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SuperSlayerVille Season Three 2/? 
4th-Jul-2016 06:37 pm
SuperSlayerVilleSeason Three33words2
Title: SuperSlayerVille Season 3
Universe: SuperSlayerVille Series
Pairings/Characters: Chloe/Sam, Chloe/Angel, Dean/Cordelia, Buffy/Giles, Kal-El/Lucy (more)
Rating: T+/M
Disclaimer: Don't own
Summary: Three years after Chloe was kidnapped by Angelus, Sam has grown strong enough to give the vampire back his soul and get Chloe back. Now fully ensouled, Angel is left tormented by what he's put Chloe through, and Chloe is left trying to figure out exactly who and what she is now that so much changed. Buffy must also find her purpose as a Slayer without a Hellmouth to protect. Dean and Cordelia have their own deadly problems to face. And what exactly is Azazel up to?
Since most season premieres feature two episodes... here's part 2 ;)

"Wait, are you sure about this?" Cordelia Chase asked, sitting up in bed, yanking the sleeping mask from her face now that she was wide awake.

"Yes!" Jessica's voice whined into her ear from the telephone she had blindly reached for when it woke her. "This girl Chloe just arrived and he fricken picked her up and they disappeared! I don't know what happened!"

"She's back," Cordelia whispered, smile lighting her features.

"Who is she?" Jessica snapped.

Cordelia hung up the phone and turned to Dean, shaking the sleeping man violently. "Wake up!"

"Five more minutes," Dean begged, turning away from her.

Cordelia glared at him and yanked his pillow out from underneath him.

"Cor!" Dean growled, opening his eyes and turning to glare at her.

The brunette just grinned. "She's back!"

Dean looked at her in confusion. "Who?"

His girlfriend gave him a look that told him he was an utter idiot.

Dean still had no idea who she was talking about, though now he felt self-conscious about it. "Goddamit woman, I'm not a psychic! Who called you on the phone? What fucking time is it? Who's back?"

"Jessica. I don't know. Chloe."

Dean was about to nag about Sammy's girlfriend not knowing when it was fucking inappropriate to call...when he suddenly jolted up in bed, fully awake. "Chloe's back?"

Cordelia nodded.

"And my brother knows?" Dean pressed.

The brunette nodded once more.

"Well? What did he do?" Dean prompted.

"According to Jessica? He basically kidnapped Chloe. Threw her over his shoulder as she was leaving and disappeared." Cordelia was grinning from ear to ear.

"Figures." Dean rolled his eyes, amused, as he lay back down and closed his eyes.

"What are you doing?" Cor wanted to know, frowning. "You can't really be thinking of going back to sleep!"

"Those two have years of catching up to do." Dean got comfortable once more. "It's going to take some time."

Cordelia pouted. "How can you go to sleep at a time like this?"

"We're going to need our rest to deal with this." Dean yawned, already being drawn back into the world of the sand man.

Cordelia just pouted at him as she soon heard snores.


When Sam started the fire with some words in latin, Chloe had to admit, she was impressed. He'd changed so much since she'd sent him away with his father, and the blonde couldn't help but realize that she really didn't know Sam anymore. It saddened her a little, but at least it gave them a lot to talk about now that they'd reunited. Also, his powers and strength and attitude hadn't been the only things to change. He'd really, uh, grown into himself, physically.

And since he was wearing only briefs and socks she had a good view of that change.

Chloe gulped and looked away into the flames.

"The teleportation-I can't do that much, it takes a lot of strain out of me and I find myself unable to do magic for days afterwards," Sam explained, grinning brightly. "So we might be footing it back from wherever it is we are now."

"We should check this place and see if the old residents left any clothes. Giant sized clothes." Chloe sent him a sideways glance. "Since when did you decide to go all Mister Muscles on me?"

"It just happened." Sam shrugged, though his shy smile proved he was pleased. "But enough about me, tell me about you. Tell me everything that has happened since-since that day."

Chloe sighed, the smile melting from her face as she turned towards the roaring fireplace. "Well, we lived in Italy for a while, I picked up the language and have probably never eaten such amazing food before." Her smile was a sad one. "Without you to use as a blackmailing card Angelus realized he didn't have much leverage over me, and since he didn't seem to want to kill me, he spoiled me. Rotten. His way of making sure I never wanted to leave, I guess." She pulled a strand of hair out of her face and behind her ear. "We hunted criminals. Pedophiles, murderers, rapists...I made it into a game so that they'd enjoy it more. The chase. The kill." Her eyes darkened as she was drawn into the memories. "After a while they only snacked on innocent civilians whenever I couldn't find someone guilty-decide whose guilt was strong enough to die for." Her smile was dark. "I learnt to judge swiftly, I guess, because by the time we made it to France they hadn't had an 'innocent' victim in over six months."

Sam was silent, not judgmental, just listening.

"Dru and I had our heart set on this chateau, and what we wanted we got, Angelus and Spike always made sure of it. So since the chateau was being occupied by some Boretz demons they were taken care of, and we moved in. The minions were licking the blood off of the stone floors for days." She chuckled in dark amusement, all too aware of the fact that Sam was far from smiling. "We were just getting used to life in our new territory when Angelus got his soul back."

The blonde closed her eyes.

"Chloe?" Sam asked, concerned.

"He's in a breakdown." She opened her eyes and gave Sam a sad smile. "He hates himself for what I've been through, what I've gotten used to. He knows that if it wasn't for Angelus those things would still disgust me, and not be just another day at work and play." She ran her hand over her hair. "He wanted us to leave the second he got his soul back, and we had to because Dru was planning to kill him to keep him from destroying her family, again." Her eyes filled with tears despite the shaky smile on her face. "She cried so hard, begging me not to go." Chloe wiped at the tears beginning to fall. "Said she'd always wanted a mother like me."

"Chloe," Sam whispered, voice hoarse as he reached over and pulled her to him, hugging her tightly as she cried heartbrokenly into his chest. "Should I...apologize?"

"No." She sniffled, shaking her head. "You did the right thing, Sam. You gave Angel back his soul. I will always be grateful to you for that. Thank you."

"You just...you don't seem happy that I did." Sam's voice cracked as he continued to hold her.

"I am. For Angel. And for me." She tried to sound reassuring, but she knew she failed terribly. "But, no matter what they are, Spike and Dru became my family throughout these last couple of years. Dru-she was like this precious, psychotic, doting daughter who followed me everywhere, copied what I did, strived to be perfect for me and was always so happy when I could understand her when not even Spike could." Chloe closed her eyes so tight they hurt. "And when Dru was in her fits, and Angelus in his bloodlust, it was Spike who was my constant, my confidant. If it wasn't for each other I don't think either of us would have been able to handle both Angelus and Dru. Spike helped me with Angelus, I helped him with Dru, and we were each other's shoulder to lean on when those two were just too much to deal with."

Sam caressed her hair soothingly. "You feel guilty for leaving them, both of them."

"Yes," Chloe finally admitted out loud.

"Well, maybe they could visit?" Sam surprised her by asking.

She was surprised enough to laugh, pulling away from him and looking at his face, realizing he was serious. "The Angel issue aside, I doubt you'd want to bring two fourths of the Plague of Europe to California."

"I thought Angelus was called the Scourge of Europe?" Sam blinked.

She nodded. "But when they're all together I call them the Plague." She smiled. "They were quite complimented when I told them that. Spike got all teary-eyed and told me that if he was the boils I was the rash."

Sam unexpectedly laughed at that.

Chloe looked up at him, just shocked at how different he was.

She'd just told him how she'd helped the vampires kill, how she'd actually found and offered up victims to them, and he didn't seem to care.

She gulped.

What exactly had happened to Sammy after they'd parted ways?

There had to be something more than what he'd told her so far.

He was dark.

She could sense it.

Sam was right.

They were connected.

He was her conduit.

That was confusing because once, a long time ago, they'd believed that she was the conduit, and yet that wasn't true anymore. No one knew what exactly she was anymore, but her connection to the Hellmouth was obvious, and Sam was a conduit of the darkness inside of her.

They were tied in a way so deep and intense she didn't know if it could be explained.

And just like she'd sensed when he'd used their connection to give Angel back his soul...she could feel the darkness inside of him.

She wondered, gulping, if it was her fault.

Maybe, through their connection, he'd absorbed some of her darkness.

That thought made her worry.

And guilty.

Sam didn't deserve to be put through more shit because of her!

She cleared her throat, going closer to the fire, guilt starting to gnaw on her. "You know, I'm going to have to apologize to your girlfriend." She sent him a sheepish grin. "I was kind of a bitch to her...but I'm just so used to dealing with demons that I guess I've gotten a bit...harsh."

"Jess wasn't exactly Miss Congeniality herself." Sam shrugged, getting up. "I'm going to look for something to wear."

"Good luck." She turned her attention back to the fire and lost herself in its hue. The sound of her phone ringing caused her to jolt, and her first thought was that it was Angelus-Angel-but the caller I.D. surprised her, and she hesitated a second before answering it. "Hey."

"Missing me?"

She smiled sadly, leaning hard against the sofa. "You have no idea how much." She ran her hands through her hair. "Angel's so deep in his self-loathing he won't even look at me."

There was a sigh. "Dru's locked in her room, won't let me in. Feels like I've lost my whole bloody family and I'm some unwanted orphan."

Chloe closed her eyes tightly. "I'm so sorry, Spike."

He was silent.

She gazed down at her lap. "When Angel is...better...maybe I can come and visit on my own? See how you two are? Would that be okay?"

There was silence, and then... "You'd do that, ducks?"

"I wasn't lying when I said I missed you," she whispered.

"Have to admit it, luv, I'm shocked. Would have thought you'd be ecstatic to have gotten rid of us and be back with your good ol' buddies and pals. The Scooby Gang Rides Again and all that bollocks."

"I won't lie and say that I'm not happy to see my old friends...but you're still family, Spike. You and Dru both. We mightn't have become family in the nicest of ways but we are, and that's not going to change...at least not for me."

There was silence, and then Spike cleared his throat. "Dammit ducks, don't get all sentimental on me, I might just join in and then I'd have to kill you."

She chuckled. "Okay."

"Whenever Dru gets out of this stint and comes outside...I'll make her call you, yeah?"

"I'd like that." Her voice wavered as she cradled her phone.

Spike cursed. "Don't make me wish I'd given into my Dark Princess and killed the poofster, Chloe."

"Spike..." Chloe didn't know what she could say to make this situation any better.

"I know, I know." He growled, agitation growing. "Look Bit, I'm going to hang up now before I do something stupid, okay?"

"Take care of yourself and Dru." Chloe told him. "And make sure the animals are fed."

"Dru killed them, pet," Spike sighed. "She killed them all."

Chloe's heart hurt at the thought of the massacre of the pets. "Oh."

"Later, ducks." And with that, Spike hung up.

Chloe closer her eyes and brought the phone to her forehead, taking in a ragged breath, telling herself not to cry.

On the other side of the wall Sam leaned hard against it, head back, staring up at the ceiling, a soft sigh escaping his lips as he clenched his hands tightly.

Hanging up on her phone call with Giles, Buffy wiped at her tears and gazed at herself in the mirror. The dyed redhead staring back at her looked as if she'd had a good cry, but other than that she seemed unburdened for the first time in three long years. There was even a hint of a smile curving her lips as she thought about how things were finally starting to become right in the world. She'd spoken to Giles, had had him yell at her, scold her, and then break down crying. He'd told he was was booking the first flight to L.A. as soon as their phone call ended, and she was excited at the fact that she'd be seeing him soon...and not just him...but the others as well.

Sam was sure his spell had worked and Angel's soul had returned, which meant that Chloe would be returning to the States.

The Slayer still felt shame for being unable to protect her friends...and for having abandoned the friends she'd had left, her mother, and her duty to the Hellmouth...but she couldn't continue feeling sorry for herself.

At least the Hellmouth had Faith to watch over it, and she wouldn't have to go back there. She could stay here in L.A., which was good because from what Giles and Sam had told her almost everyone was still in California so they were close by.

And her mother...she hadn't moved from Sunnydale.

Giles said that she'd refused to move in case Buffy came back looking for her.

Taking in a deep breath as tears threatened to prick her eyes, Buffy cleared her throat and picked up the phone once more, dialing Joyce Summer's number.

Angel gazed out of the window of the hotel room Chloe had gotten them, gazing at the city below. Angelus, caged once more, growled and snarled and shook at the bars keeping him prisoner, telling him to do something, to stop being such a weakling. The evil within wanted to be free once more, wanted to take control, take possession. Angel clutched a hand to his chest, lowering his gaze. The soul hadn't been gone during this whole time, he'd been the one locked in the cage watching as Angelus did what he wanted with his body, and his woman. He'd screamed and rattled at the bars, trying to get free yet had felt hopeless and useless to stop what Chloe and Sam were dragged into.

He'd understood Angelus' need to have Sam chained in his bedroom, for the boy to watch as he made love to Chloe. It'd been wrong and evil but Angel had understood. Not only had Angelus gotten off of the fact that they were watched, and from the pain, anger and resentment rising from the kid, but the longing had been enticing as well. He'd liked flaunting in the kid's face everything he wanted and couldn't have unless Angelus let him. And many times Angelus had contemplated letting him have a taste...at a price. In fact, it had been heading steadily towards that, but Chloe had proven cunning and spirited Sam out of their capture at the first opportunity, so Angelus had never had the chance to extend the offer to Sam.

Within his cage, Angel had thanked the Powers that Be...and when Chloe returned to the lair his feelings had been bittersweet. He knew she'd come back for him, because she loved him and wouldn't leave him no matter what...and he'd loved her more in that moment than ever...but he'd also known that because of the love she had for him she was going to be put through numerous atrocities and situations he would have done his best to shield her from.

These last three years he'd been unable to do anything but watch everything she'd had to live through, had had to watch her left with an insane Drusilla, do nothing as she was shared with Spike...and he could do nothing but watch as she slowly became more vampire than human. He watched as she started coming out from her room more, started spending time with them voluntarily. Angel couldn't do anything as Chloe licked at Angelus' blood, her lips stained red. He'd been unable to even move his fingers as Chloe started taking over most of Dru's care, adopting the pets Drusilla decided she wanted, taking care of both them and the insane vampire with a tender touch. Angel had screamed out his frustration at his inability to stop the close connection Chloe began to form with Spike due to Angelus' and Dru's difficult natures.

In the end he'd stopped struggling, stop trying to get free, and mourned.

Mourned because his girl had had to toughen, to change...mourned her innocence lost...mourned the way he would catch her looking up at Angelus hopefully, as if trying to catch a glimpse of Angel behind those eyes...and even though he tried to show her that he was still there... in the end she'd look away, obviously saddened.

He mourned how horribly he'd let her down.

He loved her...and because of that he'd hurt her.

Angel placed his hand against the window's glass.

"I can't keep doing this."

"Cordelia Chase, artist." Chloe made a face as she tilted her head to the side. "I never would have expected it."

"She's actually doing quite well. Dean says its her way of killing him over and over again without actually having to do it." Sam grinned, dimples deep, as he lounged on the rug on the floor with her, the shadows from the flames of the fireplace dancing on his face. "And he's studying architecture."

"So they are both artists." The blonde shook her head, in awe.

"I hadn't thought about it that way," Sam admitted. "But you're right. They both are...though in completely different ways."

"And you, pre-law." Chloe's green gaze rested on him, unable to keep the pride from showing. "I'm really proud of all of you."

Sam smiled and lowered his gaze. "Had to keep myself busy somehow."

"Right." She shook her head, amused. "So somehow you're doing pre-law and keeping up enough with your witchcraft lessons that you are able to teleport."

"Sometimes," he admitted. "It's tricky and requires too much energy for me to make it a habit to use it."

"Still..." she sat up straighter. "That's impressive, Sammy."

He lips twitched as his fingers played with the fabric of the rug. "Long time since I've heard you call me that."

She only managed a smile, gaze going to the flames. "Can you manage one teleportation left?" She sighed. "I need to go to Angel."

There was silence before Sam nodded. "Sure, I understand."

They stood, and as Sam gathered her in his arms, Chloe clung tight as shadows gathered around them and then they were gone.

"She still won't come out?"

Spike shook his head as he took a deep breath of his fag. "She won't eat, won't sleep, won't come out, won't do anything but scream and tear things apart inside her room."

Kal leaned against the unused fire place and took a long gulp of the bottle of whiskey in his hand. "I still can't believe that that was the soul. He's...unimpressive."

"The soul is disgusting!" Spike snarled. "I hate the soul! All the soul has ever done is destroy our lives and family!"

"I can't see little cousin staying with someone like him for long." Kal made a face. "He was crying. Crying!"

Spike just took an extra deep breath of smoke, letting it out in a furious puff.

"So, were you going to wait until I got back or would you have just left without telling me anything?" It was hard to believe that she could feel such turmoil and yet be completely numb at the same time. She was still shocked, having walked in to find Angel finishing packing the little amount of things he'd brought with him. He'd been about to leave her. Her mind couldn't wrap around that. Couldn't comprehend how this could be happening.

Chloe just stood in the doorway, watching him as he stood looking out of the window, back to her. Angel's hand clasped the window frame tightly, his fingers digging into the wood.

"I was going to leave you a note." He finally spoke, voice raspy.

"After all we've gone through all I deserve is a note?" Chloe shook her head, anger growing alongside resentment. "Fuck you! If you're going to leave me then be man enough to look me in the face when you do!"

Angel turned towards her finally, the shadows of the dark room doing nothing to hide the agony on his face.

Chloe gulped back the urge to go to him, to hold him close and tell him it was fine, that they could get passed this. She'd done that already, had been doing so endlessly since Angel's soul had been returned to him.

"You deserve so much more than what I've given you-put you through!" Self-hatred marred his every feature. "This is the best thing I can do for you."

"Don't you dare pretend you're doing this for me because that's a lie!" Chloe snapped, tears pricking at her eyes. "I want you to stay. I want to be with you. I LOVE you!"

"I love you too." Angel's voice broke. "So much."

"Then stay." Chloe hated that she was pleading, that it'd gotten to this point. "If you leave you're going because you want to."

"I don't want to!" He snapped at her, features rippling.

"Then why do it?" She tried to keep her voice from rising.

"Because it's the right thing to do!" Angel snarled. "I've taken three years from your life! I stole you from your family and friends! I made you do things-I-I-I've made you be in situations..." Disgust dripped form his every feature. "I've failed you in every way possible."

"You haven't failed me." Chloe ran her hand over her hair. "These last three years I've been with Angelus, not you. Everything I've lived through mightn't have been a fairy tale but it made me stronger."

"I treated you as if you were a vampire," Angel continued with his list of crimes, not listening to her at all. "I put you in constant danger-just by making you live with Drusilla I was signing your death certificate!"

"Three years and a pulse say otherwise," Chloe countered.

"I-I slept with Drusilla...I didn't even try to hide that it was happening...and I shared you!" Angel whispered the word.

Chloe sighed, rubbing her arm as they reached the topic she knew would be the biggest issue once Angel got his soul back. "Angel, you were Angelus back then, and Angelus is very much a vampire." She shrugged. "I knew that that was going to happen. Remember when Darla tried to sire me? The first thing she told me of was how vampire families shared, how it was a way they bonded or loved or whatever. When I came back to you after taking Sam to safety I knew that it would happen eventually. And I won't lie and say that it didn't kill me at first to see you with Dru, but in time I suppose I came to understand it. I couldn't hate you or Dru when you both loved me so much, and then I had Spike too and I could understand. We offered each other things the other couldn't give at the moment. I know it's hard for you to understand or accept what I'm going to say right now...but it actually made the last three years bearable."

"How can you defend it?" Angel growled at her. "You should hate me with all your soul right now!"

"But I don't," she whispered.

"You should."

"Why?" She asked. "You hate yourself enough for the both of us."

He flinched.

"Don't do this, Angel," she pleaded. "Don't leave me. I need you now more than ever."

"You have your family and friends back." He wouldn't look at her. "You'll be fine."

It pissed her how ready and determined he was to leave her-to break both their hearts.

"Think about what you're doing." She cleared her throat. "I only just got you back. How can you leave me?"

"Because it's the right thing to do by you," he replied. "You deserve a normal life."

"I have a connection with the Hellmouth, my life with never be normal!" She snapped.

"That's why you deserve more from the person you are with!" Angel snapped back at her, face shifting to that of his demon. "You should be with someone who doesn't have an evil alter ego who could come out when least expected and keep you prisoner!"

"The only reason Angelus got free was because Dru and Spike used my connection to the Hellmouth against us!" Chloe cried.

"Exactly! Dru and Spike! Whom I made the way they are!" Angel snarled. "I can't keep being so selfish and putting you through these situations! My family alone-!"

"Your family?" Chloe couldn't help the ugly laughter quite as she shook her head. "Come on Angel, let's be honest. They've never been your family. They're Angelus'. Hell, they're much more my family than they are yours!"

Angel just looked at her silently.

She looked away, feeling terrible for her outburst.

"You're right," Angel acquiesced. "You adapted so well I think they even forgot you weren't a vampire."

She looked up at him.

"I'll never forgive myself for that." Angel turned towards the door.

"Think this over, Angel." Chloe tried for the last time, desperate, barely holding on. "If you walk out that door, if you leave me when I need you the most, it's because you want to. I will cry. I will be heart broken. But I won't die because you're gone." She wasn't proud that she was trying to appeal to the caged Angelus within, but she was desperate. "I won't just lay down and let life pass me by. I'll mourn you, but I'll move on." She gulped, going for the killer shot. "I'll find someone else."

For a second Angelus flashed over Angel's face before he was himself once more. "Good."

And then he was gone.

All alone in their room, Chloe felt numbness spreading throughout her whole body as she slowly made her way towards the cold bed. She kicked off her shoes before climbing in under the sheets, pulling them up to her chest, the movements mechanical.

When the sobs finally began, their ugly sound echoed off of the walls and taunted her.

For the first time in a very long time, Chloe felt truly alone.

Sam hesitated outside of his apartment, gazing up at the moon. Tonight had been a roller-coaster of information and emotion. Chloe was back where she belonged and Angel had his soul back, yet things weren't as Sam had imagined they would go. He'd always imagined both Chloe and Angel happy and grateful, but from what he'd seen of Chloe and what she'd told him about Angel, they were both hardly able to hold on.

And now he'd have to deal with Jess. She wouldn't be happy, and she'd want explanations on not only who Chloe was but she'd want to know how he'd just disappeared the way he had. Despite being with her Sam had managed to live two separate lives and had successfully kept her strictly in only one until tonight.

Shaking his head, Sam squared his shoulders and entered the apartment...and found his girlfriend plastered to the ceiling, eviscerated, and on fire.

5th-Jul-2016 12:04 am (UTC)
"We should check this place and see if the old residents left any clothes. Giant sized clothes."

"  What exactly had happened to Sammy after they'd parted ways?
That's a very good question.

Sam was a conduit of the darkness inside of her.
Is it because of his demon blood?

 "And make sure the animals are fed."
"Dru killed them, pet," Spike sighed. "She killed them all."

Oh no :'(

Poor Jess... I know it'd happen but it's still sad.

Thank you for these 2 chapters hun.
* hugs you tight with a wide smile*
8th-Jul-2016 05:19 am (UTC)
All I'm going to say about Sam is that Supernatural Season 2 is going to feature heavily in this season.... That's all ;)
7th-Jul-2016 06:35 pm (UTC)
i'm in heaven.... update :) .... but angel..*grrrrr* .. idiot and somehow i'm not really sorry because of jess ^^'
8th-Jul-2016 05:20 am (UTC)
Sadly Jess was always doomed to go up in smoke for the development of plot :(
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