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Brat 2/2 
21st-May-2016 12:56 am
Title: Brat
Fandom: Smallville/Vampire Diaries
Pairings: Chloe/Katherine, Lois/Oliver, Lana/Clark
Rating: T
Summary: Katherine Pierce is a spoiled rotten brat who is jealous and possessive, but she is NOT Chloe's "wifey" (no matter WHAT Lois says). On the same note, Chloe is NOT "whipped". She is NOT. Really, she isn't.
A/N: This oneshot features the winning pairing of my Chloe/Femslash poll on facebook, in which Katherine Piece (The Vampire Diaries) went up against Malia Tate (Teen Wolf) and Daisy Johnson (Agents of SHIELD). AU, obviously.

Katherine hadn't been back for three nights now. She obviously wasn't feeding on civilians, and while that was great, either she was getting her blood on the sly, wasn't feeding at all, or had actually left Smallville. Chloe didn't know what she felt about either of those situations. Sure, Katherine had been a spoiled brat, but every minute that her (replacement) phone wasn't buzzing with some ridiculous demand, Chloe felt a little more anxious and… lonely.

She'd tried calling Katherine a couple of times but the vampire wasn't answering. Maybe the brunette had truly gone and cut off all communication with Chloe. It was probably for the best… she'd been nothing but problems… And yet Chloe found herself coming home at night to an empty apartment and… she was lonely. Every time someone asked her where Katherine was she made an excuse, but she was wondering if she shouldn't just say that Katherine and her had broken up?

Something inside of her clenched tightly.

That was why, when she'd gotten the call from Lana saying she'd seen Katherine in the Beanery, Chloe hadn't hesitated. She'd rushed to the Talon's competition and stepped through the doors, looking around almost desperately before she found Katherine seated in the corner, her gaze distant as she stared ahead of her in thought.

Chloe went to her without really thinking how she'd handle the situation. If she had, her first words would probably not have been: "You spoiled brat! Where the hell have you been"?"

Katherine jumped and looked up at her in shock. "Excuse me?"

"Excuse me?" Chloe glared down at Katherine. "That's the best you've got for disappearing on me all this time with no word as to whether you were alive or not?" She slammed her hands down on the table's counter. "You've got some nerve, Katherine Pierce!"

Katherine's eyes widened further, then again, that's probably because Chloe had never made a scene like this in public before.

Taking in a deep breath, remembering exactly where they were, Chloe sighed as she collapsed on the seat next to Katherine. "How are you?"

"F-fine." Katherine lowered her gaze to her cup of coffee before it rose to Chloe's face. "How are you?"

Surprised at the question, Chloe narrowed her eyes on Katherine for a second before answering. "I've been worried sick about you. Not only did you go, but you took my phone too." She paused. "I know you hate me being on my phone so much, but that was childish, don't you think?"

Katherine opened her mouth, closed it, and then cleared her throat. "Sounds just like me."

Eyes narrowing further, Chloe reached out and cupped the back of Katherine's head, pulling her in close as she kissed the taller brunette. She could feel the shock, swallowed Katherine's gasp as she kissed her deeply. Katherine didn't seem to know what to do with her hands, and kept letting out tiny sounds that Chloe consumed as she leaned harder into the brunette.

Finally she pulled away and licked her lips as she stared at Katherine, who was staring at her with wide yet half-lidded eyes, parted lips, and heavy breath. "So…" Chloe leaned forwards and eyed the brunette curiously. "Who exactly are you? Because you're not Katherine, but considering you pretended to be her you obviously know who she is and the fact that you two are basically identical." She reached out and brushed a straight brown wisp of hair out of the girl's face. "I'd say you were twins… but you're warm."

"I'm… uh… Elena." The girl was blushing scarlet as she gulped. "Elena Gilbert."

Two males suddenly appeared on either side, both incredibly handsome, both having witnessed what had happened. One looked hella amused, the other awkward.

Elena flushed darker when they appeared. "T-these are Damon and Stefan Salvatore."

Chloe hadn't heard of any of them before, so she just smiled. "So, are you friends with Katherine?"

"I wouldn't say friends," the older looking guy replied. "It's more like she made Stefan and I her little playthings, then let us think she was dead for years while she traipsed around the world." Damon reached an arm around Elena's chair. "So suffice to say we aren't Katherine's biggest fans."

Ah. So Katherine had been with these two guys. Chloe glanced between them.

"She tried to kill me and my brother a couple of times," Elena admitted with a frown.

"I'm sorry, but are you and Katherine…?" Stefan asked curiously. "And you know what she is?" He quickly hurried. "Because of that comment on Elena being warm…"

"What exactly am I, Stefan Salvatore?" A voice growled from behind them, and everyone turned to find Katherine Pierce standing there in her infuriated glory. "Pissed off because you three can't seem to leave me the hell alone?"

"Hey, we didn't come looking for you!" Damon snapped. "I'll have you know—."

"Not interested." Katherine stormed towards the table and didn't even acknowledge Chloe's presence before she sat on her lap. "I don't care why you three are here, but I thought we'd made it clear that the three of us never wanted to see each other again, so get the hell out of my town!" She turned to Elena and grabbed her by her shirt, yanking her close with a hiss. "If you ever touch—!"

"Hey!" Chloe wrapped her arms around Katherine's and pulled the vampire back against her, forcing her to let go of Elena. "Enough!"

"You don't get to tell me what I can't or can do!" Katherine struggled to get free as she turned her ire towards the blonde.

Rolling her eyes, Chloe just anchored the vampire to her chest. "Will you just shut up you gigantic brat? Jesus! You're such a pain in the ass!"

"Tell that to my face if you dare!" Katherine snapped angrily.

Damon's mouth fell open and he looked disturbed.

"I'm sorry Elena, I can't take her anywhere," Chloe sighed.

"Stop ignoring me!" Katherine snarled and even stomped her foot like some sort of child. "You're always ignoring me!"

Stefan's eyes widened, he looked utterly fascinated.

Chloe groaned and pushed them out so she could stand and yank Katherine up with her as well. "C'mon Katherine, we're going home." She smiled at Elena, Damon and Stefan before basically leading Katherine out of the door. She knew people were watching them, and this would be some huge gossip by tonight, but she didn't care. Instead of caring she forced the struggling vampire towards the car and turned her around so that she was facing her. "Will you stop it already? We both know that if you were really struggling I'd have no chance against you."

Katherine stopped struggling immediately and merely huffed, a muscle jumping in her cheek as she glared at Chloe. "If you think that—."

Slamming her hands on the car on either side of Katherine, Chloe moved in and kissed the shocked brunette. Katherine inhaled in shock, her body tense, but when Chloe's hands made their way to her hair Katherine's gripped Chloe by her hips and pulled her closer as she took the kiss deeper. The vampire turned Chloe around and pressed her against the car, her kiss angry and a little punishing, and somehow bratty.

Chloe finally pulled away and grinned. "Just had to make sure I was kissing the right person this time."

Katherine's eyes narrowed and she opened her mouth. "That damned Dop—!"

Chloe didn't let her finish the sentence as she pulled Katherine back down towards her in another kiss.

"That's got to be creepy." Lois made a face at Katherine as she passed her the fried rice. "Someone born with your face? Enough to give nightmares."

"Thank you!" Katherine nodded in agreement. "Not only did she steal my face, but she also basically stole the life I'd had in Mystic Falls! It was unnerving!" She made a face. "For a while I wanted it back, but it was really because she wasn't me and it was creepy! It was unnatural. Bleh." The vampire turned to Chloe. "I thought I had put enough distance between me and Mystic Falls after nearly dying there last time… only for her to show up here and kiss Chloe! And right in my face!"

"To be fair, I kissed her," Chloe interrupted from where she'd been looking at something Oliver was showing her. "I'd begun to suspect she wasn't you and it was the only way to know for sure."

Katherine hesitated. "What do you mean?"

"Oh puh-lese." Lois rolled her eyes. "As if she'd be able to confuse wifey with someone else."

"Lois!" Chloe glared at her. "How many times do I have to tell you that Katherine isn't my wifey?"

"Until you accept that she is?" Lois wanted to know as she pointed her fork at Chloe. "I mean, you two mightn't be officially dating, and you're with this whole roommates with benefits thing, but no one is fooled by it. Katherine Pierce is a spoilt brat who takes advantage of you and behaves like a jealous two year old if anything or anyone takes your attention off from her for a second, and you're the whipped idiot who wouldn't have it any other way." She shrugged. "Ollie and I just don't get why you two don't just make your relationship official."

Chloe flushed scarlet. "There's no relationship."

Katherine raised an eyebrow. "Says who?"

Chloe turned to her, eyes wide. "What?"

Oliver stared between them with wide, fascinated eyes.

Lois grinned evilly. "Yeah Chloe, says who?"

"I am not your wifey, but you are mine," Katherine informed her with a tone of defiance. "If you have a problem with that, too bad."

Lois' grin was ridiculous. "You hear that Lil Cuz?"

Chloe looked between everyone and then blushed darkly as she stabbed her fork into her piece of chicken.

Katherine's fangs were buried deep into Chloe's neck. The blonde found herself pressed into the sofa, Katherine's petite yet strong body over her, straddling her hips as she sucked at Chloe's blood. While feeding had always been intimate, it was growing more and more so. They'd shared kisses before, but each and every one since Katherine had come back were different, deeper, harder, incredible.

Taking only enough to sate her hunger, and not enough to change to human, Katherine stopped drinking and pressed her lips to Chloe's throat as her tongue soothed the wound.

Gripping the sofa tightly, Chloe whimpered as she arched her back.

Katherine slipped her fangs back into Chloe's neck but didn't feed, her voice muffled as she snarled: "I still cannot believe you kissed her."

For a moment Chloe didn't understand what in the world Katherine was talking about, and then she did, and a soft chuckle escaped her lips. "You're still on about that?" It was odd speaking with Katherine's fangs in the side of her throat, but she spoke slowly, carefully. "It's not a big deal."

"It is to me." Katherine continued to keep her fangs embedded, which made her words terribly slurred and muffled. "First Stefan, then Damon, and now you? She didn't push you away! That whore. How long would she have allowed it to go on if you hadn't realized it wasn't me?" She then paused and finally slipped her fangs free so she could gaze down at Chloe, her dark hair hanging down into Chloe's face and hiding Katherine's in shadows. "How did you know it wasn't me just from a kiss? Damon didn't when I was in Mystic Falls, and according to him I was the love of his life."

Chloe stared up into Katherine's face before she reached up and softly brushed those curls behind the vampire's ears. "Lois said it, didn't she?" She could feel her face heating up. "I couldn't mistake my, uh, wifey, for anyone else." She hated how red she knew she was. "Elena might look like you, but she's not you. She never could be."

Katherine stared down at Chloe, something odd passing over her face before she cleared her throat and looked away. A slightly sheen was over Katherine's eyes before with a blink it was gone and the vampire was smirking down at Chloe. "Well, obviously." She made a face. "Don't call me wifey."

Chloe laughed as she stared up at her. "Okay then, brat."

Katherine licked her lips as her gaze lowered to Chloe's. "I wasn't joking before, you know. You might just think I'm your annoying roommate, but I consider you as mine, so you better get used to it because I don't share so I'll kill anyone who thinks they can date—."

Chloe reached up, cupped the back of Katherine's head, and brought her back down to kiss her. "Brat," she whispered against Katherine's lips.

Katherine smiled against Chloe's lips and took the kiss deeper.

"This is so dumb." Katherine folded her arms over her chest, a muscle jumping in her cheek. "She's not that good looking!"

Chloe bit the inside of her cheek to keep from laughing. Katherine had sneered at the beauty pageant, but the second Lana won she'd gotten all in arms about it. The vampire's one-sided competition with Lana was not only hilarious, but it was somewhat cute as well.

"She's too old for these competitions," Katherine muttered spitefully from the crowd as the crown was placed on Lana's head. "It's pathetic."

Wrapping her arms around Katherine's waist, Chloe pressed a kiss to the vampire's neck.

Katherine still pouted, but wasn't so vocal about it for the rest of the night.

"That was so reckless!" Katherine snapped at her, clothes still torn, face still bashed. She'd taken enough of Chloe's blood to be human for a special event the Town Council was having, one in which Klaus Mikaelson and his vampires had crashed. The Town Council hadn't been able to do anything against the Original Vampire, and most of them had either died or been Compelled by the end of the night.

Klaus had come for Katherine. Chloe hadn't understood what the beef was, but she'd stepped in the middle, she'd provoked him, purposely kept his attention off of Katherine, and while Klaus' brothers held Katherine down Chloe had taunted Klaus until he'd snapped and drank her dry. Or he'd tried. Just like Katherine once a very long time ago, Klaus hadn't been able to finish Chloe, instead, her blood had "healed" him of his vampirism. Sure, it would only last a couple of months, but it'd been enough for Klaus to retreat with his brothers, sister and followers.

It'd been enough to save Katherine's unlife.

"He could've killed you!" Katherine snarled at Chloe, face pale and twisted as her voice shook. "You could've died!"

Chloe, still in her hospital bed, reached up and brushed a curl out of Katherine's face. "But I didn't."

"But you could've!" Katherine's voice escaped her with a cry as she collapsed on the edge of the bed. "You aren't allowed to die!"

"Yes ma'am," Chloe whispered with a chuckle.

"That's not funny," Katherine hissed.

"Definitely not funny," a new voice declared from the doorway, causing their gazes to go there to find the blonde sister of Klaus Mikaelson. "My brother is human."

Katherine glared. "Don't come any closer, Rebecca. Human or not I will kill you."

"Please," Rebecca sneered. "I do not fear or have any interest in you, Katerina." Her blue gaze shifted to Chloe. "You on the other hand." In a second she was on the opposite side of the hospital bed than Katherine. "You can turn vampires into human." She stepped closer. "Can you make that permanent?"

"In a way," Chloe hedged.

Rebecca's eyes widened and her voice came out soft, hopeful. "Really?" She reached out and gripped Chloe's hand. "Please, make me human too."

"No!" Katherine snapped as she came around the bed and pushed Rebecca away. "She doesn't have to do anything for you! You came here and the first thing you did was try to kill her!"

Chloe bit down on her bottom lip to keep from pointing out that in the beginning Katherine had basically done the same thing.

"I can help you, Katerina." Rebecca turned her gaze on the vampire. "I can stop Niklaus from hunting you. You can settle down. You can stop running. You can have a home."

"No." Katherine shook her head despite the look of longing in her eyes.

Chloe frowned and then turned to Rebecca. "How would you do that?"

"Oliver is basically all mad scientist crazy over the experiment," Lois bemoaned as she sat with her feet up on a ottoman. She'd just recently gotten the news that she was carrying the Queen heir and as soon as she'd found out she'd immediately gotten every single symptom of pregnancy and was being a total brat, making Oliver pamper her like crazy. The only reason Chloe didn't feel bad for him was because he seemed to be enjoying himself greatly. "I mean, this could ultimately be a cure for vampirism! Your blood, mixed with blue kryptonite, and the other components? It's already been six months and Rebecca is showing no sign of the vampirism returning. Also, the healing powers in your blood is making it so that their bodies are healed enough that they don't disintegrate or anything like that because of how old they are. This is big. This is groundbreaking."

Considering Rebecca had also slipped the concoction into every single one of her brothers' drinks, they were all human as well, and apparently many of them were enjoying their return to humanity. Niklaus was not. According to Rebecca he was visiting witches everywhere but each one had told him they did not believe that taking vampire blood and killing himself, or being bitten by a werewolf would work on him. It would seem that not only was this a cure for supernaturalism, but it was a permanent one.

"Has Katherine considered…?" Lois wanted to know.

Chloe shook her head. "I don't think so. I don't blame her. This is the first time she can live without having to look over her shoulder in fear." She licked her lips. "I wouldn't ask her to take it."

Lois eyed her in silence. "I'd make Oliver take it in seconds. No way would I let him remain eternally young while I aged!"

Yeah, that was a worry, but there was no way Chloe could ask Katherine to give up her immortality, especially when they were still… Chloe didn't even know if she'd want to ask Katherine to do that. She knew Katherine expected her to, but she really wasn't sure she ever would. Why should she ask something so selfish?

Damon Salvatore had been given "the cure" against his will. Chloe knew this because he'd come to Smallville to rant and rave about it, sure Katherine had been behind the whole fiasco. Katherine had informed Damon that she had more important things to do and that she'd even forgotten that he existed so no, she had not been behind his becoming a human. Stefan (who'd taken the cure willingly) and his girlfriend Caroline (who'd also taken the cure willingly) had come with Elena (who was the happiest person about this whole thing) to drag Damon away. Chloe had a feeling the three of them were actually the ones behind Damon being cured, and she felt Damon knew so too, but he wasn't ready to accept that sort of "betrayal".

Rebecca Mikaelson (or 'Blondie Becs' as she went by on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat) kept Chloe updated on her adventures in humanhood. Katherine definitely did not approve of the fact that Rebecca kept sending pictures of different food she was enjoying, or places she was visiting, or basically every new human interaction or experience she was going through. Chloe didn't mind, despite it all Rebecca was the only Mikaelson she genuinely liked.

The months turned into a year, and Katherine didn't go anywhere. The Town Council was gone, the Originals were gone, and Katherine Pierce remained in Smallville.

Chloe tried not to let the vampire realize how much she liked that. It'd go to Katherine's head if she did.

"You're not aging," Katherine pointed out five years later as she sat back and watched Oliver chase after his hellion twins. It was Laura and Robert's birthday party, and they were happily playing with four year old Lori Kent and three year old Lesley Kent. Lana and Clark were happily having cake and letting Oliver deal with the kids. Lois was spear-heading the Oliver-Can-Manage-On-His-Own campaign.

Chloe nodded in silence. She'd noticed the fact that she had yet to age and wasn't sure how she felt about it.

"Oh well, it saves me from having to turn you and then deal with your ungrateful ass later on," Katherine declared with a shrug of her shoulders.

Chloe turned to look at her in surprise. "Excuse me?"

"What?" Katherine huffed. "You thought I'd just let you die of old age?" She snorted. "Please."

A part of her was annoyed, another couldn't help but admit it was amused. "Brat."

Katherine, having decoded that a very long time ago, smiled as she slid her hand over Chloe's. She leaned in close and pressed a kiss to the blonde's temple . "I love you too."

21st-May-2016 06:10 am (UTC)
ahhh... soo cute. thanks
21st-May-2016 11:33 pm (UTC)
""What?" Katherine huffed. "You thought I'd just let you die of old age?" She snorted. "Please."

A part of her was annoyed, another couldn't help but admit it was amused. "Brat."

Katherine, having decoded that a very long time ago, smiled as she slid her hand over Chloe's. She leaned in close and pressed a kiss to the blonde's temple . "I love you too.""

That's so sweet. Thanks for posting!
25th-Jun-2016 06:12 pm (UTC)
I loved it!!!!!!!!!
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