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Temporary 1/4 
26th-Nov-2016 11:13 am
chloe---sexy towel scene
Adept 8 - Temporary

Title: Temporary
Series: Adept Series
Fandoms: Smallville/Fringe/NCIS/Bones
Pairing: Chloe/Peter Bishop
Rating: M
Disclaimer: Don't own
Summary: Peter Bishop is only Chloe's temporary bonder, and he's more than okay with that, but that doesn't mean he's just going to let anyone replace him. And then he finds out that there's someone else who could take over his responsibilities. Who cares if the President likes him? The newcomer needs to gain Peter's approval. And then there's Adept issues to deal with as well. (Peter POV)

Tony hadn't been kidding when he'd said Chloe's pops was scary. Leroy Jethro Gibbs was a very hard man to crack, there was more to it than just an overprotective father. Peter had definitely had issues with the fathers of past girlfriends, but this was different. For one, Chloe Sullivan was not his girlfriend. In fact, the closest thing he could come up with to define their relationship was that she was the eighteen year old whom he babysat - and helped solve crime - and also slept with.

Clearing his throat, Peter played with the neck of his collar as he glanced around the room. It wasn't like he was taking advantage of a mentally unstable young girl… no matter how much he felt like that sometimes. No. He was her bonder. That meant that he was her anchor, at least temporarily, and since this was a temporary gig that bond had to be continuously reaffirmed. That, of course, meant that Peter Bishop was having a lot of sex with Chloe Sullivan.

He couldn't stop the grin at that point and was glad that no one was paying attention to him, because he was almost sure that if Tony popped into their office and saw him grinning the guy would know.

In the two months Peter had become Chloe's bonder, things had changed in his life. For one, he wasn't working outside of the law anymore, in fact he'd met the President of the United States so many times by now that the guy called him "Petey" - he still wasn't sure how he felt about that. There were a lot of differences in his life since he'd moved to DC, and he was still getting used to them. The best part was that he didn't owe squat to Big Eddie anymore. One less person hounding him was always a good thing.

"I'm just saying, Bones and Lord Rutter are just too close." Special Agent Seeley Booth pouted visibly on the screen his skype call was being displayed on. "Now that the supernatural world has opened up to her she's gone all Anthropologist on me "studying the phenomenon". I don't have the house to myself anymore! Between her and Parker I'm ignored in favor of the undead. Do you know how that makes me feel?"

"Technically he isn't the undead. That category would comprise zombies, revenants, mummies…" At Booth's look Chloe cleared her throat and ditched that topic. "I'm assuming you feel as if the ghost has supplanted your position in what is actually your castle," she declared as she bit into a red twizzler. "It doesn't hurt that Lord Rutter is an extremely handsome ghost either, or that he takes care of Parker and has become somewhat of an authority figure. And I'm sure you are jealous at the fact that you finally have Temperance refusing to leave your apartment - but it's because of another male - dead or alive that cannot be nice."

Peter glanced up from the scientific magazine he'd been pretending to read all this time and glanced between the screen and Chloe.

Seeley made a face. "Is there something I can use to scare him into not being so… so…?"

"Handsome?" Chloe piped up when Seeley couldn't find the right word. "Charming? Chivalrous?"

"Annoying," Seeley muttered. "What is it with this ghost? Every girl who meets him - hell - even Hodgins has a thing for him!"

"Well, maybe he was Casanova." Chloe's eyes widened. "You should ask him! He could give you some pointers on how to woo Temperance! He's obviously mastered the art of how to attain and keep her undivided attention."

Seeley glared at Chloe. "No."

Peter bit down on her bottom lip to keep from snickering. When he'd first met Special Agent Booth he hadn't exactly known what to make of him or his relationship with Chloe, in fact, he'd wondered right on the spot why exactly she'd needed him as a bonder when Special Agent Booth was really a great match. Then he'd actually watched those two together and realized Booth was the brother Chloe had always wanted to torment. It was highly amusing to listen in on their conversations.

"Hey, you, stop looking so amused," Seeley sulked.

Peter glanced up from the magazine in all his innocent glory. "Huh?"

Not fooled at all, Special Agent Booth shook his head before he cleared his throat. "So how's the search for a permanent bonder coming along?"

"Just as well as a search for capable team members," Chloe replied, sounding somewhat depressed.

Peter frowned at that. Was she eager for a replacement?

"I mean, I have the President on my back about this. All I hear from him is "this one is highly intelligent" and "this one has honors" and "this one is incredible at espionage" and "this one"—."

"What do espionage and honors have to do with his capability to be your bonder?" Peter wanted to know curiously.

She blinked and turned to look at him. "I'm not talking about that. I'm talking about becoming a member of our team. The President doesn't seem to get that this isn't just some ordinary task force. What we're dealing with is, well, whoever works with us will need more than a background in espionage." With a shrug she turned back to Agent Booth. "You guys still keeping an eye open for candidates for me?"

"Of course." Booth's phone rang. "Gotta go pretend I'm working. Bye!" And with that he hung up.

Peter snorted in amusement. "If that's the best the FBI has—."

"Leave Seeley alone," Chloe scolded as she swirled in her chair to face him. "You're always so mean to him."

"And you're always so quick to defend him." Peter grinned at her. "You know, for someone who messes with him all the time you're like a protective mother bear." He threw the magazine behind him, no longer pretending to pay it any mind. "You do realize that he's a lot older than you right? He should be the protective one?"

"Seeley—," but Peter never found out what Seeley was because Chloe blanched and tilted in her chair.

In seconds he was there, straightening her in her chair. His hands reached up to cup her cheek and he hissed when he found it cold to the touch. "That duende case really took a lot out of you."

"I'm fine." And yet she nearly slid off the chair again.

"Yeah, I can see just how fine you are, Madam Liar." Lifting Chloe off the chair, Peter once more was relieved that while the office Vance had given Chloe now had a view, it was also more isolated from the rest of the building. Vance had probably figured that with the confidential matters they dealt with they needed space, he probably had never realized that the isolation would be abused in this way.

Lowering Chloe down onto the large sofa, Peter reached over and pressed the button that made the back of the sofa flatten so that it became a makeshift bed. Within seconds he pulled his sweater off and began to unbutton his shirt before he gave up two buttons in and instead focused on undoing his belt. In seconds his pants and underwear were on the floor and he was covering her body with his. A part of his brain wondered when it'd become second nature to reach for his belt the second he saw the signs, but then his brain completely shut off when she reached for him and drew him closer, kissing him softly, tenderly.

His hand slipped in under her skirt, trailed up the side of her thigh, and then he paused into her kiss. "Why aren't you wearing any underwear?"

Her only answer was to cup the back of his head and pull him into a deep kiss as she shifted her hips and he slid right into her warmth. Tingles of pleasure rocketed through Peter as he sunk deep into her. When they'd only just formed this temporary bond he'd gone slow and easy, had been worried that with any wrong move he could further traumatize her, but soon he'd realized that while she was nervous, Chloe was also aroused. He'd taken his time, had restrained himself, and then one day, when she'd whimpered desperately in his ear for him to go harder, he'd lost it.

Now, Chloe wrapped her legs around him, drawing him deeper inside of her as he thrusted. His hands found hers, his fingers entwined in hers as he pinned those hands over her head. Like always a moment's worry filled him. Would she feel trapped? Would what Lionel Luthor did to her come crashing back? And yet when Chloe cried and bucked her hips up into him desperately relief and arousal battled inside of him as he took the hint for what it was and jackhammered himself inside of her. In return he was greeted with the sound of her purr. He'd never heard a human being make that sound before, but it was definitely a purr, a low, utterly sexual sound that always drove him insane.

"You're so wet," Peter groaned as he rocked his hips, alternating his thrusts precisely. "Why are you so wet?"

Chloe cried out, her back arched, her grip on his arms nearly painful. "Peter!"

"Already?" He grinned, knowing that sound.

A flush covered her cheeks as she nodded breathlessly.

Capturing her bottom lip with his teeth, Peter thrusted deeper and deeper, feeling her tightening around him in warning. With each squeeze, each tremor, he felt himself close, and yet not close enough. "Tell me something."

"Huh?" She whimpered, disoriented.

"Anything," he begged into her hair as his thrusts grew desperate.

"Anything?" Chloe's voice broke as she gripped onto him tighter.


"T-the myth that a pot of gold is at the end of a rainbow is t-totally f-false." Her fingers dug into his back. "Do you want to know what is a-actually at the end of a rainbow?" When he nodded with a grunt she continued. "A challenge for your heart's desire - which for most people is a pot of g-gold!"

Peter could feel her so close, and he was just about to join her. "What else?"

She began to tell him some obscure facts about Peruvian mummies.

The sound of her voice tipped him over the edge, and he hid his face in her hair as he came.

"How is she doing?"

Peter tore his gaze from Chloe, who was geeking out with Abby over something or the other, and turned to face Jethro Leroy Gibbs. The man made him feel simultaneously nervous and rebellious. He was so different from Peter's own father, and Peter had no doubt that if he made Chloe suffer Gibbs would kill him (and get away with it). "Better. She has some moments though… She gets…" He couldn't come up with a word to describe Chloe when she went into those states.

"Wonky," Gibbs muttered as he took a sip of his glass, gaze on his daughter. "Still, she's not crying blood or anything like she used to before you bonded with her."

"Temporarily," Peter added quickly. He didn't know why he kept reminding everyone that it was merely temporary whenever they bought up the bond.

Gibbs nodded.

"Peter! Let's go! Ziva knows the person in charge and can get us in free of charge." Chloe appeared next to them, eyes wide. How exactly had she made it here so quickly? "I've always heard about it—and the story of the Willis was always fascinating. I mean, I've seen it on youtube but it's not the same thing. I want to hear the music and watch her save her lover in person. Even though I don't think he deserves her considering he was betrothed the whole time."

Gibbs blinked, obviously confused. "Chloe, you've left out some key aspects of whatever it is you're telling Peter."

That wasn't anything new. Chloe many times forgot that they weren't all in her head, or could read her mind. Or, mostly, she forgot that she was thinking and not talking - thus she many times didn't give people most of the facts. It confused the others to no end, and Peter could see the mounting frustration within Chloe each and every time she realized she'd done it again. "I didn't realize you were into ballet."

Chloe's face, which had scrunched up, relaxed as her eyes widened and she smiled up at Peter as if he was the most incredible person in the world. It really took his breath away every single time she did that. So yeah, maybe he sometimes went overboard trying to figure out what she was talking about, but every time he did it was worth it. Anyway, he usually got the gist of whatever she was talking about and didn't get the level of confusion the others showed.

"I'm not usually, but I've always wanted to see certain ballets like the Nutcracker or Swan Lake, or—."

"Giselle," he finished.

"Yes, Giselle, otherwise known as the play I was talking about earlier." Chloe's grin grew. "The play you figured out because you're a genius."

"Nah." He shook his head. "I figured it out because I'm picking up Chloe-speech."

"You've always known Chloe-speech," Chloe whispered softly, an odd look on her face before she cleared her throat and grinned. "Do you want to go? To see Giselle?"

"Isn't three a crowd?" Peter wanted to know.

"Of course not, Jared's coming." Chloe rolled her eyes.

"Oh." Wait. Was this a double date? Peter didn't know how comfortable he felt with that. They were constantly blurring the line between them as is. He was only the temporary bonder. Some other guy would one day gain their approval and take Chloe on full-time. Was it fair to allow Chloe to get so attached to him knowing that?

"It's okay if you don't want to." Chloe's smile disappeared in a second. "I just thought you'd want to meet him, I, uh, you probably have plans. I'm sorry. It's all last minute. I should've thought… but you… I get in my head sometimes and I… you just know me and what I need… so if I didn't get… never mind." She sighed and looked away, clearly frustrated with herself. "I'll see you tomorrow and let you know how it went."

Peter didn't understand why she'd jerked to a halt and turned back to look at him in confusion, until he followed her gaze down and realized that he'd gripped her arm to keep her from moving away. What the hell? He hadn't even realized he'd done that!

Chloe glanced down at his grip on her and then her greens rose to his face. "Do you want to meet Jared?"

"Why do you want my opinion on Ziva's date?" Peter wanted to know, something weird settling in his stomach.

"He's not Ziva's date." Chloe made a face at Peter. "He's mine."

Peter froze as he stared at her. "What?"

"Well, not date, but, uh, his application came to me via the President and, well, he's been annoyed that I haven't really shown any interest in any of his previous applicants… but this one… he's got something. I don't know what, but I, maybe it's because, but then again he's not him, but still. You know?" Chloe bit down on her bottom lip. "But, you know, don't worry. It's all really last minute, but he's going on vacation tomorrow so this was the only opportunity… and I've got this really good feeling about him. Sure, he's not perfect, but who am I to talk about perfection? Especially in this time of need when I don't have anyone… it's like… I've got to choose someone. You know?" She looked up at him with a little desperation, as if begging him to know so she didn't have to continue stumbling over her messy verbalization anymore.

"I know." For once Peter didn't feel good at the relief on her face. He did know. This wasn't a double date. This was a Compatibility Test. This Jared guy was a candidate for permanent bonder, and since Peter was the only person who had any sort of clue what it took to be a bonder she was asking him to come along to help her gauge this guy.

It was, uh, smart. Yes. It was smart. And Chloe was smart. So was Peter. And Ziva was very intuitive. Yes.

"Sure." Peter nodded with a smile which hurt for some reason. He could be getting out of this mess sooner than later. That was great news. "I can't wait to meet this guy."

Chloe grinned brightly. "I know! Me too!"

Peter ignored the look Gibbs was giving him and kept his smile in place, no matter how unnatural it suddenly felt.

Peter didn't like Jared.

Part of Chloe's verbal diarrhea earlier made sense as soon as the introductions had been made though. This candidate was Jared Booth, Pentagon head of strategic plans and policies. He was also Seeley Booth's younger brother. Given the fact that Chloe and Seeley had this weird bond it made sense that she'd gravitate towards his younger brother, especially given his qualifications and much higher position. It probably didn't hurt that Ziva and Chloe both very obviously thought Jared was handsome, and he was sickeningly charming, and he was polite yet engaging and basically seemed fascinated with Chloe. He talked to her and smiled during the ballet, and then when they'd all gone to eat at some restaurant Peter would've never been caught dead in otherwise, Jared had merely grinned and continued to charm Chloe.

They seemed to have very good chemistry together, joking and sharing stories about Seeley Booth. He seemed to flounder a bit when Chloe got a little "in her own head" but he was patient and asked her questions to try and figure out what she was saying. Jared was in a position of trust and importance in their nation's government. He spoke a couple of different languages, and apparently had some medals as well. He was cultured, had traveled around the world, and generally had something to say regardless of the topic so there was never an awkward moment of silence.

All in all he was a horrible candidate for bonder, and Peter hoped Chloe and Ziva had realized that and were just being nice to the guy for the sake of being nice - and because he was Seeley's brother.

When Ziva went to the bathroom, Jared got a phone call and excused himself from the table to take it.

Chloe watched him go, a smile on her face, before she turned to Peter. "What do you think?"

He leaned back in his chair and eyed Jared's back. "I think it's obvious."

"Right?" Chloe nearly bounced in her seat. "He's perfect."

Peter's head swiveled to her so quickly his neck hurt. "Perfect?"

"Okay, maybe not perfect, but he's definitely the best candidate I've seen." She turned in her seat to better face him. "He's interested. He doesn't understand exactly what he'd need to do, but he knows the President personally recommended him for this new role, and he's more than willing to try something new." She grinned. "During Giselle he told me that he's been getting a little bored and would like to try something a little more exciting."

Peter just stared at her. How in the world could someone so smart be so dumb? It was obvious that this guy was a charmer who would say what he needed to do to get what he wanted! Or maybe, just maybe, because Peter was a bit of a conman himself he could spot another one for miles away. Yeah. That's right. He settled a little easier in his chair. It wasn't Chloe's fault that she was being bamboozled into this. That was why she'd brought him in, wasn't it? For his impartial, unbiased opinion.

The only one who could help Chloe choose his replacement was Peter himself. That only made sense, and he was going to make sure she didn't just choose anyone for the sake of having a permanent bonder. No. He'd feel guilty if she was saddled with some flake. He wouldn't allow that. He'd find and choose the perfect man for her and wouldn't allow her to accept anything less.

Resolve strengthened, Peter smiled.

Chloe grinned at his smile. "I'm so glad you like him too. That's settled, he's passed phase one - on to phase two."

Peter merely continued to smile at her, and when the others returned to the table he contributed a bit more to the conversation, but not too much. No. He was already figuring out which contacts to call when he got home. By tomorrow morning he'd have all the dirt on Jared Booth needed to knock him off of the list as a candidate.

No doubt about it.

"What do you think about him?" Once dinner was finally over, Ziva hung back with Peter while Chloe and Jared talked by his car later that night.

Peter raised an eyebrow. "What did you think about him?"

"He was, as Tony would say, full of crapola," Ziva announced with a chuckle, reminding Peter exactly why he liked her. "But she is not very relaxed around men, and she seems fine with him. That is a good sign if they are to be in close quarters together."

Peter couldn't help his frown. "You don't actually think he stands a chance, do you?"

"Of course he does, he is the best option I have seen so far."

He couldn't help but feel a little insulted with that given the fact that he was the other option. "He needs more than just a high position in government, and ideal family connections, to be suitable for the role."

"True," Ziva granted. "But she needs support."

"She has support." Peter hadn't meant for that to come out as sharp as it did.

The Israeli beauty eyed him curiously. "But it is not the same."

Yes. He knew that. He was just a temporary bonder, but damn it, he'd saved Chloe's life by agreeing to be a part of this madness, even if only temporarily. That had to count for something!

Ziva and he didn't share any further dialogue after that. Instead he moved away and called Fatso Biggs to expedite that dossier on Jared Booth.

'Best option' my ass.

26th-Nov-2016 08:57 pm (UTC)
OMG!!!! I was thinking about reading this series again last night!!!
How I missed it and how I loved this first chapter!!!!!!!!

"Gotta go pretend I'm working. Bye!"
Favorite line ever.

I love that Peter is so jealous.
Can't wait for more.
26th-Nov-2016 09:03 pm (UTC)
Your psychic streak continues on!

Chloe and Seeley have really great chemistry, and I thought it would be interesting to bring in Jared since he's more smoozy yet still had heart.

Yes, Peter is definitely protective, but he's also a bit jealous as well!

Hope all is great with you and the fam! :)
26th-Nov-2016 10:35 pm (UTC)
Everything's good. What about you?
1st-Dec-2016 01:09 pm (UTC)
Moving house. Finally living on my own and loving it! But it makes writing chaotic since I have little time to do so right now.
2nd-Dec-2016 02:56 am (UTC)
How great hun!!!!
How long has it been?
27th-Nov-2016 07:08 am (UTC)
thank you, thank you, thank you... *just happy dance*
1st-Dec-2016 01:08 pm (UTC)
You're very welcome my dear!!
1st-Dec-2016 04:23 am (UTC) - BEST EARLY CHRISTMAS GIFT EVER!!!!!
I was just re-reading this series a couple of weeks ago wondering when you were gonna update it!

You must have read my mind... that, or my telepathic commands of "Please update" actually worked. LOL

I love the fact that you wrote this in Peter's POV. Gosh, he's actually like Chloe in being so oblivious! Uh, newsflash Peter! You don't like Jared (and all the other would-be prospective candidates) because no matter how much you deny it... you LOVE being Chloe's bonder. The sooner you realize this the sooner you can move on to more pleasurable things with Chloe... not that you're not doing that already!

Ohhh... I'm so on the fence whether I want Peter to find dirt on this Jared guy or whether I want Jared to be a real competitor as bonder and give Peter a run for his money.

Off to read chapter 2... :)
1st-Dec-2016 01:08 pm (UTC) - Re: BEST EARLY CHRISTMAS GIFT EVER!!!!!
I've had the first chapter written for a WHILE now, just couldn't figure out how to write the last three chapters, and since I"m finishing up chapter four soon... it took a while!

Maybe they did! Try telepathic commands again and see whether that's the next one I update!

Peter definitely cares about her - which is part of the reason he doesn't *want* to be permanent bonder... if that makes any sense.
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