonight, and he couldn’t help but hate himself for blushing as red as he knew he was.

Moony didn’t seem to mind or even notice, he just snuggled in closer to Sirius’ heat and sighed in contentment once more.

And then Moony was glowing, like the only light in the night, and in seconds it was gone and Sirius knew he was holding his Moony once more. The potion had worn off.


Remus lifted his hand, observing it before smiling and turning in Sirius’ hold, face raised to look into that of his friend. “I’m back to normal.”

Sirius felt his breath stick his in throat as Remus, his Remus, smiled up at him, eyes shinning in the darkness, face soclose to his.

Padfoot wanted to kiss his Moony.

He wanted to---to--.

Remus grinned brighter before turning his face away and resting his cheek against Sirius’ chest with a contented smile. “I’m happy to be back.”

“I—I am too.” Sirius did his best to keep the disappointment out of his suddenly thick voice. “You might have been bloody hot as a girl, Remus, but I prefer you just the way you are.”

Remus chuckled softly. “Me too.” His arms went around Sirius’ waist and he hugged him slightly, leaning further into him. “Thanks for looking after me and making sure no one took advantage while I was like that. You always look after me, but still, thanks. You—you mean a lot to me, Sirius Black.”

And suddenly the kiss he hadn’t been able to experience didn’t really matter to Sirius. Remus was here, with him, in his arms.

Nothing else mattered.

2nd-Feb-2009 10:54 pm (UTC)
adorable! i loved the ending. however i was a bit confused about the silver eyes thing, my first guess was that maybe remus needs a mate? i guess i'll just have to wait and see! i still love how remus is adored by everyone...just makes me feel warm and fuzzy. i also like how hes pictured as ver handsome, thats how i see him:) really great job, cannot wait until the next chapter!
2nd-Feb-2009 11:31 pm (UTC)
Throughout James Noticed/Peter Saw/Seventh Year this is my favorite chapter so far for some reason. *grins brightly*
The silver eyes should be explained in a few chapters more, shouldn't be much I think, but I'm glad it's intriguing you from now!
Yeah, I see Remus as very handsome as well, though I've tweaked it slightly to fit this story better!
3rd-Feb-2009 12:25 am (UTC)
awwww....thats sooo sweet!!!
i accually realy like wormtail in this story and i usually dont cause the way the write makes him is just horible. but i like ur version of wromy!
post again soon pleaz
3rd-Feb-2009 12:36 am (UTC)
yay! *jumps up and down* you like Peter! I'm so glad!
I shall try and update soon!
4th-Feb-2009 06:23 pm (UTC)
This is gorgeous.
Such a cute ending. I can't wait for more. ^_^
4th-Feb-2009 07:15 pm (UTC)
glad u liked---will try updating soon! :D
6th-Feb-2009 04:02 pm (UTC)
Aaaaaw, SO cute! *happy sigh* The ending was adorable, I'm all smiles right now :')
And thank God Remus is back to normal! :D
6th-Feb-2009 04:16 pm (UTC)
I know! I couldn't leave lil Remmy like that for long! ;D
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