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Battle for Helm's Deep 8b/8 
22nd-May-2016 02:26 am
chlaragorn---chloe & aragorn
The Battle for Helm's Deep3

Disclaimer: Don't own Smallville/Lord Of The Rings: The Two Towers
Sequel to - The Metahuman, The Ranger, and the One Ring
Pairing: Chloe/Aragorn
Fandom: Smallville/LOTR: The Two Towers
Rating: T+/M
Disclaimer: Don't own
Summary: The broken up Fellowship are still trying to complete their respective missions, the League are still trying to find Zatanna, Chloe and Aragorn still have a couple of roadblocks to pass before they can actually have a relationship, and Lois is *still* trying to get into the book. Cue battles, jealousy, and some sexiness.

WARNING: Sexual Content ahead.


Lois had been worried when Aragorn hadn't returned immediately, but when he and Chloe finally made it back to the others, both red-faced and visibly satiated, the brunette couldn't help but give her cousin a dirty smile and two thumbs up which made Chloe and Aragorn both blush even harder. But she didn't care because it had beenabout damned time! They might die horribly soon, but Lois couldn't stop her grin due to just how happy she was for her cousin. Chloe had finally gotten the guy! Finally!

Aragorn and Chloe talked softly amongst themselves before the Ranger nodded and moved towards where Theoden sat silently, staring at the floor. "Is there no other way for the women and children to get out of the caves?" Aragorn wanted to know, and when his question was met with silence from the king, he turned to Eomer. "Is there no other way?"

The sound of the Uruk-Hai battering the door could be heard loudly in the background.

"There is one passage," Eomer answered Aragorn. "It leads into the mountains. But they will not get far. The Uruk-Hai are too many."

Chloe made her way towards Lois, a frown growing on her face.

"Tell the women and children to make for the mountain pass," Aragorn pleaded with Eomer. "And barricade the entrance."

Theoden looked over to Aragorn and Eomer. "So much death. What can Men do against such reckless hate?"

There was another sickening crack at the door.

Chloe stopped halfway towards Lois and turned to face Theoden. "You can start by not giving up before the war is even lost!" She stormed right back to where Theoden looked up at her in surprise, as did every other man in that room except for Clark and Oliver. "We're still alive! As long as there's someone alive who can hold up a weapon there's still hope!"

"She is right," Aragorn announced and took in a deep breath as he turned to Theoden. "Ride out with me."

Eomer blinked in surprise at the request.

Theoden turned to Aragorn in confusion.

"Ride out and meet them," Aragorn insisted as he held the king's gaze.

Theoden looked between Chloe and Aragorn and then walked to meet them, a light glimmering in his eyes. "For death and glory."

"For Rohan," Aragorn corrected. "For your people."

"For hope," Chloe added softly. "We haven't lost this battle." She stared Theoden deep in his eyes. "We will notlose it." She reached out to hold Aragorn's hand. "I know we will not. We cannot lose faith. Not now."

"We won't," Clark agreed from where he stood next to Haldir. "The battle is not lost until we stop fighting."

Haldir's gaze was on the remainder of his Elven army, and he turned to Theoden as he stood tall. "The Elves are not ready to put down their arms. We fight till the end, whatever that may be."

From where she sat close to Eowyn, Lois could see that light beginning to shine brighter in Theoden's eyes. She smiled and leaned forwards. "This is far from over." She grinned at Eomer when he glanced in her direction. "I plan on getting me an Uruk-Hai head to hang over my fireplace."

The thought seemed to both disgust and intrigue the warriors around her.

Gimli glanced up at the window to the hall. "The sun is rising."

Aragorn turned to the window, his gaze on the first light of the sun as it streamed through the glass. He then turned to Theoden with grim determination.

Theoden must've read something in Aragorn's face, because he nodded. "Yes. Yes. The horn of Helm Hammerhand shall sound in the deep one last time!"

Gimli looked over to them, excitement visible on his face. "Yes!"

CRUNCH! The force of the battering ram throws the men pushed up against it to the ground, but in seconds they scrambled to their feet and pushed up against the barricade once more.

Theoden placed his hand on Aragorn's shoulder. "Let this be the hour when we draw swords together."

"But I can help!" Eowyn's voice caught Lois' attention, and she turned to see that brother and sister were talking amongst themselves off to the side. "Do not send me off with the women and children to the mountains! I can stay here! Ladies Chloe and Lois are staying behind! They are fighting! How can you let them stay and yet forbid me to do the same?"

"Eowyn, listen." Eomer tightened his grip on his sister's shoulders and stared into her eyes. "Should anything happen to uncle, should it happen to me, the people need you alive." He took in a deep breath. "And should any Uruk-Hai get passed us, they will need you to protect them."

Eowyn stared up at her brother, clearly torn, and yet she surged forwards and hugged hum. "Today is not your time, my brother."

"Neither yours, my sister," he whispered as he held her.

Sighing, Eowyn pulled away and went with squared shoulders to lead the women and children out of Helm's Deep, Oliver and Eomer behind her, most probably to barricade and hide the exit to give the women and children more time to escape.

Theoden turned to a soldier. "Sound the Horn of Helm Hammerhand!"

The young soldier, barely a boy, nodded and raced up a stairway to the right, clutching his helmet tightly to his head as he did so.

Lois watched him go before she pushed off of her seat onto her feet and moved towards the group. "So. What's the plan?"

The ram crunched against the door as the warriors within the hall prepared themselves for what could be their last battle.

"Fell deeds awake… now for wrath… now for ruin and a red dawn!" Theoden yelled, apparently all poetic now that he'd been yanked out of his funk. He placed his helmet on his head and nodded to himself.

The deep blast of the Horn of Helm Hammerhand sounded across the depths of Helm's Deep.

From her higher vantage point, Chloe shared glances with the other archers, as well as Oliver and Lois, who had all gotten higher little nooks to better attack the Orcs and Uruk-Hai once they broke through, and they would, any second now. Her gaze lowered to where Aragorn was only to find his gaze on her in worry. She did not blame him. Not too long ago she'd fallen from a tower and gotten pretty hurt, but while her self-healing ability wasn't able to work against the poison in her veins it'd managed to heal her other injuries and merely leave her sore.

Suddenly the Uruk-Hai cracked through the door and poured into the hall.

Theoden raised his sword. "FORTH EORLINGAS!"

The decimated army on horseback charged out of the hall while the archers picked off the monsters who'd made it into the hall. The larger group of the monster army focused on the riders and met them in battle outside, which allowed the archers hidden inside of the hall more of a chance of survival as they quickly picked off the monsters deep within the belly of the beast. But just before victory could be called, another wave of monsters must've realized there were fighters still within the hall because they flooded into the hall, attacking all on sight. Many of the archers were without arrows by this time and were forced to pull out their close-combat weapons and jump into the fray while those who still had arrows assisted them from their hidden alcoves.

A group of Uruk-Hai broke through and stormed deeper into the hall in the direction that the women and children were in. Chloe's eyes widened and met Oliver's seconds before he jumped down from his safe spot and raced after the monsters. Chloe looked around her, trying to find a way to get down half as gracefully as him, but in the end was forced to jump down on top of an Orc to break her landing. The creature hadn't been expecting it and collapsed on its face on the stone floor. Chloe didn't pay it any mind. The second their bodies hit the floor she pushed herself up and was racing after Oliver. He was way out-numbered, there was no way that he'd be able to handle these monsters on his own!

Gunshots felled creatures all around her, proving that Lois had her back and was covering her escape.

Thanking Lois softly in her head, Chloe turned the corner and disappeared from the hall. Following the sounds of fighting she hurried her pace, finally coming upon the monsters as they backed Oliver into a corner. He was standing with his back to a door which was barricaded, his quiver flung to the side, his sword his only weapon as the monsters moved in for the kill.

Yanking out an arrow from her quiver, Chloe let it fly and watched as it pierced through the back of the head of the Orc about to swing his club at Oliver. The monsters all turned to look at her and Chloe used her last three arrows to fell three, and by the time the fourth and fifth were on her she had her sword in hand. Oliver, now better matched with one monster, fought it off, protecting the way to the mountains and those who had taken it.

Chloe was barely keeping from being run through by the two monsters slicing at her. She could hear all her past instructors yelling in her ear, and those commands were all that were keeping her alive. But as she heard the heavy footsteps and the grunts behind her she knew that more of those monsters had made it passed those in the hall and were coming this way. Oliver and her would be unable to stop them, unable to keep these monsters from killing them and going after the women and children.

Desperation filled her as she sunk her blade deep into the Orc's chest before turning towards the Uruk-Hai, dodging the swing of his mace, and gripping hold of his other arm tightly. This was the second time she'd done this purposefully, and maybe it was because she was more sure she could do it, because unlike in the tower this time the infection was immediate. Tentacles of red, purple and black bled down her arm and hand before spreading throughout the monster before it could swing at her again. Immediately she saw double vision (hers and the monster's) as he turned and rushed the group of Uruk-Hai who'd only just turned the corner.

Unprepared for one of their own to attack them, the group floundered for a couple of seconds before attacking en mass, but it was enough for the poison, the tentacles, to spread.

Chloe gripped her head and collapsed on her knees as her vision multiplied with each new infection. The monsters turned, all ten of them racing back the direction they'd come from and attacking those in the hall, killing their own and infecting those they didn't kill. More and more screens of vision appeared in front of her, leaving Chloe dizzy, nauseas, the latter of which only grew as the monsters who hadn't turned into ash charged towards the army outside.

It was through these new eyes that Chloe could see that a new army surrounded them on every side, but it consisted of men, not monsters. And there, leading the charge, was Gandalf. She recognized one of the riders as Erkenbrand, the rider who'd met them when they'd first entered Rohan, and she realized what'd happened. Gandalf had found the exiled Rohirrim and brought them into the battle, thus quickly turning the tide against the monsters as the vicious Rohirrim decimated the monster horde.

She'd feel relieved if she wasn't so close to passing out.

"Chloe?" She could vaguely hear Oliver, but his voice seemed to be muffled as if he was in some other room, all the voices from the many different screens of sight in front of her muffling him. It was as if she was looking at a multitude of television screens while in a dark room, each screen rested on another and another, forming one huge wall of different screens depicting different fights, screams filtering in through each of them. Whenever one of the infected monsters finally succumbed and turned to ash its "television screen" went black and the others grew a little bigger, but then another would be infected and the screens adapt to fit the new screen of sight. It was dizzying, sickening. She didn't know how much longer she could hold this if they kept multiplying.

"Victory!" One of the screens showed Theoden stabbing his sword in the air. "We have victory!"

The fleeing Uruk-Hai ran from Helm's Deep over a ridge and into the plains. Standing on the other side of the ridge was a large forest, and those who were not disintegrating into ash ran directly towards it.

Chloe was quickly losing her screens as the monsters under her control died.

"Stay out of the forest!" Eomer's voice echoed from some of the screens. "Keep away from the trees!"

A couple of the Uruk-Hai she was seeing through were in the forest attacking their once comrades, and that was how Chloe saw first-hand how the forest sprung to life. As the monsters charged between the trunks mindlessly, the trees suddenly moved and attacked the Orcs and Uruk-Hai. Their screams echoed throughout the forest as the the forest itself eliminated the last of the monster army.

One by one, the last of the screens went black, and Chloe was able to see for herself again. She stared up in confusion at Oliver's pale, horrified face as it loomed over her. Why is he…? It took her a couple of minutes to realize that she was on the ground, her head in his lap.

"Chloe?" Oliver looked down at her in apparent terror. "Are you okay now? What happened? You just collapsed and started to spasm and bleed!"

Bringing her hand up to her nose and eyes, Chloe could feel the wet blood. "Oh god that hurt!"

"What happened?" Oliver pressed, uncharacteristic worry plastered all over his face.

"We won," Chloe whispered as sleep descended on her like a tidal-wave of black. "We won."

"I can't believe they actually won." Zatanna threw herself back on the bed, breathing rapidly. "Thank the gods for Gandalf ex machina! If he hadn't arrived with the Rohirrim Theoden had exiled while under Grima's control I don't think they would've won! And is it me, or is Chloe going to have to infect others to try and get rid of the poison from her own system? Because that seems like the most obvious answer to me, don't you agree?" She waited for a moment for Dinah's agreement, but when it didn't come she frowned and sat up in bed with a frown. That frown only grew when she saw the expression on Dinah's face. "What is it?"

"Gollum." Dinah didn't look up from the book. "Faramir has taken Sam, Frodo and that thing to a waterlogged tunnel which will take them out of the city. He then asked Golum what road he'd take the Hobbits on once they were out, and he did not like Gollum's answer. Apparently some "dark terror" lives in the place Gollum wants to take them, it's some place called Minas Morgul. He doesn't want them to go that way but Gollum is insisting that if they have to go to Mordor that that is the only way… and Frodo believes him."

"I don't like that little creep," Zatanna grumbled as she hugged her knees to her chests. "Frodo trusts him waytoo much."

"Sam also tries to tell Gollum that Frodo didn't mean for him to get hurt by the Rangers before, and at first Gollum seems to believe him, but then he has this huge fight with his other personality, Smeagol. That other personality won." Dinah licked her lips. "I think he'd leading Sam and Frodo into a trap."

Zatanna looked up at her in horror. "Oh no."

Gandalf, Aragorn, Legolas, Gimli, Theoden, Eomer and Clark rose to the top of the rise in front of Helm's Deep, looking off into the distance. The battle, although fierce, had been won, and while they savored the fact that they would live to see another day, they knew that this was far from over.

"Sauron's wrath will be terrible," Gandalf informed them with a sigh, "his retribution swift."

In the far distance, the skies over Mordor crackled and the darkness spread visibly.

"The Battle for Helm's Deep is over." Gandalf kept his gaze on the distance but could feel their gazes on him. "The battle for Middle-earth is about to begin." He closed his eyes in a sigh. "All our hopes now lie with two little Hobbits."

"Oliver said she collapsed, that she was bleeding from her eyes and nose and started to spasm." Lady Lois hugged herself tightly as she stared down at his lady, who was sleeping peacefully in the bed provided to her by Theoden-King. "I saw those tentacle things. They infected those monsters and they turned on each other." She looked up at Aragorn in worry. "I think this has to do with the Nazgul poison."

He nodded his agreement, feeling so incredibly impotent. There was nothing Aragorn could do, no monster or man he could fight to help Chloe, and it made him feel so worthless, useless. "Thank you for bringing her here."

"Of course." Lady Lois glanced out of the window. "I tracked them down right when she fell asleep, and then Oliver told me everything. He left with Eomer, Gamling, Clark, Legolas and Gimli to find the women and children and bring them back." She smiled a little. "I believe he has won some of Eomer's respect for protecting the way to the mountains the way he did… although I doubt Eomer will actually ever come out and say it."

Aragorn smiled slightly at that with a nod. He was only half-listening to Chloe's kinswoman, his attention fixed on the sleeping blonde.

Lady Lois slapped his arm. "Go on. I know you will want to make sure she's fine on your own, but know that Gandalf came by earlier and said that she just needed rest, that's all." She smiled. "I'll let everyone know to not disturb. You guys deserve a good night's sleep."

His eyes widened at her frank permission to the idea of him sharing a room with her cousin.

"Remember, Strider, we're different in our customs," Lady Lois mumbled as she went towards the door. "We don't have sticks up our bums like you guys do, either. You love her, she loves you, there's nothing wrong with this." She stopped at the door and peered over her shoulder at him. "But if you hurt her I will have a problem with you. In fact, I'll cut your nuts off and force you to watch while I feed them to an Orc." With that, and an angelic smile, Lady Lois left, locking the door behind her on her way out.

Aragorn stared after Lady Lois in slight awe before he laughed and shook his head. The warrior placed his sword on the floor and removed his shirt, as well as his shoes and his trousers before slipping into bed. He wrapped an arm around Chloe and carefully drew her in closer, pressing his forehead against hers. A part of him wanted to check every inch of her body, but Gandalf had said she was fine, and he trusted Gandalf above all else. It was why he closed his eyes and drew her closer, a yawn on his lips.

The others would be celebrating the battle won late into the night, but Aragorn wanted to be no other place than here, with his lady in his arms, safe, even if only for tonight.

Gandalf was right, the Battle for Helm's Deep was over and the Battle for Middle-earth had just begun, but he put that out of his mind for now. At this moment Aragorn allowed himself a moment's respite as he closed his eyes, not as the heir of a throne he did not desire, not as a Ranger, not as a Warrior, but as a Man, one who was battle-weary, and there was only one cure for what ailed him.

Breathing in his lady's scent, Aragorn drifted off into sleep, a smile on his face.

22nd-May-2016 11:17 pm (UTC)

Must get back to work but this will pull me through the rest of my shift knowing I have something to read once I'm off!!!

26th-May-2016 08:43 am (UTC) - Thank you and an usual paring fanfiction request
Hello, first of all I like to thank all of your wonderful stories that brighten my athorwhise gloom existence, My favourite character of all times is Chloe, K just relate to her on so many levels. So, is just like to ask, more like beg really that you do a romance story my an unlikely paring ever: Jex Teller from Sons of anarchy whith Chloe Sullivan. Just thinking about ithe possibility makes ne happy. So please, brighten my life with this request , i'll be extremely grateful and happy. Sorry, English isnt my first language. Loads of happiness and inspiration because like I said your stories make my e other people days such more happy.
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