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Temporary 2/4 
26th-Nov-2016 11:40 pm
chloe---wild card
Adept 8 - Temporary

Title: Temporary
Series: Adept Series
Fandoms: Smallville/Fringe/NCIS/Bones
Pairing: Chloe/Peter Bishop
Rating: M
Disclaimer: Don't own
Summary: Peter Bishop is only Chloe's temporary bonder, and he's more than okay with that, but that doesn't mean he's just going to let anyone replace him. And then he finds out that there's someone else who could take over his responsibilities. Who cares if the President likes him? The newcomer needs to gain Peter's approval. And then there's Adept issues to deal with as well. (Peter POV)

I knew it.

That was a chant Peter kept singing in his head all the way up the elevator and passed Gibbs' team's desks. He didn't look up to say hi to them, didn't acknowledge anyone at all, his concentration was on his victory song. He'd been right. Of course he'd been right. The dossier gripped tightly in his hands was all the proof that his instincts were a hundred times better than Chloe's and Ziva's put together - and he was obviously a genius. And basically awesome. He was selflessly saving Chloe from herself and her hormones. All in all he was a freaking saint.

Finally making it to where her isolated office was, Peter flung open the door only to freeze, the words: 'I KNEW IT' choked in his throat.

Jared Booth was there.

Damn it.

What the hell was he doing there?

"Pete!" Jared waved from where he sat down on one of the chairs opposite Chloe's desk.

"Peter," Peter quickly corrected as he closed the door behind him.

"Right." Jared nodded, not seeming to really care. "Sorry for dropping by unannounced, but Chloe said I could come over and see the view from her office." He grinned. "I don't know what she holds against it. Given the fact that this is DC this is a decent view."

"It just feels… open." Chloe shrugged from where she leaned back against the edge of her desk.

"You liked the feeling of being caged in by four solid walls?" Jared joked.

"There's caged, and then there's protected," Chloe muttered under her breath. "I guess I felt more of the second."

Peter frowned. He'd never heard that before. Why hadn't she told him why she'd been so against moving to a nicer office?

"I guess I can see why you would," Jared announced as he rose to his feet and turned so that his back was to Peter, effectively standing between the two of them and hiding Chloe from sight. "So why not take one of the other offices adjacent? You know, the ones for the others once you get a team up and going?"

There was a pause, and when Chloe responded her voice was softer, huskier. Peter recognized it as the tone it took right before he entered her. "I might've grown fond of this office despite it all."

Jared chuckled and leaned in closer.

"Chloe, we need to talk." Peter gripped the dossier in his hands tightly.

She peered out from behind Jared, expression confused. "Right now?"

"Right now." He motioned to one of the offices. "It'll only take a couple of minutes and then you can get back to showing Jared around."

"Okay." She smiled at Jared. "I'll be right back." The blonde sent Peter a confused little look before she followed him to the office room he'd motioned to. By the time he got in, closed the door and locked it, she was staring at him expectantly.

Peter held the dossier out towards her, his voice low but determined. "He's no good for this role."

"Why not?" Chloe's shock was evident on her face as she took the dossier from him. "He—."

"He's an alcoholic, relapsed at least three times already," Peter was quick to inform her. "He can't handle the pressure, okay? You don't need someone who will resort to a bottle every time something happens that he feels he can't handle. You need someone strong. You need—."

"He's been sober for two years now, Peter," Chloe whispered as she skimmed through the documents. "I knew about this. When his file came to my desk I talked to Dr Saroyan over at the Jeffersonian. Seeley wouldn't be unbiased, but she would, and she's known them both for many years now. I knew I could get the truth from her, no matter what it was."

Peter stared at her in shock. She'd known? "Are you serious?" He stalked towards her, not even noticing as she backed into the wall, eyes wide up at him. "I thought you were smarter than this!"

"He's sober, Peter!" She slapped the dossier against his chest. "He has potential, and past mistakes shouldn't matter—!"

"No!" He banged his fist into the wall next to her as he leaned in and glared down in her face. "He's not only an alcoholic, but his issues with alcoholism have caused him tons of problems - problems that Seeley has had to risk his own career over to get him out of! That is not someone who can be trusted to have your back! To protect you! To be there for you!"

Chloe's lips parted, no doubt in defense of that smarmy bastard outside.

Peter leaned in closer. "I can't accept it. Not him. He's too caught up in himself to understand you or notice the little things you'll never say with your mouth, but your body language gives away completely." He trailed the back of his palm down the side of her chest, skimming the curve of her breast. "He'd never notice the little tells… like the way you get pale yet flushed when the symptoms only just begin. You get agitated, just one little touch hardens your nipples… just like that." He slowly circled one jutting nipple with his thumb slowly. "The bags under your eyes darken and your voice lowers, just a fraction, but it's enough."

The dossier dropped to the ground and Chloe gripped at the wall behind her. Her eyes were wide, embarrassment flushed her face as she glanced over at the door, no doubt remembering that Jared was on the other side and would hear them if they made any noise.

Leaning in, Peter spoke directly into her ear. "You're wet right now. I can tell just by the way you're breathing." His other hand trailed harshly down her body and slipped under her skirt. His lips pulled up in a smirk as his fingers found her underwear moist to the touch, and once they slipped under the elastic they easily found their way inside of her warm, moist center. "You need me right now, need me to slip inside of your body and renew our bond." He twisted his fingers so his thumb could rub against her as well. "The effects are weaning and your body's begging for me to remedy it."

"Peter," Chloe gripped his shirt and sobbed silently into his chest as her body reacted so amazingly to his touch. "He's going to hear."

Hands already undoing his buckle and zipper, Peter whispered hoarsely in her ear. "Not if you keep your voice down." And then his hands were at her waist and she was hoisted up against the wall, her legs curled around his waist, and then he was inside of her. His lips swallowed her soft, tortured moan as he sunk completely within.

Burying her face in his neck, Chloe bit down on Peter's skin in an obvious effort to keep silent as he moved. He hissed and hung his head as her teeth lodged onto him, but he didn't stop. Peter nibbled at her ear, whispering anything and everything softly. The feeling of his warm breath against her skin always made her shiver and whimper. His hand hit the wall as he pressed his whole body against it. With his eyes closed he could concentrate on the way she tightened around him in small spasms, almost seeming to massage him as he thrusted.

"Peter I'm so close," she whispered against his skin, and if it wasn't for the fact that he too was almost ready he'd have smiled smugly. As it was, though, he was going to cum ridiculously fast, which was horrifyingly embarrassing for him, but the absolute truth nonetheless.

Outside, in her office, her phone began to ring loudly.

"No!" Chloe sobbed as she shook her head.

Hearing just how close she was, Peter grunted as he thrusted faster and faster, begging, praying - and then she was tightening around him and sobbing his name into his neck as she came seconds before his own climax hit and he filled her body with his essence. He could feel the warmth of the golden red design around his finger burn darker and more defined. It'd been uncomfortable at first but now he associated the burn with his pleasure and it didn't distract him anymore as he emptied himself inside of her depths.

Chloe's legs slid to the ground yet were visibly shaky as she held onto him.

Peter smiled into her hair. "I'll get the phone." He moved away and did up his pants. "You take your time to get yourself fixed."

The blonde looked up at him, face flushed. "I can't believe—."

Peter reached out and brushed a wayward strand of blonde away from her face and behind her ear. "You might want to go to the bathroom before my cum starts to drip down the inside of your thighs."

Green eyes widened and the flush darkened. "Okay." Her voice had taken that deeper tone again.

He reacted instinctively at the sound of it and moved towards her once more only to be stopped by the ringing. Peter took in a deep breath and motioned to the door. "I'll go see who that is." And with that he exited the room and was relieved to see that Jared was off to the side talking on his phone, looking annoyed with whoever was on the line. The guy didn't even notice him emerge, or Chloe do the same for that matter and hurry towards the bathroom.

Going around the desk, Peter answered the phone. "Special Agent Sullivan's phone."

"There's another one. I've had the direction sent to you. Bring Booth." And with that Vance hung up.

Peter frowned as he stared at the phone, which now had a dial tone. Bring Jared? Was Vance serious? Why the hell would they? The guy wasn't bonder material!

"Sorry about that, I was talking to my brother." Jared finally got off of the phone. "He found out that I'm applying for a position on the special task force and, well, he had some choice words for me." He shrugged. "He respects Chloe a lot and basically told me not to fuck this up. I told him I'd signed a Non-Disclosure Agreement and couldn't talk to him about anything happening during my probation period, which he grumbled about, but you know my brother and what he's like."

Peter stared at Jared in shock. "You're… applying for a… job… on the task force?"

"Of course, that's why I'm here." Jared eyed him curiously. "Wait… why did you think I was here?"

Peter continued to stare at Jared. Oh my god. He'd completely misread the whole situation! He'd thought Jared was a candidate for permanent bonder but instead he was a potential team member!

Collapsing onto Chloe's seat, Peter groaned and ran his hands over his face, completely embarrassed by how he'd overreacted… for no reason!

"Dude." Jared's eyes widened. "Did you think I was trying to mack on—? No. My bad. I'm a natural flirt but it doesn't mean anything." He held his hands up as if in submission. "Chloe seems cool and all that, don't get me wrong, but she's not my type. Plus, I don't make a move on girls who are clearly in a relationship, and while you never came out and said it - which is probably due to office politics - believe me when I say that I read your message loud and clear the second we met at Giselle. Hands off. No problem with me. I'm just looking for a fresh start away from my past mistakes, that's all."

To explain that he and Chloe were not dating would open up a can of worms that he didn't have the desire or energy to explain away, so Peter just let Jared assume whatever the hell he wanted. "You said you signed a Nondisclosure Agreement, right?"

"Yup." Jared nodded as he shucked his hands into his jacket's pocket and rocked back and forth on the balls of his feet. "I'm seriously curious as to what exactly you guys do here. I work for the Pentagon, I've seen every single tier of classification, but this section? It's above Top Secret! I didn't even know what I was being recommended for, just that the President thought I could do it." He grinned brightly. "And, well, I guess I'm intrigued."

Peter wanted to tell him that this wasn't a game to be intrigued by, that he would be dealing with things way over his head which threatened not only America's safety, but that of the world. Instead of doing so, though, he remained silent and merely nodded his acknowledgment. Not too long after, Chloe returned and they were off on their way.

Chloe was in her element with the remains, which had been brutally savaged by something clearly inhuman. She completely ignored the others, which was common when first examining the remains and their surroundings. Peter was used to this, doing his own perusing and taking notes. Jared was not only visibly confused and intrigued, but taking his cues from Peter.

"At least this time the freak of the week had the curtesy of doing its dirt in a place we could easily quarantine," Director Vance muttered as he appeared by Peter's side. His eyes were narrowed on Chloe as he folded his arms over his chest. "Has she figured anything out yet?"

"She's still processing everything," Peter replied softly, arms also folded over his chest.

"What must the world look like through her eyes?" Vance pondered softly.

Peter had wondered the very same thing during his first cases with her. "From what I've managed to get, her brain is basically a supercomputer which holds a ridiculous amount of memory in it, which she can use to pull up different information when she needs it. Or, well, she should." He made a face. "She will. It's gotten better but she's still having problems accessing and completely integrating the new software that was downloaded into her via the Crystal Skulls transference." What he wouldn't have given to have seen that, instead he'd had to rely on Dr Reed's personal first-hand account.

"Right." Vance took in a deep breath. "Once she has a permanent bonder it should help though, shouldn't it? She should be able to retrieve the information easier?"

Peter nodded. "I believe so, yes."

Vance's gaze shifted tellingly to Jared Booth.

"No." Peter hadn't even meant to say that, but now that he had the attention of the Director of NCIS on him he couldn't falter. "He's an alcoholic."

"One could say that in our line of work, with everything we see daily, we're all functioning alcoholics," Vance muttered.

"He can't be, not if he's to be her bonder," Peter countered immediately. "Her bonder can't have an addictive personality, just like he can't be mentally ill. He can't be weak of spirit or body either. That is not Jared Booth. He's not for her."

"She needs a permanent bonder," Director Vance reminded him curtly.

"She needs the right permanent bonder," Peter responded just as curtly. "I won't let you or anyone else bully her into bonding with just anyone because it's more convenient for you."

"Be careful, Mr Bishop," Director Vance warned. "I would watch how you talk to me if I were you."

"The only thing I'm watching is her." Peter turned to fully face the other man. "You don't seem to get that she doesn't just need a permanent bonder. If she doesn't have the right person it's not going to matter. You saw what she was like with Lionel, I only saw the end part, and that was enough. Sure, you can say it was because she didn't accept him or the bond, but there's more to it and that. There's a link between bonder and bondee. When she's at her weakest I need to know. I need to be able to pick up on the signs and act before she even realizes she's deteriorating." He stepped closer to Director Vance as his voice lowered. "I will not give her over to someone who doesn't fit my requirements."

Director Vance eyed him in silence, an odd expression on his face. "One would think, Mr Bishop, that you would be anxious to get back to your old life."

"I am." Peter frowned as he took a step back and glanced towards Chloe before clearing his throat and returning his attention back on Vance. "But I owe it to her to make sure that my replacement is worthy."

Vance nodded and walked away. He pulled his phone out of his coat and dialed someone.

Peter watched him go. When he finally turned his attention back on Chloe it was to find Jared kneeling down next to her, talking to her softly. Peter's face twisted in a frown as he moved towards them. Chloe hadn't finished her analyzing and cataloging yet, Jared needed to get the hell out of there. Now.

Chloe looked up at Jared and smiled.

Skidding to a stop, Peter's frown darkened.

"They have good chemistry together," a voice declared behind him.

Jumping slightly, Peter glanced behind him to see Ziva arriving to stand by his side. "Gibbs sent you to keep an eye on him?"

"Is it that obvious?" She asked in amusement as she eyed Chloe and Jared as they spoke, the guy listening intently to whatever the blonde was saying. "I haven't seen her this comfortable with a stranger since you."

"He's not a potential bonder," Peter found himself quickly clarifying as he stuffed his hands in his coat's pocket. "He's applying for a position on her team."

"Obviously." Ziva rolled her eyes before she paused and turned to look at him in shock. "Did you think he was a candidate for bonder?" She leaned in closer, voice low. "He's a recovering alcoholic. That means he's not eligible."

Annoyed at how he seemed to have been the only one not to know the 411 on Jared Booth, Peter ignored Ziva's penetrating look and instead chose to focus on Chloe as she stared up at Jared, visibly forcing herself to focus only on him and not allow her mind to drift off and begin analyzing things once more, as it obviously was desperate to do.

See? She needs someone who will notice little things like that, Peter thought to himself, immediately vindicated. When Chloe spoke Jared looked more and more confused, and it was with growing vindication that Peter went over to where they were to translate Chloe-speech to the newcomer.

The whole while he ignored Ziva's attention on him.

"What is that?" Jared's voice was dripping with disgust, his expression scrunched up as he stood half behind Chloe's frame, as if using her for protection. Since they'd been able to examine as much as they could at the site they'd taken the remains back to Chloe's own lab. The procedure was that after she got everything that she needed from the body she could send it to Ducky or Palmer to do a more thorough analysis. That usually wasn't necessary, but there had been instances, so this worked out.

Like usual, Chloe was elbow deep into the cut open remains. Her other, rubber gloved hand, was held up chest-height and had a slug-like creature which had curled around her wrist and seemed to be trying to crush her with little to no success.

Coming back with a large glass jar, Peter undid the cover and tilted the opening towards her wordlessly.

Glancing up at him, Chloe looked surprised for a moment before she smiled and, with little to no effort, managed to flick the slug-like thing off of her and into the jar.

Peter immediately closed the lid tightly.

"Eeewwww." Jared made a face as he eyed the slimy thing as it tried to climb up the smooth glass. He turned his back on the glass to notice that Chloe had her arm so deep into the cadaver it was passed her elbow. "Now that's just wrong." His gaze found Peter's. "How does this not ick you?"

"I've gotten used to it," Peter bemoaned as he lifted the jar to get a better look at the creature, noticing something. "So that's why you had its head between your finger and thumb. It has teeth."

"What?" Jared turned back to the jar and this time moved behind Peter to look at the thing as it pressed itself against the glass, revealing sharp teeth which it was trying to puncture the glass with. "Jesus!" He looked up. "What sort of experiments have been going on here? What sorts of scientific and/or military mistakes are we freaking covering up?"

Peter's eyes widened and he motioned to Jared exaggeratedly while keeping his eyes on Chloe. "See? It's not just me!"

"What is it with you people always thinking the government is behind every nasty thing that comes out of the abyss?" Chloe muttered as she finally yanked her arm out to reveal some weird looking chrysalis. "This isn't the result of some fringe scientific experimentation. This is the result of magic."

Jared raised an eyebrow, clearly unimpressed. "Magic. Like ghosts, werewolves and demons?"

"You know, I haven't actually some across a werewolf before," Chloe muttered to herself.

"You could consider the Nagual a were-animal, kind of," Peter reminded her.

"No, Naguals are shifters, not werebeasts, there's a difference." Chloe shook her head.

"Really?" Peter asked in surprise and intrigue. "How so?"

"Well—," Chloe begun.

"Oh come on, enough already with the 'let's haze the newbie' thing." Jared threw his hands up in submission. "What's reallyhappening here? What are those things? Did ugly butterflies cannibalize this guy?"

"Of course not," Chloe muttered in utter disgust, seeming blind to Jared's sudden, very visible relief. "To cannibalize insinuates that we're the same sort of animal, which we are not. These are clearly Sumerian Fire Slugs. Not human. Thus the proper way of seeing it would be that this organism 'predated' on a viable means of consumption for its own further evolution from parasitic larvae into its own complex organism. With the vast amount of surplus adipose tissue here he would've made a most suitable host for the whole process."

Jared stared at her and then turned to Peter with a 'what am I missing?' look.

"Guy was fat," Peter broke it down as he put the jar on the table and looked for another for the chrysalis. "And since these things are parasitic and feast off of their hosts while they develop from slug into something else, he was the perfect host."

"Oh." Jared nodded, and then what he was hearing hit, and he flinched. "That's nasty."

"And worrisome," Chloe agreed as she lifted the chrysalis higher up to the light in an attempt to peer through it.

"Well, yuh," Jared snorted.

"No, I mean that Sumerian Fire Slugs have been extinct for thousands of years." Chloe didn't look away from the chrysalis. "So what are they doing here? And how are they here?" She turned to Peter when he returned with another jar. "Also, more worrying is that I found more nesting chambers inside of the remains. This chrysalis and the larvae were the only ones still in their chambers."

"How many others?" Peter wanted to know as his eyes narrowed.

"Two." Chloe met his gaze.

"Wait—are you telling me that there are two more of those things still at that park?" Jared understood that much, his eyes wide in horror. When Chloe nodded, he hand his hand down his face. "Who do we call to deal with something like that?"

Chloe removed her hand from the jar, leaving the chrysalis inside. "The Ghostbusters."

Jared's eyes widened even further. "They exist?"

Peter couldn't stop himself from chuckling as he put the jar away. When he turned back to the others, Chloe was grinning and Jared pouting with an embarrassed pink on his cheeks.

"We deal with that sort of stuff, don't we?" Jared groaned.

Chloe and Peter shared darkly amused looks, before he turned his gaze back on Jared. "Time to suit up."

Jared sighed, a wry smile on his face. "I was afraid you'd say that."

27th-Nov-2016 07:28 am (UTC)
awesome.... i so love peter/chloe
1st-Dec-2016 01:14 pm (UTC)
I am definitely enjoying writing their dynamic :)
27th-Nov-2016 03:45 pm (UTC)
"He's too caught up in himself to understand you or notice the little things you'll never say with your mouth, but your body language gives away completely."
Awww I know it might be the pregnancy hormones but it was so romantic that I felt tears in my eyes.

"The Ghostbusters."

Another great chapter hun!!!
1st-Dec-2016 01:16 pm (UTC)
#hands you handkerchief
#and cookies
#and chocolate milk
#steps away

I know better than to mess with pregnancy hormones. Don't tear up!!!!

Peter is usually the smartass, but when she's in the right mindframe this Chloe can definitely have her moments.
2nd-Dec-2016 03:01 am (UTC)
*takes handkerchief*
*and cookies*
*and chocolate milk*
*laughes and feels better*

Hahaha they make me silly sometimes.

I'm loving it!! I still have to read chapter three!! :)
1st-Dec-2016 04:48 am (UTC) - LOL!!!!!
OMG! You are evil and awesome at the same time! You made everyone believe that this Jared guy was a candidate to be Chloe's bonder! You got everyone hot and bothered and then have us all sigh with relief that he was only applying to be part of Chloe's team. ARGH! That was quite a loop.

Careful Mr. Bishop... your kinda letting people know that maybe you like being Chloe's bonder way too much!

Can't wait for the next update! Ten dollars says Jared's gonna puke his guts the next chapter!... And Peter's gonna find a way to get into Chloe's pants again (which is super HOT!)!

1st-Dec-2016 01:11 pm (UTC) - Re: LOL!!!!!
To be fair, everyone but Peter knew what Jared was there for, and since you're reading Peter's thoughts... that's my excuse for being evil. lol

Exactly. He's showing it a little more than he'd like to!
1st-Dec-2016 08:28 am (UTC) - Questions
Okay so I was re-reading this newest update and I do have some questions...

1. Since both Chloe and Peter think their bond is temporary, does it affect the bond strength somehow? Is that why they have to re-strengthen the bond every so often? And if one or both of them finally acknowledge their bond as permanent... will it actually increase the strength of their bond that they don't have replenish so often? Will they both have "extra" powers like communicating telepathically when the bond becomes permanent?

2. Will Chloe and Peter ever do the horizontal tango fully naked?

Inquiring minds like to know... LOL :)
1st-Dec-2016 01:19 pm (UTC) - Re: Questions
In a sense it does, but there's actually a ritual that has to be done to cement the bond into a permanent state, and they haven't completely that. It's why their bond is weak and that can cause problems... as it does. It's sustaining her, but it wont forever, which is why she needs someone permanent.

They might... some day... in the unforseable future... when there is actually time to take off all their clothes! lol
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